September 20, 2011

Football Formula

As stated in the intro, this is a tipster service that recommends a 300 point betting bank and provides point based bets from around the world of football. The bank is adjusted at the end of each betting day to give the next day’s stake.

The bets are on pretty much most of the markets available and from many different leagues. So you can see that a fair amount of research and time goes into the service. Tips are provided with the price the owners could see available at the time on Oddschecker and I have been checking them myself as soon as I receive the email. The prices they quote are usually still available but I’ve been recording results to the price I can get at the time, sometimes more than the advised and sometimes less.

The main disappointment so far has been the Maximum 10 Point bets, we’ve had 3 so far and all have lost.  As you would expect, that’s dented the bank a bit but the other bets have prevented it from being a total disaster.

Results since the start of the trial:


17/9  Start Bank £600

Bets 7
Points Staked 48
P/L +3.84 Points

18/9 Bank £607.68

Bets 10
Points Staked 41.02
P/L -18.50 Points

New Bank £570.20


Bets 12
Points Staked 41.40
P/L +2.23 Points

New Bank £574.43

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