February 14, 2017

Early Odds

Week 3: Selections: 26; Wins:7 ; Points: 5.75 ; At £10 per point: £57.50

Overall: Selections: 88; Wins: 23; Points:22.19: At £10.00 per point: £221.90

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February 9, 2017

Jolly Lock IP

As I am sure you are aware, bookmakers are using advanced monitoring and spying tools such as iesnare and fingerprinting to find people that are using betting techniques such as Matched Betting, Arbing etc, so they can restrict or ban their accounts.

A recent report released by an industry specialist suggested that due to the massive growth of Matched Betting and free bonus abuse, it’s costing the industry in the region of £20m a month.

Bookmakers are now clamping down and monitoring account activity. All bookmakers have a risk-management team, people who are specifically employed to distinguish between ‘clever’ and ‘mug’ punters.

They are using advanced tracking technologies and spyware so they can monitor every click of your mouse, all the websites you visit, all your computers installation data, complete information from your registry, plus full browser and operating system information.

You don’t even know when this code has been added and is running BUT rest assured they are monitoring everyone.

Bookmakers can tell if you are using a Matched Betting site, they know when you place your bets and the Exchange used to lay-off.

They decide if you are costing them too much money and if they want your business.

The worst case is that you will have your accounts shut down. In many cases bookmakers restrict people’s accounts by limiting the amount they can bet. They also stop the special offers a Matched Bettor relies upon to make a profit.

Well one company have developed a totally unique software tool that prevents this and allows you to continue to make regular profit, without the worry of having your accounts closed.

The tool is called Jolly Lock IP and this is a game changer.

The technology used means you are fully protected and spyware and monitoring tools cannot track your activity.

As a bonus because the IP is UK based you can even carry on betting and using websites and services which are restricted when you are abroad.

Now this isn’t a traditional VPN. VPN solutions have been available on the market for many years but have drawbacks when compared to Jolly Lock IP:

1. You can only run one VPN per computer whereas Jolly Lock IP isn’t restricted and can run multiple IP addresses.

2. VPN’s are not compatible with websites running FLASH and will expose the real IP address. This can be a particular problem when playing such things as casino/slots or other online games.

3. Most VPN’s do not issue a dedicated static UK IP address.

4. In some cases you may find the IP address allocated may have already been used in the past and been banned by certain websites, especially those running an IP banned list.

Jolly Lock IP has been created specifically by bettors for bettors. They’ve identified the problem and solved it.

So how does it work?

Simple. You download an installer, run it, and within seconds the software icon is on your desktop. You input your licence and away you go. It works on either Windows or a Mac. Connection is almost immediate. Once opened you’re presented with a window displaying a desktop much like your own PC, and from there you can open web browsers and navigate to whatever websites you like.

Is it any good?

The first thing I noticed was the sheer speed of thing compared with my regular VPS.

It’s really fast. Browsing the internet, loading bookie sites, it’s all immediate and extremely smooth. As advertised, it’s compatible with Flash so all the virtual games run without issue.

The ultra fast speed also means those using value betting techniques, or laying off on Betfair, hedging etc can run it all through Jolly Lock IP without issue as the quickly changing odds have no lag at all.

It really is a very solid bit of kit and something that could genuinely change the way we bet going forwards.

The fees are in line with regular VPN’s too so it’s a no brainer for anyone seriously getting into Matched Betting or are successful with their horse racing. Half a day’s profit can cover a month’s subscription, so if you want to make serious, regular profits from the bookmakers without getting banned or restricted then Jolly Lock IP is a tool you can’t afford to go without.

You can try Jolly Lock IP here:


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February 9, 2017

Premier Greyhound Tips

I have been looking at Premier Greyhound Tips, a tipping service from the Betting Gods stable. The service costs £39.95 per month or £99.95 per quarter.

You can see full results for this service here: Premier Greyhound Tips Results

With this service you receive an email sometime before the dog races which are almost exclusively evening races. You then place a bet for the advised number of points.

The service finished UP 29.25 points, £292.50 at £10 per point, from which roughly £100 of subscriptions need to be deducted. The official results page shows 431 points profit in 27 months, an average of nearly 12 points (£120 at £10 per point) per month after subscription has been removed, so we might have had a bad run during this trial.

Although the website shows the longest losing run as 18, at one point I was 76 points down, but I think it speak volumes that the service ended in profit. But I feel this means that you are going to need a bank of at least 100 points.

As this is not Horse Racing, there’s a fair chance of you being able to use Bookmaker accounts for some time, especially if you take steps to counter the dreaded ieSnare. Unfortunately, BSP prices are not easy to come by, so I don’t know if this will work using Exchanges, it should if you can get the quoted prices and it is important to get these prices as, to SP, the service was down 57 points.

From the results of the trial there isn’t quite enough profit to approve this service. I hope that you can see the potential for this service from the official results though, with compounding this could be a useful addition to your portfolio. However, this will have to be categorised as NEUTRAL.

You can get Premier Greyhound Tips here: Premier Greyhound Tips

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February 8, 2017

Great Bets

Arthur has just completed his review on the Great Bets service and made some quite staggering profits. Apparently that’s not unusual for this service, which has averaged £300 a month at £1 per point. The subscription isn’t the cheapest, which is in line with the profits it produces I guess, but even so I’ve asked the chaps at Great Bets if they can do a discount for CashMaster readers and they’ve agreed to a £100 discount, valid up to midnight on Sunday only.

Full details here:


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February 8, 2017

Top Form Racing

I have been looking at Top Form racing from the Betting Gods stable. This is a tipster whose services cost £39.95 per month or £99.95 per quarter.

A full set of results is here: Top Form Racing Results

You receive an email, often the evening before the races, and place bets to the advised number of points. The bets are predominately each-way bets.

Using the advised odds the service finished DOWN 2.37 points, £23.70 at £10 per point, from which roughly £100 of subscriptions need to be removed. From the official results the service is up over 97 points though.

From the website the longest losing run is 7.  I didn’t record the number of near misses, but my impression is that with just a wee bit more luck the results of the trial could have been very different.

Because this is Horse Racing based, if you use Bookmakers you are likely to have your accounts limited very quickly, so I recorded results using BSP and this is actually UP 11.5 points (after 5% commission is deducted), so using the exchanges would appear to be a viable option, but you need to place 2 bets (win and place markets). The average advised odds are 7.59, and Betfair prices are higher on longer odds horses which may account for this.

Based on the results of the trial I am going to categorise this a neutral. However, I like that this service works using BSP and would appear to work long-term. The stated 97 points of profit could be on the lower side if the experience of BSP to SP prices I have shown above is repeated over a whole year. Staked properly this could be a useful addition to your portfolio.

You can get Top Form Racing here: Top Form Racing

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February 8, 2017

The Sports Guru

Week 13; Selections: 90; Wins: 42; Points: 48.348 At £10 per point: £483.48

Overall: Selections: 1035; Wins: 401; Points: -97.458 At £10 per point: £-974.58

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February 8, 2017

Premier Greyhound Tips

Week 13: Selections: 6; Wins: 3; Points: 13 At £10 per point: £130.00

Overall: Selections: 103; Wins: 24; Points: 29.25 At £10 per point: £292.50

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February 8, 2017

Top Form Racing

Top Form Racing

Week 13; Selections: 7; Wins: 4; Points: 2.025 At £10 per point: £20.25

Overall: Selections: 156; Wins: 51; Points: -2.371 At £10 per point: £-23.71

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February 7, 2017

Football Acca Tips RE-TRIAL

I’m going to be recording results for Footbal Acca Tips, a service we first tried out around 2 years ago, over the next few months.

In early 2015, we had a wild ride of extreme lows (the bank was actually all lost at one point) balanced out by a few HUGE price winners. You can’t really expect a high strike rate with the type of bets they were targetting at the time.

The service has now relaunched with a new more professional attitude to bank management and they seem to have refined their selection process too. Only teams from the Premier League are targetted.

Subscription prices are nice and cheap, £10 per month plus VAT (so £12 for UK customers) via Clickbank.

A starting bank of 500 points is advised, far more sensible than the 50 advised in the original test. If you’re going for big prices, you’re going to have dry spells.

The trial got off to a fantastic start but has fallen back a little over the last couple of bets. Nothing to worry about yet though.



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February 7, 2017

Great Bets

I have been reviewing Great Bets. This is a tipping service with a tiered subscription ranging from £25 per week (£1300 per year) to £849 per year.

Full results are available through the website here: Great-Bets

You receive an email, usually on the day of the event, and place these bets at the Bookmakers. The email states the number of points to be bet and I paper-bet these at £1 per point and assumed you could get the prices quoted. I think that, in most cases, you’ll have to be quick to get the prices quoted, so I recommend that you set up email alerts to a dedicated email account so you can place the bets as soon as possible once the email is received.

The email usually states 10 point or 20 point bets. In other recent reviews I have been using £10 per point but the advised bets were 1 or 2 points. In both cases the average bets are £10 to £20. Please do not bet this service at £10 per point from a small account.

The trial ended UP 982.8 points (£982 at £1 per point) from which approximately £300 or less of subscriptions need to be deducted.

Because bookies limit accounts faster than you can say “mugger”, I also recorded BSP. Here the service is £400 UP before subtracting the subscription, so this service will work using exchanges but only just; you’d have to be betting around £2 per point to be comparable with the bookies.

Looking at the website results, a 500-point bank from £500 is used on the results page to get £1 per point, so a £1000 account you should be able to run at £2 per point, etc.

Another thing I’d consider regarding stakes is to compound by setting the £ per point each week or month, or in my case every time the account grows by 50%, and ratchet (never reduce stakes) to really make the account grow.

The figures above are for illustration only; you have to work out your bank and points values for yourself!

Given the nice profit and the fantastic figures in the full results I have no hesitation is classifying the service as approved.

You can get Great Bets here: Great-Bets

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