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Bethawk is looking very encouraging after the first month period from March 2nd to April 1st. It is up 95.73 pts!  This robot has continued to operate flawlessly. The results declared below are from my Betfair live account.  For comparison purposes, the Bethawk configuration software logged the profit at 95.04 points.  This is after a total of 1860 bets! The small difference arises mainly due to commission rounding subtleties.

I have in fact been running a slightly modified version of the recommended DP9 system. The official DP9 system includes 9 micro-systems. In fact,  you can select any number of micro-systems from a total of 24 micro-systems. My system is called the DPcm9 system, where cm stands for cash master. DPcm9 also consists of nine micro-systems with one micro-system different from the DP9 system. The total profit from the DP9 system (as reported from a live account) is 62.24.

Here are the bets from DPcm9 for the first month of testing:

Date                  No. bets   Daily Profit/Loss      Bank

March 2                     35            21.2                        1021.2

March 3                     77              4.9                         1026.1

March 4                     54            -8.45                      1017.65

March 5                     74             -34                         983.65
March 6                    73              -26                          957.65
March 7                    49              29.8                      987.45
March 8                   56                6.25                      993.7
March 9                   25              -10.1                      983.6
March 10                44              -13.8                      969.8
March 11                  73              39.57                  1009.37
March 12                  72              -14.35                  995.02
March 13                  61                41.85                 1036.87
March 14                  55              -9.05                   1027.82
Mar-15                       71                -14.8                  1013.02
Mar-16                      16                  -4.9                   1008.12
Mar-17                      75                 25.55                 1033.67
Mar-18                       57               -20.45               1013.22
Mar-19                      110              -11.5                  1001.72
Mar-20                    79                    4.7                   1006.42
Mar-21                     61                    -11.95                994.47
Mar-22                   66                      -3.55                990.92
Mar-23                    25                     38.75             1029.67
Mar-24                  63                     -6.75                1022.92
Mar-25                   53                    -3.15                 1019.77
Mar-26                  80                    11.95                1031.72
Mar-27                  66                     23.15               1054.87
Mar-28                  71                     21.95                1076.82
Mar-29                 49                     -11.8                 1065.02
Mar-30                19                     -6.1                     1058.92
Mar-31                73                     14.85                  1073.77
Apr-01                 78                      21.96                  1095.73


Starting Bank: 1000 pts

Lowest Bank:  957.65 pts

Highest Bank: 1095.63 pts

Number of Betting Days: 31 out of a possible 31

Total Number of Bets: 1860

Current Bank: 1095.63 pts

Total Profit/Loss:  95.63 pts

You can try Bet Hawk here:

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April 2, 2014

Horse Betting Analyst

Yet another fantastic month showing 80 points profit! (Strike Rate 30.7%, ROI 38.79%).

That’s the 10th consecutive month of profits, with an average of 75 points per month made in that time:

Mar 80.30
Feb 106.20
Jan 105.00
Dec 83.05
Nov 30.00
Oct 40.93
Sep 7.15
Aug 50.60
Jul 226.40
Jun 19.68

We’ve started the year in cracking form with 291 points profit in just 3 months at an ROI of 64.3%!

Coming off the back of 617 points in 2013 and 500 in 2012, are we set for another astonishing record points haul by the end of 2014? Certainly, with the days starting to get lighter, the sky could be the limit.

If you’re not a subscriber already, what are you waiting for?

Subscribe here:

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March 31, 2014

Russell Gibbs

A good month on the backing side of the service with a profit of 15.2 points (at advised prices) and £370 on the laying side of the service if laying to £100 fixed liability (at advised prices).

You can try Russell Gibbs here:

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March 31, 2014

The Grand National

We’re less than a week away from the start of the Grand National Festival and this year Michael Wilding of Race Advisor is going to be providing his own personal analysis of EVERY SINGLE RACE for each of the three days of the festival!

I had the pleasure of Michaels company over a few pints of beer a couple of weeks ago and he really is a genuine bloke.

Click the link below to learn more and to book a limited place! These will go fast so do get in ASAP! The low fee currently available will rise closer to the start of the Festival.


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Another winning week adds a nice sum to the bank. The system owner did comment that the transition from jumps to flat sees some poorer quality racing at this time of year so it is pleasing that he is being very selective as to where our money should be placed

Monday 24 March No selections
Tuesday 25 March 15:10 Fontwell: Ballyheigue Boy: 1 1/2pt ew, 2nd at 4/1 = Break even
Tuesday 25 March 16:45 Chepstow: Ballywatt: 1pt win, 1st at 7/2 = +£35.00
Wednesday 26 March No selections
Thursday 27 March No selections
Friday 28 March No selections
Saturday 29 March 13:45 Meydan: Cavalryman: 1pt win, 2nd at 3/1 = -£10.00
Saturday 29 March 14:45 Uttoxeter: Ohio Gold: 1 1/2pt win, 1st at 2/1 = +£30.00
Sunday 30 March No Selections

Weekly Total: +£55.00

Bank: +£145.60

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March 24, 2014

The Pro Punter Package

The Pro Punter Package is essentially a horse racing ratings and selection package and is available for £19 and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

The main “guts” of the system is a 14 chapter e- book that will walk the user through the key areas of rating a race .There are guides on how to proceed through the various stages of producing Form Ratings, Speed Ratings, Class Ratings and finally Pace Ratings .The book also narrows down the type of race on which the ratings plans should be employed .Finally once the various ratings are produced there follows a practical example of selection.

There is also a chapter on staking with 3 plans dependent on the amount of risk the user feels most comfortable with. The book concludes with a chapter that explains 3 simple but effective selection plans that can be easily deployed.

Following the procedures of selecting a race and then rating the race took me initially about an hour plus to produce the 4 sets of ratings .The speed ratings package is probably the slowest element of the 4 but with practice and a spreadsheet to record the ratings, and thus the start of a database, there is no doubt the whole procedure will become quicker .Subsequent efforts on 2 other races saw me get down to under one hour per race and I did find a winner as well.

However this is essentially a “mandraulic “system and this may well deter many people who want a fast result .No one is going to get rich quick and throw their job in next Monday morning because they invested in this system. Like many things in life what you get from this system really all depends on how much effort and time you are prepared to put in.The steps that the system goes through are logical and full of common sense and probably the sum of several years’ worth of betting experience condensed down into 14 chapters.

A few more worked examples of the final selection from the 4 sets of ratings would have been helpful but for only £19 it is as least as good if not better than many far more expensive products out there in the market.

As a first step into racing or indeed for those who have tried multiple quick fix solutions and failed or do not want to be tied to a tipster service this would be a very useful guide indeed. For those of you who fit these categories of would be punters I recommend this package.Approved2

You can get Pro Punter Package for £19 here:

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Post Cheltenham the selections are still providing a reasonable return

Monday 17 March No selections
Tuesday 18 March No selections
Wednesday 19 March 15:00 Lingfield: Rock ‘N Rouge: 1 1/2pt win, 1st at 6/4 = +£18.75
Wednesday 19 March 16:50 Haydock: Straidnahanna: 1pt win, 2nd at 2/1 = -£10.00
Thursday 20 March 15:15 Wolverhampton: Piton: 2pt win, 1st at 11/4 = +£35.00
Friday 21 March No selections
Saturday 22 March 14:40 Lingfield: Ladies Are Forever: 1pt EW, 5th at 4/1 = -£20.00
Saturday 22 March 15:50 Lingfield: Windhoek: 1pt EW, 2nd at 13/2 = +£6.25
Sunday 23 March No Selections

Weekly Total: +£30.00

Bank: +£90.60

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The BetHawk Robot continues to perform flawlessly. I only need to log in to my VPS every night and check the results. As regarding profit/loss, BetHawk is still more or less treading water at the moment. Every calendar day so far has been a betting day.

Day                    Number of Bets  Daily Profit/Loss   Bank

March 12             72                  -14.35                    995.02
March 13              61                    41.85                  1036.87
March 14             55                    -9.05                    1027.82
Mar-15                  71                   -14.8                     1013.02
Mar-16                  16                    -4.9                        1008.12
Mar-17                  75                     25.55                  1033.67
Mar-18                  57                    -20.45                 1013.22
Mar-19                110                  -11.5                    1001.72
Mar-20                 79                         4.7                    1006.42
Mar-21                61                       -11.95                 994.47

Starting Bank 1000 pts

Lowest Bank 957.65 pts

Highest Bank 1036.87 pts

Current Bank 994.47 pts

Profit/Loss -5.53 pts

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March 18, 2014

Cash Master Racing

Subscribers enjoyed a rather splendid 27 BSP winner on the Cash Master Racing service yesterday. In fact there were only two bets for the day, and both won at odds of 27 & 7.82 BSP netting me £312.79 to £10 stakes after Betfair commission:


So far this year we have enjoyed other double figure winners at 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, & 35 BSP!

Last year’s winners came in as high as 38, 42, 45, 46, 54, 56 and even 60 BSP.

Subscribers simply login to the member’s area, pick up the days bets and bet them all at once on Betfair. No hunting around finding the best odds at bookies here.

For those unfamiliar with the service the main selections are to be backed at BSP and have made a profit of just over £6100 to £10 level stakes over the last 18 months (£15,390 to £25 stakes). Some days there can be a lot of selections, often betting on several in the same race, whilst on other days there are just a handful.

The service is so profitable that even betting at the Betfair minimum stake of £2 on each bet, a very nice profit would have been made over the cost of the annual subscription. (£774 profit at £2 bets AFTER subscription fees)

Find out more here:

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March 14, 2014

Betfair ATM

We reviewed and approved Betfair ATM way back in 2010 when the system was released so it’s time for an update.

Four years on and this continues to be a very solid earner. This week they uploaded a video on the site sent in by one new user who made close to $2100 with it over the last three months.

On the first day of Cheltenham this week he made $190 profit. Check it out here:

Festivals like Cheltenham are ideal for this system because of the large liquidity on each race.

To recap, Betfair ATM is a unique approach to In Play betting and you can easily target £50-£100 a day

It’s a method backed up by years of research on time distance correlation in UK horse racing market.

No bookies required!

Betfair ATM will continue to work so long as betting exchanges exist as it exploits a loop hole in exchange market, and that loop hole can’t be fixed.

You also get full email support from Michael (author) for any questions you have.

Some Key highlights for Betfair ATM are:-

- Betfair ATM makes you consistent £50-£100 per day from Betfair in Play.
- Strike rate is above 80%.
- Strategy is very easy to execute
- Betfair ATM can be used on both flat and jump racing.
- No fixed time to try ATM, you can use it whenever you like during racing.
- It is a backing method – so no big liabilities.
- No need to have Bookies account- If you have Betfair, it’s all you need for ATM.
- 100% email support available from author.
- Liquidity is not a problem as ATM has been well tested for over 4 years on UK horse racing.

You can get Betfair ATM here:

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