May 26, 2012

Easy Lay Elite

Final Review

I have been looking at the Easy Lay Elite service. The service provides a daily email of selections for £19.97 per month or £37.99 per quarter (a tad under £13 per month).

Chris, the provider, suggests that the selections are used in one of two ways:

  • Over time solid and consistent profits have been achieved by laying all of the selections but occasionally one or two of the higher priced ones will go on to win their races. There is actually an upper SP of 41 here.
  • If you prefer a lower risk option then we suggest that you use the sensible maximum lay price of 8.60.

I followed both of these methods and will also add a third, where the selection is matched in-running. I used Betfair SP and 5% commission was deducted from the winning lays.

Preamble over, I am finishing this blog  a few days early of my normal 60 days as we have had very poor recent results and I do not believe that, in the 2 weeks remaining, the service can recover. At the Day 26 mark, 4th May, we were £225 up; since then we have had a run of very poor results and at Day 45, 25th May, now stand at £300 down.

As stated above I looked at several ways to use the data provided:

  • Using Betfair SP with a filter of 8.6 and below is the preferred option and has lost £317.
  • Using Betfair SP on “all” selections, but actually had a filter of 41 and below lost £2,087.
  • Using the prices advised in the email with a filter of 8.6 and below has lost £390.
  • Using the prices advised in the email  on “all” selections, but actually had a filter of 41 and below lost £3,037.
  •  Using a filter of 8.6 or below at any time in-running lost £1,647.
  • Using a filter of 41 or below at any time in-running lost £3,449.

I cannot say whether we have been unlucky in a sustained run of poor results, or were lucky at the start of the trial with a run of good results. Up to the last few days, the British summer has been both very cold and very wet, and this may be a factor.  Either way, there seems little hope of recovering to even break-even in the time remaining for trial. Hence, the only option is to categorise this as FAILED.

You can try Easy Lay Elite here:

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charles May 26, 2012 at 1:15 pm

I agree with Arthur. I tried this some time ago, with poor results. I missed a few days due circumstances , and was annoyed at the time that they didn’t
publish results on the website(may have changed – don’t know ). 8.6 as a max produced smaller losses , but certainly one to steer clear of. There are plently of good lay services out there that produce excellent results on a regular basis,and with lower odds

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