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August 6, 2014

Horse Betting Analyst

At the risk of sounding repetitive, it’s been another fantastic month with a massive 90 points profit being made. (Since then, we’ve actually had another winner at the start of the new month, which wipes out the losses for June and puts us back in front again!).

That’s 472 points profit so far this year, with some great opportunities already earmarked for the next couple of months to aim for another record-breaking year. (617 points last year, 500 points in 2012).

As I’ve said before, I consider anything over 10 points a month to be excellent, and would be more than happy with any service producing 100 points a year (£2,500 at £25 stakes pays for a nice holiday!).

But it’s only August and so far this year this service has made £11,800 profit; tax free, at £25 stakes.

That’s a premium holiday with first class flights. Not bad for a few bets a day.

You can join Horse Betting Analyst here:

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Hi there,

This is a review of the Market Movers service from starkinvestors, one of many services they run which are deemed to be profitable.

As the name suggests we are looking at Market Movers which are shortening in the betting markets & backing them accordingly. The service scans the markets & compares against the Racing Post prices to determine the selections, the criteria looks similar to a familiar follow the money system which I have used in the past with some success but that was solely for the live market & not early market movers like this.

The service started back in mid April & the latest figures from 19th April to 30th June were 100.44pts. I’m hoping that they will add the July figures shortly as I only started receiving the selections from 24th July & we will move on to those shortly. So far I have received between 5-8 selections a day & whilst a profit has been made, it is only a small one but they are based entirely at SP & I do believe either BOG or Betfair SP is the way to go & would improve the figures by about another 5-6pts. In fact I have noticed with quite a few of these, is that by the time you have received the selections they have already contracted in price by quite a degree so most of them actually don’t shorten up any further & it seems the majority drift out a small degree. Therefore on what I’ve seen so far I believe betting at Betfair SP would be the most beneficial.For the purposes of this trial we will operate a 50pt bank of £500 whch should be enough on what I’ve seen so far. The longest losing run has been 18 which I endured over the weekend (might be best to stay away then!) so with that run behind us lets hope we can get a decent run to add to the 100pts. At the moment I’m planning to run the trial upto the end of September.

Here’s a breakdown of the results from 24/7 to 4/8:-

24/7 – 8 selections, 0 winners  = -8pts

25/7 – 4 selections, 1 winner @ Eves = -3pts

26/7 – 8 selections, 4 winners @ 2/1, 7/4, 7/4 & 5/2 = +4pts

27/7 – 8 selections, 3 winners @ 7/1, 11/4 & 7/2 = +8.25pts

28/7 – 4 selections, 0 winners = -4pts

29/7 – 5 selections, 1 winner @ 3/1 = -2pts

30/7 – 8 selections, 3 winners @ 15/8, 13/8 & 2/1 = +0.5pts

31/7 – 7 selections, 2 winners @ 7/1 & 3/1 = +5pts

1/8 – 6 selections, 3 winners @ 7/1, 5/1 & 11/4 = +11.75pts

2/8 – 7 selections, 0 winners = -7pts

3/8 – 6 selections, 0 winners = -6pts

4/8 – 8 selections, 3 winners @ 5/1, 7/4 & 11/8 = +3.125pts

Overall = 80 selections, 20 winners = +2.625 pts profit at SP.

I’m hoping to get the next update in around 7-10 days time.





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The review for this service started back in mid May following some pretty good results between mid Jan & the start of this service update in mid May, the figure between those two dates produced 196.3pts. We started our bank of £1500 around that time so in nearly 3 months we have achieved 33pts (£330 profit)which is less than I was expecting but a profit none the less.

The bank has see-sawed quite dramatically at times, I know some subscribers were operating with 50pt banks & then left the service due to some poor results but Stuart advised a 150pt bank & that would have caused the bank no problems. There are however a few minor issues as I see it. Firstly there are quite alot of selections each day (6-8 generally) which are sent very late in the day, the majority of the time this is after 10pm when Stuart finishes his shift. So its a case of trying to get the BOG at the recommended bookies late at night or first thing in the morning. Quite alot of the selections reduce ever so slightly come morning time so you must make sure you don’t leave it too late. The other thing I’m not overly keen on is the variable staking plan & although profitable I would much prefer a level staking plan & am sure that this would be equally effective & also that way the bank could also be reduced to a more acceptable level.

Although it has taken a bit of time & effort to get the 33pts over the last 3 months, when you look at the longer timeframe then it really is worth the subscription costs of £29.95 each month. As an added bonus Stuart went away on holiday for one week at the end of July & repaid his subscribers with a free 2 week use of his HQ insider bets which have incidentally finished today. These have added a further 16pts (23.5pts for full members)at BOG in 2 weeks. This was more than welcome as at the time of this final review (14/8) the bank has slightly dipped below profit for the month.

When we look at the overall pts profit figures of around 230pts from the beginning of the year up to now, the average monthly figures are near 30pts per month. This is not 54pts per month they state on the sales page but still an excellent return. So yes this is an excellent, honest & profitable service which is not something you come across in this industry too often but it needs to be looked at over the long term rather than the short term to get the most out of it.  Therefore it is only right to move this service to the approved section.Approved2

You can try Elite Rating System here:

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July 31, 2014

The Racing Professionals

Two weeks in now and of course it’s still looking very good due to the nice winner last week.

Since then there have only been five more qualifying bets.

Here’s my total results  betting £2 stakes:

Bets: 28
Successful: 1
Unsuccessful: 27
Strike Rate: 3.6%
Avg Odds: 74.05 (!)
Profit: £84.89

I am now running a separate tab for place betting this and I’m betting £5 stakes.

Here’s the results for the last week:

Bets: 13
Successful: 7
Unsuccessful: 6
Strike Rate: 53.8%
Avg Odds: 2.7
Profit: £26.92

You can try The Racing Professionals here:

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July 24, 2014

The Racing Professionals

This is a straightforward backing service where the tips are e-mailed through each morning and you back them on Betfair to BSP. The only stipulation is that the price is above 5.0.

The service runs during the seven months of the Flat season, April to October and subscriptions are taken as a one off payment for the whole season. You actually get a full 12 months, so if you subscribe in July, you would get the remainder of this season, and then front end of next season up to the anniversary of your subscription.

The service goes for high priced winners, so expect long losing runs and stake accordingly.

I normally bet £10 level stakes, but after a few services I’ve tested recently have taken a chunk out of my testing pot, I have decided to go for a modest £2 stakes on this test.

Which is unfortunate as I got a winner at 74!



Apparently the service does well in the place market too.

Claimed results for the last two seasons are 413 points for 2012 and 469 points for 2013, and so far this year 716 points.

Here’s my results for the last week betting £2 stakes:

Bets: 23
Successful: 1
Unsuccessful: 22
Strike Rate: 4.3%
Avg Odds: 74.05 (!)
Profit: £94.89

You can try The Racing Professionals here:

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July 22, 2014

Bet Alchemist

Special Offer

Following on from my update on the Bet Alchemist service last week, they have informed me they are running a special offer this week.

As you know the Bet Alchemist results are stronger than ever with five straight winning months in a row and July already looking like a cracking month with 19.18 points profit so far.

Nicky is now offering the opportunity to give Bet Alchemist a “shot” to show/prove to you how successful the Bet Alchemist service is at generating real cash profits with no risk attached.

Right now, a discounted half price introductory offer has been made available along with Nicky’s promise to refund all subs in full if Bet Alchemist does not show a profit over that Month.

You can take advantage of the discounted risk free month by clicking the link below & signing up for the money back offer. Nicky has made the discounted month option available but just for a short while so please do be quick if you want to grab this special offer today:

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July 18, 2014

Bet Alchemist

We last did an update on this service in November 2013 so it’s time to see how it’s been performing since then.

First of all, 2013 ended with 116.49 points profit, with six profitable months and six losing months.

So far this year, 2014, we have had the following results:

Jan: -7.76
Feb: 4.76
Mar: 3.03
Apr: 7.47
May: 7.49
Jun: 4.76
Jul: 19.18

Total: 38.93 points

The total profit since the service went live in Decemeber 2012 now stands at 178.47 points, with 1007 bets, 174 winners and a strike rate of 17.28%.

There has only been one losing month so far this year, but last year still managed 116 points with six losing months!

Nicky who runs BetAlchemist has been in superb tipping form over the past few weeks with big priced winners like:

Mukhadram Won at 16/1
Velox Won at 11/2
Baccarat Won at 16/1
Telescope & Slade Power Double Won at ~15/1
Telescope Won at 5/2
Hartnall Won at 9/2
Guest of Honour Won at 4/1
Caspian Prince Won at 10/1
Kool Kompany won at 10/3
Our Man Zebo Won at 5/1
Top Boy Won at 14/1

Bet Alchemist advises bets to level stakes and each way to keep the betting bank safe and ticking along nicely northwards. Just look at the cumulative profit graph taken since the Bet Alchemist service went live in December 2012 below showing £8,499 profit from 169.98 points to £50 level stakes:


The return on investment is running at 15.58% and the strike rate of 17.19% (almost 1 winner in 5) is very good too considering this is a value price backing service seldom betting the first two in the market.

Here’s some key features:

• New Members Get First Month at Half Price (£15)
• The Next Month includes the 7 Day Galway Festival
• A Months Subscription includes the 5 Day Glorious Goodwood Festival
• Ascot (King George) & Curragh (Oaks) Meetings covered
• What value for just a Month’s subscription with all big races sorted
• Past Members £30 Per Month or £79 Per Quarter
• Full 100% Guarantee on you subscription for 60 days (It won’t be needed I promise you)
• Add a mainstay to your betting Portfolio

You can try Bet Alchemist for £15 here:

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Hi there,

Since our last review on 7th July we have lost a further 14.25 pts, the July figures are reading a very uncomfortable -24 pts for the month.

The revised bank now stands at £1455.90 so we are in negative territory since the start of this review in mid May which is a shame as I thought the service would’ve picked up at this time of the year with form etc settling down. I plan to run the review til the end of July which I think is long enough. We need to turn things around quickly!

Next update I plan to get up in a weeks time followed by the last one at the end of July.

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July 11, 2014

Victor Value Racing

This is a horse backing service which specialises in horses with decent prices (generally above 6/1) and with value on their side. All selections have full reasoning as to why the bet has been chosen and the emails are sent out well in advance of the races starting (usually the night before).

You can sign-up for the first week for just £3 and after that it reverts to £27 per month.

We tested this service for three months at the tail end of 2013 and gave it a Neutral rating based on the fact it only made £28 profit during the trial period.

But we said the service showed potential and I have kept an eye on the results since then.

Good job too. Check out how it’s done:

Jan 14 = -40 points
Feb 14 = +27.00 points
Mar 14 = +46.38 points
Apr 14 = +16.50 points
May 14 = +80.50 points
Jun 14 = -2.3 points

Total = 127.08 points

That’s an average of 21.18 points per month, or over £200 a month to £10 stakes.

Last year, the service made £2,539 to £10 stakes.

Based on the last nine month results I’m happy to now approve this service.

Here’s what other reviewers have said about Victor Value:

GeeGeez said:

“Here at geegeez, this is one of the very few services we love. Victor is a very good judge, and he takes time to explain why he’s put a selection up, which can be an education in itself.”

More Money Review said:

“It is so rare to find a service that delivers what it advertises on the website but this is one of them.”

And Best Betting System Reviews said:

“I’m delighted that I got to review such a superb horse racing service.

Victor Value breaks the mould and the write-ups which accompany the tips are incredible, and rival the best horse racing blogs and newspaper articles around.

It all adds to the service and Victor’s knowledge shines through. In summary, Victor Value gets a big thumbs up from me and comes highly recommended.”Approved2

You can try Victor Value Racing for £3 here:

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Believe it or not it’s been a little over a year since VHSS was launched.

VHSS members simply copy the bets that are posted to a secure web page between 12:00 and 14:00 (UK time) each day. That’s it!

As the results page shows, it turned in a profit of £44,636.36 using £25 each-way stakes over the course of the year. To achieve that level of net income from a normal UK “day job” would require an annual salary of around £65K. Chances are that you would also be working more than 2 hours a day to earn this!


Of course, each bettor will decide a stake size that suits their own financial circumstances and goals. Some will want to earn a full-time income from this whereas others will be more than happy to earn a few extra thousand each year using modest stakes.

If you have a long-term approach to betting and also have the discipline to manage a number of bookmaker accounts then I firmly believe that this is one of the most genuine opportunities you will ever find. They disclose ALL past results on the website so no stone is left unturned.

You can find full details by clicking on the VHSS tab on the webpage here:

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