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February 20, 2017

Football Acca Tips RE-TRIAL

We had an excellent result on 12th Feb when both a Handicap Win bet and a Correct Score bet landed meaning a 62.5pt profit on the day. A couple of losses since have knocked us back down a bit but with this sort of service, it’s always going to be a bit of a famine/feast affair.

The bank is currently -36 points but that’s probably less than 1 decent win away from getting back in the black.



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February 8, 2017

The Sports Guru

Week 13; Selections: 90; Wins: 42; Points: 48.348 At £10 per point: £483.48

Overall: Selections: 1035; Wins: 401; Points: -97.458 At £10 per point: £-974.58

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January 31, 2017

BitClub Network

BitClub Network is a BitCoin mining operation based in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is a completely passive investment whereby you purchase a share in their mining pool and you get paid a share of all the BitCoin they mine, paid daily into your account.

They expanded into their own crypto currency, ClubCoin, and now also mine Ether and ZCash as well.

I originally invested in a Founder pack ($3,599) back in September 2015 and sixteen months on I have made the following, completely passive, profits:

BitCoin: 6.41394 ($6,029)
ClubCoin: 13,261 ($4,641)
Ether: 27.27 ($287)
ZCash: 1.2 ($47)

Total: $11,004

A portion of my BitCoin payments are automatically reinvested into the pool so that my total shares in the pool are always growing. I now own 1.59 shares in Pool 1, 1.46 shares in Pool 2 and 1.38 shares in Pool 3. This means that my payments increase through compounding and should continue indefinitely.

It’s also worth noting that the ClubCoin payments were entirely free. I was essentially given ClubCoin just for investing in the BitCoin mine. I could sell them right now for $4,600 which more than covers my initial investment and with $1000 profit, meaning that all the BitCoin I have earned has been effectively for free.

I’ve chosen to withdraw all my ClubCoin and am now staking them 24/7 on my VPS so that I am now mining my own, earning about 20% a year on them automatically. It requires no input from me.

BitClub Network have grown and developed enormously since I first joined. I’m really quite excited about this year. They are launching their own payment gateway, CoinPay, which is a merchant platform that allows people to pay with credit/debit cards but also BitCoin or ClubCoin. The advantage to merchants is that they get paid instantly in whatever currency they choose straight into their bank accounts without the normal charges associated with credit card fees. A nominal 1% fee is invoiced instead. This could be huge and a game changer for payment gateways and all BitClub members get free shares in CoinPay which of course means a share in the profits.

BitClub Network is definitely one of the most profitable passive investments I’ve been involved with and it looks to becoming even more profitable as it grows.

Their latest update is below.

Date: January 26th

Included in this update…
1,000 Founders Reached – Next Level is LIVE!
Year End Commission Reports Available
Mined 2,000 block this week

Founder 9 Bonuses Sold Out – Founder 10 is LIVE

All Founder 9 Bonuses are sold out but we will allow the package to run through the end of the current pay period. So when the clock hits zero above then we will begin Founder 10 level bonuses. (which gives everyone about 20 hours)

Just to be clear all Founder 9’s receive 5,000 CoinPay shares and 200 ClubCoin tokens. Founder 10’s will receive 3,000 CoinPay shares and 100 ClubCoin tokens.

We didn’t think we would sell out of Founder positions this quickly but right now we are growing faster than we ever have before. The Founder 10 bonus level will be available for the next 3,000 members who purchase a founder pack, then we will move to Founder 11 where the numbers will drop again to 2,000 CoinPay shares and 50 ClubCoin tokens.

Moving forward after Founder 11 there will be no more ClubCoin given away and it will be only CoinPay shares until those are gone.

2016 Year End Reports are LIVE

2016 Year end reports are now available on our new Commission Reports page (also found under the My Team menu above). On this page you need to generate the report and then you can download the PDF. This may take some time if you are at a higher rank, but shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes.

Right now this is only in English but we will be translating it over the next few weeks.

This report will be the only document you receive from BitClub Network showing the total BitCoin you earned. You are responsible for reporting in whatever country or jurisdiction you live in and this will give you a full breakdown of your earnings.

Also, this reports section will be expanded with many new stats over the coming weeks/months as we make it a priority to allow you to generate many different reports on your downline and personal earnings.

BitClub Mining Pool goes over 2,000 Blocks!

We just passed a big milestone this week by mining our 2,000th block! This is truly an amazing feat for a crowd funded mining pool like we have, but even more exciting is we are getting ready to add a ton of new power. Another 55 PH is being added to the pool over the next 60 days. This is our largest single purchase ever!

This will put our pool well over 150 PH and with our current membership growth we expect to be adding more large batches between 30-50 PH after this one is completed. We also have details on a new mining facility that we will share with you in the coming months. This facility should increase our profitability even more and boost our payouts.

With this next round you should see a significant uptick in the daily mining earnings and we will continue to expand aggressively as more funds come in to purchase more equipment. This year we hope to own 10% of the market and so far we are well on our way!

Thank you for being part of this incredible opportunity, stay tuned for some good updates coming in February regarding CoinPay launch and the next phase of BitClub Network!

-BCN Support

You can join BitClub Network here:

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January 6, 2017

Next Labour Leader odds

I won a few quid when Corbyn became leader first time round. I have to admit, as a JC supporter (and I know I’m not in the majority here) that was hope rather than hunch, but I backed him at a big price. I had already backed Yvette Cooper and Chuka Umunna ages before, when Miliband was still leader. I think the most talented politician in Labour is Umunna, even though I don’t agree with him most of the time. However, he has a skeleton in his closet which is why he threw in the towel early on.

However, unless the party somehow manages to wrest back the voting from members (and I wouldn’t put it past them to find a way), Chuka and his right-leaning chums haven’t got a hope.

This election may be sooner than most people think. It depends largely on the Copeland by-election. If Labour loses that – and I think they will – I believe Corbyn will nominate a successor and call a leadership election. But who will he nominate? Keir Starmer is favourite with the bookies, where you can get up to 9.0. And I know he’s ambitious and the ‘compromise’ candidate, but would the members vote for him? McDonnell is 3rd favourite, but it won’t be him. He would get an even bigger bashing in the press than Corbyn, and I have heard through the grapevine he has health issues. Sadiq Khan would be popular but the election could come too early for him, and I’m not sure Corbyn would support him. Diane Abbott is a non-starter, but Labour would dearly LOVE to have a woman leader, especially ethnic. Personally I think Shami Chakrabarti would make an excellent PM but she’s tarred with the same hypocrite brush as Abbott and, anyway, isn’t an MP. If the right DID manage to get its foot back in the door, I think Hilary Benn would be up there, and there’s always the shadow of David Miliband returning, but he’s not an MP.

So I have backed two. To me, Clive Lewis is an excellent bet. You can get 11.0 with Ladbrokes, though they won’t take much on him online – I may try in one of their shops. Clive is talented, likeable, young and the normal dross newspapers would have a much harder time dragging him down, he being an Afghan veteran. I have a very strong feeling about this one. The other one I’ve backed is Emily Thornberry, who acquitted herself well in PMQs and is another favoured by JC. At 26.0, I think she may be tradeable on Betfair, though I don’t think BOTH Thornberry and Lewis would stand. Corbyn definitely wouldn’t want to split the left vote and he would make that clear before agreeing to stand aside.

If Labour DOES win Copeland, the bets would still stand anyway. JC would still be up against it, and I would be very surprised if he goes into a 2020 General Election as leader.

Don’t go mad, these things can always change with circumstance, but at the moment I would say both those bets represent very decent value

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December 20, 2016

Great Bets

Day: 47-48; Selections: 4; Wins: 2; Points: 8.5

Overall: Selections: 207; Wins: 71; Points: 700.5

NB: Betting at £1 per point, bets are normally between £10 and £20 stakes.

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December 16, 2016

BitClub Network

Some of you may have received an e-mail overnight ‘apparently’ from BitClub Network encouraging you to invest in their “Investment Partner” program whereby you can double your money in a month.

This is obviously a phishing scam so do not be tempted to send any BitCoin to the address they have given.

It’s not even a very good phishing scam. The address it’s sent from is networkbitclub, a totally different domain name, it’s using ‘Constant Contact’ mailing system, which appears to be some kind of spam mailing company, the spelling mistakes and grammar are terrible and, as you probably know if you’re in BitClub Network, the only way to send BitClub Network any BitCoin is through the BitClub Network website using their invoicing system.

We will no doubt receive an official BitClub Network update about this scam later today but I thought I’d mention is just in case you were unsure about it.

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December 14, 2016

BitClub Network

I’m continuously impressed and excited about BitClub Network. I initially invested in this BitCoin mining pool last October (2015) and it’s grown into a very stable income with exciting and potentially extremely profitable offshoots into ClubCoin, Etherium, ZCash and the CoinPay merchant platform.

Here’s the latest update:


NEW Updates – 2016 Nearing an End!
Date: December 13th

Included in this update…

  • Update on Account Security & Support Tickets
  • ClubCoin Hardware Wallet – FOR SALE!
  • CoinPay Launch Event in Korea
  • Large Bitcoin Mining Purchase – 2017 Boost!
  • Zcash Mining 2nd Batch LIVE & Batch #1 Credit
  • ClubCoin Virtual Staking Dropping to 5% on January 1
  • ClubCoin Free Giveaway ends December 31
  • 2016 Earnings Summary via Downloadable PDF

Update on Account Security & Support Tickets

After bringing the website back online we have added many security upgrades and this caused some delay in our automated scripts that normally run on a CRON. These scripts run daily to calculate commissions, pay the ClubCoin giveaway, pay mining earnings, promote rank advancements and more.

Some of these scripts needed to be paused and some of them re-written but we wanted to let you know that as of today (December 13th) everything has been run and is now up to date. If you opened a ticket for something like this please check to see if it’s been solved now.

If your ticket has been solved please do us a favor and close it!

Support Tickets Overloaded – Please Be Patient

With all the added security for member accounts and the issues mentioned above we are experiencing a very large backlog in support tickets right now. If you submitted a ticket sometime in the last 10 days please be patient, we will get to your issue as soon as we can and you will not be forgotten.

We have received over 5,000 support requests since the website was restored and 80% of them have to due with the new security features. Unfortunately, the process to verify accounts is not something that is fast (especially if you never verified your email).

Our team is working around the clock right now to clear out all issues and you can help by NOT opening multiple tickets for the same issue or having your upline open a second ticket to check on your ticket.

This is only slowing down the process further and we PROMISE we will respond to every single ticket that has been submitted so please be patient as we dig through all of them.

Again, if your issue is now solved it would really help us eliminate the response time for everyone if you closed it, we appreciate it!

We expect the backlog to be normal in about 1 week but until then thanks for your patience

ClubCoin Hardware Wallet – FOR SALE!

We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new hardware wallet powered by Ledger that will allow us to store Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ClubCoin on a single device to keep your coins in offline in a cold storage solution.

Ledger is the leading hardware wallet provider and together with the ClubCoin development team we have developed a custom solution exclusive to BitClub Network members that will go on sale Friday December 16th.

We wanted to give you a heads up on this so you have an opportunity to purchase before they are all gone.

There are many reasons to buy this wallet but here are a few good ones…

  • Safely store ClubCoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum offline so it cannot be hacked or stolen
  • A great gift for team members, fully branded with BitClub Network and ClubCoin logos
  • Web Wallet extension via chrome app with easy to use interface for sending and receiving coins
  • Full back-up of private keys and recovery card to ensure you don’t lose your tokens (ever)

The first batch will only have 10,000 units available and with many of our top leaders asking about purchasing large quantities we have put together the following packages

1 Wallet = $75 + $15 shipping ($90 total)
5 Wallets = $370 + $24 shipping ($394 total) – Save $11.20/unit
20 Wallets = $1460 + $49 shipping worldwide ($1509 total) – Save $14.55/unit
50 Wallets = $3600 + $95 shipping worldwide ($3695 total) – Save $16.10/unit
100 Wallets = $7100 + $135 shipping worldwide ($7135 total) – Save $18.65/unit

You already saw a 3D mock-up of these units, but here are actual units being made with a few specs included

Shipping these wallets will happen sometime in January or early February and we ship them anywhere in the world.

*NOTE: The shipping costs provided are averaged to make ordering fast and easy. We believe 90% of all orders will fall within the range of what is shown for each package. However, if your order is significantly higher in your country we may require you to pay extra before your order is shipped.

You will have the option to cancel and refund if this added amount is too high

CoinPay Launch Event…

The CoinPay team was in Seoul South Korea to showcase this new platform. The event was very well attended by BitClub Network members with nearly 100 people showing up to support it. The entire Fintech event only had about 300 total so with nearly 1/3 of the crowd being BitClub it was truly incredible to see.

At the event we opened up the platform to allow a total of 200 businesses that will be using the invoicing system over the next few weeks in what we expect to be the last of our beta tests before opening up the platform to everyone.

Here is the CoinPay booth at the event…

Large Bitcoin Mining Hardware Purchase

We just made the largest Bitcoin mining purchase in our history with 35 PH being deployed within the next 30-45 days with more to follow.

This will bring our pool hashing power well over 100 PH and provide a nice boost in mining earnings to kickoff 2017!

Over the past month we have been waiting on this window to purchase and we are excited to announce that Christmas has come early for all of us. We made a great deal on this batch!

The key to maximizing profit in mining is knowing how and when to deploy new equipment. In this case we had a window line up perfectly and we jumped on it. This is only the first big order as we move to expand aggressively into next year and become a bigger piece of the overall mining pie.

Zcash Mining 2nd Batch LIVE & Batch #1 Credit

Zcash Mining shares for batch #2 will begin paying on December 15th. The machines are coming online now and being optimized to begin fully hashing by the 14th and ready to begin paying on the 15th.

If you purchased in Batch #1 you will see a big jump in your Zcash pool earnings, this is a credit mentioned in the previous update and you will also benefit from the added efficiency of the newer mining rigs being installed.

Overall, this should provide a nice boost in Zcash daily payments moving forward!

ClubCoin Virtual Staking Drops to 5% Jan 1

Starting on January 1st all new ClubCoin that is staked in our virtual staking pool will no longer earn 10% yearly. Instead you will earn 5% and we strongly encourage you to stake on your own!

By staking on your own and running a node you will earn an average of 20% per year (if your computer is running 24/7).

Downloading a node for ClubCoin and running it is very important for the future of ClubCoin. We cant stress this enough! If we do not have a strong network with many nodes to connect to worldwide then our coin is vulnerable to attacks.

In fact, it would not surprise us at all if the next wave of attacks against us happens to the ClubCoin network. Help us fight them off by keeping a node running in your region, the more nodes the more security we have!

Also, having more nodes will help CoinPay invoicing system work much better and faster. So please pull your coins out of the virtual staking pool when they are done earning and run a full node staking them on your own (if you can).

ClubCoin Free Giveaway ends Dec 31st

Over the past year we have given away over 65,000,000 ClubCoin to members for FREE!

Today these coins are worth $0.57 USD at the time of this post. This is over $37 Million we have put in your hands and while this may seem like a lot, we believe the potential of what ClubCoin offers is just now starting and will come to life in 2017.

You only have through the end of the month to continue receiving these free coins and then new supply will only come from the staking process.

2016 Earnings Summary via Downloadable PDF

After December is over each member will have a downloadable PDF file containing the total earnings summary for the entire year. You will also have a copy of all your invoice orders in a PDF format as well.

We encourage you to download this file and use it for your own year end reporting of taxes depending on which country you reside in and how they treat Bitcoin. This is the only document you will be provided and we will not offer any help or advice on this subject so please see a tax professional in your country if you believe you may have a tax liability from receiving Bitcoin.

2017 is going to be a big year for BitClub! We have plans that go way beyond mining and you are about to see exactly what they are!

Thanks for your support!

-BCN Support

You can sign up for a free account, and more information, here:

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November 22, 2016

Sports Betting Pays

I’ve been recording results for Sports Betting Pays for just over three months and it is now time to give a verdict.

This service sends selections out by email every evening. There’s also a members area you can log into on their website where you can see any further comments made by James (owner) or other members.

Subscription costs £29.99 a month and bets are (mostly) on football and cricket.

The emails contain a, sometimes lengthy, write up explaining why they have been selected and why other options have been rejected.

To be honest, I usually just do a quick scan type read of the blurb on other services’ emails before jumping to the actual bets. But I really like James’ emails and do read them thoroughly. I find them interesting and informative without being boastful or patronising.

I’ve found that I can almost always better the price he notes in his emails by looking at Oddschecker.

Most bets are for the following day but some are supplied a few days in advance. This has caused a difference in the monthly profit shown on his figures and the ones I am keeping. It all evens out over the course of the trial but he has a much larger profit shown in September than I do. He has October down as a losing month, whereas I have a reasonable profit.

Getting to the results, I’ve been really quite impressed. We started the trial on 8/8/16 and up to tonight, 22/11/16, we’ve made a profit of 36.95 points. That’s £369.50 to £10 a point bets. The biggest bet we’ve had has been 4 points, the vast majority of bets are 1 point. We were in an even better position earlier in the month but the India v England test was quite costly.


BETS 227




S/R 32.6%

AV ODDS 4.29

P/L +£369.50 to £10 a point

ROI 13.92%

I’m perfectly happy to file this very good service under APPROVED




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November 16, 2016

MoneyWeek Conference


What do the sharpest minds in finance think you should be doing with your money right now?

This October, MoneyWeek hosted a conference entitled ‘When Banking Dies: How to Invest During the Monetary Endgame’

This year’s speakers covered such topics as:

• How the ‘death of money’ puts your dreams of a comfortable retirement under threat.
• The sectors that could rise as traditional investments crumble.
• The one strategy – used by the world’s most successful investors – that you need to implement ASAP.
• How to draw a sizeable income in a low-interest world.
• Where next for gold?

And that’s just a fraction of what was covered on the day.

Those lucky enough to get a ticket heard from (amongst others) award-winning private wealth manager Tim Price, acclaimed financial historian Adam Fergusson. MoneyWeek’s editor-in-chief Merryn Somerset Webb and alternative income specialist David C Stevenson.

If you didn’t manage to go in person then the next best thing to being there in the room is hearing it all play out in the comfort of your own home.

And for this week only you can download an audio recording of the conference free of charge.

The full price of this recording is currently selling for £49 but you can get this as a free bonus, along with a complimentary copy of their Inheritance Tax Report, plus 12 issues of Moneyweek for just £12 here:

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November 9, 2016

The Sports Guru

The Sports Guru

Day: 8; Selections: 8; Wins: 2; Points: -2.125 At £10 per point: £-21.25

Overall: ; Selections: 60; Wins: 22; Points: -11.935 At £10 per point: £-119.35

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