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July 3, 2014

Premium Naps

Premium Naps is a backing service – one of six Win/Lay options offered by the Pro Betting Club and is a stand alone service offered at £39.50 a month or £89.50 for a 3 month period. A quick recap on the service –The Premium Naps provides short priced selections predominantly based on National Hunt Racing in both the UK and Ireland and operates throughout the year.

The service has been operating since Jan 13 without yet suffering a losing month and after almost 500 qualifying selections has produced a strike rate consistently over 60 %.

Selections are available on line daily from 12:30 and with the password provided a simple log in takes the user to the relevant page of the daily selections. In the case of this service all selections must pass through one filter utilised in the minutes before the off time to qualify as a Win Bet. The recommended staking plan starts at 2 points and there is a recovery staking plan to cover losing selections. A  200 point betting bank is recommended.

The service generally provides between 1 and 4 selections per day although there are days where no selections are offered .The system will work with a bot for those who cannot be at their computer at off time but for those who prefer to be in charge the filter is very easy to understand.

I have been monitoring the selections daily since 5th April 14.

This is the final report on the trial and covers the period from 16th June through to the end of June on 30th.

During this period I received 9 selections that qualifed as bets and from these 9, I had 5 winners. This is a strike rate of some 56% which slightly below the long term strike rate of 60% plus.

Once again the staking plan ensured that the bank did not suffer and managed to move ahead slightly. So the final bank position is as follows:

Opening Bank 16th June  =211.1. points Close 30th June =212.09 points (net of 5% B/F comms)

Final Thoughts

So after payment of the monthly fee (£30) we would have ended  up in round terms some £30 for the 3 month trial  period, always assuming we had put up a betting bank of £2000.This doesn’t sound a great return but it has been achieved during a period when the NH season finishes and the quieter summer jumping season season slowly winds up. I could also say that a 1.5% return on an investment for 3 months is better than many banks would pay in 12 months.

Overall this system does work and as long as it doesn’t slump into loss through the summer months then come the autumn it should pick up and provide a healthy return. Using the figures provided by Pro Punters the system from April 13 to April 14 showed a healthy gain of some 210 points.

The system really will require a betting bank of probably at least £2000 as the returns on odds on shots are relatively small, any less then the return through the summer will probably be negative. However  if you can afford to make that initial investment then the effort required is minimal and the 12 month return appears to be very good.

With the above proviso that the bank required needs to be circa £2000 to start up then I would recommend this system.Approved2

You can try Premium Naps here:

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July 2, 2014

Horse Betting Analyst

There’s a reason this service is in my list of top three betting services. The profit is staggering!

May was another profitable month with a remarkable 152 points, and that made it twelve profitable months in a row, something that is practically unheard of in straight backing services.

In fact, in the twelve months it made a total of 941 points!

To put this into perspective, I would be more than happy with any service that makes 120 points in a year averaging 10 points a month. Horse Betting Analyst averaged 78 points!

Even betting just tenners that’s an average profit of £780 a month. And who says you can’t make a profit from horse racing?

But it was due for a correction and June saw the first losing month for a while with a loss of 101 points, which is disappointing but still a small portion of the previous 941 points won. And actually, even with the losing run in June, there’s still 382 points of profit been made so far in 2014, so not too shabby overall.

The interesting thing is that July has been an extremely profitable month five years running producing 592 points profit, which averages out at 118 points each July.

That’s £1,180 profit at £10 per point stakes.

If you want to make a healthy profit from backing horses then now is the best time to give it a go.

Full details here:

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June 30, 2014

Winning Trends

This service has seen a bit of a turn in fortunes thankfully, with a spurt of winners recently taking the bank back in the right direction, although I am still in a loss position. I remain hopeful that this could well be a long term earner as it does appear to identify value selections and therefore should produce a profit over the long term. We only need a few of the higher priced ones to win for us to turn this around completely.

Here’s the stats:

Bets: 178
Successful: 37
Unsuccessful: 141
Strike Rate: 20.8
Avg Odds: 4.63
Profit: -£135.97

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Hi there,

Apologies for the lack of a post so I will bring out the ov-

4/6 – 26/6 = +7.92  (1/6 – 26/6 = +2.42). Revised bank at end of play 26/6 = £1673.80

Figures are a bit disappointing, we’ve only made +2.42 pts this month & behind on the monthly average figures so hopefully these will pick up in the last few days of June & into July.

Hope to bring next update to you a bit sooner, hopefully this time next week.





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June 18, 2014

Premium Naps

This report covers the period from 1 June through to and inclusive of 15th June.

During this period I received 16 selections of which only 5 went on to qualify.It should be borne in mind that this system operates  almost exclusively on the NH races in the UK and Ireland and thus is working through a relatively quiet period of the year for this market.

From the 5 selections that did qualify there were 3 Losers and 2 Winners and therefore the Strike Rate was down from it’s long term average above 60%  to some 40% for this reporting period.However the staking plan ensure that even at this relatively low S/R the system still managed to limit losses over the period to virtually break even.

So just another with 2 weeks to go on the trial the bank is up in round terms 11 points since the start of the trial on 5 April.

Opening Bank =211.5.0 points Close 15th June =211.1 points (net of 5% B/F comms)

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After their tremendous success at Cheltenham and Aintree the team at Cleeve Racing have just released their Flat festival package.

This package made 18 points profit at Cheltenham and a whopping 72 points profit at Aintree, with 11 of the 17 bets producing a return.

Over the last 5 years Cleeves Flat Festival packages have produced over 160 points profit and they include:

• Glorious Goodwood
• York’s Ebor Festival
• Ascot’s Champions Day
• The Cambridgeshire and Cesarewitch meetings at Newmarket

This is not just a two line email with selections and fictitious unavailable prices. This is a quality service that gives you:

• Comprehensive coverage of every day’s racing
• Selections emailed to you the night before racing
• A detailed race analysis with Cleeve’s race ratings to give you the background behind their selections
• Main dangers identified for forecast and placepot players
• Staking advice and which bookies are offering the best odds or place concessions
All selections are on line the night before so you have plenty of time to read the in depth analysis and shop around for the best prices (taking an early price always boosts profits but all results are always reported to SP)

Cleeve are only allowing 200 members for this Festival Package so if you want to get on board I don’t know how long this will be open for so grab it while you can:

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June 8, 2014

Top Secret Tips

Another profitable week for this tipping service.  Our original £1000 now stands at £1135.90 which isn’t bad in 3 weeks:

Date Bet Odds Result Bank
02/06/2014 5.15 Chepstow – Rocky Elsom 3.75 Won £1,097.60
02/06/2014 6.45 Carlisle – Free Entry 2.2 Lost £1,087.60
02/06/2014 7.45 Carlisle – My Spirit 1.6 Won £1,103.60
03/06/2014 5.25 Yarmouth – Mind Of Madness 2.25 Lost £1,092.10
03/06/2014 5.55 Yarmouth – Highlife Dancer 2.2 Lost £1,082.10
03/06/2014 7.30 Yarmouth – Zilber 2.5 Lost £1,072.10
04/06/2014 2.40 Fontwell – Seventh Sky 2 Won £1,082.10
04/06/2014 3.00 Southwell – Inkerman 2.25 Lost £1,072.10
04/06/2014 4.00 Southwell – Stand Guard 1.9 Lost £1,062.10
04/06/2014 6.40 Ripon – Roossey 2 Non Runner
04/06/2014 8.40 Ripon – Empress Ali 2.38 Won £1,075.90
05/06/2014 2.20 Southwell – Shades Of Silk 2.1 Won £1,086.90
05/06/2014 2.50 Southwell – Epic Voyage 2.75 Lost £1,076.90
05/06/2014 3.10 Lingfield – Sweeping Up 2.8 Lost £1,066.90
05/06/2014 4.20 Southwell – Solarmaite 2.88 Lost £1,056.90
05/06/2014 4.40 Lingfield – Ski Slope 2.5 Won £1,071.90
06/06/2014 7.45 Goodwood – Tafawuk 4 Lost £1,061.90
07/06/2014 1.50 Musselburgh – Carlas Request 5.5 Won £1,106.90
07/06/2014 2.20 Musselburgh – Vimy Ridge 4.5 Lost £1,095.90
07/06/2014 5.40 Musselburgh – Rothesay Chancer 5 Won £1,135.90
08/06/2014 No tips

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The third month of BetHawk has been disappointing.  DPcm9 lost 39.71 pts over the monthly period: May 2nd to June 1st.  At the end of  June 1st,  it stood  at 967.41  pts.

My own DPcm9 system is  performing much better than the official DP9 system that stood at 802.87  pts at the end of June 1st. Both my DPcm9 results and the official DP9 results quoted here are from live Betfair accounts.

Operation of the BetHawk robot  (and also the VPS)  have remained flawless.

Here are the bets from DPcm9 for the third month of testing:

Date    No. bets    Daily Profit/Loss        Bank

2nd May 55 -21.53 985.59
3rd May 51 56.9 1042.49
4th May 16 -16 1026.49
5th May 45 -5.98 1020.51
6th May 48 -4.73 1015.78
7th May 63 -36.8 978.98
8th May 64 7.8 986.78
9th May 41 10.68 997.46
10th May 42 21.35 1018.81
11th May 34 -10.38 1008.43
12 May 75 -3.3 1005.13
13 May 51 18.3 1023.43
14 may 48 -1.98 1021.45
15 may 31 0.45 1021.9
16 may 45 10.65 1032.55
17 may 49 -20.83 1011.72
18 May 26 -11.23 1000.49
19 may 68 6.33 1006.82
20 may 26 -10.23 996.59
21 may 78 0.28 996.87
22 May 23 -5.15 991.72
23 May 40 -2.6 989.12
24 May 39 2.2 991.32
25 May 37 21.28 1012.6
26 May 37 3.7 1016.3
27 May 57 -5.85 1010.45
28 May 61 4.68 1015.13
29 May 24 -5.98 1009.15
30 May 38 -6.93 1002.22
31 May 54 -20.61 981.61
1 June 23 -14.2 967.41


Now for the stats:
Starting Bank: 1000 pts

Lowest Bank: 966.92 pts

Highest Bank: 1147.24 pts

Number of Betting Days: 93 out of a possible 93

Total Number of Bets: 4885

Winning Months: 1/3

Losing Months: 2/3

Current Bank: 967.41 pts

Total Profit/Loss:  -32.59 pts

Return on Bank: -0.033%

I’ll be back in July with another update. This a six month review.


You can try Bet Hawk here:

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Hi there,

Apologies in not getting an update to you earlier. I had planned as mentioned previously to have used Stuart’s weekly stats for the updates but no sooner had I mentioned it  he chose to change the format & the weekly one was abandoned. So I have had to go back over a weeks results & add them to Stuarts last 3 days which has been a bit more time consuming than I had planned. Anyway going forward it should be easy enough to work out as he starts the daily rolling profit/loss from June onwards. Therefore I have broke down the figures as per below so we now where we are:-

23/5 – 31/5  =  -3.15.   Revised bank at end of May = £1650.2.

1/6 – 3/6 =  -5.50.  Revised bank upto & including today = £1594.50.


I also received an email from Stuart on Saturday advising that the service from it’s go live date on 24th April upto end May was +34.85 pts (15.97 for April & 18.88 for May) so overall the service is doing well but perhaps not as well as the previous three months when the service was in testing with Kris Jackman.

I will aim to update the results around this time next week, hopefully we will see a good week which is well overdue.

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June 3, 2014

Winning Trends

I seem to have put the kiss of death on this service at the moment but isn’t it always the way that when you sign up to a service after fantastic published results, it hits a downturn?

Here’s my results since beginning live betting £10 level stakes on 14th May:

Bets: 83
Successful: 13
Unsuccessful: 70
Strike Rate: 15.7
Avg Odds: 4.67

Profit: -£244.69

Hopefully they’ll turn it around soon.

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