December 2, 2016

Premier Football Investments


Premier Football Investments utilizes highly sophisticated statistical-analysis software to create a daily short-list of football betting opportunities with the highest value odds.

All potential selections are then subjected to further detailed analysis of numerous intangible, human factors that can’t be accounted for statistically, maximizing our ability to provide safe, steady profit betting on world-wide football.

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As the name suggests, Premier Football Investments utilizes an investment-minded approach to football betting to provide safe, steady growth to your betting bank.

Beginning on August 13th, 2016 we’ve achieved an ROI (Return on Investment) of 6.97% and ROC (Return on Capital) of 136.59% from world-wide football in Asian Handicap, Over/Under and Match Odds betting markets.

Asian handicap betting can be somewhat hard to get your head round, so if you’re not familiar with it, there’s a handy explanation HERE.

With a £1,000 starting bank and £50 stakes that amounts to £1,360 profit to date, while even a minimal £100 starting bank would have generated £136 in profit from a £5 stake per bet.

If that sounds like the sort of results you’re looking for, just click on the link below to receive all the Football Investment advice free until the end of January, 2017.

Premier Football Investments is a partnership between John Baker, founder of the award-winning football betting advisory service Banker-Bets, and Carlo Manzoni, a full-time betting professional and part-time music teacher based in Rome.

This pairing has close to 25 years combined sports betting experience, though for Premier Football Investments John will be focussed on administration and providing first-rate customer service, allowing Carlo to focus 100% on what he does best – researching and recommending highly profitable football betting tips.

As a follower of Banker-Bets for well over a year, I have full confidence that this is a trial worth your time. And this is a proper free trial where you don’t have to give any debit details.

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December 2, 2016

Banker Bets

I reviewed this service 15 months ago, and it was one of the few I have recommended. I have been subscribing ever since, and have had no reason to change that view. When I reviewed it last, the bets were placed in the win markets for football, tennis, American football and basketball. However, John has been dropping some of these sports recently as it became clear that the soccer bets were outperforming the other sports. So now it is a soccer only service.

John operates from some exotic location in Asia. The bets are sent through by email, always with plenty of notice and usually in the morning for those of us in the UK. What you get with the selection is the reasoning behind the picks. Occasionally you will get a win double. As banker bets the odds are always skinny, and so when a losing bet is encountered, it will take 3 or 4 bets to recover.

There is much to admire about the service. It is as transparent as it can be, results are recorded to average available odds – there aren’t many services I know of which do that – and winning runs can be very long indeed (a few around 20).

Cards on the table – in 2016 there have been four losing months on the football-only bets. But that means there have been seven winning months, and overall a 140% increase on the bank. When the losing months do happen, it isn’t too painful because losing runs are short. And this is declared to level stakes. If you use compounded stakes you’ll do better. I know John has some clients who are proper professionals, so 140% of my £1k bank is very nice. 140% of a £20k bank is a very decent tax free income. And the subscription rates are very reasonable indeed.

I would encourage Cash Master subscribers to consider adding Banker Bets to their portfolios.

You can try Banker Bets here:Approved2

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December 1, 2016

Great Bets

Day: 29-30; Selections: 7; Wins: 0; Points: -80

Overall: Selections: 136; Wins: 39; Points: 208.4

NB: Betting at £1 per point, bets are normally between £10 and £20 stakes.

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November 30, 2016

Dark Horse Selections

RESULTS UPDATEpiggy_bank_and_hammer

There has been a lot of pain for subscribers, especially those who signed up since the last win. As the losing run is now 63 (nearly four times the previous longest) this means the bank could be gone. Had this review started since then, I would be inclined to abandon it as a loser. Obviously, the suggested bank of 50 points is too small. Nonetheless, we did get those two winners early in the test, and so we plod on.

Selections 84/ winners 2 / losers 77 / non runners 5

Profit/loss SP: -44 points

Profit/loss BSP – 5%: -35.6 points

Longest losing run: 63

You can try Dark Horse Selections here:

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After a swashbuckling start in the first week (up 70 pts), the service has seen a downturn and ends the first calendar month with a tiny profit of +0.79 pts. But it is still early days.

Last sector of results from the first calendar month:

17/11/16 5 pt Win  SIRABAD 14:50:00 Wincanton Win Betfred 5.5 (rule 4:15p) +19.13
17/11/16 5 pt Win  FLIGHT COMMANDER 15:10:00 Market Rasen Loss -5
17/11/16 1.5 pt EW double SIRABAD and FLIGHT COMMANDER Loss -3
18/11/16 4 pt EW ALTERNATIF  15:20:00 Ascot Loss -8
19/11/16 1.5 pt EW ASKAMORE DARSI 13:15:00 Haydock Loss -3
19/11/16 2.5 PT ew  WESTERN WARRIOR 14:25:00 Haydock Loss -5
19/11/16 2.5 PT ew GOOHAR 14:15:00 Huntingdon Place Bfs 10.0 (bog) +2
20/11/16 4 pt EW Cail Leach Annie 13:20:00 Exeter Loss -8
21/11/16 5 pt Win UN PROPHETE (5/10 win only) 5/1+ 15:40:00 Kempton Loss -5
23/11/16 2 pt EW EastView Boy 15:00:00 Wetherby Loss -4
24/11/16 7 pt win You Too Pet 14:55:00 Taunton Loss -7
25/11/18 8 pt win Our Reward 12:20:00 Doncaster Loss -8
25/11/18 3 pt win Church Hall 15:10:00 Doncaster Loss -3
26/11/18 2.5 PT ew Oscar Sunset 14:05:00 Newbury Loss -5
26/11/18 3.5 pt EW Antony 13:30:00 Newbury Loss -7
26/11/16 3 pt EW VYTA DU ROC Hennessy Gold Cup Newbury Loss -6
additional advised 1 pt EW VYTA DU ROC Hennessy Gold Cup Newbury Loss -2


Starting Bank   + 250 pts

Current Bank   +250.79  pts

Lowest Bank + 250.79 pts

Highest Bank + 329.41 pts

Strike Rate 29.5 %

Monthly Profit/Loss  +0.79  pts

Profit/Loss since start of Review    + 0.79 pts

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November 29, 2016

Great Bets

Day: 27-28; Selections: 5; Wins: 2; Points: 2.5

Overall: Selections: 128; Wins: 38; Points: 270.2

NB: Betting at £1 per point, bets are normally between £10 and £20 stakes.

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November 28, 2016

In Running Trading

Dobbing is a betting technique whereby you place a back bet on a horse at or close to the BSP, then place a lay bet to keep in running at half the odds, with double the stake.

If the horse hits the lower price in running you win your stake amount as an Even money bet.

For example, you back a horse for £10 at odds of 10.0 on Betfair. The potential profit if it wins is £90 but you lose £10 if it loses, and it’s likely to lose at odds of 10. But you also place a Lay bet at odds of 5.0 for £20 (liability £80). This won’t get matched at the time because the odds are currently around 10, so you click on Keep to keep the bet live in running.

If the horse does nothing and never really shows an interest during the race then all that happens is you lose your initial £10 stake. However, if the horse runs well, the odds on it will drop during the race and if they drop low enough for your lay bet to get matched at 5.0 then you win £10 regardless of the outcome (if it wins, you win £90 but lose £80 on the lay bet. If it loses, you lose your £10 back stake, but win £20 on the lay bet).

So if you have a way of identifying horses that are likely to run well so that the odds drop during the race, then you have a very nice method of making regular wins regardless if the horse in question wins or not.

Ian over at In Running Trading has posted a short video on how to find simple Dobbing opportunities every day using the In Running Trading Tool.

It shows how to run through each race of the day or use the DOB tab on the software to filter any selections by Dobbing profit.

Doug, our CashMaster reviewer, has made over £1,300 to £20 stakes after commission since 28 June using this tool.

Do take a look today when you have a spare five minutes:

You can get In Running Trading here:

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November 28, 2016

The Sports Guru

Week 3; Selections: 82; Wins: 33; Points: 5.290 At £10 per point: £52.90

Overall: Selections: 282; Wins: 119; Points: 15.430 At £10 per point: £154.30

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November 28, 2016

Premier Greyhound Tips

Week 3: Selections: 8; Wins: 1; Points: -12.25 At £10 per point: £-122.50

Overall: Selections: 28; Wins: 3; Points: -39.25 At £10 per point: £-392.50

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November 27, 2016

Heiken Ashi Mountain

Heiken Ashi Mountain Update

Isn’t it always the way? You finish a review and the product takes off!

Before I start, I am using data supplied by Mark; however, I have no reason to suspect that the data is not accurate. Further, the data is a few days old as I have been very busy and unable to get around to writing up this update.

November, up to the 23rd and ignoring the three trades that were open, is up around £1,300 using the bank as it stood at the end of the trial (31st October). This takes the bank to around £4,900, only slightly down. It should also be noted that the original system has produced with over an 80% return since the 27th of Jan 16; producing over £4,000 profit from the £5k starting bank.

There have been some changes to lock in more profits. I did say on the final review that it was frustrating to see good positions get stopped out for a loss or small profits.

There are two variations:

·         The 1:2 Reward/Risk (risk 2% to make 1%) has produced the smallest return but is still up 57% since the 27th of Jan 16 and has the advantage of a higher winning trade ratio and a smoother profit curve. It has produced £2,900 profit and during the period of the trail would have made just over £100.

·         A mix of 1:2 Reward/Risk (risk 2% to make 1%) and the original 2:1 Reward/Risk (risk 2% to make 4%) with a 70% return since the 27th of Jan 16. It has produced £3,500 profit from my £5k bank and during the period of the trail would have been down about £160.

The mix of the 2 approaches is the preferred option now for folks new to the method.

The situation is much improved. Not only have the new approaches vastly reduced the loss, but November’s profit has brought my trial bank back to more or less break even. Therefore, I am happy to recategorize this to NEUTRAL based on the trial figures but a return of over 70% (for the mixture of the 2 methods) in 11 months is impressive and tempts me almost to a higher rating.

You can try Heikin Ashi Mountain HERE

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