November 27, 2015

Correct Score Indicator

This is a one-off review for the Correct Score Indicator.

I’ve been trying out this software based system for the last 6 weeks. The reason for the one-off review rather than the usual blog trial is that, due to it being solely based on an individual’s trading method, no two people will end up with the same results.

The software is a very easy to use Windows download file that, once installed and opened, calculates a correct score for all upcoming games in the top 5 English leagues, top 4 Scottish leagues and the top division in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain.

I did email the vendors to point out that, unless they are televised live with no other game being played, there’s no point trying to trade games in the lower English and Scottish leagues. It doesn’t really matter how much is matched pre-game, there’s just not the in-play movement to allow you to cover losses and build profits in a timely matter.

As always with this vendor, I received a quick response and they very kindly added an extra option button that will only show the “Major” leagues. This a great idea because it makes everything far easier to see and far less cluttered.

The correct score shown is not intended to be used as an outright bet. It is purely an indication of how many goals each team is statistically likely to score and is to be used as a base to trade from.

The software is supplied with a trading method plan.

The software functions exactly as it is intended to do and, as always with this vendor, customer service and back up is superb.

When it comes to the trading method, I found it to be a very basic but functional plan. It is really quite risk adverse as it looks to cover liability as a priority and then to look to possibly increase profit, once you are in a safe position. At the start of a game you are likely to be exposed to between 5-6 points of liability and the author says that he is more than happy to come out of any game with a 1 point profit. Obviously, that’s his minimum aim and you may very well be able to get much more than that, depending on how the game progresses.

The selection criteria for the method are a bit on the loose side for my liking. There are only a few rules given and, while they are sensible rules that are a good starting point, I’d certainly add a couple more filters myself. In the rules the author gives a rough figure for the number of goals he looks for and an odds range for one of the Over/Under markets.

I would suggest that you not venture far from the goals number he advises, maybe one more but certainly no less. I would also say that I would avoid games with a HEAVY favourite, especially a home favourite. I would also avoid games where the Over/Under odds are TOO LOW. The reason for those bits of advice is that you don’t really want to get into a game where the Any Other market is likely to be a threat too early in a game. If you have a game with a very strong favourite or a very low Under/Over price, you risk the game running away from you too quickly. “Any Other” prices are often prohibitively low in price and you can’t take cover quickly enough if the goals start pouring in for one side early in the game.

An extra filter I would add would be to look for games likely to have BTTS-Yes (both teams to score- yes), having both teams score keeps as many markets as possible alive for as long as possible. This gives you far more scope for liability cover and the possibility of getting an extra trade to add that all important extra bit of profit.

The method, as it’s written, does assume a basic level of trading know-how on the part of the user. There is no explanation of how trading on an exchange works. Although, there are plenty of free guides on the internet that will explain the nuts and bolts of first placing a back bet and then adjusting your position as you go. The method does encourage you to use Betfair’s own “Cash Out” button, so it won’t bamboozle those learning as they go.

I think this method is best suited to new or novice traders as it is very basic in its approach and uses a sensible safety first method. I think competent, experienced traders will be pretty much aware of this type method and wouldn’t gain much from it.

At £59.99 for a one year license, it is at the expensive end of the market for basic trading methods, but I did make that figure back using initial £5 per bet stakes within a reasonable amount of time and I was delayed by an international break during the trial period.

I’m happy to put this on the APPROVED list with the following comments;

This is of most use for new or novice traders, don’t trade games below Championship level in England or Scotland unless on TV with few other games happening, don’t use games with a very strong favourite, don’t use games with high scores predicted, don’t use games with very low Under/Over odds, do look for games likely to go BTTS.

Other than those points, I think this is a very decent piece of software that will pay for itself in a reasonable amount of time. As always, paper trade first until you’re happy you understand it.Approved2

You can get Correct Score Indicator here:


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Howard Daniel December 2, 2015 at 12:39 pm

I don’t think 6 weeks is long enough to trial any system. Do they offer a free trial?

CashMaster December 2, 2015 at 1:32 pm

How long would you consider a useful trial when the results are completely anecdotal? Liam could have done it for a year and the results he gets would still bear no resemblance to what you might get. All Liam can do is give you an idea of what’s possible. Any more than that is redundant. Remember, this isn’t the same as a system or service where everyone will get the same results, in which case an extended trial is essential.

Howard Daniel December 2, 2015 at 5:18 pm

Fair enough.
However, Liam could have done it for 6 weeks and not get the same results. Anything is possible so that is why I made the point that the trial of 6 weeks is not long enough. Sorry, if you don’t like my opinion but there it is.

Howard Daniel December 2, 2015 at 5:37 pm

Another point Graham, is the fact that the same football data can be obtained for free on various websites. Novices looking at the review would not necessarily know that so perhaps it could have been pointed out. Yes the software, as pointed out in the advert for it, might take take some of the leg work out but, at £59.99, it does not represent value for money.

Liam December 2, 2015 at 10:36 pm

Hi Howard

Thanks for your comments
With regards to the 6 weeks trial, I can’t really add much to what Graham has already said.
With this sort of product, it’s the functionality of the software and the profitability of the method that’s on trial and that really doesn’t take 3 months to assess. I traded 3 or 4 games that fit the criteria most match days during that 6 week period and it worked out really quite well. Obviously there were a good few losing days, when a 0-0 hits you’ve nowhere to go but there were enough good days to make it worthwhile.

With regards to your points about the free data and the value for money aspects, I can see where you’re coming from but I don’t know what data he uses to come up with his prediction. There’s absolutely tons of free football stat websites available, some great, some meh, some appalling. We just don’t know which stats he’s using, what method of collation he using etc. It may be dead simple like averaging out how many a team score at home/away, could be a huge complex calculation taking in all manner of stats.
The value for money bit is something I did struggle with a bit, I did point out that it’s at the expensive end of the market for a basic product but you’re paying for the prediction software for the whole year and his method of trading. The method is a little too basic for my personal liking, so i did try to improve it for potential purchasers by making a few sensible (imo) additions to it. The BTTS comment, in particular, I thought helpful as it keeps so many scorelines alive.
As I said in the review, I did make the purchase price back using £5 stakes in a reasonable amount of time, I think it was around 3 weeks (give or take a couple of days) and from that point on anything else i could make for the rest of the season would be pure profit.

So, I think on the whole the review is fair. It would be grossly unfair to the vendors to fail it as it does work as it’s supposed to. I do take your point that I could, possibly should, have mentioned there’s lots of free data on the internet, but that could equally be said about pretty much every betting product.

I hope that answers some of your concerns but obviously you’re perfectly entitled to your own opinion and I’m sorry you didn’t agree with my opinion on this occasion.

Howard Daniel December 3, 2015 at 10:43 am

Many thanks for the reply Liam.

Yes you have answered my concerns and I will be looking at the software again at a later date.

Keep up the great work, I always enjoy reading your reviews

CashMaster December 3, 2015 at 11:03 am

Howard, you made some valid comments. Whether I agree or not is not important. Thanks for your input.

Liam December 3, 2015 at 11:03 am

Very nice of you to say so. Much appreciated.

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