April 18, 2016

Variant 6

Paul Bent has been a betting man for over forty years. Over the decades he’s seen it all. He’s subscribed to more services, bought more systems and attended more courses than most of us could imagine. He used to attend betting exchange shops betting alongside some of the shrewdest punters out there before many of us had even heard of betting exchanges.

It goes without saying that he’s had ALL of online bookie accounts closed or restricted and so turned his attention to making his income from Betfair, and he has even hosted betting masterclasses teaching others his techniques.

Now he uses betting bots and automated betting software to bet for him, and he uses these every day. Some he uses to trade in the live markets, others he just switches on and leaves to run indefinitely. He uses an arsenal of strategies that all work and all bring in regular daily profits.

Betting software of some description is a key requirement for anyone serious about betting/trading successfully on the betting exchanges.

There is a plethora of betting bots and betting software on the market today, and many of these are simply brilliant tools. But a tool is only as good as the person using them, and most of the software vendors don’t offer any profitable strategies to use with their software leaving it up to the user to decide.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Paul has written a 202 page manual that takes you through the different types of bots available, covering ones that simply place bets whilst you are at work or otherwise away from your computer, to more sophisticated ones that can place multiple, complex trades into the market. The majority of the book is given over to step by step guides to various strategies professionals use and how to set up a bot to carry them out, enabling complex betting/trading strategies to be applied that would otherwise be impossible to employ.

In fact there are no less than 56 individual strategies covered, with detailed screenshots for each method showing you exactly how to do it. Nothing is left to chance.

Here are a couple of examples from the book:

One method shows you how to back a horse to win BUT if it looks like it’s about to lose you automatically get your stake back.


You lay a horse to lose but if it goes on to win you don’t lose anything at all and still make a profit.

You can even see a couple of videos of this in action on his website.

These are just two of the strategies covered in the manual and are simple examples of what a bot can do for you automatically, but there are many, many more techniques that can be applied to enable you to make consistently profitable bets all day long.

Remember, Paul has been doing this for years and has honed his techniques to such a level that he operates at peak efficiency. You can learn all his methods immediately without having to go through years of trial and error to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Can’t bet during the day? No problem. There are bots available that you can run on virtual private servers (VPS) that you can switch on and leave to run 24/7 without any intervention whatsoever. Or you can just leave them running on your home computer if you don’t mind leaving it on all day. Either way, the bot will work tirelessly all day, every day, betting the exchanges exactly to the parameters you have specified… and Paul shows you how to set it up to do this for you.

Special Bonus Offer!

Paul has created a special settings file for one of the bots. All you have to do is load it in, set how much you want to win, and turn it on!

This particular file, called ‘Variant 6’, is pure gold.

Imagine coming home from work every day, checking your computer and seeing you’ve won money on Betfair without you even being there… every day!

It really is like turning water into wine.

You can buy Win At Betting here:


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April 18, 2016

Bookmaker Bashing

Main System

Week 11: Profit to advised stakes: £177.31 or in points: 3.55
Overall: Profit to advised stakes: £881.03 or in points: 17.62


Week 11
Number of bets: 2
Number of wins: 2
Profit from £1000 start and using advised staking plan: £11.74

Number of bets: 45
Number of wins: 42
Profit from £1000 start and using advised staking plan: £-595.70

Value Acca

Week 9: Profit to advised stakes: £-10 or in points: -1
Overall: Profit to advised stakes: £78.48 or in points: 7.85

Value Yankee

Week 7: Profit to £1 per leg (total £11) stakes: £-11 or in points: -1.00
Overall: Profit to £1 per leg (total £11) stakes: £-86.75 or in points: -7.89

Value Singles

Week 5
Number of bets: 3
Number of wins: 1
Profit from £2000 start and using advised staking plan: £-479.83

Number of bets: 15
Number of wins: 13
Profit from £2000 start and using advised staking plan: £415.08

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April 16, 2016

Consistent Forex Trades

Week 12

The final week approaches. I won’t, now, be opening any long term trades. Next week’s summary and the final report will be delayed until all trades have been settled.

Week 12 Set & Forget


GBPUSD -21.0
EURGBP -74.8
USDCHF -89.9 GU & UCad
USDCAD 0.0 -21.0
AUDUSD -58.7
FTSE 0.0
DOW 0.0
S&P500 -289.7 S&P + Dax
DAX 0.0 -289.7
Overall Set & Forget


EURUSD -90.4
GBPUSD -116.8
EURGBP -119.8
EURJPY 117.0
USDJPY -62.2
USDCHF -64.9 GU & UCad
USDCAD 18.0 -98.8
AUDUSD -129.3
FTSE 114.3
DOW 142.6
S&P500 -294.1 S&P + Dax
DAX 371.7 77.6


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April 15, 2016

Football Pay Day

This is the seventh report on Football Pay Day and covers the 31 day period 1-31 Mar 2016 inclusive.

1st -31st Mar :-                                           Running Totals 16th Oct 15 -31st Mar 16:-


System 1  Lay the Draw     -0.0 points                                  -18.25 points

System 2  Over 2.5 goals    -0.9 points                                   15.06 points

System 3  Over 1.5 goals    0.56 points                                   12.65 points

System 4. Under 2.5 goals -4.25 points                                   1.64 points  

                                                                               System 2-4  = 29.35 points

The 3 further systems results were as follows:-

1st-31st Mar :-                                              Running Totals 16th Oct 15 -31st Mar16:-


1.a  Lay Half Time 0-0           = -5.05 points                          -11.95 points

1.b Lay the Full Time Draw   = -3.30 points                          -4.10 points


2.a  Both Teams not to Score  = -0.22 points                          0.07 points

2.b Lay The Draw                       = 0.10 points                        – 12.05 points


3.a Lay the Home Team            = 7.47 points                           4.35 points  

3.b Back the correct Score Draw= 118.60 points                   51.19points

Systems 2-4 had a losing month,albiet only some 4.59 points and now since the start of the trial  has  accumulated 29.35 points .

The sub systems Audi and BMW again in March continued to be disappointing.

Merc – Correct Score Draw since a very profitable first month in the trial had gone on to  wipe out this profit and was heavily negative some -67.41 points down but a big winner has brought this sub system back into the black,Given the long negative runs this system encounters a separate bank and a strong nerve will be required..

So now we move onto the final month of the European football season.


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April 13, 2016

BitClub Network

Another great month for this passive earnings system. My own mining earnings are increasing at an exponential rate, now at 3.89 BitCoins which is $1,653. The money is paid into my account every day without fail.

Here’s the latest update from the team:

Over the past 30 days we have mined 149 Blocks, which is equal to 3,725 Bitcoin. Using today’s price of $425/Bitcoin that is equal to $1,583,125 USD. Our total electricity and costs last month was just under $400,000 (including management and labor). This has created over $1 million in new Bitcoin for BitClub members in the last 30 days alone!

You can easily verify these numbers from our pool website or by looking on the blockchain at all the blocks we have been hitting over this time.

Not only are we making good profit right now from mining but we keep selling older equipment to buy newer models which allows us to be even more efficient and profitable as we grow. This is the key to our long term success and it’s starting to pay off in a big way.

To top it off we are getting ready to add even more hashing power this month and we will continue to expand aggressively as more members purchase shares.

Right now our mining pools are operating in a very efficient manner that allows us to fulfill all current obligations to members without a single new member joining or purchasing a share of our pool. We can continue to expand and be profitable just based on our repurchase model (which is amazing!!)

Plus now we are also expanding into GPU mining and will be bringing everything under one roof to maximize our Ether mining pool too. This pool is just getting ramped up and will continue to be more efficient and more profitable as we go.


We have been working on a lot of new features and many of them are all coming together at the same time. We will give you another big update on Friday or over the weekend with details.

You can sign up for a free account, and more information, here:


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April 12, 2016


Final review

This Lucky 15 service has been doing rather well over the past year and so piqued my interest. We put this service through its paces over the past three months to advise whether you should invest. Obviously with Lucky 15s you’re usually going to need 3 of your selections to win to make a profit, at prices of around 6/1 and under. When you get four, which this service seems to have done on a regular basis, it puts you in a good situation to pay for the losing days and keep profitable.

Lucky 15s back 4 horses in singles and all combination bets. So that’s 15 bets, and whilst the service does report on £100 bets (so £1500) and £10 bets (so £150), most of you are probably in my sphere with the £1 bets (£15).

However much we are putting in to this, we want it to make a profit. Those exciting days when we get all four will be the driving force behind this. Tips arrive on the day of the bets by email and are also available in the member’s area on the website.

Last week I suggested I would continue to monitor this; however, I forgot this was a three month trial and it has now ended.

Well, it’s happened again. That’s three in a row for me now. I start to monitor a service when it’s flying high and that triggers the start of the drawdown! Is it me?

There’s no getting away from this. I like a graph as a quick overview, and this graph would tell me everything I need to know:


This shows that the trial began OK, soon into profit, and then it took a fast turn directly to the bust bank line.

During the trial there were zero four out of four winners and only four occasions of three winners. The service relies on these for its well being. Here is the chart for each of the possible five daily outcomes (number of winners out of four):


So there really is no need for any extended appraisal. At least the service did finish ahead of the bank line at -238 points thanks to 3 winners on Saturday for +69 points, so maybe now my access has come to an end it’s about to take an upturn! And remember, if the service can find a four out of four in the near future, that, on its own, can wipe out the deficit.

However, I can only place this in the FAILED category.


If you would like to give this a go, you can subscribe for 28 days for £29.99+ VAT or you can grab a BONUS MONTH FREE when choosing the 90 day option for just £59.98+ VAT.


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April 12, 2016

Greyhound Winning Lays

Well, one month in to this test and the results are not pretty:

Bets: 189
Successful: 122
Unsuccessful: 67
Strike Rate: 64.6
Average Odds: 3.57

Profit: -131.05 points

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April 12, 2016

Bookmaker Bashing

Week 10

Main System

Although showing a slight loss this week there are 4 free bets to come plus another 2 potentially if Real Madrid win on Wednesday. This will add a minimum of £140 to the coffers.

Week 10: Profit to advised stakes: £-28.56 or in points: -0.57

Overall: Profit to advised stakes: £703.72 or in points: 14.07


Week 10
Number of bets: 4
Number of wins: 4
Profit from £1000 start and using advised staking plan: £32.28

Number of bets: 43
Number of wins: 40
Profit from £1000 start and using advised staking plan: £-607.44


Value Acca

Week 8: Profit to advised stakes: £-10 or in points: -1

Overall: Profit to advised stakes: £88.48 or in points: 8.85


Value Yankee


Week 6: Profit to £1 per leg (total £11) stakes: £-11 or in points: -1

Overall: Profit to £1 per leg (total £11) stakes: £-75.75 or in points: -6.89


Value Singles


Week 4
Number of bets: 2
Number of wins: 2
Profit from £2000 start and using advised staking plan: £160.32

Number of bets: 12
Number of wins: 12
Profit from £2000 start and using advised staking plan: £894.91




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April 11, 2016

Racing Trading Alerts

I have been recording results for Racing Trading Alerts since 15th of March.

As mentioned in last week’s introductory post, I was unable to monitor the service live for just over a week due to broadband problems, but as the service is mainly email based and they quote both the back & lay price to take, I am able to accurately record results by checking the Timeform website.

The subscription price is £39 a month payable via Paypal or Skrill and money can be saved on longer membership deals. They also offer a £20 trial membership that lasts for 2 weeks.

The service is almost entirely trading based but we do get “Bet of the Day” emails from time to time which are to be placed with the named bookmaker as either Each Way or Win only bets. These emails usually arrive around lunchtime and contain all relevant details.

The actual trading is carried out live throughout the afternoon/evening. There is a Chatroom you can log into to see the bets as they are announced but they are also sent via email at the same time, so you can use this service while you are on the move provided that you have an audio/vibrate alert on your phone for incoming email.

The emails usually arrive around 5-10 minutes before the race and contain all you need to know. You get the time, course, horse name and the prices to take for both back and lay trades. Each email also contains all the service’s rules about how to place these trades.

Up until today, the instructions have been as follows:

Place the back bet at the quoted price (or as close as you can get)

Set up the lay bet for 150% of the back stake at 50% of the odds. Make sure to click the “Keep” option, so that your bet will be placed in running.

Once the lay is matched, leave the bet to play out as planned.

I’m sharing those instructions as the rules are changing as from today, so I’m not giving anything confidential away.

The only real difference between being in the Chatroom and only reading the emails is that if we have a Bet of the Day winner that meets Bet365 rules for their Channel 4 offer, an extra free selection may be given out in the chatroom.

On to performance.

So far, we’ve had quite a torrid time. We started during the Cheltenham Festival which is always going to be difficult. The trading side didn’t go very well but the E/W & Win bets did a good job. On the Saturday after Cheltenham, we had the first instance of terrible luck that has turned into a run of misfortune which, I’m pretty sure, has lead to today’s change of rules to tighten things up. Our Bet of the Day won and that gave us a free bet under Bet365 offer, Chris then gave out Golden Chieftain at 14/1 at Uttoxeter as our choice. We were practically counting the money as he looked to be cruising home, only to come a cropper at the last when unchallenged.

Bad luck and near misses have been the theme through the trial so far. A large number of trades failed to be matched by literally 1 or 2 clicks, meaning a loss of the entire back stake rather than the 0.25 to 0.75 point profit made if it were matched or much more if the horse went on to win.

We start with a 100 point bank and the stake for each trade is decided by the price. The size of stake varies according to which price band the selection falls into. The max bet is 2.5 points, the lowest is 0.5 point. To preserve any profit made that day, Chris does sometimes advise only use 1/2 Stakes, these are always very clearly marked on the email.

This is a really rather busy service and there have been days with up to a dozen selections.

As usual, I have recorded results on a spreadsheet covering the advised staking as based on a level stakes method and also on a daily calculated stake method. For ease of record keeping, I have included all trades and Bets of the Day in one list but (if you scroll to the far right) you can see the overall stats for each section individually.

We are almost a month into our trial and, I’m sorry to say, that the bank is not looking too pretty at the moment, with around 30 points lost so far. I’m not too concerned as the changes announced today should make a substantial difference and will certainly cut down the number of full losses.




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April 9, 2016

The Grand National

It’s the greatest spectacle in racing, The Grand National, today.

And Matt Bisogno’s put together a mega-post; well, two actually, to cover the whole day.

If you’re only interested in the big race, this will almost certainly be the most comprehensive preview you’ll read…

Grand National 2016 Mega Preview

And if you’re up for the other six races, have a gander at this post:

Grand National Day Preview and Tips

It sure won’t be easy to back the National winner, but with a bit of luck and some reasonable science, we have a better chance than many.

Here’s hoping they all come home safe and well.

You can back to five places on the race at Ladbrokes here:

Ladbrokes Grand National Offer

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