November 26, 2014


Last month I sent you an update about PIE. In case you don’t already know, this is a trading system that makes 12%-28% return on your savings for life, with minimal risk and in less than 15 minutes a month.

And then all hell broke loose!

The worldwide financial markets were plunged into turmoil and fell by 11%… almost 3% of that in a single day!

The FTSE 100 dived 181 points, a 2.8% drop and its worst one-day slide for 16 months, wiping over £46 Billion off its value. Millions of investors lost big money!

And do you know what?

PIE continued as it has always done (and how it always will)…it made money. No panic… no hassle… no drama.

I personally traded through this collapse and not only survived it; I made a nice four figure profit!

In fact, these trading conditions are actually beneficial to PIE traders because highly volatile markets make it even easier to make a profit.

One of the biggest problems with trading the markets is the draw downs that traders experience, and financial collapses catch out almost all traders, no matter how conservatively they trade. But not PIE traders. Nope, we carry on with whatever we are busy doing… playing golf, mowing the lawn, watching the sunset on the porch… we’re not bothered.

Check out this testimonial from one PIE trader:

“I attended the course back in May 2013 and have to say that on all of the courses I have attended I have not met anyone as knowledgeable, professional, genuine, honest and friendly as Paul & Glynn.

I am an extremely risk averse accountant that likes to question everything about everything and what Glynn teaches is flawless. My biggest concern with any system is how it handles a Black Swan / Market Crash event. The way this is covered in the course is amazing to follow and left out of just about every other system I have come across.

I have traded the system in the last 12 months and averaged about 18% return and never put my capital at risk so I am extremely happy. I even traded whilst on a 2 month cycling trip.

I am also very grateful to their commitment to giving updates and constantly monitoring the system for either improving returns or reducing risk.

I have spent many many hours trying to find any other method / concept of investing that comes even close to the risk / return profile that P.I.E. gives and have every time come back to the fact of how amazing the system is.

Thank You Thank You Thank You Paul & Glynn”

Dave Barnett 5/11/14

This will be the last opportunity to learn how to do this in 2014.

There’s now just one workshop left this year and most of the places were snapped up by people who couldn’t get on the October workshop. There are now just two places available for the workshop on Wednesday 17th December 2014.

Get in touch with Paul or Glynn today. There’s absolutely no obligation if you do, but if this is right for you, what you hear could literally transform your life.

Oh…and they’ll explain how they effortlessly weathered the financial storm last month and came out in profit.

Full details here:

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November 25, 2014

Festival Value Service

This service launched exactly one year ago and Kieran is now offering spaces for this year at the same price as last year. Here is what he said:

“The Festival Value Service has now completed it’s first year as a live service and I’d like to thank all members for taking the plunge a year ago!

The time has come for renewal for another year and, of course, I’m hoping you will all rejoin! If you do wish to, you can rejoin at the page below.

I’m VERY proud of how we’ve performed over the last year and I hope you are happy with the profits achieved. Overall figures since launch prior to The Hennessey Festival last year stand at:

Bets: 319
Wins: 48
Win Strike Rate: 15.04%
P/L: +113.61 points
Profit on Turnover: 35.61%

Very satisfying! Betting £50 a point would have returned a profit on the year of £5680.50 and with these selections running at the very biggest meetings, it’s very easy to get much larger bets on than that if you wish!

It’s also worth remembering that those profits have been produced from 10 minutes “work” on just 3 or 4 days each month. I may be biased but I think we offer the best Festival Service on the market (and the cheapest)!

I’m currently only offering spaces to existing members and, as a big thank you, I’ve frozen prices at the same level as last year. This will probably not be the case when I open up to new members later in the year.

I’ll keep this offer open until The Hennessy Festival next week before opening the service up to new members if there are any spaces left.

Whatever you decide, thanks for being a part of such a successful 1st year and for taking the time to read this!

All the best


PS I’m also offering a monthly payment option this year to make membership even more affordable!”

If you wish to join the Festival Value Service this year you can do so now here:

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November 25, 2014

Betting Opportunity

This is a new service just launched this week from the BetFan stable. They’ve proofed the service for 18 months and report a profit of 740 points over that time, which is a rather nice £7,400 to £10 a point stakes.

The service concentrates on Win, Each Way and Double Bet selections and it appears to be getting good value winners.

We will do the usual three month trial of this service but they are apparently offering a discounted price at the moment so if this sort of service interests you then it may be worth having a look:

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November 25, 2014


After consulting with Graham, I’ve decided to end this trial early as I cannot see my opinion of this changing.

The problem, as I’ve said ad nauseam, is the site used to source potential selections.

How can I, with a clear conscience, recommend readers buy this system when the main source of selections is so regularly inaccurate?

It is a site that works out a point rating for each game. How can I trust that the rating is correct if there are constant errors in; the date games are played, the league position of teams, the result of the last relevant game? I think one of the main problems with it is that it is only produced once a week. As any football fan will know, most teams play at least 2 games a week.

The sales page clearly states that this system selects multiple bets (ie doubles, trebles etc) on favourites. You can see the sort of price the selections are from the examples shown on their main page.

This means that for £69.97 you basically get the manual that tells you which site to use and how to use it (which I don’t trust), the rules on price band and a couple of staking plans.

To be completely transparent, my records do show that it is making a profit. After around 5-6 weeks trial in has made 3.4 points profit at level stakes, 6.7 points with the recovery plan and 8 points with the progressive/recovery plan.

Those are decent returns but I can’t honestly say that you wouldn’t have made at least those figures copying the sales page information with favourites you fancy yourself.

I want to make clear, for fairness purposes, that the method does work and will probably continue to work but the decision to end the trial is most definitely a value for money issue and a conscience issue. I will never feel right recommending a product that is based on information I do not trust to be correct. Bearing that in mind, the only usable (in my opinion) information you get for £70 are the bank management plans. Two of which are fairly bog standard, the third is a novel approach that I had not seen before and I consider to be a good plan for a system with a reasonable strike rate.

It would be grossly unfair to label this as FAILED, as it is in profit. The only verdict I am ever going to be happy to stand by is NEUTRAL.Neutral

You can get Three Key Football here:


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We had another big winner on Saturday at odds of 42.29 so this really is shaping up to be a good service!

Results this month to £10 level stakes:

Bets: 55
Successful: 15
Unsuccessful: 40
Strike Rate: 27%
Avg Odds: 18.66
Profit: £788

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November 25, 2014


I’m starting to get a bit concerned about this service as we’re continuing to hit losing bets far too often. Whilst the actual loss looks quite small in terms of points, the aggressive staking plan means that things are looking pretty bleak at the moment. Given the low odds of selections, we must have a strike rate north of 80% in order to make a level of profit worth bothering with. At the moment we’re only hitting 75%.



STAKING PLAN P/L  -2.40 points

LEVEL STAKING P/L  -2.29 points


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November 25, 2014


Bit of a reality check week for this system with a loss of 9.4 points recorded. The weekend had started well and was in profit until a complete wipe out on Sunday and Monday gummed up the works. Still massively impressed with their performance and content that this will pick up again:


BETS 269


S/R 20.45%


PROFIT/LOSS  +44.40 points



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November 25, 2014


I’m delighted to say that this service has turned things round spectacularly in the last 2 weeks. Since last week’s update he’s profited by 25.20 points and the bank has recovered to just above its starting point. I’m really glad I allowed this one to run into slight negative territory and kept it going.

My usual policy is to halt a trial and list under failed any service that blows its bank but, as I’ve explained before, he does not usually advise members as to how many points to start with. The main reason I kept going was that he came so close to really decent payouts on many occasions that he simply had to hit a few. Obviously, it could still all go wrong during the remainder of the trial so no decision is being taken yet.

For a service that is named “Acca Tips” it’s interesting to note that the Accas are the biggest drain on the bank, costing around 27 points of loss, obviously that could be put right with 1 or 2 wins.


BETS 166


S/R 16.27%

AV ODDS 30.76


PROFIT/LOSS  +1.50 points


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November 25, 2014

Trading The Horses

I’ve decided to do a one off review of this software as it’s not a system or service that provides daily selections to bet on, rather it’s a unique and very clever trading tool that can be used by anyone whenever they like to spot perfect opportunities for ‘trading the horses’.

What it does is monitor the win market prices on each race throughout the day, and using clever mathematics, work out what the place market price should be now. It then shows its predicted place market price next to the actual place market price and where you see a discrepancy, you can trade that particular horse with a good degree of confidence that the price will move in the direction indicated by the software.

For example, you load a race up and see that it’s predicting the place market price to be 3.0 on a particular horse, but the actual price is 2.6. You can then go and lay that horse at 2.6, wait a little while, and watch the price drift up towards the predicted price of 3.0. At this point you then back the horse for a completely risk free bet, or you can green up for a profit regardless of the outcome. If you use betting software to place your bets for you, this is really simple to do, but it’s easy enough to place risk free bets just within the main Betfair interface too.

You can of course do it the other way too, when you spot the predicted price is lower than the actual price, you just back that selection, wait for the price to fall, and lay it off for a risk free profit.

This really is brilliant bit of kit for experienced traders and newbie’s too. The biggest problem traders’ face is trying to predict which way the market is going to move to enable a profit, and this software seems to do it with uncanny success.

It’s really easy to use too, with a clear, simple interface, a few clicks of a mouse and no noise or distractions. You can use the settings to filter min/max matched in win or place market, number of runners, steam or drift percentage in the last 10 minutes, or you can set it to ignore certain tracks or events etc.

There is a suite of training videos and a few suggested strategies for you to have a play with too.

I had a play with this yesterday and won every race simply by trading out for a risk free profit, often covering two selections in each race. I did this without even watching the training videos as it was easy enough to work out what to do.

This is one of those services where you really need to have a go for yourself to see if it’s something you think would be useful to you, and they’ve made that really easy by giving you the first months access for just 99p so I really do recommend giving it a go. If you’re already an experienced trader you may well find this makes your trading a whole lot easier, and if you’ve never tried it before then you’re in for a treat because this is the easiest tool I’ve used to date for trading on Betfair.Approved2

You can try Trading the Horses for just 99p here:

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November 24, 2014

Racing Consultants

Date Selection Advised Points Result
17-Nov 1.45 Leic- Buddy Love 4.50 1 win Win
17-Nov 2.50 Leic – Deep Trouble 4.50 1 win Placed
17-Nov 3.30 Plum – Extreme Impact 26.00 1 e/w Loss
18-Nov 3.20 Donc – Boruma 11.00 1 win Win
18-Nov 3.30 Fake – Carobello 2.88 2 win Loss
18-Nov 1.40 Sout – Best Tamayuz 4.33 1 win Win
19-Nov 1.10 Warw – De Kerry Man 21.00 1 win Win
19-Nov 3.10 Warw – Chac du Cadran 4.50 2 win Win
19-Nov 1.50 Hexh – Outlaw Tom 3.75 2 win Loss
20-Nov 2.05 MR – Drum Valley 7.50 1 win Placed
20-Nov 2.15 Chep – Flintham 5.50 1 win Win
21-Nov 3.15 Ascot Tullamore Dew 13.00 0.5 ew Placed
21-Nov 12.50 Haydock Maggie Blue 9.00 1 win Loss
21-Nov 4.10 Wolv Little Choosey 15.00 1 win Placed
21-Nov 3.25 Ffos Las Kingspark Boy 3.25 1.5 win Loss
22-Nov 2.25 Haydock – Aubusson 13.00 1 ew Win
22-Nov 3.00 Haydock – Harry Topper 12.00 1 ew Loss
22-Nov 12.45 Haydock – Wellforth 9.00 1 win Loss
22-Nov 2.15 Huntingdon – Smart Exit 5.00 1 win Loss
22-Nov 1.45 Towcester – Yasir 5.40 1 place Win
22-Nov 2.45 Towcester – American Life 5.50 1 win Win


Week 8: 10 winners/placed from 21 bets for 57.81 points.


Overall: 53 winners/placed from 215 bets for 70.34 points.


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