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June 22, 2016

Pre Match Trading

We tested and approved this software in January last year. It essentially allows you to make risk free profits in the run up to football matches because the software spots differences in what the correct price should be and what the Betfair price actually is, so you can bet with a degree of certainty that the market is going to move in a particular direction allowing you to either green up or play for free.

Here’s a video of them using the tool to scalp profits during the run up to the recent England v Wales game in the Euros:

You can try Pre Match Trading here:

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June 17, 2016

BitClub Network

I’m now into my ninth month with BitClub Network so it’s time for an update. First of all, the bottom line… earnings!

My mining earnings come to 4.80278 BTC which is $3,554 at today’s value. Part of that has been automatically re-invested back into BCN so that I now hold 1.41 shares in Pool 1, 1.3368 shares in Pool 2 and 1.2901 shares in Pool 3.

This means that every payment I get is increasing my share in the mining pool and thus increasing my payments.

My initial investment back in September 2015 was $3599 so it looks like by the end of the first year I will have pretty much recovered my entire investment and be earning Bitcoin indefinitely going forward.

The price of Bitcoin has increased dramatically too, exactly as was predicted, from around $280 per coin when I joined to nearly $730 per coin today. It’s expected by many to break the $1000 a coin mark at some point this year and then, as time goes on, increase even further, perhaps to $5K or even $10K per coin in a few years.

So far, in the nine months I’ve been testing this passive earnings investment, they have done everything they promised to do. Earlier in the year they released their own crypto currency, Club Coin, and gave some away to BCN members. Many sold their CC at $1 per coin, effectively recovering their entire investment in BCN in one go. I decided to stake mine in their staking pool which will produce around 20% extra for me by December, giving me in the region of 13,000 Club Coins. If the value goes back up to $1 a coin then, I can sell half of them for $6500, recovering my entire investment plus 100% return, without even touching my Bitcoin!

They also recently launched an Ethereum Pool. Ethereum is similar to Bitcoin but with possibly a lot more future potential as it can be used for lots of things other than just currency. This pool hasn’t been doing as well as I hoped. I bought a $1000 share in the pool and so far have been paid $243 worth of Ethereum, which is less than half of what I was expecting, but it looks like I’ll at least make my investment back before the pool stops mining. Still, you’ve got to speculate to accumulate and this was always going to be a risk worth taking for me.

BCN is continuing to grow, and they are gearing up for another large purchase of mining equipment, this will be for the brand new S9 Antminers which are using 16nm technology and are almost 4x more efficient than the S7 models.

At some point in the next few weeks the block reward will halve. This means the amount of Bitcoin released when a block is processed will go down from 25 to 12.5. This will mean it could become too expensive for the smaller miners to compete and they will stop, leaving the bigger mining pools, such as BCN with the latest mining equipment to mop up.

It’s been a fun nine months so far in BCN. I’ve learned a lot about Bitcoin and I’ve enjoyed seeing my investment grow into something quite impressive over a relatively short amount of time. I literally can’t imagine what I’ll be posting about this time next year! I suspect it will be joyous though!

You can sign up for a free account, and more information, here:

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June 7, 2016

Classic Racing Gold

Apologies for the lack of updates over the last week or so, I’ve been having horrendous internet problems over the last 3 weeks and even trying to upload my spreadsheet times out.

I have been able to keep full track of the services emails and have been checking prices via my phone, so business as usual that way.

Before getting on to the results recorded, I just want to let you know that they tipped Harzand for The Derby the night before the race, when it was available at 12/1! They did state that it wasn’t to be recorded in their figures but to make sure you got it at BOG bookmakers, even if you’d only to SP that was still a very tasty 13/2 win.

In the last update, I mentioned that the correction period had arrived and that the service had had a tough week. Well, that tough period carried on for a few days but has abated since the start of this month.


WON 15

S/R 38.46%




S/R 66.67%







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Inheritance tax.

If you’re like most people, reading those two words will probably make you angry.

Some have called it “the most hated tax in Britain”.

Even Tony Benn – that firm stalwart of the Labour left – did everything he could to wriggle out of it.

It’s a tax that most of us don’t even like to think about.

If you’re anything like me, that’s because the thought of paying it leaves a bad taste in your mouth…

But the truth is, it’s only right to think about this now – before it’s too late. Especially because the cost of not doing so could be severe.

It could leave your family with big financial problems. And lead to your assets being sold off…

But what if I told you there’s a way you can turn this whole situation on its head?

A way for you to use the tax man’s own rules against him… to make up to £2m of your wealth effectively ‘disappear’ off the radar.

Perhaps best of all, this strategy is 100% legal and ethical.

It’s simple and it’s hiding in plain sight – yet most people still don’t know about it.

Click here to find out more about how to protect your family from the taxman when you’re gone:

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Last September Matt Bisogno, of GeeGeez, wrote about some bookie spyware (that is probably on your machine) called iesnare.

That post has had over 43,000 views.

Today, a GeeGeez reader shares his story. It’s a tale that involves bookmakers, the UK Gambling Commission and, ultimately the Information Commissioner’s Office.

And it’s an important read.

There is also information on how you can help to rid us all of this borderline illegal scourge, and I’d encourage you to help if you can. Plus, information on how you can disable iesnare that almost certainly has been downloaded, without your knowledge, onto your machine.

Read more here:

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May 23, 2016

UCantLose Ltd

UCantLose Ltd are currently running the following special offer:

Pay £15 per month for unlimited access to their excellent Oddtrawler Pro Software and get UCantLose Arb Alerts totally free of charge – saving you £50 every month!

UCantLose Ltd have been around since 2003 and have an excellent reputation for highly profitable services and first class customer support.

OddsTrawler Pro and UCantLose Arb Alerts are their two most profitable services.

OddsTrawler Pro is a matched betting, dutching and back / lay arbitrage service that allows you to find your own profitable bets 24/7. There are currently over £2,000 in free bets available on the site…in addition to the risk free profit available from a vast array of dutching and back / lay arbs.

UCantLose Arb Alerts is a sports arbitrage service where they find the arbs and send them directly to you. The total profit for this service now stands at a staggering £524,854.06!

This is without a doubt the best value deal they’ve had for quite some time. You could easily make over £1,000 from matched betting the bookie bonuses alone. With lots of extra profit coming from the free UCantLose Arb Alerts.

Even if you’re not interested in this offer you should still visit the sales page and download their Risk Free Betting Guide, it’s free:

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April 13, 2016

BitClub Network

Another great month for this passive earnings system. My own mining earnings are increasing at an exponential rate, now at 3.89 BitCoins which is $1,653. The money is paid into my account every day without fail.

Here’s the latest update from the team:

Over the past 30 days we have mined 149 Blocks, which is equal to 3,725 Bitcoin. Using today’s price of $425/Bitcoin that is equal to $1,583,125 USD. Our total electricity and costs last month was just under $400,000 (including management and labor). This has created over $1 million in new Bitcoin for BitClub members in the last 30 days alone!

You can easily verify these numbers from our pool website or by looking on the blockchain at all the blocks we have been hitting over this time.

Not only are we making good profit right now from mining but we keep selling older equipment to buy newer models which allows us to be even more efficient and profitable as we grow. This is the key to our long term success and it’s starting to pay off in a big way.

To top it off we are getting ready to add even more hashing power this month and we will continue to expand aggressively as more members purchase shares.

Right now our mining pools are operating in a very efficient manner that allows us to fulfill all current obligations to members without a single new member joining or purchasing a share of our pool. We can continue to expand and be profitable just based on our repurchase model (which is amazing!!)

Plus now we are also expanding into GPU mining and will be bringing everything under one roof to maximize our Ether mining pool too. This pool is just getting ramped up and will continue to be more efficient and more profitable as we go.


We have been working on a lot of new features and many of them are all coming together at the same time. We will give you another big update on Friday or over the weekend with details.

You can sign up for a free account, and more information, here:

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April 1, 2016

Bet and Trade Workshop

I’m sure you are aware of matched betting, bookie bonus bagging, arb hunting, sports trading etc. You will probably have dabbled in this area at some point over your betting career, trying a few systems or services that offer this sort of thing.

The chances are though; you won’t have made over £1000 a month doing it!

The beauty of this style of betting is that it is either risk free, or very low risk, and generally means that you will either win money if you get the right outcome or break even (or lose a relatively small amount) if you don’t.

It is therefore very attractive to those who either don’t have funds they can afford to ‘risk’ or those that simply don’t like losing bets and the ups and downs normally associated with gambling.

The drawback of this style of betting is that the returns tend to be small compared with normal betting, typically a few percent of the outlay rather than 100% and upwards. But most people tend to lose over the long term with traditional betting so with risk free betting, if you are patient, at least you’re guaranteed to make money.

This is where Steve Trow excels. He’s a chap that chose this route and for the last five years has consistently made good money using risk free techniques such as matched betting and sports trading, very much in his spare time. But unlike most people, he’s developed a strategy that allows him to make over £1000 a month doing it!

And he wants to show you how to do it too. Personally, on a one to one basis. In his house!

That’s right. If you want to learn how to make £1000 a month in your spare time, using risk free and low risk betting, then learn from someone that is already doing it. Go to his house, spend the day with him, let him show you exactly what he does and how he does it and then go away and do it yourself.

He’ll give you access to his professional software, teach you how to use it together with the strategies he personally uses, and give you full support with e-mail and Skype calls for the following 12 months to keep you on track and maximise your profits.

After spending just one day with Steve, one on one, you’ll be able to copy exactly what he does to make £1000 a month yourself using risk free and low risk strategies. And your winnings are tax free too.

I know what you must be thinking… a one on one workshop in his home, teaching you how to make £1000 a month risk free… this is going to cost thousands, right?

Wrong. The fee is ridiculously low. Have a look for yourself!

Full details here:

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March 15, 2016

BitClub Network

BitClub Network is a BitCoin mining operation based in Reykjavik, Iceland.

I’ve been reviewing this opportunity since August 2015 when I invested in the minimum Pool 1 share. By the end of August I was impressed enough to invest in the other two pools for a total investment of $3599 (Founder Package).

If you are unsure what BitCoin mining is then the below short video explains it very well indeed:

I have been extraordinarily impressed with this right from the start. BCN have paid out mining earnings every day without fail, and the way the system is set up, part of your earnings are automatically re-invested into the pool so that your share of the mine grows exponentially.

I have increased my shares in BCN by 25% already without having to do anything and this means that my payments increase exponentially too. Add to that the fact that BCN are always increasing their mining capability by purchasing the latest mining equipment; what I’ve seen over the last few months is simply staggering. BCN have gone from holding about 1% of the mining market to over 5% in a few short months.

So far, this is the most lucrative passive income opportunity I’ve ever seen.

So how have I got on in the past five months?

Well, so far my mining earnings are 3.25853 BitCoin which is $1,353 at today’s rate. Bearing in mind I get paid BitCoin indefinitely going forward, at this rate and with the gradually increased payments due to my automatically increasing shares and the ever increasing mining power of the pool, I fully expect to have recovered my initial investment in the mine before the end of the first year just in BitCoin payments alone.

BUT, that doesn’t even take into account ClubCoin. ClubCoin is BCN’s own virtual currency. You get paid ClubCoin too as a bonus for buying shares in BCN. When I joined I got a bonus of 1 ClubCoin for every dollar invested plus 7000 extra for becoming a Founder (having a share in all three pools).

That gave me a total of 10600 ClubCoin.

When ClubCoin launched onto the market in February it hit $1.60 a coin at one point and settled at around $1 a coin. I could have sold all my CC then for $10,600 which would have recovered my entire investment in BCN and given me a profit of $7000. I do know that a lot of BCN members did exactly that.

I chose not to, however, as I have decided to re-invest my ClubCoin in their pool and make an extra 2000+ over the next year. I’m holding out for a better price and suspect that CC could be trading at around $5 a coin in a year or two, which will be worth $60,000 to me!

So far BCN have over delivered on everything they have claimed. I have approached this as a speculative investment but having effectively tripled my investment in five months, I have no option than to give a resounding approval.

Going forward, BCN have invested in a network of ATM’s which members will be able to get shares in for a more diverse passive income portfolio and, perhaps even more exciting, have today launched an Ethereum mining pool which could well turn out to be even more profitable than BitCoin. It’s certainly something I will be investing in.

To sum up, I looked at this the same as I look at any other new system or service we test here. However, I wasn’t prepared to be quite as impressed as I am. Everything they claimed to do, they have done, and everything they have told us they will be doing, they have done. BitCoin is, without a doubt, the most profitable investment in history and being part of it is very exciting indeed.

Not only do I now own BitCoin, ClubCoin and (later today) Ether, but I will be owning more and more of it over the next few years thanks to the BCN mining pool.

What will this mean by 2020?

Honestly, I think this could mean over £1 million for me by then. And for many BCN members. Watch this space!

You can sign up for a free account, and more information, here:Approved2

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March 5, 2016

Football Payday

This is the sixth report on Football Pay Day and covers the 29 day period 1-29 Feb 2016 inclusive.

1st -29th Feb :-                                           Running Totals 16th Oct 15 -29 Feb 16:-


System 1  Lay the Draw    -4.75 points                                  -18.25 points

System 2  Over 2.5 goals    1.11 points                                   15.96 points

System 3  Over 1.5 goals    2.64 points                                   12.09 points

System 4. Under 2.5 goals 1.52 points                                    5.89  points  

                                                                               System 2-4  = 33.94 points


The 3 further systems results were as follows:-

1st-29th Feb:-                                                Running Totals 16th Oct 15 -29 Feb 16:-


1.a  Lay Half Time 0-0           = -4.05 points                          -6.90 points

1.b Lay the Full Time Draw   = 1.75 points                             0.80 points


2.a  Both Teams not to Score  = 7.60 points                          0.29 points

2.b Lay The Draw                       = 2.35 points                      – 12.15 points


3.a Lay the Home Team            = 1.53 points                         -3.12 points  

3.b Back the correct Score Draw= -12.95 points                 -67.41points


Systems 2-4 since the start of the trial have now accumulated 33.94 points Using £20 per point after 5% Betfair commissions and the quarterly licence fee equating to £1.10 per day, whilst not tearing up any trees, is still  a net £526 so far and requiring  a mere 5 odd minutes work per day.


The sub systems Audi and BMW continue to be disappointing.

Merc – Correct Score Draw since a very profitable first month in the trial has gone on to  wipe out this profit and gone heavily negative so this sub system needs to be left on a watching brief.


So we roll on into March and I will post again at the end of the month.

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