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January 8, 2014

Sharp Betting – Day 33

Day 32: no bets

Day 33: Jan 7th 2014

One losing bet

NBA Basketball Handicap Single
Stake: 1 point
Portland Trail Blazers (-5) @ Sacramento Kings
Odds: 1.98 (Pinnacle). LOSS


Starting Bank 50 pts

Daily Profit/Loss -1 pts

Current Bank +57.16 pts

System Profit/Loss +7.16 pts

Spreadsheet of betting details and results can be provided on request


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With the start of 2014 now upon us, I figured this is an opportune time to tie up both reviews on the MRP Products from Thames Publishing. I have taken the decision to detail both together here because of their overall similarities (and also not wanting to repeat myself over two separate posts)

MRP ENERGY / Week #13

This week has been far more volatile than weeks gone by and this is clearly illustrated in the two trades suggested by the indicator this week, that were both losing trades.

13-Dec 16-Dec -91.87 -£2.70
18-Dec 19-Dec -£55.56 £22.84

(the second trade did not hit its stop, I closed the trades as a No Trade Day was advised on the 19th Dec)

Two losing trades representing a loss of £127.29.

This product  trades oil using your trading platform – my platform of choice for this product was GKFX because their margin requirements are lower compared to that offered by other brokers.
Trades on these markets carried over to the following day, carry no fee.

MRP Strategy (aka MRP Indices)Week #13

16-Dec 17-Dec £109.23 -£152.52
17-Dec 17-Dec £34.20 -£7.30
18-Dec 18-Dec £8.49 £11.90
19-Dec 20-Dec -£83.54 £109.81
20-Dec 20-Dec £17.88 £12.80
23-Dec 23-Dec £25.03 £0.50

5 winning trades, 1 losing trade : representing a profit of £86.48  for the final week of trading in 2013.

For MRP Strategy,  my platform of choice for this product was ETX Capital because their fees for carrying trades overnight were less than other brokers I had considered for the task. (the ETX platform also executes trades at a much faster rate too!)
Trades on these markets carried over to the following day (and also for positions carried over the weekend period too), incur a small fee based on your stake.


Applying the trading method required for either product is simplicity itself – you log on to the secure MRP website area same time each morning and see if the appropriate indicator is suggesting if a trading opportunity has presented itself. If it has – visit your trading platform and place two trades, one on each commodity/index with weighted stakes that are advised using a stake calculator, provided for you.

There are two primary ways to operate this strategy. One way is to check back on the markets nominally at times suggested in the manual. This approach was a little too rigid for me given my weekly office based duties and I found this much easier to operate on an ad-hoc basis where I checked the trades throughout the day, as and when I could.
The trades can be open for upto three working days (ie. excluding weekends, although some positions will be open over the weekend period). It was reasonably common for the following specific scenario… the previous days trade is running at a loss, the indicator for today advises a similar trade pair. You need to be comfortable with placing a further trade despite the losing situation on the trade pair from yesterday. Initially a little tough to accept  in those first few days of trading this method, it becomes second nature quite quickly (at least for me it did), and on many occasions those losing positions did in fact become profitable trades later on in the day).


The figures below summarise both trial periods and need little further explanation as they speak volumes on the overall profitability of both methods….

(Drum roll please….. ) In second place…….

Trading Bank advised £2,500
A provisional stop of 3.5% bank was used on this trial  ie. potential loss on losing trades of £87.50
39 trades of which 29 were winning trades, representing a 74.3% win ratio.
Overall Profit : £536 / 22.75% increase on bank

… and in first place…. the winner …..

Trading Bank advised £1,500
A provisional stop  of 3.5% bank was used on this trial  ie. potential loss on losing trades of £52.50
48 trades of which 39 were winning trades, representing a 80.8% win ratio.
Overall Profit : £513 / 34.2% increase on bank

The only difficulty you may face if you operate either method is whether to keep your position open for a larger or smaller profit. However, the manual is quite clear that  you should always close both trades if they are over the recommended profit ‘threshold’,  for the level of staking you are using.

The real issue for some will probably be access to the trading platform during the working day so it will not suit everyone, but for those who can have a sneak-peek every so often, this is worthy of consideration.

Each item is on sale through Thames Publishing at £297 each on a staggered payment basis.
First payment is £99, and then a further 2 x £99 installments, 25 days apart. This includes 6 months free membership to the members-only website. After 6 months, continued membership is just £12.50 per month, automatically charged bi-annually. If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with the product simply return the manual within 45 days for a full /no questions asked refund. And if you decide to buy both MRP Strategy & MRP Energy, you are entitled to a 25% discount on the purchase price of the second item.

For only 13 weeks of trading, the profits made represent a substantial increase on the starting bank with effort applied amounting to only a few minutes each day.
Therefore, MRP Strategy and MRP Energy achieve a double thumbs-up and should serve you well if you choose to get involved for 2014 and beyond….

You can get MRP Strategy here:Approved2

And you can get MRP Energy here:

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December 19, 2013

Sports Cash System

The crudely named ‘Sports Cash System’ (SCS) is an American tipping service which provides a daily pick from sports I have no knowlede of – sports from across the pond like baseball, basketball, ice hockey and American Football. I apologise immediately to followers and lovers of these sports but the fact I have not got a clue about them means I will have no preconceptions and will be betting blind while hopefully learning a little about the markets.

The daily pick is part of a progressive staking plan based on…the Martingale System…arghhh! I hear you cry. I have heard horror stories about the MS being used for Roulette but not so much for sports betting. As a cautious bettor/trader I have always avoided progressive betting systems and strategies so this trial will be a steep learning curve for me personally.

You can try the SCS for a five day trial for $4.95 (£3.15) after which it costs $149 (£94.88) a month. So this is not cheap and will need a sizeable bank to cover the running costs (see below). The website with its instructional videos is very slick and well presented and makes it clear how the system, or as I prefer to call it, the strategy works.

There is a team of experts who make the selections from the various sports using spreads (handicaps in my language) or moneyline (straight bets) markets which are close to evens i.e. 1.9+

The strategy is based on a series of 4 single consecutive bets. The first bet uses a starting amount that you are comfortable with as the Martingale strategy may demand a 4th bet which you should also be comfortable with.

If the first bet loses, you have to multiply your starting betting amount by 2.1 and bet that amount on the next game. If the second bet loses the stake is again multiplied by 2.1 and so on with the 3rd and 4th. When there is a win bet, the stake goes back down to the original starting stake. If the 4th bet loses the sequence is bust (and the bank will be as well if it’s the early sequences!)

So starting with a target profit of £10, the staking could rack up like this:

Bet 1 : £11.00
Bet 2 : £23.10
Bet 3 : £48.51
Bet 4 : £101.87 So total bankroll required is £184.48

This strategy allgedly works because “you are CONSTANTLY ensuring that you are winning and NEVER LOSING. If you don’t win one bet, then you simply times your stake by 2.1 to pick up the loss from the last bet.” (Easy!)

The strategy reportedly sees your bankroll grow quickly. Even starting with a £10 or £20 bet level it is suggested that you could be betting £50 or £100 per game for bet 1 within one to two months! So it seems the opportunity with this strategy is very big, even for small bettors. So lets find out.
For those with big starting banks and ‘balls of steel’ you would need the following amounts;
To make £400 to £500 a month profit, then your bankroll has to look like this.

Bet 1 : £27.50
Bet 2 : £57.75
Bet 3 : £121.27
Bet 4 : £254.66
Total bankroll: £461.18

To make around £1000 a month then your bankroll needs to look like this:

Bet 1 : £55.00
Bet 2 : £115.50
Bet 3 : £242.55
Bet 4 : £509.35
Total Bankroll: £922.40

Monthly Profit Starting Bet Size (Bet 1) Bankroll Required
£150 – £300 £11 £185
£400 – £500 £27.50 £460
£750 – £1000 £55 £922
£1500 – £3000 £110 £1,844
£4000 – £5000 £250 £4,192

Strong claims indeed! Can’t be many bookies who would accept some of the high wagers but there are a few like Pinnacle and of course the recommended US outfit ‘Bet-Online’ which is heavily promoted by the SCS website due to the bonus offers available (and probably some referral/affiliate fee).

I targeted 1pt per bet so that the starting figure can be extrapolated to any starting amount and betting bank.

Bet-Online is recommended for this strategy as they allegedly support the technique. I will look at a variety of bookies to see if I can get a better price. The odds are expressed in those weird American odds which I will convert to my favoured European odds (using a freely available odds converter calculator which will save my brain from making mistakes!)

I have tried to look at past results for the service but I was unable to access them from the website and was left with only the results since mid-August. The website does say that in the last 5 years or so the bet busting sequence of 4 consecutive losers has happened only twice. If you have used this service in the past please make any comments below.

The service also offers some ‘extra bets’ which can be used for straight betting but this rewiew/live trial will only be for the strategy bet but I will record results for interest as they will give some insight into the performance of the tipster team.

Trial Results

Better late than never I have the final report on the ‘Sports Cash System’ after 3 months of trialling.

The official trial ends up with +24pts after 3 months. We troubled the bank once after building up a good profit of 24pts which was wiped out by 6 consecutive losers! We are currently on a losing sequence and the next bet will be at level 3. 

The predominant feeling is that it is only a matter of time before the hard earned winnings are given back to the bookmakers with this type of progressive staking. The cost of the monthly subs means this type of system is for fearless big bettors who are able to get their bets accepted by certain bookies. I found the best odds available but was restricted in wagering by several of the main bookies.

So using just £10 a point we finish with an extra £240 in our bank – not quite ready to move onto the next level yet but better than nowt! Oh I forgot to subtract the monthly subs of £117.31 x 3 = £351.93 – Oh gee! That means I’m -£111.93 worse off…and if I did the ‘extra picks’ too I would have lost -£254.43!

So you have to start with a much bigger bank and more than £10 a point for this progressive staking plan…and ignore the extra bets.

The tipster runs this under the psudonym of ‘Tommy Krieg’ and calls it the ‘Sports Cash System’! My email box was hit several times over the trial period with promotional material from ‘Tommy’ about how well his experts were doing (not entirely true!) and to take out further subscriptions to his and other services…not to mention the American bookie he favours! This was rather tiresome but obviously important to his buiness.

Would I recommend this ‘system’ to others? This is not easy to answer! It has made 24pts after considerable investment but the style of staking and the stress it can induce make this suitable for those bettors who have a high risk tolerance with the proverbial ‘balls of steel’. It is not suited to cautious bettors who need bicycle clips and a handy laundry when they reach bet level 3 or 4. If I had started this review a month later I would now have broken even! So you pay your money and take your choice based on your betting style – you then need patience to go with a will of iron and you may make a return on your investment.

But three months is not long enough to assess the long term profitibility of this system. The vendor said that in the 2 years this has been running there have only been 2 runs of 4 consecutive losses. As there are no long term results on the website this can’t be seen. I hit a run of 6 consecutive losers which wiped out all the previous gains. I have concerns about the hype with which this system is marketed and without long term evidence of its success I would have to leave it on the neutral list with added ‘health’ warnings.

NB. The last sequence went onto to be a level 4 bet which won – just!! The system currently stands at +29.6pts at day 100. The Extra bets continued to perform badly and are now at -22.76PTS

Further to this a second level 4 bet lost to take the bank down to 12 pts at day 103. Any subscriber who started their subscription one month after this trial would have blown their bank!

You can try Sports Cash System here:

UPDATE January 2014

I did promise an update on this system which finished with a profit of 24pts during our 3 month trial. Despite this profit it was put into the neutral category for reasons previously published. As of today that profit is now a loss of -10.27pts with yet another losing sequence. Therefore after 132 days this system can now safely be categorised under the failed section, especially when you consider the expensive monthly subscription.

The hype and the marketing of this ‘system’ and one particular American online bookie via the fictitious ‘Tommy Krieg’ has been fairly relentless with no mention of losses or a thorough history of results. The long term profitibility of this system along with it’s cost has now been exposed by the Cash Master site – Avoid!

You can try Sports Cash System here:Failed


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December 15, 2013

London Forex Open

A quiet week this week with no trades actioned:

Starting Bank £1000,Bank at 6 December: £1022

Monday 9 December: No Trade
Tuesday 10 December: No Trade
Wednesday 11 December: No Trade
Thursday 12 December: No Trade
Friday 13 December: No Trade

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December 4, 2013

Sharp Betting – New Review

Sharp Betting is an american sports betting service run by a professional bookmaker analyst called Don, who claims to average 150 points profit per year betting on the three american sports: football (NFL, NCAA); basketball (NBA, NCAA); and baseball (MLB). Sometimes National Hockey League (NHL) bets are also advised.

To find value in his bets, Don makes use of 250 micro-systems that he has developed. Currently, there is a free trial running  until February, 2014. Two of his micro-systems  are also free  to download. Bets are sent by email, usually a couple of hours before the events start. The review begins, when I receive the next selections.

You can try Sharp Betting here:

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December 3, 2013

12 Days Of Christmas

Ho Ho Ho…

Santa has come early this year, courtesy of the good folks at BetFan

BetFan are a well known Sports Betting Service and they’ve just come up with

“BetFan’s 12 Days Of Christmas”

You could be set to win some great prizes:


Two Tickets For The Cheltenham Gold Cup Friday
PLUS – A £100 Cash Betting Bank for you to use on the day
PLUS – FREE Membership of the Betfan Cheltenham Betting Special

And another 9 cool prizes.

Join in the Festive Fun at the link below:

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December 2, 2013

Sports Cash System

For an explanation of the system you will need to view the first post HERE!
Trial Started; 9/9/13
The latest update sees the highest profit to date with the run of 6 consecutive losses on days 51-53 now being fully recovered. There has not been any more level 4 bets although there have been a handful at level 3. The extra picks have gone from bad to worse and reached their lowest point so far after well over 200 bets!
The upcoming week is the last of our 3 month trial so final verdict will be delivered next week.

Current bet level:  Bet Level 3

Houston +7 (buy half point to +7.5) over the New England Patriots  (Spread Bet) (NFL Football) 1.95 (BV) x 4.85pt  31-34  +4.61pts

Current Bank Day 83; +25.6pts

Extra picks for today:

Atlanta Falcons +4 over the Buffalo Bills (Spread Bet) (NFL Football) 31-34 aot +1pt

Kansas City Chiefs +6.5 over the Denver Broncos (Spread Bet) (NFL Football) 28-35  -1pt

Cincinnati -1 over the San Diego Chargers (Spread Bet) (NFL Football)  10-17 +0.97pt

DAILY P/L; +0.97PTS TRIAL P/L -5.56PTS  WON 118 LOST 120  VOID 1


Current bet level:  Bet Level 2

Clemson +3 over South Carolina  (Spread Bet) (NCAA College Football) 31-17   -2.31pt

Current Bank Day 82; +20.99pts

Extra picks for today:

Florida State / Florida OVER 47 (Total Points Bet) (NCAA College Football)  7-37 -1pt

Auburn +10.5 over Alabama 
(Spread Bet) (NCAA College Football) 34-28 +0.91pt

Georgia -3 over Georgia Tech (Spread Bet) (NCAA College Football)  34-41 AOT   +1PT

DAILY P/L; +0.91PTS TRIAL P/L -6.53PTS  WON 116 LOST 119  VOID 1


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

FIU / Florida Atlantic OVER 43½  (Total Points Bet) (NCAA College Football) 1.76  21-6 -1.1PT

Current Bank Day 81; +23.3pts

Extra picks for today:

Nebraska -2½ over Iowa  (NCAA College Football17-38  -1PT

Massachusetts / Ohio UNDER 52  (Total Points Bet) (NCAA College Football) 51-23 -1PT

Fresno State / San Jose State OVER 71½  (Total Points Bet) (NCAA College Football) 62-52 +0.91PT

DAILY P/L; -1.09PTS TRIAL P/L -7.44PTS  WON 114 LOST 118  VOID 1

A new low for the experts after 232 bets!


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

Detroit Lions -6½ over the Green Bay Packers (Spread Bet) (NFL Football) 1.95 (BVic) 40-10  +1.05pt

Current Bank Day 80; +24.4pts

Extra picks for today:

Oakland Raiders / Dallas Cowboys OVER 48 (Total Points Bet) (NFL Football)  31-2+0.71PT

Baltimore Ravens -2½ over the Pittsburgh Steelers (Spread Bet) (NFL Football) LOST -1PT

Iowa -4½ over Xavier 
(Spread Bet) (NCAA College Basketball) 77-74 (AOT)

DAILY P/L; -1.29PTS TRIAL P/L -6.35PTS  WON 113 LOST 116  VOID 1

Highest Points Total; +12.2pts   Lowest Points Total; -6.93pts


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1 

Duke -8 over Alabama (Spread Bet) (NCAA College Basketball) 1.83 74-64 +0.91pt

Current Bank Day 79; +23.19pts

Extra picks for today:

Arizona -12 over Drexel (Spread Bet) (NCAA College Basketball)  66-6-1pt

Dayton +2 over California (Spread Bet) (NCAA College Basketball) 82 -64 +0.63pt

Louisiana Tech -6½ over Saint Bonaventure 
(Spread Bet) (NCAA College Basketball) 7

DAILY P/L; -1.27PTS TRIAL P/L -5.06PTS  WON 112 LOST 114  VOID 1


Current bet level:  Bet Level 2  

George Mason +6 over Princeton (Spread Bet) (NCAA College Basketball) 1.95 B365 71-66 +2.2PT

Current Bank Day 78; +22.28pts

Extra picks for today:

Wisconsin -2.5 over Saint Louis (Spread Bet) (NCAA College Basketball)  63-57 +0.91PT

Golden State Warriors -2 over the New Orleans Pelicans (Spread Bet) (NBA Basketball) 101-102  -1PT

Toronto Raptors / Brooklyn Nets under 191 (Total Points Scored in Game) 
(NBA Basketball) 100-10
2 -1PT

DAILY P/L; -1.08PTS TRIAL P/L -3.79PTS  WON 111 LOST 112  VOID 1

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November 27, 2013

Risk Free Loopholes

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about going to Rene’s seminar on Saturday then now it definitely your last chance to make your mind up.

There are five seats left and no plans as yet to repeat the event.

If you’ve missed what this is all about you can find full details here:

For the short version… I challenged Rene to prove his methods work by betting on my accounts and so far, in just one summer, he’s made £9000 profit and all without risking any of my funds.

It’s been quiet the last couple of weeks due to the International break but Rene assures me he will hit the £10,000 target over the next few weeks.

On Saturday, if you decide to go, he will show you exactly how to earn up to £40,000 a year, without risking your funds, in just a couple of hours a day.

But that’s not all. I spoke to him this week and he told me that he’s also going to include a Pre Match betting strategy that is completely Betfair based that has a success rate of between 80% – 90%.

This strategy wins between £50-£100 if the favourite wins, and breaks even if it doesn’t. On a losing trade you can expect to lose around the same amount, so with an 80-90% strike rate, you can’t fail to make regular long term profits.

And this is just an extra bonus for attendees.

If you have any interest whatsoever in making proper, long term, risk free profits from your betting then don’t delay. Head over to Rene’s workshop and book your place.

It could change your life.

For full details go here:

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November 26, 2013

Sports Cash System

For an explanation of the system you will need to view the first post HERE!
Trial Started; 9/9/13

Current bet level:  Bet Level 1 

Georgia State -7 over Cansius (NCAA College Basketball) 71-79  -1.1pt

Current Bank Day 77; +20.08pts

Extra picks for today:

Wagner -8½ over Stenson (NCAA College Basketball) 64-81 +0.95pt

Syracuse -3 over Minnesota (NCAA College Basketball) 75-67  +0.91pt

Washington Redskins +5 over the San Francisco 49ers 
(NFL Football6-
27 -1pt

DAILY P/L; +0.86PTS TRIAL P/L -2.71PTS  WON 110 LOST 110  VOID 1


Current bet level:  Bet Level 3 

Miami Dolphins +4.5 over the Carolina Panthers (NFL Football) 1.97 (Marathonbet)X 4.85PT 16-2+4.71pt

Current Bank Day 76; +21.18pts

Extra picks for today:

Dallas Cowboys +2.5 over the New York Giants  (NFL Football) 21-24 +1.08pt

Cleveland Browns -1 over the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL Football) 11-27 -1pt

San Diego Chargers +3.5 over the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL Football)  38-41 +0.95pt

DAILY P/L; +1.03PTS TRIAL P/L -3.57PTS  WON 108 LOST 109  VOID 1


Current bet level:  Bet Level 2 

Houston -2.5 over Cincinnati (NCAA College Football) 17-2LOST 2.31PT

Current Bank Day 75; +16.47pts

Extra picks for today:

Iowa -6 over Michigan (NCAA College Football) 24-21Early Play LOST 1PT

Memphis +23 over Louisville (NCAA College Football) 24-17 Early Play +0.91PT

Wisconsin -16.5 over Minnesota 
(NCAA College Football) 7-20 Early Play LOST 1PT

DAILY P/L;  -1.09PTS TRIAL P/L -4.6PTS  WON 106 LOST 108  VOID 1


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

Northwestern -16 over IUPUI (NCAA College Basketball63-61 LOST 1.1PT

Current Bank Day 74; +18.78pts

Extra picks for today:

Florida State +3 over Michigan ? (NCAA College Basketball) ?Another error? VA Commonwealth? 67-85 ???? VOID

Providence -7.5 over Vanderbilt  (NCAA College Basketball) 60-67 LOST 1PT

San Jose State -2 over Navy (NCAA College Football) 52-58  LOST 1PT



Current bet level:  Bet Level 3

Central Florida +8 over Miami (NCAA College Basketball) 1.95 X 4.85PT 58-63+4.61pt Handicap not required!

Current Bank Day 73; +19.88pts

Back to the total @day 41!

Extra picks for today:

Florida State +8 over Virginia Commonwealth (NCAA College Basketball)  67-85 +0.91pt  Handicap not required!

Connecticut / Boston College UNDER 151½ (Total Points Scored in Game) (NCAA College Basketball) LOST 1PT

Kent State -9 over Western Carolina (NCAA College Basketball72 -59 +0.91pt

DAILY P/L; +0.82PTS TRIAL P/L -1.51PTS  WON 105 LOST 104

Highest Points Total; +12.2pts   Lowest Points Total; -6.93pts


Current bet level:  Bet Level 2 

Toledo +2.5 (buy half point to +3) over Northern Illinois (NCAA College Football) 1.95 X  2.31PT LOST 2.31PT

Current Bank Day 72; +15.27pts

Extra picks for today:

New York Knicks +6.5 (spread) over the Indiana Pacers (NBA Basketball) 96-103 AOT LOST 1PT

Georgia Tech -7 (spread) over Dayton (NCAA College Basketball) LOST 1PT

Wichita State -5.5 (spread) over Tulsa (NCAA College Basketball) 54-77 +0.91PT

DAILY P/L; -1.09PTS TRIAL P/L -2.33PTS  WON 103 LOST 103

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November 20, 2013

Sports Cash System

For an explanation of the system you will need to view the first post HERE!
Trial Started; 9/9/13


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1 

Colorado State +4½ (buy half point to +5) (spread) over UTEP (NCAA College Basketball) LOST 1PT

Current Bank Day 71; +17.58pts


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1 

Carolina Panthers -3 (spread) over the New England Patriots (NFL Football) 2.0 24-20 +1.1PT

Current Bank Day 70; +18.68pts

Extra picks for today:

Charleston -1 (spread) over Miami (FL) (NCAA College Basketball) 54-70 -1PT

Tennessee -26½ (spread) over Citadel  (NCAA College Basketball) 86-60 -1PT (by 0.5!)

Arkansas -4 (spread) over Southern Methodist (NCAA College Basketball) 1.66 89-78 +0.66pt

DAILY P/L; -1.34PTS TRIAL P/L +1.76PTS  WON 102 LOST 98

Highest Points Total; +12.2pts   Lowest Points Total; -6.93pts


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1 

San Francisco 49ers +3½ over the New Orleans Saints (NFL Football) 1.91   +1.0PT

Current Bank Day 69; +17.58pts

Extra picks for today:

Pittsburgh Steelers +3 over the Detroit Lions  (NFL Football) +1.0PT

Green Bay Packers +3½ over the New York Giants (NFL Football) -1.0PT

Arizona Cardinals -8 over the Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL Football)  +0.91PT

DAILY P/L; +0.91PTS TRIAL P/L +3.1PTS  WON 101 LOST 96

Highest Points Total; +12.2pts   Lowest Points Total; -6.93pts


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

Houston +17 over Louisville (NCAA College Football) 1.91 X 1.1PT 20-13 WON 1.0PT

Current Bank Day 68; +16.58pts

Extra picks for today:

Oregon -28 over Utah (NCAA College Football) 44-21 LOST 1PT

Oklahoma State -3 over Texas  (NCAA College Football) 1.33 13-38 WON 0.33PTS

Miami Florida / Duke OVER 63½ (Total Points Scored in Game) (NCAA College Football) 1.93 48-30 WON 0.93PTS

DAILY P/L; +0.26PTS TRIAL P/L +2.19PTS  WON 99 LOST 95

Highest Points Total; +12.2pts   Lowest Points Total; -6.93pts


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1

Arizona State -22.5 over Idaho State (NCAA College Basketball) 1.95 (B365/PP) x 1.1pts  88-60 WON 1.05PTS

Current Bank Day 67; +15.58pts

Extra picks for today:

Cleveland State +1 over Texas-Arlington (NCAA College Basketball) 2.1 73-83 WON 1.1PTS

Morehead State +11.5 over Xavier  (NCAA College Basketball) 79-56 LOST 1PT

Murray State +2.5 (buy half point to +3) over Old Dominion (NCAA College Basketball)  70-60 LOST 1PT


Highest Points Total; +12.2pts   Lowest Points Total; -6.93pts


Current bet level:  Bet Level 2 

Clemson -11 over Georgia Tech (NCAA College Football) 1.95 X 2.31PTS 55-31 WON 2.2PTS

Current Bank Day 66; +14.53pts

Extra picks for today:

Towson -5 over Temple (NCAA College Basketball) 1.91 75-69 WON 0.91PTS

Long Beach State -1 over Loyola Marymount  (NCAA College Basketball) 73-74 LOST 1PT

Rutgers -6 over Yale (NCAA College Basketball) 72-71 LOST 1PT

DAILY P/L; -1.07PTS TRIAL P/L +2.83PTS  WON 96 LOST 92

Highest Points Total; +12.2pts   Lowest Points Total; -6.93pts


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1   1.71(B365) x 1.1pts 
DePaul +1 over Southern Mississippi (NCAA College Basketball 68-75  LOST 1.1PTS

Current Bank Day 65; +12.33pts

Extra picks for today:

Saint Josephs -17 over Marist (NCAA College Basketball81-62 LOST 1PT

Oregon -16 over Western Carolina  (NCAA College Basketball) 1.91  107-83 WON 0.97PTS

Valparaiso +11.5 over Illinois (NCAA College Basketball) 64-52 LOST 1PT (BY O.5PT!)

DAILY P/L; -1.03PTS TRIAL P/L +3.90PTS  WON 95 LOST 90

Highest Points Total; +12.2pts   Lowest Points Total; -6.93pts


Current bet level:  Bet Level 2

East Carolina (pk) to win over UNC Greensboro (NCAA College Basketball) 1.87 X 2.31PTS 84-85 WON 2.01PTS

Current Bank Day 64; +13.43pts

Extra picks for today:

Georgia State +4 over Vanderbilt  (NCAA College Basketball86-80 LOST 1PT

Florida +6 over Wisconsin  (NCAA College Basketball) 59-53 PUSH

Kansas +5 over Duke (NCAA College Basketball) 2.0 94-83 WON 1PT


Highest Points Total; +12.2pts   Lowest Points Total; -6.93pts


Current bet level:  Bet Level 1 

Miami Dolphins (moneyline) over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1.8  (NFL Football) LOST 1.1PTS

Current Bank Day 63; +11.42pts

Extra picks for today:

Atlanta Hawks -2.5 over the Charlotte Bobcats (NBA Basketball1.64  94-103 WON 0.64PTS

Orlando Magic +2.5 over the Boston Celtics (NBA Basketball) 120-105 LOST 1PT

Denver Nuggets -2.5 over the Utah Jazz (NBA Basketball) 1.56 81-100 WON 0.56PTS


Highest Points Total; +12.2pts   Lowest Points Total; -6.93pts

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