February 18, 2017

Premier Football Investments



Heart of Midlothian FC vs Inverness Caledonian Thistle (Scotland Premiership, 15:00 gmt, Feb 18, 2017)
Heart of Midlothian FC to win   1.54

The trial, which started on December 1st, took a while to get going, losing in December and recovering in January. With skinny average odds, this is no great surprise, and you really have to take a six month minimum view. So as the bank is round about breaking even, the operator has decided to extend the trial for a further month. Official results are: Units staked 149; p/l 2.02; ROI 1.35%. So if I had to give a final opinion at this stage, it would be neutral. But since 2017 is showing a good ROI of +14.5%, there is enough promise to continue the review. My own results are slightly worse than the official results, but that’s because I am banned from many bookies and prefer not to have money sitting around in many accounts, though the sensible advice is always to get the best odds available.


Premier Football Investments utilizes highly sophisticated statistical-analysis software to create a daily short-list of football betting opportunities with the highest value odds.

All potential selections are then subjected to further detailed analysis of numerous intangible, human factors that can’t be accounted for statistically, maximizing our ability to provide safe, steady profit betting on world-wide football.

Start Your Free Trial Today!

As the name suggests, Premier Football Investments utilizes an investment-minded approach to football betting to provide safe, steady growth to your betting bank.

Beginning on August 13th, 2016 we’ve achieved an ROI (Return on Investment) of 6.97% and ROC (Return on Capital) of 136.59% from world-wide football in Asian Handicap, Over/Under and Match Odds betting markets.

Asian handicap betting can be somewhat hard to get your head round, so if you’re not familiar with it, there’s a handy explanation HERE.

With a £1,000 starting bank and £50 stakes that amounts to £1,360 profit to date, while even a minimal £100 starting bank would have generated £136 in profit from a £5 stake per bet.

If that sounds like the sort of results you’re looking for, just click on the link below to receive all the Football Investment advice free until the end of February, 2017.

Premier Football Investments is a partnership between John Baker, founder of the award-winning football betting advisory service Banker-Bets, and Carlo Manzoni, a full-time betting professional and part-time music teacher based in Rome.

This pairing has close to 25 years combined sports betting experience, though for Premier Football Investments John will be focussed on administration and providing first-rate customer service, allowing Carlo to focus 100% on what he does best – researching and recommending highly profitable football betting tips.

As a follower of Banker-Bets for well over a year, I have full confidence that this is a trial worth your time. And this is a proper free trial where you don’t have to give any debit details.


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February 17, 2017

SAW Deluxe – Retrial

That’s the first month over and I’ve made 36 points profit.

I haven’t had to do anything at all. I simply set it up with the settings on the webpage, switched it on and left it to run 24/7 on my VPS.

36 points on a 500 point bank is 7.2% bank increase in one month.

I did keep an eye on this from time to time and noticed it was 72 points down at one point, so a 500 point bank seems to be a minimum. Those of a more cautious nature may wish to use more.

You can try SAW Deluxe here:


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February 17, 2017

Cleeve 2017 Festival

The 2017 Festival merry go round is almost in full swing and today our friends at Cleeve Racing have just come out with their traditional ante post Yankee… once again it’s FREE!

Fancy a £3,950 payout at Cheltenham this year? Thought you might…

Help yourself to their FREE Ante Post Festival Preview including their annual Yankee – this year worth a staggering £3,950 to £1 each-way stakes.

Claim your free Festival Preview NOW

Every year Cleeve’s top class tipster panel has a tilt at landing a jackpot pay-out for minimal outlay, going pretty close in recent years.

In 2015 they named winners Cole Harden in the World Hurdle and Coneygree in the Gold Cup, both at 33/1. And were on runner-up Arctic Fire in the Stan James at 16/1. This year they are pulling out the big guns!

All you need to do is follow the link and enter an email address and they’ll send you their exclusive Cheltenham Festival Ante Post Preview. Including:

1) Their 4 TOP Ante Post picks of the Festival…
2) FULL race previews of the featured races…
3) UNIQUE performance ratings for all shortlisted horses…
4) In-depth analysis of ALL selections.
5) And of course, your 3,950/1 Yankee!

But hurry!

Every hour closer we get to the tapes going up at Cheltenham, more money goes on – and ante pot prices shorten.

To get the best possible value out of your Ante Post Yankee selections download your FREE copy now…


Here’s to a great Festival!

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February 16, 2017

The Sports Guru

Sorry for the delay in getting this review completed, I needed to resolve some differences between the official results and mine. Hence the figures quoted below won’t match the previous update.

The Sports Guru is a tipster from the Betting Gods stable and costs £29.95 per month or £69.95 per quarter.

Official results can be found here: Sports Guru Results

The trial finished slightly down by 27 points (£270 down at £10 per point) but in the ten days since the trial finished this has been recovered to be at break-even.

You receive one or more emails each day and place bets for the specified number of points. As the service doesn’t cover Horse Racing you should get the prices quoted, or close to them. Also, it should take longer to get your bookie accounts limited, especially if you use Jolly Lock to avoid the dreaded ieSnare. I didn’t track Betfair prices, but on the exchanges you should get more or less the same price but you’d also have to deduct commission. There are quite a few accumulators that’d be difficult to place on exchanges.

Difficult to categorise this service. Based on the trial I’d be categorising this a Neutral due to the small loss; but looking at the official results, 426+ points since June 2015 shows a level of consistency. With a staking plan that allows you to compound, I think you’d be satisfied with the results. Therefore, I am happy to approve this service.

You can try The Sports Guru for £1 here:


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February 15, 2017

Football Guru

I have another football service from the Betting Gods stable to review.

This one is a bit different from the usual tipster deal as it provides tips both in advance, via email, and live in-play bets via a chatroom &/or Twitter.

In line with most other Betting Gods services, the first month is available for just £1 with following months billed at £29.95. Cheaper packages are available for longer term deals.

So far, things have been a bit up and down result wise but having spent plenty of time in the chatroom over the last weekend there seems to be plenty of happy customers who seems very content with how the service has performed in the past.

The emailed selections are a mix of straight Win bets, Win & BTTS and WIN & Over 2.5 bets. The emails are very easy to understand and all odds quoted have been available at the time. I was initially a little concerned about the live in-play part of the service. Virtually all of my own betting activity is in-play trading and I know from my experience that getting a bet on at a value price, on the more niche interest markets, can be next to impossible once you strayaway from the Premier Lge and it’s big status competitors.

Happily, I can report that all the live bets advised and the prices quoted for them are to be found on Bet365 and/or other traditional bookies rather than Betfair. This means there’s no messing about with comission either.

All in all, I’m quite keen on this service so far. We’re in a minor loss situation at the moment but have only just started and I’m looking forward to seeing how thing go.

Detailed Results for Football Guru

Join Football Guru Here

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February 14, 2017

Early Odds

Week 3: Selections: 26; Wins:7 ; Points: 5.75 ; At £10 per point: £57.50

Overall: Selections: 88; Wins: 23; Points:22.19: At £10.00 per point: £221.90

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February 9, 2017

Jolly Lock IP

As I am sure you are aware, bookmakers are using advanced monitoring and spying tools such as iesnare and fingerprinting to find people that are using betting techniques such as Matched Betting, Arbing etc, so they can restrict or ban their accounts.

A recent report released by an industry specialist suggested that due to the massive growth of Matched Betting and free bonus abuse, it’s costing the industry in the region of £20m a month.

Bookmakers are now clamping down and monitoring account activity. All bookmakers have a risk-management team, people who are specifically employed to distinguish between ‘clever’ and ‘mug’ punters.

They are using advanced tracking technologies and spyware so they can monitor every click of your mouse, all the websites you visit, all your computers installation data, complete information from your registry, plus full browser and operating system information.

You don’t even know when this code has been added and is running BUT rest assured they are monitoring everyone.

Bookmakers can tell if you are using a Matched Betting site, they know when you place your bets and the Exchange used to lay-off.

They decide if you are costing them too much money and if they want your business.

The worst case is that you will have your accounts shut down. In many cases bookmakers restrict people’s accounts by limiting the amount they can bet. They also stop the special offers a Matched Bettor relies upon to make a profit.

Well one company have developed a totally unique software tool that prevents this and allows you to continue to make regular profit, without the worry of having your accounts closed.

The tool is called Jolly Lock IP and this is a game changer.

The technology used means you are fully protected and spyware and monitoring tools cannot track your activity.

As a bonus because the IP is UK based you can even carry on betting and using websites and services which are restricted when you are abroad.

Now this isn’t a traditional VPN. VPN solutions have been available on the market for many years but have drawbacks when compared to Jolly Lock IP:

1. You can only run one VPN per computer whereas Jolly Lock IP isn’t restricted and can run multiple IP addresses.

2. VPN’s are not compatible with websites running FLASH and will expose the real IP address. This can be a particular problem when playing such things as casino/slots or other online games.

3. Most VPN’s do not issue a dedicated static UK IP address.

4. In some cases you may find the IP address allocated may have already been used in the past and been banned by certain websites, especially those running an IP banned list.

Jolly Lock IP has been created specifically by bettors for bettors. They’ve identified the problem and solved it.

So how does it work?

Simple. You download an installer, run it, and within seconds the software icon is on your desktop. You input your licence and away you go. It works on either Windows or a Mac. Connection is almost immediate. Once opened you’re presented with a window displaying a desktop much like your own PC, and from there you can open web browsers and navigate to whatever websites you like.

Is it any good?

The first thing I noticed was the sheer speed of thing compared with my regular VPS.

It’s really fast. Browsing the internet, loading bookie sites, it’s all immediate and extremely smooth. As advertised, it’s compatible with Flash so all the virtual games run without issue.

The ultra fast speed also means those using value betting techniques, or laying off on Betfair, hedging etc can run it all through Jolly Lock IP without issue as the quickly changing odds have no lag at all.

It really is a very solid bit of kit and something that could genuinely change the way we bet going forwards.

The fees are in line with regular VPN’s too so it’s a no brainer for anyone seriously getting into Matched Betting or are successful with their horse racing. Half a day’s profit can cover a month’s subscription, so if you want to make serious, regular profits from the bookmakers without getting banned or restricted then Jolly Lock IP is a tool you can’t afford to go without.

You can try Jolly Lock IP here:


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February 9, 2017

Premier Greyhound Tips

I have been looking at Premier Greyhound Tips, a tipping service from the Betting Gods stable. The service costs £39.95 per month or £99.95 per quarter.

You can see full results for this service here: Premier Greyhound Tips Results

With this service you receive an email sometime before the dog races which are almost exclusively evening races. You then place a bet for the advised number of points.

The service finished UP 29.25 points, £292.50 at £10 per point, from which roughly £100 of subscriptions need to be deducted. The official results page shows 431 points profit in 27 months, an average of nearly 12 points (£120 at £10 per point) per month after subscription has been removed, so we might have had a bad run during this trial.

Although the website shows the longest losing run as 18, at one point I was 76 points down, but I think it speak volumes that the service ended in profit. But I feel this means that you are going to need a bank of at least 100 points.

As this is not Horse Racing, there’s a fair chance of you being able to use Bookmaker accounts for some time, especially if you take steps to counter the dreaded ieSnare. Unfortunately, BSP prices are not easy to come by, so I don’t know if this will work using Exchanges, it should if you can get the quoted prices and it is important to get these prices as, to SP, the service was down 57 points.

From the results of the trial there isn’t quite enough profit to approve this service. I hope that you can see the potential for this service from the official results though, with compounding this could be a useful addition to your portfolio. However, this will have to be categorised as NEUTRAL.

You can get Premier Greyhound Tips here: Premier Greyhound Tips

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February 8, 2017

Great Bets

Arthur has just completed his review on the Great Bets service and made some quite staggering profits. Apparently that’s not unusual for this service, which has averaged £300 a month at £1 per point. The subscription isn’t the cheapest, which is in line with the profits it produces I guess, but even so I’ve asked the chaps at Great Bets if they can do a discount for CashMaster readers and they’ve agreed to a £100 discount, valid up to midnight on Sunday only.

Full details here:


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February 8, 2017

Top Form Racing

I have been looking at Top Form racing from the Betting Gods stable. This is a tipster whose services cost £39.95 per month or £99.95 per quarter.

A full set of results is here: Top Form Racing Results

You receive an email, often the evening before the races, and place bets to the advised number of points. The bets are predominately each-way bets.

Using the advised odds the service finished DOWN 2.37 points, £23.70 at £10 per point, from which roughly £100 of subscriptions need to be removed. From the official results the service is up over 97 points though.

From the website the longest losing run is 7.  I didn’t record the number of near misses, but my impression is that with just a wee bit more luck the results of the trial could have been very different.

Because this is Horse Racing based, if you use Bookmakers you are likely to have your accounts limited very quickly, so I recorded results using BSP and this is actually UP 11.5 points (after 5% commission is deducted), so using the exchanges would appear to be a viable option, but you need to place 2 bets (win and place markets). The average advised odds are 7.59, and Betfair prices are higher on longer odds horses which may account for this.

Based on the results of the trial I am going to categorise this a neutral. However, I like that this service works using BSP and would appear to work long-term. The stated 97 points of profit could be on the lower side if the experience of BSP to SP prices I have shown above is repeated over a whole year. Staked properly this could be a useful addition to your portfolio.

You can get Top Form Racing here: Top Form Racing

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