Here you will find my current recommendations for tipster services. This section is divided into Free services and Subscription services. You should check this page from time to time as I am always testing new tipsters to see if they are suitable..


Subscription Tipsters


Racing Expert

This is a straightforward horse racing service that is very good value at either 14.95 a month or 79 for a whole year. Tips are sent by e-mail, usually around 9:30, and include roughly two or three bets a day with an advice of betting one point win or half a point each way. Best odds are advised and the odds are generally always available at the time.

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Great Bets

We reviewed and approved this service after we made 982.8 points (982 at 1 per point) during our three month trial

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The Value Horse Selection Service

Another brilliant service that concentrates on horses priced far higher than they should be. You'll make a very nice annual profit with this.

Click here for VHSS (click on VHSS link on website)



Beaumonts Bets

Not a service, this one is a video series that teaches how to make a real living from betting. Spending just two hours a day, you can make 60,000 a year, every year with this method.

Click here for Beaumonts Bets


The Legacy and Saver System

This one isn't a service but a standalone system that shows you how to identify winning horses. It takes less than fifteen minutes a day to find your bets and is very profitable over the course of the season.

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Goal Profits

I've tested a lot of football services over the last decade and this is the only one that really stands out. If you want to make great money from football betting then this is the only service you need. You could make a living from this.

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