May 5, 2016

Classic Racing Gold

I am going to be recording results for Classic Racing Gold over the next 3 months.

It is a straight forward horse race tipping service. Tips are supplied via email the night before the selections run.

You receive an email sometime between 7-9pm, the first email lets you know if there are any bets and, if so, what time the tips will be sent and which bookmaker’s website you will need to have open. The second email contains all the details you need, including the price available at the time.

So far, I have found that the prices quoted have been available but they drop really quite quickly after the email arrives, so you need to be on the ball to grab it while it lasts. I have been able to check on Oddschecker that all the prices they have quoted me were available at the time the email was sent.

I have also checked that the selections I have received so far are recorded accurately on their site, so no qualms about honesty.

As all bets are supplied with a points value, I asked about recommended starting bank level. I was advised that 50 points should be sufficient as they have not suffered any major drawdowns so far, but that a safety first approach would mean a 100 point bank.

I have gone for the 100 point option and will be recording results using a £1000 starting bank (£10 a point) and will also track the progress using a varying stake method where a point value is calculated daily.

Selections have, so far, been at the top end of the market. Bets are advised between 1-4 points and are a mix of Win Only and Each Way punts. Some of the each way bets have been at prices that are considerably lower than those you would usually expect to see, I have had E/W selection advised at 5/2, this seems counter intuitive to me but they must have their reasons for making these calls, so we’ll see how we get on.

Subscription costs a fairly hefty £60 per month, with average monthly profit claimed to be around 40 points. As stated above, my experience so far has matched exactly with the results claimed on their site. The longer term results shown on the site do look to be realistic, with monthly outlay being roughly similar each month (90-120pts) and returns varying from a small loss to very handsome level of profit. The service has been running since last August and overall profit claimed up to the end of April is around 370 points.

Their website is well worth having a look at as there are some very interesting articles under the “Useful Reading” tab in the top right hand corner.

I started the trial on 1/5/16 and have had 9 bets so far, resulting in a loss of just over 3 points.

I will be back next week with more results and will, as usual, be uploading a spreadsheet showing all details of every bet advised and all relevant stats.





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No Bets on Day 6.

Two win tips advised for Day 7 (04 May 2016):

Newton Abbot 4.10 Shows Over, advised and available at 9.0 Bet365. Non Runner.

Chester 5.25 Antioco, advised and available at 12.0 Paddy Power. Bet Lost.

Daily Profit/Loss  -1 pt. 

Starting Bank 100.0 pts.

Current Bank 100.6 pts.

Service Profit/Loss +0.6  pts.


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Consistent Forex Trades (Final)

Let’s start this review that by saying that if you are a trader and understand concepts such as Support and Resistance or Supply and Demand or Order Flow or Order Blocks or similar then simply sign up to Roger’s service and use his levels as an indicator. Price does respect these levels and in conjunction with your existing trading plan I think you’ll find this information profitable. You get 4 weeks to assess the information, so you have nothing to lose.

If the previous paragraph was gibberish to you, don’t worry Roger’s service could be for you too, and even better you don’t even know how to trade! Read on ….

OK, I have been looking at Consistent Forex, a forex signal service that costs £99+vat per month. Each week Roger publishes a level for up to 8 forex pairs and 5 indices (DOW, FTSE and the like).

As someone who is not a Forex trader, you are going to use these as either Set’n’Forget or Auto-Trading. With both methods you put the levels in as pending orders as the markets open for the week (about 10 pm Sunday in the UK) and the trade will either trigger or it is cancelled at 1 pm Friday. The difference is that with Auto-Trading you have some trade management to do (moving your stop-loss) as Roget tweets advice as the trade progresses, or cancel pending trades which have become too risky. Set’n’Forget, on the other hand, is that; you do nothing between setting up the trades and cancelling them as required.

Now comes the tricky part. How to use this service?

You could set levels on all 8 Forex instruments. Roget publishes a spreadsheet for Set’n’Forget only which suggests £10,000 becomes £40,000 in 57 weeks using 3% risk easily covering the almost £1,200 subscription fees. From this you can deduce that a £1,000 bank could become £4,000 in year 1, £10,000 in year 2 and then this becomes a viable second income. Indices have only been going since January but are 25% up so far. Further you could add Set’n’Forget or Auto-Trading to both the quarterly levels and intraday, but I wouldn’t until I see some data on whether these are viable (which I didn’t record as part of this trial).

There is a problem with this approach, if the highly unlikely happened and all 13 trades opened you’d have close to 40% of your entire bank at risk or more if you have quarterly levels and intraday too.

This is the point this review becomes difficult, there are many ways Roger’s information could be used. For example, only trade the first 3 or 4 instruments to open (there are an average 4.3 Forex trades each week and 2.8 Indices, 7 trades would be 21% of bank at risk), or identify the 3 or 4 most profitable and only trade these (USD/CAD, GBP/USD and Dax perhaps). I’m sorry, you need to look at the spreadsheet and decide your own strategy, although I am sure Roger would be able to offer advice.

My trial used auto-trading but I also recorded set’n’forget for comparison.  Overall (Forex and Indices) set’n’forget was 360 pips down where as auto-trading 36 pips up. From this data I’d have to recommend that you manage trades using Roger’s tweets and web site updates.

This is some preamble to the results I recorded during the trial which are:

Set & Forget Auto Trading
EURUSD 148.2 -9.0
GBPUSD -708.8 -244.8
EURGBP -119.8 -119.8
EURJPY -11.8 37.6
USDJPY -346.6 -62.2
USDCHF -74.7 46.2
USDCAD 376.2 190.2
AUDUSD 186.0 -20.0
All Forex -551.3 -181.8
FTSE -2.1 147.5
DOW -20.8 142.6
S&P500 -298.4 -294.1
DAX 512.8 201.3
NASDAQ -0.5 20.8
All Indices 191.0 218.0
All -360.3 36.2


I have been referencing Roger’s data so far, but this is not how we judge system performance. As you can see from the table above, overall we are only 36 pips up, and there’d be 3 months of subscription fees for this. This does really show that Forex is a long-term investment but within our timeframe of 13 weeks, 36 pips profit is not enough to approve this service. Nor is it low enough to fail the service which means only neutral is left. However, I hope you can see past this to the potential this service offers.

You can try Consistent Forex Trades here:Neutral

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No Bets on Day 3 or Day 4

One win tip advised for Day 5 (02 May 2016)

2.45 pm Kempton:  New World

Advised odds 5.0 at Bet365. Available odds 5.0 at Bet365.

Bet Lost.

Daily Profit/Loss  -1 pt. 

Starting Bank 100.0 pts.

Current Bank 101.6 pts.

Service Profit/Loss +1.6  pts.

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This is a relatively new Lay service from the Betting Gods stable. They currently offer a 30 day trial for just £1.

It looks to be quite a good service going on the published results with £869 profit to £10 stakes since September, or an average of £108 per month. It has just over 80% strike rate with around 60 bets per month. Most lays are low liability although the occasional double figure bet is advised.

I tested this for three full months from February-April. The first two months we unremarkable with a profit of just 1.75 points but April gave great results making it worth the wait.

Here’s the stats:

Bets: 127
Winners: 105
Losers: 22
Strike rate: 83%
Avg Odds: 5.33

Profit: 20.46 points

I’m happy with this service. It’s relaxed and consistent. There are losing months which is to be expected from horse racing, but the winning months are very profitable and the graph looks good with a steady overall upwards movement and an average ROI of 5.18%.



I’d say this would make a worthwhile addition to your betting portfolio.

You can try Cudworth’s Racing Lays for 30 days for just £1 here:Approved2

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May 3, 2016


Final review

This is a straightforward selections service from the Winningmore stable. The service targets under/over 2.5 goals markets in worldwide leagues and runs throughout the year. They also suggest you can make extra income from backing the selections in the over 1.5 market. The selections can mount up in the high season to around 30 on some Saturdays. The selections are carefully chosen for a price/probability advantage from crunched data so that the strike rate is over 55% and the price on overs 2.0 plus and unders 1.9 plus to give an overall mathematical advantage.

Selections are available from the members website after 10am UK time and also there is an app which can be downloaded for Android phones.

A two month subscription costs £49.97 auto renewed, plus there are 6 month and twelve month discounts available.

I have now monitored this service for a tad over six months, taking in the bulk of the European soccer season, so we should have a reasonable idea of its performance.

Layout 1


As recently as last month I was singing the praises of the slow, gentle upwards graph for the under 1.5 goals aspect. Unfortunately, the start of the month saw five straight losses which took the wind out of its sails. Overall, all three aspects were losers for April. If we look at the six month view, all three were winners, but only just. The combined return since October 11th was 15.63 points. To tenners, that’s £156 profit, but after the £150 subs it’s teetering on the break even mark. Obviously for £20 you’ve made £150, and for £100 stakes you would have made £1410. £100 stakes aren’t completely unrealistic for the average punter here, because the risk is very low. Apart from that uncomfortable losing run of 5 in the under 1.5 market, there haven’t really been any ‘toys out of the pram’ moments.

For me, this is very much a neutral rating – if you fancy some low-risk punting action on the soccer markets, give it a go.

You can try Soccer ATM here:

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May 3, 2016

Bookmaker Bashing

Bookmaker Bashing (final)

I have been following Bookmaker Bashing for 13 weeks and it is now time to wrap up the trial. Several different services are on offer and I will review each of those services individually before summing up. The new Each-Way service started at close to the end of the trial so I haven’t any results for this.

Main Service (Cost is £29.99 per month)

With £843 profit in 13 weeks (£65 per week more or less) with very little risk this service gets a resounding thumbs up. A few caveats though:

  • If using max stakes a recommended ‘bank’ is between £4000-£5000 (albeit this is never at risk). Smaller stakes can be used initially and the bank grows you can increase stakes accordingly.
  • Yes, there’s always a risk that the Bookmaker will limit the account. However, the winning strike rate is 11%, most of the accumulators lose! This is not a problem as the hedge betting on the exchanges mean that you don’t! So yea, it is possible but unlikely. I asked Dave to comment on the subject of being limited and this is his reply:“Accounts being limited are a main stay of matched betting, more so on people that use horse racing offers as they are obtaining value prices at big odds on singles.What we do is a lot different especially as we cash out our free bets on accas as well… We look like we are generally chasing losses.The value acca services we are of course looking at value prices on a range of results and we will end up ahead BUT the bookies we bet with changes from week to week so again we look more like an average punter”.
  • Mostly set’n’forget but there are a few occasions where an accumulator has legs on the same day, you need to be able to put the bets on if the previous leg wins.
  • Because this service uses the Bookmaker accumulator offers, £50 is the maximum using a single account (*ahem*) so the profit for this service can’t be ramped up higher by increasing stakes.

You can try Bookmaker Bashing here:

Lay Service (£79.99 per annum)

At £550 down, about half the bank the starting bank of £1k, this would be a failed service if this was a standalone review. However, the strike rate for this service is very high, so I am told, and therefore this service should eventually get back in to profit. During the trial we had 52 bets and 49 winning bets, a strike rate of 94.2%.

I asked Dave to comment on this service too and this is his reply:

“The lays are somewhat of an abstract system to what we generally offer and is for people who are interested in investing over a long period. We are confident over time this will come back to black as we have had similar years with 3 losses in a small period, it is just a shame this happened in the trial”.

You can try their Lay Service here:

Value Accumulators (£19.99 p/m – Bank size of 25 points required)

Just shy of £130 profit in 11 weeks, as this service started shortly after I started trialing the Main service started. 3 wins in 12 bets is a 25% strike rate. Outlay is £10 per bet and it has made a modest profit. I have not investigated whether you could increase your stakes up to the £50 used on the main service, if you could the profit would be close to £680. If this was a standalone I’d probably rate this as neutral tending towards approved.

I’d keep this to small stakes, you want to keep under the Bookmaker’s radar after all; if you could spare the time, it would be possible to bet each leg individually on an exchange though.

You can try the Value Accumulators here:

Value Yankee (19.99 p/m – Bank size of 50 points required)

Only going for 9 weeks as this also started just after the Main service trial began and made £188 profit. There were 7 weeks that lost the full stake, 1 week where we more or less broke even, and then this week where all 4 legs won for a hefty return. You won’t win often on this, but when you do!

Caution, big wins like this week will see your account limited fairly sharpish, Bookmakers don’t like winning punters! I only used £1 per leg for £11 total stake.  This service would also be approved as a standalone service.

Value Singles (£29.99 p/m – Bank size of 10 points required)

Only 7 weeks for this service. 90% strike rate (18 wins from 20 bets) for a very pleasing £885 profit from a stating bank of £2,000. I tend to place on Betfair though, so sometimes I get reduced odds and there is commission to pay, but then I’ll not see my account limited either.

You can try Value Singles here:


Out of the 5 services I followed, three would be approved if I was trialling them as a standalone, one would be at worst neutral. A profit of £1546 in 13 weeks (adjusting for services that haven’t run for all 13 weeks this is £185 per week) for little effort and little risk is attractive too. This figure includes the losses on the lays too! Personally, I’d continue with the Lays as profits in the other systems more than offset the losses.

Looking at the whole package, for £69.99 per month you get a nice steady growth of your bank, so Bookmaker Bashing gets filed as approved.

Special packages Cash-Master readers are as below:


The Value Package – £49.99 p/m with access to the below. (saving £239.76 per year)

Main Service

Value Acca Generator

Yankee Value Acca

Individually this would cost you £109.99 a month.

You can sign up using the below link:


The Ultimate Package – £69.99 p/m with access to the below. (saving £429.63 per year)

Main Service

Value Acca Generator

Yankee Value Acca

Value Single Selector

The Lay System

You can sign up using the below link:


If you don’t want to take up the special offers above You can try Bookmaker Bashing here:Approved2


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Monthly update

Lucrative is a horse racing service which has three bet types in the portfolio: Win, place and lay. Bets are available on the website members’ area in the morning, and are set and forget. Staking is advised as a percentage of the bank.


Right, this service did rather well last year, turning a £500 starting bank at advised stakes into over £9,000. When you’ve reached that figure, if you do the same again, you should be able to make a decent income from it. So – the challenge is, starting from September 24th, to see if he can repeat the outcome. If he does, next September, I will be a very happy bunny! I will be giving progress reports on a monthly basis.

Cash Master readers can jump on for the first 30 days at a mere £7, and that comes with a full money-back guarantee. After the trial, cost for membership is just £24.75 per month based on a yearly subscription, or £32.33 per month based on a quarterly subscription.

April overall has been a losing month, with the place arm continuing its better March run but the win and lay arms losing. Now seven months into the challenge, the graph below tells the overall story: that all three aspects of the portfolio have reverted to the mean, and this is not what we are after. With under five months remaining, the service has to go some to succeed in its challenge.


Remember, the points tally is based on a 500 point bank, so if you’re calculating what £20 per point would look like, you would need a £10k bank.

I will be back next month for an update.

UPDATE: THE SERVICE IS CURRENTLY CLOSED TO NEW SUBSCRIBERS. However, in the unlikely event that anyone drops out, maybe the door will open if you keep checking back. You can try Lucrative Portfolio here:

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May 3, 2016

Bookmaker Bashing

Main Service

Week 13: Profit to advised stakes: £109.4 or in points: 2.19

Overall: Profit to advised stakes: £1051.27 or in points: 21.03

Lay Service

Week 13
Number of bets: 3
Number of wins: 3
Profit from £1000 start and using advised staking plan: £20.45

Number of bets: 52
Number of wins: 49
Profit from £1000 start and using advised staking plan: £-551.67

Value Accumulators

Week 11: Profit to advised stakes: £-10 or in points: -1

Overall: Profit to advised stakes: £58.48 or in points: 5.85

Value Yankee

Week 9: Profit to £1 per leg (total £11) stakes: £285.83 or in points: 26.00

Overall: Profit to £1 per leg (total £11) stakes: £188.08 or in points: 17.10

Value Singles

Week 7
Number of bets: 3
Number of wins: 3
Profit from £2000 start and using advised staking plan: £326.57

Number of bets: 20
Number of wins: 18
Profit from £2000 start and using advised staking plan: £885.26

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April update

I am trialing this service from Eddie Lloyd, ex-bookie and pro-punter. It is a horse racing backing service looking for early (previous day) value selections. You may remember this as a particularly successful FREE service, which then added a paid-for early bird arm for punters who wanted early prices. However, this was still too successful and the prices became squeezed, and the free service had to be shut down.

The service gained nearly 8 points in April with four winners.

April: 21 bets, 2 non runners, 4 winners, 15 losers, +7.94 points. Overall (from September 8th) +9.47 points.

For £10 per point bettors, the service is not keeping ahead of the fees. The paid service is now up and running and will take a maximum of 200 members. The cost is a rolling £27 per month.

Back in a month with a further update.

Full details here:

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