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February 18, 2015

GeeGeez Gold

Following on from my update on Monday about this service, Matt has written an F.A.Q. page to answer, well, the frequently asked questions! Here it is:


CLOSING TODAY: Your Questions Answered

The specially extended trial offer for Geegeez Gold comes to an end tonight, at 10pm sharp. If you’re already on board, I hope you can see why I’m such a raving fan of this site.

If you’re not yet a Gold subscribe – or on a trial – you’ll find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below. I hope they help you make a decision because time is running out fast.

Right, here goes…
What exactly is Geegeez Gold?

Gold is a collection of tools, tips and race cards designed to suit horse racing and betting fans of all levels of experience.

Its flagship tipping service Stat of the Day is over 250 points up since inception (and selected a nice 4/1 winner for Gold subscribers yesterday).

Stat of the Day is well supported by Double Dutch (two winning days in a row, and just broken through the 100 points profit barrier); and The Shortlist, which is a value-finding report available each day.

The feature-rich Gold racecards; incisive winner-finding reports; and tools like Pace Analysis and Instant Expert are arming punters with more information than ever before, and doing it in a really simple to digest way.

How do I register?

Go to

If you don’t yet have a Geegeez account (i.e. you haven’t registered on the site), select the New User button on that page.

If you’re already a Geegeez free subscriber, select the Upgrade button.


I don’t have much time/experience/inclination. Is Gold for me?

Only you can answer whether Gold is for you, and the way to do that is to try it out. What I can tell you is that there is something for everyone:
– for the time poor, or the novice, start with the profitable tips, and The Shortlist report, and go from there to the Instant Expert grids

– for those with a bit more time/experience, check out the other reports, as well as Pace Analysis and Full Form Filters – these are industry-leading form tools.


I’m currently using Racing Post / Timeform / At The Races / Sporting Life cards. What’s so great about Gold compared to those?

Without meaning to sound rude to those established names, their development has been rather slow, and their owners are somewhat complacent. Geegeez Gold has THE BEST racecards in Britain, bar none. I don’t expect you to believe me, that’s why I’ve offered you three weeks to see that for yourself.

Our range of information, all presented in a really easy to use fashion, is miles ahead of some of those ‘brand names’, and furlongs ahead of all of them.

For example, you’ll not find colour-coded form profiling anywhere else. You’ll not find easy to understand pace maps on any of those sites. You’ll not be able to quickly and easily drill down into the heart of a horse’s relevant form anywhere else.

Gold is different. Gold is better. Much better.

Try it for yourself:


What if I don’t like Gold, or can’t get on with it?

No problem. Despite everything, we know that Gold won’t suit all types of bettor. Although we have pulled together an envious collection of tips, tools, racecards and reports that make money – and are time proven to do so – it might not be for you.

In that case, no problem, just cancel your subscription, and that will be that. Oh, and thanks a million for taking time to try Gold out.


Why do you ask for my payment details if it’s a free trial?

A good, and perfectly fair, question. We do take payment details at the outset, and you will be auto-billed after three weeks if you wish to stay on board. However, if you don’t wish to continue, and/or you simply forgot to cancel, that’s not a problem.

Just drop us a line and we’ll refund your payment and cancel your subscription. It does happen from time to time, and it’s never a drama. :-)
My question hasn’t been answered above. What now?

No problem. Drop me a line at and I’ll be happy to answer any further questions you have.
As I say, the special extended trial offer ends tonight at 10pm, so if you’re not on board already, this is your last call. After today, you’ll still be able to get 10 days to try out Gold. But why have 10 when you can have 21 free days full access?!
Click here to get started today:

Thanks again for taking time to consider Geegeez Gold, and I’m glad at the very least that you’ve now heard of it. Because I think it’s something you’re going to hear a lot more about as the year goes on.

Best Regards,


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February 15, 2015

Champion Bets

An excellent weekend of results with only 1 full loss from the 6 bets advised and a return to overall profit.





S/R 53.33%

AV ODDS 1.62

PROFIT  3.25pts






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The Insider Systems

Hi, I’m David a new tester/reviewer for Cash Master.  This is my first system review and it’s 3 systems!  So if I cross protocols etc. please excuse me.  First an introduction about myself …

I have been betting over the Internet for more than 10 years after taking early retirement from the commercial ‘money world’.  I had no interest in horse racing before then and have little now other than to give me an interest to satisfy my ‘deal making’ instincts and earn a little pocket money.  For my own bets I make my selections statistically with no regard to opinion/judgement, I leave that to the experts (tipsters) and follow them.

Graham asked me to review The Racing Insider service which incorporates The Lay Insider and The Place Insider systems (although The Place Insider would perhaps be more correctly named The Each-Way Insider).  I started the review on 27/11/14 but Graham advised me he had been following their tips since 01/11/14 and they send an end of month review so I have included tips from 01/11/14 as reported to me but I only proofed from 27/11/14 onwards.

The Race Insider and Place Insider tips come via email with advised odds while the Lay Insider tips are to Betfair SP.  There is a separate email for each service but one irritation is that sometimes additional emails/tips are sent.  This means you can’t ‘relax’ once the first email has been received for each system and have to keep monitoring your inbox which everybody may not be able to do.

I personally don’t like a system that relies on advised odds because it always brings debate on whether the advised odds were actually available by the time the tip was received and access could be gained to a bookmaker.  This gives plenty of time for the odds to change from when the price was checked by the tipster.  It also limits which bookmakers you can use hoping to get the advised odds where the bookmaker may be restricting your bets if you have been too successful!  The availability of advised odds is further complicated by the tipster assuming a best odds guarantee will apply with all the bets which again some bookmakers may restrict if you are too successful.  Therefore I will quote the advised odds returns without the best odds guarantee (it only makes a marginal difference to the results).  I will also quote the Betfair SP return net of 5% commission.

In a few days I hope to post the actual returns I achieved in a real world when I wasn’t able to back every tip and at best odds available when I could access the market (no guarantee!).  Interestingly there is little difference between the advised odds return and the Betfair SP return.


Race Insider

This is the headline system.  The monthly performance is in the table and the daily accumulated profit/loss is shown in the graph for a one point stake.  After the first month (Nov) it has been disappointing.  It shot up in the first week of November but then levelled out until falling off over the Christmas/New Year fortnight.  Then a small recovery before losing more but any system can do this!

My fear with this system is that the number of bets increased as the performance dropped and the average odds rose.  It seems like it is chasing losses, a very dangerous tactic but time will tell as I continue to monitor it.  It’s not surprising that as the average odds lengthen the Win% falls.  In January it was 33% down on November.  It’s true that the system had a good day early in Feb but I don’t want to confuse this month/quarter report by creeping into Feb.  I will cover this in my weekend report on the 1st week of Feb but in my mind a system should not rely on a couple of big priced winners to bail it out unless they can guarantee a repeat!!





Place Insider

Remember this is an Each-Way system, not just Place betting.  The system has performed well in that every month showed a profit to Advised Odds but interestingly was outperformed in December and January by Betfair SP returns (Including the Betfair Place SP).   The strike rate may put some people off but you have to expect this with an each-way system but it does give rise to longish losing runs which can be demoralising.  Also any system with ‘occasional’ winners is a system that should only be followed by people who know they will be able to bet every tip otherwise sod’s law will dictate that the bet you miss is the winning bet!

The returns below are based on 1 point each-way staking i.e. 2 point bets.






Lay Insider

I will update the Lay Insider results soon.







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February 8, 2015

Doubling for Dummies

A particularly bad start to this week with 4 concurrent losing days meaning a recovery of sorts was much needed to avoid a loss for the week.
This was effected with a flurry of bets at the weekend which did help to mitigate the damage somewhat.

2nd Feb  : £-50

3rd Feb : £-50

4th Feb : £-50

5th Feb : £-50

6th Feb : £+65 (1.3)

7th Feb : £+51.50 (1.03) / £+52 (1.04) / £+46.50(0.93) / £-50

8th Feb : £+52 (1.04) / £-50

Week : £-33 / 0.6 pt loss overall

Balance: £1,334.50

Win /Lose tally since start of review : 24 WINNING / 18 LOSING

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February 2, 2015

Doubling for Dummies

Not quite the trumpet fanfare of the previous couple of weeks, with one more loser than there were winners, so overall we lost a little over one point on the bank which is no big deal.

26th Jan  : £+45(1.9)

27th Jan : £-50

28th Jan : £+48 (1.96)

29th Jan : £-50

30th Jan : £-50

31st Jan : £-50 + £52 (1.04)

1st Feb : £-50 + £48 (0.96)

Balance: £1,367.50

Win /Lose tally since start of review : 19 WINNING / 12 LOSING

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January 26, 2015

Doubling for Dummies

With bets advised for every day of last week, it was another profitable week for this service …

19th Jan : £+22(1.44)

20th Jan : £-50

21st Jan : £+54.5 (2.09)

22nd Jan :  £+26.5 (1.53)

23rd Jan : £-50

24th Jan : £+41 (1.82)

25th Jan : £+60 (2.20)

Balance: £1,424.50

Win /Lose tally since start of review : 15 WINNING / 7 LOSING

You will recall that I elected to amend the staking in the second week where the advised stakes  were increased to ‘recover’ the bank balance, after a run of poor results. It was too close a call for me and for this review I amended the 1pt staking to reflect a 20 pt bank.  Interestingly enough, had I stuck with the recommended 10 pt bank, the profit would be showing at a little over 80% of the initial start balance, which is impressive for three weeks ‘work’.

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January 19, 2015

Doubling for Dummies

The see-saw tipped well in our favour this week where three of the advised bets came home in ‘full’, providing a very healthy boost to the bank balance.

NOTE : On occasion, I have found that the Betfair ‘Sportsbook’ – which offers fixed odds betting, can offer better prices than the bookies. So going forward my results will show the odds I have obtained in brackets.

14th Jan : £+51 (2.02)

15th Jan : £+50 (2.0)

16th Jan : £+37 (1.74)

17th Jan :  £+23.5 (1.47) / £+34 (1.68)

18th Jan : £+67 (2.34)

Balance: £1,320.50

Win /Lose tally since start of review : 10 WINNING / 5 LOSING

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December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I’m writing this sat on a beach in Goa, India, and very nice it is too. Cash Master readers come from all corners of the globe and it’s a real pleasure, and an honour, to have such a loyal and appreciative readership. Cash Master couldn’t happen without the tireless work of the reviewers, and I’m extremely grateful to them for their diligent, thorough and often amusing missives.

None of this would happen without you, the readers. Your comments and feedback and advice are invaluable to me and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know there’s such a great bunch of people out there doing their bit to have one over the bookies.

So have a lovely time and I’ll be back in the New Year.

Its been emotional…


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December 8, 2014

On Course Profits

This is a new free betting magazine brought to your from Betting School.

The December issue of On Course Profits is out now and the headline articles are:

– Named: Top Tipster makes £1,000 per month from £10 stakes
– 280% ROI National Hunt system – full rules included in the mag
– Make Big Profits from Trainer Trends – Full Tutorial Included

As well as those headline articles the mag is also packed with other profitable articles including betting systems, bookie scalping how to’s and product reviews.

When you subscribe in December you can lock in free access to every issue forever.

You can read the magazine on your smartphone or tablet on Android or Apple iOS and if you subscribe today you will get every issue for free forever.

To secure your free subscription now follow this link:

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November 17, 2014


Nice to be able to report another winning week for this service. England’s 3-1 win was a nice 16/1 winner.

The bank is still well in negative territory but at least the last couple of weeks have been a bit of a recovery.


BETS 151


S/R 15.23%

AV ODDS 30.44


PROFIT/LOSS  -24.70 points



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