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As it’s a monthly update I will run this on from the last monthly update, February.  And it needed something spectacular to bring this service round and something spectacular sure did happen on the last day of March but was it enough?  Let’s have a look …

Racing Insider


Well there it is :)  No, the last day’s results in the gragh are not a slip of my pen, they had a 66/1 winner (BSP = 149.38) … Misu Mac 14:55 Southwell on 31st March!  But is it enough?  Can they guarantee getting a 66/1 winner every 5 months to dig them out from a loss?  I wouldn’t put my money on it!  There was a good start to November then it muddled along with profits and losses until almost the end of March showing a 20 point loss over the 5 months and then Misu Mac came along and the service returned a 40 point profit over the 5 months.  I can’t recommend that set of stats but the final choice is yours, I rate this service a Fail.

Place Insider


A poor performance for this service in the month of -25 points.  Overall the service made a profit over the 5 months to advised odds of 21 points but that was all made by middle December so for the last 3 1/2 months the service has not covered the subscription fee.  My rating is therefore, at best, Neutral but the same as for the Race Insider system the choice is yours but I cannot give my personal support just now.

Lay Insider


A very Neutral return for the month of 1 point.  The overall return for the 5 months being just 5 points or 1 point per month.  The graph shows the spike in profits in January and the loss of that spike in February.  The graph is also a good illustration of how important the review period is (see the review for my Combined Insider portfolio below).  If the review had ended after the first 2.5 months the service would have shown an acceptable return of nearly 20 points with a good graph but if it was assessed over the last 2.5 months it would have shown an unacceptable loss of 15 points with a disastrous graph!  I think the service gets a neutral rating as it didn’t lose money but it’s not for me.

Combined Insider

OK, here is where I link the 3 services together as a small portfolio.  The staking is 1 point win for Race Insider tips, 1 point each way for Place Insider tips and 5 points liability for the Lay Insider as the average odds are 5.61.  The return looks like this …


CombinedInsider 201411-201503

OK, I’ve split the graph for this into the first 3 month (Nov’14 – Jan’15) and the last 3 months (Jan’15 – Mar’15), yes. January is duplicated because 2 x 3 months doesn’t fit into 5 months!  The straight lines are trend lines.  I don’t think you needed them to see which way the graphs are going but they do help to emphasise the point.  OK so this portfolio made 100 points profit to advised odds and a very impressive profit of 215 points to Betfair SP (BSP) which on the face of it looks great but … remember the last day of March for Race Insider when 66 points was recovered at Advised Odds and a massive 141 points at BSP so if for any reason that bet was missed the net returns would have been 34 points at Advised Odds and 74 at BSP.  Would 34 points light your fire after 5 months?  It doesn’t mine.  The BSP return is acceptable in amount but I’m not sure it is for the number of bets risked.  For this reason I think the best rating I can give the Combined service of all the Insider systems as a package a neutral rating but I  cannot give my personal support to these services at the moment.

The Future

I think this service may be worth monitoring for longer because they did show good profits at the start and maybe they can get their form back. I had high hopes for them after the first couple of months.

You can try The Racing Insider here:Neutral


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April 10, 2015

Political Insight

This one is a bit left field but may well be of interest to some of you. A couple of months ago I met a chap called John Burke who is a horse racing tipster but has just written a General Election 2015 betting guide.

He’s been involved in UK politics for 15 years and claims to have made money betting on British general elections over the last 18 years.

This comes as a 15 page guide with full analysis and clear instructions for his 10 main bets and the 5 seats worth staying up for with full predictions.

Obviously this isn’t something I’m going to be able to test so it must be viewed as a bit of a punt, but it should add a bit of extra interest to the election and I will be following the advice to small stakes.

It’s a one off cost of £17 and comes as an instant download.

You can get Political Insight here:

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April 9, 2015

The Total Betting Club

It’s actually been quite a while since I did an update on this club.

The Total Betting Club is a mine of information for anyone serious about making betting pay. It’s a membership site that has a forum and a TON of systems to try out. You get a monthly newsletter that highlights new systems and results from systems already being tested out or that have long term results.

Membership allows direct access to all the current systems, downloads, staking plans and articles and use of the forum where you can discuss the various systems being used.

Recently they’ve been testing two new systems.

The LBB (Logical Bank Builder)
7-runner version

Since going live just a couple of weeks ago, this system has produced an astonishing £1,416.60 profit.

The results before were good but now they are superb after a huge profit last Wednesday:

After 2 bets were placed we achieved a profit of +£1,244

The month of March progressed onto an incredible +£1,646.30

Only 2 bets are ever targeted each day and the system is very easy to follow.

The running total from the two previous months was +£611.40 before we moved onto March. At this rate we are averaging over £600-£700 per month.

The TFI System

This system just continues to deliver…

Another +26.04 points since last Friday

One member said he had been checking it out on overseas cards and that it performed very well so even more possibilities for members.

More importantly though the profits have kept coming from our official UK racing.

The results since testing began on Jan 1st 2015:

January +136.73 points

February +159.69 points

March (up to 25th) +134.83 points

Last Wednesday just bagged another +8.8 points.

The system thread is updated in the club daily with the full results and the full rules can be found at the beginning of the thread.

The only stipulation when playing is that you will need to keep an eye on prices close to the off to determine the correct selections.

It is a very easy system to use and follow.


The SFFS is also having a cracking month and could be heading for a record breaker.

It is currently sitting on +71.77 points

This system had 11 winning months from 12 last year and a profit of +267.48 points. This year has seen +67.1 points and -0.87 points.

This month will no doubt take us close to +140 points, which is great progress and just testifies how consistent it really is.

All the above plus so much more available to members 24/7.

It’s worth taking out a month’s subscription just to learn one of these profitable methods, but you might find that you like the club enough to stay for a while!

You can try The Total Betting Club here:

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Its been nearly a couple of weeks, so this is the first update for ValuePlus Soccer.

How has it been going? Well, to be honest initially it was quite difficult.  In principle it should have only taken the 5 minutes because the strategy is very straightforward. However in practise I found that many of the qualifying matches were from relatively obscure leagues.  Lithuania, 2nd division matches in Slovenia, that sort of thing. Not just European leagues either, but from all over the world. As a result, I was spending quite a long time browsing different betting websites trying to find someone that was offering a liquid market. Even Bet365 which I find has a good selection of football markets, and Betfair which again I find ok for relatively obscure markets, didn’t offer the matches.

Realistically, if I have to spend 30 minutes just to find the bets, that isn’t going to work. I know there are sites like OddsChecker that theoretically will get the matches for you (and in fact the ValuePlusSoccer manual recommends using OddsChecker), but the first day I tried to use it, some of the selections were in Brazil and OddsChecker doesn’t support Brazilian matches! So, the first decision I took was that to judge this product in a real world situation, I was only going to use Bet365 to place bets.

I chose Bet365 for a few reasons; I do actually use Bet365 and I find they have a pretty good depth for their football.  If they don’t hold the market, then I find it is a good sign that it is going to be hard to find elsewhere, and given this system is supposed to be 5 minutes a day, I want it to be easy.

So onto the results so far.  I started with a £200 bank and I am tracking the 3 sets of staking plans that are mentioned in the manual.  That is, £10 level stakes, risking 2% per bet and the recommended 5% per bet.  How have I been getting on?  Well, not especially good.  There have been 13 days so far, 12 days had matching bets, but only 2 of those days have been winning days.  Some (in fact most) of the losing days have had 1 winning bet, but those wins did not offset the losses.

With a 200 point starting bank we are down to 190.3 points.  So, only down 10 points, but how have the staking plans affected a £200 bank?

£10 Bank £103.36
2% Bank £170.07
5% Bank £104.23

So, not really the start I was after. We are down nearly 50% of our starting bank for 2 of our staking plans! But, I can see that if a few results come in, this could turn around.  So, lets see what happens next…

You can get Value Plus Soccer here:

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March 30, 2015

2Horse Racing

More trouble today on Day 6. First race lost, and though the second race won, when you’re in recovery mode if the first race doesn’t win you go further behind.

First race lost £67.17 which included a £25 recovery stake. From today, in order to give this a chance, I have restricted the recovery chunk to be 20% or £25, whichever is less.

Third race also happened to win, but we stop at a winner.

More confidently, since Day 1 all days have stopped at the winner. So it will be instructive to see how long this recovery takes.

Day 6, £1000 starting bank = -£247.92

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March 25, 2015

Value Plus Soccer

Its been a while since I’ve been in the reviewing chair but I have some time available so I’m going to get going with a new review. This one is for Value Plus Soccer. Value Plus Soccer is strategy from Steve Davidson at It has some bold claims “409 points in 13 months” and “5 Minutes A Day, is all it takes!”.  Many systems claim to only take 5 minutes, so lets see what this one is about.

Firstly, the system is packaged up as a small application to be installed on a Windows PC. If you have a Mac, or mobile device only, then you won’t be able to see this, its Windows only.  You get a key from the suppliers and enter it to unlock the application.  The application then runs and reveals the details, but you can’t copy them or save to some other format.  This is a pain to be honest, especially if you are a mobile or Mac only person.  That said, it is really only a pain for a very short while because the strategy details are very straightforward. If you are like me, you’ll probably read it through once, then again to double check, and then you’ll be done.

The strategy is that simple.  It is using an idea that is perhaps overlooked by many. You go to a particular website, check out some details, and then place 3 appropriate bets. That’s it. So, can it all be done in 5 minutes, well it definitely looks like it can.

The strategy also includes a staking plan.  It suggests that you can bet with level stakes but also has a specific staking plan. Normal practise is to place 3 bets and it suggests to bet 5% of the bank on each bet, making a total of 15% of the bank each day.  That strikes me as a lot, but the staking plan has some logic behind it so there could be some big wins. Also Steve Davidson recognises that people might be uncomfortable with that level of risk, so he also suggests a scaled down staking plan using a less risky 2% per bet.  That is still 6% of the bank per day, but clearly more manageable.

So that’s a summary. I’m going to get going with the results and report back periodically to let you know how it is going.

You can get Value Plus Soccer here:


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March 22, 2015

Dobbing Secrets

Statistically we have seen 56 selections so far including only 12 winners, giving a strike rate of 21%.
If the selection method isn’t able to find more selections capable of shortening in price, in-running … this will continue to be un-profitable.

The bank is showing just under a 6 pt loss which arguably isnt significant in the grand scheme of things, but as a subscriber to any service I would expect
to feel some degree of progress for my efforts. This feels a slog and it is going to take a real turn of events to change things around.

(Note : For the purposes of this trial I am using BSP prices)

16th Mar – 22nd Mar (staking £25 / point)

11 selections

2 void (not meeting filter requirements) before start
5 failed to get matched in-running (loss of £125)
2 winners (returning £84.43)

Week : £-40.57

Overall : LOSS / £-148.77 (-5.95 pts)

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This is an interim update to bring things up to date as at yesterday (16/03/15) and follows on from the End of February Update.  OK, since the end of February the returns have been …

RaceInsider: 63 tips produced 13 winners (20.63% win rate).  Average Advised odds were 8.28 producing a profit to advised odds of +6.55 points.  The service is now marginally in profit over the 4 1/2 months.

PlaceInsider: 23 tips produced 4 profitable each-way bets (17.39% profitable bet rate).  Average Advised odds were 26.35 resulting in a loss of -13.90 points.  The service remains in profit to advised odds at 33 points over the 4 1/2 months. (Staking is 1/2 point for both the win and place bets making 1 point staked in total per tip)

LayInsider: 20 tips produced 15 winning bets (75% bet win rate).  Average odds (advised to Betfair SP) were 5.31 producing a marginal profit of +0.36 points.  The service remains marginally in profit over the 4 1/2 months.  This service is staked to 1 point liability.

CombinedInsider: The 106 bets outlined above produced 32 profitable bets (30.19% profitable bet rate).  Unfortunate if you were following this notional portfolio of the three services (RaceInsider: 1 point stake – PlaceInsider: 1 point each-way stakes – LayInsider: 5 point liability) the portfolio would have lost -19.46 points in this period but still remain 93.94 points in profit for the 4 1/2 months reviewed.

I intend to post an update next weekend and a further end of month review the weekend after.

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Apologies for the delay in posting this update after my review of the first 3 months didn’t come to a clear conclusion and I’m not sure this is going to turn the grey to black or white.  I will give my opinion of these services but at the end of the day it’s for you to make your own decision.  Remember that all three services come as a package so if you like one you can always subscribe and just monitor the other two.

Racing Insider



This month there was a big difference between the Advised Odds Return (AdvRet) and the Betfair SP Return (BSPRet) of over 20 points so obtaining the advised odds was very important.  I’m just paper trading at the moment because of the previous 3 months so cannot share any experience of how successful this would be but I have previously voiced my concerns of this.  Acceptance will depend on your personal circumstances.  The return for February was 3.5 points and overall the system has shown a slight loss over the 4 months I have been reviewing it.


Place Insider


This is the most profitable of the three services because of a purple December but since then the profit loss has gone horizontal.  The return for the month was 5.40 to Advised Odds beaten by nearly 1 additional point by the Befair SP return 6.37.  As this is an each-way service the returns are based on a total stake of 1 point per bet i.e. 1/2 point each-way also a winning bet is defined as a bet that returns a profit after allowing for the losing win portion of the stake.


Lay Insider


The Lay Insider service has disappointed in February.  The staking is based on a liability of 1 point.  This is to keep the money at risk equivalent to the other services.  But it’s also significant that 4 tips went off at BSP’s of over 10 so if laying to a one point stake the risk on one bet would have been nearly 17 points!  Not all followers would be comfortable laying such a risk especially as that selection won it’s race costing you the 17 points at risk!!  The service lost nearly 10 points in the month on this conservative basis.


Combined Insider

CombinedInsider 201411-201502


This Combined Insider ‘portfolio’ is made up from staking the Race Insider 1 point, the Place Insider 1 point each way i.e. 2 points total stake and the Lay Insider to a liability of 5 points (average odds are 5.07).

As a portfolio the combined services seem to work quite well provided you can get the odds per tip as advised.  I’m therefore inclined to give these services an Approved With Caution rating but will just see how it goes in March before firming up on that.





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February 18, 2015

GeeGeez Gold

Following on from my update on Monday about this service, Matt has written an F.A.Q. page to answer, well, the frequently asked questions! Here it is:


CLOSING TODAY: Your Questions Answered

The specially extended trial offer for Geegeez Gold comes to an end tonight, at 10pm sharp. If you’re already on board, I hope you can see why I’m such a raving fan of this site.

If you’re not yet a Gold subscribe – or on a trial – you’ll find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. I hope they help you make a decision because time is running out fast.

Right, here goes…
What exactly is Geegeez Gold?

Gold is a collection of tools, tips and race cards designed to suit horse racing and betting fans of all levels of experience.

Its flagship tipping service Stat of the Day is over 250 points up since inception (and selected a nice 4/1 winner for Gold subscribers yesterday).

Stat of the Day is well supported by Double Dutch (two winning days in a row, and just broken through the 100 points profit barrier); and The Shortlist, which is a value-finding report available each day.

The feature-rich Gold racecards; incisive winner-finding reports; and tools like Pace Analysis and Instant Expert are arming punters with more information than ever before, and doing it in a really simple to digest way.

How do I register?

Go to

If you don’t yet have a Geegeez account (i.e. you haven’t registered on the site), select the New User button on that page.

If you’re already a Geegeez free subscriber, select the Upgrade button.


I don’t have much time/experience/inclination. Is Gold for me?

Only you can answer whether Gold is for you, and the way to do that is to try it out. What I can tell you is that there is something for everyone:
– for the time poor, or the novice, start with the profitable tips, and The Shortlist report, and go from there to the Instant Expert grids

– for those with a bit more time/experience, check out the other reports, as well as Pace Analysis and Full Form Filters – these are industry-leading form tools.


I’m currently using Racing Post / Timeform / At The Races / Sporting Life cards. What’s so great about Gold compared to those?

Without meaning to sound rude to those established names, their development has been rather slow, and their owners are somewhat complacent. Geegeez Gold has THE BEST racecards in Britain, bar none. I don’t expect you to believe me, that’s why I’ve offered you three weeks to see that for yourself.

Our range of information, all presented in a really easy to use fashion, is miles ahead of some of those ‘brand names’, and furlongs ahead of all of them.

For example, you’ll not find colour-coded form profiling anywhere else. You’ll not find easy to understand pace maps on any of those sites. You’ll not be able to quickly and easily drill down into the heart of a horse’s relevant form anywhere else.

Gold is different. Gold is better. Much better.

Try it for yourself:


What if I don’t like Gold, or can’t get on with it?

No problem. Despite everything, we know that Gold won’t suit all types of bettor. Although we have pulled together an envious collection of tips, tools, racecards and reports that make money – and are time proven to do so – it might not be for you.

In that case, no problem, just cancel your subscription, and that will be that. Oh, and thanks a million for taking time to try Gold out.


Why do you ask for my payment details if it’s a free trial?

A good, and perfectly fair, question. We do take payment details at the outset, and you will be auto-billed after three weeks if you wish to stay on board. However, if you don’t wish to continue, and/or you simply forgot to cancel, that’s not a problem.

Just drop us a line and we’ll refund your payment and cancel your subscription. It does happen from time to time, and it’s never a drama. :-)
My question hasn’t been answered above. What now?

No problem. Drop me a line at and I’ll be happy to answer any further questions you have.
As I say, the special extended trial offer ends tonight at 10pm, so if you’re not on board already, this is your last call. After today, you’ll still be able to get 10 days to try out Gold. But why have 10 when you can have 21 free days full access?!
Click here to get started today:

Thanks again for taking time to consider Geegeez Gold, and I’m glad at the very least that you’ve now heard of it. Because I think it’s something you’re going to hear a lot more about as the year goes on.

Best Regards,


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