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May 22, 2014

Elite Ratings Update

Hi there,

7 selections yesterday, 3 winners at 10/3, 3/1 & 3/1 ( advised BOG ), the points profit total for the day was 10.67. These winners returned at BFSP of 3.36 (sp 2/1), 3.65 (sp 5/2) & 3.97 (5/2). The best option so far is definetly to go with the BOG, even at the time the selections are given out the Betfair price seems to be lower.

The revised bank is now at £1696.70, this excludes any rule 4 deductions that may have been applied.

I’ve just received the weekly stats email from Stuart & since the beginning of the year the bank stands at a figure of 214.97, last weeks profit was 25.17 pts & this is a good recovery from the 37.30 pts loss the previous week when it appears that many bailed out from the service. Think they may be kicking themselves this week!

Anyway hoping to send out another update this evening or tomorrow morning, there are 6 in total, the last race being the 8.20 at Salisbury so maybe more likely I will update again in the morning.

Have a good day!


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Hi there. There were no selections yesterday which was very odd considering we usually get upto 7 a day on most days. We got an explanantion from Stuart on this last night & he deemed the selections threw up too many selections at short odds which from the results they gave was the right decision. There are 7 selections for today so I will either post up later tonight when the evening selections have run or tomorrow.

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Hi there. Not a great day today, just 1 winner (2pt winner advised at 9/4, SP 6/4,  BFSP 2.66) from 6 selections & a total loss of 5.5pts. The revised bank now stands at £1590.

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May 19, 2014

Selective Racing Trust

Selective Racing Trust is offered by the Betting Gods site and offers an email based tipping service, BACKING to win horses in the UK horse racing scene.
The tipsters identity remains a secret, but allegedly the tips are highly profitable on account of the individuals’

“…..incredibly in-depth analysis of racing news, yard reports, form and extensive market reviews, Selective Racing Trust identifies some incredible selections at incredible odds to provide you with a regular sports betting income. An ideal service if you appreciate the need for a disciplined, patient and well thought out approach to your betting.”


This service began proofing to the Betting Gods site early this year but this service has been operating since 2011.
Subscribers will get an email each day, Monday-Sunday at around midday, with the suggested selections for the day along with the recommended bookie and best price available at that time.
There are about a dozen or so tips for the week so dont expect to be placing bets left-right-and-centre, this is a selective service requiring patience.

As this service is hosted by the Betting Gods website- the first months subscription is available at a discounted rate of £4.95. Subsequent months at £24.95 / Weekly £7.95 / Quarterly £59.95
(NOTE : all quoted prices exclude VAT)

Suggested start bank is a meagre 50 points and from February to the end of April this year, this service has shown a 44.5 pt profit to 1 point level stakes.

I will be following the tips for the next few months to see how profitable this service really is, although I will be reviewing to Betfair SP pricing.

1st-16th May

There have been 25 selections, 2 non-runners with only a single winner :
Wincanton 8/5/14: Nothing is Forever  [Tipped @ 6.0 / ISP 7.0 / BSP 9.0]

Current BANK: 35.6 pts (net of Betfair comm @5%)

Next update will be at the end of the month.

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Hi, I’m now reviewing Elite Ratings Service ran by Kris Jackman & Stuart Oakley. The service uses Stuart’s computer ratings & the selections (usually 3-8) are emailed out the evening before (10pm-12am) & are based on a 1-4 point range. Selections over 8/1 are recommended as each way selections at the time they are emailed. There are no selections for Sundays racing.

The service advises to use a betting bank of 150pts so we will start with using a fictional bank of £1500 where each point represents £10. The service states to use BOG (best odds guaranteed bookies) & they state the actual bookie & price when the email is sent.

The review started on Thursday so I have listed below the number of selections each day, pts staked & corresponding profit/loss.

Day/date        pts staked       pts won/lost    betting bank

Thursday        9pts                  +6.5                     £1565

Friday             14pts                -3.5                     £1530

Saturday         9pts                  +11.5                   £1645


All in all a good start to the service but a note of caution as I received an update email on Thursday stating the previous week had a loss of some 37.30pts, this looks to have been the worst for the service & I think both Kris & Stuart took some stick over this. I’ve also received a spreadsheet of all the results since 13/1/14 & with yesterdays good results the revised profit would be 204.3 to advised stakes. I am trying to plough through the spreadsheet & calculate to 1pt level stakes but with over 650 selections this may not be straight away.

Finally going forward I will try & update as BFSP (Betfair SP) to see if it is profitable that way, although the majority seem to be a shorter than when they were advised so longer term the BOG route is more likely to be the best.

There are no selections today so will try & get an update on Tuesday.

To find more about the service click here:-


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May 15, 2014

Top Secret Tips

Hi, I’m now reviewing Top Secret Tips, a horse-backing tips service.  The service advises on average 1 – 2 bets each day to win.

A betting bank of 100 points is advised for this service. e.g. £1,000 betting bank = £10 per point so that is what I will use for the trial.

The service normally costs £29.95pm plus VAT (£35.94), however a trial month is being offered for just £1.20 (including VAT).

I will start following the tips from today and blog a weekly results round up.  Further details about the service can be obtained here:

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May 15, 2014

Premium Naps

The Premium Naps is a backing service – one of six Win/Lay options offered by the Pro Betting Club and is a stand alone service offered at £39.50 a month or £89.50 for a 3 month period. A quick recap on the service –The Premium Naps provides short priced selections predominantly based on National Hunt Racing in both the UK and Ireland and operates throughout the year.

The service has been operating since Jan 13 without yet suffering a losing month and after almost 500 qualifying selections has produced a strike rate consistently over 60 %.

Selections are available on line daily from 1230 and with the password provided a simple log in takes the user to the relevant page of the daily selections. In the case of this service all selections must pass through one filter utilised in the minutes before the off time to qualify as a Win Bet The recommended staking plan starts at 2points and there is a recovery staking plan to cover losing selections. A  200 point betting bank is recommended.

The service generally provides between 1 and 4 selections per day although there are days where no selections are offered .The system will work with a bot for those who cannot be at their computer at off time but for those who prefer to be in charge the filter is very easy to understand.

I have been monitoring the selections daily since 5th April 14 and up to the 27thApril 14 the system had produced 24 qualifying bets with a 70% strike rate and the bank grew by 10.1 points.

So to the period from 28th April through to and inclusive of 11th May: I had 11 selections that went on to qualify as bets and had 5 losers so the S/R  has dipped a bit during the period but overall to date it runs at 65%.The 1st May did most of the damage when I suffered 4 losses on the day but the staking plan has since dragged the bank back past it’s initial starting point.


Opening Bank =200 points Close 11thMay =217.00 points (net of 5% B/F comms)


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May 14, 2014

Winning Trends

Here’s a service by a chap called Ed Turner and I’ve signed up to it myself. It went through a three month proofing period at Betting School during which time it made the following profits:

29 wins
23.97% Strike rate
46.81 Points Profit.
38.69% ROI
£468.10 profit at £10 stakes.

The results are to Betfair SP too, so no hunting around for ‘advised prices’. I didn’t get around to signing up right away and missed out on another cracking week last week but I’m on now! Darren at Betting School has recorded a new video (short, about 5 minutes) where he will give you a FREE micro system plus more details on this service.

It’s cheap as chips too but they are restricting membership to 100 places to preserve the BSP prices so go and have a look now. I’m in!

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The second month of  BetHawk has been very disappointing, as all the profit it made from the first month has largely been lost. However, bear in mind that this is a six month review and losing months are to be expected, although this month’s drawdown has been particularly severe.  DPcm9 lost 88.61 pts over the  monthly period: April 2nd to May 1st. Although it did reach an all time high of  1147.24 pts at the end of April 12th and an all time low of 966.92 pts at the end of April 30th.

My own DPcm9 system is still performing better  than the official DP9 system that stood at 906.35 pts at the end of May 1st.

Both my DPcm9 results and the official DP9 results quoted here are from live Betfair accounts.

Operation of the BetHawk robot itself has remained flawless.

Here are the bets from DPcm9 for the second month of testing:

Date    No. bets   Daily Profit/Loss      Bank

Apr 2  94 -27.84  1067.89
Apr 3 64 -11.4  1056.49
Apr 4  49 3.48  1059.97
Apr 5 72 -23.95 1036.02
Apr 6 20 -2.58 1033.44
Apr 7 35 -3.53 1029.91
Apr 8 49 -0.7 1029.21
Apr 9 77 33.85 1063.06
Apr 10 71 -6.85 1056.21
Apr 11 65 28.53 1084.74
Apr 12 85 62.5 1147.24
Apr 13 58 -6.8 1140.44
Apr 14 21 -16.8 1123.64
Apr 15 46 -14.08 1109.56
Apr 16 52 -6.98 1102.58
Apr 17 29 2.18 1104.76
Apr 18 22 -7 1097.76
Apr 19 74 -26.6 1071.16
Apr 20 24 -6.65 1064.51
Apr 21 68 -15.55 1048.96
Apr 22 69 1.13 1050.09
Apr 23 55 -11.9 1038.19
Apr 24 33 -20.83 1017.36
Apr 25 49 5.45 1022.81
Apr 26 50 -30.13 992.68
Apr 27 36 -17 975.68
Apr 28 93 32.45 1008.13
Apr 29 60 -32.93 975.2
Apr 30 47 -8.28 966.92
May 1st 69 40.2 1007.12


Starting Bank: 1000 pts

Lowest Bank:  966.92 pts

Highest Bank: 1147.24 pts

Number of Betting Days: 61 out of a possible 61

Total Number of Bets: 3496

Winning Months: 1/2

Losing Months:  1/2

Current Bank: 1007.12 pts

Total Profit/Loss:  7.12 pts

Return on Bank:      0.712%

I’ll be back in June with another update


You can try Bet Hawk here:

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May 7, 2014

Horse Betting Analyst

Here are the results for April – a shorter month than usual as they’ve been taking a bit of a break to “recharge the batteries” for the last couple of weeks.

Certainly hasn’t affected their performance, though, with another 40 points profit to add to the total!

That makes 11 consecutive profitable months.

In those months they’ve made an astounding 789 points profit – an average per month of 71 points!

Just this year we’re at 331 points profit (after only 4 months), with one of their proofing services showing 200 points profit over this period to Betfair SP!

And we’re now heading into what is traditionally a very good period for the service – the summer months. So with their pro rata subscription rate now just £250 for the next 3 months, there’s never been a better time to follow The Analyst.

Subscribe here:

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