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Thursday, July 13, 2017

July 13, 2017

2 Minute Trader Plus

This is the first report on the 2 Minute Trader Plus which, as its name implies, is a system for trading on horse racing that employs software to select horses to be backed in the evening, generally either favourites or those near the head of the market, that have an excellent chance the following day of dropping in price and thus be layed to lock in a profit regardless of the outcome of a race.

The system will set you back a rather chunky £79.96 per month and for this you will receive a comprehensive instruction manual, 4 short videos together with a calculator to find the size of the lay bet and numerous screen shots of worked trades to guide you through the whole procedure. Up to 6 trades for the following days racing are sent out via e-mail between 6-9pm together with the target price/next best price that should be backed with the specified bookmakers offering “bog” prices. The following morning between 10am and 11am you will receive an overview email advising on the prices to target for the Lay side of the trade.

So you will need to open accounts with the leading bookmakers that offer “bog” prices and a Betfair account to handle the lay side of the trades. Although the system is called 2 minute trader it will in practice require a few minutes more work but with practice no more than say 5 minutes in the evening and 5 minutes or so for afternoon racing and potentially another 5 minutes for evening races. However you do not need to chain yourself to a computer screen all afternoon/evening and this will be a major advantage for many.

The claimed accuracy of the system in their marketing is 70% with a further circa 10% breaking even and 20% going on to lose. The losses however, if handled correctly (i.e following the manual’s instructions), should limit those losses to typically 10% of the initial stake. In practice then, assuming say £50 back stakes, this will produce on average circa £7-15 profit a trade after Betfair commissions and you receive on average 100 trades a month then you should be looking at:-

70 x typically £10 per trade profit = £700
10 break even trades  =£0
20 losses x £5 (10% of typically £50 stake)= £100

Total gain £600 minus monthly fee = Profit £520 per month

The results published in the members area for the 545 selections from 2 February to 12 July actually support the above calculations and indeed are slightly better with some 82% of the trades being wins and 16.5% losers. Using £50 back stakes a profit of £3,740 was made.

It would be realistic to start out with a £500 betting bank to cover the placement of the back/lay bets.

Obviously the major worry for potential users of 2 Minute Trader Plus is the bookies closing down your accounts.

However you will be backing selections that are either favourites or those near the head of the market and this is what bookies expect from typical “mug punters”. The authors of the system have also put a fair amount of time into providing specific detailed actions on how to further minimise account closure happening. Of course over the longer term and dependent on how many people take up this system they cannot guarantee that this will never occur.

I shall publish next week the results of my first 2 weeks experiences using the system.

You can try 2 Minute Trader Plus here:

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I started following Project Prosperity using Mike Cruickshank’s Betting Mastermind Package on 12th June 2017.  After just over one calendar month, the recommended  starting bank of £500 has risen to £976.98. So just slightly short of the £1000 bank target. I have been spending about 90 mins a day using the Betting Mastermind Package: this includes the time taken to study all the associated videos.

The first part of the Project entails using sign up bonuses. So far, I have signed up with 19 out of 21 bookies associated with the Bonus Bagging (starting) component of Betting Mastermind and a further 10 bookies associated with the Profit Maximizer (next) component of Betting Mastermind.  Bonus Bagging  provides the user on request  actual matched qualifying bets, free bets and roll over bets. With Profit Maximizer one makes use of the Matched Betting Software (another component of Betting Mastermind) that allows one to find matched bets quickly and easily. So far all the bookmaker sign up bonuses required deposit by bank card. Deposit is usually within a minute, but withdrawal to bank card can take from 3 to 5 working days depending on the bookmaker.

Of the two bookies with Bonus Bagging that I have not yet used: these are Betfair  and Bet 365. Both these books have large deposit bonuses, so I need to wait for my bank to build up before doing them. For all the matched bets, I have   used the  Smarkets betting exchange rather than Betfair. Betfair is my next target registration, it currently has an option for a £100 deposit bonus, which is why I waited.

Starting Bank on June 12th 2017:  £500

Bank Target : £1000

Current Bank on July 13th 2017: £976.98

Number of Bets: 90. This includes matched bets associated with the Skybet Club (Bet £25 a week, get £5 free bet)

The next report will be around August 14th 2017, the target bank for this date according to Project Prosperity is £1800


So far, so good. Although I’ve had to spend more time than the intended one hour a day. Product support is excellent.

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July 13, 2017

Racing Dossier

Racing Dossier is a web based horse racing ratings software from the guys over at Race Advisor. Of course, like any ratings, they’re only any good if they can be used to help you identify winning selections and so here’s a short video showing a very quick, four step strategy that does just that. It finds 3-4 bets a week with plenty of winners and has produced a 37% return on investment:

Profit: 65.32
Wins: 28
Bets: 177
Strike Rate: 16%
ROI: 37%

You can try Racing Dossier for £2.36 here:

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