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November 24, 2015

BitClub Network

BitClub Network has produced a video that explains BitCoin really well. Definitely worth watching here:

They have also just released Octobers mining numbers….

October was a great month for us, our pool hit 35 blocks which resulted in a total of 875 new Bitcoin mined with additional transactions fees of 7.406 BTC. Plus, we also received another 143.17 Bitcoin through our mining efforts in Antpool and Kano pool to bring the monthly total to 1025.567 BTC (approx $334,000 USD)

Breaking down these 35 Blocks there were a total of 39,073 transactions adding up to 482,254.12 Bitcoin. This means BitClub Network was responsible for processing and securing $156,732,589.00 in transaction volume during the month.

This is by far the largest monthly contribution with OVER 156 MILLION processed by our pool!

Some other stats…

– Total fees collected from 35 blocks = 7.406 BTC (or about $2,406.95)
– Biggest Block was #378887 with 60,163.29 BTC processed from 1,431 transactions
– Smallest Block was #378904 with 1,065.28 BTC processed from 136 transactions
– Luckiest Block hit was #379014 – Mined at 5.36% of Network Difficulty
– Unluckiest Block hit was #379384 – Mined at 233.47% of Network Difficulty

For more details visit this page, it includes some nice details on each block we have mined:

October Founder Payout…

Out of the 1025.57 Bitcoin that we mined in October only 122.94 was from other contributors in our pool leaving all BitClub Network members with 902.627.

This is our biggest month to date and all Founder 1 and Founder 2 Bonuses will be paid on this 902.627 BTC. You can expect to receive this payment by the end of the week.

November is shaping up to be even bigger and we will continue to mine more bitcoin as we expand.

Also, don’t forget we have another 4 PH of power that has already been paid for and just awaiting shipment and installation. Right now our pool sits around 5 PH that is constantly online, this means our pool will nearly double from where it is now and we will likely place two more orders before the end of the year if we continue to grow at this pace.

Thanks for helping to make BitClub Network a success!

You can join for free here:

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November 19, 2015

BitClub Network

On Monday evening Russ, one of the founders of BitClub Network, hosted a webinar where he explained what was going on with ClubCoin as well as some very interesting updates regarding BitClub Network and BitCoin in general.

If you missed it, don’t worry, it was recorded and you can watch it here:

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November 17, 2015

Gary’s Tips

Selections 18/11 Races

One winner today but we still suffered a small loss as (I think) it was at 11/4 SP, I really must try and get the results back up to date tomorrow … 5 for tomorrow …

Tips. Wednesday 18th November

Hexham.           12.20. Cosmic Statesman.  7/1

Hexham.         15.40. Baraboy.  11/4

Chepstow.         14.30. Boyfromnowhere.   3/1

Kempton.   16.25. Tyrsal.        7/1

Kempton.    16.55. My Best Song. 6/1

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November 16, 2015

BitClub Network

It’s only been three weeks since my last update on this but a lot has happened since then so I thought I’d share with you what’s been going on.

First of all, one of my readers pointed out that my last update needed a little clarification in regards to the earnings I have achieved since joining. This is a passive earning opportunity where you invest in a BitCoin mining pool, your funds go towards purchasing, installing and running high tech mining equipment, and you get paid every day a share on all the BitCoin mined.

Since your investment is spent on equipment and costs associated with running the mine, any BitCoin you earn initially will obviously not be profit because you need to recover your investment costs first. However a portion of your BitCoin are automatically re-invested on a daily basis so your earnings will increase as your shares in the mine increase, and this means that your earnings grow at an exponential rate. It is expected that, at the standard re-investment levels, you should double your shares in the mine in around 200 days. This then means that it should only take 100 days after that to create a third share (as you now have two shares working for you), and now that you have three shares it’ll take even less time to create a fourth and so on.

What this means is that anyone investing in BitClub Network and simply leaving it to run itself, should be looking at recovering their full investment and making a fine profit within a year, and then continuing to make a healthy profit for years to come. But that’s just the start of it. As I write this, on Monday afternoon, I’ve personally earned 1.22140 BitCoin from mining payouts alone. This is about $400 and represents over 11% of my total investment. Three weeks ago that was 5.3%. As you can see the compounding effect is already starting to kick in. It will be interesting to see where that will be in another three weeks and I have difficulty imagining the potential of this in a year or two.

Now, that’s not all. BitClub Network are always re-investing part of the money from mining earnings back into the mine, buying new, faster processors to mine even more, but they are also expanding into other areas so that BCN will continue to produce an income for shareholders even when the BitCoin eventually runs out. One of these is point-of-sale terminals, the sort you see in shops when you pay for goods or services with your bank card, another is a network of ATMs that allow people to not only withdraw cash from their banks but also directly from their BitCoin wallets. The transaction fees on these machines roll into several thousand dollars a week, all pumped back into BCN and paid out to shareholders for years to come.

Here’s a picture of the latest batch ready for dispatch:


Finally, last week BCN released ClubCoin to its Founder members. Founders are people that have invested in all three mining pools at BCN (myself included). ClubCoin is BCN’s own crypto currency that will be launched at an event in South Korea in December. The hope is that ClubCoin will grow in the same way BitCoin has grown and Founder members were allowed to withdraw their ClubCoin and begin staking them to produce more. Staking doesn’t mean they are put at risk, like with betting, it’s just a term to describe how they are used to produce more and so last week I downloaded the ClubCoin wallet onto my VPS, withdrew my ClubCoins from BCN into my wallet and simply left it to run.

I’ve become an actual ClubCoin miner (rather than a shareholder in a mining pool with BCN) and sure enough, over the last five days I’ve mined over 18 new ClubCoins:



I don’t have to do anything for this; I just leave it running on my VPS. It’s quite cool knowing that I’m one of the first to be part of a fledgling currency and if it grows anything like BitCoin has grown then it could be worth a lot of money in a few years. Even if it grew to be worth just $1 a coin, that would be $10,000+ profit for free.

BCN will be launching a ClubCoin mining pool soon too, so you don’t even have to mine this stuff yourself if you don’t want to, you can simply join the BCN pool and take a share of all ClubCoin mined, the same way we do for BitCoin.

The more I look into BitClub Network, the more impressed I am with what they are doing and what this can mean for its shareholders.

It’s shaping up to be possibly the best passive income opportunity I’ve ever seen.
If you wish to receive my regular updates on anything to do with BCN, or if you wish to invest in the mine yourself, then sign up for a free account here:

Tonight at 7pm UK time there is a full webinar about ClubCoin and the benefits of you staking it yourself or leaving BitClub Network to stake it for you.

Russ will also be sharing with you his vision for Club Coin and BitClub Network going forward.

There are only 100 spaces on this UK Webinar so register early. This will be highly informative and if at all possible you should try not to miss it.

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November 12, 2015

Gary’s Tips

Selections 13/11 Races

OK, picked up a winner today giving a small profit overall … tomorrow is Friday 13th, unlucky for us or unlucky for the bookies?  The 5 we are taking into battle are …

Tips Friday  13th November

Lingfield                             11.50  Swilly Sunset                               5/1

Cheltenham                       13.05  Minella Present                          15/2

Cheltenham                       15.25  Mon Successeur                          11/1

Cheltenham                       16.00  Knock House                                 9/2

Wolverhampton               17.15  Smart DJ                                          7/2

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October 30, 2015

Gary’s Tips

Selections 31/10 Races

Gary has chosen 5 for tomorrow …

Tips  Saturday  31st  October

Ascot                               12.40  I’dliketheoption                              4/1

Ascot                                13.45  Voix D’eau                                       4/1

Ascot                                 14.15  Sgt Reckless                                    9/2

Wetherby                         14.30  Intense Tango                                 9/2

Ayr                                     16.00  Glingerburn                                     5/2

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October 25, 2015

Gary’s Tips

Selections 26/10 Races

Just 4 from Gary for tomorrow  …

Tips  Monday  26th October

Ayr                                14.45  Darsi Dancer                             3/1

Leicester                       12.50  Kenstone                                   4/1

Leicester                       16.05  Keene’s Pointe                          3/1

Redcar                           15.10  Atalan                                         7/2

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October 22, 2015

Gary’s Tips

Selections 23/10 Races

Another 5 from Gary for tomorrow Tips …

Friday  23rd October

Newbury                           16.10  Second Wave                             7/2

Doncaster                          16.20  Classic Collection                      3/1

Cheltenham                       15.20  Mr Shantu                                  9/2

Cheltenham                       17.05  Conas Taoi                                  11/2

Wolverhampton                18.50  Scurr Mist                                   5/1

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October 21, 2015

BitClub Network

I’ve been asked for an update on this BitCoin mining pool so thought I’d point out that anyone that took out a free membership will have received three updates from me already, so if you’d like to get more regular updates on what is happening with this, simply go and register for a free account and you’ll be kept in the loop.

Don’t worry if you’ve no idea what BitCoin is, it’s something that you’re going to be seeing and hearing about more and more over the next few years so there’s plenty of time to catch up.

A lot’s been happening over the last couple of months and I have to admit, I’m really quite excited about it. For those that don’t already know, BitClub Network is a BitCoin mining pool where they invest in ultra high tech computer mining equipment to mine for new BitCoin and the profits are shared out on a daily basis to members.

Essentially then this is a passive earning opportunity where all you do is invest in a pool, your funds go towards purchasing, installing and running high tech mining equipment, and you get paid every day on all the BitCoin mined for 1000 days.

I initially invested in the mining pool two months ago and have already made 5.3% in pure mining earnings without having to do anything. Now this is an excellent return by anyone’s standards but this is just the beginning. I predict that I will have made 100% within six months because of the partial re-investment feature.

Every time you get paid, a portion of that payment is automatically re-invested back into the pool, thus increasing your shares in the pool. As your shares increase, so do your payments. As your payments increase, you automatically buy more shares and your payments increase exponentially. Once all your partial shares add up to one whole new share, you automatically get another 1000 days in the pool; plus you now have two shares working for you so it will take half as long to build up to three shares… and so on.

The really cool thing about this is that the re-invested funds are used to buy better and better equipment which in turn means more BitCoin is mined. And this is exactly what has been happening.

As I write this, we have hit 18 blocks in 7 days. That is 450 new BitCoin and at today’s value of $266 per BitCoin that is $119,700 of extra mining pool income plus mining transaction fees. In a week!

Here is a snippet of their official update from October 15th:

“We started October working on a very tough block… It was by far our worst block to date (unluckiest block). It took 8 days and we finally ended up hitting the block at 622.10% of the Network Difficulty.

This month we installed 1 PH of the new S7’s and we are currently waiting on another 1 PH to hit our Iceland facility around the 26th. Well, we didn’t stop there we have just purchased another PH this month, so that means 3 PH purchased in October and we are pushing hard to have this all installed by October 31st.

Either way, this means November is going to be a very good month because these S7’s are really amazing. In fact, we think we can hash with these models for a very long time before new models catch up. With this last purchase we now have over 5 PH (5,400 TH) of power in our Iceland facility that will all be pushed to our pool. This puts BitClub in the top 10 of all mining pools in the world.”

You can have a look at their mining facility here:

You can register at BitClub Network for free here:

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October 20, 2015

Gary’s Tips

Selections 21/10 Races

5 from Gary for tomorrow …

Tips  Weds  21st  October

Newmarket                          17.25  Volunteer Point                            7/1

Worcester                             13.45  Playing The Field                           5/2

Worcester                             15.25  Ballyandy                                        4/1

Fontwell                                 16.45  Shalianzi                                         3/1

Kempton                                 18.55  Change the Game                         3/1

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