January 15, 2015


As you may remember, I gave this a cautious approved rating last month.

I did warn about the losing runs but also praised it for finding a few juicy priced winners along the way that had given it a healthy bottom line for our test period.

Since the end of our test it has had a very torrid time and the owner has now introduced a change.

From now on, he is supplying tips with a couple that he has “Confidence” in and that you are instructed to back. There are then a couple that are headed as “Outsiders” and are deemed optional. You are advised to also back the “Accas” when they are supplied.

This does make quite a significant difference. Obviously, I have no way of telling which he would have deemed the main confidence bets, but one can assume that they would probably have been the shorter priced less exotic market based ones.

I’m not comfortable with letting this sit on the Approved list without some form of scrutiny. I have kept up the records since the trial ended and I’m going to continue for another month to see how things go from now on. If it shows a profit by only backing the Confidence bets and the Accas, I’ll leave it on Approved. If not, I’ll reconsider the rating.

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January 11, 2015

Doubling for Dummies

Well in true time- honoured tradition…. the gremlins have struck earlier than had hoped..the proprietor of this service commented…

“….3 losses in 4 days – we are on the verge of the first losing week EVER during the history of this service”

One thing that I didnt mention previously is that on occasion where there are a run of losing bets – the email sent through will confirm the days selections and may also suggest doubling the original stake. Indeed, the selections for Sunday the 11th Jan warranted an ‘unprecedented ‘/ quadruple stake(!)  which fortunately won, so some caution with your staking is strongly advised as going in at the outset with big stakes could see you coming un-stuck and mentally ‘fried’ as you wait for the days results.

Personally, I think the betting bank of 10 points is way too small as evidenced by the drawdown experienced this week.
So, to mirror what I would do if this were real money.. in order to protect my interests I am going to amend the bank to 20 pts meaning a stake of £50 each day from here on in.

7th Jan :  £-100

8th Jan : £+4

9th Jan : £-100

10th Jan : £-200

11th Jan : £+454

Balance: £1,058


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January 8, 2015


This service is a spun-off sister service to the excellent Goal Profits.

Where the original G.P. deals solely with in play trading, Value Football Bets is more about outright betting. I think the following extract from the e-book sets out the approach better than I could:

“As we all know, the way to profit from football betting is to only ever bet with value on your side. Sounds simple, but this is not as easy as it may seem. The bookmakers certainly do a great job at setting their odds but we have one big advantage.
The number of bookmakers in each market is growing so that means competition is on the rise. The bookmakers must therefore trim their margins to the very limit to attract customers and this means we are getting better odds.
With the database we have built we are able to set our own odds for every game in a number of markets with relative accuracy and check them against the market odds in order to find that elusive value that we are all searching for.”

The service is operated by Kevin Laverick, an extremely successful trader/punter who decided to get involved with a service after running into the dreaded Betfair premium charges. This isn’t one of those publicity tricks saying “The man the bookies fear…” type cons, Kevin has more than proved his abilities in the GP Chatroom and with his brilliant trading books that are available for members to download.

It’s going to be a bit of a tricky one for me to review as it comprises (at least) three different angles to this.

There’s a members forum where Kevin posts his own personal picks. These usually appear the night before games and are straight bets and vary across a wide range of markets. There are also many threads started by members kicking around ideas for different betting approaches. Both Kevin and Steve (Goal Profit owner) do get involved in debates.

Then there’s a Chatroom, where Kevin and other members can discuss games in progress and mull over ideas. Kevin is in there at least a few times a week, even when he isn’t there are plenty of knowledgeable members about.

Finally, there’s the all imports Value Bets sheets. You have a daily page showing all the games scheduled to be played. Each game is evaluated and “True” prices are given for just about every market you can think of. These are then compared to the price currently available on Betfair (the prices are updated during the day, so stay valid) and a plus or minus percentage is calculated for the difference. There’s an almost bewildering amount of information to take in. Thankfully the e-book supplied guides you through all the colour coding used and explains clearly why you should solely be guided by the value difference. It helps you decide just which bets represents true value by being both likely to win and at a price that means we’re on the right side of the book.

I said “At Least” three because there’s also plenty of advice on how to place these bets, with some being set and forget types and some having the option to manipulate in play.

The reason it’ll be tricky to review is that I can (and will) record all bets given by Kevin on the forum. Those are available for all members to see and are clear statements that you should Back/Lay the selection at a certain price. No problem with doing that whatsoever.

The problem, from a reviewer’s point of view, is with the other two parts. The Chatroom part is always going to be hard to review as I may not be in there when Kevin advises bets, or I may be in there at a quiet period and receive a tip that others miss.

The Value Bets sheets is tricky because they rely entirely on the individuals opinion guided by the e-book. I could decide something looks a decent bet where 10 other people think it looks iffy. I could make a fortune through it while others struggle, or vice versa.

So, I’m going to do my usual spreadsheet based review covering the bets Kevin gives on the forum as they are a matter of fact and not open to individual interpretation. The other parts can only really be opinion type reviews based on my own use of the sheets following the guidelines in the ebook.

Seems the most fair and open way.

I’m excited to get going with this as I’ve been extremely impressed with everything Kevin has contributed to Goal Profits.

There should be some bets available for Friday, so I’ll be back next week with my first update.

You can try Value Football Betting here:


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January 6, 2015

Doubling for Dummies

We all know how hard it is to make good money from the betting markets and whilst many claim that they have the solution to hand and do their best to convince you they have the next best thing. Subconciously perhaps, you are of the belief that future results are most likely to be representative of what has gone before. In some cases this will happen .. but more often than not (as the results of many trials on this blog will testify) the ‘law of sod’ can intervene to mess things up.

“Einstein’s rule of 72 states that invested with an interest rate set at 10%, it will take 7.2 years to double your money, meaning banks, stocks and bonds are far from your best bet.”

It was a refreshing opportunity to be given the chance to deal with a guy called Francis. He runs a service that initially was a pet project for himself to try and win a few quid from the bookies but as the profits started to mount he decided to let others experience the same pleasures from sports betting. The fundamental aim of each stake is to double up and he has devised a reasonably simple yet cunning way to keep the risks very low, whilst maximizing profit potential.

“Investment using this strategy should see you eventually double your money not after 7 years but each and every day.”

Now I am not saying that this is a 100% foolproof way to win packets of dough hand over fist , there will (of course) be losing days – but what I m saying is that from first impression the logic unpinning this method suggests a simple way of minimizing risk yet maximizing returns.

Whilst I can’t detail specifics here without giving too much away I can tell you that the bets are placed on European football matches and on occasion basketball matches too. You dont need to know a thing about who is playing nor indeed the mechanics of the game itself , which is handy for me, as I am possibly the person with the least interest in sport ever..fact.

Now here comes the crazy part – to get a copy of the method will cost you £4.95! You read it right…. and if you cant be bothered to find the selections, subscribing to Francis’ monthly emails will cost you a further £19.99 per rolling month (or a special price of £197.99 annually), this I would definitely recommend. He sends the emails out promptly – generally on the back of the days winning/losing bet providing a summary of the days events. He then confirms the next days bets  confirming the prices you should be looking for and the bet type.

Any questions are promptly responded to so you will be up and running in no time at all. Simply place your bets online with your bookies (note : the specifics of the method are such that not all bookies can be used) and get on with your day. The exchanges can be used to place your bets ( I havent tried this route), but you will have to factor in the ‘nominal’ 5% Betfair commission on any winning bets.

I pointed out to Francis that if this method is as profitable as he claims it to be and this service becomes over-subscribed and the bookies ‘get-wise’ the potential profitability could be compromised which is why he has confirmed that he will be keeping the numbers of subscribers, to his email service at least, low – possibly as few as 100.

Thats the ‘prelim’ over with, on with the trial. I will update at the end of each week to advise progress.

Recommended staking is 1 pt to a 10 pt bank.
So, I will be using a bank of £1000, placing daily stakes of £100.

Although I have been following since late in December last year, I will commence the trial from the start of this year . Progress so far shapes up as follows : 

3rd Jan : £105

4th Jan : £-100

5th Jan : £115

6th Jan : £-100

Balance: £1,020


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January 5, 2015


I have been trying out the Pre Match Trading service over the course of the last month.

I had intended posting a weekly update of how I had been getting on but with the number of other trials winding up and the holiday period, I was tight on time for writing extra articles. I was however able to use the service on a regular basis.

I’m happy to be able to report that it does indeed work exactly as they describe on their website.

You log into the site and can then access the trading screen, there’s nothing to download as it’s all browser based and will work on all the usual platforms. It functions very smoothly and, once you’ve watched the videos and spied on the comments being made in the chatroom, it is quite easy to understand how it all works.

You watch for differences in what the tool calculates the correct price should be and what the current actual price on Betfair is, you can then place a Back or Lay bet and wait for it to move a tick or two before placing the contra bet to lock in a profit, which you can then either leave as a free bet or spread across all outcomes to guarantee a risk free profit.

Obviously, with only grabbing single or at most a couple ticks at a time the amounts are rather small. But you can often go back into the trade if the indicators are showing it should be on the move again and you can monitor all the major games to look for potential moves.

I did try several trades with real money as you are fully in control and can easily trade out, as the market is much slower moving before kick off, and did make enough to cover a month’s subscription fee over the space of a couple of sessions. So I know it does work.

You need to be able to use this in the build up to games in the bigger leagues as you need a decent amount of liquidity to make trading possible. You’d need to be able to keep track of the tool and monitor any trades you are in for a couple of hours before kick off, although it’s around the 90 min – 1 hour before kick off that most of the movement happens. This is where I did run into a bit of trouble using it as I do pretty much all my betting in game, so it is rather awkward to have all that extra time free. You don’t need to sit and start at the screen the whole time, you can easily leave it for a little while but you do have to be on hand to keep track of trades just in case some news breaks about team selection etc that can cause the market to give a bit of a lurch. You can have your trade out position sitting unmatched and that will close you out for a profit but there’s always the chance that a lurch the wrong way will leave you needing to act quickly to avoid going too far into loss.

This has to go in the APPROVED sections as it works perfectly well as it is intended to do, is good value for money and is fairly easy to do once you watch the videos and join in the chatroom. The email back up is excellent, they do help you if you are stuck and you can have good potential trades emailed to you. These trades are the ones the owners think will provide quick 1 tick profits and you are given easy to understand markets to trade and prices to enter at.

Bear in mind that you need to be patient with this as the markets do move slower pre kick off and you cannot rush at it and you will end up with plenty of small profits that add up to a decent, low risk return. Approved2


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January 5, 2015


When you decide to purchase via Clickbank, you have the choice of either just buying the ebook for £34.99 (+vat),  or buying the book and subscribing to the tipping service that will allow you to receive emails with the selections made for you. This latter part costs £34.99 for the book plus £9.99 per month for the tipping service, or you can pay £79.99 and get the book and an annual membership to the tipping service.

Whichever version you sign up to, you will also receive an Excel based Balance-Tracker sheet that records all relevant details and works out the stake for the next bet.

The ebook is fairly short but is fully comprehensive. It’s very clearly set out and easy to read. Their selection process is fully explained and is a doddle understand. There aren’t too many rules but those that there are, are extremely sensible filters that should weed out the majority of potential upsets. It takes around 10 minutes (more on a weekend) to identify selections. The rules are very clear and there’s shouldn’t be any ambiguity as to whether a game qualifies or not.

There’s plenty of sensible advice on how to manage the bank, including a very good section on when and how to take profit out as your bottom line climbs higher.

The system allows for up to 3 selections per day, you would be unlikely to find more than that during the week. You may well find more qualifiers at weekends and (if you haven’t joined the tipping service) it’s up to you to pick the best 3 of the day. Members of the tipping service will be given the owner’s official best picks.

The power of this system lies with both the sensible, rigorous selection criteria and the staking method provided. The staking method is an aggressive one but the type of selections you are making should result in a high strike rate that will cope with this aggressive approach and build your bank quite quickly. There is a section in the book on choosing a risk level you are comfortable with, you can turn it down a bit if you are more risk adverse.

As I’ve said in other trials, Level Stakes are the best way to look at long term chances of success, so I will be keeping a record of that figure alongside the official results for comparison purposes.

For tipping service members, the daily email is received in the evening and contains the following day’s selections. Again, everything is clear as day and no problems with ambiguity should arise.

I have been going through the manual selection process and have, so far, always come up with the same bets as were included in the email. I did have one question to ask and did receive a prompt and polite response.

All seems quite positive so far and there’s the comfort of a money back guarantee if you decide it isn’t for you.

There is a week’s free trial of selections available. That will give you a taste of the type of selection they make but you’ll need to purchase the system itself to get the all important Balance-Tracker sheet and staking plan that are used to make the most of the profits.

For the duration of the trial, I took on using the full method and not using the risk adverse technique.


I decided to end this trial early as it has had an extended period of poor performance and, as the staking is so ultra aggressive, it has no chance of recovery in the time frame we would allow.

A shame really, as it’s obvious they have put a fair amount of time into this and do run in a professional manner. Their filters are, as described in my introductory post, extremely sensible and well worded.

For anyone who has bought the book, I would make 2 suggestions to try and help improve performance. Obviously these are just my thoughts on why this has been so rough over the test period & shouldn’t be considered as official instructions. Just trying to help save a few quid.

1) Don’t go so far down the food chain, betting on very low level football is extremely hazardous. Betting on Under 21 leagues etc, even more so.

2) Extend the upper odds range. The rest of their filters are pretty rigorous and any (stable) team passing them should be considered solid favourites.

I’m afraid this one has to be filed under FAILED.Failed

You can try Soccer Streaks here:




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December 31, 2014


As we are saying “Goodbye” to 2014 tonight, I thought it might be a good idea to have a round up and name my favourite products and services of the year.

We don’t have a red carpet at C-M H.Q.for the ceremony, and I’m afraid my designer has rather let me down on the ballgown front. I did, however, manage to squirt tomato ketchup all down the front of my new jumper by taking an overly enthusiastic chomp out of a sausage sarnie. So all the bits are there really (ish).

I have been dealing solely with football betting this year, both in terms of reviews here on the blog and also in my own personal betting/trading. It’s been a mixed year with the reviews, we’ve unearthed some real gems, we’ve seen a good few banks blown and we’ve had a fair bit of “Meh” to balance it all out.

The services I’ve selected as my Award Winners have been rock solid throughout and represent both good value for money and will certainly enhance the bottom line of any betting portfolio.



I reviewed this brilliant service in late January and since then it’s just gone from strength to strength. There’s so much been added and improved. It’s still evolving and getting better month by month.

A brief synopsis:

Far from being run of the mill tipsters, these guys are top grade traders and their service is pretty much unbeatable. You have access to some of the best trading method ebooks available, a very active chatroom with helpful & knowledgeable members and the best bit by far (in my opinion) are the numerous statistic pages. Pretty much every stat you could wish for is collated here and they even help with giving you shortlists for games potentially matching criteria for the methods provided.

My original review from January is here.

A fantastic free to members addition was reviewed here

I genuinely think that if you have time to watch a game on TV, you have the time to trade it and make a few quid. The methods available here will help you do that. All traders, no matter how experienced WILL gain something from membership. Even if you’re 100% happy in your own methods, it’s worth joining to see how good the stats pages are and another string to the bow is always welcome.

A “Must Have” service.

I have 2 additional/associated parts of Goal Profits in pre-testing and will be reviewing them in the new year.




The review period for this service only ended a few weeks ago but it’s definitely my best of the year.

I tested this great service for 3 months and recorded a 99 point profit by the end, it has put on another 10 points since the Final Verdict.

I must admit to being a little sceptical about this when I started. It is a notoriously tough market to get right but this service hit the ground running and, although it slowed a little in the middle, it’s still steaming along nicely.

The cheapest option is to sign up for the Facebook service, where you are invited to join a Private Members page and all selections are posted on there. Obviously you have the usual Facebook options of interacting with other members and the owners of the service. This option costs just £14.99 a month, an email version is available for £19.99.

All bets are advised in an extremely easy to read manner, you get the name of the country, the league, the kick off time,the match details followed by the selection and the price available at the time. The prices have always been similar to those I’ve found on Oddschecker.

We never really had a proper extended losing period during the trial, there were spells in the middle where it sort of trod water for a few weeks, bouncing around the same level, a losing week followed by a winning week of similar value, but then a decent day or so would propel us forward again. Obviously, there are losing days and indeed weeks. A bad Saturday could cost a good few points but, so far, we haven’t hit a major downturn.

If you had started our trial staking £10 from a £500 bank (ie 50 points) and recalculated your stakes daily, both up and down, you would now be staking £58 from a bank of £2900.

My full review can be read here

A remarkably cheap service that has produced great profit so far. A Bet and Forget type with no trading/hedging needed.




A fantastically simple but unbelievably useful betting tool. It’s entirely browser based, so nothing to download and it’ll work on the usual platforms.

Once you log in, you have all the games that are currently in-play on the Betfair coupon laid out in time order. Alongside the match and current price details you have a bang up to date list of stats showing how the game is progressing. You can see details of goals scored, shots on target, shots off target, penalties, free kicks, corners, cards, possession percentage and finally a very handy indeed Pressure indicator that shows which team has been on top during the last few minutes.

The best aspect is that you can set and save your own criteria, so you can make it that you only see games that you are potentially interested in. For example, most of my betting and/or trading focuses on half time onwards. Because I may want to trade the game as well, I want games with decent liquidity so I can get matched. So, I can set the scanner to only show me games that are approaching half time, have  50K+ matched on match odds, 20K+ matched on over/unders and 5K+ matched on correct score. I can also set up filters to only show games with specific numbers of goals, shots on/off target etc. Setting up your filters is pretty essential really, as it declutters the screen and allows you breathing space.

You can access the Betfair page you want with a single click of the mouse on the market you are interested in. The scanner even shows you the price the game went live at, so you can see which way and how quick it’s moving.

The website has plenty of tutorial videos to watch and some trading strategies are provided to members too. There’s plenty of email back up and help too.

All in all, it’s a great time saver and bet finder. I’m very keen on it indeed.

For all the help it gives you, I think it is reasonably priced at £29.99 a month with cheaper deals for longer subscriptions.

My full review is here


That’s it for the round up. The three winners are great services that will help you put some extra money in your pocket and make the sport I love even more enjoyable.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and I look forward to finding more great services and nailing more bad ones in 2015

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December 30, 2014



I have been recording results for this service since late September and it is now time to wrap the trial up.

Well, it’s certainly been a wild ride.

Selections arrive via email, although there is a members forum available where the bets are displayed and you can interact with the owner and other members. Bets are extremely easy to understand and I have found that the prices quoted are almost always understated, meaning you can find better via oddschecker. I have no doubts about the owner’s honesty and integrity regarding the running of the service and prices/wins claimed.

Bet types vary quite widely, taking in markets such as; Correct Score, First Goalscorer, Anytime Scorer, Scorecasts, HT-FT and many others. There have been very few straight win single bets. The eponymous “Accas” feature frequently and vary in size from doubles up to eightfolds.

When we started the trial the, membership price was £50 for the whole season. Within a few weeks of the start this price was temporarily lowered to £40 for the season. That offer has now been withdrawn and, as the season is half way through, a monthly subscription method has replaced it. The subs are now £20 (+vat) per month. I have been told that the Whole Season offer will be back in place for next season, based on performance this year that option  looks good value for money.

I asked how big a starting bank was required. I was told that he doesn’t really advise members as to bank size but that 50 points should be fine. So I set my bank up accordingly to track performance at straight 1pt level staking and, as usual, have also kept records with the bank recalculated daily to 50 points.

For the majority of bets, a “Confidence Level” is supplied along with the details of what bet to place, so I decided I would keep a track of performance if you used this confidence level as a percentage of a point for staking.

We got off to a very bumpy start, with the bank heading south quite quickly. In fact we actually went into negative territory around six weeks into the trial, meaning the entire starting bank had been lost. It has always been my policy that if the bank is lost, the trial ends. No public bail-outs are forthcoming from the Cash-Master Government! I did allow this one to continue as the bank level had been a “should be ok” advice rather than an outright stipulation. The lowest point reached was five points below zero and, in an odd coincidence, the very next day we had out first good priced winner which returned a thirty point profit putting us back in a fighting position.

From this point on, things went much better. A week later we had winners at 15/1 and 20/1 returning the bank to it’s starting level by mid to late November.

Things got very exciting when we hit the monster night in early December and two bets in the same game in at prices of 280/1 and 22/1.

Since then we’ve pretty much bounced around the same level with the usual losing runs propped up by a further three double figure price wins.


BETS 266


S/R 13.16%



PROFIT 272.95 points

ROI 103%

Using the same results and recalculating your bank to 50 points daily would have given you an end of test profit of 111.77 points but the lowest point the bank sunk to was 15.27 points rather than the -5 points (so 55 point deficit) of the level staking bank. Adjusting your stake to match his “Confidence Rating” would have resulted in a profit of 81.33 points with the lowest being 16.25 points.

One stat really worth noting is that the “Accas” have been pretty disastrous and have cost the bank around fifty points. With regard to the confidence levels, the best were six, seven and eight. Level four had the big win but the best three actually return a profit from normal tipping rather than a one-off.

The overall profit if is VERY impressive but it must be noted that without that one enormous win, we’d actually still  be in a position just below break even. It’s a fantastic achievement to tip a player that rarely scores to get the first goal coupled with his team going on to lose the game heavily. But it’s a fantastic achievement because it will happen so very, very rarely. Hence the huge price. Most Scorecast bets are going to be much lower than that and are still very hard to get right. So you simply cannot rely on getting one of those to keep your bank afloat. It must be viewed as a wonderful bonus.

The three month trial can be pretty much split into two periods. The first six weeks were very poor, the last six were very impressive.

During the early part of the trial, it was obvious that he was getting extremely frustrated by an unusually poor run of results by his own standards. There were lots of comments in the selection emails about longer term members knowing that the service was better than it was showing itself. This did appear to be true as I saw a member make a comment along similar lines in the forum.

The latter part of the trial (again, I’m ignoring the biggie) was very successful and has made a very decent comeback from the losing period. There have been losing runs but we’ve hit a good number of decent priced winners and the service has been really good.

It should also be pointed out that he’s has gone really close to landing very juicy priced bets on numerous occasions, meaning that there were very obvious opportunities to either “Cash Out” with bookies who offer that service or to place a Lay bet on Betfair to either cover you stake or secure at least a little profit if the main bet lost late on in the game. Even bets like Scorecasts, which most bookies will not let you Cash Out early on can be hedged against, if looking like going close to winning, on an exchange by laying the correct score to cover yourself. Sure, you are potentially giving back some of your profit but that will be easily offset by saving the losing stake money over a longer period.

The reason this Verdict Post is so long is that, for once, I can’t make up my mind which way to jump with this.

A Failed verdict is out of the question. The bottom line is extremely healthy, I’ve spoken at length about ignoring the biggie for decision purposes but it’s a fact that he did tip a hugely outlandish bet and did find the win. The second half of the trial has been brilliant and has recovered losses made during the poor start. I must admit that I like what I know of the owner and I’ve swapped a few chatty emails with him about the football. The forum could be quite fun too if a few more members would get involved.

Bearing in mind that, without that one big win, we’d be at a roughly break even level after three months, a verdict of Neutral is a viable option. I’m going to go with a cautious APPROVED. It is afterall massively in profit and the latter part of the trial has proved that he can pull off wins at decent prices on a reasonably regular basis. There are always going to be losing runs when targeting the more outlandish type of bet but it can’t be denied that having £1 on at a double or triple figure prices adds enjoyment to a game and, with the owner’s help, it can add to your pocket too. I appreciate that you can do that type of “fun bet” for yourself and save having to pay subs but the owner has proven that he can get a lot closer to big wins than your average fun bet punter could possibly achieve.

As always, I’m going to leave my final spreadsheet with every minute detail of the trial visible to anyone interested so you can see nothing is hidden and make your own decisions, we’re all adults with minds of our own. Those are the bets he tipped at prices I found for myself at Oddschecker. The performance can be enhanced by cashing out early or laying off your stake on close call. The only dilemma you really face is whether to subscribe now on a monthly basis or wait for the next full season offer. Either way, use a 100 point bank and keep stakes small. A strike rate of 13% is going to have long losing runs, potentially very long losing runs. If you can cope with that sign up. If that sort of figure worries you, don’t. All things considered, I do think it’s worth joining.






UPDATE 15/1/15



As you may remember, I gave this a cautious approved rating last month.

I did warn about the losing runs but also praised it for finding a few juicy priced winners along the way that had given it a healthy bottom line for our test period.

Since the end of our test it has had a very torrid time and the owner has now introduced a change.

From now on, he is supplying tips with a couple that he has “Confidence” in and that you are instructed to back. There are then a couple that are headed as “Outsiders” and are deemed optional. You are advised to also back the “Accas” when they are supplied.

This does make quite a significant difference. Obviously, I have no way of telling which he would have deemed the main confidence bets, but one can assume that they would probably have been the shorter priced less exotic market based ones.

I’m not comfortable with just letting this sit on the Approved list without some form of scrutiny. I have kept up the records since the trial ended and I’m going to continue for another month to see how things go from now on. If it shows a profit by only backing the Confidence bets and the Accas, I’ll leave it on Approved. If not, I’ll reconsider the rating.

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December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I’m writing this sat on a beach in Goa, India, and very nice it is too. Cash Master readers come from all corners of the globe and it’s a real pleasure, and an honour, to have such a loyal and appreciative readership. Cash Master couldn’t happen without the tireless work of the reviewers, and I’m extremely grateful to them for their diligent, thorough and often amusing missives.

None of this would happen without you, the readers. Your comments and feedback and advice are invaluable to me and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know there’s such a great bunch of people out there doing their bit to have one over the bookies.

So have a lovely time and I’ll be back in the New Year.

Its been emotional…


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December 23, 2014


A very good week for this service, putting on around 20 points since last Monday’s update.  The Liverpool game v Bournemouth was highly profitable after both the correct score and Sterling’s brace were backed at double figure prices.

Figs so far:

BETS 253


S/R 13.83%

AV ODDS 42.98


PROFIT/LOSS +285.95 points




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