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July 19, 2013

Racing Angles

I’ve been approached by Oxfordshire Press who thought I might be interested in their free weekly Racing Angles newsletter. Included with this newsletter are their special tips: “Juicy Plums” which is a bet every Friday.

I love the name, but even better than that, the Juicy Plums tips alone have made £240 profit to £10 stakes since the end of March this year with just 19 bets, 9 of which were winners!

Below you will find information on this free service, but if you wish to simply sign up and start receiving the tips then just go here:

Introducing Racing Angles

Racing Angles, written by Nick Pullen and published by Oxfordshire Press, began life in March 2008 (it was originally called Horse Racing Focus) and from its conception the objective was to bring its body of readers profitable betting angles based on the historic statistical record.

In its first 5 years Racing Angles delivered a host of profitable insights and angles all back-tested against up to 10-years of British and Irish racing results. A quick spin through our freely-accessible archive delivers dozens of profitable approaches to race betting in Britain.

• Studying the records of individual horses, trainers, jockeys & sires in forensic detail enabled us to identify the profitable sweet-spots in their overall record. This is easier said than done. Most of the really lucrative micro-trends are essentially invisible if you look at the data in traditional formats. Using our own databases, unique interrogative queries, new ways of looking at mainstream data and contrarian methods of analysis we have always been able to draw our readers’ attention to profitable angles the wider market is unaware of. We think that’s a real edge.
• The datasets and resources we work with make it easy for us to conclusively answer the big racing questions that most of the market has to guess at. Which tracks do top-weights do best at? Which sprint tracks reward close attention to the draw stats? Which jockeys ride the round course at Goodwood most effectively? Do the high-class progeny of specific sires have an ideal trip or ideal underfoot conditions? What time of year does it pay to follow the juvenile hurdlers of specific trainers? Is it advisable to back bumper horses running under a penalty? Which yards target claiming or selling races to best effect? Which jockeys do you really want to be on when they are riding at the lowest weight they can do? Which tracks get non-handicap favourites beaten most frequently – and is it profitable to lay them?

Providing definitive answers to such questions has always represented our stock-in-trade. Our observations are not based on guesswork, hunches or the regurgitated opinions of pundits and pressmen. We pride ourselves on confronting all of racing’s thorny issues and points of debate with an open mind and original thinking. And any conclusions we reach are based on the ‘truth’ as represented by what has actually happened in racing over the last 10 years or so.

We like to think we take the guesswork out of betting. At the very least we have always brought our readers information and angles of attack that you do not find in the mainstream press. Love us or hate us what we do is entirely original. You will never find us presenting conclusions which you have already read or heard elsewhere. We plough our own furrow. We ignore received opinion. We don’t listen to anybody else. We don’t even read our competitors material. We don’t want to know what they think. That’s not arrogance (there are some very smart and shrewd thinkers out there). We simply don’t want to be influenced by their opinions. We approach our ‘beat’ with an open mind unsullied by the ‘wisdom’ o the crowd.

Distributed FREE OF CHARGE to 15,000 subscribers we like to think our weekly e-letter is the best value-for-money 1000 words in racing. We have a track record of delivering the kind of information, insight, analysis, observations and judgments that other publishers and services charge 3-figure sums for.

There’s something else about Racing Angles too. It is contrarian in nature – a reflection of Nick Pullen’s contrarian approach to betting in general.

Our contrarianism is something that our readers have really taken to. And that’s not just because they like the sound and feel of a 6-syllable word.

Our contrarianism is something they’ve wholeheartedly bought into as a direct result of the money the approach has put into their pockets.

Nick Pullen likes ‘value’ which he defines as ‘a price that underestimates the true chances of a horse winning its race’. As such his approaches to race betting are often distinguished by their focus on identifying big-priced winners. You won’t find Nick advising you to back favourites. It’s rare he’ll advise a horse trading at less than 4/1. More often than not his betting angles will be steering you towards bets at double-figure prices.

So much for the theory –what about the practice? Let’s just have a look at the kind of bets Nick has pointed his readers at over the last few months….

• Nick must have been the only industry figure to nominate Aurora’s Encore for the Grand National at 80s….
• He followed that up with Van Der Neer in the 200 Guineas – he placed having been advised at 25s….
• Then he nominated Sky Lantern at 14s for the 1000 Guineas….
• The Lark provided a place return in the Oaks – advised at 25s….
• Ruler Of The World won the Derby advised at a – by comparison – conservative 8s….
• Last week at Newmarket’s July meeting he was the only commentator we’re aware of who said Lady Kristale would win the Duchess of Cambridge Stakes…. which she did at an SP of 20s.

But where Nick really excels is in the most competitive betting heats on the programme – the big-field handicap events that most punters tend to look at as some kind of lottery….

And over the last few months it is these really competitive races – how to play them and, most importantly, how to profit from them –that has become the primary focus of Racing Angles.

Having enjoyed plenty of big-price wins over the years, courtesy of Nick’s methods and observations, the Racing Angles readership let us know they wanted more of the same.

Not many services would choose to stake their reputation on an ability to make sense of big handicaps and to deliver profit from such races. Most pundits are scared of big handicaps. You’ll often hear them say that big handicaps are ‘impossible’, ‘a benefit for the bookmaker’, ‘the horses take turns to win’, ‘leave them alone and look for a little 9 runners conditions event’.

Fair enough. But at Racing Angles we take a different view.

Nick likes the big handicaps. First and foremost they represent a challenge. And they are races where you can often back what Nick calls a ‘Juicy Plum’ – a horse the wider market is overlooking or underestimating but which Nick can make a serious case for at a big price.

Over the last few months Nick’s Juicy Plum selections have become a major feature of the Racing Angles service. On weekends where an appropriate race presents itself Nick provides his readers with his Juicy Plum selections – making them available free of charge at 6pm on Friday evening on the Winning Race Profiles website.

And since he started supplying his Juicy Plums in March we think the results have been pretty good.

• Levitate won the Lincoln Handicap – advised at 40s (Nick picked the runner-up too, Global Express, advised at 12s)
• Excellent Guest won the Victoria Cup – advised at 28s
• Smoothtalkinrascal placed 2nd (beaten a hair) in the Epsom Dash – advised at 25s
• Kingsgate Choice won the Scottish Sprint Cup – advised at 14s
• Oriental Fox placed 2nd in the Northumberland Plate (caught on the line) – advised at 25s
• I’m So Glad placed 3rd in the Bunbury Cup – advised at 25s (Es Que Love was also advised to win at 14s and finished 2nd)

Nobody can argue that Nick doesn’t know where the value is in these big handicaps. His Juicy Plums are the kind of selections that tipping services would charge serious money for. Nick provides them free of charge to Racing Angles readers. His Juicy Plums have to represent the best free bonus of all time – and let’s not forget that Racing Angles is distributed free too.

And it doesn’t stop there either. In the weekly issue of Racing Angles Nick’s focus is now squarely on helping his readers figure out the difficult big-field handicaps for themselves – focusing on:

• methods for splitting the field
• methods of analysing the profiles of individual handicappers
• providing the answers to important questions about weight, age, experience, the draw, other key conditions and circumstances and how they impact on the actual outcome of races
• isolating and analysing the records of individual yards, riders and sires in the big-field handicap events
• studying recent big-handicaps and extracting the important lessons to go forward with
• drawing attention to horses ready to win or go close in big field handicap events – and explaining why

Right now Racing Angles is a source of high-quality big-price selections in big handicap events. Nobody can argue with our record in that area. But Racing Angles is more than that. It is also a source of education. A big part of our mission is to furnish our readers with the tools, the insight, the knowledge and the data they need to themselves become expert pickers in the big handicap races – the toughest punting challenges on the programmes.

As free racing services go we think Racing Angles takes a bit of beating.

You can subscribe here:

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This is a horse tipping service brought to you from the chaps over at Betting Automation whose other main product is the excellent Racing Synergy software.

If you are not already familiar with Racing Synergy, it is a software based on Neil Smith’s original Value Horse Method, produced back in 2004. I’ve met Neil personally and can vouch for his method completely. It’s well known that you will always make a profit from racing if you bet on value selections and Neils original VHM and the following Racing Synergy software has proven that every single year since then, raking in impressive profits without fail.

So what is this new service?

Of course, it’s again rooted in betting on value selections, but concentrating on betting each way, using all the possible bookies to get the best price possible.

The core principles of value that are utilised in Racing Synergy still apply, however we can enjoy some additional benefits with this “companion” method. To begin with, we can place straight each-way bets without nearly half as many ups and downs in our betting bank compared to basic win singles betting. Secondly, we encounter considerably less problems with bookmaker restrictions and closures. You see, these value each-way bets just aren’t as obvious as their win single counterparts and so you’ll find it much easier to keep one step ahead of the bookmakers.

Whether you are already successfully betting win singles with Racing Synergy or using some other method, the Value Horse Selections Service can most definitely add another profitable dimension to your betting.

On joining the service you are given a login to a members area and a betting guide. The service runs as follows…

Between 12pm and 2pm you log in to the members area where the bets appear live. When a bet appears you use an odds comparison site to find what bookie is offering the best odds and you immediately back it each way. When the bet is given, the best available odds are listed plus the minimum odds you should take, so if the odds fall below the minimum figure given before you place your bet then it’s a no bet.

Once you’ve placed your bet you quickly go back to the members area and refresh your browser to see if any more bets have appeared, which they generally have. Often there are several bets in each race.

Advice is also given to reduce the highs and lows of value betting. Losing runs are to be expected when backing value selections so to avoid long drawdowns you have the option of laying off “between 70%-80%” of your bet on Betfair before the off.

Now, anyone that has subscribed, or is a subscriber, to Beaumonts Bets might spot some similarities here.

Well, let’s face it, it’s almost identical. The only difference being this bets between 12 and 2 instead of 10.30 to 12.30, and this bets each way instead of straight back bets. Also Paul Beaumont recommends laying off 75% (rather than “between 70%-80%”).

Anyone that uses and is happy with Beaumonts Bets, is going to be happy with this service, as they effectively do the same thing.

Results will of course vary because this is each way betting, and I will be monitoring how this service does over the next few months just doing the straight each way backing, without laying off.

Results since this service started are already impressive:


From the start of the official reporting period (June 21st) up until July 11th, we have placed 527 each way bets. These have yielded a net profit of £4465.46 to £25 e/w stakes.

You can find full details on VHSS, including the complete list of bets here (click on the VHSS tab on the site):

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July 2, 2013

Russell Gibbs

Another losing month last month making it two in a row for the first time since I’ve been subscribing, and with a break even month before that we could do with some results to go in our favour this month.

It was a 13.3 point loss on the backing side, or £133 to £10 stakes, and a loss of £245 to £100 level liabilities on the lay side.

The service has made a great profit overall but does need to turn around this drop in performance.

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July 1, 2013

Betting Pro Lays

Important Update

I’m a big fan of this service and it’s been closed to new members for a while now, but they have just opened up today to take 30 more members so if you don’t already subscribe then I really recommend you get in while you can.

It’s extremely good value for money and the results are excellent.

You can download my full results here: BettingProLays.

Bets: 223
Successful: 177
Unsuccessful: 46
Strike Rate: 79.4
Average Odds: 3.93

Total Profit: £1,349.47

I am using the Bet Engine to place bets 5 seconds before the off, betting £25 level lay stakes. A 60 point bank is recommended. You don’t bet over 5.0 either so losing bets don’t set you back too much.

You do not need to use a bot, I just prefer to as it keeps a perfect record of all my bets.

You can subscribe to Betting Pro Lays here:

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Well, we’re one month into the trial of this service and so far I’m pleased with how it’s going. I’ve been betting to £25 level stakes.

Bets: 91
Successful: 74
Unsuccessful: 17
Strike Rate: 81.3
Avg Odds: 3.97

Profit: £642.19

All selections are priced 6.00 and below so a losing bet doesn’t set you back too much. With average odds of under 4.0 and a strike rate of over 80%, we simply have to make a profit with this.

It’s certainly looking like this will be one I continue to subscribe to after the trial.

You can try Horse Laying Professionals for just £7 here:

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June 4, 2013

Betting Pro Lays

I really like this service. It’s just £6.99 a week, with money back for any week you don’t make a profit. I’ve been betting £25 level stakes and made £1,016.16 profit after Betfair commission since February. Piece of cake.

Bets: 197
Successful: 154
Unsuccessful: 43
Strike Rate: 78.2
Average Odds: 3.91

Total Profit: £1,016.16

I had an e-mail from Stuart last week informing me that he’s locking the membership down to 100 members to protect the prices and to ensure he can give support to anyone that needs it.

There are currently 14 places left.

If you don’t already subscribe to this then I recommend you get in now before he shuts the doors. It take a couple of minutes a day to use… get the e-mail, lay the selections, done. £1000 profit in four months is not to be sniffed at.

You can subscribe to Betting Pro Lays here:

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June 4, 2013

Russell Gibbs

A losing month last month on both the backing and laying side of the service. I’m not sure but I think this may be the first time that’s happened since I’ve been using it so I’m not worried.

We ended up £55 down on the backing side to £10 stakes and £170 down on the laying side to £100 lay liabilities.

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This is a nice, straightforward, horse laying service.

Selections are sent out by 8am by e-mail and you get between one and five bets each day. Odds are generally between 2.0 and 6.0 so no big losses on losing bets and you bet to level stakes so no chasing losses.

You simply get the e-mail, place your bets and you’re done for the day.

As usual, I’m using The Bet Engine to place my bets for me because it keeps a handy record of all the bets and profit/loss etc but you can just place your bets directly into Betfair when you get the e-mail, no bots required.

I feel confident about this service. It has five years of profitable results so I’m betting with real money at £25 level stakes.

I started on 22nd May and the results so far are:

Bets: 14
Successful: 13
Unsuccessful: 1
Strike Rate: 92.9
Avg Odds: 3.76

Profit: £280.93

Not bad for just over a week.

You can try this service for one month for just £7 too!

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May 20, 2013

Stable Lays

We tested this for ten weeks back in December last year and, despite hitting a losing run, managed an impressive profit.

Three months have passed since we approved this system so I felt it was time for an update.

The results for 2013, up to the end of April, show a profit of £5,525 to £100 stakes with the average odds being just 4.00 and a strike rate of 84%.

To remind you, Stable Lays costs a one off $99 and comes with the selections e-mailed to you for the first month so you know you’re doing it right.

You can try Stable Lays here:

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May 7, 2013

Betting Pro Lays

Betting Pro Lays is a simple laying service based on UK racing.

They provide the selected lay bets each morning and the only rule to selections is that you do not lay the selection if, at the time of the off, the odds are above 5.0.

They use BSP for results and also to confirm qualifiers.

All lays given are under 5.0 at the time of sending the email so a slight alteration to the above is to lay at the time of the email and then, if the selection drifts, place a back bet at the off to give a ‘free’ lay bet. However this is only advice for people who wish to do so to possibly scalp extra profit.

No other rules apply for selection criteria.

Subscription is a rolling weekly fee of £6.99 with a refund if profit is not made to level stakes as reported to BSP.

I am using the Bet Engine to place bets 5 seconds before the off, betting £25 level lay stakes. A 60 point bank is recommended.

Since I started using it on 29th January until 7th May I’ve had the following results:

Bets: 165
Successful: 126
Unsuccessful: 39
Strike Rate: 76.4
Average Odds: 3.88

Total Profit: £610.50

So in a little over three months it’s made £610 profit and it only takes about a minute to set up each morning.

The first two months of the trial went very well, making £814 profit by April 4th, and the final month made a loss of £200, but £610 over the three months is very healthy indeed and I am happy to approve this and add it to my own betting portfolio and so I will continue to provide profit updates each month.

This costs only £6.99 a week and you get a full refund if you don’t make a profit in that week.

You can try Betting Pro Lays here:





2nd August 2013

This is one of my favourite laying services and one I personally use in my own betting portfolio.

I’ve been subscribing since February and in that time have logged the following results betting to £25 level stakes:

Bets: 256
Successful: 204
Unsuccessful: 52
Strike Rate: 79.7
Avg Odds: 3.94

Profit: £1,614.75

Membership is restricted to preserve the prices but Stuart has just informed me that he’s opening up another 30 places for replace members that have dropped out. I have no idea why anyone would drop out of this service considering every month has been profitable, but their loss can be your gain so if you wish to take advantage then get in quick before it fills up again.

This costs only £6.99 a week and you get a full refund if you don’t make a profit in that week.

You can try Betting Pro Lays here:

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