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December 23, 2013

Victor Value Racing

Results for week ending 22 December

Just a note to say that the coming week will be relatively quiet racing wise in the run up to Christmas. Not a great week of results for the service I’m afraid.

Mon 16-Dec-13: 14:05 Ffos Las: Quaddick Lane: 4th at 7.2 = £-10.00
Mon 16-Dec-13: 14:40 Ffos Las: Copacabana: 3rd at 8.2 = £-10.00
Mon 16-Dec-13: 14:55 Plumpton: According To Them: 5th at 19.61 = £-10.00
Tue 17-Dec-13: 13:50 Fakenham: Flaming George: 3rd at 9.79 = £-10.00
Tue 17-Dec-13: 13:30 Southwell: Hot Stock: 2nd at 5.5 = £-10.00
Wed 18-Dec-13: 13:20 Ludlow: Prince Of Dreams: non-runner
Wed 18-Dec-13: 14:25 Ludlow: Big News: puth at pu = £-10.00
Wed 18-Dec-13: 14:00 Lingfield: Hoof It: 5th at 6.35 = £-10.00
Wed 18-Dec-13: 18:20 Kempton: Jazz Master: 6th at 5.76 = £-10.00
Thu 19-Dec-13: 14:50 Exeter: Hollow Blue Sky: 3rd at 6 = £-10.00
Thu 19-Dec-13: 14:10 Towcester: Armedanddangerous: 3rd at 5.5 = £-10.00
Thu 19-Dec-13: 19:30 Kempton: Lucky Di: 9th at 9.6 = £-10.00
Fri 20-Dec-13: 15:10 Ascot: Kilmurvy: 3rd at 7.44 = £-10.00
Fri 20-Dec-13: 13:20 Uttoxeter: Stormhoek: 4th at 7.6 = £-10.00
Fri 20-Dec-13: 13:50 Uttoxeter: I Know The Code(EW): 8th at 22.18 = £-10.00
Fri 20-Dec-13: 14:55 Uttoxeter: Kilcasan: 6th at 9.24 = £-10.00
Fri 20-Dec-13: 19:00 Wolverhampton: Ice Tres: 2nd at 6.74 = £-10.00
Sat 21-Dec-13: 13:50 Ascot: Elenika: 4th at 8.6 = £-10.00
Sat 21-Dec-13: 15:00 Ascot: Cedre Bleu: 2nd at 4.97 = £-10.00
Sat 21-Dec-13: 15:35 Ascot: Willow’s Saviour(EW): 1st at 11.17 and 3.8 (place) = £123.21
Sat 21-Dec-13: 15:35 Ascot: City Slicker: 13th at 8 = £-10.00
Sat 21-Dec-13: 14:05 Haydock: Emperor’s Choice: puth at pu = £-10.00
Sat 21-Dec-13: 15:15 Haydock: Big Society(EW): 6th at 22.76 = £-10,00
Sat 21-Dec-13: 13:40 Newcastle: Galway Jack: 5th at 6.8 = £-10.00
Sat 21-Dec-13: 14:35 Lingfield: Proud Chieftan: 6th at 25.4 = £-10.00
Sun 22-Dec-13: 13:10 Bangor: Allerton: pulled up = £-10.00
Sun 22-Dec-13: 14:30 Lingfield: Atlantis Crossing: non-runner

Weekly total: =-£116.79

Running Total: £1162.97

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December 20, 2013

The Legacy & Saver System

Check out this testimonial:

“Real profits from a realistic system, I have actually beaten your monthly profit figures by simply betting 10% of my bank at all times, so where you have £5,360 to £50 level stakes for 2012, I actually made over £8,300 last year and from a smaller starting stakes! Then took £5,300 out and carried on betting with the remaining £3,000 at 10% of bank at all times, so first bet of £300. Now using Betfair & Betdaq as the bookies don’t want to know.”
Kristian C

We reviewed The Legacy and Saver System way back in June 2007, and did an update in October last year. It remains one of the most stable and consistent of all the betting systems we’ve reviewed over the years.

It’s a simple bet & go, mechanical system where you bet in races that meet the right criteria at certain courses. Over the years we’ve tested a lot of mechanical systems and most fail to produce results over the long term. The Legacy and Saver system, by contrast, has performed year after year after year.

Unsurprisingly, it performed well again this year:

Month   Legacy   Saver System
Jan          -3.00      +13.00
Feb          +6.50      -1.50
Mar         +7.40     -1.30
Apr          +3.90     +12.70
May         +3.70     +4.70
Jun            -7.00     +7.80
Jul            +9.50      +4.40
Aug          +15.65     +13.35
Sep           +3.60       -11.00
Oct            -6.90       +14.70
Nov           +13.40   -1.20
Dec           -2.40        +11.80 (To 14th)

Combined Profit @ Betfair SP So far in 2013: +111.80
Total Profit @ £100 Level Stakes = £11,180
Total Profit @ £50 Level Stakes = £5,590

2012 finished with a profit of 107.2 points which is £5360 to £50 stakes but, as you can see from the above testimonial, betting to 10% of bank produced £8300 profit for one user!

Check out some of these testimonials:

“I seen the Legacy advertised in the Racing Post around a decade ago but never considered it due to shift patterns, but now semi-retired I have been using it since May and its just what I’ve been looking for! A clever worked out system with consistent gains rather than massive profits one month followed by equal or greater losses the next, so well done to all involved. No wonder its been around for so long! Also, should I double my stake when the Legacy & Saver System arrive at the same selection?”
Walter Challinor – Melton, Leic.

“I started with a small loss in January 2010 but I was determined to give this one a good go as I’ve seen it on sale for many years in the Racing Post so thought there must be something in it. Glad I did, by mid year I am up £2,880 to £50 win bets which is fantastic for me as it’s the first time I’ve actually made a profit from my horse race betting, although I do manage a profit with my football betting using my own little method. So many thanks for your well thought out system that is making a nice profit for me!”
Tim Ledger of Marple, Cheshire

“Great winner finding system and more importantly for me very simple to use when you get the hang of it. I have made profits for 3 months on the bounce. I am also using the staking plan you advise which has increased my profits every month so far.”
Graham Simes of Tamworth

“I have increased my Betfair account by around €3,900 since February which is not bad considering I have missed every Sunday betting. Thanks A Million!”
S. Twoomey – Sligo, Ireland

So there you have it, The Legacy is a solid, robust long term system that should be part of everyones betting arsenal. If you want to make a profit from horse racing in 2014, get it here:Approved2

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December 16, 2013

Victor Value Racing

Results to week ending Sunday 15 December

The weather intervened during the week to disrupt things but a brace of good results means that the bank has taken a useful injection of winnings.

Mon 09-Dec-13: 14:30 Lingfield: Swing Alone: 2nd at 3.5 = £-10.00
Mon 09-Dec-13: 15:00 Lingfield: Legendary: 2nd at 6.4 = £-10.00
Mon 09-Dec-13: 14:40 Musselburgh: Scots Gaelic: 3rd at 6.9 = £-10.00
Wed 11-Dec-13: 14:00 Lingfield: abandoned
Wed 11-Dec-13: 14:30 Lingfield: abandoned
Wed 11-Dec-13: 18:10 Kempton: abandoned
Wed 11-Dec-13: 18:40 Kempton: abandoned
Thu 12-Dec-13: 13:30 Huntingdon: Fergall(EW): 1st at 20 = £214.32
Thu 12-Dec-13: 14:00 Hungtingdon: Champion Court: 2nd at 5.31 = £-10.00
Thu 12-Dec-13: 18:20 Kempton: String Theory: 1st at 7.46 = £61.37
Thu 12-Dec-13: 18:50 Kempton: Loyalty: 5th at 5.95 = £-10.00
Fri 13-Dec-13: 13:40 Cheltenham: Lyvuis: 2nd at 9.09 = £-10.00
Fri 13-Dec-13: 14:10 Cheltenham: Prince Of Pirates: 4th at 5.8 = £-10.00
Fri 13-Dec-13: 15:15 Cheltenham: Thomas Crapper: 8th at 6 = £-10.00
Sat 14-Dec-13: 13:15 Cheltenham: Astracad: 3rd at 8.17 = £-10.00
Sat 14-Dec-13: 14:25 Cheltenham: Grandioso: pulled up = £-10.00
Sat 14-Dec-13: 13:35 Doncaster: Ruler Of All: 10th at 9.13 = £-10.00
Sat 14-Dec-13: 15:15 Doncaster: De Boitron: 2nd at 9.11 = £-10.00
Sat 14-Dec-13: 18:50 Wolverhampton: Dance And Dance: 6th at 6.83 = £-10.00
Sat 14-Dec-13: 20:20 Wolverhampton: Barbados Bob: 2nd at 9.2 = £-10.00

Weekly Total: +£135.69

Running Total: £1,279.76

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December 12, 2013

Racing Gold

G’day all, the last 12 days have been a bit choppy for the Racing Gold service, but at the end of day 41 we have finished 3 points ahead since my last update on day 29. Currently the bank stands at 51.87 points, our starting bank was 100 points so we are nearly 50% down at this stage.

To recap, with the Racing Gold service we receive an email every day with up to 5 selections, which can be a win only selection betting 2 points or a win and place selection betting 1 point on each, there is no progressive staking.

The following are the results for the period 30/11/13 – 11/12/13 inclusive. Current bank stands at 48.87 points.

Day    No.Selections    Win Bets    Place Bets    Points Staked    P/L    Balance

30          5                          5                      1               10                -3.5            45.37

31           5                         5                      2                10              +7.02           52.39

32          5                          5                      4                10              +3.92           56.31

33          5                          5                      5                10              -7.4             48.91

34          5                          5                      3                10              +4.72           53.63

35          5                          5                      3                10              -1.74           51.89

36          5                          5                      3                10              -4.32           47.57

37          4                          4                      4                  8              +1.24          48.81

38          3                          3                      2                  6               -1.02          47.79

39          5                          5                      4                 10              +2.02          49.81

40          4                          4                      3                   8             -0.44           49.37

41          2                          2                      1                   4              +2.5            51.87

I have allowed for the 5% commission for all winning bets placed with Betfair. No allowance has been made for the monthly subscriptions.



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December 10, 2013

First Place Winners

This service is provided by a chap named Steve Marsh and for £9.99 per month (33 pence a day) he sends out an email every morning with his tips for the days racing to come or he will advise that he has no selections.

The selections cover all 3 codes of racing, namely Flat, Turf & All Weather and N.H. and encompass Irish meetings as well as those in the UK.

The tips are for backing a horse to win and the bet is to be placed on Betfair, or indeed Betdaq, observing the following rules:

- Place 20% of your stake on the horse to win
- Place 80% of your stake on the horse to place
- If there are non-runners and a meet drops to less than 8 runners, do not bet
- Only use 3% of your bankroll as a total liability on each stake.

I have chosen to interpret this last rule as a maximum of 3% on a paper trading bank of £330 and will use £2 for a win bet and £8 for the place bets- a total of £10 per selection.

This report covers the period from the 18th Nov. 13 through to and including the 10th Dec. 13.I had 3 days during the 23 day period when there were no selections but I was advised by the daily emails of these days.So without further ado lets review how the period went.

Week 12 18th Nov-24th Nov

I received 19 selections through the week and 1 became a Non Runner and 1 day was a  No Selections day.So from the 18 selections there were 2 winners but the  returns did not prevent the win elements of the bets  at £2 per selection turning in a loss on the week of £16.63

The place bets at £8 per selection fared better with of the 7 of the picks making the frame.Once again though the returns gained were not sufficient to prevent a loss which was £8.51.

Opening Bank £404.60

Closing Bank  £379.46 a loss of 6.21% for the week.

Week 13 24th Nov-1st Dec

During the week I was sent  13 selections but unfortunately there were no winners amongst them.So the week resulted in a loss of some £26.00

The place elements of the selections saw 6 of the 13 making the frame but once again the returns were overcome by the losses which meant a losing week of £9.79.

Opening Bank £379.46

Closing Bank  £343.67 a loss of 9.43% for the week.

Final Period -2nd Dec-10th Dec

This is the final period and covers the days from 2nd Dec up to and including the 10th Dec -we started receiving the selections on 10th Sep 13.

I had selections on 7 of the 9 days in this period and had 1 winner  for a loss of £17.07.

The place elements of the selections saw 5 make the frame but again this produced a loss of of some £15.83.

Opening Bank £343.67

Closing Bank  £310.77 a loss of 9.57% for the week.

To put things in prospective we started back on 10 Sep with an opening bank of £330 and after 194 selections we have experienced a small loss of £19.23 a drop of 5.83%. So the concept hasn’t been a nightmare but neither has it produced a sustainable profit. There is of course the fee of £10 per month to pay for receiving the selections to  consider which would of course increase the losses.

Reporting has covered some 14 weeks and yes the period contained  the transition from Turf to NH/AW  and through late October until mid November the system started to recover. Ultimately however  it is let down by a lack of winners, over the entire period the average Strike rate is only 13.92% .

At no stage has the place elements of each selection really “washed its face” and comes in at 43.81%. It really needs to be poking up past 70% to make place betting a viable option.

So I am putting the system in the fail box as I believe that I have given the selections a long enough period to overcome the switch in codes and also the fact that the place bets just haven’t been successful enough to cover the longish losing runs that the win selections encountered.Failed

You can try First Place Winners here:

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December 10, 2013

Horse Betting Analyst

They just keep doing it don’t they?

Another profitable month with an incredible 30 points profit making it six consecutive months in profit and 534 points profit for the year so far. That’s £13,350 profit at modest £25 stakes.

Have you come across a more profitable horse racing service? If so, I’d like to hear about it.

They’ve set up a special deal for Cash Master readers to try it out here:

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December 9, 2013

Victor Value Racing

Results for week ending Sunday 08 December

Although selections were in short supply this week the results are looking more positive.

Wed 04-Dec-13: 13:00 Lingfield: Jiroft(EW): 9th at 21.01 = £-20
Wed 04-Dec-13: 14:40 Ludlow: King Edmund: 3rd at 8.52 = £-10
Thu 05-Dec-13: 14:40 Wincanton: Roman Flight: fell = £-10
Thu 05-Dec-13: 18:20 Wolverhampton: Moorhouse Lad: 7th at 8 = £-10
Fri 06-Dec-13: 14:05 Exeter: Major Malarky: 1st at 14 = £123.5
Fri 06-Dec-13: 13:55 Lingfield: Zaeem: 7th at 11.04 = £-10
Fri 06-Dec-13: 15:05 Lingfield: The Titchbourne: 6th at 7.63 = £-10
Fri 06-Dec-13: 19:00 Wolverhampton: Diamond Charlie: 2nd at 12.74 = £-10
Sat 07-Dec-13: 14:25 Sandown: Vulcanite(EW): 13th at 14.83 = £-10
Sat 07-Dec-13: 15:35 Sandown: Bradley: 9th at 7.4 = £-10
Sat 07-Dec-13: 13:00 Aintree: Party Rock(EW): 2nd at 2.96 = £18.62
Sat 07-Dec-13: 14:05 Aintree: Baby Run(EW): 2nd at 4.53 = £33.54
Sat 07-Dec-13: 14:05 Aintree: Across The Bay: 8th at 15.14 = £-10
Sat 07-Dec-13: 15:15 Aintree: Dunowen Point: pulled up = £-10
Sat 07-Dec-13: 15:15 Aintree: Forgotten Gold: 8th at 11.31 = £-10
Sat 07-Dec-13: 14:00 Chepstow: De La Bech: 1st at 5.7 = £44.65

Weekly Total: +£90.31

Running Total: +£144.07

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As part of the PAWS horse-racing service, one also gets access to three additional systems at no extra cost. The systems and official results:

1. Top Secret Naps
 A  system with  a high strike rate and with horses that could be used as multi-bets.  You receive:  TOP SECRET FLAT NAPS; JUMPS NAPS; FLAT Place Only; and  JUMPS Place Only.  Plenty of bets all year.
Results from July 11th to December 4th 2013
Selections 249/ 98 winners
Strike Rate = 39.37%
Total Stakes = 249 points
Profit = 80.39 points
ROI = 32.28%
Results from October 17th to December 4th 2013 (after the method was stiffened)
Selections  47/24 winners
Strike Rate = 51.07%
Total Stakes = 47 points
Profit = 24.17 points
ROI = 51.43%
An each way modality on handicapped chase events
Results from September 1st 2012 to August 27th 2013
To Advised Odds
E.W Only
193 Selections
21 Winners
Strike Rate 10.88%
62 placed (Including Winners)
Strike Rate = 32.12%
Total Outlay 386 points
Profit Plus 43.37 points
ROI = 11.23%
3. Excelsior Win Bets
Handicap Chases.
There are Naps and EW bets.
Results from 22nd October 2012 to 30th April 2013
110 Selections / 46 Winners
Strike Rate 41.82%Level Stakes
110 Points Staked
Profit = 72.44 points
ROI 65.85%
Excelsior and Longbow HC results will be updated in the near future.

You can join PAWS here:

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I have been running the First Favourite System from the 1st July to 30th November 2013 inclusive.

Each day an email is sent that gives the daily selection(s) with the target price and availability with certain bookmakers that usually offer BOG prices. It is also possible to login to their website and obtain selections as an alternative to email.

The system author advocates a monthly £1000 start bank that is topped up in the event of losses and profits are withdrawn at the end of each month or as otherwise advised by the author, Mel. Each selection is backed using 10% of the current bank as the recommended staking method. This I was not prepared to follow as £100 bets were too rich for the purpose of this exercise and I adopted a level stake of £10 per selection at or as close to the advised odds. Level staking is without doubt the benchmark staking method that is good for all system evaluations whether just used as a control comparison in conjunction with the recommended method or not. I did also analyse the results with a percentage staking method using 10% of the bank but without the monthly resets advised by Mel.

The evaluation period comprised five months as opposed to the usual three month trial and I decided to do this in order to obtain a better insight and because there were many days when no bet was advised. Over the five months 92 were made, 43 winning with a strike rate = 46.7%.

The official results published on their website for each month covered by this review are as follow:

July  -  £94.21

August  -  £355.17

September  -  (£250.58)

October  -  (£936.36)

November  -  £177.33

Total P/L = (£560.23)

Obviously, figures in brackets are losses. My own results using £10 staking basically mirror these whereby level stakes achieved an overall loss of £38.70 and the percentage staking bank ended up with a greater loss of £60.45. Average odds of the winning selections was 2.05 which coupled with the strike rate just doesn’t add up mathematically. This is because many of the selections given are largely odds-on or very close to evens, hardly surprising in view of them being solid favourites. I should add though that the real damage in terms of losses occurred during October where the bank was all but wiped out. This is probably the most difficult time of year for punters when the NH season is starting and the Turf Flat is coming to a close. The results on the website for the first six months do turn the £560.23 loss into a profit but only of approximately £570.

The big issue with many systems is fundamentally in the mathematics and if you are being charged by way of a monthly subscription as opposed to a one-off fee (dependant on the amount) then things just don’t add up and even less so in this case. I firmly believe that Mel is a genuine and honest person who comes across well in the daily emails and maybe this system has worked in the longer term as indicated by including the first six months of results.

However, despite sticking with this system and reviewing it for five months, analysing it with several staking methods and without taking into account the cost of the First Favourite System I cannot, could not and would not use this as part of my own portfolio. The risk/reward ratio is just not comfortable or realistic and this is largely due to the fact that it’s too easy to accumulate big losses quickly that could wipe out the bank. Evidence for this is during the period of review, I experienced a losing sequence of nine yet the longest winning sequence was only four and at an average winning odds of only 2.05. Eleven months have produced a less than £600 profit, this really is not worth the time and effort albeit very little.

My conclusion is that this system is a FAIL.Failed

You can try First Favourite here:

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December 2, 2013

Victor Value Racing

Results for week ending Sunday 01 December:

Not a great week results wise with little to show for funds invested. The bank has taken a significant knock.

Sun 24-Nov-13: 14:25 Navan: Please Talk(EW): pulled up = £-20,00
Sun 24-Nov-13: 14:55 Navan: Jennies Jewel: 3rd at 6.86 = £-10,00
Sun 24-Nov-13: 14:35 Exeter: Barlow: 3rd at 5.38 = £-10.00
Mon 25-Nov-13: 14:05 Kempton: Bally Legend: 2nd at 6.2 = £-10.00
Mon 25-Nov-13: 14:15 Ludlow: Topthorn(EW): 7th at 9.44 = £-20.00
Tue 26-Nov-13: 17:20 Wolverhampton: Piddies Power: 7th at 18.54 = £-10.00
Wed 27-Nov-13: 13:30 Lingfield: Jungle Bay: 1st at 6.33 = £50.64
Wed 27-Nov-13: 14:35 Lingfield: Viewpoint: 10th at 7.2 = £-10.00
Thu 28-Nov-13: 15:15 Newbury: Puffin Billy: 5th at 3.46 = £-10.00
Thu 28-Nov-13: 19:35 Kempton: Where’s Susie: 6th at 36 = £-10.00
Fri 29-Nov-13: 13:30 Newbury: Fourovakind(EW): 9th at 27.32 = £-20
Fri 29-Nov-13: 14:40 Newbury: Upsilon Bleu: 4th at 10.74 = £-10.00
Fri 29-Nov-13: 13:55 Doncaster: Woodbank: 2nd at 7.54 = £-10.00
Fri 29-Nov-13: 17:55 Wolverhampton: Verse Of Love: 2nd at 9.12 = £-10.00
Sat 30-Nov-13: 13:20 Newbury: Triptico: non-runner
Sat 30-Nov-13: 13:20 Newbury: The Druid’s Nephew: fell = £-10.00
Sat 30-Nov-13: 13:50 Newbury: Native Gallery(EW): 12th at 16 = £-10.00
Sat 30-Nov-13: 15:00 Newbury: Invictus: 11th at 12 = £-10.00
Sat 30-Nov-13: 15:00 Newbury: Lord Windemere: 8th at 9.2 = £-10.00
Sat 30-Nov-13: 15:00 Newbury: Merry King: 5th at 17.4 = £-10.00
Sat 30-Nov-13: 15:35 Newbury: Next Sensation: unseated rider = £-10.00
Sat 30-Nov-13: 14:40 Newcastle: Mr Moss: 6th at 11 = £-10.00

Weekly Total: -£179.37

Running Total: £1053.76

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