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November 17, 2014


Nice to be able to report another winning week for this service. England’s 3-1 win was a nice 16/1 winner.

The bank is still well in negative territory but at least the last couple of weeks have been a bit of a recovery.


BETS 151


S/R 15.23%

AV ODDS 30.44


PROFIT/LOSS  -24.70 points



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October 28, 2014


I made an error on the entry posted earlier today, I managed to read the results sheet entirely the wrong way. My fault, it’s very easy to use. Actual profit is pretty much same as Level Stakes at the moment, +0.62 points

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October 15, 2014

The Sports Trader

On 8th November last year I went along to Charlton Athletic Football Club. No, I wasn’t interested in watching a Championship game; I was there for a very different reason. I went to be shown exactly how to make a living from TRADING on Betfair by none other than Tony Hargraves.

If you haven’t heard of Tony, he’s also known as ‘The Badger’, and has built a reputation as one of the foremost Betfair traders in the U.K.

He was the sole trainer used by Betfair UK to teach their VIP clients and key accounts how to trade on sport and horse racing. He’s trained over 1000 Betfair clients and more than that number again privately, working with a London based company, running monthly training courses. More recently he conducted some seminars with Betfair Australia in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

On the workshop, Tony revealed the techniques that have taken him around the world teaching people how to make money on horse racing and sports in Australian, UK and Irish markets.

As you can imagine, Tonys clients have paid considerable sums of money to learn these techniques as, armed with this knowledge, they have then gone on to make considerable sums of money for themselves.

Amazingly, the cost of the training for me was remarkably good value because I managed to get a special early bird deal.

The day was very relaxed, informal and enjoyable, and it was nice to meet other like minded individuals. The well known tipster, Bob Rothman, who has made millions from betting, was there to learn from Tony and it was also great to meet Steve Davidson who had flown in from Australia for the event.

londonworkshop-300x225.jpg (300×225)

So, onto the actual training.

Tony recommends some excellent, cheap, trading software, which he uses to make the actual betting process quick and simple.

He then covers various different trading techniques including:

Scalping – How to make between £5 and £25 every race (and there is a race every ten minutes), by identifying certain signals, seeing where the resistance points are and clicking in and out of trades to scalp profits. Videos are also included which can be watched at home and are really helpful.

Swing Trading – Similar to scalping but going for more than one or two ticks at a time.

Trading Favourites – Bigger trades due to high liquidity, idea for scalping.

Getting it wrong – What to do if the market goes against you, taking a small loss rather than a wipe out.

Hedging – What to do after a winning trade… how to hedge so you make a profit regardless of outcome.

Laying The Field – A technique for in play betting on short sprints.

Stop losses – Psychology of taking a loss.

Dutching & Arbitrage

Market Manipulation – How big players manipulate the market, and how to spot the false money.

Plus detailed training on using the required software, and how exactly to set yourself up so that you can trade successfully.

This really is everything you need to know to be able to set yourself up as a full time or part time trader and actually make a decent profit from it.

Tony reckons you should be able to get nine winning trades out of ten, and since your risk reward ratio is around 2:1 you can’t fail to make a profit.

Using the 3%, 24 day staking plan, where you aim to make 3% return a day, Tony says you can double your bank every 24 days. So if you are using a £5000 bank, you should be able to earn £60,000 a year, tax free, trading from home.

You can start with a £500 bank and build it up and it shouldn’t take too long before you are making a pretty decent wedge.

Of course, this all takes practice, and Tony reckoned that this is a skill that, once learned, will allow you to make a living from Betfair. As ever, the recommendation was to start small, practice regularly and you should be able to make a full time living using these techniques pretty quickly.

After lunch, Tony began a live trading demonstration. He traded on a live tennis match and random horse races. He even traded some ‘in-play’ races just to show what could be done, although this was more advanced and not recommended for beginners.

He profited on every single event! It was quite amazing to watch.

Since he wasn’t sat in his office, concentrating on the actual trading, instead he was chatting with us lot, answering questions and trading at the same time, it is incredible how he managed to do so well.

He made £130-£140 profit in the afternoon and didn’t lose a single trade. All whilst chatting to us.

Obviously I was very impressed.

Check out these testimonials:

“I found Tony’s seminar enlightening. The part I enjoyed most was his live demonstration of trading. He made money on all the trades!”

“First of all thank you for a really great day yesterday at your training course.

I was VERY impressed with the day as a whole. Your knowledge was truly exceptional but perhaps your best attribute was yourself.

To see winning bet after winning bet was inspiring to say the least and gives me genuine confidence that once I’m familiar with your teachings that I to can make a great income from trading and sports betting.

Thanks again for a truly great day can’t thank you enough and look forward to having you help me achieve all my betting goals.”

Well Tony is hosting another seminar in Birmingham on 6th November. As I’m sure you know betting seminars usually cost anything from £2000 up to as much as £6000 per day.

The price for Tony’s is an affordable £747 which is really low considering you will learn how to make a full time living if you wish (or part time if you prefer).

But here’s the deal.

As I said, I got it at an early bird price, and you can too. If you book before this Saturday you get it for only £547.

Honestly, at that price you’d be crazy not to go.

Remember, using Tony’s techniques you can DOUBLE YOUR BANK EVERY 24 DAYS. If you want to learn how to trade on Betfair and make a significant income from home then have a serious look at the webpage below:

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October 6, 2014

Market Movers Update

Hi there,

Apologies for the lack of a post, below is a summary of all the selections since the last post on the 12th Sept.

From the 12th Sept upto end of play 6th October there were 126 selections & from that there were 28 winners for a total +3.11pts profit. This added to the previous total brings the total profit to +8.66pts (at SP). I was planning on doing the final review for this about this time but currently sitting on the fence between neutral & approved at this stage so going to run til the end of October now.

I will aim to update with another summary in 2 weeks time before the final review summary & review the week at the end of the month.



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September 4, 2014

Risk Free Money Formula

Back at the beginning of the summer I introduced you to Rene Trost who makes £40,000 a year from risk free betting.

In August he delivered a mammoth seminar where he shared all his knowledge to a group of people that were keen to learn his methods.

I’ve received some wonderful feedback from this seminar but one thing that stood out for me, on the run up to it, was the amount of people that would have dearly loved to have gone but simply couldn’t afford the fee.

Well, Rene has now written a new book that will enable the reader to be able to win, risk free, anything from £5000-£10,000.

Obviously, he’s not disclosing his seminar secrets, they were for the seminar attendee’s eyes only, but what he is sharing are techniques that will blow your socks off anyway. This goes way beyond anything that has been written on risk free betting before.

Have you been restricted at the bookies and think you can’t open any more accounts? Think again. Rene shows you how. As a buyer you get access to his bespoke Virtual Machine Software that will enable you to keep making money from new bookie account bonuses for an age!

Do you think you get enough risk free bets from the services currently available? Think again. Rene shows you how to get free money that normally only the pro’s get to know about.

But that’s not all. Purchases of the e-book get access to Rene’s site where he constantly updates information and angles enabling you to glean free money from the bookies all year round.

So how do I know this is the real deal? Easy. Not only have I read it, all 161 pages jam packed with cutting edge risk free betting techniques that I guarantee you WON’T have seen before, but last summer I gave Rene access to MY betting accounts so that he could prove to me he could walk the walk.

He made me just under £10,000 clear profit without risking any of my bank. Which was nice…

Go and have a look at his site and you’ll see exactly what he’s offering here.

Did I mention the price?

At the moment you get the lot for £77.75. And yes, that includes full use of their Virtual Machine software.Approved2

If you fancy earning between £5000 and £10,000 completely risk free then check this out:

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August 31, 2014

Master Racing Tipster

Date Selection Advised Points Result
25 August 3.10 Epsom, Seeking Magic ABD
25 August 4.00 Newcastle, Simply Shining 6.00 1 £ 100.00
25 August 4.30 Chepstow, Rowlestone Lass NR
25 August 5.40 Newcastle, Fitz Flyer 13.00 1 -£   20.00
26 August 3.25 Epsom, Mission Approved NR
26 August 4.30 Epsom, Last Echo 3.00 1 £   40.00
26 August 5.05 Epsom, Marzante NR
27 August 3.40 Catterick, Little Shambles 3.50 1 £   50.00
27 August 3.50 Lingfield, Dissent 4.50 1 -£   20.00
27 August 4.55 Lingfield, Celestial Knight 2.50 1 -£   20.00
29 August 2.30 Sandown, Indian Tinker 4.50 1 -£   20.00
29 August 7.10 Salisbury, Authorised Too NR
30 August 2.05 Sandown Ajjaad 13.00 1 -£   20.00
30 August 2.05 Sandown Tagula Night 9.00 1 -£   20.00
30 August 2.25 Beverley, Kingsgate Native 6.00 1 -£   20.00


Week 6: 3 winners from 10 bets (S/R of 30.00%)
for £50.00 using £20 stakes and -£30.94 using BSP

Overall: 17 winners from 80 bets (S/R of 21.25%)
for -£150.00 using £20 stakes and -£562.35 using BSP


This service seeks to take advantage of the bookies’ early prices. I wanted to see if the service still worked at BSP if you were unable to get the prices quoted. I think it is obvious now that it doesn’t ( -£562.35 overall). I am going to stop quoting this as it isn’t fair on the service to do so: it is not part of their trading plan and makes the service look worse than it is.


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August 14, 2014

Market Movers Update

Hi there,

The last week has been excellent with a turnaround in the fortunes of the service:-

5/8  – 5 selections, 0 winners -5pts

6/8 – 8 selections, 5 winners @ 5/4,  5/4, 5/2, 4/1 & 7/1  +13pts

7/8 – 7 selections, 2 winners @ 10/1 & 5/1  +10pts

8/8 – 5 selections, 2 winners both @ 9/4 +1.5pts

9/8 – 7 selections, 1 winner @ 8/1 +2pts

10/8 – 2 selections, 0 winners -2pts

11/8 – 7 selections, 3 winners @ 13/8, 2/1 & 3/1  +2.625pts

12/8 – 5 selections, 2 winners @ 5/1 & 4/1  +6pts

13/8 – 6 selections, 5 winners @ 3/1, 7/4, 2/1, 13/8 & 13/8 +9pts

14/8 – 6 selections, 0 winners -6pts

total selections = 58    winners = 20     pts profit = +28.5

overall profit = 31.125pts at SP

overall betting bank since trial =£811.25 (£311.25 profit)

Planning to get next update around this time next week before I go away on hols.




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August 10, 2014

Selective Racing Trust#4

Herewith another (somewhat belated), update to the Selective Racing trust service.

1st July – 31st July

There were 21 selections for the month including 7 winners. A very impressive 33% strike rate!
So the best month by some margin since my review of this service commenced.

Perth 3/7/14 Mo Rouge [ 6.0 ISP / 7.39 BSP ]

Market Rasen 6/7/14 Gold Futures [ 2.62 ISP / 2.44 BSP ]

Southwell 13/7/14 Hi Tide [ 8.0 ISP / 9.26 BSP ]

Stratford 13/7/14 Galley Slave [ 12.0 ISP / 14.33 BSP ]

Worcester 23/7/14 In the Rough [6.5 ISP / 7.03 BSP ]

Uttoxeter 28/7/14 Big Sound [ 6.0 ISP /4.55 BSP ]

Worcester 29/7/14 Sheriff Hutton [10.0 ISP /13.92 BSP ]

Summary, a good profit of over 35 points for this month….

Current BANK: 69.0 pts (to Betfair SP / net of Betfair comm @5%)
[19 pts overall profit from start of this review beginning of May]

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August 7, 2014

Betting Bounty

Betting Bounty is a service ‘similar’ to the likes of Bonus Bagging, but with a new and, I believe, very useful feature… it enables you to make £200+ every single month, risk free, can be worked in just 30 minutes a week and with a bank of only £300!

They use matched betting but they’ve taken the concept and put it on steroids!

Every week bookmakers offer special deals on certain bet types.

The most well known is the Bet365 Channel 4 offer that I have been giving away for free for a few years now.

With Betting Bounty you can do this kind of thing every single week from every single bookmaker.

But it gets tricky as bookmakers are clever. Every single special offer has a different set of terms and conditions and, if you don’t know EXACTLY how they work, then you don’t get your free cash.

The only reason they provide these special offers is to keep you betting with them.

They don’t want you exploiting them, and their terms and conditions prevent them from having to pay you out if you don’t know them inside out.

But with Betting Bounty every single offer that’s provided from any of the top twenty bookmakers, they look into all the terms and conditions and then work out exactly what needs to be done to make the most risk-free profits from it.

With twenty bookmakers there are a lot of special offers and a lot of terms and conditions so doing this on your own will take forever just to figure out all these bets and even longer to place them.

But Betting Bounty have developed a way that will allow you to exploit the top twenty bookmakers special offers in just thirty minutes a week.

It doesn’t matter if you already have accounts with the bookmakers, you can still use this technique week-in-week-out.

They have a team of people who are monitoring all the top twenty bookmaker sites for their special offers every day.

As soon as a special offer appears, they start looking for the terms and conditions and go through them to see if it’s possible to take advantage and make a risk free profit.

If there’s profit to be made, they make a note of the dates that the free bet can be used.

When the betting markets for those dates are available, they search for the way to bet that’s going to make the most possible risk free money.

Then, in the member’s area, they outline exactly what bookies to use, where to find the bets in your online account and how to place the bets.

Finally, they send you an email to let you know it’s all ready to go and all you need to do is login and follow the steps to placing the bets!

They also show how to get £600+ in risk free profits from the Welcome Bonuses for people without bookie accounts but the focus is on bookmaker’s special offers that can be used on existing accounts.

Usually bets work in two cycles:

Cycle 1

Place bet with bookie and lay off on Betfair to qualify for special offer (e.g. free £25 bet if horse comes second).

This normally results in a small loss of between £0.50 and £1.50

Cycle 2

Take the free £25 bet and trade it to make a risk-free profit of between £17 and £22.

That’s just one example. But the focus is on the offers available to existing bookmaker customers.

It’s also designed for a bankroll of just £300, although this will require moving it in and out of accounts but usually there is time to do this.

This represents a growth of around 67% every month without ever losing or risking your bank.

The subscription price is really, really low too. You pay £1 to get started, and then in 10 days you pay £17 AFTER you’ve made enough profit to cover this.

It’s then £17 a month after that but you will be making at least £200+ a month in risk free profits for 30 minutes ‘work’ a week. That works out at £50 per hour! Tax free.

When you sign up, you get sent your login details for the member’s area in which you tick which bookie accounts you already have. They then send you through the welcome bonus bets for the bookie accounts you don’t have, as well as the bonus offers for the bookies you do have.

It’s all clearly laid out and very well organised. The advised bets are a doddle to find and place and it really is child’s play to do. They tell you exactly what to bet on and where, they tell you exactly how much to bet and what profit you will make, it really couldn’t be simpler.

Once you’ve completed the trade, you click on the ‘Completed’ button and your member’s area resets ready for the next bets.

This really is a remarkable service considering it delivers £200+ a month from just a £300 betting bank in just 30 minutes a week, and all risk free too.

And the ‘earn before you pay’ subscription method really is the icing on the cake. This service is approved with bells on.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned bettor, or a complete novice, everyone should be using this service. You’d be daft not to.Approved2

You can try Betting Bounty for just £1 here:

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First Half Goals

Second Half Goals

A further update on these two strategies with an interim summary of results for July. This 3 month trial began in June and  due to the ‘summer football’ menu, selections have been limited. The vendor, James, sends his selections out very promptly and offers guidance on liquidity issues/inplay issues and odds – so quite impressed with his support. Both strategies are currently in profit as can be seen below. For a resume of the strategies and further details please refer to the first post on 8/6/14.

You can try First Half Goals here:

And Second Half Goals here:

I will add a link to past results at the end of the trial period.

Interim Analysis B

End of Month 2 (July)

FHG results for July 2014:

Qualifying Trades: 5/6 winners

Strike Rate: 83.3%

Average Lay Price: 3.85

Net P&L: +£23.00 to flat £10 stakes, +£24.74 to fixed £40 liabilities

July P/L;  +2.3pts Cash Master Trial P/L; +7.05PTS (To flat stakes)

Again a month low on qualifying trades however a profit was achieved. FHG is currently on a run of 11 winners from its last 12 games. 

SHG results for July 2014:

Qualifying Trades: 5/6 winners

Strike Rate: 83.3%

Average Lay Price: 5.0

P&L: +£7.50 to flat £10 stakes, +£7.74 to fixed £40 liabilities

July P/L; 0.75pts Cash Master Trial P/L; +6.45PTS (To flat stakes)

A frustrating end to July for SHG with the loss in Sweden however a profit was achieved to add to the returns from June.  

Selections and Results


SHG 6.05pm – Sweden Allsvenskan – IFK Goteborg vs AIK – 5.0 – WON (HT 0-1) (FT 0-2)

A 16th winner from the last 17 selections for SHG as a second goal for AIK against the ten man hosts gave  another profit.

Daily P/L; +0.95pts  Aug P/L; 1.9pts Trial P/L; +8.35PTS

Current SHG P&L for August 2014 = +£19.00 to flat £10 stakes, +£19.00 to fixed £40 liabilities


SHG 2.00pm – Norway Adeccoligaen – Strommen vs Sandefjord – 5.0 – WON (HT 1-0) (FT 1-1)

SHG 6.00pm – Norway Tippeligaen – Stabaek vs Rosenborg – Non-qualifier due to 3-0 HT scoreline (HT 3-0) (FT 4-1)

Back to winning ways after SHG’s 14-match winning run came to end in Sweden earlier in the week. The price was borderline at 6.0. It was layed at 5.0 and was matched quickly in the second half. The leaders equaliser just after the hour meant a winning trade.

Daily P/L; +0.95pts  Aug P/L; 0.95pts Trial P/L; +7.4PTS

Current SHG P&L for August 2014 = +£9.50 to flat £10 stakes, +£9.50 to fixed £40 liabilities


SHG 3.00pm – Sweden Superettan – Ljungskile SK vs Landskrona Bois  HT 1-1  FT 3-2  NQ (level at HT +Betfair removed it from inplay list)



FHG 6.20pm – Sweden Superettan – Hammarby vs Assyriska – 3.6  HT 1-1 17′ +0.95PTS

P&L: +£9.50 to flat £10 stakes, +£12.67 to fixed £40 liabilities

Daily P/L; +0.95PTS  Trial P/L; +7.05PTS  July P/L;  +2.3pts

An 11th FHG winner from our last 12 games in Sweden with the hosts taking the lead in the 17th minute.

Current FHG P&L for July 2014 = +£23.00 to flat £10 stakes, +£24.74 to fixed £40 liabilities


SHG6.05pm – Sweden Allsvenskan – Hacken vs Djurgarden HT 2-1 FT 2-1  -4PTS

Daily P/L; -4.0pts  July P/L; 0.75pts Trial P/L; +6.45PTS   

P&L: -£40.00 to flat £10 stakes, -£40.00 to fixed £40 liabilities

An injury-time penalty miss saw SHG’s winning run of 14 matches come to an end in Sweden. In truth the trade really should have been won before then but neither team was able to capitalise on a host of chances in the second half.

Despite the loss both SHG (and its sister strategy FHG) remain in profit for the month.

Current SHG P&L for July = +£7.50 to flat £10 stakes, +£7.74 to fixed £40 liabilities


FHG 5.00pm – Norway Tippeligaen – Molde vs Rosenborg – 4.0 WON (HT 1-0) (FT 3-1)

P&L: +£9.50 to flat £10 stakes, +£12.67 to fixed £40 liabilities – a 10th winner from the last 11 games.

Daily P/L; +0.95PTS  Trial P/L; +6.1PTS  July P/L;  +1.35pts

Current FHG P&L for July 2014 = +£13.50 to flat £10 stakes, +£12.08 to fixed £40 liabilities


SHG 5.00pm – Norway Tippeligaen – Molde vs Rosenborg – Match 1 - 5.0 – WON (HT 1-0) (FT 3-1)

P&L: +£9.50 to flat £10 stakes, +£9.50 to fixed £40 liabilities

A 14th winner in a row for SHG! With the HT price to lay U1.5 goals at 6.0 I layed 1-0 at 5.0 and was matched early in the second half. Molde doubled their lead on 55 minutes to secure another winning trade.

Current SHG P&L for July = +£47.50 to flat £10 stakes, +£47.74 to fixed £40 liabilities

SHG 6.00pm – Iceland Urvalsdeild – Fjolnir vs Thor Akureyri – Match 2 - Non-qualifier due to 3-0 HT scoreline (HT 3-0) (FT 4-1)

Daily P/L; +0.95pts  July P/L; 4.75pts Trial P/L; +10.45PTS


SHG 3.00pm – Sweden Superettan – Varbergs vs Degerfors Non-qualifier due to 0-0 HT scoreline (HT 0-0) (FT 0-0)

Daily P/L; N/A  July P/L; 3.8pts Trial P/L; +9.5PTS

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