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October 18, 2016

BitClub Network

It’s been three months since my last report on this and now I can give a full one year update on this BitCoin mining opportunity.

To remind you, BitClub Network is a totally passive income. You simply invest in the mining pool and you receive a share payout every single day based on the number of BitCoin that has been mined by the pool over the previous 10 days. Your purchase gets you 1000 days worth of mining pool payouts.

The automatic partial share purchase also means that your shares in BCN grow larger the longer you stay in.

Investors also receive an amount of ClubCoin, BCN’s own crypto-currency, just for investing, and many members have recovered their total investment already simply by selling the free ClubCoin they were given. I chose to keep my ClubCoin and grow it over 12 months in their ClubCoin pool so that I’ll have 20% more by January 2017. I’ll have a look at ClubCoin value then and make a decision whether to sell some to recover my initial investment too, in which case all the BitCoin I’ve earned to date will be pure profit, and will continue to pay out every day indefinitely.

I invested a total of $3,599 by purchasing a Founder package back in September 2015 and have been paid every single day since then.

My total payments from the mining pool alone amount to:

5.74784 BTC which is $3,658 at current rates.

A portion of this has been re-invested back into the pool automatically so that I now own nearly 50% more shares than what I first purchased too. Every single partial share re-purchase gets the full 1000 days share payouts so although the original share purchase back in September 2015 is due to expire in 2018, all the new shares automatically re-purchased means I will continue to get paid indefinitely.

Plus I have around 13,000 ClubCoin which is worth over $6,000 at current rates.

That’s not all. Being a member of BCN gives you the opportunity to invest in other offshoots of the business. They will shortly be releasing their own retail payment gateway, CoinPay, that allows retailers on and offline to accept payments not only in fiat currencies but also cryptocurrencies. It will replace traditional merchant facilities and their hefty charges and also completely avoid chargebacks.

They also mine Ethereum, although that has turned out to be a rather slow investment, and they are gearing up to mine ZCash, which is a completely anonymous new cryptocurrency that everyone in the business seems to think could turn out to be a hugely profitable investment.

In fact, here’s what BCN have to say about it:

BitClub is Launching a Zcash Mining Pool…

Over the past year Zcash has been one of the most anticipated projects in the digital currency industry. They have assembled a dream team of top cryptographers and security experts who came together to build the most secure and private blockchain imaginable.

We are really excited about Zcash because unlike anything else in the market today, Zcash is truly the END GAME when it comes to privacy and security and there is nothing that can beat it… EVER!

What makes Zcash so special?

Zcash uses a zero proof, zero-knowledge permissionless blockchain that leaves no traces of any transactions. This is the ultimate in privacy and security and could quickly become the default privacy coin of the future.

With Zcash, the only thing a receiver knows about a transaction is whether or not the transaction is valid or invalid. There are no address to review, no blockchain trail, and there is no way for the public to see where balances are being kept in Zcash wallets.

This new technology is head and shoulders above anything else and if you want technical details we encourage you to check this out (

Initially the Bitcoin blockchain was considered to be private and anonymous, but it’s actually the complete opposite because every single transaction is recorded for the public to view and there are now really great tracking tools that can trace Bitcoin transactions all the way back to their original creation.

This is also what makes Bitcoin great and the blockchain itself has sparked an entire record keeping revolution that we are just starting to see right now.

But this is not private, it’s public! The industry has known Bitcoin is not ideal for privacy so there have been other coins launched that attempt to be more private and secure.

Blackcoin (BLK) was a great attempt as they would mix the transactions together making it much harder to track and therefore more secure.

Then Monero (XMR) came out and they mixed their transactions at the master node level making it nearly impossible to track them, but this is really just the same technology with a clever mixing strategy.

Zcash is the final version of a privacy and there is no mixing or special rules that run on top of the same protocol. They really broke the mold with this one and after the launch we think it will dominate the niche for those who require more privacy and security.

A BIG Opportunity for BitClub Members…

Zcash officially launches on October 28th and unlike most coins who provide an initial distribution of their coin by offering a pre-sale or some type of pre-mined amount, Zcash did nothing like this and their supply starts at 0 so nobody has a single coin yet!

This means ONLY MINERS can get Zcash in the beginning, you cannot buy it from an exchange or get it anywhere else unless a miner decides to sell it. There is no existing supply and this will make Zcash very valuable in the early stages.

The Zcash team intended for the coin to be mined using CPU’s which is a standard personal computer. They were thinking everyone would mine from their own PC’s and just like the early days of Bitcoin the coin would naturally get distributed to individuals who were keeping the nodes running.

However, what they did not count on (or more likely what they did not expect to happen so quickly) was the implementation of GPU mining that could be configured to mine Zcash much more efficiently than CPU’s.

Recently the Zcash team realized this was happening and they are now offering a $30,000 USD bounty for anyone who posts the configuration to allow GPU mining to work so that everyone can particiapte and nobody can corner the market on the initial launch.

Well, guess what… We have this code 🙂

We are not going to share it and collect the $30,000 bounty because it’s much more valuable that this! We believe someone will probably come up with this code and collect the bounty but we also believe that our GPU mining configuration will be much more efficient than anything else.

So the bottom line is… We are in a great position right now to capitalize and get a HUGE jump on Zcash mining the minute it launches.

Now if we were greedy then we would not tell you about this, instead we would make a small fortune ourselves for being early GPU miners and ride the Zcash wave to the bank.

However, we are not greedy… We like to share and our motto is all about providing our members with great opportunities like this one so that we can continue our mission to help you cash in!

Plus, we believe Zcash needs a good distribution channel since they did not pre-build one and this is something we can provide. We will mine everything on behalf of all BitClub members and distribute this coin to thousands of people who will become the early adopters of Zcash.

This coin will be in high demand and there is no telling how profitable it can be to be. All the exchanges are dying to get their hands on Zcash right now and there are even orders on some exchanges that offer future contracts going as high as $50 USD per coin. This could sky rocket much higher because of huge demand and low supply.

*Quick Disclaimer… This is our opinion, this coin could fail and crash, it could have no value and end up being a huge flop. There is always a lot of risk with new coins but we believe in the Zcash team and in this zero proof technology enough to double down on our GPU mining equipment and go big!

How will the Zcash Pool work?

This pool will be very similar to how the Ethereum pool works. In fact, really good news for everyone in the Ethereum pool… You will have the option to use your GPU power to mine Zcash or keep it in Ethereum (we will allow you to make this switch shortly after the launch, probably about 1 week or so but it will not be ready on the launch day).

The Zcash pool will pay whatever it mines on a daily basis just like all other pools we run. You will have a virtual Zcash wallet and you will need to set up a real wallet to transfer your Zcash out of BitClub.

Each share will cost $1,000 USD that can be paid in either Bitcoin, ClubCoin, or through your virtual BCN Wallet balance. There will only be 5,000 shares available for purchase before the pool is sold out. We already purchased this power months ago in anticipation for this and it will be ready to hash by October 28th so there is no waiting!

How/When Can I Buy?

We are going to be launching this pool in 3 different waves…

First, we ALWAYS offer our leaders the first chance at opportunities like this so our first wave will be as follows…

Wave #1 Shares by Rank…

Builder = up to 2 Shares
Pro Builder = up to 3 Shares
Master Builder = up to 4 Shares
Monster Builder = up to 5 Shares

If you are at any of these ranks you will see a buy link where you can purchase shares and you will have 12 hours of exclusive access before the next wave begins.

Wave #2 will be all Founders who have not achieved the Builder rank. You will have the opportunity to purchase 1 share and you will have 6 hours to complete your purchase before the next wave opens.

Wave #3 is everyone else at the rank of Miner who can purchase shares before the pool closes. The total promotion will last a maximum of 72 hours before it’s closed. We expect this to pool sell out before the 72 hour deadline but if it doesn’t then BitClub will retain whatever shares are not sold.

The Zcash pool will be launching sometime next week between the 21st of October and no later than the 24th. This gives you about 10 days to prepare for it and we will provide more details in another update, including a countdown clock at the top of our website 24 hours prior to the first wave.

GPU Mining Pools – Many Future Opportunities

We are focusing on expanding our GPU mining facilities right now because these machines are more versatile than the ASIC mining rigs used for Bitcoin. ASICs only have one purpose and one function so their lifespan is a lot shorter (2-3 years).

However, GPU’s can be used for many different purposes outside of mining and this provides you with more opportunity in the future. We have big plans to become one of the largest GPU farms in the world.

We believe opportunities in mining will continue to hit the market for many years as new coins launch and when you purchase a GPU in this pool, it’s yours forever!

Since GPU’s can be used outside of mining as well we will continue to find profitable ways to rent out GPU power if it’s more profitable than mining and these machines can last 20+ years so this could end up being a very good opportunity to own a piece of our farm!

Think of AWS (Amazon Web Services) they are spending billions building up their server farms and expanding like crazy. Last year they did 10 Billion USD in revenue from renting their servers and they are increasing capacity daily.

We see computing power being extremely important in the future because everything is moving to Artificial Intelligence based and there is a HUGE demand for Parallel Computing power right now.

Companies like Google, Microsoft and many others are expanding their server farms just to be able power their own services and we see many use cases and opportunities to rent GPU power in the future.

We envision our members being able to pick and choose where they want to push their GPU power to earn the best ROI available. So for those of you who purchased our Ethereum pool who were thinking it was only for Ethereum you are sitting in a very good position and your opportunity has only just begun!

There will be another update coming soon about everything else we are working on too… ClubCoin, CoinPay and the launch of our Mobile App, but first we wanted to dedicate this update to Zcash because it’s a very unique and time sensitive opportunity.

Here’s to a bright future!

-BCN Support

So, all in all, I have to say I’m very happy with my decision to invest in BCN a year ago, and I look forward to seeing what happens over the next year!

You can join BitClub Network here:

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October 17, 2016

Classic Racing Gold

The email that I have been expecting for quite some time arrived yesterday, Classic Racing Gold are closing their doors to new members at the end of this month.

It’s taken longer than I thought it would, but they’ve decided to act now to try and protect prices for existing members. There’s no exemption for old members who have cancelled and want to rejoin either.

As this focuses (almost) exclusively on Irish racing the prices available and liquidity in the market are very limited and prices react quickly to a number of people all looking to back the same selection. Their selections are almost always at the top end of the market, so bookies start chopping the price aggressively.

I started the trial on 1st of May and after last night’s racing the starting bank of £1000 had risen to £2820.80 using £10 a point. If you’d recalculated your bank to 100 points every evening and used that to calculate your stake, that £1000 would have risen to £5503.17 in the same time period. That’s the theory anyway, I doubt many bookies would have let you get up to that level of staking before pulling down their shutters the moment they see you coming.

So, if you want to join this very profitable service you’ve only got a couple of weeks left to act.

They’ve maintained an extremely high strike rate, the worst month so far has returned 15 points profit and the ROI has sat around 36% throughout my membership.

One word of potential caution, whilst I’m nowhere near as au fait with Irish Racing as these guys, I’m well aware of the vagaries of Irish weather. We’ve had several selection emails warning that bets will be delayed until the weather situation becomes clearer already.

I’d expect the number of bets to be reduced over the winter months but I’m more than confident that the performance level will remain extremely high.




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October 11, 2016

Gold & Silver

A couple of weeks ago I invited you to view a webinar on how you can cash-flow Gold & Silver for a passive income of 12% to 26.4% per year.

In it Minesh Bhindi explained how he uses a 3 step strategy to own Gold & Silver while getting a passive, cashflow income of 12% to 26.4% per year.

If you missed it and the idea of diversifying some of your portfolio into Gold & Silver while generating a passive income of 12% to 26.4% per year sounds intriguing to you, then read on.

Apparently we’re nearing the end of a historical monetary cycle, tracked since 1671.

This shows that once a Government prints way too much money, like every Government has been doing since 2008 with total worldwide debt reaching $230 TRILLION in 2016, the only way to reset the system is by returning to Gold & Silver as the base for money.

And that’s why I decided to check out this intriguing free webinar. If you missed it, don’t worry, it was recorded and you can watch it now.

It will be taken down on Friday, and so this is your last chance to see it. In it you’ll learn:

  • How to buy Gold & Silver in a “cash-flow-able” form.
  • The 3 steps it requires to generate the passive income of 12% to 26.4% per year.
  • How to make the whole investment work in under an hour a month with complete geographic freedom.

It’s your last chance so don’t miss it and, once you register, you’ll get the replay e-mailed to you right away.

Register here:

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Nicky Doyle of BetAlchemist is attempting a challenge to grow a betting bank of £1k to £5k over the next 12 months.

He’s confident he can make it happen, so confident in fact that he wants you to come along for FREE to watch exactly how he does it.

You can see all his bets in advance and attempt to hit that £5k with him 12 months from now.

Check it out here:

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October 11, 2016

BetKudos Free Trials

I have a new offer for you today from the guys at Betkudos who want to thank everyone for their support and they hope you will join them as they celebrate their Birthday.

These offers have just launched and they are 100% FREE.

The Birthday deal in place is that you can now trial four BetKudos Managed services for FREE for the next 14 Days with no obligation to continue. We haven’t tested them here at Cash Master but you can always paper trade them for 14 days at no risk.

This is a ready-made portfolio of four Tipsters delivering Bets on Horse Racing, Football, Golf and Greyhound Racing and each of these services is successful in its own right.

Click below to one of the services to claim your free trial. You can take all four offers or just one or two, whichever one takes your fancy.

Horse Racing – Exchange Profits
Well over 1,200 Points profit since launch in January 2014.

Greyhounds – The Judge
Proving big long term profits can be made on the Dogs with over 750 Points Profit since launching in September 2015

Golf – Betfairway
One of our oldest services that has been delivering profits and big odds winners for members since back in April 2013 and currently stands at well over 1,000 Points profit in those 3 and a half Years.

Football – Premier Elite
One of our newest services launching just a few short weeks ago delivering in depth analysis and write ups of every single premiership match throughout the season plus advised Bets on every Game.

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September 26, 2016

Progressive Form Strategy

Martin Blakey has been making his living from handicap races for decades. He is forever tightening and refining his methods to increase winners and decrease losers, and he now feels that his latest method, which has been created in conjunction with a mathematics genius, may be the best yet. Certainly the pre-launch results were extremely promising. Obviously I would like to see more than one month’s results, so we are here to take it through its paces. Early results have not been as impressive as those pre-launch, now seven weeks in. It only involves a few selections a week, so not time-consuming.

After seven plus weeks, it’s time for a further update.

On System 1 there have been 24 runners, 3 winners, 7 places, one NR for a BSP return of -12 points

On System 2 there have been 17 runners, 2 winners, 6 places for a BSP return of  +0.01 points

There is a new Lay system introduced, which is being monitored rather than added to official returns.

Lay system is 7 runners, one NR and 4 successful lays out of 6 for +.73 points

Additionally, the accas come to -39.46 points and the reverse forecasts to -4 points

So, the service is yet to take off.

You can read more about the service and join up here.

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September 24, 2016

Total Betting Club

An update on this excellent club is long overdue.

The Total Betting Club is a mine of information for anyone serious about making betting pay. It’s a membership site that has a forum and a TON of systems to try out. You get a monthly newsletter that highlights new systems and results from systems already being tested out or that have long term results.

Membership allows direct access to all the current systems, downloads, staking plans and articles and use of the forum where you can discuss the various systems being used.

Here’s some of their latest system results:

Maximum Bet System (Place)

This has some astounding stats. The system recently achieved a winning run of 57 back to back winners – one of the highest we have ever seen. The loser that followed was the first since June and was a faller when about to win! So bad luck really.

Recent winning run – 57 back to back winning bets
Current winning run is 8
454 bets and 441 wins
97.1% strike rate
£500 starting bank (starting 1st Jan 2015) staking 20% per bet

Current total would be £84,115

Every result has been updated and all bets were posted prior to racing in the members’ area and for those following, this has been an excellent way of building up their bank. Prices are quite short but with compounding or rolling stakes the gains can be huge.

Other News…

Our 2 main horse laying systems, ‘Easy Lay System’ and ‘Easy Lay System 2 wins per day’, have both done well since testing began back in March and May. The original aims for just 1 winner a day and the 2nd aims for 2 wins per day.

Easy Lay System Results:

March +15.65 points
April +22.79 points
May +18.39 points
June -14.37 points
July +13.81 points
August +14.74 points
September +3.56 points

Easy Lay System 2 Wins Per Day Results:

May +36.65 points
June +24.28 points
July -15.0 points
August +26.32 points
September +2.88 points

Both versions of the system are very easy to operate with full rules posted and results updated daily.

It’s worth taking out a month’s subscription just to learn one of these profitable methods, but you might find that you like the club enough to stay for a while!

You can try The Total Betting Club here:

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September 15, 2016

Newsletter Gaff

I’ve made a bit of a gaff.

A couple of months ago I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning with my mailing list. I use a company called Aweber to send my newsletter e-mails out as they can send thousands at a time and allow the reader to unsubscribe any time they like. After all, if you don’t want to read my newsletter then I certainly don’t want to bother you with it.

Once of the ‘neat’ new features the company introduced was the ability to filter subscribers based on when they last opened one of my e-mails.

I figured that if you hadn’t opened one of my e-mails in the last six months then you’re probably not interested anymore so it would make sense to delete you from my list so as not to clog up your inbox with stuff you’re not interested in.

Anyway, I ended up deleting about 4000 subscribers (I know, it shocked me too how many weren’t reading my excellent newsletter anymore!).

Did I back up those subscribers first? No. I know I should have but I figured that if you’re not interested in my e-mails, why do I need to back up your e-mail address, after all I won’t be using it again.

However, over the last couple of months I’ve been getting e-mails from some readers asking why I haven’t sent an e-mail recently. Upon checking they were deleted.

It transpires that the way Aweber determine whether you are opening my e-mails is when your e-mail program downloads one of the images in the e-mail, usually my logo. However, most e-mail software these days automatically blocks images in e-mails and I guess a lot of you don’t bother to load them.

So the long and short of it is… if you’ve not received my newsletter for a while, and I send them every week, then unfortunately I’ve deleted you from my list.

Sorry about that.

The good news is that it’s really easy to subscribe again.

Either go HERE and sign up again, or drop me an e-mail and I’ll add you back in manually.

Once again, sorry about that. We all live and learn!

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September 5, 2016

Sports Betting Pays

I’ve come up against a bit of a problem in recording results for this service.

When I started, I followed the suggested starting bank level of 100 points and started to record bets as they were written exactly.

I was a little surprised at the staking level as the vast majority of bets were 0.25 point bets, with the odd 0.5 thrown in.

I received an email at the start of this month saying that following members feedback “The current 1/4pt to 1pt will revert to 1pt to 4pts stakes from the 1st September, so as most of the bets were at the 1/4pt level these will now be 1pt bets.”

So there’s no change in the strength of the bet but how it is advised is changing.

As I had recorded the first month in the 0.25 – 1.00 format and a decent profit had been built up, it seems wrong for me to now just leave those stand and switch to recording at 1 – 4 point format. That good profit we built up at the original level could easily be wiped out in 2-3 bets, when the strength of the bet hasn’t changed just the wording of the stake.

So I’ve gone back over the 1st month’s results changing my records from the old version to the new.

Just wanted to make you aware of why it looks so different from the first set of results I published for the service.

So, results up to last night now look like this:



S/R 34.88%

P/L +£53.30 (5.33 points)




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September 1, 2016

Place Expert

Bet 1 – (Chepstow – 2:15) – Back SHIPPING FORECAST top 2 @ 1.27 £5.13 £5.13
Bet 2 – (Bath – 19:20) – Back LILY TROTTER top 2 @ 1.39 £9.31 £7.41
Bet 3 – (Salisbury) – Back SCORCHING HEAT top 4 @ 1.27 £8.83 £5.13
Bet 4 – (Nottingham – 15:45) – Back MUJAAMIL top 2 @ 1.3 £12.33 £5.70
Bet 5 – (Lingfield 19:05) – Back SPINNERS BALL top 3 @ 1.6 £31.69 £11.40
Bet 6 – (Thirsk – 16:15) – Back MANSHOOD top 3 @ 1.27 £22.39 £5.13

Profit Banked

Bet 1 – (Wolverhampton – 19:30) – Back MAYASAtop 3 @ 1.47 -£20

Bet 1 – (Chepstow – 14:55) – Back TADKHIRAH top 4 @ 1.27 -£20

Bet 1 – (Hamilton – 19:40) – Back APRES MIDI top 2 @ 1.44 £8.36 £8.36
Bet 2 – (Chelmsford City – 19:50) – Back HEARTSTONE top 2 @ 1.5 £13.47 £9.50
Bet 3 – (Carlisle – 16:15) – Back GOING UP top 3 @ 1.3 £11.92 £5.70
Bet 4 – (Newbury – 17:45) – Back HENRY CROFT top 2 @ 1.6 £30.63 £11.40
Bet 5 – (16:10 – Leicester) – Back SYNCOPATION top 4 @ 1.4 £32.06 £7.60

Profit Banked

Totals    Roll-Up   Level
.            £163.12   £43.36

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