July 19, 2016

Beta Testers Wanted

I received the below e-mail from Mark Rose and, since we will be reviewing this ourselves anyway, thought that some of you may like to come along for the ride…

Beta Testers Wanted

It’s easy to get carried away when something’s working well.

So I’ve been very guarded about the success I’ve had with a new trading system this year.

I began using this live back at the end of January. And I’ve set myself a challenge to find a market that it’s not working in.

Indices … forex … commodities …

Every market I trade it in is showing a profit.

Here’s a screenshot that a colleague emailed me last week showing her open positions in a test account … (her comment was that she wished she’d gone straight to live trading!)


So now I’d like to put this to the ultimate test …

And that’s putting it out to beta testers, to see how it fares with everyday traders and non-traders – experienced and newbie – people with busy lives, who need a profit-generating system that won’t take up too much time or capital …

This is where I need your help.

Yes, I’d like to help beta test this system!

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July 19, 2016



We only had two pairs to interest us today as the others all remained flat for the whole day for our purposes.  GBP/USD looked good but never gave us a trigger for a momentum change.  USD/JPY finally triggered at 1855 hrs and we set a Sell trade.  It took nearly 9 hours but we hit our target for a profit of 30 pips.  A good start to the week and we do now have 6 out of our last 7 trades being winners.


A “nearly” day with plenty to watch but nothing which actually triggered a trade as several pairs hit their levels but failed to show us the momentum we needed.

Nothing to do in the week but it does seem that the markets are moving towards a good trading environment again and we are expecting to be interested in all of them next week. Fingers crossed !

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July 18, 2016

Classic Racing Gold

We’re now half way through the last month of our 3 month trial and I’m still super impressed by the performance.

There has been a change to the time bets are given out in response to feedback from members. Instead of being somewhere between 7.30 and 9pm the night before racing, members now receive their selections at around 7am on the day of the meeting.

As ever, all email communication has been clear and easy to understand.

We really have been on a very decent run over the last couple of weeks and profits have been growing steadily. This service really has benefitted from using a simple staking plan of recalculating your stakes daily. Using this method has doubled the bank since the start of the trial, not that level stakes haven’t performed admirably too.




S/R 44.64%





S/R 70.18%


LEVEL STAKES +80.54 points

DAILY CALC STAKES +111.03 points

ROI 31.34%




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July 18, 2016

Simple Win System

I’ve had three bets with this system so far, two of which have won since I started last Friday.

My first bet I accidentally adjusted for Betfair commission on the Bet Engine so actually lost £26.29 instead of £25. I use the Bet Engine to place my bets because it’s very easy, it monitors the prices and places the bet for you and it filters the correct race courses and bet days required, so all I have to do each morning is tick the race as directed by the system rule and turn it on. It also keeps a handy record of my bets.

The two bets on Saturday both won at 2.5 and 3.45 so I’m currently £67.62 up.

Only another £19,600 to go to reach the monthly target.

And here’s another annoying thing. We got a marketing e-mail from them this week pasted below:

Here are last weeks results in full…

2.00 Ayr – Aventinus (11/8) – Loss

2.00 Bath – Little Nosegay (10/3) -Winner

1.50 Lingfield – Jumping Around  (9/4) – Winner

No Bets

6.30 Pontefract – Faulkwood (3/1) – Loss

2.05 Ripon  – Racemaker ( 7/2 ) – Winner
5.35 Lingfield – Ickymasho (9/2) – Winner

That makes it 4 winners from 6 bets this week and a profit of…

13.58pts from just 6 bets. 

£100 on each and that’s £1,358 bagged this week to add to last weeks profit! 

Signing up to The Simple Win System Daily Tipping Service means that you will never miss a bet and have the exact bets that I place on a daily basis sent you each morning. 

So here’s what I can offer you…

Option 1 – Sign up and pay just £9.95 per month

Option 2 – Sign up for 6 months up front for £30.00 (£5 per month)

Any questions just click reply. 


So what happened to the £25 stakes from the video on the sales page? All of a sudden it’s £100 bets?

And even if they replicated this performance at £100 bets for the next four weeks, that’s still not going to be £19,600 is it?

As you can probably tell, these claims have annoyed me. I much prefer them to tell it like it is. If this is a profitable system then why not just sell it on it’s own merit?

And as for the ‘tipping service’… there’s only two rules! It takes minutes to find the bets so why anyone would sign up to that is beyond me.

Let’s see how it gets on this week.

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Day 76  (12th July  2016):

5.05 Beverley – Rocket Ronnie, @ 8.0 Skybet (availability unknown)


Day 77  (13th July  2016):

5.30 Catterick – Applejack Lad , available at 8.0 General Price


Day 78  (14th July  2016):

2.00 Hamilton – Zebedee Star, available at 11.0 Bet365

Non Runner.

Day 79  (15th July  2016):

4.15 Newbury Air Squadron, available @ 8.0 Corals


Day 80  (16th July  2016):

7.00 Haydock – Enjoy Life, available @ 7.5 Betfair Sports Book. Lost.

8.00 Haydock – Red Napoleon, available @ 9.0 Betfair Sports Book. Non Runner.

Day 81  (17th July  2016):

5.40 Stratford – Bitter Virtue, available @ 9.0 Bet 365




Period  Profit/Loss  -5.0  pts.

Starting Bank 100.0 pts.

Current Bank 70.71 pts.

Service Profit/Loss since Start of Trial  -29.29 pts.

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Week 12:  42 Bets, 10 wins, strike rate of 23.8% for -6.5 points.

Overall:  1336 Bets, 224 wins, strike rate of 16.8% for -37.31 points.

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July 17, 2016

In Running Trading

This is the third weekly report on In Running and covers the period 9th-15th July inclusive.

I had a quieter week finding 9 “dobbing” opportunities and I was successful with 8 of them.As the first part of the week was quieter I decided to add in Irish racing and this worked out very well.Total gain for the week was 6.6 points bringing the running total for 21 days to 24.4 points.

Three of the selections went on to win their respective races and this brings the total of race winners to eleven from thirty dobs.As yet I cannot see any obviously common trends between these selections as they have been from all three codes of racing and have differing SP’s and “dobbing” histories.

Date Course Time Selection Back Lay Result Profit/Loss
9/7/16 Chester 1535 Poyle Vinnie 11.50 5.75 3rd 0.95
10/7/16 Southwell 1410 Larkhall 8.80 4.4 5th -1.00
12/7/16 Killarney 1950 Mister Hotelier 20.00 10 3rd 0.95
13/7/16 Downpatrick 1650 L’Attesa 13.00 6.5 1st 0.95
13/7/16 Uttoxeter 1705 Theatre Mill 13.20 6.6 2nd 0.95
14/7/16 Killarney 1455 Icelip 6.40 3.2 2nd 0.95
14/7/16 Killarney 1530 Time for Mabel 8.60 4.3 1st 0.95
15/7/16 Newbury 1715 Field Game 7.5 3.7 1st 0.95
15/7/16 Kilbeggan 2030 Knockanarrigan 18.2 9.1 6th 0.95

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July 15, 2016

Galileo Racing

This is the 7th weekly report and covers the period 7th July-13th July inclusive.

There were just 6 selections this week and they produced 2 placed efforts,the bank dropped  by some 13.7% ,the running total has suffered accordingly and  is now almost 38% below our starting point of £160.The results were as follows:-

WEEK 7 Opening Bank £115.26         Closing Bank £99.48

7/7/2016 Newmarket 1410 Platitude 1 pnt EW 2nd 0 1.8 -£0.40 £114.86
7/7/2016 Newmarket 1440 Silver Line 1 pnt EW 4th 0 0 -£4.00 £110.86
9/7/2016 Ascot 1515 Dutch Connection 1 pnt EW 2nd 0 2.38 £0.62 £111.48
11/7/2016 Chelmsford 1615 Craftsmanship 1 pnt EW 4th 0 0 -£4.00 £107.48
11/7/2016 Chelmsford 1715 Lady Lunchalot 1 pnt EW 5th 0 0 -£4.00 £103.48
13/7/2016 Yarmouth 2020 Pina 1 pnt EW 5th 0 0 -£4.00 £99.48


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July 15, 2016

BitClub Network

I have another big update for you today, in the form of a short video from Kuala Lumpur:

You can sign up for a free account, and more information, here:


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July 15, 2016

Simple Win System

I’ve been asked to review this horse racing system that makes some rather extraordinary claims. The video on the website shows a ‘Paul Milligan’ offering you £19,660 each month for 10 minutes work a day betting on horses with a starting bank of £100.

He goes on to show screenshots of his bookie balances adding up to a total of the alleged £19K and claims he made this in one month betting £25 stakes using the Simple Win System.

Sounds amazing, right?

Of course not. We’ve all been around the block a few too many times to even raise an eyebrow to these sort of claims and it doesn’t take much logical reasoning to deduce the fact that nothing adds up. For a start, the screenshots show his bookie account ‘balances’, not a history of profit. It’s implying that the total balance is the complete profit for that month which, if that were the case, would mean he doesn’t have a betting bank (unless he withdrew it). A screenshot of a bookie balance is no evidence whatsoever of performance… he could have started with £10K in each and lost much of it.

Also, a £100 bank and £25 stakes? Seriously? That would mean with just four initial losing bets he’s bust his bank. Not only that, £19,660 profit in one month with £25 stakes would be 786 points profit. With only a few bets a week, that would require huge average win odds and so far this week there’s been only 3 bets and 2 winners at 10/3 and 9/4.

I e-mailed ‘Paul’ several times asking to review his system but I received no reply at all, so I purchased it yesterday. Fortunately it’s sold on Clickbank with a 60 day money back guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it.

What I received reminded me of why I started this review site up a decade ago. It is a seven page PDF file, six pages of which are filled with guff and one page contains the system rules.

Both of them.

They even did it in large print to fill the page a bit more.

I can’t even hint at what the system rules are because I’d give the game away in one sentence, but what I can tell you is that selections are found in a matter of minutes and bets can be placed so long as the selection meets the minimum odds requirement (which, oddly, is considerably less than the “4/1 and above” bragged about in the video).

I’m sure there is a way of back testing this system (I suspect that’s how it’s been created) but I feel a normal Cash Master three month trial will suffice. I can tell you now though… this won’t be making £19K in a month with £25 stakes.

There is one potential qualifier today.

You can try the Simple Win System risk free here:


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