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May 14, 2014

Winning Trends

Here’s a service by a chap called Ed Turner and I’ve signed up to it myself. It went through a three month proofing period at Betting School during which time it made the following profits:

29 wins
23.97% Strike rate
46.81 Points Profit.
38.69% ROI
£468.10 profit at £10 stakes.

The results are to Betfair SP too, so no hunting around for ‘advised prices’. I didn’t get around to signing up right away and missed out on another cracking week last week but I’m on now! Darren at Betting School has recorded a new video (short, about 5 minutes) where he will give you a FREE micro system plus more details on this service.

It’s cheap as chips too but they are restricting membership to 100 places to preserve the BSP prices so go and have a look now. I’m in!

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The second month of  BetHawk has been very disappointing, as all the profit it made from the first month has largely been lost. However, bear in mind that this is a six month review and losing months are to be expected, although this month’s drawdown has been particularly severe.  DPcm9 lost 88.61 pts over the  monthly period: April 2nd to May 1st. Although it did reach an all time high of  1147.24 pts at the end of April 12th and an all time low of 966.92 pts at the end of April 30th.

My own DPcm9 system is still performing better  than the official DP9 system that stood at 906.35 pts at the end of May 1st.

Both my DPcm9 results and the official DP9 results quoted here are from live Betfair accounts.

Operation of the BetHawk robot itself has remained flawless.

Here are the bets from DPcm9 for the second month of testing:

Date    No. bets   Daily Profit/Loss      Bank

Apr 2  94 -27.84  1067.89
Apr 3 64 -11.4  1056.49
Apr 4  49 3.48  1059.97
Apr 5 72 -23.95 1036.02
Apr 6 20 -2.58 1033.44
Apr 7 35 -3.53 1029.91
Apr 8 49 -0.7 1029.21
Apr 9 77 33.85 1063.06
Apr 10 71 -6.85 1056.21
Apr 11 65 28.53 1084.74
Apr 12 85 62.5 1147.24
Apr 13 58 -6.8 1140.44
Apr 14 21 -16.8 1123.64
Apr 15 46 -14.08 1109.56
Apr 16 52 -6.98 1102.58
Apr 17 29 2.18 1104.76
Apr 18 22 -7 1097.76
Apr 19 74 -26.6 1071.16
Apr 20 24 -6.65 1064.51
Apr 21 68 -15.55 1048.96
Apr 22 69 1.13 1050.09
Apr 23 55 -11.9 1038.19
Apr 24 33 -20.83 1017.36
Apr 25 49 5.45 1022.81
Apr 26 50 -30.13 992.68
Apr 27 36 -17 975.68
Apr 28 93 32.45 1008.13
Apr 29 60 -32.93 975.2
Apr 30 47 -8.28 966.92
May 1st 69 40.2 1007.12


Starting Bank: 1000 pts

Lowest Bank:  966.92 pts

Highest Bank: 1147.24 pts

Number of Betting Days: 61 out of a possible 61

Total Number of Bets: 3496

Winning Months: 1/2

Losing Months:  1/2

Current Bank: 1007.12 pts

Total Profit/Loss:  7.12 pts

Return on Bank:      0.712%

I’ll be back in June with another update


You can try Bet Hawk here:

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May 7, 2014

Horse Betting Analyst

Here are the results for April – a shorter month than usual as they’ve been taking a bit of a break to “recharge the batteries” for the last couple of weeks.

Certainly hasn’t affected their performance, though, with another 40 points profit to add to the total!

That makes 11 consecutive profitable months.

In those months they’ve made an astounding 789 points profit – an average per month of 71 points!

Just this year we’re at 331 points profit (after only 4 months), with one of their proofing services showing 200 points profit over this period to Betfair SP!

And we’re now heading into what is traditionally a very good period for the service – the summer months. So with their pro rata subscription rate now just £250 for the next 3 months, there’s never been a better time to follow The Analyst.

Subscribe here:

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This is an advisory service where selections are emailed each morning. The selections can be straight win bets or each-way recommendations. Occasionally you will be advised to place multiple type bets as well.

The service is run by an ex-racehorse owner and jockey’s agent. This experience means that he has made many contacts in the industry over the years. These contacts are one of the main sources for each days selections. Being a regular attender at race meetings is also given as a reason for the success of the service.

The service is selective so the number of recommendations each day is low, sometimes no selections are recommended as patience is also one aspect of the service that members will need to practice.

The monthly charge for the service is normally £59.99 but for the first month you can get it for half-price at £29.99. To increase the value for members it is advised to use Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers but the point is also made that this is not mandatory.

As you’ll see below a nicely priced each way selection coming in has resulted in a profit of 8.5 points over the period. Now you could be cynical and say that without this the result would have been very different but I think that would be unfair. This service is promoted as a long term play and because of that it’s inevitable that short term up’s and down’s could distort things somewhat so you have to judge the service on each selection.

In terms of how the system works in practice I don’t think there are too many issues. You a receive an email each morning advising if there any selections or not. If there are you are told what price is available and with which bookmaker. Although I wasn’t able to check all the advised prices those I did were generally available. I checked as soon as I received the selections so can’t say how long advised prices would have been available.

Personally, I’m not a great fan of constantly switching bookmakers to place bets but there is no real reason why this can’t work for someone who has the time.

As you’ll see from the weekly results the number of selections you get aren’t huge so you do have to be patient and act only when advised.

As I’ve said this is a long term play so if you were thinking of joining I would certainly bear that in mind. The monthly subscription is not insignificant so that is another factor to consider. I’m going to rate this service as neutral as it is not clear to me over the short test period that winnings can fully offset costs and provide a genuine long term income.

Monday 21 April No selections
Tuesday 22 April No selections
Wednesday 23 April 16:35 Epsom: Killing Time: 1pt win, 7th at 7/2= -£10.00
Thursday 24 April 17:05 Newcastle: Makin A Statement: 1pt ew, 3rd at 7/2 = -£1.25
Friday 25 April 13:40 Sandown: What About Carlo: 1pt ew 1st at 16/1 = +£200.00
Saturday 26 April 15:40 Leicester: Professor: 1pt win, 4th at 11/4 = -£10.00
Saturday 26 April 17:10 Haydock: Karaka Jack: 1pt win, 3rd at 7/1 = -£10.00
Saturday 26 April Double: Professor/Karaka Jack: 1/2pt ew = -£10.00

Wednesday 30 April 16:15 Ascot: Fencing: 1pt ew, 4th at 11/2 = -£20.00

Weekly Total: +£138.75

Bank: +£85.29Neutral

You can try Better Horse Racing Service here:

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May 2, 2014

Cash Master Racing

Another profitable month for my own service and a new high for the bank, now up to £6,523.91 profit at Betfair SP (after commission) with just £10 bets.

We had double figure winners at 12, 14, 26, 29 and 46 (twice!) last month so it’s quite fun if you’re interested in actually watching the racing too. And it’s fun just pocketing the cash if you have no interest in the nags.

You can try Cash Master Racing here:

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April 30, 2014

Racing Success

Racing Success is a straightforward horse racing backing system that you can buy for the very modest one-off price of £29.

It’s been developed by Mark Boyle of Racing Winners and Racing Profits, both of which have already tested and approved at Cash Master.

So what do you get for your £29?

You get a 27 page pdf manual, e-mail support and a money back guarantee.

It’s a system for the win markets only and can be used at either the traditional bookmakers or Betfair. It involves betting on carefully selected handicap turf races in the UK and only when the minimum odds are met. The average winning odds are between 5/1 and 12/1 so there are longish losing runs but good odds on the winners should mean a decent long term profit.

I have been using Betfair to place my bets for ease of use and because, as ever, Bet Engine keeps a neat record of all my bets, however I suspect more profit could be gleaned from shopping around for the best bookie prices.

Since there are not a huge number of bets, I’ve run this review for a good few months until we got a half decent number of bets under the belt with which to make a judgement.

Unfortunately it’s not performed very well so far this year.

My results since 11th December:

Bets: 162
Successful: 30
Unsuccessful: 132
Strike Rate: 18.5
Avg Odds: 5.28

Profit: -£96.72

I’ve been using this for nearly five months and it’s showing a loss of £96.72.Failed

I’m going to categorise this system as FAILED for now, but I will continue to use it for a full year to see if we get any spectacular turn in fortunes, as it’s pretty easy to do and the losses aren’t too off putting.

You can buy Racing Success for £29 here:

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April 27, 2014

Pro Betting Club

This report covers the two week period from 14th April thro to and including 27th April .


During this period I logged in every day at 1230 and picked up the selections without any problems.

I received a total of 34 selections, 17 of which passed thro the filter and became bets,13 of these duly won , a strike rate of 76%.Following the staking plan I achieved a total of some 13.32 Points profit .Although these naps zero in on a series of short priced favourites -a market many professionals ignore -to date the system has achieved since starting 3 weeks ago a  profit of just over 15 points with a S/R of 70%.

Opening Bank =200 points Close 27thth =215.12 points  (net of 5% B/F comms)


Lay Analyst

Over the period I logged in each day and received without any problems the selections together with the suggested number of points to lay each selection in the event that it passes thro the 3 stage procedure and qualifies as a bet.I had 10 such qualifying bets and all duly “Won” providing a 34 point increase to the bank.

I would say that one of my qualifying bets was a suggested 5 point lay and I also had 2x. 4 point qualifiers,given the relatively large odds that they were laid at may seem a touch scary but this  touches on the point I raised in my last report that the system had achieved a S/R in excess of 95% over some 300 qualifying selections since the beginning of July 13.

Opening Bank =200 points Close 27th =246.5 points (net of 5% B/F comms)




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Not a great week for this service, bear in mind though that the service focuses on the long term so this should be borne in mind. This was  mentioned in an email during the week.

Monday 14 April No selections
Tuesday 15 April 14:30 Exeter: Barton Stacey: 1pt ew, pulled up at 12/1 = -£20.00
Wednesday 16 April 16:50 Beverley: Emaad: 1 1/2pt ew, 7th = -£30.00
Thursday 17 April 14:55 Newmarket: Sudden Wonder: 1pt wn, 1st at 4/1 = +£40.00
Thursday 17 April 16:05 Newmarket: Be Ready: 1 1/2pt win, 6th at 2/1 = -£15.00
Thursday 17 April Double: Sudden Wonder/Be Ready: 1/2pt ew = -£10.00
Friday 18 April 14:10 Musselburgh: Cheerio Sweetie: 2nd at 5/6
Friday 18 April 14:55 Lingfield: Ertijaal: 1st at Evens
Friday 18 April Double: Cheerio Sweetie/Ertijaal: 1 1/2pt win = -£15.00
Saturday 19 April 1405 Haydock: Kian’s Delight: 1pt win, 8th at 8/1 = -£10.00
Saturday 19 April 15:15 Haydock: King Massini: 1pt win, 10th at 7/1 = -£10.00
Saturday 19 April Double: Kian’s Delight/King Massini: 1/2pt ew = -£10.00

Weekly Total: -£80.00

Bank: -£53.46

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April 17, 2014

Win Each Way

Today sees the relaunch of one of the most successful betting systems of last year, or any year for that matter.

Wineachway has achieved well over 100 points in its first year of live betting.

This is not a new system that may or may not work, it is a real system that has been used by real people for a year now.

You also get the selections from a slightly different version of the system that sometimes produces different bets.

Together they have made nearly 5000 points betting to win and place on Betfair over the last 8 years.

Last month alone yielded 109 points when betting both systems.

There are losing months along the way, the odds are usually large which means losing runs are inevitable so a degree of patience is needed. The Wineachway customers that are still members after a year will tell you, patience pays.

If this sounds like the kind of system for you, have a look here:

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April 15, 2014

Pro Betting Club

This review is of 2 of 6 tipping services provided by the Pro Betting Club and are:

  1. A Naps backing service providing tips to back on selected short priced favourites.
  2. A Lay tipping service -The Lay Analyst.

Both services cost in round terms £1 a day each when purchased for 3 months at a time and the tips are emailed out every day by 1230. Membership to each of the 6 services is limited in number to curb the effects on market prices as subscribers put their bets on.

These 2 services have been operating since Jan 13  and July 13  respectively and from the results provided it appears that they are both very successful.

The Naps service has a strike rate of some 65% overall  and features a small ratcheting staking plan . Some 249 points with no losing months  up to end March 14 is claimed. The recommended betting bank is 200 points .

The Lay Analyst has a reported Strike rate in excess of 95% based on the results provided and returned a very healthy 461 points over that period,one losing month was recorded -0.75of a point. Again a 200 point bank is recommended.

We will test these 2 products for 12 weeks ,which will encompass the transition from the NH/AW seasons through to the “full on” Flat season and see how they perform. I had one initial query when logging into the service for the first time which was very rapidly answered by one of the authors. This is always an encouraging sign when trying a new product, generally if I get no response I have found that to be a clear indicator to hit the refund button soonest with racing services.

So how has the first week 5th April-13th April gone?

I have logged in at 1230 each day and picked up the tips for both services without any problems at all.

Naps – Very easy to follow the instructions that provide for a small filter on the selections that needs to be applied and thus you will need a Betfair account and  utilise a Bot or be in front of a PC/Tablet to know whether the tips have passed the filter and thus become selections in the minute or so before the off.

I had 7 qualifying bets of which 3 lost and 4 won  so slightly down on the predicted S/R but by following the staking plan the bank was up 1.8points.

Opening Bank =200 points Close 13th =201.8 points  (net of 5% B/F comms)

Lay Analyst -Again very easy to follow instructions,in this case there are 2 filters the tips must pass through to qualify as a bet and again a bot is required if you cannot be in front of your PC  at the time of each race that has a qualifying selection. From the approximately 10 tips a day I had ,5 that passed through both filters and became bets  and duly lost in their respective races and thus returned a healthy 12.35 points for the week.

One point to note is that I used a Tablet on 5th April with the Betfair app that produced a qualifying bet on the Lay service but in actual fact when I checked at home on my PC the BSP was slightly too high for the second filter. It would appear that the refresh rate on the app runs slower than my PC. However the bet did succeed so I have left this result in.

A further point to note is that the price of the Lays  has generally been circa 10.0 + and various multiples of stake from 2-5points are recommended depending on the selection .So this type of laying service may not be for the faint hearted but given the stated Strike Rate this should not be a deterrent.

Opening Bank =200 points Close 13th =212.35 points (net of 5% B/F comms)

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