November 10, 2010

Deja Vu Football


Over the next month I shall be trialling Deja Vu Football, a betting service that concetrates on the correct score market in the English and Scottish Premierships and the German Bundesliga.

The service advise using an odds comparison site to ensure getting best odds. However, for the purposes of this test I shall be using Betfair. There are a number of reasons for my decision, the most important being time constraints. On each match a bet is placed on four different score lines. Tonight there are six matches giving 24 individual bets, so using odds comparison sites and placing bets with a range of different bookies is likely to become very time consuming. Also, I want to test the service using real bets and for convenience I want to keep everything in one place. The easiest way of achieving both of these is to use Betfair. The bottom line is that if the service is profitable using Betfair, it could be even more so when shopping around.

Bets are to level stakes with four points risked on each match – one point per scoreline. The size of the bank appears to be up to each individual, but it is recommended that 1% of the bank is risked on each scoreline. So to keep things straightforward I shall use a £1000 bank, risking £10 per scoreline and £40 per match.

Results on the site show a 35% strike rate and a ROI of over 40% and I’m looking forward to “getting my teeth” into this and seeing how it pans out over the next few weeks.

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