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July 1, 2014

The Simple Lay System

I’m being forced to call a halt to this trial.

I have been getting the selections from the system author, who charges a minimal £2.49 a week to send them through, which saves 15 minutes a day working them out myself.

I asked him why there have been no selections for a while and this was his response:

“Apologies a few personal issues have meant I haven’t been able to send selections as well as run other services. For the time being I won’t be able to send selections for this service, entirely up to yourself if you want to run the remainder of the trial finding selections yourself or shelf the trial.”

So it would appear that he has no interest in continuing with the review which, considering the results to date, doesn’t bode well at all. The fact that I’ve missed a week’s worth of selections already and the authors lack of interest in his own product together with the poor results leads me to conclude this is a no hoper.

Bets: 44
Successful: 25
Unsuccessful: 19
Strike Rate: 56.8%
Avg Odds: 3.26

Profit: -£89.06

This one is a simple FAIL.Failed

You can try The Simple Lay System here:

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June 28, 2014

The Simple Lay System

Not had any bets on this all week. Still, that probably saved me losing any more money!

Bets: 44
Successful: 25
Unsuccessful: 19
Strike Rate: 56.8%
Avg Odds: 3.26

Profit: -£89.06

It’s still going in the wrong direction.

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June 27, 2014

The Laying Game

Ok, I have to admit, so far I am very impressed with this bit of kit.

I’ve been using it for exactly one week and it seems to be really bringing home the bacon.

It takes about two minutes to set up each morning. I load it, click on the Scan button, and within 10 seconds it spits out the bets for the day. I save those to a spreadsheet, add a date column, and load it into The Bet Engine and start it up.

That really is it.

I’ve been betting to £10 liabilities, so on a losing bet I lose £10, and on a winning bet, I win a varied amount depending on what the odds are on the horse. I’ve been running this on both the Win market and the Place market on Betfair and here are the results after one week:

Win Market

Bets: 103
Successful: 88
Unsuccessful: 15
Strike Rate: 85.4
Avg Odds: 4.93
Profit: £132.53

Place Market

Bets: 46
Successful: 33
Unsuccessful: 13
Strike Rate: 71.7
Avg Odds: 2.62
Profit: £85.42

Total Profit: £217.95

That makes a combined profit of £217.95 to £10 bets in one week for two minutes work a day.

That’s good. That’s very good.

But there’s something else I completely forgot to mention in my opening post about this software…

This software costs £49.95 for A WHOLE YEARS access. That’s fifty quid for a year! I’ve made quadruple that in profit in the first week.

Well, that’s at the moment anyway. The price is going up on this software at midnight on 30th June so if you fancy getting a years access for a stupidly low price, go and get it now here:

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June 26, 2014

Profits From The Turf

This is a laying service that has been running since September last year. It was proofed live on a free daily e-mail service from the middle of September until the end of January and attained an average strike rate of 90% and 230 points profit. At this point it started as a paid service.

This lays horses in the Win market on Betfair, however bets are determined by the price in the Place market.

So you log into the members area each morning to pick up the bets, but you only lay them if the PLACE price is 3.0 or less.

This is very easily set up in the Bet Engine, so bets can be simply entered in the morning and left to run.

I’d been watching this for a while and decided to start betting with my own money on Friday 4th April , betting £20 level stakes. The results initially were very pleasing, with a profit of £340 in the first week. However, it bombed after that, gave it all back and then proceeded to go further and further into the red.

I’ve called a halt to the trial on 23rd June, as the service provider mentioned he might shut down the service due to poor performance. Here are my final results:

Bets: 177
Successful: 146
Unsuccessful: 31
Strike Rate: 82.5%
Avg Odds: 7.1

Profit: -£486.73

I really disappointed how this has turned out as it had an excellent run prior to this. It may be that this service works best during the National Hunt so if it’s still going then, I’ll retrial it to see how it does.

For now, I have to put this down as FAILED.Failed

You can try Profits From The Turf here:

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June 23, 2014

Profits From The Turf

Still no joy with this method.  Another couple of weeks and we’ll be three months in.

Here’s the numbers:

Bets: 175
Successful: 146
Unsuccessful: 29
Strike Rate: 83.4
Avg Odds: 7.10

Profit: -£201.68

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June 20, 2014

The Laying Game

We originally tested, and failed, this software two years ago because although it made a small profit, it wasn’t anywhere near enough to make it a viable system.

However, things have changed. They have altered the selection method slightly and introduced some odds rules for both the win and the place markets and the results have been extremely good since it’s relaunch.

The Laying Game is basically a bit of software that you simply click one button and it scans the racing markets in a matter of seconds and throws out the bets for the day. You then bet on these selections as either a straight lay bet in the win market, with an odds criteria of 2.0-10, or in the place market with odds of between 2.0 and 4.0. You can bet to Liability so it’s therefore possible to place all your bets in one go in the morning, stipulating the odds requirements, or if you prefer, like me, you can use a bot to place the bets for you. The software allows you to export all the selections to a csv file, and the only thing I need to do to make this compatible with The Bet Engine is to add an additional column for todays date, which only takes a minute to do, then I simply load up all the selections at the click of a mouse and set it running.

The published results since relaunch one month ago on 20th May show a profit of £287 to just £10 liability staking on the win bets, and an incredible £534 to £10 liability staking on the place bets. This is using just £500 bank too, so over 100% return in one month.

It’s really easy to set up and run, especially using a bot, so I’ll be testing both the win and the place markets at £10 liability staking for each.

You can try The Laying Game here:

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June 19, 2014

The Simple Lay System

Another two weeks on and, unfortunately, no improvement in results thus far…

Bets: 39
Successful: 23
Unsuccessful: 16
Strike Rate: 59%
Avg Odds: 3.25

Profit: -£66.16

It’s going in the wrong direction at the moment.

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June 3, 2014

The Simple Lay System

The Simple Lay System is brought to you from the same team behind Betting Pro Lays.

It’s a basic but well formulated lay system focused on races under 2 miles.

Selections can be identified using readily accessible, free sites, in only 10-15 minutes per day and using the recommended liability staking you can place the bets first thing in the morning.

The cost of the system is £99 ($166) and this is a one off fee.

Anyone signing up can receive all selections via email for an additional £2.49 a week, and these are sent out before 11am everyday.

It’s a very simple, easy to use lay system with low liability, with maximum odds of 3/1 (4.0).

I’ve been using it for two weeks now, with a starting bank of £500 and risking 2.5% liability on each bet.

Here are my results to date:

Bets: 23
Successful: 14
Unsuccessful: 9
Strike Rate: 60.9
Avg Odds: 3.04

Profit: -£24.09

I should point out that since starting this trial they have introduced a new staking plan which involves a small progression on the liability percentage following a losing bet:

Example £1000 starting bank.

Bet 1 – 1% liability

If the bet loses we increase the liability on bet 2.

Making the liability on the next bet 2% of the STARTING bank.

We keep increasing the liability by 1% until we get a winning bet and then reduce back down to 1%.

It isn’t an aggressive loss recovery as we don’t increase the stake until the bank has fully recovered, we only keep increasing by 1% until we have a winning lay. There aren’t long losing runs so the risk to the bank stays pretty minimal.

As with most liability staking plans, as the bank increases the 1% stake will keep increasing in line with the bank, once the bank hits a new high this figure is used to calculate your percentage liability.

Unfortunately, this staking can’t be automated with Bet Engine and since I am using that to log my results for this trial I will report on a standard 2.5% liability staking on each bet, but I will also show what the profit would have been using the recommended staking at the end of the trial.

You can buy The Simple Lay System for £99 here:

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June 3, 2014

Profit From Racing

Here’s another Lay betting tip service, this time brought to you from a chap going by the name of Adam Wilkes.

You get a 30 day trial for just £4 and the selections are e-mailed to you each morning, usually around 11am.

The staking for this service is recommended as a 10% liability on each bet. So your total risk on each bet is 10% of your bank. This may sound a lot but your bank is re-calculated after each bet so you wouldn’t bust the bank in ten losing bets as the risk on each bet reduces after a loser and increases after a winning bet.

The advantage of this staking is that, so long as the performance is reasonably good, the bank increases quite dramatically. He includes a spreadsheet of his own bets showing how he earns £500+ a month having started with a relatively modest amount.

The maximum odds on a lay bet is 6.99 and bets can be placed in advance with a price stipulation because we use Liability betting. Alternatively you can use a bot to place your bets for you.

I’ve been subscribing since 22nd December 2013, so I’ve had four and a half months of tips so far and here are my results, starting with a £500 bank:

Bets: 89
Successful: 71
Unsuccessful: 18
Strike Rate: 79.8
Avg Odds: 4.42

Profit: £237.68

This represents a 47.53% increase on the bank in just over four months which is not bad.

The subscription cost is a very reasonable £19.97 a month, with the first month at £4, so even deducting subscription costs of  £63.91 for the period, I’m still up by £173.77.

Ok, this isn’t exactly going to pay off your mortgage, but a £500 starting bank is modest anyway so this kind of return, even after subscription costs, is pretty good.

It will be interesting to see where my bank is at after one full year and I will of course update you in due course.

For now I’m going to mark this one as Approved.

It’s a nice simple laying service which appears to deliver the goods.Approved2

You can try Profit From Racing for £4 here:



Since publishing this review it has come to my attention that I should have been betting to 1% lay stakes, rather than 10% lay liabilities. I’m pretty sure I must have set the wrong staking tab in the Bet Engine when I set this up but I guess we now know that this is also profitable betting to Lay Liabilities which is also useful for people that don’t use bots and can’t be around to check the price stipulation before the off.

I have now set mine to bet to 1% lay stakes and will update this in a few months.

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June 3, 2014

Profits From The Turf

After an astounding start to this trial, the results have reversed… at some speed!

Here’s the numbers:

Bets: 120
Successful: 100
Unsuccessful: 20
Strike Rate: 83.3
Avg Odds: 7.19

Profit: -£160.87

The problem is the high odds on the losing bets. We need a higher strike rate, or lower odds on the losers… preferably both.

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