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May 10, 2010

Champion Lays

There was one selection on Thursday and five over the weekend: four Saturday and the other on Sunday, resulting in a clean sweep.

RESULTS Thursday 06 May

Starting Bank £500 
Helsingborgs v Orebro – Lay Orebro – £10 @ 5.50 = £9.50  PROFIT
Daily P/L £9.50
Current Bank £499.00 

RESULTS Saturday 08 – Sunday 09 May

Starting Bank £500 
W Bremen v Hamburg – Lay Hamburg - £10 @ 5.70 = £9.50  PROFIT
Getafe v Malaga – Lay Malaga – £10 @ 4.90 = £9.50  PROFIT
Tenerife v Almeria – Lay Almeria – £10 @ 6.00 = £9.50  PROFIT
Montpellier v Lorient – Lay Lorient – £10 @ 5.70 = £9.50  PROFIT
Palermo v Sampdoria – Lay Sampdoria - £10 @ 4.20 = £9.50  PROFIT
Daily P/L £47.50
Current Bank £546.50 

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May 10, 2010

Psychic Soccer Profits

Time for an update on Psychic Soccer.

After a long period of no bets but plenty of communication from Scott, the man behind it,

it transpires that the original bot had a heap of bugs that needed ironing out.

We got a new bot last Friday and so I have re-started the trial with a £1000 betting

bank. Basically, you turn the thing on and leave it. I am using my virtual server so I’m

just leaving it on 24 hours a day and reporting on results.

8th May

Lille v Marseille -£41

9th May

Palermo v Sampdoria +£18.22

West Ham v Man City +£18.56

Total Profit: -£4.22

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May 8, 2010

Sure Wins

I’ve not tested a service like this one before on the blog. Sure Wins is an Odds-To service and for those that don’t know what that is, it works like this.

Rather than pay a monthly subscription, you are required to place a wager on each tip on behalf of the service, plus whatever you want to put on for yourself. If the bet wins, you are invoiced for the winnings. If it loses, the stake is credited to the next invoice.

The point of this is that the tips are so good that the professional bettors behind them can’t get their bets placed at the bookies so they spread them around by using punters like us. Apparently this service has ‘connections’ in the bookies that alert them to a lot of money being placed in unusual bets and we follow them.

Now, many years ago I tried services like this before and discovered they were a scam. Basically all they would do is give different portions of the membership a different tip in the same event so that no matter what the result, a significant number of people would win the bet and then forward their winnings to the service provider. So in a football match they would tell a third of the membership to bet on team A to win, a third on team B, and a third on the draw. The outcome would be that a third of their membership would win and send them a load of money thinking they are brilliant.

This sort of scam needs a high turnover of membership for obvious reasons.

Well I was natuarally very sceptical of Sure Wins, especially with their advertised 95% strike rate.

So, I contacted them and told them that I would test their service expecting to hear nothing back from them. Surprisingly they are up for it, which means either they are actually legitimate and I would have found the first odds-to service that isn’t a scam, or they are hoping someone signs up and has a few bets anyway before we expose it for what it is.

Either way, time will tell! I hope this is the real deal.

Friday 7th

Two bets, two losses.

Daily Profit: -£200
Total Profit: -£200

Ahem, well that could just be in the 5% of losing bets they have. I’ll wait with bated breath.

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May 5, 2010

Champion Lays

There was one selection for this evening and the email was sent out well before the match.

RESULTS Wednesday 05 May

Starting Bank £500 
Motherwell v Hibernian – Lay Hibernian – £10 @ 4.00 = £9.50  PROFIT
Daily P/L £9.50
Current Bank £489.50 

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May 3, 2010

Champion Lays

As I had already subscribed, Graham has asked me to blog this service and I feel that with a 75 day free trial it is appropriate to run the blog for the full 75 days.

As Graham has already introduced the service I’ll jump straight in.  No bank size has been advised and I shall use £500, staking £10 per selection.  With their suggested maximum lay odds of 7.00 this will limit my risk to £60 per selection.

The first email was sent out on 30th April.  Quite impressive, with an in-depth analysis of each selection.  In the email, there is also a download link to an Excel spreadsheet, purpose designed for the service – makes recording the results very easy.  

Another, email was sent out today, showing the results and again giving an in-depth analysis.  Results, based on the prices at which my bets were matched, rather than the “official” figures available on the Champion Lay’s site, are:

RESULTS Saturday 01 May - Sunday 02 May

Starting Bank £500 
Villarreal v Barcelona – Lay Barcelona - £10 @ 1.60 = -£6.00  LOSS
Real Salt Lake City v Toronto FC – Lay Toronto – £10 @ 5.40 = £9.50  PROFIT
Atalanta v Bologna – Lay Bologna – £10 @ 5.00 = £9.50  PROFIT
Bilbao v Mallorca – Lay Mallorca – £10 @ 4.30 = -£33.00  LOSS
Daily P/L -£20.00
Current Bank £480.00

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April 30, 2010

Champion Lays

Here’s an interesting looking Football Lay service. They are actually offering a 75 day free trial! Must be pretty confident.

I’ll be blogging the results here until they launch, but I’d thought I’d mention the free trial in case any readers would like to test it with me!

You can get your free trial here:


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April 26, 2010

Betting Pros Update

Just an update to let you know that Betting Pros have dropped the subscription price to just £25 to receive the selections from now until the end of August. They’ve also introduced a Twitter SMS service to alert users to each e-mail selection being sent out.

This is great value and an excellent service.

You can join Betting Pros here:

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April 20, 2010

Football Betting Tipsters

It is about six or seven weeks since my last update.  Until last week the service was doing very well, but Murphy’s Law being what it is, with an update due there was a rare losing bet.  Despite that I am showing a profit since the last update of slightly over 280 points (from a 1000 point starting bank).  Unfortunately for me, I missed a couple of selections and as both were winning bets this would have increased my profits by about another 50 points to around 330 points.

You can join Football Betting Tipsters here:

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April 16, 2010

Betting Pros

Here are the results over the last few weeks. They had a fantastic run recently and have almost doubled the bank (1000) since I started running this trial:

Date Bet Odds Stake Result Profit Total
12/03/2010 Twente 0.27 150 Won 39.90 638.87
13/03/2010 Bayern Munich 0.17 200 Won 34.20 673.07
14/03/2010 Man.U 0.25 150 Won 37.50 710.57
14/03/2010 AC Milan 0.40 80 Won 32.00 742.57
20/03/2010 Celtic 0.25 150 Won 37.50 780.07
20/03/2010 Arsenal 0.22 150 Won 33.00 813.07
20/03/2010 Real Madrid 0.14 200 Won 28.50 841.57
24/03/2010 Inter Milan 0.25 150 Won 37.50 879.07
24/03/2010 Barcelona 0.13 200 Won 26.60 905.67
27/03/2010 Celtic 0.22 150 Won 33.33 939.00
27/03/2010 Lyon 0.30 100 Won 30.40 969.40
27/03/2010 Twente 0.22 150 Won 32.78 1,002.18
28/03/2010 Liverpool 0.33 100 Won 33.33 1,035.51
03/04/2010 Arsenal 0.26 125 Won 32.06 1,067.57
03/04/2010 Rangers 0.18 150 Won 27.27 1,094.85
04/04/2010 PSV 0.36 100 Won 36.36 1,131.21
10/04/2010 Celtic 0.21 150 Lost -150.00 981.21
11/04/2010 Roma 0.30 100 Won 30.00 1,011.21
11/04/2010 Ajax 0.13 250 Won 33.25 1,044.46
14/04/2010 Barcelona 0.14 200 Won 28.57 1,073.03
14/04/2010 Murray 0.40 80 Lost -80.00 993.03

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April 15, 2010

Betting Pros Update

I have an update on the Betting Pros service today.

Since John Pauls review on 13th January the results have been as follows:

Number of bets = 60
Number of losses = 10
Number of winners = 50
Strike Rate = 80%
Total Points Profit = 584 points which equals £584 with a £1000 starting bank.

You can join Betting Pros here:

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