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June 11, 2017

Football Tipster

I have been looking at Football Tipster, a football based tipping service that costs £14.95 per month or £67 for a whole year. For this you get an email Friday, and sometimes Tuesday for mid-week matches, containing the selections and stakes.

So, life is pretty simple, open the email, place the bets. Nothing more to it and takes just a few minutes.

I usually run trials for 13 weeks, but 12 weeks are done and there is going to be little or no football for several weeks, so I’ll wrap it up here at 13.2 points profit. At £10 per point that is £132 profit, easily covering the annual subscription, but would also cover 3 months of monthly subscription.

This is a bookie-based service; I didn’t look at Betfair prices or liquidity. Some markets bet on are unavailable on the exchanges though.

So, not a fantastically high profit for the trial, but nice enough to get an approved rating.

You can get Football Tipster here:

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I have been looking at The Professional Syndicate, a horse racing ratings service, which claims to be ‘the number 1 horse racing ‘ratings’ service in the country’. As far as ratings go, I have often stated that it is problematic comparing like-for-like ratings of different services because they all may have some strengths and some weaknesses. None of them claim that you would make a profit by backing every top rated runner, and understandably all of them claim that you have to be selective.

What subscribers get for their subscription money is access to daily ratings, plus suggested strategies and an enthusiastic forum where there is great camaraderie. For the past month I have kept tabs on a couple of those strategies plus suggested best bets of the day and longshots.

The overall impression I get is that the way it is run is somewhat amateurish. As strategies are suggested and run by subscribers they are understandably patchy and unreliable, and therefore frustrating to follow. So some days they won’t appear on the website, and on the days they do there will be no set time of posting.

For me, the biggest disappointment with the service is the way the ratings are presented. What you get is the first and second rated selections for every race, with no explanation and no weighting. For shrewd bettors it is very difficult to know what to do with this information. Anybody who takes their horse racing seriously won’t be interested in this, and they would do well to refer to Racing Dossier to see how the pros do it. I accept that they probably don’t have the resources in time/expertise terms, but the buying public would note that the subscription to Racing Dossier is actually cheaper, and there are other far more comprehensive ratings available such as Inform Racing and Geegeez Gold. Those also run 7 days a week, whereas this service takes Sundays off (even though their sales page says 7 days a week). The only reason I would advise subscribing to The Professional Syndicate as opposed to one of the others mentioned would be if the top rated results were actually more successful than the others. Although I don’t have these figures, I very much doubt that they could be. Other services will tell you all the factors taken into account when producing the ratings and the confidence you would have in backing a particular horse. Or, indeed, in laying a particular horse, and this is certainly an area you can’t get from The Professional Syndicate. When you do click on the Results tab, you don’t actually get results, you get the previous selections. If you want to check the results and odds, you would have to do the work yourself.

As far as the tested strategies go, I trialed a couple over the month. Pippin’s Strategy won on 20 days out of 21. Awesome, right? Well no, this only made one point profit. How so? Well, it’s a SAW (stop-at-a-winner) strategy, meaning one loss can wipe out 20 or more wins. Demoralising, and why I never go anywhere near this method. The final day I tested this it won, but you had to lay out £205 just to win a tenner!

Another strategy, James Prize Points Strategy, was a convoluted and time-consuming scoring system, which you could work out yourself, or you could wait for James to blog the selections, but this is a patchy service by a subscriber. In the testing period it ended at around 15 points down, but I only recorded the blogged selections.

I recorded results to Best Bet Of The Day, most of these were in the odds-on domain, and this finished up on around minus 5 points to BSP-5%.

The Longshots service was also patchy, sometimes many, sometimes none. This was a shame because there seemed to be some mileage here, with the win bets losing slightly, and the place bets more than compensating for an overall profit to BSP-5% of 5 points, but double that for place only bets.

Finally, occasionally forecast bets are given out, either straight or reverse. This was showing a small loss for 6 forecasts. Three of these were given as reverse, and they all won. The three which were given as straight all lost, but had they been reverse they would have won and made six out of six!

So, a likeable enough bunch of people on here, but likeable isn’t enough to recommend subscribing. I couldn’t possibly point people to this when there are much more professional ratings suppliers out there which charge lower subs. I was veering towards a neutral rating for this service, but a fail at this time really isn’t harsh. There are some glimmers of promise in there; they have been running the service for four years, but they have to make a decision to take it to the next level, or to drop the subs down to a nominal rate and keep is as a matey forum. I would also like to see them offer a free or reduced rate trial period.

Monthly membership is £34.99 by Paypal, and there are discounts for longer period subscribers.

Anyone interested can sign up here:


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May 14, 2017

JT Racing

Week 3: 19 selections, 6 winner for a loss of 2.99 points

Overall: 47 selections, 13 winner for a loss of 12.71 points

Selections (using odds I actually got rather than as advised):

VIVA   VERGLAS (Lost at 3.75)
CRYPTONITE (Lost at 2.38)
ALNAAS (Won at 2.5)
WARP  FACTOR (Lost at 3)
KACHESS (Lost at 3.5)
ALLURINGLY (Lost at 2.5)
DEAUVILLE (Won at 3)
EXTRASOLAR (Lost at 4.5)
CAPANOVA (Lost at 4.33)
US    ARMY   RANGER (Lost at 3.5)
ZEFFERINO (Won at 2.88)
JUDICIAL (Won at 3)
SHAIYEM (Won at 3.75)
WAADY (Lost at 3)
NIGHT OF GLORY (Won at 2.875)
LOVE  POTION (Lost at 4)
GWENCILY  BERBAS (Lost at 4.33)
TELL IT TO ME (Lost at 2.625)

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May 2, 2017

Early Odds

Week 14: Selections: 53; Wins: 12; Points: 4.97; At £10 per point: £49.70

Overall: Selections: 420; Wins: 95; Points: 18.68: At £10.00 per point: £186.80

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April 24, 2017

BitClub Network

Time for an update on my progress with this amazing investment.

BitClub Network is a BitCoin mining operation based in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is a completely passive investment whereby you purchase a share or shares in their mining pool and you get paid a share of all the BitCoin they mine, paid every day into your account.

They expanded into their own crypto currency, ClubCoin, and now also mine Ethereum, ZCash, Dash, ETH Classic and Monero as well.

I originally invested in a Founder pack ($3,599) back in September 2015 and nineteen months on I have made the following, completely passive, profits:

BitCoin: 7.10707 ($8,834)
ClubCoin: 13,611 ($4,083)
Ether: 38.15 ($1,899)
ZCash: 2.26161 ($153)

Total: $14,969

Anyone that invested when I did, purchasing the Founder pack and doing nothing else but collecting the daily payments, will have made the same profits.

A portion of my BitCoin payments are automatically reinvested into the pool so that my total shares in the pool are always growing. I now own 1.6962 shares in Pool 1, 1.5395 shares in Pool 2 and 1.439 shares in Pool 3. This means that my payments increase through compounding and should continue indefinitely.

It’s also worth noting that the ClubCoin payments were entirely free. I was essentially given ClubCoin just for investing in the BitCoin mine. I could sell them right now for $4,000 which more than covers my initial investment and with $500 profit, meaning that all the BitCoin, Ethereum and ZCash I have earned has been effectively for free, netting me over $10,000 profit for doing nothing but watch the money coming in each day.

I’ve chosen to withdraw all my ClubCoin and am now staking them 24/7 on my VPS so that I am now mining my own, earning about 20% a year on them automatically. It requires no input from me.

BitClub Network is definitely one of the most profitable passive investments I’ve been involved with and it looks to becoming even more profitable as it grows.

BitCoin is easy to spend too, as you can load it onto a Visa Debit card and spend it anywhere that takes Visa. If you’ve not looked into BitCoin yet then you haven’t missed the boat. According to this article, each BitCoin could realistically be worth $500,000 by 2030.

Imagine that?

You can join BitClub Network here:

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My dad gave me a lot of advice as I was growing up, as any dad would. Two things really stuck out though, from a financial point of view at least. One was regarding mortgages and the other about planning for retirement. Bearing in mind, when I was kid in the 70’s and 80’s he was paying mortgage interest of 14%. Yes, you read that right. It’s almost unimaginable now.

He advised me when I was looking to get my first mortgage to make sure I would be able to afford the repayments if the interest rate went up to 15%. My first mortgage interest was 5.9% and I remember thinking it was a great deal at the time. Still, I took heed of his advice and bought my first (very) modest property on the assumption that interest rates could double and I would still be ok.

Of course, since then, interest rates have fallen and fallen and it’s been below 1% for the last 8 years! This has been an absolute winner for mortgage holders like me, but a nightmare for savers looking to get a return on their savings.

This brings me onto his second bit of sage advice which was this:

“Graham, most people assume they need less money when they retire. They’re wrong. They will need more. They’re no longer working all day… they’re free to do anything they want. But if they’ve got no money, what can they do? Watch TV? Don’t find yourself in that position. Make sure when you retire you’ve got more money coming in than when you were working. Don’t rely on the government to support you.”

And of course, he’s right. I’ve been working on that assumption all throughout my career and never give a second thought to a government pension. Besides, the full basic State Pension is currently £119.30 per week.

Really. That’s just over £6K a year.

Could you live on that? Would you want to live on that?

And this is why I always find it strange when I hear people complaining that the retirement age to qualify for a state pension is going up. Does it make any difference? You’re not seriously suggesting you’re worried about having to work a few more years before you can retire on the princely sum of £6K a year?

If you’ve not already planned for your own retirement, it’s time to start. The best you can hope for from the state is survival rations and you really don’t want to be spending your golden years in that position.

If you received my newsletter yesterday you would have read some testimonials about the PIE strategy. I received an e-mail this morning from one of the chaps that gave a testimonial. To remind you, this is what he had originally said:

“I have to say I am very impressed with PIE. It was really nice to finally meet you both and I was reassured about asking questions in the future. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face last night.”

Anyway, what he said to me this morning really resonated with what my father advised me all those years ago. I have removed some of the details, in order to protect the IP of the strategy:

“Hi Graham,

That’s my comment on your blog, I completed the course in November 16 in London and I have to say that I am now convinced that the system works perfectly as I have tried with several paper accounts to break it; and I have happily failed on all occasions as long as the rules are adhered to. I have also tried several variations on the system and have found that…

Between November and February I had made 19% on my best paper account, however, since applying these rules I had to start another paper account 4 weeks ago and so far my profits for March are 11.45% and I still have until next Friday to close out my contracts which will undoubtedly boost that to over 15% (in a month).

So by following this strategy and targeting 6% per month (which is not greedy at all considering the results so far) I am certain that in 7 years following my initial investment in the summer I will be retiring at 55.

Kind regards,


Now, as you can see, Peter is also already planning for his retirement… and 55 seems like a perfectly reasonable age to retire, should you wish to. And it’s certain that he won’t be on £6k a year either.

Five years ago when I first learned this strategy I said that this was life changing. I knew that this meant I could retire when I wanted rather than when the government told me I could retire. And it’s true. It changed my life and it’s changed the lives of hundreds of others who have learned the strategy.

Maybe it’s time to change your life too.

Full details available here:

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Unless you have been living under a rock you will be fully aware of the current tactics being used by bookies to spy and monitor peoples betting activities. But this situation is far more serious than most people understand and it’s time we all know the real truth.

Jolly Lock, along with several authorities on this matter, are hosting a webinar on the 4th April from 19.00 – 20.00. This is your opportunity to hear from leading campaigners for fairer rights for the honest punter and hear what they have to say.

This is the first event of its type and will be highly informative and not to be missed.

It will show you exactly what the bookies are up to, and includes real cases of data protection breaches which have been upheld by the ICO.

It will show you how to fight back by protecting your privacy, keeping your accounts open and making bigger and better profits.

The event is by invitation only but I’ve got you a FREE ticket.

For more information on this special event and to register click here.

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March 23, 2017

Britannia’s Gold

I’ve got some more exciting news today. Philip Reid, the Chairman of Britannia’s Gold, was interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live at the weekend and I’ve managed to get a copy of the recording. It’s only 2 and a half minutes long but is well worth listening to:

Remember, if you join the Angel Business Club today you’ll receive shares in Britannia’s Gold (allowing you to share in the profit from the gold recovery) AND you’ll also get a free raffle ticket every month between now and Sept 30th, giving you 7 chances to win a 1/2 kg gold bar worth over £16,600.

Choose a membership level appropriate to your own financial needs, from €89 through to €990 per month. Your membership fee will be translated into shares in various companies (including Britannia’s Gold) to the same value of your subscription fee. This makes it effectively a free savings plan, giving you shares to the value of your subscription.

I have been told that there will be another opportunity to acquire more shares in Britannia’s Gold over and above the shares you’ll get through your monthly membership fee and these will be exclusively for members of the Club.

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March 17, 2017

BitClub Network

We had an update from BitClub Network yesterday:

Mining Pool Updates, Ethereum Rise, and More!
Date: March 16th

Included in this update…

  • Mining Pool Details & Expansion Plans
  • Ethereum Rise
  • New Tools, Stats, and App

Mining Pool Details & Expansion Plans

You may have seen the news circulating last week claiming that our pool was attempting to “attack” or “hack” the Bitcoin network. This is false!

We have always tried to remain neutral in the ongoing scaling debate between Segwit and Unlimited, and recently when testing some of our new mining equipment we exposed a bug in the code that ended up crashing Of course this was initially seen as a threat, but it was just a really good test to strengthen our security and the network itself.

Our pool is currently signaling for Segwit, which is supporting Core. We even donated a significant amount of Bitcoin to help fund Core development and show our support for them. You might recall when our pool mined the largest block in the history of Bitcoin. Block #409008

We gave half of this 291 block fee to Bitcoin Core – That is 146 Bitcoin donation to support them!

However, fast forward to today and the truth is we don’t care who wins the scaling debate! Whether it’s Segwit or Unlimited our goal is to play for the winning team and we will continue to mine and support the Bitcoin blockchain in the best way we can to ensure it’s future success.

So don’t fall for all the hype… Some are claiming this was politically motivated and they are using it for their own propaganda. We even heard conspiracy theories about the timing of this test because it happened to be on the same day the ETF decision was announced. But all of this is garbage!

The only thing you need to know is that WE LOVE Bitcoin and we will always act in the best interest of Bitcoin on behalf of all of YOU! (our members).

Right now our pool is expanding like crazy and you will see we currently have around 120-130 PH fluctuating at any given time. We also have another 60 PH that will go live on April 19th, and another 50 PH coming behind it.

We are now preparing for both outcomes (Segwit or Unlimited) and will soon begin mining blocks that signal for both options to make sure our pool is ready to support the winning side. In the mean time we will continue to expand our membership and hashing power.

Ethereum Rise…

With the rise of Bitcoin we have seen a huge rise in Ethereum as well. At the time of this writing it’s at $46 and that’s triple what it was last week. We strongly suggest that if you are mining Zcash right now with your GPU power that you hurry and move to Ethereum ASAP. We believe this ongoing Bitcoin scaling debate is causing a lot of investment to flow into Ethereum (and other coins too).

Many of you have been slowly accumulating Ethereum daily since we launched the GPU pool about 10 months ago. There is no doubt you are very happy if you didn’t sell your coins and we strongly recommend that you don’t sell them now either! Hold and even buy more because this is no fluke.

Ethereum has massive potential and right now there are more developers building Dapps on top of Ethereum than on Bitcoin or any other coin. We believe once these apps begin launching the value proposition that Ethereum will be huge and most importantly… MORE SCALABLE than Bitcoin!

To date we have mined 193,072 ETH and we have paid 100% of this back to you (which today is almost $9 Million USD).

At this rate with the current hashing power vs the value of ETH it makes sense to hurry and expand our mining farm and therefore we will. We are currently negotiating a batch of GPU equipment and will be offering shares in the very near future. If you missed out on the earlier rounds this is your chance to get some GPU power. (more details coming soon on this)

We really like the GPU mining model because as we said, GPU power can last for many years. (20+ years before GPU cards break). And since we give you full control and flexibility of where you want to point your power we believe this can be a great investment model.

More details about the next GPU offer coming shortly…

New Tools, Stats, and App

We are getting ready to launch some new tools that members have been begging us for. This will all happen on our new platform which is in the final final stages of testing. This new platform is synced up with our mobile apps and provide a seamless backend experience that we can scale on.

This new update will be the biggest update we’ve ever done and you will see some of the pieces of the site running in parallel with the old system as we stabilize everything. With this new platform comes really good stats, tracking, and reports on your earnings. It’s faster, more secure and will allow us to build features much faster.

Some of the updates include a new enrollment tree page, new binary views, new landing pages for leads, and a mobile invoicing system that we have been waiting many months to implement.

Our new mobile app is also ready to go on Android phones and the mobile web version of our platform is much more functional and again uses a synced database. We will begin moving over next week and hope to be completely on the new platform by the end of April.

This update has been a long time coming and it’s been very hard to freeze the code and update it as we are constantly adding more stuff and dealing with attack vectors, so thanks for your patience we know the member stats and tracking has needed a refresh for a long time and it’s nearly there!

As always thanks for being a BitClub Member and stay tuned for more updates this month.

-BCN Support

I invested in BCN eighteen months ago and it’s certainly been the most profitable passive investment I’ve ever made. And it looks to get even MORE profitable as times goes on. You can invest in the mining pool for as little as $599.

You can sign up for a free account, and more information, here:

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A fairly slow period since the last update, just the 2 betting days and neither of those were winning days.

Not too much damage down though. The bank is currently 16 points down. Leicester’s win against Liverpool probably proved to be a coupon buster for plenty of punters and this one followed suit.



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