February 9, 2012

Beaumonts Bets

January was a testing month for Beaumonts Bets, not helped in the least by Betfair crashing on 13th. Since the recommended method is to back the selections in the morning and lay off 75% of the bets on Betfair before the off using a bot, this meant that the lay side of the bets on that day couldn’t be placed.

As is the way with these things, it wasn’t a profitable day just backing and they lost 19.05 points. This of course would have been offset with the lay bets, just as they are normally on any other day, had Betfair been up and running.

Fortunately this is a rare occurrence; just imagine how much money Betfair lost that afternoon in commissions!

The good news, however, is that despite that setback, the Beaumonts Bets service still returned an impressive 23.1 points for January using the Back/Lay 75% method, which is in line the with target 24 points per month profit on an 80 point bank, or 30% a month.

This brings the total points profit since August to a whopping 477.52 points. That’s an average monthly profit of 79.58 points which is, near as dammit, 100% return a month.

August: 88.98
September: 95.55
October 117.69
November: 97.10
December: 55.10
January: 23.10

Total: 477.52

This is totally unprecedented in horse racing, especially when you consider the risk on the majority of bets is only one quarter of one point.

Paul has also posted some videos on the site covering Gamblers Mentality, How to make Insurance Bets, and general introduction into why his method works so well.

You can have a look here:


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