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March 14, 2014

Betfair ATM

We reviewed and approved Betfair ATM way back in 2010 when the system was released so it’s time for an update.

Four years on and this continues to be a very solid earner. This week they uploaded a video on the site sent in by one new user who made close to $2100 with it over the last three months.

On the first day of Cheltenham this week he made $190 profit. Check it out here:

Festivals like Cheltenham are ideal for this system because of the large liquidity on each race.

To recap, Betfair ATM is a unique approach to In Play betting and you can easily target £50-£100 a day

It’s a method backed up by years of research on time distance correlation in UK horse racing market.

No bookies required!

Betfair ATM will continue to work so long as betting exchanges exist as it exploits a loop hole in exchange market, and that loop hole can’t be fixed.

You also get full email support from Michael (author) for any questions you have.

Some Key highlights for Betfair ATM are:-

- Betfair ATM makes you consistent £50-£100 per day from Betfair in Play.
- Strike rate is above 80%.
- Strategy is very easy to execute
- Betfair ATM can be used on both flat and jump racing.
- No fixed time to try ATM, you can use it whenever you like during racing.
- It is a backing method – so no big liabilities.
- No need to have Bookies account- If you have Betfair, it’s all you need for ATM.
- 100% email support available from author.
- Liquidity is not a problem as ATM has been well tested for over 4 years on UK horse racing.

You can get Betfair ATM here:

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March 2nd – March 11th   (Day 1 to Day 10)

I’ve been running the  BetHawk robot  with the DP9 Portfolio now for 10 days.  The robot was easy to set up and once started easy  to  leave unattended on my VPS.

Here is a summary of the results so far  from my live betfair account:

Date                              No of bets placed      Daily Profit/Loss         Running Total
March 2 2014                            35                              + 21.2                            1021.2
March 3 2014                           77                                + 4.9                             1026.1
March 4 2014                           54                                -8.45                            1017.65
March 5 2014                           74                                 -34                                983.65
March 6 2014                            73                                -26                                 957.65
March 7 2014                           49                                 +29.8                           987.45
March 8 2014                           56                                 +6.25                           993.7
March 9 2014                           25                                 -10.1                             983.6
March 10 2014                         44                                -13.8                            969.8
March 11 2014                          73                                 +39.57                       1009.37

Starting Bank 1000 pts

Lowest Bank  957.65 pts

Highest Bank 1026.1 pts

Current Bank  1009.37 pts

Profit/Loss  + 9.37 pts

You can try Bet Hawk here:

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A couple of good results this week sees the bank back in the black.

Monday 03 March No selections
Tuesday 04 March No selections
Wednesday 05 March No selections
Thursday 06 March No selections
Friday 07 March 20:15 Dundalk: Cheers Buddy: 1pt EW, 7th at 6/1 = -£20.00
Saturday 08 March 14:05 Sandown: Gone Too Far: 1pt EW, 7th at 8/1 = -£20.00
Saturday 08 March 14:55 Wolverhampton: Alfred Hutchinson: 1pt EW, 5th at 13/2 = -£20.00
Saturday 08 March 15:15 Sandown: Baltimore Rock: 1pt EW, 1st at 8/1 = +£100.00
Saturday 08 March 17:00 Sandown: Denali Highway: 1pt EW, 3rd at 7/1 = +£7.50

Sunday 09 March No selections

Weekly P/L: +£47.50

Running Total: +£20.00

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March 10, 2014

Russell Gibbs

12 points profit in January and 3.5 points in February for the backing side of this service which makes £150 at £10 stakes. However a £540 loss in January on the laying side off set this, although February saw a profit of £270 to make some recoevery. Janaury was actually the first losing month since June last year on the laying side for this service.

You can join the Russell Gibbs service here:

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March 8, 2014

Longshot King

The Longshot King has extended his cheap subscription offer until the end of today as some people had trouble signing up.

He had one selection yesterday and it was a 12/1 winner:

 “7.00 WOLVERHAMPTON THE BAY BANDIT  WIN This is a very weak race bar the unknown Moves Like Jagger. Our selection has had a break since a series of good efforts over hurdles and comes back on a mark of 47. Has already won here at Wolverhampton from a higher mark and in a higher grade. Has only ever run in this grade once before when beaten 2 lengths from mark of 50 over 7 furlongs (trip too short) The handicapper has given this one every chance from mark of 47 over this more suitable trip.”

He’s giving a free tip out today:

“2.05 SANDOWN GOOHAR 16/1 EW (20?s with Bet365) Goohar is one of a handful of 5 year olds in the race and having won last time out gets in here right near the foot of the handicap. Has only had the five runs and improved each and every time and these conditions allied with the step up in trip look very likely to bring about further improvement. Jake Greenhall takes off a very valuable 3lbs and looks one of the more lively outsiders”

Join the Longshot King for just £19.95 a month here:

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March 7, 2014

Horse Betting Analyst

They’ve done it again… 106 points profit in February.

Following on from January’s 105 points, February’s haul of 106 = 211 points profit so far this year alone!

That makes 9 consecutive profitable months, with a total of 668 points profit made in that time – an average of an astounding 74 points a month!

Who says you can’t make money from horse racing?

Even betting at just £10 a point, that’s an average of £740 a month, tax free. What about £25 a point?

Well, that’s £1,850 a month for placing a few bets a week.

I’m happy with that.

If you’re not a subscriber yet, go and join here:

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This seems like a bit of fun.

Betfan are running a Cheltenham Festival competition between their two best tipsters, The Gambling Don and Andy Bell.

Andy Bell has more contacts than your local opticians and seems permanently on the phone to various yards whilst The Don can read a big race better than anyone.

Both Andy and The Don will be tipping in all 27 races over the 4 days and for £29.99 you can get all of them.

Full details available here:

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This week Graham was contacted by the system author to ask if results could be based on advised prices rather than the Betfair Starting Price (BSP) as it was felt that the selections represent value which is not reflected in the BSP.

So, after some thought I’ve decided to restart the review using advised prices from this week. Going forward I will check that the advised prices were available when I received the selections so that the results reflect better the aim of the service.

This does mean of course that you would not be able to use a betting bot on the selections as you need to place bets at advised bookmakers. It also means more time in managing your money if it has to be moved between accounts.

This week there were only two selections and one performance was so disappointing that the system author commented specifically on the result.

Monday 24 February No selections
Tuesday 25 February No selections
Tuesday 18 February No selections
Wednesday 19 February No selections
Thursday 20 February No selections
Friday 28 February 15:10 Doncaster: Chebsey Beau: 1pt EW, 2nd at 5/1 = +£2.50
Saturday 01 March 16:40 Doncaster: Minelle Friend: 1.5pt EW, 5th at 7/2 = -£30.00
Sunday 02 March No selections

Weekly P/L: -£27.50

Running Total: -£27.50

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February 28, 2014

Mystery Horse Bot / Month#3

The bot continues to work unaided and flawlessly on my VPS..

Here follow Februarys’ results as reported by the bot to £6 stakes.

01-Feb -37
02-Feb 24
03-Feb -8
04-Feb -38
05-Feb 25
06-Feb -30
07-Feb -42
08-Feb -48
09-Feb -36
10-Feb 33
11-Feb -11
12-Feb 62
13-Feb 23
14-Feb 40
15-Feb 26
16-Feb -40
17-Feb -30
18-Feb 62
19-Feb 42
20-Feb 28
21-Feb -38
22-Feb  -29
23-Feb 34
24-Feb 23
25-Feb -10
26-Feb -29
27-Feb 27
28-Feb -41

There were two quite notable days with good profits to be had but overall the balance took a slide. My calculated results (accounting for Betfair commission follow ):

The results are to £6 stakes,  split equally on upto the maximum of three bot selections.

Total Points : -3.0 (month total reported by the bot) / Profit & loss (accounting for Betfair commission on winning bets): £-76.05

Current balance :  £1080.65  (start bank : £1200)

In summary : the month started poorly, and then redeemed itself a little later on but not sufficiently to make a profit for the month overall.


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February 27, 2014

The Longshot King

We reviewed and approved this service back in March 2011 making 52 points profit in 59 days of our trial. The service actually generated 274 points profit to level stakes in 2010 and in the whole of 2011 it made 304 points, which is really excellent.

However, in 2012 it had a torrid time and ended up losing over 100 points which would have blown the bank of anyone joining around that time. We moved the service into the Neutral section and advised to watch it to see if it recovers.

At that point Richard suspended the paid access and then opened it up as a free service to the public and has since then been working to bring the service back to the levels of 2010 and 2011.

I had a chat with Richard and he openly admitted that the service had suffered due to too many selections and has been testing limited selections for some time now which has seen a big difference in the results.

If you go to the site you can see what has been happening and its clear that Longshot King is still capable of producing very solid results. Over the last 21 months the service has made 578 points to level stakes.

Richard is now advising smaller stakes but with a betting bank of 200 points where previously it had been 100 points.

He has added his own betting bank managers tool to the members area which allows you to take profits when certain milestones are reached whilst protecting your bank and making sure you have the right level of stakes available.

I am happy to move this back in to the Approved Services section on the blog.

Right now he has a very special deal which you can take advantage of prior to the start of The Cheltenham Festival, so have a look now before you miss it.Approved2

You can join The Longshot King here:

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