January 20, 2017


I must apologise for the delay in wrapping this trial up. I have been having a few health issues that prevented me from posting updates but they have not stopped me keeping track of all selections by all services I am currently monitoring.

I said at the end of November that I wanted to extend the trial beyond our usual three month period because I was concerned about how stable the profit made seemed.

The problem was that we ended the trial period with a very nice profit. A nice problem to have, you may well think but my concern was based on the fact that we’d had one losing month that cost us around 16 points, then a month that was roughly break even, followed by a couple of months showing really good bottom lines. The break even month and one the the good months had been showing really worrying levels of losss, with the bank coming perilously close to being wiped out, only to be saved at the very end of the month by a fantastically good winning day.

I was concerned about how often that pattern could be repeated before we missed that one winning day, meaning extinction for our betting bank. Thankfully things have settled down into a much more stable set of results and I have been reassured by the comments made by Geir about the earlier roller coaster ride.

So I’ve finally been able to come to a decision I’m comfortable with and have a set of figures, complete with stable performance, that I’m happy to go with.

Selections are received by email and are usually for the following day’s fixtures, although weekend fixtures may be provided a day or two early.

All emails are easy to understand and prices quoted have been available and are often beatable with a little shopping around. If there is one niggle that I’d like to mention, it’s that there is always a monthly profit/loss figure included in the daily email and it is ALWAYS misleading. To be fair, there’s a link included to get the latest up figure available from their official results. Why not stick to just including this link? Why state a separate figure which is always out of date and can cause confusion when compared to your own records? I think this may be more of a Betting Gods thing rather than specific to this service as I am reviewing another tipster from their stable and the same format is used there too.

Membership costs £29.95 per month, with the first month available for just £1. Cheaper deals are available for longer subscription periods.

END OF TEST FIGURES (almost 6 months test period)

BETS 208




S/R 24.52%

AV ODDS 4.81

PROFIT LOSS +74.56 points (£745.60 @ £10 a point level stake)

ROI 15.27%

All very impressive, even more so when you consider the recommended starting bank is 75 points. That means we’re just half a point away from doubling the bank during our trial period. That’s very good going considering the unprecedented (according to the owner) close calls experienced early in the trial







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January 19, 2017

Great Bets

Day: 77-78; Selections: 7; Wins: 4; Points: 32.95

Overall: Selections: 327; Wins: 108; Points: 844.35

NB: Betting at £1 per point, bets are normally between £10 and £20 stakes.

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January 19, 2017

In Running Guide

Tony ‘The Badger’ Hargraves has just released his latest offering with his In Running Guide. I’m a big fan of Tony’s, having been to one of his trading workshops and watched him make money live on Betfair. If you don’t know of Tony, he makes a full time living trading on Betfair and has built a reputation as one of the foremost Betfair traders in the U.K.

He was the sole trainer used by Betfair UK to teach their VIP clients and key accounts how to trade on sport and horse racing. He’s trained over 1000 Betfair clients and more than that number again privately, working with a London based company, running monthly training courses.

Tony has written books on trading in football, cricket, tennis and horse racing but this new book specifically concentrates on In Running horse racing rather than pre-off, so you will learn how to profit during the actual running of the race.

The book is really well written and includes 15 unique videos and individual strategies showing Tony trading the races live, explaining what is going on, what he looks for and how to copy him. They are fascinating to watch and a brilliant way to learn for yourself. I’d recommend picking one of the strategies and learning that yourself then, once you’re confident in that particular strategy you can go back and pick another one and learn that and build it up from there. Before long you’ll have mastered all the strategies and should be able to trade in every single race should you wish.

During the videos you see Tony making anything from £20 to £100 per race, with low stakes and low risk. He uses the BetTrader software to place his bets (available here) and is often in and out of trades in a matter of seconds. Much of the work is done automatically with the BetTrader software and you can watch the races live for free with the Betfair live feed that allows you to watch any race you’ve bet on.

The book covers strategies such as:

– Sprints and Flat Racing
– Laying at the rear in a slowly run race
– Looking for a horse that will lead and drop in price
– Expected to run well
– Looking for a slow starter and laying straight after jumping.
– Lay the leader
– Missing the trade
– Hurdles
– Four Tick offset strategy
– Small fields or only two obvious chances
– Laying a big priced leader at a much lower price.
– Laying the leader in a quickly run race
– Front of the huddle
– Strategy Rear of the pack
– Laying at the rear of the field in a big field.
– Chasing
– Automated strategies
– Lay the Field

Tony covers exactly how to identify which particular strategy suits which particular race so with this book alone (and the BetTrader software) you can learn to be a professional Betfair trader yourself, whether you want to make money from trading part time, or are looking for a full time income from it.

It’s an excellent book and a must for anyone interested in making a living from Betfair.

You can get the In Running Guide here:


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January 17, 2017

Great Bets

Day: 75-76; Selections: 5; Wins: 1; Points: -5

Overall: Selections: 320; Wins: 104; Points: 811.4

NB: Betting at £1 per point, bets are normally between £10 and £20 stakes.

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January 17, 2017


“Currently, with my open positions I am up £23k from where I started 6 months ago, which I find really exciting.” – Phil

Next month it will be five full years since I first came across this incredible risk free trading method and in all that time this has remained my number one, top money making method. When I first learned the method I realised at the time that this was life changing. By that I mean, this one trading system has given me financial independence. I know that whatever happens in my life going forwards, I’ll always have an income coming in from this method. It’s been bringing me an income for the last five years and I know it’ll continue to do so for the rest of my life. I have every intention of teaching this method to my daughter when she’s old enough, and it gives me great peace of mind knowing that whatever happens in her life too, she’ll always be able to make money using this method.

Glynn and Paul have been teaching this method to small groups of people, behind closed doors, for the last five years and over that time they have been quietly changing lives.

Here’s what the recent attendees said:

“Thank you both so much for the effort you both went to in order to ensure the class thoroughly understood the course contents. I came away on a huge high. Despite being somewhat brain-dead due to lack of sleep the previous night.  I even managed to read about half of book one on the train home and thing began to fall into place even more.”

“Just wanted to say thanks for a great course. Thought it was really well presented, with clear simple language and easy to follow.”

“It was really nice to have met both of you yesterday.  The training was an eye opener and money well spent.”

“I have to say I am very impressed with PIE.  It was really nice to finally meet you both and I was reassured about asking questions in the future.  I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face last night.”

And now some people who have been using it for a while…

“I have now been trading the PIE system for nearly 6 months since attending your trading workshop in London.  I must say that I am very impressed with the results I have had to date.

I started out with a pot of £25K but recently due to my early successes trading the FT100 with PIE system I have increased my investment to 95K.  I am finding that my return on the PIE system is excellent and above my initial expectations.

Currently with my open positions I am up £23K from where I started which I find really exciting.  It is also worth noting that during my 6 months trading I have had to deal with the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump.  However, none of these events caused me any concerns on the positions I had opened at the time. Which demonstrates to me the robust nature of the PIE system.

What I find really pleasing is that in 6 months I have not had a losing trade. In my many years of trading I have not come across anything as reliable as the PIE system.”

“I have been using PIE for just over a year now and my return has been 48.2% which equates to annual return of 42.1%. Needless to say, this has completely surpassed my expectations. I am now investing more funds in the system. Once I purchased the system the support from Glynn and Paul has been excellent. No question too stupid for them to answer! Very prompt and informative too.  They are two of the very few honest individuals who are selling a strategy that will make you a very healthy return. Don’t delay like I did get stuck in!”

“I’m really enjoying it – never seen an easier way to make money! All the sweat and tears I put into the stockmarket and then there’s this!”

“As I mentioned in our telephone conversation yesterday, I managed to get 2% on my balance last month, which equates to more than £8,000 so, as you can imagine, I’m loving your system!”

“It is the easiest way to make money every month for the rest of your life bar none. In fact I would go as far as to say it’s so easy, it’s stupid!”

“By May I felt confident enough to place my first real trade for the June expiry and was pleased to make 1.27% or 15.24% annualised. Needless to say, I was more than happy with that. Since then I have steadily transferred further funds to my trading account using cash that had been languishing in underperforming ISA’s and other deposit accounts which were probably producing about 1.75% per annum!”

“Since mid June my account now stands at over £5000 profit. Can’t complain. Great little system. Keep up the good work.”

Take a look at some information about PIE and more feedback from people who have attended the course and then give either Glynn or Paul a call for an informal chat. They’re not sales people and if they don’t think the course is right for you, they won’t even allow you to book a place.

Take the decision to do something positive today, and let’s make 2017 the year when you get your investment returns back on track.

Take a look at the details here:


P.S. This is Brexit proof and Donald Trump proof!

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January 17, 2017

SAW Deluxe – Retrial

I’ve been asked to do a re-trial of the SAW Deluxe betting bot. I initially tested this back in September/October last year and failed it based on the fact that it lost 300 points in just over two weeks which I felt was an unacceptable loss.

However, I have been monitoring the results for this since the review and typically that was the only losing month this bot has had:

The 300 point loss I experienced was on the back of a 355 point profit the previous month so I feel a re-trial is justified. Realisitcally we are looking at aiming for £1 per point with this bot rather than £10 so for this trial I am allowing myself a 500 point bank, which is £500. If results continue in the same way then this is actually looking like a very profitable bot.

It’s very easy to test. I simply set it up with the settings on the webpage, switch it on and leave it to run 24/7 on my VPS.

The settings I am using are the exact settings for the Place Favourite on the sales website.

You can try SAW Deluxe here:


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January 16, 2017

The Sports Guru

There are 4 open bets on the outcome of the African Nations Cup which won’t be settled for a few weeks.

Week 10; Selections: 82; Wins: 30; Points: -20.660 At £10 per point: £-206.60

Overall: Selections: 791; Wins: 304; Points: -97.250 At £10 per point: £-972.50″

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January 15, 2017

Premier Greyhound Tips

Week 10: Selections: 6; Wins: 2; Points: 11.75 At £10 per point: £117.50

Overall: Selections: 83; Wins: 15; Points: -7.75 At £10 per point: £-77.50

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January 15, 2017

Quentin Franks Value

Week 10: Selections: 9; Wins: 1; Points: -6.000 At £10 per point: £-60.00

Overall: Selections: 69; Wins: 15; Points: -4.583 At £10 per point: £-45.83

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January 15, 2017

Great Bets

Day: 72-74; Selections: 11; Wins: 5; Points: 70

Overall: Selections: 315; Wins: 103; Points: 816.4

NB: Betting at £1 per point, bets are normally between £10 and £20 stakes.

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