January 29, 2015

Bet Alchemist

As you may know, Bet Alchemist was positively reviewed back in April 2013, and we’ve done updates on this service as it has continued to profit since then.

They are now running a free promotion on the Cheltenham Festival as Nicky Doyle has a great track record here.

He’s giving you a FREE antepost Yankee on the feature race each day of the festival plus he will be giving you another free selection on each day of the Festival.

But that’s not all. You will also get a preview of the big race every Saturday and his selection in that race for free. His free Saturday tips showed a profit of over 140 points in 2014, and his consistency was also incredible with 8 winning months out of 12.

Plus there’s also another free gift but you’ll have to have a look for yourself to find out.

You can get all this free stuff here:


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January 28, 2015

Blakey Lays

This is a lay service that I have actually been testing since 1st December last year. I have been waiting for the vendor, Martin, to set up a website through which he can take subscribers as his small client list so far is managed entirely by e-mail. Since Martin is a professional bettor rather than a webmaster or marketer, he has asked if I could host a page for him so he can just get on with the job of running his service.

Martin sends an e-mail usually around 11.30am with the days information. There are generally one or two lays a day although Boxing Day unusually gave us seven lays… all losing. What is surprising about this service is that the Lay bets are always the first or second favourite and therefore a nice low liability.

Considering this, the strike rate so far of 91%, with only 6 losing bets out of 62 is remarkable.

Martin records the results to £100 Lay stakes which is normally a bit steep for Lay betting but seeing as these are all low priced favourites it’s actually pretty feasible. He has a handful of clients already and only wishes to take on 25 more to protect the prices for his clients.

The results since 1st December up to and including 24th January are as follows:

Win Market: £4,528.00
Place Market: £2,424.00

I will continue to test this service until the end of February before giving a verdict but so far it looks very impressive.

Full detailed results can be found here:


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January 28, 2015


Apologies for the later than usual updates this week. I had problems with Google Drive, which is where I upload and share my spreadsheet based records. It went very strange for a day or so, all back to normal now though.

A tough week for this one area of the service but not of any concern as the other two aspects are doing admirably. The Chatroom part is extremely good, especially when Kevin is in there. He makes an entry on the forum when he’s planning to be in the room for betting or trading purposes, so you know in advance when to look in. As with all chatroom services, I wish I could spend more time in there during live trading but time constraints and my own trading activities mean I only see a small part live and I then scroll back through the conversations to see how things went and what comments members are making about the bets and trades they’re involved in.

I’m still convinced that the stat sheets are where the real gold lies.




S/R 35.29%

PROFIT/LOSS -2.52 points




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January 27, 2015


After a great first week we had a bit of a knock back this time round with three full losses.

Still in profit thanks to the gains made last week.




S/R 58.33%

AV ODDS 1.57

PROFIT/LOSS +1.65 pts




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January 27, 2015

Global Soccer Goals

We approved this system in October after it made 104 points up to 22nd August. Since then it’s continued to perform admirably with the following results:

Sep: 58
Oct: 23
Nov: 110
Dec: 47
Jan: 17

So that’s a total of 255 points since August!

You can get Global Soccer Goals here:


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January 27, 2015

Free Laying System

Today I have a free laying system for you.

It’s nice and simple and will take you just a couple of minutes a day to find the selections.

It averages 34.67 points profit a year from just 1 lay a day.

This is only available until midnight tonight.

Get your free copy here…


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January 26, 2015


As you may remember from last month, I gave this service an Approved rating and even made it my Tipster Service Of The Year. That seems to have been a major curse on it as, since the turn of the year, it has taken an  absolute nosedive in terms of performance.

I had this posting all ready to go this morning, when the daily email arrived saying that the service vendors and not happy with the tipster’s recent results and are keeping close tabs on it.

My figures show it is still well in profit since it began and December was a fantastic month, the big problem comes for anyone who has joined since the first week in January.

The advice is to start your membership with a 50 points bank, any new members that joined around the 3rd or 4th of January will have seen that bank shrink dramatically. I chose those dates specifically as they mark the high-tide mark for my bank. On those days my level stakes bank record shows a balance of 180 points, that’s 130 points in profit! In the 3 weeks since the bank has taken a significant hit and, as of last night, stands at 132 points. Still 82 points profit from my start point but a 50 point starting bank would be as good as gone.

Obviously, all systems and tipsters run hot and cold at some point and December made a profit of over 50 point. That’s of little comfort if you joined in early January and followed their advice of a 50 point bank. If you joined around the end of our trial period, you would be around 18 points down. Whilst that sounds quite a large amount, it does only represent about 4 winners at the average prices they target

I will continue to monitor performance on this service but would hope that the starting bank advice will be altered to 100 points for new members.

If it continues to struggle and the profit made during our trial is diminished beyond a reasonable amount, I will be reconsidering its Approved status.


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January 26, 2015

Doubling for Dummies

With bets advised for every day of last week, it was another profitable week for this service …

19th Jan : £+22(1.44)

20th Jan : £-50

21st Jan : £+54.5 (2.09)

22nd Jan :  £+26.5 (1.53)

23rd Jan : £-50

24th Jan : £+41 (1.82)

25th Jan : £+60 (2.20)

Balance: £1,424.50

You will recall that I elected to amend the staking in the second week where the advised stakes  were increased to ‘recover’ the bank balance, after a run of poor results. It was too close a call for me and for this review I amended the 1pt staking to reflect a 20 pt bank.  Interestingly enough, had I stuck with the recommended 10 pt bank, the profit would be showing at a little over 80% of the initial start balance, which is impressive for three weeks ‘work’.

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January 25, 2015

Confidential Racing

I am looking at Confidential Racing, in fact I have been looking at it for 2 weeks now but for several reasons I have been unable to record progress.

The service is simple, you get several emails through the morning and early afternoon. Unusually for tipster services Russ records his profits to BSP , I will record both. The email also contains recommended stakes from a 115 point bank.

The website is refreshing too, no hyperbole and stupid blurb, just sign-up here really, I kinda like that as I almost never read pages of preamble anyway.

I aim to update this blog after racing has completed every Sunday.

Here are the results so far:

Date Time Course Selection Result
09-Jan Togoville Win
10-Jan Patrick Win
10-Jan Bishops Road Lost
10-Jan Kingscourt Native Win
11-Jan Vinnie Red Lost
11-Jan Blue Aegean Win
12-Jan Tigre D’Aron Lost
12-Jan Dawson City Win
14-Jan Brook Win
14-Jan Peterhouse Win
14-Jan West Approach Win
14-Jan Carnical Flag Lost
15-Jan Local Time Win
15-Jan Alder Mairi Lost
15-Jan Sea Wall Lost
16-Jan 4.45 Wolverhampton Steve Rogers Win
16-Jan 1.5 Lingfield  Sixties Love Lost
16-Jan 4.15 Wolverhampton Little Choosey Lost
17-Jan 1.05 Taunton Padge Win
18-Jan 1.3 Haydock Qewy Lost
18-Jan 2.35 Kempton Mountain Range Won
18-Jan 3.2 Leopardstown Mireya PU
20-Jan 1.4 Wetherby Free World Placed
20-Jan 1.25 Southwell, Red Unico, Placed
21-Jan 3.4 Catterick Made of Diamonds Placed
21-Jan 3.45 Fairyhouse Glen Ode Placed
21-Jan 5.3 Kempton Millionaires Row Lost
21-Jan 6.3 Kempton, Volunteer Point, Lost
22-Jan 3.15 Gowran Park Gallant Oscar Lost
22-Jan 4.4 Chelmsford City Virtual Reality Placed
22-Jan 6.15 Meydan Excellent Result Lost
23-Jan 5.15 Wolverhampton Spiritoftomintoul Lost
24-Jan 12.35 Doncaster Shantou Magic PU
24-Jan 1.05 Uttoxexter John Louis Win
24-Jan 1.25 Lingfield Gabriels Wawa Win
24-Jan 3 Cheltenham Value At Risk Placed
25-Jan 2.1 Leopardstown, Third Opinion, F


Week 1: 14 winners from 37 bets for
Advised Odds: 19.98 points. BSP: 35.14 points.

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January 23, 2015


It’s all about Thursdays.

Whether or not you are a financial trader, you will have heard about what happened last Thursday.

The Swiss National Bank scrapped the Euro cap on the Franc and all hell broke loose.

I heard via a trader in the following message:

“Wow. Swiss bank removed the minimum exchange rate (a floor that’s been there for years) and lowered interest rate to -0.75% causing a 1600+ pip move on EUR/CHF!”

The next day I heard that several brokers had got into serious trouble. Alpari is now insolvent, FXMC was in breach of regulatory capital requirements and there was chatter that clients were emptying their ETX Capital accounts in preparation for a statement.

What caused this?

The Swiss National Bank took the decision to peg the Swiss franc to the euro during the crisis of 2011, in order to stop the franc becoming too strong against the euro. This was to ensure Swiss export could remain competitive. It set a minimum of 1.20 francs to the euro and basically had to buy up Euros since then to maintain this level.

Last Thursday, without warning, they scrapped this rule and the franc shot up 30% in value. It had to happen at some point as obviously they couldn’t keep buying Euros forever just to keep the value of the franc down.

The repercussions will be felt long term by Swiss exporters but in the short term it was a disaster for an awful lot of traders. With an unpredicted move happening that big and that fast, traders got wiped out and brokers got caught out too with massive losses including Alpari who went into administration on Monday.

It’ll be interesting to see what kit West Ham will be wearing on Saturday as Alpari were their sponsors!

Anyway, as that was all happening I logged into my trading account, sipped on my cup of tea, clicked a few buttons, and increased my account value by 5.3%. It took me about ten minutes.

Was I bothered about the chaos going on around me?


Was I pulling my hair out, screaming at the screen, as the blood drained out of my face while my account emptied?


Did I feel a certain sense of satisfaction that I was making good money whilst all around me were losing their shirts?


You see, the problem with ALL other trading systems except the one I use, is that you have to make a decision on which way the market is going to move. This is directional trading. You are basically gambling that the market will move in the direction you think it will move. If it does, you make money. If it doesn’t, you lose money. Successful traders get it right more often than they get it wrong, but as we saw last Thursday, even if they are very successful traders, one really bad move can wipe them out, or at least set them back a long way.

Personally, I couldn’t give two hoots which way the market is going to move. The way I trade, I make money if the market goes up; I make money if the market goes down… I even make money if the market is level and goes nowhere!

How can this be?

Well those of you that have been readers for a while will probably know I’m talking about a trading system called PIE.

And here are some of the latest comments from readers that have learned the method:

“I would like to thank you for giving me the possibility of changing my life thanks to the PIE strategy” Carlos

“I attended your course on 26.3.2014. Thanks so much for the life-changing information. You may recall that I work for the NHS and was disillusioned with the intended government changes to the NHS pension scheme. I am now taking active steps to convert my NHS pension to a SIPP.” Dr Kuhan (NHS Doctor)

“It’s Chris here from Jersey (I attended your course back on 7th August 2012). I wanted to take the time to say a huge thank you for the ongoing support and updates on the PIE variations following the course back in 2012.” Chris

“Including today’s close my live portfolio has risen by 9.81% in 4 months. Thanks for your help” David

And one reader kindly included his returns since learning method and showed that he had made £14,593.30 using it.

One important thing to point out about this strategy is that it only takes 10 minutes a MONTH to operate!

Anyone can spare 10 minutes a month, and if an NHS doctor can find the time, I’m pretty sure most others could too.

Here’s the thing. Last Thursday we saw how traditional trading methods have a major flaw that can end up with people losing everything. Next Thursday, you have the opportunity of learning how to trade so that you won’t lose no matter what happens in the markets, where you don’t have to take a position on which way the market is going to move and where you can make money year in, year out, in about ten minutes a month.

I learned the method nearly three years ago now and I can say, hand on heart, that this is quite simply the best way to trade I’ve ever seen. Nothing else even comes close.

There is one place on the January master class taking place next Thursday. It’s run by Glynn Calvert and Paul Bent who have been teaching their method to small groups of people for the last three years and they really have been changing lives.

If you are even slightly curious about this then I would urge you to give Paul Bent a call. He is not a salesman, he’s just happy to answer any questions you might have to help you decide if this is something for you or not.

Don’t put it off. Paul is off on a month long holiday for the whole of February and he can do this because this is the sort of lifestyle that PIE allows, so give him a call and find out for yourself what this is all about. You won’t regret it.

Paul can be contacted on: 07407 780 834

And more information can be found here:


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