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Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012

Smart Racing Trader

System 1

Bank £529.70

No bets over weekend or today.

System 2

Bank £507.35

3/3 No Bet

4/3 +£8.86

5/3 +£38.51

Bank £554.72

Great win today for System 2. My bet moved quickly into profit and carried on going, it did move back slightly but I traded out shortly before the off for a very good profit.

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March 5, 2012

Greyhound Betting System

For a variety of reasons I took the weekend off.  Today has been the best so far with two winning sequences.  There were insufficient races at the end of the second sequence to be able to complete a third.

The second race of the first sequence produced a winner at 3.50, a new sequence was started and the third race produced a winner at 3.00.


RESULTS Day 4 – Monday 5 March

Bank for 1st sequence: £45.60

P/L for sequence: £2.17 profit

Bank for 2nd sequence: £47.77

P/L for sequence: £2.39

Bank carried forward: £50.16

Daily P/L: £4.56

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March 5, 2012

Time Shift Trader

No trades on Friday as it was NFP day and a loser today.

Day 28: -£200

Total: +£1080 (Capital Spreads)
Total: +£1770 (ETX)

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March 5, 2012

Cricket Tipster

This, as the name suggests, is a tipping service for cricket. You don’t need to know anything about cricket to be able to use the service as the e-mails are very clear about what you need to bet on. Obviously if you do have an interest in cricket then this service can give you that little bit extra, as you’ll have some money riding on the game.

The tipster, Anth, concentrates on side markets within cricket as they frequently contain big value bets and the results are very encouraging. When I started my test of this service, it had apparently made 100 points in 2011 already, up to the beginning of December.

This is a superb result considering there are only a few bets week.

The e-mails are short and to the point. This is a typical example:

Hi Everyone






On to the results of my test and I have used the service for the three months of December, January and February and am pleased to report a profit 52 points, which is a very healthy £520 at £10 bets, or £1300 for £25 stakes.

This is definitely one I shall continue to use as it requires very little input, just a few minutes to place your bets, and provides an excellent return.

My one criticism of this service is that sometimes the tips come at short notice. You may get an e-mail at around 8pm for a match due to start that night or in the early hours somewhere in the world, but I guess that’s no different to getting horse tips in the morning for races in the afternoon. That’s the nature of this sport, it’s played around the world in different time zones so to take full advantage of this service you need to be able to access your e-mails ‘out of hours’ so to speak.

Most of us have smart phones these days so that shouldn’t be a problem, especially as you can place your bets with them too!

This is a great value service (£9.97 for the first month!) and does deliver what it promises, which is a consistent profit for not much effort. A good strike rate, good customer service and good profits, I have no option other than to give this a big thumbs up from me.

You can try Cricket Tipster (now called Cricket Advisor) for £9.97 here:


I have stayed on the service since the trial and the results since then are:

Mar-12 9.85
Apr-12 10.21
May-12 -4.21
Jun-12 3.18
Jul-12 0.92
Aug-12 4.89
Sep-12 17.01
Oct-12 -7.73
Nov-12 -4.56
Dec-12 35.67
Jan-13 9.71
Feb-13 -13.05
Mar-13 -8.45
Apr-13 24.41
May-13 5.85
Jun-13 31.75
Jul-13 1.92
Aug-13 11.8
Sep-13 1.84
Oct-13 -3.66
Nov-13 -1

Total: 126.35

So that’s a total profit of £1783 to £10 bets since I’ve been on the service which is, considering the low number of bets, an excellent return.Approved2

You can try Cricket Tipster for £7 here:

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March 5, 2012

The Laying Game

Day 24 – 04-Mar – Bets: 1  Winning Bets: 0  Profit £-7.30
Total – Bets: 102  Winning Bets: 77  Profit £86.60  S/R 75.49%  Average Odds of 5.05

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