November 2, 2011

Beaumonts Bets

Well, well, well. I’m not sure where to start with this really.

Ok, let’s start with the bottom line… Profit.

October saw another incredible return with a profit of 117 points, and remember this is using an 80 point bank. That makes it over 300 points profit in the last three months alone.

But that’s not all. For the vast majority of bets you only actually risk one quarter of one point per bet. This means, if you want to bet £50 level stakes, you are only risking £12.50 per bet.

Or, for £10 level stakes you are risking £2.50 per bet.

If you were happy risking £12.50 per bet, you could have made £15,000 profit in the last 12 weeks. Tax free.

So how is this done?

When Paul first started the service, he simply backed all the selections to level stakes. This works really well over the long haul but the big drawback of this is that you get large swings into profit and large swings into loss. In a week you could have won 100 points and in another week you could have lost 100 points. You needed a genuine 200 point bank and you needed the stomach to handle to draw downs.

There was also the problem of getting the bets on at the same prices as Paul was getting in the mornings.

So Paul went to work to find a solution and came up with the 75% method which has been in operation ever since.

Now a subscriber gets sent a link to a Google Docs page each morning at around 10.30. They log on to the page and can see the bets appearing live as Paul puts them on. They place their bets at the same time and get more or less the same prices as Paul. It’s then just a matter of laying off the bets on Betfair before the off at 75% of the stake that they were backed at, and this is done automatically using a bot.

This means spending around two hours a day ‘working’, then having the rest of the day off.

And these are the results:

August: 88.98 points
September: 95.55 points
October 117.69 points

Total: 302.22 points (£15,111 at £50 stakes)

These figures are absolutely staggering and I’m sure you can appreciate that this really can be a full time income for anyone that wants it.

Please bear in mind that Paul aims to make 24 points a month on an 80 point bank. This is a 30% return per month and if you compound your winnings, this is a life changing amount of profit.

Please also bear in mind that this will definitely NOT be suited to everyone. It’s not a get rich quick program and it will only be suited to people that are available to bet for two hours live in the late mornings.

In light of this, Paul has asked that if anyone is interested in trying out the service that they e-mail him first at He will give you a document outlining exactly what’s involved and you will be able to determine whether or not this is for you. In fact, if you have any questions or concerns at all, you should drop him an e-mail.

He always responds to e-mails (usually in the late afternoon or evening after the racing) so if you don’t get a reply check your junk folder or try e-mailing him from an alternate e-mail address.

There is also an unconditional money back guarantee. This isn’t for everyone so if you do give it a go, even for the whole month, and decide it’s not for you then just ask for a refund and it will be honoured.

The monthly subscription will be increasing from the stupidly low £30 very soon. With these sorts of returns thats a very small price to pay for something that can replace, if not exceed, your current income and give you every afternoon off!

Check out the testimonials on the website. Here’s a few:

“just to let you know I made 85pts profit in October (using back/lay 75%) so needless to say google docs is a complete success and your service is exceptional! keep up the good work”

“Feedback for October – I managed just over 80 points and this was with missing days due to a bereavement, being ill and problems with my ISP………… I just use googledocs now – think it is great”

“Just a quick message to say I have cancelled my subscription for a couple of months whilst I go away to Thailand as discussed a while ago.

As a rough estimation, as I am still not brilliant at keeping records! Around 70% of this two month trip has been paid for by the bookmakers via your service.

Regards and a big thank you.”

“Bloody brilliant today! And not for the first time. Excellent service and if there was only one that I’d recommend it would be this one.”

“Overall very, very impressive and I’m hoping to remain a customer for as long as you continue with the service.”

“Hi Paul,

Here’s how I got on during October.

I made 118 points using Google Docs and backing only. It would have been more but for two or three mistakes where I backed the wrong horse (a timely reminder to get my eyes tested again!). Sod’s law dictated that the correct selection went on to win. I keep upping my stakes slowly but surely, and feel privileged to be part of the best betting system I have come across”

“I can foresee me using this service for many years

Full results can be found on the site:



I think you can predict by now that this is going to be YET another positive update for the Beaumonts Bets service. How does he do it?

First off the results for March. Well, a lot of systems and services really struggled over March and BB was no exception, this time only notching up a profit of 36 points.

Err… yes, ONLY 36 points.

Just to remind you, here’s the monthly totals so far:

August: 88.98
September: 95.55
October 117.69
November: 97.10
December: 55.10
January: 23.10
February: 45.37
March: 36.39

Total: 559.28 points (£27,964)

So it only managed a 45% increase in the 80 point bank in March but then, as Paul said, it was a ‘slow’ month.

Obviously he continues to over deliver on his promises but not only are the results impressive, he’s also come up with a new variation on the already very low risk back/lay 75% staking method and the results of the new variation are very interesting indeed.

Here’s what he says about it:

“I have been looking at a different way of using B/L 75% because there are a couple of scenarios in the current version I am not happy with. In short, I want more, for instance:

If a horse drifts and wins, I want to win because I have picked the winner (not unreasonable, I think).

If a horse is backed off the boards but loses, I want to win because I have beaten the market.

The new variation means that both of those scenarios will make money. It doesn’t come for free though (does anything?) because, in order to achieve this, some of the winnings when a horse is backed in and wins have to be sacrificed. However the second aspect of this variation that appeals to me is the absolute rock bottom risk factor involved such that, in my opinion, a 50 point operating back is more than sufficient. The third aspect that appeals is that, I feel, anyone will be able to get results much closer to mine than some are able to at the moment.”

Using this method, with a 50 point bank, the month of March achieved a profit of 34.88 points which is almost a 70% return!

Paul has made a page on the site that explains the method here:

Check out the latest testimonials too, there’s some very happy campers doing rather well out of Pauls service.

Finally, as I mentioned in my introduction, Paul has also created a new video, this time from his new home in Lanzarote, which is well worth a watch and is on the main home page. I have scoffed at the quality of the production, but it’s the content that counts, and Paul is a man certainly worth listening to… if you want to actually make your betting pay that is.

Check it out here:


UPDATE August 2012

Since my last update it’s had four more profitable months making it one whole year with an astonishing profit of 786.45 points on the Back/Lay75% method which works on an 80 point bank.

Here’s the totals with the monthly percentage profits in brackets:

August: 88.98 (111%)
September: 95.55 (119%)
October 117.69 (147%)
November: 97.10 (121%)
December: 55.10 (69%)
January: 23.10 (29%)
February: 45.37 (57%)
March: 36.39 (45%)
April: 40.91 (51%)
May: 69.82 (87%)
June: 62.34 (78%)
July: 54.10 (68%)

Total: 786.45 points profit using an 80 point bank.

That’s a 983% return in one year and an incredible £39,322 profit at £50 stakes.

The back lay 75% system has very low draw downs meaning that a small bank of only 80 points is needed and that was never stretched at all during the year.

Those that prefer even higher profits simply back each selection without laying it off. A higher bank of 200 points is required to do this and it’s been known to have a loss of 100 points in one week, so it’s more of a roller-coaster ride but certainly more profitable too.

Results for the year, backing only, were 1341.12 points which is a clear profit of:

£67,056 to £50 level stakes.

In March Paul introduced a new variation to the Back/Lay75% method which is proving even more profitable as it can be operated on just a 50 point bank. That variation made 34.88 points (70% return)in March, in April it made 33.78 points (68% return), in May it made 72.87 points (146% return!), June was 36.71 points (73%) and July 27.7 points (55%).

If you ever wondered if it were really possible to make a living from horse racing, then here’s the answer. £67,000 profit, tax free, for working from 10.30am – 12.30pm, and then taking the rest of the day off.

Can’t be bad can it?

You can try Beaumont’s Bets here:


Update August 2013

If it’s profit you’re after, this is without a doubt the best horse racing service available. And it always was.

Well, another six months have gone by and another astounding profit has been made:
Back Only: 554.27 points.
Lay 75% of back: 337.17 points.
Back/Lay 75%: 245.90 points.
Both combined: 291.54 points.
Yes, you read that right. For those simply backing all selections using a 200 point bank, Paul has managed 554.27 points profit over the last six months alone.

For those that prefer a smoother ride with less drawdowns, using the Back/Lay 75% method (explained in detail on the site), Paul brought in 245.9 points profit. And that is using just a 50 point bank! That’s a 492% return in six months.

Seriously, if anyone knows of a more profitable service then I’d like to hear about it!

Anyhow, if you’ve not tried it yet, or if you have and you fancy another look, check out the website, watch the videos, find out how it works and get involved. You CAN make a living from betting, and Beaumonts Bets is the way to do it!

Have a look here:

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denis November 4, 2011 at 8:53 am

Hi Graham, i am thinking of joining this service but am worried that i will not be able to master the technical side of the system .
I can do the basics but when it comes to understanding some of the terminology i find it confusing.
Do you feel that this is suited to me? I have the time and the funding and the drive to make it work for me but can you confirm the profits and that it works as described by Paul?

cheers denis.

Graham November 4, 2011 at 10:27 am

The profits are completely genuine, as are the testimonials. It’s pretty simple actually. Log on to the Google Docs spreadsheet in the morning at 10.30, as soon as a bet appears you bet on the same one yourself using an odds comparison site to find the best odds you can. Spend the next two hours doing the same (with tea breaks of course!). Then at 12.30, or thereabouts, when Paul says that’s it for the day, you set up the bot to place the lay bets for you in the afternoon. There is a manual showing you how to set this up too and Paul is very helpful if you need any help with it. So then you can either watch the races and have some fun with those, or get on with something else for the day.

Don’t forget, there’s a money back guarantee so if you try it and don’t get on with it, just ask for a refund and that’s that. Hope that helps.

Lourdes November 6, 2011 at 5:38 pm

Hi Graham:
I have written to Paul several times in recent weeks and has not deigned to answer me.
Then write what you asked him if you can help me:

” My name is Lourdes. In a forum of Spain I’ve seen speak highly of your betting system.

I know a little betting on horse racing, although I lost a lot of money on them.

I think the main problem of the system is to be achieved the highest odds.

I need your help.

Paul, you use multiple bookmakers to do so. How many bookmakers use and which ones?.
At what time does it start to share their choices? .
You make any bet on Betfair (back)?
What odd comparison you use?

I hope that many questions will not bother you, but I’m in a slump and need your help to recover”.



Graham November 7, 2011 at 11:02 am

Hi Lourdes,

Paul answers ALL e-mails that he receives, so either you sent it to the wrong address or you’re not getting his replies (did you check your junk folder?). Hi e-mail is Remember, he answers e-mails after racing only as he’s busy during the day running the service, so always allow 24 hours for a reply and try e-mailing him from a different e-mail address if you don’t get a reply in 24 hours.

John November 12, 2011 at 8:29 pm

Hi my main concern would be even at £10 a point a very large amount of money would have to be sitting in the Betfair account for the lay part with 50 bets some days!
What would be the required total bank to work the system with £10 per point and the 75% lay?
Also are all the bots for laying subscription only?

Graham November 14, 2011 at 11:15 am

Hi John,

The best way to do it is to work out how much money you can afford to use with the method and work out your stake based on that. We have had people start with £2 stakes earning a modest amount (easily covering the subs), that are now on £12 a bet earning over £1000 a month. Best not to try to win too much too soon, this is not a get rich quick scheme. Any further questions, e-mail Paul at

Mitch November 20, 2011 at 7:55 pm

So are you saying if you need a 80 point bank and decide to start at £2 stakes, you need around £160 to start, sorry, but i am a little confused.


Graham November 21, 2011 at 12:30 pm

You need £160 as a betting bank, yes. But you also need funds available, that are never at risk, to top up your Betfair account as it takes a few days for withdrawals to come back from the bookies so you need to have funds available as ‘cash flow’.

terry February 6, 2012 at 4:09 pm

Hi – results look good but there must be a downside – and the downside will probably be this. If you are betting with the bookmakers you will very soon get restricted when the selections win. And this will happen very quickly with some of the bookies, so the system will then presumably be unworkable?

Graham February 7, 2012 at 12:43 pm

There is always ways around this. 98% of bettors never have this problem because they lose at the bookies. With Beaumonts Bets you will win and as you correctly point out, will have to get around the little problem of bookies wanting to shut or restrict your accounts. It’s not rocket science though is it? Paul has been through 120 bookie accounts so far…

mark benson February 16, 2012 at 12:38 pm

No its not “rocket science” but it is a pain to keep it going using friends/family accounts, and this is the only way to get round it.
A lot of the bookies now simply do not tolerate winning accounts, i had vc
close me down after 2 winning bets!!

Graham February 16, 2012 at 6:37 pm

I agree it is a pain, but lets face it, it’s much less of a pain than having to work a 40 hour week for a living.

Tom May 1, 2012 at 12:06 am

Hi Graham
If you are betting £10 a point, how many bookies would you start with, and
how much money would you suggest putting into each of the bookies accounts.
Yours Kindly
PS I enjoyed your answer to the last callers comment.

Graham May 1, 2012 at 9:25 am

Hi Tom,

You really want to be operating with all the BOG bookies in able to get the best prices. If you are using the new Back/Lay 75% method then you’ll need a 50 point bank, so £500 for £10 a point, or £800 if using the old Back/Lay 75% method. Both work really well. You will also need some extra funds, that are never put at risk, just to oil the wheels so to speak, as it takes some time to make a withdrawal from the bookies so it’s useful to have funds available to bet with while you’re waiting for your money to come through.

Roger May 10, 2012 at 4:48 pm

What happens where the lay bets haven’t been able to be placed because Betfair crashed. Presumably if all the horses lose, there could be quite a loss that day.

Graham May 11, 2012 at 9:26 am

Yes, and that has happened on one occasion since the service started, where I think we lost 20 points on the day. Although, it could equally have been an excellent day with more winners and no lay bets placed.

lef_33 June 6, 2012 at 5:12 pm

Do you think this system would still make a good profit if all back bets were placed at betfair instead of bookies?

Graham June 7, 2012 at 9:05 am

No. This system relies on the fact that we are getting value bets at the bookies, so it wouldn’t be profitable using just Betfair.

shaun August 21, 2012 at 9:44 am

I have been banned by a number of bookies using a arbing system in the past, is beaumont bets a system that will get you banned at the bookies due to the high profit? regards shaun

Graham August 21, 2012 at 10:41 am

Here’s an e-mail from Paul on this very subject:

Good afternoon everyone

A global email (haven’t done one of those for a bit).

Well, it seems to be the case that everyone who subscribes to this service has now run out of questions, apart from one, and that is the one that really has no satisfactory answer.

The question is (in various forms):

What do I do in order to prevent bookies closing my accounts?

The answer, sadly, is there is nothing, in my experience, that I can do. I should know because I have had over 200 separate bookies accounts closed over the past few years so, you can see, I can hardly claim to have any expertise in preventing this.

The sin we are committing, is giving the impression of being intelligent punters (they just don’t like it, I’m afraid), it’s not even about the money because there’s no way to predict what they will do or when they will do it. I have people who bet at £50 a time and just jog along nicely. By the same token (and I don’t expect you to believe this for one minute, because I know it’s true and I still don’t) I have more than one subscriber who has had their account closed with Stan James despite never betting more than £1.

All I can do is to bet in other peoples’ names and do my very best to make sure that no-one I use can be connected to any other. This means different names, different bank accounts, different addresses and even different IP addresses. I use an expat site that costs me £5 per month to allocate UK IP addresses to my computer. The site I use is There are others who do a similar thing.

During the past year, lots of people have dropped out of the “program”
because of bookies closing accounts. They email me and tell me why and I wish them the best of luck for the future and we part friends. Whilst they’ve been with me they’ve made themselves a few bob, and that’s all good, but now it’s come to an end (good while it lasted and all that).

However what is also happening is that there has developed a decent sized “hard core” group who are similar to me (completely bloody minded) and they have decided not to lie down just because Paddy and the rest have told them to. They have decided that they will continue to do whatever is necessary to make sure they continue making the profits they have become used to. It is the size of this group that will ultimately determine whether I continue with this service.

There you are then, you now know everything I know about this subject.



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