April 17, 2014

Win Each Way

Today sees the relaunch of one of the most successful betting systems of last year, or any year for that matter.

Wineachway has achieved well over 100 points in its first year of live betting.

This is not a new system that may or may not work, it is a real system that has been used by real people for a year now.

You also get the selections from a slightly different version of the system that sometimes produces different bets.

Together they have made nearly 5000 points betting to win and place on Betfair over the last 8 years.

Last month alone yielded 109 points when betting both systems.

There are losing months along the way, the odds are usually large which means losing runs are inevitable so a degree of patience is needed. The Wineachway customers that are still members after a year will tell you, patience pays.

If this sounds like the kind of system for you, have a look here:


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April 15, 2014

Pro Betting Club

This review is of 2 of 6 tipping services provided by the Pro Betting Club and are:

  1. A Naps backing service providing tips to back on selected short priced favourites.
  2. A Lay tipping service -The Lay Analyst.

Both services cost in round terms £1 a day each when purchased for 3 months at a time and the tips are emailed out every day by 1230. Membership to each of the 6 services is limited in number to curb the effects on market prices as subscribers put their bets on.

These 2 services have been operating since Jan 13  and July 13  respectively and from the results provided it appears that they are both very successful.

The Naps service has a strike rate of some 65% overall  and features a small ratcheting staking plan . Some 249 points with no losing months  up to end March 14 is claimed. The recommended betting bank is 200 points .

The Lay Analyst has a reported Strike rate in excess of 95% based on the results provided and returned a very healthy 461 points over that period,one losing month was recorded -0.75of a point. Again a 200 point bank is recommended.

We will test these 2 products for 12 weeks ,which will encompass the transition from the NH/AW seasons through to the “full on” Flat season and see how they perform. I had one initial query when logging into the service for the first time which was very rapidly answered by one of the authors. This is always an encouraging sign when trying a new product, generally if I get no response I have found that to be a clear indicator to hit the refund button soonest with racing services.

So how has the first week 5th April-13th April gone?

I have logged in at 1230 each day and picked up the tips for both services without any problems at all.

Naps – Very easy to follow the instructions that provide for a small filter on the selections that needs to be applied and thus you will need a Betfair account and  utilise a Bot or be in front of a PC/Tablet to know whether the tips have passed the filter and thus become selections in the minute or so before the off.

I had 7 qualifying bets of which 3 lost and 4 won  so slightly down on the predicted S/R but by following the staking plan the bank was up 1.8points.

Opening Bank =200 points Close 13th =201.8 points  (net of 5% B/F comms)

Lay Analyst -Again very easy to follow instructions,in this case there are 2 filters the tips must pass through to qualify as a bet and again a bot is required if you cannot be in front of your PC  at the time of each race that has a qualifying selection. From the approximately 10 tips a day I had ,5 that passed through both filters and became bets  and duly lost in their respective races and thus returned a healthy 12.35 points for the week.

One point to note is that I used a Tablet on 5th April with the Betfair app that produced a qualifying bet on the Lay service but in actual fact when I checked at home on my PC the BSP was slightly too high for the second filter. It would appear that the refresh rate on the app runs slower than my PC. However the bet did succeed so I have left this result in.

A further point to note is that the price of the Lays  has generally been circa 10.0 + and various multiples of stake from 2-5points are recommended depending on the selection .So this type of laying service may not be for the faint hearted but given the stated Strike Rate this should not be a deterrent.

Opening Bank =200 points Close 13th =212.35 points (net of 5% B/F comms)

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We’re still waiting for the results to turn in our favour as the flat season settles into normality

Monday 07 April No selections
Tuesday 08 April No selections
Wednesday 09 April No selections
Thursday 10 April 15:30 Ludlow: Maypole Lass: 3/4pt ew, 3rd at 13/2 = +£0.94
Friday 11 April 15:40 Newbury: Exchequer: 1pt ew, 10th at 4/1 = -£20.00
Saturday 12 April 13:50 Newbury: Pethers Moon: non-runner
Saturday 12 April 14:40 Ayr: Montbazon: 1pt ew, 7th at 6/1 = -£20.00
Sunday 13 April No Selections

Weekly Total: -£39.06

Bank: +£26.54

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April 14, 2014

Football Value Bets

A welcome change of fortune for this service, with a very decent 6.5 points profit made on the week. Encouragingly, this profit was made in dribs & drabs throughout the week rather than in one hit that was then eroded away. We’re still in minus territory for the trial but it is heading the right way.

Bets 66

Wins 26

S/R 39.39%

Av Odds 2.32

Av win odds 2.28

Profit/Loss  -£58



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After the previous week had rallied a little, last week saw a return to the run of losses that we have experience all too often.

A loss of 9 points on the week. we are now entering the final week of the trial.

Figs so far:

Bets 96

Wins 30

S/R 31.25%

Av odds 3.8

Av wins odds 2.74

Profit/Loss  -£345.36


try bbft here

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April 11, 2014

Profits From the Turf

This is a rather neat laying service that has been running since September last year. It was proofed live on a free daily e-mail service from the middle of September until the end of January and attained an average strike rate of 90% and 230 points profit. At this point it started as a paid service.

This lays horses in the Win market on Betfair, however bets are determined by the price in the Place market.

So you log into the members area each morning to pick up the bets, but you only lay them if the PLACE price is 3.0 or less.

This is very easily set up in the Bet Engine, so bets can be simply entered in the morning and left to run.

I’ve been watching this for a while and decided to start betting with my own money last Friday, betting £20 level stakes. The results so far have been very pleasing:

Bets: 17
Successful: 17
Unsuccessful: 0
Strike Rate: 100%
Avg Odds: 6.85

Profit: £340

Not bad for a week!

I’ll run this trial for the usual three months and report on progress at regular intervals.

You can try Profits From The Turf here:


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April 10, 2014


After running the PIE trading system for two full years, I am even more enthusiastic about it now than I was when I first discovered this absolute gem.

If you’re a new reader and you don’t know what PIE is, then you can find out full details below, but suffice it to say that I’m often asked if I had to choose just ONE system or service over and above everything else I’ve tried or used over all these years, which one would it be?

It’s PIE.

And if you look at the testimonials on the site, you’ll see I’m not the only one saying this.

In a nutshell, PIE is a trading method that takes just 10 minutes a MONTH to operate but gives a return of between 15%-30% (or sometimes more!) on your money, and is virtually risk free.

I was so impressed after my first year that I actually sold some rental properties I had and piled the money into my brokers account because I am earning far more from this, with practically no hassle (and if you’ve ever rented out properties you’ll know what I mean by hassle!), whilst also keeping my money ‘liquid’ so that I can access it anytime.

And I’m not the first to do this either as I do know one other person that did the PIE trading course also sold up his property portfolio and switched over to PIE for exactly the same reason. More money, less hassle, and greater freedom.

So my second year has been eventful with me experimenting with slight variations on the strategy, including trying out different time frames, different markets and different brokers! In my main broker account, Interactive Brokers, I decided to trade with a much larger account and go for a smaller monthly percentage. It’s not that there is less ‘risk’ going for a smaller amount, it just means that there is less chance that I would have to react to big moves in the markets. So even with fairly substantial moves I generally do very little indeed and simply get paid every month.

I made just over 18% return in my second year at Interactive Brokers which I am more than happy with.

However, I also had a play with using a spread betting broker, GFT Markets, who now offer the same trading instruments as with IB (by request only). The advantage of using a spread betting firm is that the profits are tax free. The disadvantages though are that the prices on offer are not nearly as good as IB and, more importantly, the mechanism we use in PIE which enables us to trade virtually risk free, doesn’t work in quite the same way with a spread betting broker, so the margin requirements need to be managed in a different way. Still, it does come with a very neat iPad app which I can trade with and the returns have been very good indeed.

In six months at GFT I’ve turned a £7000 bank into £8359 which is 19.41%. If the next six months produce similar returns (and it looks likely) that will be nearly 40% return in one year. All for literally ten minutes a month placing a trade and the odd glance now and then at the FTSE or DAX to see where it’s at.

Two years ago I knew absolutely nothing about this type of trading. I spent a day with Glynn and Paul who showed me how to do this and I’ve never looked back.

If you’re looking for a passive income that pays out every month, like clockwork, for very little effort and absolute minimal risk to your funds, then now is your very last chance to get in at the discounted price.

There are two seats left on the April training course and whoever gets these seats will get a massive discount. You see, the PIE training course fees have now increased after two years at the same price. However, they don’t expect two people on the April course to pay more than everyone else there have paid, so anyone taking those two seats will get in at the old price.

That’s not to say that the new price is expensive. It’s not. For a one off investment in your future, you will be taught, personally, exactly how to trade this method and have an income for the rest of your life.

Whether you want to use it as a pension, or as an additional income, it’s up to you. The point is it only takes ten minutes a month to operate, so if you have a full time job, you can still use this. If you’re retired, you can use this and spend your days doing whatever you want. Enjoying your retirement!

If you have any questions whatsoever about this, please give Paul a call. His number is:

07407 780834

He’s not a salesman. He won’t try to sell you this training (he doesn’t need to!). He’ll just answer any questions you might have right there and then.

And do check out the testimonials. They are incredible.

Full details available here:


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April 10, 2014

Betfan Free Tips

I know a few of you signed up for Michael Wildings Aintree Special over at Betfan and were very well rewarded with a rather nice 48 points profit over the three days.

But if you’re not already on the Betfan Free Tip service then I’d recommend joining it. They delivered the Grand National winner to their readers last week, advised at 28/1, which followed on from a 10/1 winner on Wednesday and a 9/2 winner on Thursday.

All their bets are proofed live and make a good long term profit to level stakes.

Did I mention they were free?


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So, I tested the Diamond racing lays service from 1st Jan to 8th April. That is around 14 weeks. As mentioned in the opening post, this is a very minimal laying service. The tipster even says when you join the service, that if you email him with questions, he won’t respond as he is far too busy. So, all you get is one email per day that normally contains one tip (twice the email contained two tips).

Here is a summary of the results plus a breakdown by month:


             Bets    Won     Loss         %        Points profit

Jan         14         8          6      57.14      -5.32
Feb         19       12          7      63.16      -2.83
Mar         18       13          5      72.22      +3.16
Apr           3        1           2      33.33      -2.41

Total      54       34         20      62.96      -7.4

So at £10 stakes, we would have been down -£74, plus the cost of the subscription (£29 per month), plus a little more (3-5%) for the betfair commission on the winning bets.

The problem was, because it is a laying service, the strike rate has to be pretty high, above 70% at least. Unfortunately, we didn’t get close to this, the strike rate we were getting was much closer to 60%. March was our only month where we made a profit, due I think to the fact that it was the first time in the test period where we had 5 bets that won, back to back.  Prior to that, the losing bets were just too frequent. When you consider that these results don’t include the subscription costs of £29 per month, and you are paying a percentage commission on Betfair for the winning bets, the losses would actually be higher, meaning you would probably need a strike rate over 75% just to break even.

I took a look at the previous published results. There does appear to be profit every year, but some of it is not much. For example, the last 2 years only provided +20 points each, but 2011 provided +60 points. 20 points is not a huge profit and at £10 stakes would not even cover the cost of the subscription, but 2011 was clearly a good year.

So, how do I summarise this service. Whilst they may have had good winning years in the past, I have to look at the results during the test period. 14 weeks is a relatively long test period and given the results in the test period, I have to put this service down as a failure. It simply didn’t maintain a sufficient strike rate to make it profitable. Whilst there was a small glimmer of hope with a positive return for one month, it wasn’t stunning. When you take into consideration the subscription fee and commission, I don’t think it offers good value.

I was close to giving this a neutral rating because I know that there are historical results that show that it has been profitable in the past. However, over the period of this test, it consistently lost money, hence I have given it a fail.


You can get Diamond Racing Lays here:


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So its been the last few weeks of the test for diamond racing lays. Before I go onto the results, I must just mention that I had made a mistake in the spreadsheet that was recording the results. It means that the previously reported results were not quite as bad as they should have been. I have therefore been through the previous posts and edited them to put in the correct values for the bank, because it would not be fair to leave the posts showing incorrect losses that were worse that the actual losses.

So, where have we been in these last few weeks. Well, it has been a little better, we actually had a winning month in March. Not by much, but at least it was a small amount of profit! April unfortunately has not started well.

Since the last update we’ve had 14 bets ( we had another day with two tips, and again no explanation, so I bet both tips). Of the 14 tips, we had 10 winners and 4 losers, giving us a net gain of £31.60 for the period and a strike rate of 71%. It is slightly better than we have had previously, but, alas not a big enough change to have much of an affect on the results.

So, as of the end of 8th April, the bank stood at -£74. We had a total of 54 bets, of which 34 won and 20 lost, giving us a strike rate of 62.96%

That’s it for the test, I’ll summarise the results in a post to follow shortly.

You can get Diamond Racing Lays here:


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