September 1, 2014

The Racing Professionals

Six weeks in now and I’m very impressed. We had another winner on Sunday, this time at 55 BSP!

Here’s my total results betting £2 stakes:

Bets: 81
Successful: 6
Unsuccessful: 75
Strike Rate: 7.4%
Avg Odds: 28.15
Profit: £160.27

I am now running a separate tab for place betting this and I’m betting £5 stakes.

Here’s the results:

Bets: 66
Successful: 22
Unsuccessful: 44
Strike Rate: 33.3%
Avg Odds: 3.41
Profit: £35.46

I rarely bet at such low stakes but £160 profit to £2 bets in six weeks is astounding.

That’s £800 profit to £10 bets!

As of today they are offering an ‘End Of Season’ special offer on new subscriptions.

The offer is access to selections until the end of the season for the lowly cost of £34.99.

In previous years they have made profits during this time of 60 points in 2013 and a whopping 111 points in 2012 so they are very optimistic about finishing the season with a bang.

This offer allows people to get in on the ground floor and see what the service is all about for a low cost while they aim to make huge profits for all during the last period of the flat season.

This will only be offered to 50 users and then the offer will be closed.

You can try The Racing Professionals here:

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August 31, 2014

Master Racing Tipster

Date Selection Advised Points Result
25 August 3.10 Epsom, Seeking Magic ABD
25 August 4.00 Newcastle, Simply Shining 6.00 1 £ 100.00
25 August 4.30 Chepstow, Rowlestone Lass NR
25 August 5.40 Newcastle, Fitz Flyer 13.00 1 -£   20.00
26 August 3.25 Epsom, Mission Approved NR
26 August 4.30 Epsom, Last Echo 3.00 1 £   40.00
26 August 5.05 Epsom, Marzante NR
27 August 3.40 Catterick, Little Shambles 3.50 1 £   50.00
27 August 3.50 Lingfield, Dissent 4.50 1 -£   20.00
27 August 4.55 Lingfield, Celestial Knight 2.50 1 -£   20.00
29 August 2.30 Sandown, Indian Tinker 4.50 1 -£   20.00
29 August 7.10 Salisbury, Authorised Too NR
30 August 2.05 Sandown Ajjaad 13.00 1 -£   20.00
30 August 2.05 Sandown Tagula Night 9.00 1 -£   20.00
30 August 2.25 Beverley, Kingsgate Native 6.00 1 -£   20.00


Week 6: 3 winners from 10 bets (S/R of 30.00%)
for £50.00 using £20 stakes and -£30.94 using BSP

Overall: 17 winners from 80 bets (S/R of 21.25%)
for -£150.00 using £20 stakes and -£562.35 using BSP


This service seeks to take advantage of the bookies’ early prices. I wanted to see if the service still worked at BSP if you were unable to get the prices quoted. I think it is obvious now that it doesn’t ( -£562.35 overall). I am going to stop quoting this as it isn’t fair on the service to do so: it is not part of their trading plan and makes the service look worse than it is.


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August 27, 2014

Winning Trends

Well it sure is a slow burner this one.

I would be in profit with this service now if I hadn’t missed that 10/1 winner…

Here’s the total stats:

Bets: 416
Successful: 87
Unsuccessful: 329
Strike Rate: 20.9%
Avg Odds: 4.94
Profit: -£33.90

(Actual profit would be +£66 allowing for the 10/1 winner I missed)

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August 26, 2014

Victor Value Racing

We recatergorised this service with an Approved rating following some excellent results this year. Since my last update, the service has continued to perform well.

Here’s their full results so far this year:

Jan 14 = -40 points
Feb 14 = +27.00 points
Mar 14 = +46.38 points
Apr 14 = +16.50 points
May 14 = +80.50 points
Jun 14 = -2.30 points
Jul 14 = +41.90 points
Aug 14 = +9.30 points

Total = 179.28 points

That’s an average of 22.41 points per month, or over £220 a month to £10 stakes.

Last year, the service made £2,539 to £10 stakes.

You can try Victor Value Racing for £3 here:

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August 24, 2014

Master Racing Tipster

Date Selection Advised Points Result
18 August 5.00 Kempton, Ajig 7.00 1 -£   20.00
18 August 7.00 Windsor, Trulee Scrumptious 5.00 1 -£   20.00
19 August 5.05 Yarmouth, Jonnie Skull 3.50 2 -£   40.00
20 August 2.30 York, Basateen 3.50 1 -£   20.00
20 August 7.50 Kempton, Si Senor 4.00 1 £   60.00
21 August 1.55 York, Kool Kompany 3.75 1 -£   20.00
21 August 2.30 York, Anthem Alexander 3.75 1 -£   20.00
22 August 3.55 Newmarket, Hostile Fire 4.33 1 -£   20.00
23 August 3.55 Newmarket, Intrinsic 5.50 1 -£   20.00
23 August 7.00 Redcar, Anderiego 11.00 1 -£   20.00
23 August 5.20 Cartmel, Kashmir Peak NR
23 August 6.15 Windsor, Certificate 4.50 1 -£   20.00
24 August 3.05 Goodwood, Madeed 5.50 1 -£   20.00


Week 5: 1 winners from 12 bets (S/R of 8.33%)
for -£180.00 using £20 stakes and -£202.76 using BSP

Overall: 14 winners from 70 bets (S/R of 20.00%)
for -£200.00 using £20 stakes and -£531.41 using BSP


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August 24, 2014

The Laying Game

It was clear from my results that the odds ranges I had chosen for the Laying Game were not profitable. I checked their own results page where they show the results for a large variety of odds ranges and it would seem that by far the most profitable odds range is a very narrow 3.0-4.0 in the Win market.

So on 13th August I started again, setting the Bet Engine to only bet if the odds are between 3.0 and 4.0, again betting £10 level stakes.

Obviously there are far fewer qualifiers but so far it’s proving to be profitable. Let’s see how we get on with this one.

Bets: 50
Successful: 39
Unsuccessful: 11
Strike Rate: 78%
Avg Odds: 3.60
Profit: £84.20

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August 23, 2014

The Midas Method 3.0

We tested and approved The Midas Method two years ago, and it remains in the Approved Systems section today as it is a sound betting method that does produce profit.

This week they have upgraded the method to include a software that finds the bets for you.

They have called it a betting bot but be aware it’s NOT a betting bot in the sense that it doesn’t actually place any bets for you. It’s a software that identifies the bets according to the Midas Method rules and you still have to go ahead and place the bets yourself.

Having said that, I’ve had a play with the software and it’s perfectly good. It runs online on their website, so as a member you simply login, click on whichever system you wish to run, and give it a couple of minutes to spew out the bets.

You then place your bets and get on with your day.

They are offering a 63% discount on the software at just £67 for a whole year but this offer runs out at midnight on Monday.

I think it’s very good value so if you don’t have The Midas method, you won’t go far wrong with this one.

You can get the Midas Method 3.0 here:

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August 23, 2014

The Diff Code

The second week with The Diff Code gave two no trade days, two winners and a loser:

18/8 No Trade
19/8 No Trade
20/8 +£52.46
21/8 -£107.64
22/8 +£51.80

Weekly Profit: -£3.38
Total Profit: +£151.91

What is interesting is that in the weekly roundup e-mail that came out on Friday, they reported a LOSING trade on Wednesday, hitting the stop loss, but I had a winner.

The reason for this can only be the time the trade is put on. The website is usually updated around 6.35am when I presume Martin puts his trade on. But you can place your trade anytime before 8am. Of course, the market is moving over that hour and a half so it’s possible you can get in at a better position (or worse position) than Martin does.

So if you want to match Martins results exactly then you need to place your trade at exactly the same time, or thereabouts.

What is encouraging though is that his reporting is clearly honest and accurate.

You can try The Diff Code on a 45 day risk free trial here:

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August 21, 2014

The Diff Code

The Diff Code is a new trading system from Thames Publishing.

They are currently offering a 45 day risk free trial.

You get a very well written system manual explaining exactly what the Diff code is, and how to trade it, and you get a login to a members website where you check each morning before 8am UK time for that days signal.

The signal is either Green buy signal, where you are given the Stop Loss and Limit figures, an Amber signal which is no trade, or a Red sell signal, again with stop and limit figure given.

So all you do is check the website, and place the trade if there is one, or close a trade if you are already in one and the signal changes.

That’s pretty much it. It take less than 10 minutes a day and there is no monitoring of the markets as the trades either go on to win, or hit the stop loss.

If you decide to keep using the Diff Code after 45 days then you are given, on request, the full system details so that you can work out the trades for yourself (takes 10 minutes apparently), and therefore don’t need to rely on the signals, although, obviously it’s quicker and easier to just pick up the daily signal.

I’m using a £2000 trading bank and risking 5% on each trade. Results so far (with real cash) are:

13/8 WIN +£52.46
15/8 WIN +£50.85
15/8 WIN +£51.98

So a good start so far. If you’re wondering about the two winners in one day, this is simply the result of two open trades closing on the same day. For example, if you get a green signal one day and a green signal the next day, you open another buy trade regardless if the current trade has finished. We can have three trades open at any one time.

You can try The Diff Code on a 45 day risk free trial here:

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August 21, 2014

Little Acorns

Just a quick update to let you know that anyone purchasing Little Acorns between now and the end of August will receive a new bonus Place Lay System.

It’s a system that the vendor and a few LA users came up with and is very low risk and wins small amounts on more days than not.

Here are the recent results:

MARCH: 2014 = +18.23
APRIL: 2014 = +22.15
MAY: 2014 = +42.05
JUNE: 2014 = +7.95
JULY: 2014 = +14.40

5 Months Total is +104.78 Points Profit

And here’s a testimonial on the system:

“Just a quick update. Don’t get me wrong, the original little acorns strategy is sound and proving a nice slow burner to date. But the place laying strategy currently seems to be absolutely phenomenal!

Really looking forward to seeing how this pans out in the longer run because so far it’s been very profitable.

With discipline I don’t see how these systems can fail in the long run (but I suppose you already know that). Really suits my preferred approach as well.”

You can get the excellent Little Acorns with the bonus system here:

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