August 15, 2016

Sports Betting Pays

Sports Betting Pays is a new tipping service run by James Pacheco, specialising in football and cricket bets.

There is a promotional offer of £9.99 for the first month of membership that expires at midnight tonight. The usual price is £24.99.

I was unaware of this promotional deadline until this morning. I have been recording results for the last week and will be continuing to do so for the next 3 months.

So far, I’ve found it to be a very professionally run and interesting service.

Selections are delivered by email and there is also a members area on the website.

The selection emails usually arrive mid evening and have, so far, been easy to understand and an interesting read.

I emailed to ask what starting bank they would recommend, they say that 50 points should be enough but 100 points would be a more cautious approach. I’m going to use 100 points and start with a bank of £1000

We’ve had a really encouraging start to the trial. Stakes are kept low, with the biggest bet so far being 0.5pt. They target a whole range of markets for their selections. We’ve had Top Batsman/Bowler, Most Corners, Draw No Bet selections amongst others.

We’re only a week into the trial, so no conclusions drawn but so far they’ve had a strike rate of 45% and a profit of almost 3 points made. Quite impressive given the fraction of a point risked on each bet.



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August 15, 2016

Heikin Ashi Mountain

Overall system standings after week 2:

Trades made: 21 of which 9 are still open. Of the closed trades 1 where closed for a profit.

Profit is -724.82 pips, £-301.94 from a £2.5k starting bank.

Average Stop is 126.54 pips.

The Instruments I opened this week were:

France Buy
EuroStox Buy
Silver Buy
Gold Buy

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August 14, 2016

Progressive Form Strategy

Martin Blakey has been making his living from handicap races for decades. He is forever tightening and refining his methods to increase winners and decrease losers, and he now feels that his latest method, which has been created in conjunction with a mathematics genius, may be the best yet. Certainly the first month’s results are extremely promising. It’s not the cheapest but results suggest that £10 stakes could pay a year’s subs in a week. Obviously I would like to see more than one month’s results, so we are here to take it through its paces. It only involves a few selections a week, so not time-consuming.

Now one week in, it’s time for an update.

Still awaiting our first winner.

On System 1 there have been 6 runners, two places for a BSP return of -3.99 points

On System 2 there have been 6 runners, two places for a BSP return of  -6.48 points

Additionally, the accas come to -30 points and the reverse forecasts to -2 points

You can read more about the service and join up here.

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Week 3:
Number of qualifying selections: 9; Winning bets: 5; SR: 55.6%; Profit: -6.2 points.

Number of qualifying selections: 28; Winning bets: 17; SR: 60.7%; Profit: -9.59 points.

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I thought I might mention to readers that I have not forgotten about the DiffCode Transatlantic product that I was reviewing back in June. The truth is that since Brexit, the markets have experienced levels of volatility which makes profitable trading using this method (that uses reasonably tight stops) difficult.

Whilst this volatility appears to have passed Martin Carter (creator of the Diffcode products) suggests that there is a ‘lull’ in the markets  where the ranges are quite narrow. This in turn can lead to many ‘no trade’ days and when some trades are announced because the moves aren’t sufficient to close the trade during the course of the day – the method suggests a likely change of direction and the following day, the Diffcode Signal trade given might be to close the trade (for either a reduced profit / reduced loss).

I have been in two minds how to play this because this is a review after all and we would expect to see how things play out regardless of what the markets throw at it. But the truth is, any trader using this method would/should be mindful of market sentiment and large political events that could change the usual trading ‘dynamic’ within the markets. This is imperative to preserve ones trading bank. At this time of ‘uncertainty’ , I think it would be somewhat foolhardy of anyone to expect to be able use these ‘tried and tested’ Diffcode products outside of normal market operation and expect to come out of it unscathed.

I am also using my own funds during the course of this review so there is a also a natural degree of self-preservation that is influencing my decision not to trade at this time – but I feel that this would mirror most others peoples mindset if they were using this product with their own cash.

However, I do intend to reinstate this review once I have confidence that things are more settled and have reverted to the norm – which I am hopeful will be over the course of the next couple of months. Watch this space.


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August 12, 2016

Follow The Money

I’ve had a few questions relating to the Follow The Money system I mentioned earlier in the week and so thought it would be helpful to put Guy’s comments below.

“Bank size can be as low as hundreds of pounds if you’re spread-betting, or a few thousand for conventional brokerage accounts.

In terms of updates, all of my software is significantly slicker now, but the basic OVI breakout method is the same, with a better explanation of the P2 part of the trading plan. This is important because latching onto a trend and riding it with some control is a key component.

There are two areas where most traders fail – make that three!

 – First they don’t have a proper trading system based in logic. My OVI method is based on the logic of demand and supply. We look at what the options traders are doing and use that information to analyze stocks. It helps that it has proven itself over many years and is validated by independent hedge fund quants. This is pretty much unique among those providing trading applications.

 – Second, every trader has at some point allowed a decent profit to turn into a loss. This we solve via my P1 part of the trading plan.

 – Third, every trader has experienced the frustration of bailing out of a trending stock too early. This we solve via the P2 part of my trading plan.

Creating a proper trading system takes a lot of time and research … and is very expensive if you do it properly to institutional standards of robust testing. My approach has been to develop it for my own personal use and fund the R&D by licensing the applications. So we all share the exact same applications while I also continue the R&D for all of our benefit.

Since the quants came in we now also have institutional aspirations. That takes time, but is a realistic aim for us.

So anyone who gets involved with Follow-the-Money is part of something much bigger and has independent validation.

Furthermore, the 20+ stocks in FTM are the ones that Roger looks at and has traded regularly.

So, I hope that is helpful.”

Find out more here:

Follow The Money

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August 12, 2016

Goal Profits

Here’s a great deal to kick-off the Premier League season (and Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Eredivisie, etc)

The service voted ‘Best Product’ in both 2014 and 2015 is giving you £10 off your first month and an eBook which normally sells for £37!

Steve and Kevin are going into their fifth Premier League season which makes them online veterans. There are no thoughts of retirement just yet though…

Amazingly, they have spent the summer making improvements so that the best is even better. In fact, they have added so much to the re-designed Members Area that we are going to have to carry out another full review soon.

In the meantime, this great offer closes soon so don’t wait or you’ll miss out.

One reader, Russell, joined Goal Profits on 7th August, just a few days ago, and this was his response:

“It’s been a great start! I am a few days in and have already made my monthly subscription and a bit more.”

Click here now and secure your freebie:

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I’m pleased with how this service is panning out.

The communication with Roger is exemplary as you can follow him throughout the day on Twitter and/or read is regular e-mail updates that detail his trades with explanations and thoughts.

Results have been as expected. We’ve had a few trades that went to 30 or 40 pips into profit before turning and ending at a loss or breakeven and this has caused a few people to ask why he doesn’t take the profit then but Roger trades the way he trades and a nice 78 pip winner yesterday goes some way to justify this. Personally I’m more than happy to let him get on with it and take a long term view rather than worrying about individual trade results.

So the official results so far are as follows:

June: +224 pips
July: +103 pips
August so far: +58 pips

Roger is currently offering the below discount until tomorrow:

“The next subscription is due by the 27th August but if you show commitment, now, I’ll offer September and October for £108 saving you £50, your next subscription of £79 would then not be due until October 27th covering November. I’ll leave this offer open until the end of this week only, Saturday 13th August, after that it reverts back to £79 due by the 27th of this month. Anyone that wants to clear their subscription until the end of the year the cost is £250 saving £66.”

To get an additional discount on the above use Discount Code: GLCM

Full details available here:

Consistent Forex Trade Copier

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August 12, 2016


This seems to be going in the right direction now. The official results show over 100 pips profit over the last 30 days and I’ve personally made £909, so 91 pips, which I’m not going to complain about.

I don’t think anyone is expecting the ‘average’ of 800 pips per month anymore, and since the 200 pip/month guarantee still stands the service is effectively free unless we make at least 200 pips which is a win/win for the subscribers so long as we don’t have big drawdowns which we don’t seem to have anyway.

The update today suggested there will be a lengthy e-mail tomorrow about a new service they are introducing that should run parallel to Mike Pears, but which will probably be trading to a set percentage of bank per trade to allow for larger stops and longer term trades. Again with the same pip/month profit guarantee and I believe is to be included within the current subscription (although I don’t know the details myself).

I’ll be on my holidays for the next three weeks and travelling tomorrow so won’t be able to post an update now probably until sometime next week.

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August 11, 2016

Place Expert

Another good run of winners and the losses have been wiped out and we’re now in profit.

Bet 1 – 18:35 (Nottingahm) – Back STRAW HAT top 2 @ 1.3 £5.70 £5.70
Bet 2 – (Yarmouth) – Back HARTSWELL top 3 @ 1.25 £6.10 £4.75
Bet 3 – (Wolverhampton – 18:30) – Back TIGSERIN top 4 @ 1.36 £10.87 £6.84
Bet 4 – (Wolverhampton – 14:5-) – Back VIRILE top 3 @ 1.27 £10.95 £5.13
Bet 5 – (Leicester – 16:30) – Back NOBLE ACT top 2 @ 1.65 £33.11 £12.35
Bet 6 – (Windsor – 18:50) – Back SIRAJIAH top 2 @ 1.42 £34.60 £7.98

Profit Banked

Totals Roll-Up Level
.              £17     £0.90

Just a quick update to say as of today they are changing the terms of subscription to the Place Expert service (for the better of the customer).

They are still going to charge weekly BUT if they fail to make a profit during a 1 month period they will refund ALL the subscription payments made during this time.

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