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Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9, 2012

Smart Racing Trader

System 1

Bank £524.22

9/3 +9.15

Bank £533.37


System 2

Bank £614.24

9/3 -£10.81

Bank £603.43

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March 9, 2012

Time Shift Trader

It turns out I haven’t been receiving Marks weekly e-mail updates which I’ve now sorted out. His updates go into the profit figures using different profit targets and also contains useful information like the fact the NFP day had been moved back a week to today. So I should have traded last Friday but didn’t. This was lucky for me as it was a losing day, but I didn’t trade today either as it was the proper NFP day.

For the next two weeks the trades will be put on at 12.00 because the States put their clocks forwards two weeks before we do.

I’ll just report on my own profit figures from now on, to keep it simple.

Day 29: +£300
Day 30: -£200
Day 31: +£280

Total: +£1460

Sometimes I don’t make the full profit even though I set a 30 pip target which explains the result yesterday. The system nevertheless seems to be performing well still.

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March 9, 2012

ForEx Trend Rider

Week 2

EUR/USD 15 minute (flat £10 per pip)

Date Time Direction Stop Pips  P/L
05-Mar 09:30 Sell 16 14  £       140.00
06-Mar 10:00 Sell 11 9  £          90.00
06-Mar 11:00 Sell 25 23  £       230.00
07-Mar 15:00 Sell 17 15  £       150.00
08-Mar 08:30 Buy 13 11  £       110.00
08-Mar 14:15 Buy 10 8  £          80.00


Week 2: 80 pips for £ 800
Overall:  160 pips for £ 1600

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March 9, 2012

ForEx Trend Rider

Week 1

OK, a little cheating as week 1 was back tested!

I could with an alarm as it is easy to get distracted and miss an entry.

EUR/USD 15 minute (flat £10 per pip)

Date Time Direction Stop Pips  P/L
27-Feb 09:00 Sell 13 11  £       110.00
27-Feb 09:30 Sell 17 15  £       150.00
28-Feb 14:45 Sell 12 10  £       100.00
29-Feb 09:30 Sell 23 21  £       210.00
01-Mar 13:15 Sell 18 16  £       160.00
01-Mar 15:45 Sell 21 -21 -£       210.00
02-Mar 11:15 Sell 30 28  £       280.00

Week 1: 80 pips for £ 800
Overall:  80 pips for £ 800


EUR/USD 4-Hour (£10,000 start bank, 3% risk per trade)

This is for the month of February so also back tested. I’ll only be reporting on this test monthly.

Date Time Direction Stop Pips  Lot  P/L
02-Feb 12:00 Sell 135 -135  £      2.22 -£       300.00
14-Feb 12:00 Sell 80 80  £      3.64  £       291.00
21-Feb 16:00 Buy 86 86  £      3.49  £       299.73
27-Feb 16:00 Buy 56 56  £      5.51  £       308.72

February: 87 pips for £ 599
Overall:  87 pips for £ 599

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March 9, 2012

ForEx Trend Rider

I have looked at Forex Trend Rider by Alex Buzby.

Before we get in to this, I will state up front that, as a Price Action trader, I am not usually impressed by lagging indicators such as Moving Averages. My belief is that these only work in trending markets but not in range-bound markets.

That said, what do we have here? The system costs $67 (apparently for a limited time, otherwise $127). For that you get a weak pdf explaining the system that is really only explained by watching 14 videos. I say weak pdf because three paragraphs on Money Management, which in no way explains anything about Money Management which is a key component to any system, or the roughly one page on Psychology, the other vital component, is quite frankly laughable.

Thankfully there is a two losing trades and you are done for the day rule, this will limit the damage if the market is range-bound. Another thing to be thankful for is that the system appears to have short-stops, again damage will be limited.

Now I did send Graham quite a snotty email about this system being a re-hash of a very poor system based moving average cross-overs. Thankfully I reread the rules and re-watched the videos and this isn’t that sort of system at all. It is an attempt to trade the retraces that naturally occur in any trend, and this is quite a sound methodology.

A couple of filters I have added; I don’t think these are contained in the system. Both moving averages have to on or preferably above or below the trendline. I will only take a sell if the fast MA is below the slow and the slow MA is on or below the trendline. Vice versa for a buy. The MAs do need a pip or two separation; if you buy this I think you will quickly learn that MAs that are close together does not lead to consistent results.

I will use a 15 minute EUR/USD for the main trial using the Cash Master standard £10 per pip. I will stop once (if?) I reach 20 pips for the day.

I will run a separate trial using a 4-hour EUR/USD. I remain unhappy about the Money Management section. I will be risking 3% per trade, so the actual size of the bet will be dependent on the bank and the stop loss at the time.

As normal for me on ForEx I’ll publish results each weekend.

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March 9, 2012

The Laying Game

Day 28 – 08-Mar – Bets: 5  Winning Bets: 3  Profit £-34.10
Total – Bets: 119  Winning Bets: 87  Profit £-30.40  S/R 73.11%  Average Odds of 4.92

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