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June 3, 2014

Winning Trends

I seem to have put the kiss of death on this service at the moment but isn’t it always the way that when you sign up to a service after fantastic published results, it hits a downturn?

Here’s my results since beginning live betting £10 level stakes on 14th May:

Bets: 83
Successful: 13
Unsuccessful: 70
Strike Rate: 15.7
Avg Odds: 4.67

Profit: -£244.69

Hopefully they’ll turn it around soon.

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Since my last posting there have been very few selections on account of the quality of the racing available so few tips. That said, of the 5 tips that were runners – three came home in first place.

Perhaps proof that punting for the sake of it every day is not always the best for long term gains…? Let see what happens into June….

17th May -31st May

There have been 7 selections and 3 winners :
Kempton 21/5/14: Lager Time [Tipped @ 5.5 / 2.63 ISP  / 2.7 BSP ]

Goodwood 22/5/14: Russian Realm [Tipped @ 2.62 / 2.25 ISP  / 2.26 BSP ]

Goodwood 23/5/14: Intrinsic [Tipped @ 4.99 / 3.25 ISP  / 3.5 BSP ]


Current BANK: 36.79 pts (to Betfair SP / net of Betfair comm @5%)

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May 27, 2014

Profits from the Turf

Seven weeks in and this service is treading water somewhat. Back into positive territory but the problem seems to be the losers come in at rather large odds so it’s a case of ten steps forwards, nine steps back, which is frustrating to say the least.

Bets: 105
Successful: 89
Unsuccessful: 16
Strike Rate: 84.8%
Avg Odds: 7.24

Profit: £19.47

That amounts to just under 1 point profit (£20 stakes).

You can try Profits From The Turf here:

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May 25, 2014

Top Secret Tips

Here is an update on the bets so far from Top Secret Tips since I started receiving the tips on 15 May. The starting bank is £1000.

Date Bet Odds Result Bank
15/05/2014 Newmarket 8:05 Cornish Path 8 Lost £990.00
16/05/2014 Newbury 4:10 Raven Ridge 4.5 Lost £980.00
16/05/2014 Newmarket 5:05 Dance and Dance 5.5 Lost £970.00
16/05/2014 Hamilton 8:05 Ifwecan 4.5 Lost £960.00
17/05/2014 No tips
18/05/2014 No tips
19/05/2014 Redcar 2.50 Kiss From a Rose 4.5 Lost £950.00
19/05/2014 Towcester 4.40 Clondaw Hero 5 Lost £940.00
19/05/2014 Windsor 6.05 Hammoody 5 Won £980.00
19/05/2014 Leicester 6.45 Stevie Thunder 2.6 Withdrawn £980.00
19/05/2014 Leicester 7.45 Extremity 4 Won £1,010.00
20/05/2014 No tips
21/05/2014 1.50 Ayr – Jungle Cat 2.88 Lost £1,000.00
21/05/2014 2.20 Ayr – Fathom Five 3.75 Lost £990.00
21/05/2014 2.50 Ayr – Hab Reeh 3.25 Lost £980.00
22/05/2014 5.00 Goodwood – Black Shadow 3 Won £1,000.00
23/05/2014 9.00 Pontefract – Lord Clyde 4 Lost £990.00
24/05/2014 1.50 Goodwood – French Navy 3 Won £1,010.00
24/05/2014 3.30 Goodwood – Exentricity 2 Lost £1,000.00
24/05/2014 8.45 Ffos Las – Taj Badalandabad 1.61 Won £1,006.10
25/05/2014 No tips

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May 22, 2014

Cash Master Racing

I don’t tend to blow my own trumpet very often, preferring to review other products and services, but yesterday my own service hit a new high and I thought I’d let you know about it.

We are now 102.5 points up so far this year, which is £1025 profit to just £10 level stakes at Betfair SP.

The service is now up to £6,896.36 profit at £10 stakes, or £17,240.90 at £25 stakes overall.

This is all without having to hunt around bookies to get the ‘best price’ as all bets are placed on Betfair at SP. The profit is calculated AFTER 5% commission is deducted too.

A lot of tipping services list their results to £100 level stakes, as this makes the profit look good. If I were to do that my service would be showing a profit of £68,963 in a little over a year and a half. Again, these aren’t inflated ‘advised prices’ but the exact prices anyone and everyone can get whatever time they choose to place their bets at Betfair (so long as it’s before the race of course!).

But I prefer to show the results that most of us would get. I personally bet at £10 stakes although of course you can bet whatever stake you like. You would still make a decent profit AFTER subscription fees betting just £2 stakes!

How many tipping services can claim that?

Have a look at our full results here:

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May 22, 2014

Elite Ratings Update

Hi there,

7 selections yesterday, 3 winners at 10/3, 3/1 & 3/1 ( advised BOG ), the points profit total for the day was 10.67. These winners returned at BFSP of 3.36 (sp 2/1), 3.65 (sp 5/2) & 3.97 (5/2). The best option so far is definetly to go with the BOG, even at the time the selections are given out the Betfair price seems to be lower.

The revised bank is now at £1696.70, this excludes any rule 4 deductions that may have been applied.

I’ve just received the weekly stats email from Stuart & since the beginning of the year the bank stands at a figure of 214.97, last weeks profit was 25.17 pts & this is a good recovery from the 37.30 pts loss the previous week when it appears that many bailed out from the service. Think they may be kicking themselves this week!

Anyway hoping to send out another update this evening or tomorrow morning, there are 6 in total, the last race being the 8.20 at Salisbury so maybe more likely I will update again in the morning.

Have a good day!


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Hi there. There were no selections yesterday which was very odd considering we usually get upto 7 a day on most days. We got an explanantion from Stuart on this last night & he deemed the selections threw up too many selections at short odds which from the results they gave was the right decision. There are 7 selections for today so I will either post up later tonight when the evening selections have run or tomorrow.

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Hi there. Not a great day today, just 1 winner (2pt winner advised at 9/4, SP 6/4,  BFSP 2.66) from 6 selections & a total loss of 5.5pts. The revised bank now stands at £1590.

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May 19, 2014

Selective Racing Trust

Selective Racing Trust is offered by the Betting Gods site and offers an email based tipping service, BACKING to win horses in the UK horse racing scene.
The tipsters identity remains a secret, but allegedly the tips are highly profitable on account of the individuals’

“…..incredibly in-depth analysis of racing news, yard reports, form and extensive market reviews, Selective Racing Trust identifies some incredible selections at incredible odds to provide you with a regular sports betting income. An ideal service if you appreciate the need for a disciplined, patient and well thought out approach to your betting.”


This service began proofing to the Betting Gods site early this year but this service has been operating since 2011.
Subscribers will get an email each day, Monday-Sunday at around midday, with the suggested selections for the day along with the recommended bookie and best price available at that time.
There are about a dozen or so tips for the week so dont expect to be placing bets left-right-and-centre, this is a selective service requiring patience.

As this service is hosted by the Betting Gods website- the first months subscription is available at a discounted rate of £4.95. Subsequent months at £24.95 / Weekly £7.95 / Quarterly £59.95
(NOTE : all quoted prices exclude VAT)

Suggested start bank is a meagre 50 points and from February to the end of April this year, this service has shown a 44.5 pt profit to 1 point level stakes.

I will be following the tips for the next few months to see how profitable this service really is, although I will be reviewing to Betfair SP pricing.

1st-16th May

There have been 25 selections, 2 non-runners with only a single winner :
Wincanton 8/5/14: Nothing is Forever  [Tipped @ 6.0 / ISP 7.0 / BSP 9.0]

Current BANK: 35.6 pts (net of Betfair comm @5%)

Next update will be at the end of the month.

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Hi, I’m now reviewing Elite Ratings Service ran by Kris Jackman & Stuart Oakley. The service uses Stuart’s computer ratings & the selections (usually 3-8) are emailed out the evening before (10pm-12am) & are based on a 1-4 point range. Selections over 8/1 are recommended as each way selections at the time they are emailed. There are no selections for Sundays racing.

The service advises to use a betting bank of 150pts so we will start with using a fictional bank of £1500 where each point represents £10. The service states to use BOG (best odds guaranteed bookies) & they state the actual bookie & price when the email is sent.

The review started on Thursday so I have listed below the number of selections each day, pts staked & corresponding profit/loss.

Day/date        pts staked       pts won/lost    betting bank

Thursday        9pts                  +6.5                     £1565

Friday             14pts                -3.5                     £1530

Saturday         9pts                  +11.5                   £1645


All in all a good start to the service but a note of caution as I received an update email on Thursday stating the previous week had a loss of some 37.30pts, this looks to have been the worst for the service & I think both Kris & Stuart took some stick over this. I’ve also received a spreadsheet of all the results since 13/1/14 & with yesterdays good results the revised profit would be 204.3 to advised stakes. I am trying to plough through the spreadsheet & calculate to 1pt level stakes but with over 650 selections this may not be straight away.

Finally going forward I will try & update as BFSP (Betfair SP) to see if it is profitable that way, although the majority seem to be a shorter than when they were advised so longer term the BOG route is more likely to be the best.

There are no selections today so will try & get an update on Tuesday.

To find more about the service click here:-


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