February 27, 2015

Goal Profits

It’s been a while since my last Goal Profits update. It definitely wasn’t me being lazy, but every time I started to write I decided to wait until the next upgrade to the site had been completed. I almost did the same today but there comes a time when I just need to get writing!

There are yet more upgrades being worked on as I jot this down so I’m sure there will be more news in the coming weeks and months.

The biggest change to Goal Profits has been the reorganisation of the Members Area. It makes so much more sense now, especially for those new to trading, and is a job very well done. Before, there were lots of trading strategies but they were grouped rather randomly. What Steve has done is create very clear levels which provides a clear path for new members.

New members start with simple, low-risk strategies in Level 1. Qualifying fixtures are identified by the sensational Team Statistics software and full instructions are given for each system. Of course there is plenty of support in the chat room, forum and by email too so no-one should feel lost even if they have barely traded before.

Level 2 contains the first correct score strategy as well as a lay the draw system. As before, Team Statistics does all the hard work so it’s very quick and easy to find matches worth trading.

When members progress to Level 3 they come across three more correct score trading strategies. These are more aggressive and go by the fantastic names “Rambo” and “Batman & Robin”. Also in Level 3 is a system called “SH00T” which has been doing very well for Steve so far in 2015. Looking at his results on the site he has traded just eight SH00T matches and made 13.7pts profit. Anyone with a bit of time will be able to exploit this system much more.

It looks like Steve is trading fewer matches these days. I completely understand that, having seen how much time he spends supporting members in the chat room and by email. With Team Statistics doing so much of the grunt work members are not short of trading opportunities, that’s for sure!

Other new features include:

– Results for all strategies on a rolling six week basis. For obvious reasons these cannot be cash profit/loss records because lots of factors go into match selection (and someone would have to trade every selection for every strategy!) but it is very interesting to see how all of the potential qualifiers perform.

– Strategy guides on each page rather than clunky PDF files which is a vast improvement. And the same goes for Team Statistics abbreviations which are now on each page rather than the need for a large PDF.

– Two live system tests which are both in profit. The half-time correct score system is showing ROI of 25.7% currently and if profits continue then Steve will program Team Statistics to automatically provide selections. That’s very exciting!

– Custom Team Statistics page where members can enter their own filters and a list of qualifying fixtures is displayed. There are already a number of new systems being tested using this page and it could be an absolute gold mine for those who like to do a bit of digging.

– Live trading sessions in the chat room with professional trader Kevin Laverick.

Steve has recently had to upgrade his server so that it can handle all the additions to Team Statistics, plus the busy chat room. Despite this – and all of the costly upgrades to the Members Area – he has kept the price exactly the same as before.

Goal Profits was terrific value already, but somehow it just keeps getting better!

You can try Goal Profits here:


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February 26, 2015

Cleeve Festival Package 2015

Cleeve Racing have just released their 2015 Festival package.

Their tips have made £4,000 betting to just £10 stakes at Cheltenham and Aintree over the last 6 years.

Have a look at these are testimonials from last year:

“…best investment I’ve made…”

“…to see several winners come up the hill was sheer joy…”

“…cost recovered 12 times over on first day…”

Here are the stats:

Cheltenham 2009 – 42 points/£420 profit to £10 stakes
Cheltenham 2010 – 89 points/£890 profit
Cheltenham 2011 – 38 points/£380 profit
Cheltenham 2012 – 24 points/£240 profit
Cheltenham 2013 – 23 points loss/-£230 loss (no ones perfect!)
Cheltenham 2014 – 44 points/£440 profit

Total – 214 points/£2140 profit to £10 stakes

Over the same period Aintree delivered a similar profit of 207 points/£2070, including a massive 83 points last year when they were paid out an impressive 11 times from just 17 bets.

And they’re about to release their Cheltenham antepost portfolio that includes selections at current prices of 16/1…20/1…33/1 and 40/1

“astounded at their ability to pick so many firsts and seconds in the hardest handicaps at big prices.’

“…big price winners… astounded…”

“…highly professional research , tips that result in profits”

Full details here:


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February 23, 2015

Champion Bets

A losing week for this service. A total of 3 points lost, mainly due to 2 full losses on Saturday. We’re now back to the starting point.



S/R 52.78%

PROFIT  +0.1 point




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February 23, 2015

Confidential Racing

Date Time Selection Result
16-Feb 4.00 Carlisle Spanish Fleet Lost
17-Feb 2.30 Wolverhampton Sensor Lost
17-Feb 4.35 Wolverhampton Ocean Legend Dead Heat
17-Feb 5.00 Wetherby Isla Fernando’s Placed
18-Feb 2.45 Ludlow Rascal Won
18-Feb 3.55 Doncaster Rathlin Rose Lost
19-Feb 2.20 Musselburgh URBAN KODE Lost
19-Feb 3.50 Huntington   KYLEMORE LOUGH Lost
19-Feb 6.10 Chelmsford THIRD STRIKE Won
20-Feb 2.20  Exeter Qualando Won
20-Feb 3.20 Exeter Twentytwos Taken Won
20-Feb 4.50 Exeter Big Society Lost
21-Feb 5.05 Lingfield Muhdiq Lost


Week 5: 5 winners from 13 bets for
Advised Odds: 0.16 points. BSP: -0.80 points.

Overall: 31 winners from 97 bets for
Advised Odds: -1.69 points. BSP: 0.24 points.

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February 22, 2015

Draw Day Demolition

As advised yesterday, we have restarted the trial after the original suffered a terrible first few days.

I have left my original introduction post here on the blog as most of it is still valid.

The changes they have made mean that rather than looking for games that will not end in a draw, we are now betting that the home team will not win. Saturday’s emails all spoke of having 4 methods of backing, they had added Away Win, Draw No Bet as an option. Sunday’s selection email then had a 5th option added at the bottom, this time Back The Draw had been added. I have recorded results as per instructions on the emails as they were received, to do otherwise would be disingenuous.

This means we now have 5 (from Sunday) ways to bet the selections.


This means it will be a quite messy trial for me to keep full records for, however it will mean that IF this turns out to be profitable we will be able to tell which market is the best to use.

As with the original instructions, there will be selections that are not available on Betfair.

All figs quoted to £100 total stake and Betfair figs will be after 5% comm deducted

So, after all that, here are the results from this weekend for all 5 methods:




S/R 80%




DUTCH  +£39.39





S/R 83.33%

PROFIT/LOSS  +£66.43





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February 22, 2015

Value Football Bets

A losing week on this part of the service. We’ve been told that a new section will be available to members soon, a Daily Best Bets page will be opened up. These have apparently been doing very well in testing, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens there. All others parts of the service are doing well.




S/R 36.17%

AV ODDS 2.36

PROFIT/LOSS  -8.94 points





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February 22, 2015

Doubling for Dummies

Regretably, another poor week – with only 4 winning bets. In order to avoid a losing week, two of these at the weekend were double stakes efforts but only one came in at the full price.
A defeat has been avoided this week, but only just.

16th Feb  : £-50

17th Feb : £-50

18th Feb : £-50

20th Feb : £+52 (1.04)

21st Feb : £-50 / £+90 (0.9)

22nd Feb : £+45 (0.9) / £+16 (0.16)

Week : £+3.00 / 0.06 pt profit overall

Balance: £970.00 (start bank : £1,000)

Win /Lose tally since start of review : 30 WINNING / 31 LOSING


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February 22, 2015

Dobbing Secrets

Imagine if you could win 75% of your bets”

… there’s never been a drawdown of more than 6 units!”

Dobbing Secrets attempts to highlight the most likely front-runners in certain race types with the aim of getting matched in-play on the exchanges to get a ‘free’ bet. The ‘free bet’ essentially doubling your stake should the selection make it first past the post.  If your lay bet is matched, but the selection doesnt win, you will lose nothing.
Hence, Double Or Bust —>= DOB

So, you place a BACK bet prior to the start of the race and using the simple spreadsheet calculator (available from their site), calculate the price for the corresponding LAY bet and place this pre-race too. The only caveat here is that the selection must get matched in-running for you to be safe ie. in a no-lose situation.

The selections are simple enough to find and shouldnt take you more than 10 minutes per day. Each selection has to meet a minimum price requirement and a further check on the specific position of the selection also approx. 10 minutes before the off.

All the necessary detail can be found in the electronic manual, for those of you that may wish to play along.. you can purchase this from the link below..(£47 + VAT).

For those who would rather not bother with trawling the racecards each day – there is another alternative… you can also subscribe to their mailing list and the selections will arrive directly to your Inbox each day and in good time before the racing day begins (monthly subscription of £27).

(Note : For the purposes of this trial I am using BSP prices)

The story so far…

13th Feb – 22nd Feb (staking £25 / point)

20 selections
5 void (not meeting filter requirements) before start
6 failed to get matched in-running (loss of £150)
2 winners (profit of £52.90 after comm.)

Overall : LOSS / £-97.10 (-3.88 pts)

You can buy Dobbing Secrets here:


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February 22, 2015

Profit At The Races

16-Feb 3.05   Wolverhampton Soluble Won
16-Feb 3.40 Wolverhampton Pearl Ransom Placed
16-Feb 4.40 Wolverhampton Cascadia Lost
16-Feb 5.40 Wolverhampton Sewn Up Lost
17-Feb 3.35 Wolverhampton Grey’s Angel Placed
18-Feb 2.00 Lingfield Park Mimi Luke Lost
18-Feb 3.35 Lingfield Park Celestine Abbey Lost
18-Feb 3.35 Lingfield Park Laura B Placed
18-Feb 5.40 Kempton Park Saffire Song Lost
18-Feb 6.10 Kempton Park Archie’s Advice Lost
18-Feb 6.10 Kempton Park The Gay Cavalier Won
18-Feb 7.10 Kempton Park Salvatore Fury Lost
19-Feb 5.10 Chelmsford City Plaisir Lost
19-Feb 5.40 Chelmsford City Gentlemusic Won
19-Feb 7.10 Chelmsford City Royal Marskell Lost
20-Feb 8.45 Wolverhampton Anarchiste Placed
21-Feb 1.15 Lingfield Park Until Midnight Placed
21-Feb 2.50 Lingfield Park Opera Lad Won
21-Feb 4.00 Lingfield Park Chookie’s Lass Lost


Nice winner at BSP 42 this week, and several near misses (lost by a neck or head)


Week 2: 4 winners from 19 bets for 42.11 points.

Overall: 5 winners from 31 bets for 33.20 points.


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February 21, 2015


I have received an email from this service saying that they are making a number of significant changes to the way selections are made and the way you are to back them.

The service had got off to a pretty bumpy start and they are concerned that things are not continuing in the same fashion they did in testing.

As we had only been going less that a week and I had made the one introductory post here on the blog, I am willing on this occasion to restart the test from scratch.

I have received the selections for today (Saturday) and will be recording them as per the new method. I will give full details of the change when I make my next report, which should hopefully be on Monday.

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