May 4, 2014

Better Horse Racing Service

This is an advisory service where selections are emailed each morning. The selections can be straight win bets or each-way recommendations. Occasionally you will be advised to place multiple type bets as well.

The service is run by an ex-racehorse owner and jockey’s agent. This experience means that he has made many contacts in the industry over the years. These contacts are one of the main sources for each days selections. Being a regular attender at race meetings is also given as a reason for the success of the service.

The service is selective so the number of recommendations each day is low, sometimes no selections are recommended as patience is also one aspect of the service that members will need to practice.

The monthly charge for the service is normally £59.99 but for the first month you can get it for half-price at £29.99. To increase the value for members it is advised to use Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers but the point is also made that this is not mandatory.

As you’ll see below a nicely priced each way selection coming in has resulted in a profit of 8.5 points over the period. Now you could be cynical and say that without this the result would have been very different but I think that would be unfair. This service is promoted as a long term play and because of that it’s inevitable that short term up’s and down’s could distort things somewhat so you have to judge the service on each selection.

In terms of how the system works in practice I don’t think there are too many issues. You a receive an email each morning advising if there any selections or not. If there are you are told what price is available and with which bookmaker. Although I wasn’t able to check all the advised prices those I did were generally available. I checked as soon as I received the selections so can’t say how long advised prices would have been available.

Personally, I’m not a great fan of constantly switching bookmakers to place bets but there is no real reason why this can’t work for someone who has the time.

As you’ll see from the weekly results the number of selections you get aren’t huge so you do have to be patient and act only when advised.

As I’ve said this is a long term play so if you were thinking of joining I would certainly bear that in mind. The monthly subscription is not insignificant so that is another factor to consider. I’m going to rate this service as neutral as it is not clear to me over the three month test period that winnings can fully offset costs and provide a genuine long term income.

Monday 21 April No selections
Tuesday 22 April No selections
Wednesday 23 April 16:35 Epsom: Killing Time: 1pt win, 7th at 7/2= -£10.00
Thursday 24 April 17:05 Newcastle: Makin A Statement: 1pt ew, 3rd at 7/2 = -£1.25
Friday 25 April 13:40 Sandown: What About Carlo: 1pt ew 1st at 16/1 = +£200.00
Saturday 26 April 15:40 Leicester: Professor: 1pt win, 4th at 11/4 = -£10.00
Saturday 26 April 17:10 Haydock: Karaka Jack: 1pt win, 3rd at 7/1 = -£10.00
Saturday 26 April Double: Professor/Karaka Jack: 1/2pt ew = -£10.00

Wednesday 30 April 16:15 Ascot: Fencing: 1pt ew, 4th at 11/2 = -£20.00

Weekly Total: +£138.75

Bank: +£85.29Neutral

You can try Better Horse Racing Service here:

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better horse racing May 6, 2014 at 6:48 am

For a Service that has shown a profit of over 8 points your final outcome is quite negative. On more than One occasion I have had to correct the way you did the review and correct results that you incorrectly recorded. So I can have no faith in you as a reviewer. The service has been reviewed by lots of other companies/websites and you are the only person to post negative comments, even though the service has shown a profit. Finally you shouldn’t be commenting about costs, just about results! I mean if someone was betting at £50 a point then after paying for the service they would show a profit of £245…not bad for Three months. You cannot pay Devil’s advocate and decide what each potential client is going to stake on each selection

Craig May 6, 2014 at 8:16 pm

To be honest , this is the only site I trust for reviews and 8 points is rubbish so the outcome is correct , example a free service on twitter had made 500 points in 2013/14 and that’s free, the utt system from total betting club made 900 points this year and that cost 19 pound a month. A method I use from the forex factory makes me over 200 points profit a month again free so 50 for 8 points over three months it’s not worth the PC power.

better horse racing May 9, 2014 at 10:50 am

To be honest Craig. It may be rubbish in your eyes…but who cares. 11 Consecutive winning months, you toby!! Any way with all that money you are making from various other sources I would have thought you had better things to do, than come out with your bollocks

LIAM May 7, 2014 at 9:39 am

To say a reviewer should not evaluate the subscription costs when coming to a conclusion is nonsense.

8 points over a 3 month period with the number of bets you provide IS bad, true it’s not a loss but I wouldn’t be keen to bet those volumes with such a thin line between profit/loss and such a tiny ROI

Craig May 10, 2014 at 2:45 pm

That’s the point I have time on my hands as I make money but don’t pay someone for there advice, no doubt you are the owner of the above service good luck to you but I would not want to be one of your customers if that is how you would talk to them. I use this site to add to my profile if I see something worth looking at. I am sure it won’t be yours and I make sure all my contacts know that too.

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