September 9, 2010


This morning I paid my first visit to the members page and also looked at September’s results, which are now up-to-date.

As September’s results include over 40 selections I will not give a full breakdown (that is available on the site), but just a summary. Using BSP, and including 5% commission, the service is showing a loss for September of £1383.00. This loss assumes “industry standard” £100 level stakes – which means that liabiity on some lays would be in excess of £1500 and would require a bank of around £5000.

I shall be using a notional bank of £500 and much more modest stakes of £10. On that basis, had I started the trial on 1st September my bank would be down £138.30 at £361.70

When I visited the members’ page I was surprised to find that there were a lot of potential selections. However, this appears to be normal and I expect that a good percentage will fall outside the odds criteria and so will fail to qualify.

It may be possible for those with the appropriate know-how to set up a bot to make the selections, however it is beyond my capabilities. I think for the majority of us it would be necessary to be at the computer just before the off and take appropriate measures to ensure lays are matched as close to BSP as possible. The simplest (and most obvious!) way to do that would be simply to take BSP, provided it appears that it will be within the price criteria. Of course, this also means that the service is only suitable for someone who can be at their computer for the afternoon’s (and evening’s) racing.

There are a number of evening selections and I will wait until tomorrow before I post today’s results

SUMMARY of RESULTS: 1st to 8th September

Starting bank £500
P/L -£138.30
Ongoing bank £361.70

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