February 13, 2016

Consistent Forex Trades

Hi folks,

Sorry for this (very) long post.

Been looking at the reporting format after Roger pointed out that the bank required to trade all 13 instruments would be unrealistic. I concur, as you’d need a bank in excess of £13k to trade everything just to 10p stakes at a sensible 1% risk. Therefore the previous reports, where all the instruments where grouped together, is not a sensible way to report on this service.

Roger does advise, and this is something I did ignore, one or two pairs only. So I have reformatted the report instrument by instrument.

An even longer term service started this week where trades can run for months. I have added this as Set and Forget (managed) service.

One thing I am very concerned about is that I am severely over-complicating what is a very simple service. To make life easier, and reporting a great deal easier, I would like to concentrate on managed Set and Forget only. Unmanaged Set and Forget results are on Roger’s website, and pullback results are likely to be so different between traders that they are probably not a valid guide to the service. So, that is what I will publish but I will continue to collect data on other trading styles and will either include these in the final review or, more likely, only publish them if requested.

A little more detail on the trading styles (with a lot of input from Roger).


For those that enjoy a high risk gamble.

This is a very high risk strategy that must really be viewed as gambling with so far to date favourable returns (11 months of detailed records). If you’re looking to actively trade, in other words be a hands-on ‘trader’, then this is definitely NOT for you.

Set and forget is as the name implies setting a trades parameters and then walking away. There’s no way you could set and forget all the forex and equity pairs as you’d need a very substantial trading account balance. How most S&F participants get involved is with a couple of forex or equities. You can easily tell via the results PDF which pairs or equities do better than others.

Set and forget trading means that if your chosen trade goes live you ignore everything, news, patterns, session ends, weekends, the works, and no interference of any nature. This is why it is a very high risk strategy and why unless you have a massive trading account only a couple of pairs and/or equities are a feasible option because potentially you could have 13 trades live with others live from previous weeks too.

Many of Roger’s set and forget clients view it a bit of highly calculated fun. Though only a couple of weeks in to the service review there is no reason to doubt the authenticity of the 11 months of results readily available on the site so they’re worth a read through.

Certain pairs fare far better than others but considering you do nothing at all if the trade goes live the deficit on even the worst performing pairs is next to nothing for an 11 month period, that in itself says something about the overall strength of the trading levels that this service calculates.

There is a PDF on the site with every level issued from day 1 that you can scrutinise not only if you’re more of a gambler than a trader but also to gauge an initial view on the proclaimed accuracy and consistency of their trading levels.

The thing to bear in mind when scrutinising the PDF is with set and forget you will go live automatically whereas with the pullback and direction trades you trade them so unless there was a reaction at the reaction level you would not have gone live; it’s worth a few hours of your time perusing the PDF.



For those that want to actively trade with low risk.

What you have here appeals to those that actually want to trade, not follow or copy. The levels are exactly the same as the set and forget levels. The difference is you go live when there has been a reaction at the pullback reaction level and not automatically like set and forget.

This is a fairly low risk strategy, you will not have many trades go live per week because if there’s not a pullback that means there will not be a trade and then even if there is a pullback if there’s no reaction at the pullback again there will not be a trade.

Most traders already using this service opt for 2 -4 pairs or equities. Others trade the pullback reactions that meet the criteria so are not bothered about particular markets they just trade all those that show a reaction at a reaction level so it’s pretty much impossible to portray accurate results as the purpose of this strategy is to trade and no two traders are the same.

Some will trade the 1hr some the 4hr, some will put there stops in different positions to others because of where they went live after the reaction at the reaction level so each trader will have different results but it’s pretty obvious overall to determine if a trade was generally successful or not.

There are also the occasional ‘direction’ trades. Few and far between at times but the service claims a healthy 75% strike rate when the crop up. According to their PDF there have been 4 this year so far, they’re generally over in 1-3 days and have produced 246 pips. This is not a service claiming 1000s of pips with lots of trades. A steady 300 – 600 per month is the average for actual ‘traders’ with most trading from £1 per pip upwards.

Best thing to do by far is to take a trial, they offer 28 days, not your typical 7 or 14. 28 days is plenty of time to see if the service is of value to you or not. The audience for this type of service are those that can build trust in the levels he predicts and then use a simple clear chart as can be strategy to trade from them.

This is what Roger says the service is really all about, what he’s ultimately out to attract is long-term consistent traders that know what they’re doing, don’t want or need a system, have had enough of jumping from one service to another and are ready to get down to the business of trading.

This is not a hold your hand service for newbie’s, copiers or followers. You can send in screen-shots, ask questions galore and all will be answered as long as you are committed to becoming a trader, not playing around with systems and come and go copy services.

If that’s you then you should take the 28 day trial. Roger provides levels for intra-day, weekly (the main service) and now longer-term quarterly level traders too. He is constantly adding value to the service and says if you can find a similar service anywhere offering 13 forex and equity pairs with levels for intra-day, weekly and quarterly with helpful Twitter and Client page updates and with the same consistency, accuracy and reliability for what this service charges then let him know, I’ll join too :).

Please note that whilst reformatting the data I spotted some errors. The spreadsheet with the results is very complex, but I will try to be more accurate. The reformatted results are:

Set & Forget   Set & Forget   Set & Forget   Set & Forget
Week 1 Managed Week 2 Managed Week 3 Managed Overall Managed
EURUSDSB     -98.8       -98.8
GBPUSDSB     -159.0   173.0   14.0
EURJPYSB     111.6       111.6
USDJPYSB     -137.7       -137.7
USDCHFSB     25.0       25.0
USDCADSB 188.6           188.6
AUDUSDSB     149.3       149.3
UK100SB     1.4       1.4
WS30SB 175.6   -256.0       -80.4
SP500SB 295.0   -177.1       117.9
DAX30SB 193.9   -70.0       123.9
NAS100SB   -70.1       -70.1


I have two long-term trades open. Long-term trades can take months to complete.

As stated above, Roger suggests one or two pairs. Historically the most profitable Forex pairs are GBPUSD and USDCAD. You’d be 202.6 pips up overall on these 2 pairs. Best two for equity I can’t say because Roger only started it this year on S&F; current best 2 are S&P and DAX though and you’d be 241.8 pips up overall if trading these 2 pairs.

You can try Consistent Forex Trades for just £1 here:



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February 11, 2016

Pav Sports

I’m going to suspend the trial of Pav Sports.

As I mentioned in a previous update, there was a week around the Christmas/New Year period during which I received no emails at all from them. I emailed asking if they were still working and received a reply saying that they had being experiencing problems with their servers but that service would resume then next week.

True to their word, the service did restart and emails were received for the next 3-4 weeks. Then they stopped again.

I received a selection email on 26/1/16 then nothing for about a week. Again, I emailed asking if they were having problems and was told that the service had been suspended temporarily due to a bereavement and that it would be restarting the next day and would be back to normal from then on.

Obviously, a bereavement takes precedence over everything and you’d have to be a pretty awful person to moan about a week of missing emails when someone is going through that hard a time.

As promised an email did arrive the next day (1/2/16) but I have received nothing at all since then.

Bearing in mind that we started the trial in early December, we were just entering the last month of the 3 month trial, the fact that the bank is around 10 points down (with av odds of 1.77  that’s a long way back) and that this is the third period of no communication, I see no option other than to place this in the FAILED category and wait to see if we hear back from Pav and if there is any point in restarting a trial. A pity, as Pav seems like a very decent chap and it would be good to find a service that targets different sports but, as ever, bottom line profit is the defining criteria.Failed

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February 11, 2016

The Winning Way

Here’s a service that looks good for exchange backers as well as those with bookie accounts. The Winning Way is a service run by Tipster Superstars on behalf of Jon Redbrook.

Jon has been with Tipster Superstars since the turn of 2015 and his very first month with them was a profitable one. In that first month, Jon showed how he pulled in 29.42pts profit from simple win bets.

He placed 58 bets that month and won 16 of them, a very impressive 27.6% strike rate.

Now 13 months later and Jon has kept up his performance hitting an average strike rate of 26.18% from 722 bets and pulling in over 384pts profit.

Jon has developed his own ratings systems which tells him when he should double down on a horse allowing him to boost his profits.

All Jon’s bets are either a straight 1pt win bet or a 2pt win bet (when he doubles down). The stake for each selection is given when he sends out the selection email so you can get the bets on as soon as you get it. A bank of 125 points is recommended.

Jon makes his selections the night before the racing, but this can be quite late some evenings. Selection emails are normally sent about 9pm – 11pm the evening before the racing.

Jon recommends backing to Betfair SP but you can use any bookie and the fact that the tips are ready for you the night before the racing means finding a great price is not difficult to do, whether you are up at this time or an early riser the days selections will be waiting for you.

I will be trialing the service for the next 3 months, and will report back here on how I get on.

You can sign up for £5 for the first 30 days, then £40 per month thereafter. Payment is through Clickbank, so you are covered by the usual 60 day money back guarantee.

You can try The Winning Way for £5 here:


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February 9, 2016

Dr Who and the Time Traders

It’s almost exactly four years now since I had that crazy journey up to Sheffield to meet two guys who changed my life. Before then I was doing well but I still had to work for a living. After that meeting I realised I could, if I wished, retire right then and live off the income from the method they showed me; a method that generates a regular monthly income trading the financial markets for just ten minutes a month and without any of the normal risks associated with trading.

Four years down the line and I’m pleased to report that the method has delivered exactly what it promised. I’ve made a very nice, regular income, in ten minutes a month and haven’t put my capital at risk even during the financial meltdown in August last year when we saw the fastest downward move in the FTSE in over ten years. In fact, this was the first time I was required to actually implement the technique that protects us from such moves, so I got first hand experience of just how robust the method is.

But it’s really only just dawned on me just how powerful this method actually is. I never really give it much thought; I just bank the profits and get on with my life, but I read in the Financial Times recently that the FTSE 100 is undergoing what is known as a ‘Dead Cat Bounce’. This means its current level is just a reaction to its recent drops and that they think it’s likely to continue dropping through 2016.

What this means in reality is that a normal investor might have to wait YEARS, if ever, for his investment to come back to where it was. But with us, we KNOW we’re going to make money whether or not it’s a recovery or whether or not it’s a Dead Cat Bounce… either way we still win.

And this is the absolute genius of the method. We simply don’t care what is going on in the market because we will always make money. And we make money because we are trading in TIME.

We are Time Traders and the thing is, time always passes regardless of what is happening in the markets. I have no idea what level the FTSE 100 will be at next month or next year but I do know that Christmas will come, as it always does, and so long as time ticks away, we make money with this method.

So if you were given a choice of betting whether the FTSE100 will go up or down, or betting that 17th March is going to come… which would you take?

Glynn and Paul have been teaching their method to small groups of people for the last four years and their feedback says it all:

“Just closed out my FTSE for a profit. My annual rolling return on capital for y/e Nov. 2015 is 37.31%”

“I’m still showing a profit of 25.23% on the FTSE and 54.60% on the DAX for the year”

“I attended a very well structured one day course and subsequently began implementing what I had been taught. It was not complicated but has proved to be very rewarding during the past six months. I am no longer pursuing any other form of financial money making plans as I believe the PIE system can more than adequately satisfy my income requirements (which are not modest!!).”

“Thank you for your wisdom and shared secrets… It is definitely the best trading system I have ever come across. I really enjoyed the training and I still can’t believe that it’s so simple…”

It’s now even possible to spread bet this method and there are many people taking this option because you can run the method with a much smaller fund and actually make more profit although, unlike with direct market access, you may experience some drawdown. The profits are also tax free.

Glynn and Paul are teaching this method to a small group of people on 17th March in London. If you wish to know more, feel free to give Paul a call for a very informal chat. He’s no salesman and very happy to answer any questions you might have. You can contact him on:

07407 780 834

Check it out here:


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February 8, 2016

Bookmaker Bashing

Main Service

Although labelled Week 1 this week’s report includes 3 bets from the previous week.

Please also note that there are 3 free bets outstanding. These are pitched to return a minimum profit of £40 and this £120 will be applied to the overall total next week. However, you could regard this week’s profit as roughly £175.

Week 1
Profit to advised stakes: £54.47 or in points: 1.1

Profit to advised stakes: £54.47 or in points: 1.1


Lay System

Week 1
Number of bets: 13
Number of wins: 13
Profit from £1000 start and using advised staking plan: £79.59

Number of bets: 13
Number of wins: 13
Profit from £1000 start and using advised staking plan: £79.59


Ace Odds Accumulators

I will include reports of this service once it starts.

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February 5, 2016

Consistent Forex Trades

Very much a train wreck for Set and Forget traders this week; a week which clearly shows why Roger prefers pullback traders to Set and Forget “gamblers”.

However, even as bad as this week has been, a week that Roger described as the worse for many months, overall I am still in profit by 487 pips.

You know that no method is 100%, and it is how you deal with losers that will determine your success as a trader.

Anyway, the results:

2 of the 3 trades outstanding from week 1 closed for a loss, but one is still open, and there are 2 trades still open this week.

Trades Wins Loses B/E Pips
Week 2
S&F Unmanaged 5 1 4 0 -344.5
S&F Managed 7 3 3 1 -109.4
Pullback 3 1 2 0 -174.8
Direction 0
S&F Unmanaged 4 0 4 0 -767.25
S&F Managed 4 0 4 0 -573.17
Pullback 1 0 1 0 -105.3
Direction 0
S&F Unmanaged 9 1 8 0 -1111.75
S&F Managed 11 3 7 1 -682.57
Pullback 4 1 3 0 -280.1
Direction 0
All 15 4 10 1 -962.67
Trades Wins Loses B/E Pips
S&F Unmanaged 9 3 6 0 -177.4
S&F Managed 8 4 3 1 79.2
Pullback 4 2 2 0 -55.2
Direction 0
S&F Unmanaged 8 4 4 0 368.15
S&F Managed 8 3 4 1 91.33
Pullback 5 3 1 1 371.7
Direction 0
S&F Unmanaged 17 7 10 0 190.75
S&F Managed 16 7 7 2 170.53
Pullback 9 5 3 1 316.5
Direction 0
All 25 12 10 3 487.03


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February 5, 2016

Football Payday

This is the fifth report on Football Pay Day and covers the 31 day period 1-31 Jan 2016 inclusive.

1st -31st Jan:-                                           Running Totals 16th Oct 15 -31st Jan 16:-

System 1  Lay the Draw    -14.7 points                                  -13.5 points

System 2  Over 2.5 goals    3.67 points                                   14.85 points

System 3  Over 1.5 goals     1.15 points                                     9.45points

System 4. Under 2.5 goals  2.37points                                    4.37  points  

                                                                               System 2-4  = 28.67 points

The 3 further systems results were as follows:-

1st-31st Jan:-                                                 Running Totals 16th Oct 15 -31st Jan 16:-


1.a  Lay Half Time 0-0           = 4.65 points                          -2.85 points

1.b Lay the Full Time Draw   = -5.45 points                        -0.95 points


2.a  Both Teams not to Score  = -1.64 points                         -7.31 points

2.b Lay The Draw                       = -2.7 points                          – 14.50 points


3.a Lay the Home Team            = -4.41points                          -4.65 points  

3.b Back the correct Score Draw= -57.97 points                    -54.46 points

Systems 2-4 since the start of the trial have now accumulated 28.67 points- recovering the ground lost in December and continue to prove that they are the best of the various sub systems provided.

The sub systems Audi and BMW are both proving to be disappointing.

Merc – Correct Score Draw since a very profitable first month in the trial has gone on to  wipe out this profit and gone heavily negative so this sub system needs to be left on a watching brief.

The trial has now been extended until the end of April giving us a 6 month period on which to judge Football Payday.

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February 4, 2016

Football Forecasts

2nd February
Arsenal vs Southampton

Correct Score – Arsenal 0 Southampton 1
Advised odds: Bet 365: 15.00 (-1.00)
Achieved odds: Smarkets: 16.00 (-1.00)

Correct Score – Arsenal 1 Southampton 1
Advised odds: Bet Victor: 8.00 (-1.00)
Achieved odds: Smarkets: 8.20 (-1.00)

First Goalscorer – Charlie Austin
Advised odds: Bet 365: 9.00 (0.00)
Achieved odds: Bet 365: 9.00 (0.00)
Bet Void, Charlie Austin took no part in the game.

Last Goalscorer – Charlie Austin
Advised odds: Bet 365: 9.00 (0.00)
Achieved odds: Bet 365: 9.00 (0.00)
Bet Void, Charlie Austin took no part in the game.

Sunderland vs Manchester City
Match odds market – Sunderland win
Advised odds: Bet 365: 7.50 (-1.00)
Achieved odds: Unibet: 7.80 (-1.00)

Anytime Goalscorer – Patrick Van Aanholt
Advised odds: Boylesports: 10.50 (-1.00)
Achieved odds: Unibet: 10.50 (-1.00)

No selections were received for the games played on Wednesday evening.

Loss to Advised odds: -4.00 (To date: -59.87 points)
Loss to Achieved odds: -4.00 (To date: -58.98 points)

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February 3, 2016

Betting Mastermind

Betting Mastermind is a product from Betfan- a company that markets products for various racing tipsters.

So what’s relatively new about this product is that it is a venture between Michael Wilding aka The Race Advisor, a prolific and successful punter and Betfan and has taken on board the concept of scanning a group of tipsters each day and whittling down the selections to those horses that are considered to have the best chance on the day.

The advantage for us,the end user, is that we only have to pay one fee as opposed to a separate fee to each tipster sampled and hopefully the best chances of success will flow from the combined brains of the sharpest tipsters. Betting Mastermind comes in at £47 for 28 days but reduces if bought quarterly, down to £1.10 per day.The system is simple in operation; after paying the fee, you receive log in details to a site where the selections are posted. The selections are also sent via email, although this tends to be closer to the afternoon’s racing so best prices may well have gone by the time this arrives. Selections are generally advised at 5 points and are Win bets.

Since inception in Jan 13, Betfan claim proofed results to Betfair SP for the system to date of some 2,100 points with an average Strike rate of 40% which is a very impressive claim. The best month to date was in October 13 when they hit 408.8 points and the worst losing month was some 53 points in August 13.

So are they right?

I tested this service from 12th November 2015 until 27th January 2016.

This covers the  period of 1 Jan 2016  -27 Jan inclusive :-

A quick recap we are using a 200 point bank and £10 per point -the majority of tips are 5 point Win singles All returns are based on Betfair SP and net of 5% commissions -the

starting bank on 12th Nov was £2,000:-

Opening Bank 1 Jan 2016 £1554.01

1 Jan    1 x loss     -£50

2 Jan     1 x loss     -£50  1 x Win £25.17

3 Jan    1 x Win      £142.50

4 Jan    1 x Win      £128.25

5 Jan    1 x loss      -£50

6 Jan    2 x loss      -£100

7 Jan    1 x loss      -£50

8 Jan    1 x Win       £52.25

9 Jan     1 x loss      -£50 1 X Win £58.42

10 Jan   1 x loss     – £50

11 Jan   1 x loss     – £50

12 Jan   1 x loss     – £50

13 Jan   1 x loss      -£50

14 Jan   1 x loss      -£50

15 Jan  1 x loss      -£50

16 Jan   2 x loss     -£100

17 Jan   1 x NR

18 Jan  1 x loss       -£50

19 Jan   1 x loss      -£50 1 x Win £114.47

20 Jan   1 x NR meeting abandoned

21 Jan   1 x loss       -£50

22 Jan   1 x loss      – £50 1 x Win £153.42

23 Jan   1 x loss       -£50

24 Jan   1 x loss       -£50

25 Jan   1 x loss       -£50

26 Jan   1 x NR

27 Jan   1 x loss       -£50

Close Bank st Jan £1078.49Failed

The trial has ended before the intended 90 days due to the losses incurred during the trial period which has resulted in the service being withdrawn.So the service has to go down as a FAIL.


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February 2, 2016

Spikey Bot

I must apologise for the length of time it’s taken me to post this final review.

I’ve had a number of real life issue to contend with lately and I’ve also been trying to figure out the best way to word this review.

The problem I have is that it is completely pointless to post my own personal results from this. The way it works is totally dependent on the user.

Unless you have the same strategies, with the same settings and somehow make the same decisions I do, your results will be completely different.

In the original set up video, Strategies 2, 3 & 5 were used. When I made a few queries with Rene, he said he uses 3, 4 & 5. So I decided to stick to those for my own trading. I had the options for each one set up as per the ones shown on the video and it nearly drove me mad with the number of alerts coming through. I was getting over 40 alerts on midweek evenings. So I increased all the settings and the number became more manageable.

I was hoping that Rene would be making the video of the free Webinar he held available, he hasn’t done so yet but does say he plans to and that there will be further webinars held. That would be enormously helpful as this is a very tricky method to get the hang of and improves beyond belief with experience.

I would say I average around 10-12 alerts per day, some days vastly more and some very quiet days. As Rene showed on the webinar, you don’t use the big leagues. UK, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Champions Lge etc are all to be deselected. He does leave France in but only takes notice of 2nd Division or below. I specifically asked about Italy because you get some very strange results there towards the end of the season, I’ve seen several examples over the years of matches having Draw as quite heavily odds-on before kick off. He agreed with me and said that it’s best to deselect Italy for most of the time, but switch it back on as the season starts to wind down.

When an alert is triggered, you receive the information via either email (as standard) or you can pay extra to have sms alerts sent to your phone. Once you have the information, you need to go to the Betfair site and have a proper look at the chart for the selected market. You need to make a judgement call on whether there is something a little “iffy” going on, or if it is just normal trading activity.

The vast majority of alerts are of no use and are ignored. It is entirely up to the user to decide which alerts to act upon and which to bin. It is really important to accept that this software is not a tipping machine. If you trade all, or even most, of the alerts you will lose. Most alerts are triggered by normal Betfair in-play activity.

With regards to actual figures, I can tell you that I’ve made just short of £1500 since the start of the trial using a mix of £20 & £50 stakes, depending on how I wanted to play the trade. It’s practically impossible, and entirely irrelevant, to try to give accurate figures for strike rate, average odds or any of the usual stats. To give any meaningful figures I would have had to be playing each trade that I decided to act on in the same way, and that just isn’t the case at all.

Some trades have been like outright bets, for example I may well get a trade I like the look of in the First Half Over 0.5 Goals. That is just going to be a straight win/lose affair and is easy to record, but I’m far more likely to get decent looking alerts for something like F.H. Over 1.5 or the full match Over/Under markets. In the trades there’s just too many variables to give exact figures that would mean anything to another user. If, for example, I get an Over 1.5 First Half trade and the score is 0-0 I have to wait for a goal to go in then I can either; green up for equal profit whatever the outcome, lay enough profit to make it a no loss bet, drip lay profit slowly to lower the liability or I could just leave it run and risk losing my full stake in the hope for the second goal and a full profit. If the alert is for Under/Over 4.5 or 5.5 full match markets (and these are very common alerts) then the number of ways to play the bet as the game progresses rockets up. I could just take the alert word for word and just back in that market, or I could split my stake and back in stages on the other U/O markets and green up/limit liability as the goals go in, any number of different approaches can be taken.

Each alert has to be weighed up carefully and acted upon as the user sees fit. So, as you can see, no hard and fast figures can be given and even if they were “guesstimated”, they wouldn’t remotely reflect your experience with it.

In the promotional blurb and on the forum, a lot is made of the Alert 3 trades that can be massively lucrative. I have only had one of those during my membership, and I’m not 100% sure that it was a particularly good one. On the members’ forum, you can look back and see that they have had a good few of these over the time the software has been running. The alert often comes through a couple of days before the game and revolves around the HT/FT result market, the way they’re worked is that an unlikely amount of money has been placed on one outcome, usually the underdog to be leading at half time but the favourite to win at full time. Rene and his members have followed the alert and backed that outcome and then been able to lay off all, or at least most, of the liability before kick off and can either green up for equal profit or create a risk free bet by just laying off the original stake.

The alert I received only arrived a few hours before the game and, after I’d backed it, the price didn’t really drop very much before kick off so I wasn’t able to hedge my position prior to the game. I was, however, able to secure a reasonable profit in a relatively short amount of time as the underdog scored first and the price collapsed. I did upload a screenshot of that trade as part of the update on 22/12/15

With regards to getting help with starting up and running Spikey Bot, when you buy the software you can set up membership of Rene’s forum that has a thread for Spikey traders. A lot of it is in German, which can be a bit of a faff when/if you have to use an online translation service. Thankfully Rene and quite a few of his members are fluent in English and if you post a question, someone will answer you in English. Rene is very approachable and is happy to help people get to grips with how to start your learning curve. The set up video that you watch when you first join seems to be a bit out of date with how most users tend to use it and will end up with you being inundated with worthless alerts, so do spend as much time as you can going through the forum with Google Translate open on another tab. I do hope that he follows up with his intention to run more webinars and training sessions as they are enormously helpful.

There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that Spikey Bot does work as it is intended and has the potential to be enormously profitable and it is most certainly going on our APPROVED list.

However, it’s not cheap to buy and I want to make sure that you are aware of all the relevant requirements before you decide whether it’s for you or not.



You’ll need to factor in time to look at the Betfair chart(s) every time you receive an alert.

You’ll find it far better to run this software on a VPS so that it can run for you without you needing to be at your laptop all day. So you need to factor in the cost of subscribing to VPS service.

There’s no real speed difference between getting the alerts via email or sms text, the choice really comes down to how convenient it is for you. The emails are sent free of charge and are very clear and easy to read, the text service costs around €29 for a block of 100 texts.

This software really is one of those that gets better and better the more you use it, becoming more skilled at picking which alerts to go for and which to ignore. A decent period of paper trading is most certainly recommended.

Charge at it, use it as a tipping service, or try to “wing it” from the off and it’ll bite you hard.Have some patience, experiment, learn and seek help on Rene’s forum and it will reward you, handsomely.

You can get Spikey Bot with a lifetime license here:Approved2


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