April 15, 2015

Big Race Bookie Buster

Day 9

Decent day, two bets, one place and one 12/1 winner

Day +14.6 points   Cumulative  -.96 points


Anay Turge was TWO points each way, not one, so the day was excellent.

Day +29.6 points   Cumulative  14.04


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April 15, 2015

2Horse Racing

Day 16

Winner race 2

Day -£1.57 (£1k bank)  Cumulative -£11.73

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As it’s a monthly update I will run this on from the last monthly update, February.  And it needed something spectacular to bring this service round and something spectacular sure did happen on the last day of March but was it enough?  Let’s have a look …

Racing Insider


Well there it is :)  No, the last day’s results in the gragh are not a slip of my pen, they had a 66/1 winner (BSP = 149.38) … Misu Mac 14:55 Southwell on 31st March!  But is it enough?  Can they guarantee getting a 66/1 winner every 5 months to dig them out from a loss?  I wouldn’t put my money on it!  There was a good start to November then it muddled along with profits and losses until almost the end of March showing a 20 point loss over the 5 months and then Misu Mac came along and the service returned a 40 point profit over the 5 months.  I can’t recommend that set of stats but the final choice is yours, I rate this service a Fail.

Place Insider


A poor performance for this service in the month of -25 points.  Overall the service made a profit over the 5 months to advised odds of 21 points but that was all made by middle December so for the last 3 1/2 months the service has not covered the subscription fee.  My rating is therefore, at best, Neutral but the same as for the Race Insider system the choice is yours but I cannot give my personal support just now.

Lay Insider


A very Neutral return for the month of 1 point.  The overall return for the 5 months being just 5 points or 1 point per month.  The graph shows the spike in profits in January and the loss of that spike in February.  The graph is also a good illustration of how important the review period is (see the review for my Combined Insider portfolio below).  If the review had ended after the first 2.5 months the service would have shown an acceptable return of nearly 20 points with a good graph but if it was assessed over the last 2.5 months it would have shown an unacceptable loss of 15 points with a disastrous graph!  I think the service gets a neutral rating as it didn’t lose money but it’s not for me.

Combined Insider

OK, here is where I link the 3 services together as a small portfolio.  The staking is 1 point win for Race Insider tips, 1 point each way for Place Insider tips and 5 points liability for the Lay Insider as the average odds are 5.61.  The return looks like this …


CombinedInsider 201411-201503

OK, I’ve split the graph for this into the first 3 month (Nov’14 – Jan’15) and the last 3 months (Jan’15 – Mar’15), yes. January is duplicated because 2 x 3 months doesn’t fit into 5 months!  The straight lines are trend lines.  I don’t think you needed them to see which way the graphs are going but they do help to emphasise the point.  OK so this portfolio made 100 points profit to advised odds and a very impressive profit of 215 points to Betfair SP (BSP) which on the face of it looks great but … remember the last day of March for Race Insider when 66 points was recovered at Advised Odds and a massive 141 points at BSP so if for any reason that bet was missed the net returns would have been 34 points at Advised Odds and 74 at BSP.  Would 34 points light your fire after 5 months?  It doesn’t mine.  The BSP return is acceptable in amount but I’m not sure it is for the number of bets risked.  For this reason I think the best rating I can give the Combined service of all the Insider systems as a package a neutral rating but I  cannot give my personal support to these services at the moment.

The Future

I think this service may be worth monitoring for longer because they did show good profits at the start and maybe they can get their form back. I had high hopes for them after the first couple of months.

You can try The Racing Insider here:Neutral



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April 13, 2015

Draw Day Demolition

We had a losing bet this week, which has slowed the recovery but a profit was still made on most of the bank methods.


BOOKIE METHODS (£100 level stakes)

Bets 97

Losses 23

S/R 76.29



AWAY WIN (DNB)  -£298





Bets 35

Losses 7

S/R 80%

LAY HOME TEAM  +£178.96


try DDD here

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April 13, 2015

Lay The Draw Software

The recovery from the terrible start continues, almost back to the starting point now after a run of 12 wins in a row.




S/R 75%


P/L -1.05 pts



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April 13, 2015

Doubling for Dummies

6th April : £+50

7th April : £-50

8th April : £-50

9th April :

10th April :

11th April : £-50 / £+47.50

12th April :  £+59 / £+52

Week : £+58.50 /+1.17 pts

Balance: £1,331.50 (start bank : £1,000)

Win /Lose tally since start of review : 62 WINNING / 55 LOSING

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April 13, 2015

Tom Nelson Racing

This is my second update of the Tom Nelson Racing service.  Another good week with the bank growing again.  Our £1000 had already grown to £1276.  This week has seen it grow to £1498.

Date Course Selection Bet Type Total Stake Odds Result Profit/Loss Total
06/04/15 Redcar Fredricka 1.5 win 1.5 7 WON 9 £1,333.42
06/04/15 Chepstow Midnight Jazz 3 win 3 3.75 WON 8.25 £1,388.43
06/04/15 Plumpton Triumphant 1.5 win 1.5 8 Lost -1.5 £1,378.01
06/04/15 Redcar Shamaheart 1 ew 2 21 PLACED 4 £1,405.57
06/04/15 Fairyhouse Daring Article 1 ew 2 41 Lost -2 £1,391.52
06/04/15 Fairyhouse Shes Got Grit 1 ew 2 34 Lost -2 £1,377.60
07/04/15 Lingfield Ventura Castle 3 win 3 1.91 WON 2.73 £1,396.41
07/04/15 Lingfield Dominium 1.5 win 1.5 6 Lost -1.5 £1,385.93
08/04/15 Nottingham Acaster Malbis 3 win 3 2.63 Lost -3 £1,365.14
08/04/15 Nottingham Island Ranede 1.5 win 1.5 4.5 Lost -1.5 £1,354.91
09/04/15 Aintree Vibrato Valtat 3 win 3 3.25 Lost -3 £1,334.58
09/04/15 Aintree Bristol De Mai 1.5 ew 3 9 PLACED 1.5 £1,344.59
09/04/15 Southwell Little Choosey 1.5 ew 3 9 PLACED 1.5 £1,354.68
09/04/15 Aintree Jezki 2 win 2 4 WON 6 £1,395.32
10/04/15 Aintree Cardinal Water 1 ew 2 9 Lost -2 £1,381.36
10/04/15 Aintree Champagne Fever 2 win 2 4.5 Lost -2 £1,367.55
10/04/15 Fontwell Brody Blue 2 win 2 2.25 WON 2.5 £1,384.64
10/04/15 Wolverhampton Hamis Al Bin 1 ew 2 6.5 Lost -2 £1,370.80
11/04/15 Aintree Sizing Granite 2 win 2 7 WON 12 £1,453.05
11/04/15 Aintree Henryville 1 ew 2 19 Lost -2 £1,438.52
11/04/15 Aintree Gods Me Judge 0.5 ew 1 23 Lost -1 £1,431.32
11/04/15 Aintree Alvarado 0.5 ew 1 23 PLACED 2.25 £1,447.42
11/04/15 Aintree Saint Are 0.5 ew 1 34 PLACED 3.63 £1,473.70
13/04/15 Redcar Ellaal 1 ew 2 5.5 Lost -2 £1,458.96
13/04/15 Kelso Pixie Cut 1 ew 2 5.5 Lost -2 £1,444.37
13/04/15 Windsor Lears Rock 1 ew 2 7 WON 7.5 £1,498.53

Lets hope the service continues in the same vein.


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April 13, 2015

2Horse Racing

Day 15

Wouldn’t you just know it? As soon as we go into profit we hit some losers! Still, not too bad because we had a winner in race 3.

Day -£35.44 (of £1k bank)   Cumulative  -£10.16

***On their website 2Horse Racing has voided the day’s races because of Betfair’s downtime, which is fair enough. However, for the purposes of this trial, I am keeping the results intact, as they were recorded to BSP. It would seem unhelpful for me to void a day which contained losing races (or, indeed, winning ones) as I want it to be a complete and true picture.

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April 13, 2015

Stallion Racing Picks

Day 17

One double strength bet today

Day -2points   Cumulative -12.99 points


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April 13, 2015

Value Football Betting

I had a very good weekend with the Daily Best Bets. I won with all 4 of my selections on Saturday and felt a bit unlucky on Sunday to only get 2 from 4. Ath Bilbao seemed to shade every aspect of their game but failed to score, scuppering a decent priced BTTS bet.

I’m currently 8.3 points up since I started making my own selections. I’m trying to replicate exactly what Steve did on the videos and it seems to be working quite well. The only thing I’ve done different is that I have placed a few of my bets for slightly higher prices and let them go in-play marked “keep”. I’ve only done this when the pre match price has been below 2.00 on Betfair. I have been putting in bets for 2.06 to make sure I cover the commission. Obviously, I risk not getting matched if a goal is scored very early but so far I’ve been able to get on as I’ve only been targeting selections with a minimum price 1.90+.

I’ve also been using the Value Database quite a lot lately for searching for bets away from the Daily Best Bet area. This really is a very nifty tool. As I explained before, each league table is split into 3 groups (top, middle and bottom) and stats are available for each group’s performance home and away against each other. So all you need do is select the league and team you’re interested in and with a simple click you have access to detailed info on how they’ve performed over the last few seasons against teams higher, lower or in direct rivalry with them.

The £30K Challenge is still progressing well results wise, although there has been some ridiculous carry on in the Chatroom, with arguments over whether a bet should count unless everyone in the room got matched at the price given. These bets are given out live and if a goal goes in at just the wrong moment there will be some bets matched and some unmatched. That’s common sense. But since when did common sense hold any sway in internet chatrooms or social media? Thankfully Steve and Kevin have made very bold statements about not tolerating slanging matches and a very clear bottom line is that if Kevin gets a bet matched it goes on the balance sheet, if he doesn’t get matched it won’t. Although I haven’t been able to follow every single bet live, due to real world commitments, those that I have followed have been given with absolute clarity and the target price stated in advance. If you get it, great. You may well find you can get higher if you risk an extra minute or two and hope a goal doesn’t go in, you may decide that you want to grab a lower price right now and not risk missing out altogether. The choice is yours to make.

The challenge is around 9 points up at the moment. A superb figure given the extremely limited size of stake being risked.

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