June 28, 2016

Place Expert

Bet 1 – 4:40 (Pontefract) – Back GET UP AND DANCE £20 @ 1.3 Lost

Totals: Roll-Up / Level Stakes
               -£60           -£47.77

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June 27, 2016

Place Expert

A couple of losing bets over the weekend:

Bet 1 – 5:20 (Newmarket) – Back DUTCH DESTINY £20 @1.4 Won £7.68
Bet 2 – 6:55 (Newmarket) – Back SAINTED £27.68 @1.23 Won £6.05
Bet 3 – 5:35 (Newmarket) – Back Chastushka £33.73 @1.13 Lost

Bet 1 – 2:15 (Curragh) – Back Taj Mahal £20 @ 1.23 Lost

Totals: Roll-Up / Level Stakes
                 -£40           -£27.77

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June 27, 2016

First Class Fancies

Remember the First Class Fancies system I recommended to you earlier this year? Well, the team behind this system have recently managed to completely automate the selection process, meaning you can now follow these bets without having to do any of the hard work.

Here’s a demonstration of what this can do –

Simply put, for you it’s now just a case of checking the days bets, placing them on the exchange and waiting for the winners to roll in.

There are qualifying bets a couple of days per week on average (a bit more during the festivals) which means you can follow this in as little as 5 minutes per week!

This system has made 411.98 points profit at advised stakes since 2015.


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Week 9 44 Bets, 15 wins, strike rate of 34.1% for 36.19 points.

Overall 1223 Bets, 199 wins, strike rate of 16.3% for -36 points.

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Day 60 (26th June 2016): no bets

Day 59 (25th  June 2016):

4.55 Windsor – Mercifilly, available @ 15.0 General Price . Non Runner.

8.55 Doncaster – Naggers, available @ 15.0 General Price. Lost.

Day 58 (24th June 2016):

5.50 Doncaster – Spice Mill, available at @ 6.0 General Price. Lost.

Day 57 (23rd June 2016):  no bets


Period  Profit/Loss  -2.0  pts.

Starting Bank 100.0 pts.

Current Bank 92.71 pts.

Service Profit/Loss since Start of Trial  -7.29 pts.

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June 26, 2016

Galileo Racing

This is the 4th weekly report and covers the period 17th June-23rd June inclusive.

Another poor week with just 3 losing selections and 1 Non Runner- the bank  suffered  a loss of just over 8% and is now some 20% below the original starting point of £160.The results were as follows:-

WEEK 3 Opening Bank £141.55         Closing Bank £129.55


17/6/2016 Ascot 1505 Choregrapher 1 pnt EW 9th 0 0 -£4.00 £137.55
18/6/2016 Ascot 1540 Exosphere 2 pnt Win 8th 0 0 -£4.00 £133.55
20/6/2016 Windsor 1850 Philladelphia 1 pnt EW NR £133.55
22/6/2016 Kempton 1850 Ice Royal 1 pnt EW 7th 0 0 -£4.00 £129.55

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June 25, 2016

Place Expert

Easy win and roll up begins….

Bet 1 – 5:20 (Newmarket) – Back DUTCH DESTINY £20 Won £7.68
Bet 2 – 6:55 (Newmarket) – Back SAINTED £27.68 Won £6.05

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June 24, 2016

Place Expert

This is a new service from Bookmaker Bashing that targets one bet a day for the selection to be placed (not WIN) at average odds of between 1.3-1.4

You get sent an e-mail each day with the bet and you can either bet it to level stakes, or bet using a roll-up staking plan whereby the winnings from each bet are staked on the next bet, with the aim of winning 9-10 bets in a row. Finally you can stake at 3% liability staking.

For the purposes of this trial I will be placing live bets on the roll-up staking plan but will also keep a note of the level staking profits.

Published results show a profit of £370 from a £20 starting stake on the roll-up plan, and £290 to £100 stakes.

Let’s see how we get on.

Bet 1 – 5:20 (Newmarket) – Back DUTCH DESTINY £20 Won £7.68

(ok, I messed up on the very first bet. It was supposed to be backing to 4 Places where the odds were 1.3 or thereabouts, but I just backed it to standard place and got better odds. Luckily it came in.)

You can try Place Expert for £4.99 per week here:


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June 23, 2016


We received an update from FXF-Signals yesterday which is encouraging:

“Good evening,

Firstly we must apologise for the delay in sending this extremely important email. Our contact form was hacked last Monday and we were receiving around 1000 ‘return to sender’ (spam) emails from a Chinese hacker. This not only filled up our mailbox, but also meant that we were unable to send any emails for a number of days. Nothing was compromised, though the nuisance of having to wait days for subscribers emailed provided enough to cause issue.

We reiterated our desire for daily communication from both Mike Pears and the team, and due to unforeseen circumstances we were unable to fulfil this obligation. With the issue now fixed we promise to continue the morning and evening updates from the team. We would also like to comment on the below:

Brexit and trade frequency

It has become clear that Brexit is very much having an effect on the scalping style of Mike Pears. The volatile price action and trading conditions have caused ‘see saw’ markets and this is not where Mike is successful. We are hoping that once we reach a decision on Friday, the markets will stabilise and enable the strategy to return to the success seen in March.

In general the market makers will feel a lot more comfortable setting trades and larger lot sizes within a less volatile and more predictable long term market outlook. As others have mentioned, should you trade the 4 hour or daily markets, you will have been far less effected by the recent market conditions and lower market ranges. This is also where the FXF team have the potential to come in with their longer term trades to work alongside Mike pears and his Scalping strategies.

Mirror percentage risk – Will be active 23/06

We will be implementing the Mirror trade percentage risk. We will issue a document on how this ‘risk percentage’ works and how it can be implemented. The master trader is using a 4% risk for the FXF style trades and a 3% risk for the candlestick trades.

Personally we would look at using a 50% mirror risk percentage to reduce these numbers to a total risk of 2% and 1.5% of your total bank. Am example would be:

FXF style scalping trade
Master trader bank £5000
4% risk = max loss of £200
Stake size calculated would be £5

If you used the 50% Mirror risk percentage, stake size would be £2.50 and max risk set at £100.

If you would like help with this, please let one of the team know. We cannot be responsible for any mistakes made here. When longer term trades are being implemented, we will advise accordingly and again give examples that will allow you to understand how we use this method to your advantage.

Longer term trades

The team still plan to introduce longer term trades alongside the current Mike Pears scalping strategies. The mirror percentage risk will allow these to be implemented without the concern for large lot sizes or stops being placed. Our intentions remain in building an all round service that covers all bases. By introducing long term trades, we believe we can eradicate the trade frequency issues seen in the past 2 months and allow a winning consistently all year round.

The trades will mirror and resemble those given and detailed within the Market order board and daily reports found on the FXF site. We also give this strategy for free should you wish to understand exactly how the FXF team trade, using the 1 and 4 hour charts.


As described above, the team remain committed to keeping everyone update with both the Master Trader and their own thoughts. We rely on customer satisfaction and despite the past weeks issues (outside of our control) we are always looking to improve this area of the service.

If any subscriber has an opinion on further ways to communicate or relay thoughts, please do share, as we sincerely care about your opinions and thoughts.

FXF thoughts on recent conditions

As described, we do believe market conditions have been rather testing, and the Brexit situation does not help one single bit. We do however believe we can contribute to the service by adding our FXF trading ideas and longer term trades. Once the Brexit situation has been resolved we will be outlining how we intend to work with Mike Pears and provide the all in one trade service.

Kind regards,
The FXF Team”

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June 22, 2016

Pre Match Trading

We tested and approved this software in January last year. It essentially allows you to make risk free profits in the run up to football matches because the software spots differences in what the correct price should be and what the Betfair price actually is, so you can bet with a degree of certainty that the market is going to move in a particular direction allowing you to either green up or play for free.

Here’s a video of them using the tool to scalp profits during the run up to the recent England v Wales game in the Euros:

You can try Pre Match Trading here:


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