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November 30, 2013

Racing Gold

G’day all, we are now 29 days into the trial of the Racing Gold service and I have to say I’m disappointed with the current results. From our starting bank of 100 points we now stand at 48.87 points and with only one day left of November, the month has definately not been a good one for this service.

Day 26 did show some promise with a profit of 14.22 points which is the sort of result I would like to see more often. As you can see from the results below we had many more losing days then winners. I will continue the trial upto day 60 or until our bank runs out, whichever comes first.

Day   Selections     Win Bets     Place Bets     Staked       P/L      Balance

11             5                      5                 2                 10         -2.49          86.50

12             5                      5                 3                 10         -2.69          83.81

13             5                      5                 4                 10        +4.44          88.25

14             5                      5                 3                 10         -8.6            79.65

15             5                      5                 3                 10         -10             69.65

16             5                      5                 2                 10         -10             59.65

17             5                      5                  2                10         -3.5            56.15

18             5                      5                  2                10         -3.8            52.35

19             5                      5                  4                10         +2.75          55.10

20             3                       3                  1                 6         +3.92          59.02

21             2                       2                   2                 4         -2.9           56.12

22             2                       2                   2                 4         +4.10         60.22

23             3                       3                   2                 6          -6             54.22

24             5                       5                   1                10        -6.34          47.88

25             5                       5                   3                10        -4               43.88

26             5                       5                   2                10       +14.22         58.10

27             5                       5                   4                10        -3.2            54.90

28             5                       5                   4                10        -4.53          50.37

29             5                       5                   2                10        -1.50          48.87

I have allowed for the 5% commission for all winning bets placed with Betfair. No allowance has been made for the monthly subscriptions.

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This service has proved to be very consistent over the last few years and the last three months have been no exception, netting a profit of £638 to average stakes of £13.50 each way.

Right now you can try this service out at an introductory rate of just £47 for the first 3 months – that’s a 53% discount.

This offer closes on the 30th November and at that price you have to make a profit.

Try it here:

Autumn Offer

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November 27, 2013

Tennis Trading League

Hello Everyone,

This is my final review of the Trading Tips selections for Patrick Ross’ Tennis Trading League.

The service is for trading tennis matches, with selections being advised to initially back or lay, with exit prices advised. The selections are posted to a members’ area, with an email to confirm that a posting has been made.

The emails usually arrived in good time for the matches being played. There were only a couple of exceptions to this, which over a sixty-day period is not overly unacceptable.

When I originally started this review, I showed the costs of this service in Euros. The page that I originally saw has now been changed to sterling. Those costs are:

Silver: £10 per month
Gold: £69 per year
Platinum (lifetime membership): £99

The selections were (and still are) advised without a stop loss. However there is a help section with how to calculate where your stop loss should be.

If you have followed this review from the beginning, then you will know that I reported the selections as full losses, up to September 4th, during the U S Open. Patrick contacted me to say that this was incorrect, and that he was constantly reminding members of the stop loss. During the early days of this review, I had not seen any such reminder.

I created a spreadsheet for myself to help with this review, to show what the stop loss would be based in the entry point that I had. I forwarded the spreadsheet to Patrick, so that it could be made available to his members, and has been published on his website.

The period of this review, after the change in the stop loss, ran from 5th September to October 27th. The results of the review were:

Selections: 323
Wins: 182 (19 void)
Loss: -£84.60

During the review, the tennis circus decamped to the Far East, and there were a number of matches that I was just unable to follow as they were taking place during the early hours. Having thought about how those matches went, they do not affect the overall performance.

With matches taking place at these hours, if you wanted to follow all of the selections all of the time, you would need to turn nocturnal at some times of the year.

For a service costing £10 per month, the loss made during the review period is not disasterous, but when conducting a review, with a strike rate over 55%, the performance has not come up to what you would like to expect.

However, the review has to be judged by the results, there is only one category where the results fit. That is the failed category.Failed

If you wish to do so, you can join Patrick’s service here:

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November 27, 2013

Super Jockey

We’ve got an early present for all readers today in the form of a National Hunt Jockey system from Betting School club contributor and all round stats expert Mark ‘Statman’ Foley.

Here are the results since it was released last Thursday:

Thursday – Free To Dream – Won 9/4 (Advised 7/2)
Friday – Niceonefrankie – Won 8/1
Friday – Summery Justice – Lost (Advised 1/2 point each way)
Saturday – Moujik Borget – Won 12/1 (Advised 1/2 point each way)
Saturday – Gorgehous Lliege – Lost
Saturday – Relax – Lost
Monday – Mentalist – Lost

If you are betting with a Best Odds Guarantee bookie then that’s 15 points profit from just 7 staked a 214% ROI.

Not bad for a freebie that takes about 5 minutes to work out each day.

Get your free system here.

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November 27, 2013

The Winter Festival

On Thursday we’re going to be entertained with Newbury’s yearly highlight the Hennessy Winter Festival!

The festival runs from Thursday 28th November to Saturday 30th November and to help you bash those bookies we can call upon the advisor who did the business for us here last year.

Followers made over THREE GRAND in just 1 Day last Year at £100 a point (36 points).

He has close connections with the racecourse and local stables and tells us he is very confident of at the very least repeating last years performance!

The Winter Festival Site is now live for members who want in early at an early price!

Click Below For Details…

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November 24, 2013

Victor Value Racing

Saturday 23 November

Two nicely priced winners to stem the flow of recent losses and bump up the profit. Just a reminder that this is the last daily report as I will be reporting results weekly from now on.

13:00 Ascot: Civil Disobedience: 5th at 9.4 = £-10.00
13:30 Ascot: Florafern: 3rd at 9.58 = £-10.00
12:10 Haydock: Bobs World(EW): 4th at 18.82 = £-20.00
13:50 Haydock: Home Run: 5th at 5.84 = £-10.00
14:25 Haydock: Knock A Hand(EW): 11th at 41.91 = £-20.00
15:35 Haydock: Sydney Paget: 1st at 6.68 = £53.96
14:35 Lingfield: Piconsort: 1st at 18 = £161.50

Daily Total: +£145.46

Running Total: £1243.13

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November 23, 2013

Victor Value Racing

Friday 22 November

Three runners but no winners today.

14:40 Ascot: Donnas Palm: fell = £-10.00
15:15 Ascot: Grove Pride: 7th at 5.92 = £-10.00
12:50 Haydock: Storm Alert: 6th at 13.56 = £-10.00

Daily Total: -£30.00

Running Total: £1077.67

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November 22, 2013

The Festival Value Service

If you’ve been following the unfolding story of The Festival Value Service over the last week you’re not alone.

More than 10,000 people have been watching the videos and reading the free reports that Kieran has put together in the lead up to doors opening today.

The Festival Value Service focuses on just the biggest, most competitive horse racing meetings of the year and it’s performance has been outstanding over the last couple of years.

All selections have been fully proofed since July 2011 and performance currently stands at + 165.10 points from just 497 bets.

That equates to £3302 for £20 level stakes!

When you see the price Kieran is selling this for, I think you’ll be amazed and will realise just how quickly this is going to sell out.

Based on Kieran’s track record when launching his previous services, I’d be surprised if this is still available after the weekend.

I’ve already grabbed my own space!Approved2

Don’t Miss Out:-

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November 22, 2013

Victor Value Racing

Thursday 21 November

Two runners at Kempton fail to post wins.

18:40 Kempton: Spifer: 5th at 9.54 = £-10.00
19:10 Kempton: Favourite Treat: 9th at 13.34 = £-10.00

Daily Total: -£20.00

Running Total: £1107.67


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November 21, 2013

Victor Value Racing

Wednesday 20 November

Just the one selection but at least some reward.

14:30 Lingfield: Naabegha(EW): 3rd at 3.28 = £11.66

Daily Total: +£11.66

Running Total: £1127.67

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