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July 8, 2014

Job Vacancy £65,000

There is a position available for a positive, hard working individual capable of following simple, clear instructions.

Successful applicants will be required to work 2-3 hours a day from home, with the potential of occasional trips to the high street (although not essential).

The salary is £40,000 per annum tax free, which is equivalent to a £65,000 taxable salary.

Full details here:


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July 7, 2014

Elite Ratings Update

Between our last post on 26/6 & 30/6 the service added another 2.21pts so June finished with a +4.63 total.  Previous months of April & May provided 15.97 & 18.88 respectively so 4.63 is disappointing.

Going into July & upto the end of play 6th July the figures are -9.75 so when we add +2.21pts the net figure between 26/6 – 6/7 is -7.54.  Our revised betting bank upto end of play 6/7 is therefore £1598.40.

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June 24, 2014

Risk Free Loopholes

Last October you might remember me telling you about a visit I had from an Austrian gentleman named Rene who came over to London to show me his system of making £40,000 per year, tax free from making completely risk free bets. That means, he never lost bets, he only won bets and he made £40k a year doing this.

The story is very interesting, and included me sitting in a pub with him for three hours with his laptop open, and then popping into three high street bookies during the afternoon whereby he proceeded to make £420 pure profit in the space of three hours, and that included us having lunch, a couple of pints and, most importantly, never risking any money.

If you didn’t read the story, you can get the full lowdown on it HERE

Well, following on from that visit, I challenged Rene to prove his system worked by giving him access to one of my betting accounts and getting him to run his system though that. This resulted in him making just under £10,000 profit over the next three months, in my own account.

Clearly this man really walked the walk.

In November he came back to the UK to run a one day master class where he taught his whole system to a small group of keen students. He also ran a few training sessions via Skype.

Here is a response from one of his students:

“I have been a full time professional gambler for the best part of fifteen years. Rene Trost is an honest, down to earth, conscientious, extremely knowledgeable man. I was surprised, when I initially made contact with Rene, that he was able to put into practice the claims he was making about profiting from sports arbitrage. I already had a good understanding of this type of advantage play, but had never been able to overcome the usual problems – getting large bets accepted without getting barred. My scepticism extended to the point where I questioned Rene over Skype for a couple of hours before purchasing anything. What did I expect? The usual BS – after intense interrogation and questioning, he would lose interest in me, because he knew I wouldn’t stand for any BS. I was overwhelmingly surprised that he was able to quickly and accurately answer my questions. I couldn’t catch him out. It was made apparent that he had an excellent grasp of the mathematics of advantage play (and other in-depth knowledge on things like variance, E.V. and ROR estimation etc.), which made it blatantly obvious that this guy really knew what he was doing. I could feel that he really did actually bet full time for a living. After a few hours of questioning, I paid him the course fee and conducted training over Skype. I was not disappointed.

I trialled the method for several weeks and made amounts of money running into thousands of pounds. After keeping in regular contact with Rene he approached me and told me that he had another method, and asked me whether I would be interested in learning about it. Without hesitation I signed up to another Skype seminar. I was astonished by what he told me. This week alone I have made over £3,000 from the combined methods. To be fair, this is a pretty good run, and I certainly wouldn’t expect this every week.

If you are thinking about learning any of these methods DO NOT HESITATE TO GET RENE TO TEACH YOU. Take it from me; he is one of the best. You will not be disappointed.

Rene has changed my life in a big way. Try to think outside the box. Question everything. Become obsessed with it. Question everything again. If you do this, you will make a fortune.”

“Rene, I wanted to drop you a big thank you after attending your risk-free trading course in the UK.
I will be honest, before I attended I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I am so glad that I paid and attended your course.

Before attending I thought that paying the fee was a lot of money, but after the seminar had finished I realised, in the big scheme of things, how cheap it was. You have given me the tools to go away and literally set my own business up. I can now support myself forever.

I am more than happy for you to share my feedback with your readers as that is how happy I am with the service you have given me.

There are 10 various risk-free and low risk methods you have given me. I think only with careful planning is it possible to manage all methods. For me I have picked out 4 methods that I think are excellent and I especially love the affiliate method which can be a gold mine especially when we get them big comebacks happen.

It was also refreshing when you showed us how to stay under the radar so we don’t get banned from the bookmakers.

As I said before I was sceptical before but after attending I can see how it is possible to earn at least €30,000 to €40,000 a year and possibly more.

This course is designed for those people who want to make a change in their life. I now appreciate that if you want to see changes in your life you must get up and make it happen. If you ever add any more risk-free methods then please let me know and I will be very keen to get involved.

Finally I will just say that it was a pleasure to meet you and the after-support you have given me has been excellent.”

Not bad, eh?

Well that’s not all. Those people that attended were also promised to be kept in the loop with any new methods that Rene develops and he kept to that promise too. Since running the course Rene has developed several new, and frankly, brilliant methods for making rather large sums of cash completely risk free. This is stuff that has never been done before… by anyone… anywhere!

When Rene left last year he said to me ‘Graham… I’ll be back’, and this was made more hilarious by the fact that he has the same Austrian accent as good old Arnie-The Terminator-Schwarzenegger.

Well the good news is he is coming back. Probably on a plane rather than a time bubble. And he’s running one more seminar on 26th July.

But this time, he’s including not only all the stuff he showed last year’s attendees, but also the following (in his own words… imagine an Arnie accent):

- Cashing in on Bookmakers Offers in a very new and funny way.

I’m now using probably the best way of cashing in on these Offers. In combination with some particular things, you will be able from now on to cash in these Offers not only without any Losses caused by Betfair Commission, Liquidity Issues, etc. With the stuff I’m going to show you in this field you will clear out your money in the Bookmakers lightning fast, and by the Way not only without any losses, but with a profit on top of this. The likelihood someone does know this exact combination is about zero.

- Create some bets to make winnings and stay under the radar creating the picture you are only the next mug behind the counter.

I will show you an absolute gem of one particular Way to bet that I promise you, you haven’t seen before. In fact this is so shrewd your Bookie won’t recognise what’s going on. They will think you are a complete mug, while in the meantime you are fleecing them big time.

There are two ways to play these bets. One of them will make you some guaranteed money quite frequently. With the other kind of bet you can get some very high payouts every now and then. This as risk free as possible.

The majority of bets you will find online and some of those bet you can place with your High Street Bookie as well. Sometimes you will have to wait for those bets to appear since you need special software to flag up the bets. Then you have to do some basic calculations and there you go.

- Making use of a common loophole in the industry in another way.

On the last course I showed you how to create some “idiot bets” in order to cash out behind the scene. However this was only possible by “sacrificing” some of the profit. This time you will cash in the lot. This time it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing, you will win either side. There is some Work involved to make it worthwhile but once you are set to start you are in the Pole Position and can basically repeat this frequently.

- Flagging up some very “Strange Bets”

This course shall not be too dry. I will show you how I created a nice piece of Software which flags up some very high priced winners in football. There are always some shrewd people out there in the know about something strange in some of the games. My work in this field led to some incredibly high priced winners. Of course it’s not a sure fire thing but once you see what I’m going to show you, you will see some things in a different way. The odds for these markets are ALWAYS double figure prices.

You need some piece of software (very cheap) and my Work in this field. You need a mobile phone as well in order to get an sms once some markets start to behave a little bit too “strong”.
Personally I was only a whisker away of cashing in nearly 50k with two games. There are some interesting ways to trade these games and I will show you how.

- Betting Stuff.

From my experience I know that most people simply are gamblers. According to that I have added some nice betting stuff into the course as well. I will show you the best sites and systems I know. Please accept the fact that I have absorbed nearly all and everything betting related in the last 10 Years. I will show you the best ways to bet on horse racing and football available today.

Furthermore, and this is MOST important, many have struggled to make their betting pay because of the ugly brothers Greed, Fear, and Impatience. I will show you in a very easy way to completely put those ugly creatures away and ban them forever to finally make your systems a long term Winner

- Become your own professional tipster.

If you are like me, you have spent truckloads of money following tipsters in the past. In this course I show you how you beat even the best of them by any length. After the course you will be able to make your own money following your own selections.

You are literally forced to make your own very profitable bets in the future. You will understand on the course why this is the case. Just imagine what you are going to save on costs for tipsters! You will be stunned from this part alone.

And remember… this is just the EXTRA stuff that will be included above and beyond all the main systems Rene uses to make a full time living from risk free betting.

If you’ve struggled to make money from your betting, or you’re sick of losing runs, or you are risk adverse and would like to know how to make a real living from betting without ever losing, then you need to be on this master class.

All attendees get full support and lifetime updates too. Whenever Rene works out a new angle, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

You can use these methods in your own time to supplement your current income, or if you wish, you can make a full time living from it, just as Rene does. And since this is all tax free… the money goes a lot further.

This will probably be the last time Rene runs this course. If you were tempted to go last year but sat on the fence too long… read the testimonials again, this may well change your life too.

Any money spent educating yourself is money well invested. You can make your course fee back within a matter of weeks… or even days if you get on the right bets! After that, you have the skills to make an income for life, from your computer, in your own time, as your own boss.

Rene is available for an informal chat via Skype if you have any questions at all. His Skype address is:


Full information available here:

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June 13, 2014

Forex Coder Required

One of my reviewers, Doug, has come up with a rather impressive Forex system but would like to automate it with an EA.

If you are a coder and would be interested in taking this on, please let me know.

He needs an EA to operate on MT4 utilising Range Bars -There are already in existence EA’s that convert conventional time based pips into Range Bars so the EA will need to incorporate an existing program and then set a trigger and a Take profit value according to existing formula freely available on the


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First Half GoalsSecond Half Goals

This is a trial of two services being offered by James Leadbetter, an active member of the ‘Goal Profits’ forum who is using the stats service provided by the website. Each service costs £12 a month independently or £15 a month for both with further options for annual subscription.

Details can be found via the Cashmaster links;

First Half Goals

Second Half Goals

For a summary of the stategies please look below the recorded results so far;

For ease of recording I will produce the results for both strategies in the same post using the acronyms FHG & SHG.

Selections and Results (Trial began 1/6/14)

A slow start to the trial as summer leagues are still bedding in with some of them now taking a break for the WC! A fair few non-qualifiers which is to be expected.

12.30pm – Singapore S-League – Balestier Khalsa FC vs Albirex Niigata FC – 4.0 HT 0-1  20′ +0.95PTS
5.15pm – Sweden Superettan – Hammarby vs Landskrona – 4.0 HT 1-0 28′ +0.95PTS
Daily P/L; +1.9pts Trial P/L; +1.9pts

12.30pm – Singapore S-League – Hougang United vs Warriors FC – Match 1 HT 1-1 FT 3-2 NQ

5.15pm – Sweden Superettan – Hammarby vs Landskrona – Match 2 HT 1-0 FT 4-0 68′ HT lay price just above 6.0 so no trade

Daily P/L; +0PTS Trial P/L; +0PTS

FHG; No Selections

3.00pm – Sweden Superettan – Ljungskile vs Degerfors – Match 1 HT 0-0 FT 2-2 NQ

6/6/14 No Selections

FHG; No Selections

12.30pm – Singapore S-League – Albirex Niigata vs Hougang United – Match 1 HT 0-0 FT 0-1 NQ

1.45pm – Singapore S-League – Harimau Muda vs Warriors FC – Match 2 HT 2-4 FT 2-4 HT lay price above 6.0 so no trade

Daily P/L; 0PTS Trial P/L; 0PTS

2/6/14 – 4/6/14 No Selections

9.00pm – Paraguay Apertura – Club Nacional vs 3 De Febrero – Match 1 HT 0-0 FT 0-0 Poor liquidity – No trade
Daily P/L; 0pts Trial P/L; 0pts

11.00am – Japan J2 League – FC Gifu vs Kyoto Sanga – Match 1 HT 0-0 FT 2-1 NQ

5.00pm – Norway Division One – Bryne vs Strommen – Match 2 HT 1-2 FT 1-4 51′ Unmatched

5.00pm – Norway Division One – Kristiansund vs Nest-Sotra – Match 3 HT 1-1 FT 2-1 NQ

5.00pm – Norway Division One – Ranheim vs Baerum – Match 4 HT 3-0 FT 5-0 NQ

Daily P/L; 0PTS Trial P/L; 0PTS

Summary of the strategies used;


This is laying 0-0 in the Half Time Score market.

If you are unable to be matched straight away then you need to put a lay order in at the price listed in the selection email (making sure that the “Keep” option is highlighted).

For selections with a lay price above 4.00 put in a lay order of 4.00– it won’t take long to be matched in- play.

Conservative traders can opt to LTD in the “Half Time” market instead if they wish at a lower price, however don’t forget that this will mean having to trade out after a goal as a first half equaliser would leave you back in a loss position.


Matches which are level at HT do not qualify for this strategy.

Either team must be leading at the break with either a one or two goal advantage (HT scorelines of 3-0/0-3/4-1 etc do not qualify for this strategy).The maximum HT lay price is 6.0.

If the HT lay price is 5.0 or below then you can lay immediately, if it is between 5.1-6.0 then put a lay order in at 5.0 and you will be matched quickly in the second half.

Any HT lay price above 6.0 and the game should be discarded. That’s it! If the above criteria is met then you just wait for the goal.

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Hi there,

Apologies in not getting an update to you earlier. I had planned as mentioned previously to have used Stuart’s weekly stats for the updates but no sooner had I mentioned it  he chose to change the format & the weekly one was abandoned. So I have had to go back over a weeks results & add them to Stuarts last 3 days which has been a bit more time consuming than I had planned. Anyway going forward it should be easy enough to work out as he starts the daily rolling profit/loss from June onwards. Therefore I have broke down the figures as per below so we now where we are:-

23/5 – 31/5  =  -3.15.   Revised bank at end of May = £1650.2.

1/6 – 3/6 =  -5.50.  Revised bank upto & including today = £1594.50.


I also received an email from Stuart on Saturday advising that the service from it’s go live date on 24th April upto end May was +34.85 pts (15.97 for April & 18.88 for May) so overall the service is doing well but perhaps not as well as the previous three months when the service was in testing with Kris Jackman.

I will aim to update the results around this time next week, hopefully we will see a good week which is well overdue.

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June 3, 2014

The Lay Analyst

This report covers the period from 12th May though to and inclusive of 31st May.

During this period I received 17 selections that passed through both filters and thus became qualifying bets. I noticed once again that when using an I Pad the odds were slightly different to those obtained on my PC but have decided that a difference of less than 0.3 in the upper limit of the odds that are utilised by the system is acceptable.

Of the 17 selections I had 15 successful Lays but 2 losers which dropped the Strike Rate which up to this point was in excess of 92% for the trial down to some 88% for this reporting period. The first of the losers was on 12th May and was a major blow being a 6 point advised lay in an amateur rider race at Doncaster. This had the dramatic effect of wiping out all of the profits since 5th April and also nearly 25% of the starting bank .The bank has recovered some of these losses by the end of the period.

I did email the site to ask why the race was selected as, not only were they amateur riders but also the going by the time racing started was markedly poorer than during the morning .The author of the system did respond by saying that this is the first loss in this type of race  he has experienced.

However I do think that as amateur races make up a very small portion of all races so  this  just might be a misleading stat to work with. Without this setback the system would have increased its profitable run.

So to the bank :

Opening Bank 200 points -12th May  225 points  Close 31st May =171.75 points (net of 5% B/F comms)

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June 3, 2014

Premium Naps

This report covers the period from 12th May through to the end of the month on 31st May

AS I reported in the previous post the systems revolves around selecting short priced favourites in NH races .May is a transition period for NH racing as the summer runners start to re-appear ,and overall during the period the Strike rate has been affected.

So to the period 12th May through to and inclusive of 31st May

During this period I received 18 selections that qualified as bets and 10 of these duly obliged .The Strike Rate has dropped down to 55.5% and this is also reflected  in the overall Strike Rate for May which was similarly 55.17%.This compares to the performance  of the system through the majority of April which was  70%.

This drop in the number of winning selections ensured that the bank also dropped so we enter the last month of the trial with a gain since the 5th April of 11.5 Points.

Opening Bank =217.0 points Close 31stMay =211.5 points (net of 5% B/F comms)

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June 1, 2014

Top Secret Tips

This is the second week of using this service.  In the first week our starting bank of £1000 grew to £1006.10.  This weeks results show 7 winners from 15 selections.  This has affected the bank as follows:

Date Bet Odds Result Bank
26/05/2014 2.10 Carlisle – Mattmu 4.5 Lost £996.10
26/05/2014 4.20 Carlisle – Aluring Star 4.3 Lost £986.10
27/05/2014 4.00 Leicester – Kings Bayonet 2.75 Won £1,003.60
27/05/2014 5.00 Leicester – Silver Ranger 1.9 Lost £993.60
28/05/2014 2.00 Chepstow – Clodovil Doll 2.86 Lost £983.60
28/05/2014 2.10 Hamilton – Indian Keys 1.6 Lost £973.60
28/05/2014 2.40 Hamilton – Remember Rocky 4.5 Won £1,008.60
28/05/2014 3.30 Chepstow – Eastern Dragon 3.1 Won £1,029.60
29/05/2014 6.10 Sandown – Chain Of Events 3.5 Won £1,054.60
29/05/2014 6.40 Sandown – Tiggy Wiggy 3.25 Won £1,077.10
30/05/2014 6.40 Catterick – Greenhead High 4.5 Lost £1,067.10
30/05/2014 7.40 Catterick – Next Door 1/1 2 Lost £1,057.10
30/05/2014 9.15 Catterick – The Dukkerer 4 Non Runner
31/05/2014 2.20 York – First Mohican 5.8 Lost £1,047.10
31/05/2014 4.00 York – Mister Universe 2.5 Won £1,062.10
31/05/2014 4.35 York – Blurred Vision 1.8 Won £1,070.10
01/06/2014 No tips

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May 22, 2014

Elite Ratings Update

Hi there,

Before I go through todays selections I have noted 2 mistakes I have made with the figures. These were on the 16th May when I put down a 3.5 pt loss (it should’ve been a 0.5pt profit) & on the 17th May when I put down a 11.5 pt profit (it should’ve been a 13 pt profit). This alteration (+5.5 adj) prior to todays results would’ve mean the bank stood at £1751.70.

From now on I have made a decision to send out the results weekly when I get the weekly email from Stuart, I can easily check his against mine before updating here & also avoid me having to go back over my previous posts/figures. The weekly email goes out on a Thursday so after this post the next update will be around this time next week.

Today there were 6 original selections but 2 were non runners leaving 4 selections for a total of 7pts invested. Unfortunately all 4 loss so a total loss of 7pts. The bank now stands at £1681.70.





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