July 22, 2016

In Running Trading

This is the fourth weekly report on In Running and covers the period 16th-22nd July inclusive.

A solid week  12 dobbing opportunities and I was successful with 11 of them.Familiarity is definitely making selections easier to find and the amount of time to find them is also shorter too.

Total gain for the week was  a net 9.45 points bringing the running total for 28 days to 33.95points.

Date Course Time Selection Back Lay Result Profit/Loss
16/7/16 M.Rasen 1415 Gwafar 7.20 3.60 3rd 0.95
16/7/16 Newmarket 1440 Silver Rainbow 6.00 3.00 1st 0.95
16/7/16 Ripon 1545 Snoano 6.00 3.00 2nd 0.95
16/7/16 Cartmel 1635 Allbarnone 8.50 4.25 2nd 0.95
16/7/16 Newbury 1645 Room Key 11.10 5.50 9th 0.95
17/7/16 N.Abbot 1620 Strumble Head 9.20 4.60 2nd 0.95
18/7/16 Cartmel 1725 Endeavour 15.00 7.50 6th 0.95
19/7/16 Musselburgh 1645 Frederic 6.30 3.15 3rd -1.00
20/7/16 Sandown 1800 Dovil’s Duel 11.50 5.75 2nd 0.95
21/7/16 Yarmouth 1655 Bahamian Heights 10.50 5.25 3rd 0.95
22/7/16 Uttoxeter 1440 Native Display 15.80 7.90 2nd 0.95
22/7/16 Ascot 1635 Final Venture 6.80 3.40 2nd 0.95

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July 21, 2016

Galileo Racing

This is the 8th weekly report and covers the period 14th July-20th July inclusive.

Six selections during the week of which one was a non runner.Of the remaining five selections there were 2 winners.The bank over the week increased in round terms by 5% but still remains some 35% down from the start of the trial.

Week 8:-  Opening Bank £99.48     Closing Bank £104.08

DATE COURSE TIME SELECTION ADVICE Result Win Odds Place Odds P/L -5% Comms Bank Start

£ 160

14/7/2016 Leicester 1350 Global Revival 1 pnt EW 1st 5.6 1.88 £10.41 £109.89
15/7/2016 Haydock 1410 Capanova 2 pnt Win 7th 0 0 -£4.00 £105.89
16/7/2016 Newmarket 1550 Shall We 1 pnt EW 7th 0 0 -£4.00 £101.89
16/7/2016 Lingfield 1735 Ickimasho 1 pnt EW 1st 3.72 1.54 6.19 £108.08
18/7/2016 Beverley 1905 Hulcolt 1 pnt EW 5th 0 0 -£4.00 £104.08
20/7/2016 Leicester 2050 Cold Fusion 1 pnt EW NR £104.08

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July 21, 2016

Place Expert

Bet 1 – 13:40 (Ffos Las) – Back LOADED top 2 @ 1.3 £5.70 £5.70
Bet 2 – 13:50 (Lingfield) – Back WOODUKELEYFIT top 3 @ 1.27 -£20 -£20

Totals     Roll-Up     Level
.              -£180       -£72.58

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July 21, 2016

Simple Win System

Two losers yesterday at 2.5 and 3.25 (whatever happened to 4/1 and above?) and no bets today.

So that’s one week in and we’ve had five bets with two winners producing £17.62 profit to the recommended stakes and recommended bank.

Some might say that is a bad start considering this method is supposed to bank £19,660.11 in one month. Well, hopefully the next three weeks will be storming because we need to make £19,642.49 more to hit the target.

The vendor, Paul Milligan, has still not responded to my e-mails (and I know he received them).

Funny that.

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This is a trade copier service run by Roger Elliot of Consistent Forex Trades. It launched on 1st July after an initial four week trial period and is run through the 4xsolutions mirror trading service.

The initial trial produced 224 pips profit and so far this month it’s produced 153 pips profit.

For those that don’t know, a trade copier service is completely automated. What this means is that you deposit your trading bank into your spread betting account, you link your account to Roger via 4X Solutions, and whenever he places a trade on his account, the exact same trade is placed on your account automatically without any intervention from you. The whole thing is web based which means there’s no software to download or run, no VPS to hire, nothing. You set it up, set the amount you wish to stake per pip, and turn it on.

Of course you can switch it on and off whenever you like. You control exactly how much is going to be staked, and Roger cannot access your account, so you’re in full control.

Here’s what’s on offer:

– We aim for 300 pips per calendar month.

– The risk is kept low. The drawdown is kept low. We trade forex only.

– Average of 10 – 20 trades per month.

– Average stop-loss of around 30 pips.

– The reward aim is minimum 1:1 but more often than not 1.5/2:1 meaning your wins are bigger than your losses.

– Set up is simple, quick and very efficient.

– You do not have to leave your computer on and running.

– We don’t need to be perfect or have an unrealistic strike rate. Consistently allowing our average wins to be greater than our average losses is the key.

– You are more than welcome to ask 4xsolutions for proof of trading results.

– Our service fee is £79 per calendar month {or equivalent}.

– As long as you have an MT4 platform you can join regardless of where you reside on the planet.

I joined on 1st July and can confirm the results are real and I will be reporting my progress over the next few months.

There is plenty of communication from Roger with very regular, often daily updates on the trading plus his thoughts on the markets in general.

So far I’m impressed. It seems to be a very well run and professional set up with no big claims, and an emphasis on protecting the trading bank and making regular ‘consistent’ profits.

Since I already have an account at 4xsolutions for running FXF-Signals, there are no extra subscription fees for me, although if you don’t already have a 4xsolutions account then you will have to pay £18 a month subscription to that to enable the mirror trading to work. Full details for setting that up are given by Roger.

The fees for Roger’s service are £79 per calendar month which I feel is very reasonable and should enable a healthy profit even trading at £1 per pip.

However I’ve secured a special deal for Cash Master Readers:

The rest of July + August @ £69

Discount Code: GLCM

In order to get this deal you need to use the code GLCM in your reference when you contact Roger. He will then set you up until the end of August for £69.

I will be running a full three month review of this service and will post regular updates.

Full details available here:

Consistent Forex Trade Copier

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July 20, 2016



Two trades today with a winner and loser.  We had interest in 4 pairs today but AUD/USD and EUR/GBP were just short of their target and providing a trigger.  USD/JPY came up for us again with a two hour winning trade and a 30 pip profit.  GBP/USD started well and achieved nearly half our target but it then surprisingly plummeted down to below Support before rallying a little.  We lost 40 pips on this.

We ended the day with a 10 pip loss and we stand 20 pips up for the week so far.

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July 19, 2016

Place Expert

Bet 1 – 20:20 (Yarmouth) – Back FRANK BRIDGE top 4 @ 1.36 £6.84 £6.84
Bet 2 – 18:45 (Epsom) – Back ALYSSA top 2 @ 1.4 £10.19 £7.06
Bet 3 – 15:15 (Haydock) – Back DUTCH DESTINY top 4 @ 1.32 £10.55 £6.08
Bet 4 – 14:35 (Ripon) – Back MADAME BOUNTY top 4 @ 1.3 £13.56 £5.70
Bet 5 – 13:55 (Ayr) – Back THREE DUCHESSES top 2 @ 1.24 -£20 -£20

Totals        Roll-Up    Level
.                  -£160     -£58.28

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July 19, 2016

Beta Testers Wanted

I received the below e-mail from Mark Rose and, since we will be reviewing this ourselves anyway, thought that some of you may like to come along for the ride…

Beta Testers Wanted

It’s easy to get carried away when something’s working well.

So I’ve been very guarded about the success I’ve had with a new trading system this year.

I began using this live back at the end of January. And I’ve set myself a challenge to find a market that it’s not working in.

Indices … forex … commodities …

Every market I trade it in is showing a profit.

Here’s a screenshot that a colleague emailed me last week showing her open positions in a test account … (her comment was that she wished she’d gone straight to live trading!)


So now I’d like to put this to the ultimate test …

And that’s putting it out to beta testers, to see how it fares with everyday traders and non-traders – experienced and newbie – people with busy lives, who need a profit-generating system that won’t take up too much time or capital …

This is where I need your help.

Yes, I’d like to help beta test this system!

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July 19, 2016



We only had two pairs to interest us today as the others all remained flat for the whole day for our purposes.  GBP/USD looked good but never gave us a trigger for a momentum change.  USD/JPY finally triggered at 1855 hrs and we set a Sell trade.  It took nearly 9 hours but we hit our target for a profit of 30 pips.  A good start to the week and we do now have 6 out of our last 7 trades being winners.


A “nearly” day with plenty to watch but nothing which actually triggered a trade as several pairs hit their levels but failed to show us the momentum we needed.

Nothing to do in the week but it does seem that the markets are moving towards a good trading environment again and we are expecting to be interested in all of them next week. Fingers crossed !

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July 18, 2016

Classic Racing Gold

We’re now half way through the last month of our 3 month trial and I’m still super impressed by the performance.

There has been a change to the time bets are given out in response to feedback from members. Instead of being somewhere between 7.30 and 9pm the night before racing, members now receive their selections at around 7am on the day of the meeting.

As ever, all email communication has been clear and easy to understand.

We really have been on a very decent run over the last couple of weeks and profits have been growing steadily. This service really has benefitted from using a simple staking plan of recalculating your stakes daily. Using this method has doubled the bank since the start of the trial, not that level stakes haven’t performed admirably too.




S/R 44.64%





S/R 70.18%


LEVEL STAKES +80.54 points

DAILY CALC STAKES +111.03 points

ROI 31.34%




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