July 30, 2015

Elite Racing Network

This one is a bit different.  I’ve spent a few days investigating what’s on offer and decided it warrants a full description up front to help you understand what I’m actually reporting on.  You subscribe to the Elite Racing Network (ERN)and then as a member of the Network you have full access to all the Systems in the Network.

The Systems

There are 42 in all at the moment and you can follow just 1 or all 42.  The Systems are split into League and Non-League categories.  At present here are 26 League systems and 16 Non-League.  (I think you can look upon it as approved/fully tested Systems and not yet approved/still in testing Systems.)  The number of Systems will be added to with time.  At the moment all Systems are Back only but Lay Systems are being looked at.

For obvious reasons the selection parameters of a System is not disclosed so which System to follow is purely a past performance evaluation, you cannot say “I like that System because …”.

You can look upon each System as mutually exclusive of another or build a combined System made up from two or more Systems.  There is a difference between following say System1, System2 and System3 compared to following a combined System made up from System1, System2, System3 (Syste1-2-3):  when Systems are combined there is no duplication of staking.  For example, let’s assume the following selections …

System Selections
System1 HorseA, HorseB, HorseC
System2 HorseB. HorseD, HorseE
System3 HorseB, HorseC, HorseF


A comparison of the staking would be …


System1 System2 System3 Total Staked   System1-2-3







1 1 3  




  1 2  












HorseF     1 1  



So as you can see by combining Systems you are effectively making a new System.  It’s not a shortcut to following more than one System!

The Selections

You can get the selections in 3 ways …

  1. Have them downloaded to the BOT that is running on your computer or maybe a VPS/Cloud server. Note:  if you use your computer it needs to be running at the time a bet is due to be placed (more on this later).
  2. You can have a daily email sent containing all selections for all League category Systems, not just the Systems you have chosen to follow (this has been arriving at about 10:00). Selections for Non-League category Systems are not available this way.
  3. You can go to the website and view the selections for all Systems for the day, League and Non-League.

Past performance schedules are available for all Systems individually and any Combined System you make up.


The BOT is totally dedicated to ERN and your chosen System.  You can only run one System/Combined System per BOT so if you want to run say 3 Systems you run 3 installs of the BOT on your computer at the same time, all you need to do is install each version of the BOT in a different folder and have a shortcut on your desktop for each installation (note: the website gives you 5 installations for the BOT but you can just add more and more if you change the installation folder when prompted in the install procedure).  So in the example above under Systems if you wanted to run System1, System2 and System3 you would need 3 installations of the BOT on your computer but if you wanted to run the combined System1-2-3 you would only need one installation of the BOT.  I’m running 4 BOTS at the moment and each is consuming about 60mb of memory.  You can run any number of Systems and Combined Systems provided you have the computing power.

The settings for the BOT are:

  • Select Paper Trading or Live Trading
  • Set an API usage limit to avoid Betfair API charges
  • Stop at a Profit and/or Loss as fixed amounts or %age of betting bank
  • Stop after number of Wins and/or Losses in a sequence or as a absolute count for the session
  • Switch to Paper Trading after a Stop is reached
  • Use Sure Odds when placing a bet by accepting lower odds to ensure bet is matched
  • You can stake by Stake and Liability (in anticipation of Lay Systems) by amount or %age of Betting Bank or by Target Profit. There is also an option for Ladder Staking but this is not defined.
  • Min/Max odds limits
  • Define the Bank Balance you want a System to work to so that you can run more than one BOT on a Betfair account
  • Min/Max runners in a race
  • Set the range by which the Odds can be widened when using Sure Bet
  • Time before the off to place the bet (note: Betfair SP is not an available option either when placing the bet or if the bet is unmatched at the off)
  • There is a way of influencing how any Betfair Reduction Factor will apply but I need this to be clarified
  • Race Times can be displayed in local time
  • These settings once set will apply to all selections until changed.
  • The BOT lists each race you will be betting on line by line and each line can be expanded to show the selections in the race and the current odds
  • Settled bets details can be exported to a CSV file
  • There is a section to keep you advised of current Network status (they have suffered some Network problems recently that were traced to a subscriber apparently giving the links to all their friends and overloading the Network! I assume they will be closing this security breach)

Initial Conclusion

Because the BOT is totally dedicated to the ERN Systems it’s only as good as the profitability of the System chosen (assuming you find the range of settings acceptable).  But is it a tipping service?  They can’t say “if you followed us you would have made £XXX” unless they based such a claim on following all Systems or they say in advance “you should follow [this System]”.  You could chase your ‘proverbial’ around from one System loss in a month to another and I can’t evaluate that!

Anyway, it’s time to start the monitoring of the performance of the Systems … I’ll be back in a few days.

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July 30, 2015

John Anthony Signals

Monday 27/07

A very active 24 hours with 14 signals for Monday:  5 overnight for the UK, 2 for breakfast 2 during the day and 5 in the evening.  9 were successful 4 losing and 1 tie giving +2.64 points profit for the day.  The running total is now 28.79

Tuesday 28/07

14 more signals for Tuesday:  7 overnight for the UK, 1 for breakfast, 3 during the day and 3 in the evening.  8 were successful and 6 losing giving -0.12 point loss for the day.  The running total is now 28.67.

Wednesday 29/07

6 signals for Wednesday:  3 overnight for the UK, 1 during the day and 2 in the evening.  3 were successful and 3 losing giving -0.79 point loss for the day.  The running total is now 27.88.


Link to previous blog (Week 20-24/07 Stats and Review).



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July 29, 2015


Hi, Paul here from signals4forex with a ‘TIM’ round-up for the month of July.

Twitter: @SignalsDutton
e-mail: signals4forex@hotmail.com
Web: Signals 4 Forex

Trade Information Managed {TIM}

Days:  Month of July
Number of Trades: 8
Wins: 4
Breakeven: 3
Losses: 1
Total Pips: 215

*The 1 loss was a trade withdrawal @ – 20 pips

The ‘TIM’ service, short for ‘Trade Information Managed’ is a forex signals service where I tweet you the pair, direction, entry, stop-loss and target and then manage it for you via tweets unless you decide to manage it yourself.

Twitter, though not to everyone’s taste, is used because when I tweet you receive the information virtually instantaneously {unlike texting or e-mails} and to your phone too should you choose.

The first month of the two month free trial is now over. There wasn’t many trades but quality over quantity is what we’re looking for. I set a goal of a minimum 150 pips for July and it will be the same for August too.

I surpassed that goal by 75 pips and with only one loss {that was actually a withdrawal that went on to reach the target as luck would have it} I’m happy with the results given the current trading climate.

Thank you for your support during July. A round-up of the automated trade copying service will follow over the next few days.


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July 28, 2015

Pace Ace

Day 53

Not one of their classic days from Goodwood

Day -10.8 points  Cumulative +153.58 points

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July 28, 2015

Betting Opportunity

Day 41

Day -8 points  Cumulative  +36.86 points

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July 28, 2015

Value Plus Soccer

Bit of an odd period for this system since the last update. I’ve had plenty of bets and, for the first time since the start of the trial, there have been several error free days in a row.

We’ve also seen a mixed run of results send the bank to a new low point, before a couple of full house days allowed them to recover some of the losses accrued.


BETS 146


S/R 39.73%

LEVEL STAKES BANK -11.89 points (lowest point -19.96points)

2% TOTAL STAKE -16.22 points (lowest point -25.17 points)

5% PER BET -138.89 points (lowest point 157.69 points)

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July 27, 2015

Pace Ace

Day 52

Not too much luck on day 1 of the Galway Festival.

Day -7.68 points  Cumulative +164.38 points

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July 27, 2015


A tricky week last week for this service and if you read Paul’s comments below you’ll see he’s decided to scrap the ‘NS’ or Non-Service trades. These were riskier trades that he wasn’t personally taking but gave out for interest. Apparently quite a few people were following these trades blindly so Paul has taken the decision to only put out the trades he’s personally taking, so everyone should be getting very similar results now.

Here’s the official results using only the service trades:

Trade Copier Results {TC}
Account % increase: +1.3%
Max Drawdown: 1.1%
Average Risk per trade: 0.7%
Pips: 107

Trade Information Managed Results {TIM}
Pips: 115
And Paul’s weekly commentary below:

Hi, Paul here from signals4forex.

That was a tricky week for trading the FX markets, I was certainly put to the test.
Some of the news releases baffled us all with expectations going the opposite way, and price too, to what research and respected ‘experts’ predicted.

But hey, that’s trading for you and you either love it or hate, let it get you down or get on with it. It’s been quite a tough 19 days in fact but we’re still in positive territory and if followed from the beginning the ‘live’ account has not gone in to negative territory at all.

Remember if comparing FX services, especially trade copying services, to ensure they trade from a live account and trade moderately. So many TC services have multi-trades per day open and then boast about a 1000 pips per month etc.

Yes they may well have achieved that but there could be 5-10 trades live at any one time. Are you going to risk that? Chances are the pairs you choose to follow will not do so well or the stress of so many open trades will take it’s toll.

Services that keep risk low, have minimal trades and advertise realistic gains and losses are what you should be looking for or comparing me to.

I’ve decided not to forward any more ‘NS’ {Non-Service} trades due to too many followers taking them blindly and time restraints my end too. So in the interests of a simple and honest service it’s best I leave them out  and just forward the trades that I’m actually taking on my live account.

Rather than have another results title such as ‘withdrawn trades’ I’ve just counted withdrawn trades as losses. Example today, we had around a 60 pip stop on a trade but I cancelled the trade due to lack of movement with a 20 pip or so deficit and classed it as a loss though in reality it never lost.

There’s been lots of ‘no trade’ days for the ‘TIM’ followers. Sometimes, and most certainly in present trading conditions, it’s just too tricky to manage price movement via Tweeting but relatively simple via the TC.

The markets control the frequency of trades, not me, but it will all even out in time and trades will occur more often for ‘TIM’ followers.

Those of you that have concerns or doubts or just plain old questions regarding a trade copier service then please do ask me at signals4forex@hotmail.com.

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I have been trialling this service for three months. The claim is;

“Banker Bets is a brand new service focussed on low-odds, high strike rate betting designed to steadily increase your bank at minimal risk.

From August 14th, 2014 through June 30th, 2015 this highly selective form of betting has achieved 247% profit on the starting bank betting at level stakes!

There have been 10 profitable months out of 11 and an average profit of 22.45% of starting bank per month.

That’s just betting at level stakes, and those who are willing to take a slightly more aggressive approach and compound their winnings have already seen profit of well over 500%!”

The bets placed are in the win markets for football, tennis, American football and basketball, although neither of the last two categories were covered in the testing period due to seasonal timing.

John operates from some exotic location in Asia. The bets are sent through by email, always with plenty of notice and usually in the morning for those of us in the UK. What you get with the selection is the reasoning behind the picks. Occasionally you will get a win double. Obviously the odds are always skinny, and so when a losing bet is encountered, it will take 3 or 4 bets to recover.

There is much to admire about the service. It is as transparent as it can be, results are recorded to average available odds – there aren’t many services I know of which do that – and winning runs can be very long indeed (a few around 20).

The service has encountered only one losing month and, wouldn’t you just know it, that was during the testing period in May. What was really impressive about this was that the service recovered from a 37% deficit on the bank at the end of May to the current level of 19.4% profit. The French Open tennis bets took a few hits, as did some of the Scandinavian football bets. So from 128 bets, the profit of 19.4% doesn’t look overwhelmingly successful – but taking into account the 37% drawdown, it was robust enough to stage a recovery, and I can see it continuing in that vein.

The 19.4% profit was made to level stakes – the advice is to compound, and the compounded stakes made slightly less profit at 18.6%. However, the BEST available odds, compounded, returned a profit of 67%.

The service won’t be for everyone. I tend to view it like a laying service. You can expect to win most of your bets (83% since the start of the service), but when you lose, your loss will take a few wins to recover from. By compounding the bank to suggested 10%, you would have made over 500% profit in under a year without breaking into a sweat. So it’s more a service for the pros and well-disciplined, and if you fancy turning £1k into £5k in a year, you could give this a go – leave it in for a further year and… well you do the maths!

Negatives – there aren’t really any to put you off. I am always a little bit wary of one man band services – you have to rely on the circumstances of the individual and none of us knows where those circumstances might take us – but the cost of the service is hardly an issue from a continuation point of view. And with compounding – well, you’re not ACTUALLY going to be compounding at 10%; you’ll be rounding up or down. I did try and run this on Betfair and whilst that IS possible, I found the back odds minus commission couldn’t keep up with the average bookie odds – I also found some of the bookies didn’t like the bets, but that is an ongoing issue for those of us on the bookies’ radar.

My overall impression is that this is an excellent service; well-reasoned, easy to operate and transparent. AND the cost is a very reasonable £27 per month, there is currently a 75% discount available on the first month and a 30 day 100% no quibble money back guarantee.

I have no hesitation in putting this service in the RECOMMENDED category.

You can try Banker Bet here:


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July 27, 2015

John Anthony Signals

Week 20-24/07 Stats and Review

Sorry for not posting any daily figs for last week, here they are …


Date Overnight Breakfast Daytime Evening Return
20-Jul 2 2 4 3 1.18
21-Jul 1 1 6 0 2.96
22-Jul 2 2 3 3 -4.83
23-Jul 7 2 2 2 2.48
24-Jul 4 0 3 0 1.68
 Total 3.47



A typical week I suppose in the life of JAS.  Thursday was very active with 13 signals in the day but 7 were overnight in the UK.  The figures speak for themselves so not much I can say.   The updated spreadsheet can be found here.

I have temporarily removed the TradeOpen page from the spreadsheet while I organise the supply of the historical prices.  The people I found to supply that data apologised for not updating the file in good time last week.  Having found where they announce their updates it looks like the weekly updates can be anything from Sunday – Tuesday (Wall Street time).  Also because they publish the figures as a monthly file updated weekly they may change this at month end (they don’t want 2 updates within a day or two of each other!).  Hey it’s free and I’m just pleased they do this!  J  The update for last week has not been published yet.

Link to previous blog (Review for the week 13/07 – 17/07).



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