Inheritance tax.

If you’re like most people, reading those two words will probably make you angry.

Some have called it “the most hated tax in Britain”.

Even Tony Benn – that firm stalwart of the Labour left – did everything he could to wriggle out of it.

It’s a tax that most of us don’t even like to think about.

If you’re anything like me, that’s because the thought of paying it leaves a bad taste in your mouth…

But the truth is, it’s only right to think about this now – before it’s too late. Especially because the cost of not doing so could be severe.

It could leave your family with big financial problems. And lead to your assets being sold off…

But what if I told you there’s a way you can turn this whole situation on its head?

A way for you to use the tax man’s own rules against him… to make up to £2m of your wealth effectively ‘disappear’ off the radar.

Perhaps best of all, this strategy is 100% legal and ethical.

It’s simple and it’s hiding in plain sight – yet most people still don’t know about it.

Click here to find out more about how to protect your family from the taxman when you’re gone:

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May 26, 2016

The Each Way King

We tested and resoundingly approved this service last October as it makes an average profit of £340 a month to £10 bets.

Well, members landed a massive profit of £2,661 yesterday from just three bets:

3.05 Hamilton, Imperial Legend 12/1 1.5pt e/w
WON £225.00 at £10/point

7.10 Newton Abbot, Floresco 16/1 1.5pt e/w
WON £270.00 at £10/point (rule 4)

1pt e/w double pays 220/1
WON £2,166 at £10/point (rule 4)

Insane or what?

Grab your place with this LEGEND right now:

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One win tip  advised for Day 28 (25 May 2016):

Newton Abbot 7.10 pm:   Mango Cap

advised at 17.0 with William Hill,  Lost.

Daily Profit/Loss  -1.0 pt. 

Starting Bank 100.0 pts.

Current Bank 98.9 pts.

Service Profit/Loss since Start of Trial  -1.1  pts.

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One win tip  advised for Day 27 (24 May 2016):

Hexham 3.00 pm:   Miss Blanche

advised and available  at 15.0 with Bet 365,  Lost.


Daily Profit/Loss  -1.0 pt. 

Starting Bank 100.0 pts.

Current Bank 99.9 pts.

Service Profit/Loss since Start of Trial  -0.1  pts.

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This service was originally launched in July 2011 and filled pretty quickly. It opened its doors again briefly in early 2012 and then once more in August 2014 at which point I joined.

As you can probably tell from its name this service targets value horses and, as I’m sure you’re fully aware, this will mean it is almost certainly going to be profitable long term.

It’s run by a chap called Kieran Ward, and I had the pleasure of meeting him at Sandown races in December. He’s been quietly making a respectable living from horse racing for some time now, and set up the service to allow others to copy his bets. He limits the number of people on his service in order to protect the prices so that all members have the opportunity to profit.

Since the launch of the service, members have achieved the following profits:

Main Account bets: +2053.29 points or £102,664 to £50 bets

Evening Account Bets: +916.02 points or £45,801 to £50 bets

Of Interest Horses: +100.45 points or £5022.50 to £50 bets

That equates to a grand total of 3069.76 points or £153,488 profit to £50 stakes, £76,744 to £25 stakes, or£30,697 betting tenners.

The process is straightforward enough. Each day you are e-mailed the days selections with a recommendation of the best bookie price although it’s always advisable to check Oddschecker anyway and use BOG bookies when possible. Getting the advised prices is generally easy enough (I’ve often matched, or got better than the advised price) and although it’s called the ‘Morning’ Value service, you do actually get sent evening bets too if there’s anything of interest.

So it’s a really simple service that targets good priced value selections and has been turning a profit for members for nearly five years now.

This is just the sort of service that ticks all the boxes. If you’ve no interest in horse racing, but like to make a profit then this is suitable because you can just place your bets and get on with your day and you will make a nice long term profit. Alternatively, if you enjoy horse racing then this is perfect because you are betting on some juicy contenders and this makes watching the sport even more thrilling. The fact that it also makes a great profit is a bonus!

When I met Kieran at Sandown I asked him if he could open it up again to give Cash Master readers a chance to get in on the action. And, in the spirit of ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’ I also asked if he could do a deal for my readers. Luckily he’d had a good day, was on his third or fourth pint, and was lubricated enough to make a rather generous offer.

And it is this…. 20% discount for Cash Master readers.

He’s only allowing a handful of new subscribers because the majority of his initial small band is still with him and he must protect the prices available. These selections are his primary source of income and so he cannot afford for the prices to be damaged.

So the service has now temporarily re-opened to Cash Master readers, and at a substantial discount. I expect the allotted places to be filled pretty quickly so if you are interested then you will need to act quickly or you won’t be able to get on board unless he opens it up again, and that will almost certainly not be for another year, if at all.

Is this for you?

This is value betting and the very nature of that means that it is a long term game. It’s not for everyone and if you are the sort of bettor that prefers regular small wins then this will not be for you. In fact, if you are likely to get disheartened if you have losing months then stay away.

However, if you are serious about making a consistent long term profit from horse racing, if you are able to ride short term losses to make substantial long term gains (3000+ points so far) then this will be right up your street.

Kieran has set up a special page just for you guys and you can find full details here:

Thursday 26th UPDATE: Only 7 places left!

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Last September Matt Bisogno, of GeeGeez, wrote about some bookie spyware (that is probably on your machine) called iesnare.

That post has had over 43,000 views.

Today, a GeeGeez reader shares his story. It’s a tale that involves bookmakers, the UK Gambling Commission and, ultimately the Information Commissioner’s Office.

And it’s an important read.

There is also information on how you can help to rid us all of this borderline illegal scourge, and I’d encourage you to help if you can. Plus, information on how you can disable iesnare that almost certainly has been downloaded, without your knowledge, onto your machine.

Read more here:

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May 25, 2016


I’ve been conversing with Mark at FX Foundations regarding this service and he sent out an update this morning to all subscribers which pretty much covers it:

“It has become apparent there are a few things (besides the results) that need to be changed with the service. We have noted the requests made and also trawled the review sites to get a general feel of what is/have been missing. If there is something you would like to add, please just email the team and we will do that.

1) Communication – The team will make sure (regardless of whether the master trader has reviewed the day) to offer our own review each evening and morning, keeping all subscribers up to date with what is happening.

2) ‘Master trader’ – The FXF team refer to Mike Pears as the master trader, as he is the one who has control over the accounts and places all trades. This does not mean we as Team FXF are anything less than full time pro traders, but within the TC service, we are not in control over trades. This is why we refer to Mike Pears as master trader.

3) Why don’t FXF take over? – This is something we are discussing within the team. The big difference between our methods and Mike Pears is length of trades, markets traded and ‘pip risk’. The primary reason for working alongside Mike Pears is that he offers 40 pip stops and previously a high trade frequency. At FXF we generally use a percentage risk of bank (and pip wise this can be anything up to 100 pips risk). Our rewards always mirror risks (so at least 1:1 per trade).

If we get a general consensus that subscribers are happy for a longer trade time, percentage risk rather than a fixed pip risk and are happy with FXF trading, we can look to add this alongside (or alternative) to what we have. We have been advising Mike of our stance but perhaps his short term scalping technique simply doesn’t work with absolute synergy to our reports and expectations of movement. We have seen a few past entries stopped by a few pips only to move in the FXF intended direction.

As a ‘brand’ the FXF team cannot condone the current performance and historically this is completely opposite to what we have witnessed. Mike has performed over 16 months and that is why we have chosen to partner with him. However, yes we have had some bad market conditions, but it seems apparent that unless things pick up, we are going to damage our reputation. Our sole focus on this venture is to create a consistent copier service that subscribers are proud to be part of and that makes money. Any feedback you would like to offer will ultimate result in expediency to where we all want to be with this service.

4) Bank percentage risk – We are discussing with 4Xsolutions arranging a bank risk percentage to end users. This will result in the additions of varied strategies/and or FXF methods being employed.

5) 200 pips MBG – Please note to all (and we highlighted this yesterday), we stand by the minimum 200 pips guarantee for all future subscribers and you will not be charged for the next month unless 200 pips have been made in the previous 30 days.

The FXF Team”

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Two win tips  advised for Day 26 (23 May 2016):

Ayr 2.30 pm:   Bunce

advised and available generally at 8.0,  Lost.

Windsor 7.45 pm:   Ice Lord

advised and available with Betbright at 7.5,  Won.

Daily Profit/Loss  +5.5 pts. 

Starting Bank 100.0 pts.

Current Bank 100.9 pts.

Service Profit/Loss since Start of Trial  +0.9  pts.

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May 23, 2016

UCantLose Ltd

UCantLose Ltd are currently running the following special offer:

Pay £15 per month for unlimited access to their excellent Oddtrawler Pro Software and get UCantLose Arb Alerts totally free of charge – saving you £50 every month!

UCantLose Ltd have been around since 2003 and have an excellent reputation for highly profitable services and first class customer support.

OddsTrawler Pro and UCantLose Arb Alerts are their two most profitable services.

OddsTrawler Pro is a matched betting, dutching and back / lay arbitrage service that allows you to find your own profitable bets 24/7. There are currently over £2,000 in free bets available on the site…in addition to the risk free profit available from a vast array of dutching and back / lay arbs.

UCantLose Arb Alerts is a sports arbitrage service where they find the arbs and send them directly to you. The total profit for this service now stands at a staggering £524,854.06!

This is without a doubt the best value deal they’ve had for quite some time. You could easily make over £1,000 from matched betting the bookie bonuses alone. With lots of extra profit coming from the free UCantLose Arb Alerts.

Even if you’re not interested in this offer you should still visit the sales page and download their Risk Free Betting Guide, it’s free:

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May 23, 2016

Classic Racing Gold

I mentioned in last week’s update that we were sure to encounter to correction period as the results had been spectacular up to that point.

Well, I think I must have triggered something off as we have had a poor run of results this week. Speaking to my brother, who lives on the west coast of Ireland, the weather has been horrible even by Irish standards this week, so maybe that’s been having an adverse effect.

Still in a very decent profit for the month so far and fully expecting more ups and downs before the end of the trial.

I think some members have been having issues with receiving emails on time because there has been some talk of looking into setting up a Whatsapp group to help get info out on time. I can’t say I’ve had any problems myself with timing, email have always arrived when they are due. But it’s reassuring to know that the team behind the service are willing to do as much as possible to help when issues crop up.




S/R 37.04%




S/R 61.54%


OVERALL PROFIT +11.13 points



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