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August 10, 2016

Bookie restrictions

This is just the latest of many closures and restrictions I have received from bookies. Thing is, I’m not in front with any of them and to me they become less and less relevant against the exchanges. I know there are many tipsters, systems and so on which rely on bookie prices, arbitrage, BOG, but once you become a seasoned bettor, as long as you don’t keep piling new money into bookie accounts, they will come to you eventually.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 14.09.38

Last September Matt Bisogno, of GeeGeez, wrote about some bookie spyware (that is probably on your machine) called iesnare.

That post has had over 43,000 views.

Today, a GeeGeez reader shares his story. It’s a tale that involves bookmakers, the UK Gambling Commission and, ultimately the Information Commissioner’s Office.

And it’s an important read.

There is also information on how you can help to rid us all of this borderline illegal scourge, and I’d encourage you to help if you can. Plus, information on how you can disable iesnare that almost certainly has been downloaded, without your knowledge, onto your machine.

Read more here:

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Yesterday Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, announced UK interest rates have been cut from 0.5% to 0.25% – a record low and the first cut since 2009.

This is, of course, great news for anyone with a mortgage. I remember my dad had a mortgage in the 80’s when he was paying 15% interest! He warned me when I was looking to get my first mortgage to make sure I would be able to make the repayments if the interest rate ever went back up to that. Good advice that I heeded. My first mortgage was at 6.5% interest and I thought that was a good deal as it was less than half what my dad had paid. But over the years the interest rates have dropped and dropped and I saw an article on BBC news yesterday of a young woman that couldn’t afford a mortgage at 0.5% but now that it had dropped to 0.25% was able to get one!

Total madness of course because what then happens if/when interest rates go back up to previous levels? I suspect a lot of people are going to find themselves in trouble.

But it’s been absolutely brilliant for mortgage holders who took out a mortgage, say, a decade ago. They appreciate what their payments used to be and have enjoyed record low payments for the last seven or eight years now.

But what about savers?

Going back to my father… he had to pay high interest rates while he had a mortgage, but when he finally paid it off and saved enough for his retirement, he then found he wasn’t getting anything on his savings because now the interest rates are practically zero. That’s a double whammy for him, and for a huge number of people of his generation. He was stuffed while at work, and now stuffed again during retirement.

But it doesn’t have to be that way and, fortunately for us (and for my dad!) there is a way to get a large return on your savings without putting them at risk.

This has made money for its followers every single month for the past four years, with returns of 20% per annum being the norm. And despite the interest rate cut, this month will be just the same.

It doesn’t matter what the markets are doing….THIS WORKS!

In a world where interest rates of 1% per year are the norm, imagine making double that… every month!

Volatility… stability… rising markets… falling markets… it really doesn’t matter. This makes money no matter what. And what’s even better is that it’s safe. You get to sleep at night.

The downside? Yes there is one.

You need some money to start out with. If you don’t have at least £4,000 to ‘play’ with, this isn’t for you. But if you do, it really could be your ticket out of the gloom.

Take a look here for full details of this intriguing strategy and how you can learn it in a day and use it for a lifetime.

This has already been taught to a small band of people (about 6 a month for the last 4 years) and you can hear what they have to say when you click through.

At the moment though, there is just one training day available and a handful of places. You can reserve yours today with a small refundable deposit.

If you’re tired of pathetic returns and empty promises, this will be a breath of fresh air.

Take a look now.

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July 17, 2016

In Running Trading

This is the third weekly report on In Running and covers the period 9th-15th July inclusive.

I had a quieter week finding 9 “dobbing” opportunities and I was successful with 8 of them.As the first part of the week was quieter I decided to add in Irish racing and this worked out very well.Total gain for the week was 6.6 points bringing the running total for 21 days to 24.4 points.

Three of the selections went on to win their respective races and this brings the total of race winners to eleven from thirty dobs.As yet I cannot see any obviously common trends between these selections as they have been from all three codes of racing and have differing SP’s and “dobbing” histories.

Date Course Time Selection Back Lay Result Profit/Loss
9/7/16 Chester 1535 Poyle Vinnie 11.50 5.75 3rd 0.95
10/7/16 Southwell 1410 Larkhall 8.80 4.4 5th -1.00
12/7/16 Killarney 1950 Mister Hotelier 20.00 10 3rd 0.95
13/7/16 Downpatrick 1650 L’Attesa 13.00 6.5 1st 0.95
13/7/16 Uttoxeter 1705 Theatre Mill 13.20 6.6 2nd 0.95
14/7/16 Killarney 1455 Icelip 6.40 3.2 2nd 0.95
14/7/16 Killarney 1530 Time for Mabel 8.60 4.3 1st 0.95
15/7/16 Newbury 1715 Field Game 7.5 3.7 1st 0.95
15/7/16 Kilbeggan 2030 Knockanarrigan 18.2 9.1 6th 0.95

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July 15, 2016

BitClub Network

I have another big update for you today, in the form of a short video from Kuala Lumpur:

You can sign up for a free account, and more information, here:

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July 13, 2016

BitClub Network

I’ve been in BCN for nine months and I’ve now been paid just over 5 BitCoin in mining earnings:

5.01670 BTC = $3,341 at todays value.

Part of that has been automatically re-invested back into BCN so that I now hold 1.45 shares in Pool 1, 1.36 shares in Pool 2 and 1.3 shares in Pool 3.

This is a totally passive income too. You simply invest in the mining pool and you receive a share payout every single day based on the number of BitCoin that has been mined by the pool over the previous 10 days.

The automatic partial share purchase also means that your shares in BCN grow larger the longer you stay in.

Investors also receive an amount of ClubCoin, BCN’s own crypto-currency, just for investing, and many members have recovered their total investment already simply by selling the free ClubCoin they were given. I chose to keep my ClubCoin and grow it over 12 months in their ClubCoin pool so that I’ll have 20% more by January 2017. I’ll have a look at ClubCoin value then and make a decision whether to sell some to recover my initial investment too, in which case all the BitCoin I’ve earned to date will be pure profit, and will continue to pay out every day indefinitely.

BCN released an update in the members area on 8th July where they talk about the upcoming (now arrived!) halving of the block reward.

The halving actually happened on Saturday evening, so I will be watching what happens next with a keen interest.

I’ve pasted most of the update below:

Bitcoin Mining Pool

We know the mining pool earnings have been a little low over the past 30 days or so. This is due to many factors that include an increase in the total shares of the pool, rising difficulty to mine, and other market conditions including mining equipment turnover.

As we have always said, buying mining equipment is not just about purchasing hardware and plugging it in. It’s about knowing the timing of the market and how to turnover the older models for the newer ones. It’s about taking advantage of wholesale pricing and purchasing in bulk, and most importantly it’s about securing the newest technology to be the most efficient.

With that said, we are getting ready to boost the pool in a big way. We have 10 PH coming online from Bitmain, they just came out with their new 16nm chips in their newest S9 Antiminer rigs. These machines are now the most efficient on the planet and we have secured a large chunk of the first batch!

With the halving coming up it was very important that we got rid of some of our older models. This included all remaining S5 Antminers and even a portion of our S7 Antminers are being turned over so that we can focus on the S9 expansion.

We believe the S9 is at the peak of the market. The efficiency will not get much better from here and these machines are built to mine for life, so you will see many updates as we expand aggressively with this model and plan to hash with them forever.

Also, we have another 14 PH coming online from BitFury that will begin starting next week July 13th and will come in batches from there until Aug 24th.

This is 24 PH in addition to the 48 PH we currently have in our pool. We already have scheduled purchases during the next few months that will come online near the end of Aug or early September. Our goal is to be at 80 PH by September and fully running on 16nm technology exclusively!

Our pool is about to get a big profit boost too because each new PH we are adding cost a lot less than the ones we are taking offline.

Just to give you a quick sample of this… We pay about $21,000/month for 1 PH of the S5’s and the S9 model 1 PH is about $6,800/month. This profit is passed to the pool!

The “Halving” is only 1 day away… Our Thoughts!

You are probably well aware of the upcoming halving that is about to happen after the next 140 blocks. If you are not familiar with this, all you need to know is the reward for miners will drop from 25 Bitcoin to 12.5 Bitcoin.

We believe this is going to put a lot of miners out business within a very short time. Anyone running older models will have to unplug or run at a loss and we will likely see huge volatility in the bitcoin price and the difficulty as the market adjusts.

For mining operations that are focusing on efficiency and long term profits like ours it could be great news in the long-run and allow us to be even more profitable. In the short term we believe the market will be wild and crazy and we are buckling up for the ride.

It’s like that the market will over react to just about everything as it happens and miners will constantly be going online and offline watching as the next difficulty numbers become available.

Keep in mind this already happened before… When Bitcoin was cut in half from 50 Bitcoin down to 25 Bitcoin the market was very volatile for about 3 months after as people tried to figure it out.

We believe this will happen again but since the market is much larger the volatility could be less and when the dust finally settles after a few months the price will be higher, the mining more efficient and the network better off!

NOTE: This is just an opinion of ours and nobody knows what will happen, our strategy is to expand the pool and get more efficient so at the end of the day our mining contracts will pay back more Bitcoin than they cost and each member will be better off by participating in our mining pools. We will keep you posted with market news and what you can expect.

This all starts in about 24 hours and is a very big deal in the market so make sure you pay attention!

You can sign up for a free account, and more information, here:

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July 13, 2016

The Sports Trader

There are 4 tickets left for the Manchester course and they have also added all of Tony’s ebooks for those signing up this week (value £249).

Enter the Coupon Code – cashmaster – to receive a further £50 discount here:

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I’m sure you are aware of matched betting, bookie bonus bagging, arb hunting, sports trading etc. You will probably have dabbled in this area at some point over your betting career, trying a few systems or services that offer this sort of thing.

The chances are though that you won’t have made over £1000 a month doing it!

The beauty of this style of betting is that it is either risk free, or very low risk, and generally means that you will either win money if you get the right outcome or break even (or lose a relatively small amount) if you don’t.

It is therefore very attractive to those who either don’t have funds they can afford to ‘risk’ or those that simply don’t like losing bets and the ups and downs normally associated with gambling.

This is where Steve Trow excels. He’s a chap that, for the last five years, has consistently made good money using risk free techniques such as matched betting and sports trading, very much in his spare time. But unlike most people, he’s developed a specific strategy that allows him to make over £1000 a month doing it, all without risking his funds and, importantly, without getting his bookie accounts closed or restricted.

And he’d like to show you how to do it too… in London on Friday 29th July.

That’s right. If you want to learn how to make £1000 a month in your spare time using risk free betting, without getting your bookie accounts restricted, then learn from someone that is already doing it. Spend the day with him, let him show you exactly what he does and how he does it and then go away and do it yourself.

He’ll also give you access to his professional software, teach you how to use it together with the strategies he personally uses, and give you full support with e-mail and Skype calls for the following 12 months to keep you on track and maximise your profits.

After spending the day with Steve you’ll be able to copy exactly what he does to make £1000 a month yourself using risk free and low risk strategies, all in your spare time. And your winnings are tax free too. And you won’t have to worry about your bookie accounts getting restricted either so, like Steve, you can continue to do this for years and years.

How would an extra £1000 a month, tax free, on top of your current income make a difference to you? And remember, you can do this very much in your spare time, around a day job and, most importantly, without risking your funds… so no more losses, just consistent regular profit.

I know what you must be thinking… a one day workshop in London, teaching you how to make £1000 a month risk free… this is going to cost thousands, right?

Wrong. The fee is ridiculously low. Have a look for yourself!

Full details here:

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July 5, 2016

Brexit Survival Guide

There is a lot of confusion, misinformation and panic about Brexit floating around right now.

Ignore it.

What you need when it comes to making decisions about your money is clarity.

That’s why MoneyWeek have published a special report – showing you:

– What Brexit means for you and your money…
– What will happen to Britain’s trade and industry now…
– Two opportunities to profit from Brexit

If you can navigate the short term chaos, you’ll be all set to take advantage of the many opportunities to profit that Brexit offer.

Click here to find out how to get your Brexit Survival Guide:

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June 22, 2016

Pre Match Trading

We tested and approved this software in January last year. It essentially allows you to make risk free profits in the run up to football matches because the software spots differences in what the correct price should be and what the Betfair price actually is, so you can bet with a degree of certainty that the market is going to move in a particular direction allowing you to either green up or play for free.

Here’s a video of them using the tool to scalp profits during the run up to the recent England v Wales game in the Euros:

You can try Pre Match Trading here:

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June 17, 2016

BitClub Network

I’m now into my ninth month with BitClub Network so it’s time for an update. First of all, the bottom line… earnings!

My mining earnings come to 4.80278 BTC which is $3,554 at today’s value. Part of that has been automatically re-invested back into BCN so that I now hold 1.41 shares in Pool 1, 1.3368 shares in Pool 2 and 1.2901 shares in Pool 3.

This means that every payment I get is increasing my share in the mining pool and thus increasing my payments.

My initial investment back in September 2015 was $3599 so it looks like by the end of the first year I will have pretty much recovered my entire investment and be earning Bitcoin indefinitely going forward.

The price of Bitcoin has increased dramatically too, exactly as was predicted, from around $280 per coin when I joined to nearly $730 per coin today. It’s expected by many to break the $1000 a coin mark at some point this year and then, as time goes on, increase even further, perhaps to $5K or even $10K per coin in a few years.

So far, in the nine months I’ve been testing this passive earnings investment, they have done everything they promised to do. Earlier in the year they released their own crypto currency, Club Coin, and gave some away to BCN members. Many sold their CC at $1 per coin, effectively recovering their entire investment in BCN in one go. I decided to stake mine in their staking pool which will produce around 20% extra for me by December, giving me in the region of 13,000 Club Coins. If the value goes back up to $1 a coin then, I can sell half of them for $6500, recovering my entire investment plus 100% return, without even touching my Bitcoin!

They also recently launched an Ethereum Pool. Ethereum is similar to Bitcoin but with possibly a lot more future potential as it can be used for lots of things other than just currency. This pool hasn’t been doing as well as I hoped. I bought a $1000 share in the pool and so far have been paid $243 worth of Ethereum, which is less than half of what I was expecting, but it looks like I’ll at least make my investment back before the pool stops mining. Still, you’ve got to speculate to accumulate and this was always going to be a risk worth taking for me.

BCN is continuing to grow, and they are gearing up for another large purchase of mining equipment, this will be for the brand new S9 Antminers which are using 16nm technology and are almost 4x more efficient than the S7 models.

At some point in the next few weeks the block reward will halve. This means the amount of Bitcoin released when a block is processed will go down from 25 to 12.5. This will mean it could become too expensive for the smaller miners to compete and they will stop, leaving the bigger mining pools, such as BCN with the latest mining equipment to mop up.

It’s been a fun nine months so far in BCN. I’ve learned a lot about Bitcoin and I’ve enjoyed seeing my investment grow into something quite impressive over a relatively short amount of time. I literally can’t imagine what I’ll be posting about this time next year! I suspect it will be joyous though!

You can sign up for a free account, and more information, here:

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