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February 28, 2014

Mystery Horse Bot / Month#3

The bot continues to work unaided and flawlessly on my VPS..

Here follow Februarys’ results as reported by the bot to £6 stakes.

01-Feb -37
02-Feb 24
03-Feb -8
04-Feb -38
05-Feb 25
06-Feb -30
07-Feb -42
08-Feb -48
09-Feb -36
10-Feb 33
11-Feb -11
12-Feb 62
13-Feb 23
14-Feb 40
15-Feb 26
16-Feb -40
17-Feb -30
18-Feb 62
19-Feb 42
20-Feb 28
21-Feb -38
22-Feb  -29
23-Feb 34
24-Feb 23
25-Feb -10
26-Feb -29
27-Feb 27
28-Feb -41

There were two quite notable days with good profits to be had but overall the balance took a slide. My calculated results (accounting for Betfair commission follow ):

The results are to £6 stakes,  split equally on upto the maximum of three bot selections.

Total Points : -3.0 (month total reported by the bot) / Profit & loss (accounting for Betfair commission on winning bets): £-76.05

Current balance :  £1080.65  (start bank : £1200)

In summary : the month started poorly, and then redeemed itself a little later on but not sufficiently to make a profit for the month overall.


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February 27, 2014

The Longshot King

We reviewed and approved this service back in March 2011 making 52 points profit in 59 days of our trial. The service actually generated 274 points profit to level stakes in 2010 and in the whole of 2011 it made 304 points, which is really excellent.

However, in 2012 it had a torrid time and ended up losing over 100 points which would have blown the bank of anyone joining around that time. We moved the service into the Neutral section and advised to watch it to see if it recovers.

At that point Richard suspended the paid access and then opened it up as a free service to the public and has since then been working to bring the service back to the levels of 2010 and 2011.

I had a chat with Richard and he openly admitted that the service had suffered due to too many selections and has been testing limited selections for some time now which has seen a big difference in the results.

If you go to the site you can see what has been happening and its clear that Longshot King is still capable of producing very solid results. Over the last 21 months the service has made 578 points to level stakes.

Richard is now advising smaller stakes but with a betting bank of 200 points where previously it had been 100 points.

He has added his own betting bank managers tool to the members area which allows you to take profits when certain milestones are reached whilst protecting your bank and making sure you have the right level of stakes available.

I am happy to move this back in to the Approved Services section on the blog.

Right now he has a very special deal which you can take advantage of prior to the start of The Cheltenham Festival, so have a look now before you miss it.Approved2

You can join The Longshot King here:

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February 27, 2014

Cleeve Festivals 2014

Cleeve Racing are the UK’s most profitable tipping service as ranked by the independent proofing service Racing Index. So all the claims they make are easily verifiable…

They pride themselves on running a transparent service so the one thing they are not going to claim is that they always win… last year’s festivals were tough to call and they admit up front that they made a loss. (How often do you get a service that shows that?) However that was the first time in 5 years that they had so on the stats the likelihood is that this year they will be back in profit.

Cleeve Racing have shown a profit over 4 of the last 5 Cheltenham Festivals

2013 – 23 points loss – or £460 loss to £20 stakes
2012 – 24 points profit – or £480 profit to £20 stakes
2011 – 38 points profit – or £760 profit to £20 stakes
2010 – 89 points profit – or £1780 profit to £20 stakes
2009 – 42 points profit or £840 profit to £20 stakes

That’s profit of 170 points profit over 5 years… or £3400 to £20 stakes

They have also shown a profit over 4 of the the last 5 Aintree Festivals too.

2013 – 27 points loss – or £540 loss to £20 stakes
2012 – 8 points profit – or £160 profit to £20 stakes
2011 – 42 points profit – SR 12% – £840 profit to £20 a point
2010 – 75 points profit – SR 42% – £1500 profit to £20 a point
2009 – 26 points profit – SR 19% – £520 profit to £20 a point

That’s profit of 124 points profit over 5 years… or £2480 to £20 stakes

And for the last two years they have included Punchestown in the package

2013 – 6 points loss – or £120 loss to £20 stakes
2012 – 49 points profit – or £980 profit to £20 stakes

That’s profit of 55 points profit over 2 years… or £1100 to £20 stakes
(all advices have been proofed independently by Racing Index)

So what do you get included in your Cheltenham Festival ‘Survival Kit’?

- You get comprehensive coverage for every day of the Cheltenham, Aintree and Punchestown festivals.

- You receive a full race analysis with ratings that give you the background to why they have gone with those selections

- In races where they don’t have a selection they will give you their view for your placepots or personal bets

- Selections are sent by email the night before racing with staking advice and which bookies are giving the best odds

- You also get Cleeve Racing’s ante post portfolio to date

- And you get every other ante post selection that comes out

And as an extra bonus Cleeve will also give you get free coverage of..

Doncaster’s Lincoln meeting
Ayr’s Scottish Grand National Meeting
Sandown’s Bet365 Gold Cup meeting
Newmarket’s Guineas meeting

Check out the full details here:

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February 26, 2014

Free System

Today’s free system is brought to you from Darren Power of The Betting Insiders Club. Darren is a well respected name in the industry and he’s recorded a video that shares the Betting Insiders methodology for making money from betting horse racing and sports.

As well as outlining the methods used, this video gives the rules for a system that was first sold in December 2010 and since then has continued to profit and is showing a 36% return on investment.

Grab yourself a cuppa and watch it here:

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February 23, 2014

Better Horse Racing Service

Week 3 still relatively quiet, service is likely to be busier nearer Cheltenham.

Monday 17 February No selections
Tuesday 18 February 15:35 Southwell: Expect: 2 pt win, 5th at 2.14 = -£20.00
Tuesday 18 February 15:45 Taunton: Virak: 1 pt win, 1st at 3.75 = +£26.13
Wednesday 19 February No selections
Thursday 20 February No selections
Friday 21 February 16:45 Thurles: See Double You: 1pt EW, 2nd at 4.12/1.86 = -£1.83
Saturday 22 February 15:30 Lingfield: Robin Hoods Bay: 1.5pt EW, 4th at 9.88/2.2 = -£30.00
Saturday 22 February 16:05 Lingfield: Mbhali: 2 points win, 3rd at 2.37 = -£20.00
Sunday 23 February No selections

Weekly P/L -£45.71
Running Total -£14.62

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February 22, 2014

BetHawk – Revisited

Bethawk  is  a fully automated betting bot for use with UK horse racing on the Betfair Betting Exchange from AceBots Software. It is fully automated, running 24/7 without any user interaction. BetHawk consists of a number of micro-systems, each micro-system with its own staking. You select which micro-systems you want to follow and  the amount to stake on each one: thereby creating your own portfolio of micro-systems.

BetHawk  caters for all sized betting banks, from the punter thats like to start small with as little as 10p bets, to the high stakes professional gambler up to £50 per bet.  Pricing starts at £39 per month.You can increase your subscription to allow you to run more systems with increased staking.

BetHawk has been previously  reviewed here at Cash Master and received a neutral rating. At the end of the previous trial, it was recommended that the product be reviewed again at a later date. Since August 2013, Dynamic Managed Portfolios have been added, where  portfolios are created and managed for you at no extra cost.

In this review, I will be monitoring one of the Dynamic Managed Portfolios called the 9 system version, which is up over 500 pts  since 1st August 2013. The cost to run DP9 @ £2 stakes is £55 pm. This is made up of £39 for the basic bot (includes 5 credits)  plus 4 extra credits @ £4 each:  £39 + £16 = £55.

The review will last for  at least six months, to get a good long term appraisal. The starting bank is 1000 pts. This is ultra-cautious and is over 6x the maximum draw down since 1st August 2013.

I will be running BetHawk on a VPS, specifically the Tagadab: SVS1000, their cheapest Windows option. This is perfectly adequate for Bethawk @ £14.99 per month. Note Bethawk will not run on a Linux server. You can of course run BetHawk from your own computer at no cost.

The review will begin shortly.

You can try BetHawk for free here:

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February 20, 2014

Horse Laying Professionals

I’m asked on a fairly regular basis what systems or services, out of the hundreds that we’ve reviewed over the years, do I personally use myself.

Well, actually it’s usually ‘what is the best system or service out there’ and that’s an impossible question to answer because everyone has different circumstances and a system or service that is excellent for one person may be completely useless to someone else.

My own circumstances dictate that I’m generally not available to bet live during the days, and I usually do not have a lot of time to spend on my daily betting activities, so my personal preferences are systems and services that I can spend just a few minutes a day placing my bets and then I’m done, leaving me free to get on with other things.

I use Bet Engine to place all my Betfair bets because it’s really quick and it keeps a really useful log of all the bets of each particular system or service I’m using.

So one of my favourite and certainly one of the most profitable services I use is Horse Laying Professionals. I’ve been betting live with this service since 22nd May 2013 and it really couldn’t be simpler. The e-mail with the day’s selections is there in the morning when I wake up and it’s just a matter of placing the bets, or setting a bot to place them and that’s it.

Here are my actual results betting £25 level stakes:

Bets: 665
Successful: 501
Unsuccessful: 164
Strike Rate: 75.3
Avg Odds: 3.96

Profit: £1,867.05

That’s a nice profit over nine months for a couple of minutes work a day!

This is definitely one of the most stable income producers in my betting portfolio and the growth on bank has been phenomenal.

If you haven’t tried Horse Laying Professionals yet then you’re missing out. The price is just £7 for the first month and then £37 a month after that but the price is going up to £47 a month very soon so if you wish to lock in the cheaper price, it’s time to act now.

Full details here:

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Ok, its been nearly 3 weeks since the last update, how have we been getting on?  We needed a nice winning streak to get this back on track, but unfortunately, that is not what we got. Our bank is consistently going in the wrong direction, sure we get winning bets, but the losing bets are coming in far too frequently, and since the losing bets are quite a lot bigger than our winning bets, it isn’t looking good at the moment.

Since the last update, we’ve had 19 days. Of those, we’ve placed 12 bets, 7 of which won, but 5 lost. That’s a strike rate of only 58% over that period.  If we look at our totals, so far we’ve had 26 bets in total, 15 of which have won and 11 have lost. That is a strike rate of 57.6% for the whole test so far.  Our bank is currently down £91.70 at £10 stakes.  We need to be getting a much higher strike rate to make this work, so lets hope it picks up over the next few weeks.

As for the random picks I am running side by side, again, we have not had many bets. That is because, with such a tight cap on the odds (in order to keep the comparison in line with the tips, if the odds are greater than 4, the bet is not placed) most of the random choices are not valid.  However, we were lucky enough to get two random choices where the odds were below 4, and both those bets won.  So, the random picks is now at 6 bets, 5 won, 1 loss, 83% strike rate and bank £20.80 at £10 stakes.

That’s it for now, lets hope we get more winning bets and this system picks up.

You can get Diamond Racing Lays here:

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February 16, 2014

Better Horse Racing Service

Week 2 sees just 3 selections in total.

Monday 10 February No selections
Tuesday 11 February No selections
Wednesday 12 February No selections
Thursday 13 February No selections
Friday 14 February 15:20 Fakenham: Saffron Wells: 1pt win, 3rd at 3.25= -£10.00
Saturday 15 February 13:45 Haydock: Handiwork: 1 1/2 points EW, 4th at 5.36/1.7 = -£30.00
Saturday 15 February 16:20 Ascot: Mountain King: 2 points win, 1st at 2.2 = +£22.80
Sunday 16 February No selections

Weekly P/L -£17.20
Running Total +£31.09


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February 14, 2014

Racing Success

Racing Success is a straightforward horse racing backing system that you can buy for the very modest one-off price of £29.

It’s been developed by Mark Boyle of Racing Winners and Racing Profits, both of which have already tested and approved at Cash Master.

So what do you get for your £29?

You get a 27 page pdf manual, e-mail support and a money back guarantee.

It’s a system for the win markets only and can be used at either the traditional bookmakers or Betfair. It involves betting on carefully selected handicap turf races in the UK and only when the minimum odds are met. The average winning odds are between 5/1 and 12/1 so there are longish losing runs but good odds on the winners should mean a decent long term profit.

I have been using Betfair to place my bets for ease of use and because, as ever, Bet Engine keeps a neat record of all my bets, however I suspect more profit could be gleaned from shopping around for the best bookie prices.

Since there are not a huge number of bets, I’ll run this review for a good few months until we get a half decent number of bets under the belt with which to make a judgement.

So far I have to say I’m pleased with progress. I’m only betting with tenners but this sort of system lends itself to larger stakes once you’re confident in it’s continuing to produce the results.

My results since 11th December:

Bets: 63
Successful: 12
Unsuccessful: 51
Strike Rate: 19
Avg Odds: 5.88

Profit: £48.10

I’ll update this every few weeks.

You can buy Racing Success for £29 here:

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