December 17, 2011


I have mentioned in my earlier comments that the daily results of the Author of the system, Mich and myself haven’t coincided, with the result that we weren’t getting the same figures. After discussing this with Mich, I realise that we haven’t been placing our bets at the same time, consequently leading to some horses being acceptable and some not. This has skewed the results I’ve had, to the detriment of the profit & loss. Therefore, now that this error has been corrected, I have started afresh. Since the bets are placed by a bot in both our cases, our results should now be similar.

The last two days have shown both sides of the laying coin, losing just on 6pts one day and recovering with 7pts profit yesterday. The service is now showing 16pts profit for December so far, so it is looking good if it keeps it up. In his morning mail, Mich is now warning us not to bet if the going is heavy but this hasn’t affected us yet, though no doubt we have some bad conditions to come.

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