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November 4, 2013

Horse Betting Analyst

We finished our review of this service back in May so I thought it a good time for an update.

The last five months have been astounding, all profitable, and totalling 344 points over that time:

Jun: 19.68
Jul: 226.40
Aug: 50.6
Sep: 7.15
Oct: 40.93

They are also currently 504 points in profit for 2013 which is possibly the most profitable service we’ve reviewed!

This is definitely a service you should have in your betting portfolio if you want to make a living, or an additional income, from horse racing.


You can try Horse Betting Analyst here:

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November 4, 2013

Racing Gold

G’day all.

Following on from my last review of UK Racing Lays I decided we should look at another product from Tipster Warehouse, but this time a backing service instead of laying. Ive chosen The Racing Gold service which offers 4 or 5 backing tips every day on the UK and sometimes on the Irish horse racing win and place markets, the selections are sent to your email and will arrive each day by 11.00am (UK time), I started the trial on Friday 01/11 and have received all my selections upto now on time.

Racing Gold started operating in January 2013 and as you can see from the following has shown a profit every month except one, so it does seem to be consistent showing an average monthly return of 10.02 points:

January: 5.35 February: 8.52 March: 16.81 April: 14.42 May: 9.93 June: 25.66 July: 3.31

August: 11.71 September: 15.49 October: -10.98

Yearly Total: 100.22 points

Average Monthly Total: 10.02

You can download the full detailed results from the Tipster Warehouse website, I think it’s definitely worth a look before you decide to join up. The cost of this service is £29.95 / Month or £59.95 / Quarter, there is a 50% discount on the first month and also they offer a 60 day refund period if you decide this is not for you.

I’ve had no need to contact Tipster Warehouse as I’ve had no problems, but should you require assistance there is a contact page on the website and they should get back to you within 24 hours.

There are no hard and fast rules for this service, they do recommend using Betfair for placing your bets and having a starting bank of 100 points. All bets are to level stakes, with the advised amount on each bet being 1 or 2 points. There is no progressive staking or chasing losses. I will be using Betfair as I’m in Australia and the UK racing runs during the night (my time), so I will also use a bot to place the bets on both markets with all bets being placed 5 seconds before the off.

As mentioned I started the trial on Friday 01/11/13 with a starting bank of 100 points:

Day   Selections     Win Bets     Place Bets     Staked       P/L      Balance

1              5                      5                 4                 10         -8.52         91.48

2              5                      5                 5                 10         +7.28        98.76

3              5                      5                 1                 10          -3.2          95.56

After 3 days running at a small loss at the moment, but it’s early days yet. I have allowed for the 5% Betfair commission in the balance but no allowance for the monthly subscriptions.

You can try Racing Gold here:

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November 3, 2013

Victor Value Racing

Saturday 02 November

Selections take in the UK, Ireland and America today:

14:10 Ascot: Gus Macrae: 5th at 12.68 = £-10.00

15:20 Ascot: Merry King: 2nd at 10.75 = £-10.00
15:20 Ascot: Bless The Wings(EW): 6th at 26.77 = £-10.00
14:20 Newmarket: Credit Swap: 10th at 10 = £-10.00
16:00 Newmarket: Pashan Garh(EW): 2nd at 15.5 = £31.71
14:30 Down Royal: Kauto Stone: 5th at 10.5 = £-10.00
19:43 Santa Anita: Romantica: 2nd at 5.55 = £-10.00
00:35 Santa Anita: Declaration Of War: 3rd at 7 = £-10.00

Daily Total: -£38.30

Running Total: £1077.94

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November 2, 2013

Value Backing

This weekend see’s the Breeders Cup 2 day meeting over in Santa Anita and Carl will be sharing his selections for this meeting with Value Backing members.

Last year he landed a 20/1 winner and ended up + 14 points over the 2 days.

Below is an e-mail I received from Darren At Betting School:

Today I want to tell you about one of my favourite Youtube videos.

Whenever I watch this I re-live the same emotions that I did when I first watched this live.

Even though I now know that every thing is going to turn out great, watching this horse that is so far behind, 10 lengths behind the second last for most of the race.

Watching that race knowing my money is down and it’s almost certainly lost before they even get round the first bend.

Even when you’re on a 20/1 shot you still want a run for your money.

For that horse to come through on the run in from last to win by 4 lengths and suddenly going from misery to £400′s of happiness.

That’s what racing is all about!

I’d love to say that I picked that horse out myself using my extensive knowledge of the form of quality horses all over the world.

And if that was the case I’m sure the thrill would have been 10 x bigger.

And if I’d picked it myself and sent it out to 100′s of people and told them to get on, I can’t imagine how good that feels.

But I know somebody who does know how it feels and his name is Carl Nicholson and he will be providing tips for the Breeders Cup again this year to members of Value Backing.

Here’s what Carl said last year…

“8.46 Calidoscopio 20/1″

Argentinean import who should not be underestimated. He will stay the trip well and the form of his 5 length beating at Palermo in May in a Group 1 is top staying form. “

Here’s the video of the race:

And here’s where you can sign up for a Value Backing membership and be on this years selections…

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October 31, 2013

First Place Winners

This report covers a two week period from 14th October thro to the 27th October.During this period there were 2 days where Steve had no selections but these were notified ahead of the days meetings.

So without further ado let’s look at how the tips panned out:

Week Six-14th Oct-20th Oct 

In the course of this week I received 12 selections and had no selections on the Saturday or Sunday. From the 12 selections Steve managed to get 3 winners-1 of them at Huntingdon was a very respectable 12.12 on Betfair, for a S/R of 25% for the week and a gain of £14.53

The place bets resulted in 5 of the 12 selections making the frame for a S/R of 41.67%  but produced a loss of £9.64 on the week.

Opening bank £355.63

Closing bank   £360.52 a combined gain of £4.89


Week Seven-21st Oct-26th Oct 

There was an increase in  the amount of tips received this week some  22 selections.However the increase did not produce more winners as once again we had 3 but no standout long prices winners for a S/R of 13.64% and a loss on the week of £10.78.

Although we managed to have 9 horses make the frame from the 22 selections for a S/R of 40.91% this was not enough to produce a profit and there was a loss of £20.86 on the week.

Opening bank £360.52

Closing bank   £328.88 a combined loss of £31.64


As November is almost upon us the NH season is getting into top gear and perhaps the worst of the changeover is now behind us and results will improve over the next few weeks.The bank is less than 1% down on our starting position back on 10th Sep,so hardly a disaster at this stage.


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Ok, another week gone by. Actually it has been a little more than a week, I thought I would leave it a couple of extra days since we had 3 days of no bets.

Anyway, another winning week, 7 bets placed and although there was just winner, we got a net +14 points.

The bank now stands at a fantastic 358 points.

So far we’ve had 117 bets, winners 26 (9 e/w).

You can get Secret Tips For Sale here:


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October 31, 2013

Victor Value Racing

Wednesday 30 October

A nicely priced winner at Kempton gives a boost to the day.

14:00 Nottingham: Le Chat D’Or: 3rd at 9.8 = £-10.oo
15:40 Nottingham: Allied Answer: 4th at 9.4 = £-10.00
15:45 Punchestown: His Highness: fellth at 21 = £-10.00
18:40 Kempton: New Row: 5th at 13.66 = £-10.00
19:40 Kempton: Asia Minor: 1st at 13.5 = £118.75
20:10 Kempton: Syncopate: 3rd at 8 = £-10.00

Daily Total: £68.75

Running Total: £1116.24

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October 30, 2013

Victor Value Racing

Tuesday 29 October

No luck today. There was a recent comment asking that the results be reported against Betfair Starting Price (BSP). I just want to make clear that since the start of the trial all of the results have been reported against BSP. Victor does quote prices when he sends out his selections and as an example Mystery Bet was shown as 6.0 with Paddy Power. As you’ll see below the BSP was 4.1. Using the BSP provides readers with an opportunity to check results for themselves rather than rely on odds given by the system author that may not be available for that long.

13:20 Catterick: Son Du Silence: 6th at 5.52 = £-10.00
15:40 Yarmouth: Mystery Bet: 2nd at 4.1 = £-10.00
19:10 Wolverhampton: Knowe Head: 6th at 3.65 = £-10.00
17:10 Wolverhampton: Electric Qatar(EW Dble): 6th at 4.23 = £-5.00
19:10 Wolverhampton: Knowe Head(EW Dble): 6th at 3.65 = £-5.00

Daily Total: -£40.00

Running Total: £47.48

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October 29, 2013

Victor Value Racing

Monday 28 October

The bad weather meant that racing in the UK was abandoned for the day so selections were from Ireland:

14:35 Galway: Malt Gem: 13th at 10.5 = £-10.00
15:15 Naas: Aughnacurraveel: 11th at 19.84 = £-10.00
15:15 Naas: Bottle Rattler: puth at 12.59 = £-10.00
16:05 Galway: Goonyella: 2nd at 6.69 = £-10.00

Daily Total: -£40.00

Running Total: £87.48

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October 27, 2013

Tennis Trading League

27th October 2013 – Day 61

Juan Martin Del Potro vs Roger Federer
Lay Martin Del Potro at 1.67
Back at 1.95
Stop Loss at 1.32
Loss: £3.96

David Ferrer vs Mikhail Youzhny
3 points stake
Back Ferrer at 1.33 (Achieved 1.35)
Lay at 1.15
Stop Loss at 2.22
Loss: £11.76

Serena Williams vs Li Na
Back Williams at 1.24 (Achieved 1.25)
Lay at 1.16
Stop Loss at 2.08
Loss: £3.99

Selections: 3
Wins: 0 (0 void)
Loss: -£19.71

Totals to date:
Selections: 323
Wins: 182 (19 void)
Loss: -£84.60

I have been following Patrick’s selections for sixty days now, so that will complete the live part of this review.

I will return in the next couple of days with my final thoughts on my experience of following the service.

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