September 1, 2015

Race Day DiVa

Day 5

One winner today with French Press

Day -2.5 points  Cumulative  -45.5 points

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September 1, 2015

Lay The Draw Software

A return to (limited) action for the software based system that we have carried over from last season, you can read the last entry before the break here

As it only targets English & Scottish leagues, it has had its feet up for the last few months and the owners recommend that you do not use it until the teams involved have played at least 5 games.

The only leagues covered that have reached that point are the Scottish Premier League and the National League (formerly known as Conference Premier) in England.

We didn’t have any qualifiers in Scotland but had a bumper crop in England, with 6 selections on Saturday and 3 more on Monday.

A couple of losses knocked us back a point on Saturday but Monday provided a clean sweep, giving a profit of around 1.5 points over the weekend.



S/R 80.60%

P/L +13.95 points


Using my odds filter of 3.75 – 6.00



S/R 89.74%

P/L +21.60 points




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August 31, 2015

Tom Nelson Racing

This is the final wrap up of my trial of Tom Nelson Racing tips.  The service provides daily tips (backing to win or each way).  The tips are emailed in the morning together with a pointer as to the bookmaker offering the quoted price.

The trial started with a trial bank of £1000 on 12 March.  The balance peaked at £2563 on 1 June which was obviously fantastic, however, since then, went into a slow decline.   The balance nudged below the starting level and hit £917 on 20 July.  Since then it has clawed its way back to £1194 as at 29 August.

The balance of £1194 assumes that you can always obtain the price quoted in the daily email which, even acting quickly on receipt of the email, you will find is not always possible.  I will not list all the bets, but in total there were well over 700 during the trial, so a fair sample.

I have given this a “neutral” rating, as the service has made money overall, but I would urge caution in taking prices below those quoted, though the vendor emailed me and recommended taking the best available price.

The service is available for a trial of £4.95 for 30 days. followed by your choice of £29.95 per month, £69.95 per quarter or £149.95 for the lifetime package.Neutral

You can try Tom Nelson Racing here:

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August 31, 2015

Betting Opportunity

Day 68

6 points down today. Just sliding a little bit from a high nine days ago for -43 points, but still on target for my own benchmark of +20 points a month.

Day -6 points  Cumulative +65.79 points

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August 31, 2015

Pace Ace

Day 87

More profits today and the SP bank briefly went into profit. We don’t worry about the SP bank though!

Day +8.97 points  Cumulative  +194.81 points

(These results are to prices available to me after opening the email with the tips)


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August 31, 2015

Football DUO

Quite a busy weekend by this system’s standards with 6 qualifying selections over the last few days. The software actually found 8 potential selections but the draw price for the other 2 never fell into the right range.

Despite the busy weekend, the bank has barely moved due to the price ranges targeted. A full win returns just over 3 points, a full loss costs exactly 3 points and a partial win returns a smidge over breakeven. So with a strike rate of just over 50% we are moving forward, but it is slow going at the moment. A gain of 0.94 points made over the week.

That is slow progress but it must be borne in mind that this software costs £40 for a year license, so you certainly don’t need to be using high-roller stakes to make it pay its way.

BETS 102

WIN 55

S/R 53.92%

P/L +20.94




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August 31, 2015


Hi, Paul here from signals4forex.

I mentioned previously we’d probably experience a poor August and we did.

In some ways it served a purpose though as there are a lot of dreamers and time-wasters unfortunately within forex and so learning and beginning to understand what can and will happen from time to time is not a bad thing.

I also mentioned previously that I chose July and August purposely to begin the service trial and I have no regrets about that. I will attract long term investors that don’t panic, enjoy my low risk trading and are serious about their forex choices.

The 2 months to date:

Trade Information Managed {TIM}
July:       +215 pips
August: – 240 pips
Total:    – 25pips

Trade Copier Service {TC}
July:      +1.7%
August: -3.3%
Total:    -1.6%

So no great shakes as you’re not paying anything for a subscription and purely monitoring my trading opinions.

The free trial continues for September and I’ll take a view after that. I do recommend you compare me to other similar services performances over the July/August period, it’s not a bad idea and will put my results in to some form of perspective for many of you.

I personally know of a few services losing 20 – 45% of the account during the same 2 month period and if you know of services that did well let me know lol .


Helpful Links

Trade Copier Information:

Signals4forex TC direct link:

Further information on a TC:

E-mail address:

‘TIM’ Trades month 1:

‘TC’ Trades Month 1:

Open a ‘Twitter’ account:

Twitter Address: @SignalsDutton


Thank you for your support and interest


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August 30, 2015

Double Chance Football

Day 15

One draw and one non-draw today for this LTD service

Day -3.52 points   Cumulative  -14.88 points


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August 30, 2015

Horse Racing Lay The Best

Date Time Course Selection Result
24/08/2015 15:30 Brig Flag Of Glory No Bet
24/08/2015 16:15 Kemp City Chic Losing Bet
24/08/2015 17:00 Brig Cahala Dancer Losing Bet
24/08/2015 18:25 Leic The Third Man No Bet
24/08/2015 19:40 Carl Mr Cool Cash Winning Bet
25/08/2015 14:15 Brig Secret Clause No Bet
25/08/2015 15:45 Brig Knight Music Winning Bet
25/08/2015 17:00 Chep Dolphin Rock Losing Bet
25/08/2015 18:50 Font Royal Battalion Winning Bet
25/08/2015 19:40 Newb Duffel Winning Bet
26/08/2015 14:40 Catt Musharrif Losing Bet
26/08/2015 16:25 Bath Shine Likeadiamond Winning Bet
26/08/2015 18:25 Kemp Earth Goddess No Bet
26/08/2015 18:55 Kemp Mirror City Losing Bet
26/08/2015 19:15 Belle Vale Do Sol No Bet
27/08/2015 16:35 Tipp A Year To Remember Winning Bet
27/08/2015 18:30 Sedge Strictly The One No Bet
27/08/2015 19:00 Sedge Grams And Ounces Losing Bet
27/08/2015 19:45 Wolv Light From Mars No Bet
27/08/2015 20:00 Sedge Supapowers Winning Bet
28/08/2015 14:10 FfosL Belle Vale Winning Bet
28/08/2015 15:25 Thirsk Eccleston No Bet
28/08/2015 15:40 Newm Forge No Bet
28/08/2015 16:00 Thirsk Shamrock Sheila Winning Bet
28/08/2015 17:05 Thirsk Le Rouquin No Bet
29/08/2015 13:55 Wex Catalyst Losing Bet
29/08/2015 14:50 Newm Karraar No Bet
29/08/2015 17:25 Good Open The Red No Bet
29/08/2015 17:30 Cart Most Honourable Winning Bet
29/08/2015 19:50 Redc French Press No Bet
30/08/2015 14:10 Yarm Alqubbah Losing Bet
30/08/2015 14:30 Good Solstalla Losing Bet
30/08/2015 15:25 Bev Aqua Ardens No Bet
30/08/2015 16:25 Yarm Red Unico No Bet
30/08/2015 16:55 Yarm One Pekan No Bet


Week 9: 10 winning bets from 19 bets (52.6%) for -3.36 points.

Overall: 86 winning bets from 135 bets (63.7 %) for -2.98 points.

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August 30, 2015

Percentage Price Method

A decent week and now 250 points up across the combined time frames.


Week 8

Last 2 hours of afternoon racing: 28 winners from 272 bets for 90.04 points.

Overall: 200 winners from 2398 bets for 145.31 points.


Evening: 33 winners from 334 bets for 47.08 points.

Overall: 241 winners from 3100 bets for 104.58 points.

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