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April 11, 2014

Profits From the Turf

This is a rather neat laying service that has been running since September last year. It was proofed live on a free daily e-mail service from the middle of September until the end of January and attained an average strike rate of 90% and 230 points profit. At this point it started as a paid service.

This lays horses in the Win market on Betfair, however bets are determined by the price in the Place market.

So you log into the members area each morning to pick up the bets, but you only lay them if the PLACE price is 3.0 or less.

This is very easily set up in the Bet Engine, so bets can be simply entered in the morning and left to run.

I’ve been watching this for a while and decided to start betting with my own money last Friday, betting £20 level stakes. The results so far have been very pleasing:

Bets: 17
Successful: 17
Unsuccessful: 0
Strike Rate: 100%
Avg Odds: 6.85

Profit: £340

Not bad for a week!

I’ll run this trial for the usual three months and report on progress at regular intervals.

You can try Profits From The Turf here:

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So, I tested the Diamond racing lays service from 1st Jan to 8th April. That is around 14 weeks. As mentioned in the opening post, this is a very minimal laying service. The tipster even says when you join the service, that if you email him with questions, he won’t respond as he is far too busy. So, all you get is one email per day that normally contains one tip (twice the email contained two tips).

Here is a summary of the results plus a breakdown by month:


             Bets    Won     Loss         %        Points profit

Jan         14         8          6      57.14      -5.32
Feb         19       12          7      63.16      -2.83
Mar         18       13          5      72.22      +3.16
Apr           3        1           2      33.33      -2.41

Total      54       34         20      62.96      -7.4

So at £10 stakes, we would have been down -£74, plus the cost of the subscription (£29 per month), plus a little more (3-5%) for the betfair commission on the winning bets.

The problem was, because it is a laying service, the strike rate has to be pretty high, above 70% at least. Unfortunately, we didn’t get close to this, the strike rate we were getting was much closer to 60%. March was our only month where we made a profit, due I think to the fact that it was the first time in the test period where we had 5 bets that won, back to back.  Prior to that, the losing bets were just too frequent. When you consider that these results don’t include the subscription costs of £29 per month, and you are paying a percentage commission on Betfair for the winning bets, the losses would actually be higher, meaning you would probably need a strike rate over 75% just to break even.

I took a look at the previous published results. There does appear to be profit every year, but some of it is not much. For example, the last 2 years only provided +20 points each, but 2011 provided +60 points. 20 points is not a huge profit and at £10 stakes would not even cover the cost of the subscription, but 2011 was clearly a good year.

So, how do I summarise this service. Whilst they may have had good winning years in the past, I have to look at the results during the test period. 14 weeks is a relatively long test period and given the results in the test period, I have to put this service down as a failure. It simply didn’t maintain a sufficient strike rate to make it profitable. Whilst there was a small glimmer of hope with a positive return for one month, it wasn’t stunning. When you take into consideration the subscription fee and commission, I don’t think it offers good value.

I was close to giving this a neutral rating because I know that there are historical results that show that it has been profitable in the past. However, over the period of this test, it consistently lost money, hence I have given it a fail.


You can get Diamond Racing Lays here:

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So its been the last few weeks of the test for diamond racing lays. Before I go onto the results, I must just mention that I had made a mistake in the spreadsheet that was recording the results. It means that the previously reported results were not quite as bad as they should have been. I have therefore been through the previous posts and edited them to put in the correct values for the bank, because it would not be fair to leave the posts showing incorrect losses that were worse that the actual losses.

So, where have we been in these last few weeks. Well, it has been a little better, we actually had a winning month in March. Not by much, but at least it was a small amount of profit! April unfortunately has not started well.

Since the last update we’ve had 14 bets ( we had another day with two tips, and again no explanation, so I bet both tips). Of the 14 tips, we had 10 winners and 4 losers, giving us a net gain of £31.60 for the period and a strike rate of 71%. It is slightly better than we have had previously, but, alas not a big enough change to have much of an affect on the results.

So, as of the end of 8th April, the bank stood at -£74. We had a total of 54 bets, of which 34 won and 20 lost, giving us a strike rate of 62.96%

That’s it for the test, I’ll summarise the results in a post to follow shortly.

You can get Diamond Racing Lays here:

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March 31, 2014

Russell Gibbs

A good month on the backing side of the service with a profit of 15.2 points (at advised prices) and £370 on the laying side of the service if laying to £100 fixed liability (at advised prices).

You can try Russell Gibbs here:

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March 2nd – March 11th   (Day 1 to Day 10)

I’ve been running the  BetHawk robot  with the DP9 Portfolio now for 10 days.  The robot was easy to set up and once started easy  to  leave unattended on my VPS.

Here is a summary of the results so far  from my live betfair account:

Date                              No of bets placed      Daily Profit/Loss         Running Total
March 2 2014                            35                              + 21.2                            1021.2
March 3 2014                           77                                + 4.9                             1026.1
March 4 2014                           54                                -8.45                            1017.65
March 5 2014                           74                                 -34                                983.65
March 6 2014                            73                                -26                                 957.65
March 7 2014                           49                                 +29.8                           987.45
March 8 2014                           56                                 +6.25                           993.7
March 9 2014                           25                                 -10.1                             983.6
March 10 2014                         44                                -13.8                            969.8
March 11 2014                          73                                 +39.57                       1009.37

Starting Bank 1000 pts

Lowest Bank  957.65 pts

Highest Bank 1026.1 pts

Current Bank  1009.37 pts

Profit/Loss  + 9.37 pts

You can try Bet Hawk here:

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ok, another 3 weeks have passed since the last update.  What’s been happening? Well, there was a brief bit of excitement on the 20th Feb when the email containing the tip caught me out since it actually contained 2 tips.  There was no other information in the email so I wasn’t sure if this was a typo (a copy and paste error), whether I was supposed to place two bets, or to choose one.  Well, given the lack of information, I decided to place both bets.  As it happens, one of the horses pulled up, and the other was a no bet since the odds ended up higher than the cap of 4.  So, that was the most exciting thing to happen with this system so far, which doesn’t say a lot for the results….

Since the last update, out of the 21 days, I’ve had 6 no bet days, and 3 bets where the odds breached the cap of 4. So, only 14 actual bets placed (don’t forget we had 2 bets on one day). Of the 14 bets, only 9 of them won, and because we are laying, that really isn’t the high enough strike rate that we need.

So, our bank is now down to £-97 (at £10 stakes). We’ve had a total of 40 bets since the test started, 24 have won and, 16 have lost. Our strike rate is currently 60%.

My random selections are doing a little better.  Still we get mostly no bets because the bsp goes over the cap of 4, but over the last 3 weeks I did randomly get 4 more bets that won, and no losers. So for the completely random selections I stand at 10 bets, 9 winners and 1 loser, and the bank is up at +£60.8.

That’s it for now. We are coming towards the end of the test period for Diamond Racing Lays.  We need the next couple of weeks to really have some strong results.

You can get Diamond Racing Lays here:



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March 10, 2014

Russell Gibbs

12 points profit in January and 3.5 points in February for the backing side of this service which makes £150 at £10 stakes. However a £540 loss in January on the laying side off set this, although February saw a profit of £270 to make some recoevery. Janaury was actually the first losing month since June last year on the laying side for this service.

You can join the Russell Gibbs service here:

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February 22, 2014

BetHawk – Revisited

Bethawk  is  a fully automated betting bot for use with UK horse racing on the Betfair Betting Exchange from AceBots Software. It is fully automated, running 24/7 without any user interaction. BetHawk consists of a number of micro-systems, each micro-system with its own staking. You select which micro-systems you want to follow and  the amount to stake on each one: thereby creating your own portfolio of micro-systems.

BetHawk  caters for all sized betting banks, from the punter thats like to start small with as little as 10p bets, to the high stakes professional gambler up to £50 per bet.  Pricing starts at £39 per month.You can increase your subscription to allow you to run more systems with increased staking.

BetHawk has been previously  reviewed here at Cash Master and received a neutral rating. At the end of the previous trial, it was recommended that the product be reviewed again at a later date. Since August 2013, Dynamic Managed Portfolios have been added, where  portfolios are created and managed for you at no extra cost.

In this review, I will be monitoring one of the Dynamic Managed Portfolios called the 9 system version, which is up over 500 pts  since 1st August 2013. The cost to run DP9 @ £2 stakes is £55 pm. This is made up of £39 for the basic bot (includes 5 credits)  plus 4 extra credits @ £4 each:  £39 + £16 = £55.

The review will last for  at least six months, to get a good long term appraisal. The starting bank is 1000 pts. This is ultra-cautious and is over 6x the maximum draw down since 1st August 2013.

I will be running BetHawk on a VPS, specifically the Tagadab: SVS1000, their cheapest Windows option. This is perfectly adequate for Bethawk @ £14.99 per month. Note Bethawk will not run on a Linux server. You can of course run BetHawk from your own computer at no cost.

The review will begin shortly.

You can try BetHawk for free here:

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February 20, 2014

Horse Laying Professionals

I’m asked on a fairly regular basis what systems or services, out of the hundreds that we’ve reviewed over the years, do I personally use myself.

Well, actually it’s usually ‘what is the best system or service out there’ and that’s an impossible question to answer because everyone has different circumstances and a system or service that is excellent for one person may be completely useless to someone else.

My own circumstances dictate that I’m generally not available to bet live during the days, and I usually do not have a lot of time to spend on my daily betting activities, so my personal preferences are systems and services that I can spend just a few minutes a day placing my bets and then I’m done, leaving me free to get on with other things.

I use Bet Engine to place all my Betfair bets because it’s really quick and it keeps a really useful log of all the bets of each particular system or service I’m using.

So one of my favourite and certainly one of the most profitable services I use is Horse Laying Professionals. I’ve been betting live with this service since 22nd May 2013 and it really couldn’t be simpler. The e-mail with the day’s selections is there in the morning when I wake up and it’s just a matter of placing the bets, or setting a bot to place them and that’s it.

Here are my actual results betting £25 level stakes:

Bets: 665
Successful: 501
Unsuccessful: 164
Strike Rate: 75.3
Avg Odds: 3.96

Profit: £1,867.05

That’s a nice profit over nine months for a couple of minutes work a day!

This is definitely one of the most stable income producers in my betting portfolio and the growth on bank has been phenomenal.

If you haven’t tried Horse Laying Professionals yet then you’re missing out. The price is just £7 for the first month and then £37 a month after that but the price is going up to £47 a month very soon so if you wish to lock in the cheaper price, it’s time to act now.

Full details here:

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Ok, its been nearly 3 weeks since the last update, how have we been getting on?  We needed a nice winning streak to get this back on track, but unfortunately, that is not what we got. Our bank is consistently going in the wrong direction, sure we get winning bets, but the losing bets are coming in far too frequently, and since the losing bets are quite a lot bigger than our winning bets, it isn’t looking good at the moment.

Since the last update, we’ve had 19 days. Of those, we’ve placed 12 bets, 7 of which won, but 5 lost. That’s a strike rate of only 58% over that period.  If we look at our totals, so far we’ve had 26 bets in total, 15 of which have won and 11 have lost. That is a strike rate of 57.6% for the whole test so far.  Our bank is currently down £91.70 at £10 stakes.  We need to be getting a much higher strike rate to make this work, so lets hope it picks up over the next few weeks.

As for the random picks I am running side by side, again, we have not had many bets. That is because, with such a tight cap on the odds (in order to keep the comparison in line with the tips, if the odds are greater than 4, the bet is not placed) most of the random choices are not valid.  However, we were lucky enough to get two random choices where the odds were below 4, and both those bets won.  So, the random picks is now at 6 bets, 5 won, 1 loss, 83% strike rate and bank £20.80 at £10 stakes.

That’s it for now, lets hope we get more winning bets and this system picks up.

You can get Diamond Racing Lays here:

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