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November 12, 2013

RM Lays

When I last posted I said I would wait a few days to see what the situation was with RM Lays and whether any more selections would be sent out. Well, there haven’t been any selections so we can safely say that RM Lays is no more.

To be fair to the people at Tipster Warehouse they did ‘upgrade’ RM Lays members to another service given the very poor performance of RM Lays. Whilst I applaud the gesture it seemed to come right at the 11th and a half hour as the bank was virtually non-existent by this time.

The trial got off on a poor footing and was never likely to recover given the number of horses getting past the post in first place. This was brought into stark realisation on 05 November when Kindu came in first at a BSP of 39.61. This decimated the bank even further until there was little point in carrying on.Failed

As the service is no longer available we can only rate it as failed.

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November 12, 2013

No1 Betting Tips

This is a horse racing backing service that comes with a betting bot included. It’s run by a chap called Mike Stanley and the tips are sent out by e-mail each morning for those that wish to place them manually. However, there are a large number of bets, and the idea is that with a large turnover a long term profit is attained because we are not relying on the ups and downs of individual bets.

Due to the number of bets required, it’s advisable to use the betting bot, which is what I did for the trial.

The bot is very easy to set up and can be run on a VPS, as I did, switched on and left indefinitely. The selections load up automatically each day and the bot will continue to bet on your Betfair account for you, day after day, without needing any further attention.

You simply set the amount you wish to stake and turn it on. It can also be run in ‘trial’ mode where it doesn’t bet with real money but logs the results as if it had. This is what I used for the trial.

I set the bot to bet at £10 level stakes and left it for 60 days.

The service uses three separate selection systems: Sandstorm, Pointsman and Bonanza. You can choose to use all of them, or individual systems if you prefer. For the trial I used all the systems.

On the positive side, the bot worked flawlessly, and there was nothing further for me to do from switching it on 60 days ago until now. Results are automatically logged and downloadable into a spreadsheet.

For this kind of betting, with a large turnover, a betting bank of at least 200 points is required as it can be a real roller coaster ride, as proved to be the case on this trial. Another reason why leaving it to the bot is a good idea, as it takes out the emotional strain inevitable with long losing runs and big wins.


Unfortunately, at the end of the 60 day trial, my bank ended up down by 23.52 points, or £235.20 at £10 stakes.

Based on these results, I would normally give this is failed rating, but I’m interested to see how this does over the longer term. This may have just been a dodgy couple of months and since it’s no effort to run the bot, I shall update this review in another 60 days.

For now I’ll give this a Neutral rating.Neutral

You can try No1 Betting Tips here:

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November 11, 2013

Racing Gold

G’day all, we are now on day 10 of the trial for Racing Gold and I’m afraid the loss has increased to approximately 11 points. If you remember Racing Gold is a backing service from Tipster Warehouse offering upto 5 selections per day on the UK horse racing win and place markets.

I started the trial on Friday 01/11/13 with a bank of 100 points and after day 3 our balance stood at 95.56 points:


Day No. Selections Win Bets Place Bets Points Staked P/L Balance


4             5                      5                4                10          +6.11    101.67


5             5                      5                5                10           -3.32      98.35


6             5                      5                4                10           -2.11      96.24


7             5                      5                1                10           -5.99      90.25


8             5                      5                4                  9           +0.95     91.20


9             5                      5                4                10           -3.12      88.08


10           5                      5                4                10           +0.91     88.99

I have allowed for the 5% Betfair commission in the balance on all Betfair wins, but no allowance for the monthly subscriptions.

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November 10, 2013

Victor Value Racing

Saturday 09 November

Perhaps Victor should think about taking time off more regularly. Returning after a weeks break his selections yesterday provided a good profit for the day.

13:50 Doncaster: Levitate: 1st at 7.15 = £58.43
13:50 Doncaster: Favourite Treat: 19th at 15.5 = £-10.00
15:00 Doncaster: Cocktail Queen: 2nd at 6.4 = £-10.00
15:35 Doncaster: Conduct: 1st at 11.63 = £100.98
15:35 Doncaster: Nicholascopernicus: 7th at 12.52 = £-10.00
15:35 Doncaster: Swnymor: 6th at 28.45 = £-10.00
14:30 Sandown: Mart Lane: 6th at 7.49 = £-10.00
15:05 Sandown: Valid Reason: 2nd at 9.31 = £-10.00
13:30 Wincanton: Highland Retreat: 1st at 8.87 = £74.76
14:40 Wincanton: Alvarado(EW): non-runner

Daily Total: +£174.18

Running Total: £1252.12

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Ok, so when I started this service I thought it was going to be just another one of those tipping services that doesn’t really work, or maybe just about breaks even once you taken into consideration the subscription fee. Well, how wrong could I be! This tipping service has given amazing profits during the time I was testing.

The tip emails come through regularly in the morning around 10am-11am and clearly list the horses to bet on, the reasons why that horse was being tipped, and the offered odds at a particular bookie. There wasn’t one occasion when I couldn’t get the bet at the recommended odds, and I was checking almost immediately after the email was sent.

The staking plan is very conservative, the bets are only ever up to a maximum of 4 points per bet. In fact, I don’t think I actually had a 4 point bet, which goes to show how rare they are.  There were a few 3 point bets, and the rest were between 0.5 and 2 points per bet. And yet, that managed to bring in a massive 167 points profit in around 14 weeks.  If we were betting at £10 per point, that would have been winnings of £1,670 and at £25 per point it would be £4,175. In just 14 weeks!

During the trial, I had a total of 127 bets. Of those bets, 27 of them were outright winners. That’s a strike rate of 21%.  On top of that, I also had 11 each way winners. 21% is not a huge strike rate, but these winnings weren’t provided by lucky long shots, it was careful staking.  And yet, with the strike rate of only 21%, during the trial I only experienced 2 losing weeks.  All the other weeks turned in a profit. So, you have to be ready to accept quite a few losing bets. If you are not comfortable with that, then this product will not be for you.

The subscription costs have not been taken out of the winnings above.  Subscription options vary from £34-48 per month, depending on how long you subscribe for. However, in my test, the subscription would have easily been paid for.

So, all in all, a pretty good trial.  With profits like that, it has to be a resounding APPROVED.Approved2

You can try Secret Tips For Sale  for FREE here:

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Ok, another week has gone by, and this is going to be my last update for this service. I will publish a summary as a separate post, but here are the results for the week.

We had a total of 10 bets since the last update. Of those 10, we had 1 outright winner and 2 e/w winners.  This gave us a net profit for the week of +9 points.

The bank now stands at a 367 points.

We’ve had 127 bets, winners 27 (11 e/w).

You can get Secret Tips For Sale here:


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November 6, 2013

RM Lays

Tuesday 05 November

Well the fireworks were probably flying yesterday in the RM Lays office. The recent poor results of this service were dealt a killer blow yesterday with a high odds outsider getting their nose past the post in first place. As a result I received an email from Tipster Warehouse to say that they were acting after the recent poor performance and upgrading RM Lays members to another service. So, it is unlikely that more selections from RM Lays will be made available. I will update when I know exactly what the situation is.

12:40 Southwell: Just Five: 5th at 19 = £9.50
13:10 Southwell: George Benjamin: 14th at 13.5 = £9.50
14:10 Southwell: Stoney Quine: 1st at 8.3 = £-73.00
14:40 Southwell: Kinkohyo: 6th at 15.39 = £9.50
16:10 Southwell: Jiminy: 4th at 5.54 = £9.50
17:00 Kempton: Kindu: 1st at 39.61 = £-386.10
17:30 Kempton: Emperical: 4th at 6 = £9.50

Daily Total: -£411.60

Running Total: £71.40

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November 6, 2013

Russell Gibbs

Another profitable month for this service with 11 points profit (£110 to £10 stakes) on the backing selections and £165 profit to £100 lay liability stakes on the lay selections.

You can try Russell Gibbs for half price here:

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November 5, 2013

Bet Alchemist

We reviewed and approved the Bet Alchemist service in April this year and today the brains behind the service, Nicky Doyle, is giving away a free guide that is really worth looking at.

Nicky has been making a lot of money from the ante post markets and he’s put together a guide to tell you exactly how he makes this money.

You may not have tried ante post betting before, or you may not have had any success with it. Well it’s time to change that.

Last year, Nicky netted £3,768 in pure profit, including winners at 25/1, 22/1, and 16/1 at the Cheltenham Festival. The year before it was £3,297. And the year before that, it was £4,616 in profit.

As well as the free report, Nicky is going to GIVE YOU his selections for the Champion Hurdle and Gold Cup. The shorter of the two is 20/1, and he expects them to run MASSIVE races at the Festival.

Betting on the big meetings is a lot easier, if you just know what to look for.

Nicky does, and he’s sharing that with you, for a limited time.

Download it here:

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November 5, 2013

Victor Value Racing

I’ve been advised that there will be no selections this week so will be back with posts when they resume

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