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July 17, 2015

Free System

Betfan have released a free system that has produced 178 points profit so far with a 40% strike rate. The system is simple, easy to follow and you can be using it in as little as ten minutes.

Grab it here:

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July 17, 2015

Be Wise Trader

This one is a little bit left field but worth a look at I think.

I was introduced to this by John Duncan over at Profit Magnets and was initially put off by the fact that the company involved was very new, was based in Portugal, and none of the website (at the time) was in English. However, I’ve seen similar services to this before in the UK and never paid them much attention because of their multi-level-marketing approach. I’ve always hated MLM which, in my opinion, only ever makes money for a very few successful entrepreneurs.

What makes Be Wise Trader different, and why I decided to have a proper look, is that it does NOT require you to get referrals, or build a team, or introduce others etc, in order to profit from it.

I am ONLY interested in methods that can be used by people, completely independently, to create an income and so far this appears to deliver just that.

So what exactly is Be Wise Trader?

Well, essentially it’s a company that employs around fifty full time traders that produce small, regular profits from the exchanges by sports trading, arbitrage etc. and as a subscriber, you invest into the trading pot and get a share of the profits paid weekly into your account. Your purchase also covers training and tips too, and you can avail yourself of this if desired although it’s not something I’ve looked at.

There are four different levels of ‘packs’ available, from a few hundred dollars up to $1350, and it’s just a matter of buying one of these packs, and then sitting back and waiting for the profit to roll in.

The return on your pack purchase is variable but should be at least 100% per year. So, for example, if you bought a $1350 pack, you should be looking at getting paid at least $2700 within a year, or even more, without having to do anything at all.

So, I decided to put this one through a proper Cash Master test as we do with any other product or service.

I bought a “Diamond Pack” for $1350 on 7th April this year. The procedure, at the time, was a bit clunky as I had to use Neteller to pay, which I’m not overly familiar with, but John Duncan walked me through and it was done in no time.

And that was pretty much it. I’ve checked my account a few times since then and was pleased to see payments going in, every week, of around $70-$90.

After about eight weeks or so, I had over $700 in my account so I did a withdrawal to make sure that all worked fine. It took a couple of weeks to come through but I’m pleased to report it did indeed come through back to my bank account.

So it does appear to be doing what it claims to do. I reckon by the end of the summer I should be able to withdraw the rest of my initial investment and from then on any money that comes in is pure profit.

Assuming it makes at least 100% by next April (or before), I intend to use that profit to buy another pack and then another one six months on, and so on until I have bought ten packs. You are allowed to buy a maximum of ten packs in one year so by my reckoning that should bring in at least £8000 per year without having to lift a finger.

Well… that’s the idea anyway.

So far, so good, but I will keep you updated on the progress of this.

John is happy to talk to anyone about this on an individual basis either by e-mail, Skype or phone.

He has made a webpage with more details here:

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July 16, 2015

Big Race Bookie Busters

See what happens when you use this service? This isn’t the only one, either. Last week Ladbroke’s started to severely restrict my account without even informing me. Add to that BetVictor, Stan James, Boylesports and Betfred. And I’m only a low stakes man!!

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 17.57.30


You can try Big Race Bookie Busters for just £4.95 here:

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July 15, 2015

John Anthony Signals

Tuesday 14/07

11 signals for Tuesday:  5 overnight, 1 for breakfast, 3 during the day and 2 in the evening.  8 were successful and 3 losing giving +2.90 points profit for the day.  The running total is now 20.10


Link to previous blog (Review for week 06/7 – 10/07)

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July 12, 2015

Serve It Up Tennis Tips

Day 23


Ten points backing the Djock before the tournament started.

But some losing bets too.

Day/tournament +8 points Cumulative -28.63 points

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Wednesday 08/07

Things got more back to normal at JAS yesterday with 11 signals.  8 were successful giving a profit of 2.97 on the day and increasing the running total to 7.68.

Link to previous blog (Tues 07/07 Update)

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Tuesday 07/07

Sorry for the delay in posting yesterday’s summary but not much happened because of the Greek situation.  Only 2 signals were given and both lost reducing the running total to +4.71

Previous Blog (Mon 06/07)

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July 7, 2015

Patton Racing Profits

Final Review

ROI = -2.33%

STRIKE RATE = 20.88%




P/L AT SP = -45.5 POINTS

Well, who could fail to be taken in by the humorous videos by Gormley’s Angel Of The North, or the pub lunches watching the races which paid for them? As I’m sure you’re aware, they’ve been at it again recently, though not Simon Patton this time.

Simon is a very successful pro punter. He sells several services including access to his academy where he teaches you how he does what he does. He does that by searching for repeatable patterns in racing which make a profit. By constantly updating these results, he is able to enquire about today’s runners with the software, and comes up with the best. These then become the tips in his service. Therefore, you won’t see any reasoning behind the tips. You will just receive an email early in the morning, usually with 3 tips but there can sometimes be more or fewer. Simon also has a price cut-off point, so he won’t advise any shorties.

So – do they make a profit? Well, Simon gives all bets out to 2 point stakes or 1 point each way. As they are all level, I have recorded them as one point, or half point each way. In the past 3 months, the service has made a profit of +8.03 points to advised prices. So after you’ve paid the subs, depending on your stakes, you might have come out at around evens. At the stakes I was able to get, the service made -5.24 points, and at SP a massive difference of -45.5 point loss.

Herein lies the problem with this service. Simon gets up early and runs his software and as soon as he finds a bookie price, he puts up the bets. But these can be before markets have formed properly, or where one exotic bookie has a price at discrepancy with all other bookies. Here is a typical example of a Patton early Sunday:


I signed up to Simon’s service last November and I did raise this problem with him, asking if he should give results to SP and/or when markets had become more mature, but he gave a Sepp Blatteresque refusal to acknowledge it as a problem. Going back to November, my losses are around 16 points for the service (or 32 if you use Simon’s recommendation).

Here’s another example:


I’m sure Simon himself makes a good profit from his selections, and he seems more than a decent fella. But when I mentioned to him that the results had been disappointing towards the end of the jumps season, he told me that his real strengths are in the flat season. Unfortunately there has been no sign of this thus far.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 23.16.48

I feel that Simon is not one of your rip-off artists, and that there is something to what he does, but until he is able to address the major problem of price discrepancy and start to publish results to SP and maybe to prices where at least TWO of the big five bookies have the same odds, he is not going to be winning too many plaudits from genuinely independent review sites.

I can’t give this a neutral rating, because with a neutral rating you have to be able to at least see potential for a reasonable profit after fees, so I have no alternative but to assign this as a FAILED category.

You can try Patton Racing Profits here:Failed

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July 7, 2015

The Zig Zag System

You should know in blogging this that I can’t be too specific about the match selection procedures in case I give anything away, so apologies for vagueness.

You don’t need any special software to run this, it can all be done on Betfair, though if you do have software you can probably get your bets through more quickly, although that is no particular advantage.

As there were many fewer potential matches to trade under the system yesterday, I could consequently be less choosy about the timings. In fact there were three potential women’s matches and two potential men’s.

I traded one of the women’s matches and this turned into a straight loss of my £20 stake. I could have bailed out for a £16 loss, but I thought the risk worth it for the small extra amount. Obviously the author of this uses much bigger stakes and therefore more likely to take an earlier hit.

Of the other four potential matches to trade, although I didn’t trade them, two would have become qualifying trades, one of which would have won and the other lost.

So after yesterday’s loss, my Betfair balance for this system stands at +£16.97.

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Review for the week 29/06 – 03/07

Sorry for the delay in publishing last week’s review, I have been working on a new table and had a coding difficulty, now resolved.

I am linking to my review spreadsheet here … a signal by signal record, the Win Rates table I used to explain my correction last week and an hour by hour chart to show when the signals are coming in and if they fit with your lifestyle.

It was a bad start to the week shedding  5.68 points profit and sending the running total into the red by 2.64 points but then recovered to be a profitable week by the end.  There were 59 signals in total of which 36 were winners giving a net profit of 3.67 points

I am still concerned as how many would be able action sufficient signals to make the service work for them, I have still not managed a single one!  I just never seem to be available at the computer at the right time.  Maybe I’m incompatible with the service.  That may be my fault but the closest I came recently were the final CAD/JPY and AUD/NZD signals on Friday when I heard the ‘Bell Sound’, rushed to the open window, saw the signals, went straight to the BO Broker’s window but could not follow the trade because the broker closed for the weekend on London times.

I am also feeling a concern about the window of opportunity you have to place the trade after the signal arrives, this is something I will look at in more detail this week.

If you can crack this one there are some substantial profits to be made based on claimed past results.  The website claims an average win rate of 72% on signals and assuming an overall average return rate per signal of 74% (derived from my Win Rates table) the figures for 100 signals at 1 point per signal looks something like this …

Winning signals = 72

Return on winning signals = 72 x 74% = 55.50

Losing signals = 100 – 72 = 28

Profit = 55.50 – 28 = 27.50

Profit per signal = 0.275 points

Assume 1 point = £100

Average profit per signal = £27.50

Average signals per day = 17 (from the website)

Average profit per day = 17 x £27.50 = £467.50

Or to summarise the conclusion a different way …

Total signals given since inception of service = 3944

Total profit generated at £100 per point = 3944 x £27.50 = £108,460 in just under a year (232 trading days) and no bookie closing your account when you win.  You see why I’m interested!


Previous Blog (Summary 03/07)



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