August 22, 2016

Heikin Ashi Mountain

Overall system standings after week 3:

Trades made: 27 of which 0 are still open. Of the closed trades 10 where closed for a profit.

Profit is -131.81 pips, £-66.91 from a £2.5k starting bank.

Average Stop is 124.73 pips.

The Instruments I opened this week were:

Gold (Sell & Buy)

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Week 4:
Number of qualifying selections: 12; Winning bets: 11; SR: 91.7%; Profit: 9.47 points.

Number of qualifying selections: 40; Winning bets: 28; SR: 70.0%; Profit: -0.12 points.

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August 20, 2016

Galileo Racing

This is the 12th weekly report and covers the period 11th -17th August

Only 4  selections during the week produced 1 winner and 1 placed efforts.The bank rose  by 12.6% but still remains some 20% down from opening bank of £160 at the start of the trial.

Week 12:-  Opening Bank £113.50     Closing Bank £127.84

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This is proving to be very ‘consistent’.

Monday had a 31 pip winner, although I personally got stopped out at breakeven because of the type of account I have at GKFX which has a fixed spread. It turns out that anyone on the SB-2 account like me had the same problem whereas others on their variable spread SB-1 account got the 31 pips.  Roger uses FXCM so it might be worth considering either switching to those or, as I’ve done, request GKFX to give me an SB-1 account. Live and learn.

Tuesday was a 23 pip loser (which sucked for those of us missing the winner on Monday), but today saw a nice 63 pip winner taking us nicely into profit for the week.

You can try the trade copier here:!trade-copier/qq1i0

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August 17, 2016


I am starting a new trial of iWinSoccerBets. We did initially start a trial in June but the reviewer was unable to continue.

The service costs £29 per month, with cheaper deals available for longer subscription periods.

Selections are obtained from the members area of the website, I have been told that an email reminder service will be starting up this week.

This service is different from the usual tipster services in that there are tips available for free if you just register on the site. You have the option of signing up for VIP tips, which the owners claim have a better long term level of profitablity than the free tips. Obviously, for the purpose of the trial I will be recording both free and VIP parts of the service.

Bets are available up to 7 days in advance of the game, the first screen you see when you log in shows you the “Top Picks” currently available. You can then click a tab and see the “Best of the Rest”. This lists all the bets advised for the week (selections are added on Monday & Thursday mornings) and you will see the selections available to your level of membership.

The bets are very clearly written out and cover most of the usual score and stat type bets. By default, all bets are advised as 1 point bets but you can also click a tick box to see what the owners recommend as their Advised Stake.

It all sounds rather muddly but is actually really quite clear when you are looking at the screen.

What is a little problematic, is how I best go about recording results and reflecting what type of bet/staking/membership is going to be the most profitable. So I’ve written a new spreadsheet to record and separte all the different factors. Free bets, Vip Bets, Top Picks, Basic Stake and Advised ataking all have to be clearly viewable.

I did email to ask about starting bank and staking levels. They say that customers are free to choose their own level of risk and they did explain to be the way they calcuate their staking advice. That method would be totally unsuitable for the vast majority of customers, so I’ve said that I’m going to use the standard £1000 bank made up of 100 points. They record all their profit and loss figures to £100 stakes, as I seriously doubt many readers would be betting at that level, I’m much more comfortable recording to £10 a point.

After last weekends fixtures, the basic bank is 0.5 points down and the advised bank is 4.5 down.



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August 16, 2016

In Running Trading

This is the 7th weekly report on In Running and covers the period 6th July-13th Aug inclusive.

A good  week found 10 dobbing opportunities of which 9 worked.

Total gain for the week was  a net 7.55 points bringing the running total for 49 days to 56.70 points.

Date Course Time Horse Back Lay Postn P/L
06/08/2016 Ayr 1840 Jay Kay 6.00 3.00 2nd 0.95
08/08/2016 Ayr 1630 Nicholas T 9.60 4.80 5th 0.95
08/08/2016 Ballinrobe 1840 Notimetoserve 10.00 5.00 6th 0.95
09/08/2016 Thirsk 1500 Ferdy 14.40 7.20 4th -1.00
09/08/2016 Thirsk 1735 Bazula 18.50 9.20 5th 0.95
10/08/2016 N.Abbot 1640 Bob Lewis 9.00 4.50 4th 0.95
10/08/2016 Beverley 1735 I’ll Be Good 10.60 5.20 2nd 0.95
12/08/2016 Newbury 1520 Cool Macavity 16.60 8.20 7th 0.95
12/08/2016 Newbury 1630 King Crimson 7.60 3.80 5th 0.95
12/08/2016 Newmarket 1800 Bahamian Heights 11.00 5.50 6th 0.95

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August 16, 2016

Galileo Racing

This is the 11th weekly report and covers the period 4th -10th August

5  selections during the week produced 1 winner and 1 placed.The bank rose  by 11.40% but still remains some 29% down from opening bank of £160 at the start of the trial.

Week 10:-  Opening Bank £101.92     Closing Bank £113.50

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August 16, 2016


Here’s the latest update from the team:

“The FXF team are now set to launch their own TC service alongside the current Mike Pears and FXF endorsed copier service. The below will help detail our service, expectations and what we will need from you. If you do have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the team.

The service

Like the current Mike Pears TC service, we will be running through 4xsolutions. These have proved to be reliable and we have yet to have an issue with triggering trades.

Unlike the current signal service, the FXF team trade more markets, we can use a mirror risk percentage and we place stops and targets applicable to current price range and movement. This service sets stops and targets according to the market traded.

Risk to Reward is always 1:1 Minimum, and stops can vary from 20-100 pips depending on the market traded.

We work with longer term trends, trading shorter term intra day reversals. Our risk sits between 0.5-1.5% per trade.

We use the FXF setup and charts to find our and trigger our trades.

The team will offer a mirror percentage risk, enabling each subscriber to set their own targets per trade. Full instructions will be sent to members detailing how to increase or decrease your risk percentage per trade.

The team are extremely consistent with their trading strategies, continually hitting the target pip count. We will be running an ‘open’ trading account, allowing you to check our trades whether you are a member or not.


The upfront cost for this service is £0. We have taken on board feedback and also taken on board the loyalty shown by the current TC members. For this reason, we have a £0 up front cost, with payment due 3 days before the end of the 30 day period, only if the pip guarantee has been made. Payment for the service is £200 though only due when pip guarantee has been made.

Like the current service, we have set the target pips at a minimum of 200 pips. At £5 per pip there would be a minimum return of £780 once costs for the service and 4xsolutions are taken out.

If 200 pips are not made within 30 days, no payment is due. If the pip guarantee has been met and no payment is made once 30 days have expired, the service will be removed via the 4xsolutions panel. We do have trust in each subscriber to fulfil obligations as we will with the pip guarantee.

Markets traded

The FXF team trade over 20 currency pairs, OIL, Gold, Silver and 6 Index markets. Unlike other copier services, we are not limited to specific markets. We run daily analysis on over 30 markets, and this is what presents us with our trading opportunities.


Like most systems or services, handling expectations can be the most difficult task. We have learned from the last launch that promising the world and failing to deliver has a detrimental effect on every single subscriber. Therefore we are going to set our target at between 200-300 pips per month.

We always aim to deliver, and consistency is what every subscriber wants. We want to manage expectations that can be achieved month in month out, without falling short of subscribers wishes. Having a target of 2-300 pips will keep everyone grounded and have a realistic idea of potential profits. Using the 200 pip guarantee should allow every subscriber to set their pip risk and reward accordingly to achieve their required return.


The team aim to send 3 emails a day. Morning ideas, afternoon update and evening summary. We will also aim to set up a social network account that can provide the relevant updates in real time and when needed. We believe communication is key when launching this service and now we are in master control we are able to offer continual daily updates.


We are still 100% behind Mike Pears and believe that this new service will help compliment Mikes shorter term scalping. The FXF method is aimed at longer term intra day trading. We do use fixed risk percentages over pips and again this is where the service differs.

We will also keep in communication with Mike, highlighting our entries to make sure we do not have contrasting opinions or trades running concurrently. Our aim is to provide every subscriber with a fantastic set of trade copiers that produce the minimum 400 pips a month (across 2 services).

We hope this helps give you an idea of the service we are launching and will be following this email up with further details.

Kind regards,
The FXF Team”

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August 15, 2016

Sports Betting Pays

Sports Betting Pays is a new tipping service run by James Pacheco, specialising in football and cricket bets.

There is a promotional offer of £9.99 for the first month of membership that expires at midnight tonight. The usual price is £24.99.

I was unaware of this promotional deadline until this morning. I have been recording results for the last week and will be continuing to do so for the next 3 months.

So far, I’ve found it to be a very professionally run and interesting service.

Selections are delivered by email and there is also a members area on the website.

The selection emails usually arrive mid evening and have, so far, been easy to understand and an interesting read.

I emailed to ask what starting bank they would recommend, they say that 50 points should be enough but 100 points would be a more cautious approach. I’m going to use 100 points and start with a bank of £1000

We’ve had a really encouraging start to the trial. Stakes are kept low, with the biggest bet so far being 0.5pt. They target a whole range of markets for their selections. We’ve had Top Batsman/Bowler, Most Corners, Draw No Bet selections amongst others.

We’re only a week into the trial, so no conclusions drawn but so far they’ve had a strike rate of 45% and a profit of almost 3 points made. Quite impressive given the fraction of a point risked on each bet.



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August 15, 2016

Heikin Ashi Mountain

Overall system standings after week 2:

Trades made: 21 of which 9 are still open. Of the closed trades 1 where closed for a profit.

Profit is -724.82 pips, £-301.94 from a £2.5k starting bank.

Average Stop is 126.54 pips.

The Instruments I opened this week were:

France Buy
EuroStox Buy
Silver Buy
Gold Buy

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