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June 19, 2014

The Simple Lay System

Another two weeks on and, unfortunately, no improvement in results thus far…

Bets: 39
Successful: 23
Unsuccessful: 16
Strike Rate: 59%
Avg Odds: 3.25

Profit: -£66.16

It’s going in the wrong direction at the moment.

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June 3, 2014

The Simple Lay System

The Simple Lay System is brought to you from the same team behind Betting Pro Lays.

It’s a basic but well formulated lay system focused on races under 2 miles.

Selections can be identified using readily accessible, free sites, in only 10-15 minutes per day and using the recommended liability staking you can place the bets first thing in the morning.

The cost of the system is £99 ($166) and this is a one off fee.

Anyone signing up can receive all selections via email for an additional £2.49 a week, and these are sent out before 11am everyday.

It’s a very simple, easy to use lay system with low liability, with maximum odds of 3/1 (4.0).

I’ve been using it for two weeks now, with a starting bank of £500 and risking 2.5% liability on each bet.

Here are my results to date:

Bets: 23
Successful: 14
Unsuccessful: 9
Strike Rate: 60.9
Avg Odds: 3.04

Profit: -£24.09

I should point out that since starting this trial they have introduced a new staking plan which involves a small progression on the liability percentage following a losing bet:

Example £1000 starting bank.

Bet 1 – 1% liability

If the bet loses we increase the liability on bet 2.

Making the liability on the next bet 2% of the STARTING bank.

We keep increasing the liability by 1% until we get a winning bet and then reduce back down to 1%.

It isn’t an aggressive loss recovery as we don’t increase the stake until the bank has fully recovered, we only keep increasing by 1% until we have a winning lay. There aren’t long losing runs so the risk to the bank stays pretty minimal.

As with most liability staking plans, as the bank increases the 1% stake will keep increasing in line with the bank, once the bank hits a new high this figure is used to calculate your percentage liability.

Unfortunately, this staking can’t be automated with Bet Engine and since I am using that to log my results for this trial I will report on a standard 2.5% liability staking on each bet, but I will also show what the profit would have been using the recommended staking at the end of the trial.

You can buy The Simple Lay System for £99 here:

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June 3, 2014

Profit From Racing

Here’s another Lay betting tip service, this time brought to you from a chap going by the name of Adam Wilkes.

You get a 30 day trial for just £4 and the selections are e-mailed to you each morning, usually around 11am.

The staking for this service is recommended as a 10% liability on each bet. So your total risk on each bet is 10% of your bank. This may sound a lot but your bank is re-calculated after each bet so you wouldn’t bust the bank in ten losing bets as the risk on each bet reduces after a loser and increases after a winning bet.

The advantage of this staking is that, so long as the performance is reasonably good, the bank increases quite dramatically. He includes a spreadsheet of his own bets showing how he earns £500+ a month having started with a relatively modest amount.

The maximum odds on a lay bet is 6.99 and bets can be placed in advance with a price stipulation because we use Liability betting. Alternatively you can use a bot to place your bets for you.

I’ve been subscribing since 22nd December 2013, so I’ve had four and a half months of tips so far and here are my results, starting with a £500 bank:

Bets: 89
Successful: 71
Unsuccessful: 18
Strike Rate: 79.8
Avg Odds: 4.42

Profit: £237.68

This represents a 47.53% increase on the bank in just over four months which is not bad.

The subscription cost is a very reasonable £19.97 a month, with the first month at £4, so even deducting subscription costs of  £63.91 for the period, I’m still up by £173.77.

Ok, this isn’t exactly going to pay off your mortgage, but a £500 starting bank is modest anyway so this kind of return, even after subscription costs, is pretty good.

It will be interesting to see where my bank is at after one full year and I will of course update you in due course.

For now I’m going to mark this one as Approved.

It’s a nice simple laying service which appears to deliver the goods.Approved2

You can try Profit From Racing for £4 here:



Since publishing this review it has come to my attention that I should have been betting to 1% lay stakes, rather than 10% lay liabilities. I’m pretty sure I must have set the wrong staking tab in the Bet Engine when I set this up but I guess we now know that this is also profitable betting to Lay Liabilities which is also useful for people that don’t use bots and can’t be around to check the price stipulation before the off.

I have now set mine to bet to 1% lay stakes and will update this in a few months.

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June 3, 2014

Profits From The Turf

After an astounding start to this trial, the results have reversed… at some speed!

Here’s the numbers:

Bets: 120
Successful: 100
Unsuccessful: 20
Strike Rate: 83.3
Avg Odds: 7.19

Profit: -£160.87

The problem is the high odds on the losing bets. We need a higher strike rate, or lower odds on the losers… preferably both.

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May 27, 2014

Profits from the Turf

Seven weeks in and this service is treading water somewhat. Back into positive territory but the problem seems to be the losers come in at rather large odds so it’s a case of ten steps forwards, nine steps back, which is frustrating to say the least.

Bets: 105
Successful: 89
Unsuccessful: 16
Strike Rate: 84.8%
Avg Odds: 7.24

Profit: £19.47

That amounts to just under 1 point profit (£20 stakes).

You can try Profits From The Turf here:

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May 13, 2014

The Lay Analyst

The Lay Analyst is one of six services offered by the Pro Betting Club and is a stand alone service offered at £39.50 a month or £89.50 for a 3 month period. A quick recap on the service –The Lay Analyst works on both UK and Irish races and covers National Hunt, All weather and Turf Flat racing throughout the year.

Selections are available on line daily from 1230 and with the password provided a simple log in takes the user to the relevant page of the daily selections. In the case of this service all selections must pass through a couple of filters utilised in the minutes before the off time to qualify as a Lay Bet The number of points per qualifying bet is also provided and these range from 2 points up to 6 points generally and a 200 point betting bank is recommended.

The service is only suitable to a user who can be in front of a computer when qualifying races are due. On some days there can be up to 30 selections covering the period from circa 1400 up to 2030 so some stamina is required but there again making money does require some effort. I had hoped that a bot could be employed but at this time there is no suitable bot that can deal with the jump  from filter 1 to 2,although in practice to the user ,in front of the computer at the time, this stage  will present no problems.

I have been monitoring the selections daily since 5th April 14 and up to the 27th April 14 the system had produced 15 qualifying bets with a 100% strike rate and the bank grew by 46.5 points. Since inception in July13 the system has achieved 300+qualifying bets with a S/R hovering above  95%.

So to the period from 28th April through to and inclusive of 11th May: I had 13 selections that went on to qualify as a bet and had my first losers. On consecutive days 1st and 2nd May I had a loser one was at 14/1 and the other at 10/1 taking with it the profits built up since 5th April. However in the remaining days of the reporting period I had a further 7 qualifying selections and this managed to recover 23 points. The S/R during the period drops down to 84.6% but to put this in context this was only the 6th and 7th losses the system has had since 1 July 13 and there have been some 307 qualifiers. Opening Bank =200 points Close 11th May =225 points (net of 5% B/F comms)

You can try The Lay Analyst here:

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May 12, 2014

Profits From The Turf

Ten days on and unfortunately I’ve gone further into the red. Looking forward to a good run with this as previous results were excellent before I started with real money (always the way!)…

Here’s the figures:

Bets: 74
Successful: 62
Unsuccessful: 12
Strike Rate: 83.8%
Avg Odds: 7.2

Profit: -£82.46

You can try Profits From The Turf here:

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May 2, 2014

Profits From The Turf

It’s nearly been one month with this service and after a blistering start making £350 in the first week, unfortunately things have now gone on a bit of a down turn and I’ve given all that back to Betfair plus a little more :-(

Here’s the figures:

Bets: 58
Successful: 49
Unsuccessful: 9
Strike Rate: 84.5%
Avg Odds: 7.55

Profit: -£17.58

Let’s hope this is just a blip as the previous results look excellent.

You can try Profits From The Turf here:

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April 27, 2014

Pro Betting Club

This report covers the two week period from 14th April thro to and including 27th April .


During this period I logged in every day at 1230 and picked up the selections without any problems.

I received a total of 34 selections, 17 of which passed thro the filter and became bets,13 of these duly won , a strike rate of 76%.Following the staking plan I achieved a total of some 13.32 Points profit .Although these naps zero in on a series of short priced favourites -a market many professionals ignore -to date the system has achieved since starting 3 weeks ago a  profit of just over 15 points with a S/R of 70%.

Opening Bank =200 points Close 27thth =215.12 points  (net of 5% B/F comms)


Lay Analyst

Over the period I logged in each day and received without any problems the selections together with the suggested number of points to lay each selection in the event that it passes thro the 3 stage procedure and qualifies as a bet.I had 10 such qualifying bets and all duly “Won” providing a 34 point increase to the bank.

I would say that one of my qualifying bets was a suggested 5 point lay and I also had 2x. 4 point qualifiers,given the relatively large odds that they were laid at may seem a touch scary but this  touches on the point I raised in my last report that the system had achieved a S/R in excess of 95% over some 300 qualifying selections since the beginning of July 13.

Opening Bank =200 points Close 27th =246.5 points (net of 5% B/F comms)




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April 15, 2014

Pro Betting Club

This review is of 2 of 6 tipping services provided by the Pro Betting Club and are:

  1. A Naps backing service providing tips to back on selected short priced favourites.
  2. A Lay tipping service -The Lay Analyst.

Both services cost in round terms £1 a day each when purchased for 3 months at a time and the tips are emailed out every day by 1230. Membership to each of the 6 services is limited in number to curb the effects on market prices as subscribers put their bets on.

These 2 services have been operating since Jan 13  and July 13  respectively and from the results provided it appears that they are both very successful.

The Naps service has a strike rate of some 65% overall  and features a small ratcheting staking plan . Some 249 points with no losing months  up to end March 14 is claimed. The recommended betting bank is 200 points .

The Lay Analyst has a reported Strike rate in excess of 95% based on the results provided and returned a very healthy 461 points over that period,one losing month was recorded -0.75of a point. Again a 200 point bank is recommended.

We will test these 2 products for 12 weeks ,which will encompass the transition from the NH/AW seasons through to the “full on” Flat season and see how they perform. I had one initial query when logging into the service for the first time which was very rapidly answered by one of the authors. This is always an encouraging sign when trying a new product, generally if I get no response I have found that to be a clear indicator to hit the refund button soonest with racing services.

So how has the first week 5th April-13th April gone?

I have logged in at 1230 each day and picked up the tips for both services without any problems at all.

Naps – Very easy to follow the instructions that provide for a small filter on the selections that needs to be applied and thus you will need a Betfair account and  utilise a Bot or be in front of a PC/Tablet to know whether the tips have passed the filter and thus become selections in the minute or so before the off.

I had 7 qualifying bets of which 3 lost and 4 won  so slightly down on the predicted S/R but by following the staking plan the bank was up 1.8points.

Opening Bank =200 points Close 13th =201.8 points  (net of 5% B/F comms)

Lay Analyst -Again very easy to follow instructions,in this case there are 2 filters the tips must pass through to qualify as a bet and again a bot is required if you cannot be in front of your PC  at the time of each race that has a qualifying selection. From the approximately 10 tips a day I had ,5 that passed through both filters and became bets  and duly lost in their respective races and thus returned a healthy 12.35 points for the week.

One point to note is that I used a Tablet on 5th April with the Betfair app that produced a qualifying bet on the Lay service but in actual fact when I checked at home on my PC the BSP was slightly too high for the second filter. It would appear that the refresh rate on the app runs slower than my PC. However the bet did succeed so I have left this result in.

A further point to note is that the price of the Lays  has generally been circa 10.0 + and various multiples of stake from 2-5points are recommended depending on the selection .So this type of laying service may not be for the faint hearted but given the stated Strike Rate this should not be a deterrent.

Opening Bank =200 points Close 13th =212.35 points (net of 5% B/F comms)

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