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July 13, 2017

2 Minute Trader Plus

This is the first report on the 2 Minute Trader Plus which, as its name implies, is a system for trading on horse racing that employs software to select horses to be backed in the evening, generally either favourites or those near the head of the market, that have an excellent chance the following day of dropping in price and thus be layed to lock in a profit regardless of the outcome of a race.

The system will set you back a rather chunky £79.96 per month and for this you will receive a comprehensive instruction manual, 4 short videos together with a calculator to find the size of the lay bet and numerous screen shots of worked trades to guide you through the whole procedure. Up to 6 trades for the following days racing are sent out via e-mail between 6-9pm together with the target price/next best price that should be backed with the specified bookmakers offering “bog” prices. The following morning between 10am and 11am you will receive an overview email advising on the prices to target for the Lay side of the trade.

So you will need to open accounts with the leading bookmakers that offer “bog” prices and a Betfair account to handle the lay side of the trades. Although the system is called 2 minute trader it will in practice require a few minutes more work but with practice no more than say 5 minutes in the evening and 5 minutes or so for afternoon racing and potentially another 5 minutes for evening races. However you do not need to chain yourself to a computer screen all afternoon/evening and this will be a major advantage for many.

The claimed accuracy of the system in their marketing is 70% with a further circa 10% breaking even and 20% going on to lose. The losses however, if handled correctly (i.e following the manual’s instructions), should limit those losses to typically 10% of the initial stake. In practice then, assuming say £50 back stakes, this will produce on average circa £7-15 profit a trade after Betfair commissions and you receive on average 100 trades a month then you should be looking at:-

70 x typically £10 per trade profit = £700
10 break even trades  =£0
20 losses x £5 (10% of typically £50 stake)= £100

Total gain £600 minus monthly fee = Profit £520 per month

The results published in the members area for the 545 selections from 2 February to 12 July actually support the above calculations and indeed are slightly better with some 82% of the trades being wins and 16.5% losers. Using £50 back stakes a profit of £3,740 was made.

It would be realistic to start out with a £500 betting bank to cover the placement of the back/lay bets.

Obviously the major worry for potential users of 2 Minute Trader Plus is the bookies closing down your accounts.

However you will be backing selections that are either favourites or those near the head of the market and this is what bookies expect from typical “mug punters”. The authors of the system have also put a fair amount of time into providing specific detailed actions on how to further minimise account closure happening. Of course over the longer term and dependent on how many people take up this system they cannot guarantee that this will never occur.

I shall publish next week the results of my first 2 weeks experiences using the system.

You can try 2 Minute Trader Plus here:

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I started following Project Prosperity using Mike Cruickshank’s Betting Mastermind Package on 12th June 2017.  After just over one calendar month, the recommended  starting bank of £500 has risen to £976.98. So just slightly short of the £1000 bank target. I have been spending about 90 mins a day using the Betting Mastermind Package: this includes the time taken to study all the associated videos.

The first part of the Project entails using sign up bonuses. So far, I have signed up with 19 out of 21 bookies associated with the Bonus Bagging (starting) component of Betting Mastermind and a further 10 bookies associated with the Profit Maximizer (next) component of Betting Mastermind.  Bonus Bagging  provides the user on request  actual matched qualifying bets, free bets and roll over bets. With Profit Maximizer one makes use of the Matched Betting Software (another component of Betting Mastermind) that allows one to find matched bets quickly and easily. So far all the bookmaker sign up bonuses required deposit by bank card. Deposit is usually within a minute, but withdrawal to bank card can take from 3 to 5 working days depending on the bookmaker.

Of the two bookies with Bonus Bagging that I have not yet used: these are Betfair  and Bet 365. Both these books have large deposit bonuses, so I need to wait for my bank to build up before doing them. For all the matched bets, I have   used the  Smarkets betting exchange rather than Betfair. Betfair is my next target registration, it currently has an option for a £100 deposit bonus, which is why I waited.

Starting Bank on June 12th 2017:  £500

Bank Target : £1000

Current Bank on July 13th 2017: £976.98

Number of Bets: 90. This includes matched bets associated with the Skybet Club (Bet £25 a week, get £5 free bet)

The next report will be around August 14th 2017, the target bank for this date according to Project Prosperity is £1800


So far, so good. Although I’ve had to spend more time than the intended one hour a day. Product support is excellent.

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The Betfair Cash Out Trading Method is a system for horse racing and as the title implies is a trading system that can be employed on all three codes of racing. Betfair Cash Out comes from the prolific system designer Malcolm Pett (The Grey Horse Bot). The system will require a Betfair account and can be considered a first step for future Betfair traders or a relatively simple method to follow in its own right.

Currently the price for the method is £97 and for this money you get the manual in PDF format and a series of “how to” supporting videos. Malcolm’s potential tips for races to trade in every day are also provided for one year from date of purchase. There is no refund because once you have read the manual you essentially have the system.

Without revealing how the system works – it does as the name implies employ the Betfair “Cash Out” button – so the user has to be sat in front of a computer for all of the qualifying races that one has decided to trade on. The aim of the system is to trade on price movements then use the Betfair Cash Out Button to bank a profit before a race starts. Therefore if you are not able to set aside time in the afternoon, or indeed if desired the evenings in the summer, then Betfair Cash Out will not be suitable. The main aim of this trading system is to hit the Cash Out button to achieve a suggested 2.5% profit per selected race.

This review is a “one off” because although there are a general set of rules to apply it does not necessarily follow all users will employ all of the more detailed additions to the rules or indeed be able to set aside the time each day required for trading and thus all trade the same races.

The manual is very easy to follow, the rules are also easily understood and put into practice. I went through 10 videos as well as reading through the manual twice before attempting to jump onto Betfair and start trading. Malcolm’s videos are quite entertaining as well as useful with many examples of the method being put into action. Having stated the rules and indeed restating the rules to follow he then proceeds in several of the videos to break some of the rules to go on to make profitable trades.

It is a fact with this system that the more time you spend going through the videos and re reading the rules to ensure they are firmly fixed in your mind the more successful you will become. The number one priority is to put in a “stop loss”- as a protection of your stake in the event of trade going against you. This action will limit the potential loss to much less than your initial stake and must followed at the start of every trade.

Over the 8 day period 2nd July – 9th July I was conservative in my use of the rules, only trading in the afternoons and found on average 3 races a day I felt would be suitable for profitable trades. I was able to trade using my criteria on all three codes during the period.

As this particular method was new for me I used the minimum Betfair £2 stake per selected race aiming to make circa 5p – 10p profit(2.5%-5%) per race. From 26 races I was able to trade out for a profit on 24 of them and on the 2 losers my “stop loss” ensured my maximum loss per losing race was 20p (a loss of 10% of stake).

This is not a “get rich quick” system but given time and experience in using the system it will be possible to increase the stake by allowing the trading bank to grow and thus increase the size of the stake and hence the profits.

I have no hesitation in giving Betfair Cash Out a pass.

You can get Betfair Cash Out Trading here:

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Project Prosperity is the latest offering from the Bonus Bagging Guru, Mike Cruickshank. Using his Betting Mastermind Package and a series of instructional video tutorials, he will show you how  to turn a starting bank of £500 into about £20000 in about nine months.  Thereafter, you will be able to earn £2000 to £3000 every month with this £20000 bank.  This can be done with  only one hour (or less) per day of your time. So it is potentially life changing stuff.

The product is aimed at bonus baggers/matched bettors all the way from newbies  to advanced practitioners.

The Betting Mastermind Package includes all his products to date: Bonus Bagging; Profit Maximiser; Accumulator Generator; Matched Betting Software; Each Way Sniper; EV Maximiser; Betfair Sniper; Betfair Renegade; and Bookie Blowout. All these products are successful money makers on their own, together they are a power-house of earning.

Purchasing the Betting Mastermind Package will lead to  a saving of £656 per year over purchasing all the products separately.

To recap then: Project Prosperity is a series of video seminars by Mike  into how to use his Betting Mastermind Package  for building a bank of £20000 from £500 in about nine months and thereafter being able to earn £2000 to £3000 every month. All this for one hour (or less) work per day. Project Prosperity includes Lifetime access to all of Mike Cruickshank’s systems and sites.

The first live training seminar for Project Prosperity is May 18th with follow on seminars. I will begin my live review soon after this date.

To learn more about this great adventure, secure your place  for only £97 + VAT upfront and try it out risk free for 30-days, click the link below:

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April 25, 2017

Sports Trading Exposed

Hot on the heels of Betfair Scalper, I am also looking at Sports Trading Exposed as another one-off review as this system doesn’t lend itself to a 13-week review; everybody who uses this system will get different results.

For a one-off cost of £79 (at the time or the review) you get a pdf and access to plenty of examples videos. The guide is comprehensive about how to set up Geeks Toy, but I believe that if you already have a subscription to another tool (e.g. Bet Angel, I use Gruss Betting Assistant etc) that bar a few differences you can set up your environment to broadly match Tomas.

The guide is easy to follow and comprehensive; the videos help cement the learning.

Like Betfair Scalper, don’t expect to pick this up and be earning £££ one week later. It is a slow process of practice, practise and practice, slowly building up your stakes. As I said in the Betfair Scalper review; be prepared to start small, you can operate off an initial £100 bank but you will only make pennies per race; but that’s OK, you’ll be a master trader by the time you have grown the bank to be able to scalp decent sums per race. DO NOT start trying to scalp using large stakes, start small and gain the skills. Fear and Greed are the enemies of all traders!

Where Sports Trading Exposed differs from Betfair Scalper is because it covers international racing and greyhounds and covers several different strategies. This can make the product seem very complex, and I’d suggest that you pick one strategy, develop it, and add another strategy when proficient.

Sports Trading Exposed will work, if you invest the time to learn and practice. So, I am happy to approve this.

You can  get Sports Trading Expert here:


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March 20, 2017

Sports Trader

I’ve just been informed that Tony ‘The Badger’ Hargraves has just released dates for his live training courses in both Australia and the UK. I’ve done one of these myself and they are really excellent if you want to become a sucessful sports trader:

You can also view an online version here:

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February 27, 2017

OptionEasy Live Miami Workshop

Sorry for the very short notice but I’ve just been asked by Guy Cohen to mention a live workshop he’s running in Miami on April 22nd.

I’m becoming a bit of a fan of Guy Cohen as we’ve reviewed both his Follow The Money and Flag Trader courses, both of which are top notch and something I’ve been using myself (I made 500 pips spread betting Amazon stock last week).

But Guy is also famous for his Options courses and OptionEasy is something I want to study myself too. He’s running a live two day workshop in Miami which I would love to go to but, sadly, won’t be able to get to. Fortunately, he’ll also be streaming the event live, no doubt with the ability to watch on demand, so I’ll certainly be taking that up.

I have to say; it does look to be a superb event, so if you live nearby or fancy an excuse for a ‘business trip’ to Miami then have a serious look at this. The bonus trade finder software alone looks like it could pay for the expenses in no time.

He’s offering a significant Early Bird discount which runs out at midnight tonight, so if you think you might be even slightly interested then have a look at it now.

Here’s the link:

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Back in 2014 I went along to a live sports trading master class hosted by Tony Hargraves in which he showed us exactly how to make a living from TRADING on Betfair. He revealed the techniques that have taken him around the world teaching people how to make money on horse racing and sports in Australian, UK and Irish markets.

As you can imagine, Tony’s clients have paid considerable sums of money to learn these techniques as, armed with this knowledge, they have then gone on to make considerable sums of money for themselves.

Well, Tony has now released this workshop as an online video course so that you can learn from the comfort of your own home, at a time and a pace that suits you.

Here are the details:

A 20 part video course with full access to a growing collection of how to videos.

We will be showing you how to analyse sports trading markets, including football and horse racing. How to identify entry and exit points, and how to make smart trading decisions. We will look at scalping, swing trading, dutching, hedging, pre race, in play, and backing and laying with a view to trading out.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at beginners to sports trading and to those people who want to look at taking their recreational trading activities to a higher level. It is suitable for beginners to intermediate bettors and traders familiar with betting terms and how a betting exchange operates.

The course is primarily horse racing & football focused. We will also touch on other sports as appropriate.

What will you learn?

—Improve your understanding of Betfair sports markets.
—See how I analyse matches and identify trading opportunities.
—How to implement trading strategies
—Examine discipline, money management, and the psychology of trading.
—Look at trading in play and the opportunities that arise.
—How to read racing markets with minimal knowledge.
—The basics of trading software and why you must use it.
—To move you from a hobby to a more serious approach.

What this course is NOT!

—A get rich quick scheme
—An instant route to success.
—Easier than any other normal job.

Course Content

—Common Reasons for Failure
—Research, Analysis
—Do you understand value and probability?
—Strategy , Discipline, and Risk Management
—Trading the Sports Markets and the process involved before getting involved in a market.
—Horse Racing Strategy
—Football Strategy
—Trading Out Strategy
—Money Management
—Knowing Your Sport
—Mental Approach
—Things you must do to succeed
—Unbeatable Favourites
—My exact strategy to scalp horses.
—Trading Techniques Part I
—Trading Techniques Part II

Additional Information

The main training course is split into 12 videos (modules) with a further 10 videos showing live trading in action. On going, we will be adding at least one video a month to the live trading section, these videos will be available to you as they become available and will not be shown anywhere else.

You get lifetime access to the entire course, including all new regularly added content for a one-time fee of £199.

Full details here:

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December 6, 2016

In Running Trading

Last week I mentioned the new dobbing video posted by Ian at In Running Trading. This week Ian has posted a simple dobbing strategy to use in conjuction the software to hone in on successful dobs.

With his permission, I’ve copied it for you below:

Simple In Running Trading Tool Dobbing Strategy

There are a number of ways that you can look at the data included in the App, so a quick system has been created, with a number of rules that are simple to follow that has over an 18 week period, provided a healthy profit of 61 points.

Dobbing these selections would have a made a decent £1,224 profit using just £20 stakes, with a strike rate of over 70%.

This equates to over 175 points profit over a 12 month period and a profit using the same stakes of close to £3,500.

With the longest losing run during this period being just 2, you could be confident in placing larger stakes and even £40 a trade would make over £7,000 from this simple strategy over a twelve month period, were similar results to continue.

The biggest problem most punters face is patience and many cannot fathom the concept that there is always another race.

With some days during testing not having any bets at all this may trouble some traders but the key is to look long term and to see where you could be if you wait for those profitable horses that this system selects.

There is a spreadsheet that you can download at the bottom of the page which takes all results from the 26th June 2016 to 8th November 2016, showing all of those that passed the rules below.

In Running Trading Tool – Dobbing Strategy Rules

The rules may seem a bit long winded but are logical and very simple to apply as follows:-

1. Dobbing profit to be £70 or more. This was one of the first rules that I came up with after looking at the DOB tab over a number of weeks.

The software takes each runner and places an imaginary £10 Dobbing bet on every run and works out a profit or loss amount for each horse, including a default 5% exchange commission.

The resulting figure shows what you would have won or lost had you placed this £10 Dob stake on every horse on every run and is a simple way to narrow down those most likely to Dob again today, going on past results.

These horses are very simple to find as you can see on the image below, by clicking the DOB tab on the software , then the DOBReturn column (far right). This will sort the profit and loss amounts in order, making it easy to see all those at £70 or more.

(Please click any images to enlarge them for easier viewing).

2. The horse must have dropped to at least 65% of the BSP or lower in its last 4 races.

If a horse is a successful DOB, it will drop to 50% or more of the BSP. So a horse that starts at 10.0 will drop to 5.0 or less in running. By making sure a horse has dropped to at least 65% of the BSP in running in its last 4 races we ensure that the horse is at least getting close to Dobbing if not indeed actually dobbing very recently.

On the image below we have clicked the little arrow to the left of Presenting Junior who has a positive £70.50 DOBReturn profit. This opens up a drop down list of the horses form, in running high and low prices and BSP plus the percentage amount dropped to in all of its races.

As you can see, Presenting Junior has actually dropped to at least 65% of the BSP in running in 8 of its last 9 runs so would pass rule 2 on this occasion.

You can actually see that the horse has successfully Dobbed 5 times from the last 9 races as this is shown as 50% or less in the far right column for each runners form and is also highlighted for you in Green on the software.


3. Horse must have Dobbed at today’s Distance. With the varying differences in race distances at many courses you may want to allow half a furlong longer or shorter here but this rule is just to be sure the distance is not a problem for this horse in running and that it has Dobbed successfully before over today’s trip.

This is the same idea for rules 4 and 5 and just ensures that a horses run style may not be inconvenienced by other factors.

A horse up in class may struggle to run how it normally would in a lower grade and not be able to drop in price. Similarly a horse may struggle to run in its normal way on Soft ground but run confidently enough on Good or firmer fro its price to drop in running.

4. Horse must have Dobbed at today’s Class

5. Horse must have Dobbed on today’s Going.

6. No Novice races. These have proven to be poor races to trade in over the period.

7. The horse must have run within the last 45 days. Just to make sure that the horse is race fit and not struggling in running during the race.

8. The horse must have run more than 14 times. This makes sure that we have enough evidence and can make a decent claim on a horses past Dobbing form. Take a horse that has only run 5 or 6 times and you do not really have enough to go on, whether it has Dobbbed successfully in these races or not.

You can see the number of times a horse has run on the software image above by looking at the Races column.

9. Price nearest the off between 3.0-39.9. The evidence here is that horses too low or too high do not prove to be decent Dobbing propositions and whilst you may not be able to be exact about this close to the off, it should offer a guide to the prices that you back at to lay off at in running.

10. Maximum number of runners to be 16.

Whilst everyone likes a mechanical system, there are some rules above that can be adjusted to suit yourself and other factors you may want to check before trading.

I think sticking to the 10 rules will provide most profitable for you but a quick check on other factors such as the stall number in flat racing, a very inexperienced jockey and perhaps if the horse is drifting wildly in the betting as three examples.

You can download the Spreadsheet by clicking the link below.

In Running Trading Tool – Dobbing Strategy

The results of these filters is a healthy 61 points and a strike rate of just over 70% and annualised would be some 175 plus points.

There is much more to the software than just finding profitable Dobbing trades, so to find out more about the In Running Trading Tool and to get your copy today, then please hit the link below.

The cost of the software is just £67 for a full 12 month licence with all free upgrades and additions etc. during this period.

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November 28, 2016

In Running Trading

Dobbing is a betting technique whereby you place a back bet on a horse at or close to the BSP, then place a lay bet to keep in running at half the odds, with double the stake.

If the horse hits the lower price in running you win your stake amount as an Even money bet.

For example, you back a horse for £10 at odds of 10.0 on Betfair. The potential profit if it wins is £90 but you lose £10 if it loses, and it’s likely to lose at odds of 10. But you also place a Lay bet at odds of 5.0 for £20 (liability £80). This won’t get matched at the time because the odds are currently around 10, so you click on Keep to keep the bet live in running.

If the horse does nothing and never really shows an interest during the race then all that happens is you lose your initial £10 stake. However, if the horse runs well, the odds on it will drop during the race and if they drop low enough for your lay bet to get matched at 5.0 then you win £10 regardless of the outcome (if it wins, you win £90 but lose £80 on the lay bet. If it loses, you lose your £10 back stake, but win £20 on the lay bet).

So if you have a way of identifying horses that are likely to run well so that the odds drop during the race, then you have a very nice method of making regular wins regardless if the horse in question wins or not.

Ian over at In Running Trading has posted a short video on how to find simple Dobbing opportunities every day using the In Running Trading Tool.

It shows how to run through each race of the day or use the DOB tab on the software to filter any selections by Dobbing profit.

Doug, our CashMaster reviewer, has made over £1,300 to £20 stakes after commission since 28 June using this tool.

Do take a look today when you have a spare five minutes:

You can get In Running Trading here:

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