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February 13, 2011

Bonus Bagging

I have decided to change this to a one-off review. Having used this service for a week I believe I understand enough about how this service operates.

As the sales page states this service shows “you how to cash out all bonuses offered by casinos and bookmakers completely risk free and make £1000′s in RISK FREE profit”. You could, of course, do this for yourself but it is a faff, and for a one-off payment of £27 (currently) Mike does all the hard-work for you making this hassle free. So no subscriptions and there is a money-back guarantee too.

I have easily cleared the payment in the first week, and not from sign-up bonuses, as I am signed up with (too?) many bookmakers already. It appears that a risk-free profit target of around £500 per month is easily achievable. A nice second income!

Most of available offers can be claimed by activity in the evenings, so 9to5ers out there can use this service too.

So why not bag yourself some risk-free money and sign-up today?

Happy to approve this service.

You can get Bonus Bagging here:

ENDORSEMENT by Michael Horton

Bonus Bagging does just what it says on the tin.

Having previously tried bagging bonuses I am well aware that this is something that works and is just about as risk free as it is possible to get and make a (good) profit. But, just as Arthur mentioned in his one off review, bagging bonuses can be a faff, especially for a beginner.

This service takes most of the hard work and messing around out of the process. Once subscribed, just send an email to Mike (proprietor), ask for a bet and he will reply with clear, straightforward instructions on what to do. Then just email each time you are ready to proceed. Unless you can get someone to place the bets for you, it couldn’t be any easier.

I joined the service around the time that Arthur posted his review and I have been actively using it for about ten or eleven days. I paid the one off subscription cost out of the first day’s profits. In total, I have made £200 profit, or around £20 per day – I could have made more if I pushed. So, £500 per month looks very realistic to me and £600, or more, looks readily achievable.

For anyone who wishes to build their betting bank, earn a small but worthwhile second income, boost their pension (older readers only), or just likes making a (no-risk) profit, Bonus Bagging is highly recommended.

You can get Bonus Bagging here:

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February 10, 2011

What’s the point?

As you know, the whole point of this blog is to find decent, working, profitable betting/trading systems and services. The way we do this is by getting the systems or subscribing to the services and actually testing them out to see if they make a profit or not.

Over the last few years I’ve had the help of over 30 volunteer bloggers, all of whom were just readers of this blog like you, who have put these systems and services to the test and written up their reviews based on their experiences.

Now, this is not an exact science, and it can never be so. We can test a system or service for a week, a month, a few months, or even a full year (or two and a half years in some cases!) and we can only report on our experience during that time.

In many cases the systems or services continue to perform well into the future, in other cases they do not. We try to update the reviews from time to time if we see that a system or service we have previously approved has been underperforming and we will recategorise it accordingly. The same is true for systems that we may have given a Neutral rating, that may over time do exceedingly well and it will then become Approved.

In the field of betting and trading there can never be any guarantee that a system or service will continue to perform in the future as it has done in the past and therefore any recommendations we make must be taken with the understanding that we do not have a crystal ball that can predict the future. Our recommendations are based solely on our own past experiences with these systems and services and therefore if you wish to purchase a system or subscribe to a service based on any of our reviews then please take responsibility for your own purchase decisions and be aware that, in my experience at least, there are very few systems and services that are consistently good day in, day out.

Many systems and services are profitable over the long term but require a huge amount of discipline (and faith!) to get through the losing runs and so are not suitable for the average punter.

Some systems and services can do extraordinarily well for short periods and then extraordinarily badly for short periods. Others may do well for long periods and then still have bad periods. We could test a system or service for three months with brilliant results and then as soon as we make a recommendation, it could turn sour.

Having said all of that, we have managed to find a good number of products that do exactly what they say they do and have continued to do so ever since we’ve reviewed them.

Of course, what’s good for one person may not be suitable for another so all we can do is try to give as much detail as possible about a product or service and let you make up your own mind as to whether you think it will be suitable for you.

The ideal situation would be for ALL products and services to have either a money back guarantee or some kind of trial period. Of course, given what I’ve said above, a trial period doesn’t really count for much except to let you experience what the service is like and whether it fits in with your day to day routine, but it is still better than not having one. And although I can understand why some vendors don’t offer money back guarantees (they’ve got a great product and don’t want people trying it on to get it for free), I’ve personally always taken the view that if someone’s not happy they should have a refund.

So going forward we will endeavour to find products and services that offer some kind of trial period or guarantee and we will continue to give open and unbiased reviews based on our experiences.

If you feel you have what it takes to be a Cash Master reviewer then drop me a line. You need to be able to test a system or service for at least two months, you need to be able to comment not just on the profitability of the system or service but also on the quality of the service or product, level of support from the vendors and anything else that is relevant and would help anyone reading your reviews make an informed decision. In order to keep the Cash Master reviews impartial there are no financial rewards for a reviewer however the job is rewarding in its own right and if you read the blog and have an interest anyway then you’re half way there!

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January 28, 2011

Flat Ratings Pro

The Flat Ratings Pro service has been going well. It’s a very selective service, betting in just 48 races since the All Weather season kicked off for real.

From those 48 races, Steve made a profit in 32 of them so that’s a 66% strike rate. The overall profit, after Betfair commission, is 62.24 points which is well over 20 points per month. So if you’re betting £100 level stakes that’s over £2000 a month, or even £200 a month betting in tenners.

Their current deal is £64.99 until March 31st when the AW season ends.

Selections are sent out at about 1am each morning and the bets can be placed in about 2 minutes each day before work, if necessary.

To get in for the rest of the season go here:

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January 23, 2011

Football Mastermind

Matches: 5
Victories: 4
Stakes: £50.00
Profit: £1.97 (Profit to date: £17.82)

Matches : 0
Victories: 0
Stakes: £0.00
Profit: £13.94 (Loss to date -£28.23)

A small profit from Strategy one which would have been bigger, but Everton could not beat a struggling West Ham side. No matches made it through the criteria used for Strategy 3.

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December 8, 2010

Trading Elite Club

The webinars are all finished now and a few have been asking if Paul is going to be doing anymore. At the moment there are no plans but I think Paul is open to it when he gets a chance.

If you want to get involved right away you can sign up here:

Also, I have a quick note for those that are going to be starting on. Some have asked me which broker to use and if you are in the UK, I recommend:

They upgraded their platform last year and in my opinion it’s just as good as IG Index but the spread is only two pips on Cable instead of three pips on IG. Now you might think it’s only a pip so why bother. Well, as you know, we do perhaps 20-25 trades a day. If you bet at £10 a pip that’s £200-£250 extra profit a day just because you saved it on the spread. That’s extra £1000 a week or £50,000 a year just because you use Capital Spreads rather than IG.

I hope that you can see it makes sense.

All the best


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November 29, 2010

The Ultimate FX Predictor

The 8.10 signal was a trade, because although it was against the 50sma, the signal bar closed through the ema’s.  But we again had a 00 price level between entry and scalp (1.5600) so I did not take the trade, but the price hit the scalp.

This is the only trading situation for which I don’t have a criterion. Having spent some time in back testing, I have come to the conclusion that I should either ignore the 100 level entirely and just take the trade (which is risky) or adopt a criterion that allows me to take some of them.  From now on, I will adopt this approach:

To confirm the trade where there is a price level ending in 00 between entry and scalp, the entry level must be 10 or more before the 00 level.

There is a potential problem if the entry is just after a 00 price, but I will ignore this and take the trade if the entry is on or after the 00 level.  I will not add this to the criteria listed in my TUFXP Method until I have tried it for several months.  (There are other ways of trading around these price levels, such as looking at other support or resistance levels that might confirm the effect of the 100 level, but I prefer a mechanical system that does not rely on a last minute judgment that must be made against the clock.)

Finally, there were two signals that did not qualify, at 7.00 & 7.15.  I might have entered these late, on the 4th or 5th bar when the price did reach entry level, but I didn’t because of the uncertain way the price rose towards entry:  After the first signal bar, the bars were alternately long/short/long/short/long and each bar being of a similar size, indicating a lot of uncertainty as to direction. The price did not reach the scalp, and hit the TESS stop at 8.50.

I abandoned trading at 9.40 with no trade today.   John

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November 26, 2010

Jump Jockey Profits

I got a preview copy of Jump Jockey Profits through this week and it looks pretty good. Basically it’s a 45 page manual detailing a selection of jockeys and recommending various profitable angles on which to bet with these jockeys. So for example, it will list a certain jockeys overall performance detailing the runs, wins, strike rate, profit/loss and the place s/r and profit/loss.

Then it will suggest profitable angles such as hurdle races for this jockey or hurdle races backed each way and list the same details, this time showing how it turned a good profit.

So for each jockey you get a recommendation like: “Back each way in all NH Flat Races” or “Back each way when riding in any race for Brendan Powell” etc.

Obviously a lot of research has gone into this and the results speak for themselves. In fact The Donal Fahy angle in the full manual identified Tiptronic at Hereford on the 18th Nov which went in at an SP of 100/1! (Betfair SP of 359/1!!) I wish I had been on that one!

The system will be available from next week but they are currently giving away a free All Weather system just as a teaser. Of course I’ll update the blog with the progress of this system as we go along.

You can get the free system here:

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November 19, 2010


Just a quick post for anyone that has e-mailed me since yesterday. My spam filter company did an upgrade yesterday and since then I’ve not received a single e-mail… nothing on my server either. Seems to be working a little too enthusiastically. Please bear with me while they sort it out. I will respond to all e-mails as I receive them but please don’t send multiple e-mails asking if I got it. If you haven’t had a response from me by next week then it may well have got lost so feel free to try again then.



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November 8, 2010

Greyhound Lays

Once again, we had 54 bets to chooses from, I chose 16, again just under 30%. Unfortunately, once again I managed to pick three winners this week – and looking back, that seems to have been my average and the result is that despite the rest of my bets losing and clawing back most of the loss, I finished the week a little lower. The service is still in profit but one wonders if level staking might not achieve better results. Of course, more inspired picking by me would do that too and anyone considering this service should remember that these results are purely what I get from my picks and with a bit better luck, or whatever governs these things, the results might be much better. However, this week they are:

Starting Bank £500.00
Current Bank £591.23p
Strike Rate 85.11%
Av. Odds 5.62.

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I shall be trialling these two services in the coming weeks. One is a horse laying service and the other, a straight win/lose football service, both delivered by email each morning or the previous evening. They originate from the same source, so I shall report on them together, though with separate comments and results.

First impressions are good: well structured information on the Welcome page, plus spreadsheets to assist in calculating the bets, if you follow the preferred staking plans. I prefer to record the results as level stake bets however, so that bettors can set their own targets on the results of the selection process. However, it’s fair to say that the author’s preferred staking plans have given the best results so far and would therefore be worth following.

Football bets are given for no less than 10 leagues, which is a big undertaking for anyone; the level of success last season was very encouraging and this season has started well too, so we should see some good profits if it continues in the same vein.

I’ll do a roundup after the weekend to get us under way.

For those who wish to get involved with the horse laying service immediately and trial them for themselves, there is a month’s selections on offer for £3.50.

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