We finally have some good news to report from this service. An excellent week with around 14 points made over the last 7 days, thanks mainly to a Trixie & Treble landing. A shame it’s come so late in the trial.

figs so far:



S/R 33.33%

AV ODDS 3.85


PROFIT/LOSS -£255.86 (based on £10 a point)




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April 7, 2014

Football Value Bets

Another very tough week for this service with a further loss of 6.5 points recorded. On a positive note, an email was received at the start of the week saying that as a one-off gesture they would be refunding 50% of paying customers’ subscription fee for March due to the poor run. A nice gesture and one I hope they don’t need to offer again.

Figs so far:



S/R 31.61%

AV ODDS. 2.20


PROFIT/LOSS  -£128.20 (based on £10 a point)




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One of those weeks where success alluded us. Hopefully, as the flat season shifts into gear more success will follow.

Monday 31 March 17:00 Kempton: Sir Graham Wade: 1pt ew, 5th at 5/1 = -£20.00
Tuesday 01 April No selections
Wednesday 02 April No selections
Thursday 03 April 14:20 Lingfield: Court Room: 1pt win, 2nd at 7/4 = -£10.00
Thursday 03 April 15:05 Aintree: Grandouet: 1/2pt ew, 7th at 22/1 = -£10.00
Friday 04 April 14:30 Aintree: Ofaolains Boy: 1pt win, 5th at 11/4 = -£10.00
Friday 04 April 15:05 Aintree: Radjhani Express: 1pt ew, 7th at 5/1 = -£20.00
Saturday 05 April 16:15 Aintree: Burton Port: 1/2pt ew, ur at 20/1 = -£10.00
Sunday 06 April No Selections

Weekly Total: -£80.00

Bank: +£65.60

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Mystery horse bot is a simple piece of software that sits on your VPS (ideally), and watches Betfair exchange prices specifically on UK Horse Racing. Just before race-off, the bot will place BACK bets  on selections in the Win Market that fit a preset criteria (that you are not privy too, nor do you need to be – I guess this selection criteria is the mystery). You can of course run it on your home PC but this will require the PC with a permanent connection to the internet during racing.

The software is simple to install and quite modest in its’ aesthetics with a simple listview on the left hand side showing the races for the day and on the right hand side a list of the bets the bot has placed during racing. The bot will continue to place bets throughout the day until either of two things happen. Either a take profitstop is hit or stop loss is hit. Recommended stops levels are enabled via buttons within the software but these can be overridden with your own preferences if necessary, (there is also a demo mode for you to trial the software if you so wish).

The bots default stop-settings are :  a provisional 3.5 point profit target OR a 6 points loss, (I state provisional as actual figures achieved will be determined by timing between races, if a race is late starting the next race can place bets before the previous result is known).

The bot is set to place its bets 30 seconds before race off and with selections being price related – as prices move rapidly in those last few minutes – not all subscribers will get exactly the same selections as one another.

The bot can place up to three selections in one race and on these occasions it will split the stake equally among the selections (this setting can also be overidden if you so wish)

Despite its encouraging results last year,  during the period of this review Lady Luck was working against proceedings and Mystery Horse Bot has really struggled to prove itself.

Whilst a recovery of sorts was made in January after a terrible December, the bot still wasn’t able to make sufficient ground to regain a profitable position.

Staking a £6,  split equally on up to the maximum of three bot selections.


01-Mar -15.4
02-Mar -24
03-Mar -42
04-Mar 7.55
05-Mar -42
06-Mar -42.1
07-Mar 37.45
08-Mar 23.9
09-Mar -21.2
10-Mar -46.6
11-Mar 23.55
12-Mar -42.95
13-Mar 34.65
14-Mar 20.1
15-Mar -11.25
16-Mar -42
17-Mar 47.75
18-Mar 23.8
19-Mar -16.85
20-Mar -27.35
21-Mar -19.05
22-Mar -49
23-Mar 25.2
24-Mar -39.65
25-Mar -39.3
26-Mar 34.45
27-Mar 36.4
28-Mar -39.7
29-Mar 21
30-Mar 26
31-Mar -20

Total Points : 40 LOSS (Profit & loss /accounting for Betfair commission on winning bets) a loss of £218.60

FINAL balance :  £862  (start bank : £1200) / Representing a loss of £338

I like the simplicity of this software and on some days, the bot finishes in the first race having achieved its profit target for the day, but on most other occasions it was a protracted battle as evidenced by the final balance. Mystery Horse Bot has to be FAILED on account of its selection process simply not being accurate enough for a profitable return to be seen during the trial period.


You can get Mystery Horse Bot here:



Update : Confusingly enough, Graham made contact and advised that he had in fact made a marginal profit of £27 to £6 stakes over the same period using the same stop levels.

My Summary Results

Pts P/L £ Points P/L Reported by Bot
Dec -47.72 -286.3 -47
Jan 40.45 242.7 52
Feb -12.68 -76.05 -3
Mar -36.4 -218.6 -17.3
 TOTAL PTS -56.375 -15.3

Note a difference of 40 points between actual P/L and that reported by the bot.

Now I do know that selections are not set in stone, ie. they are price dependant so bot selections on one setup may not necessarily be the same on another as the market can move quickly in the closing stages of betting. But, I understood that differences between are likely to even out over the longer term. I think the main issue here is that the bot does not account for Betfair commission on the figures that it reports and correspondingly the profit stop doesnt take this into account either. 


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April 6, 2014

Cash Master Racing

I had no luck on the Grand National yesterday, but did rather better with my own service. We only bet in one race, the 4.50 at Chepstow, and there were two selections. One of these, Ossies Dancer, did the business for us romping home at odds of 46 BSP:


You can try Cash Master Racing here:


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April 5, 2014

The Grand National

I’m having a punt on Matt Bisognio’s tips this year. You can get his full breakdown here:


The bets are:

Teaforthree (12/1)
Burton Port (18/1)
Big Shu (22/1)
Lion Na Bearnai (40/1)
Raz De Maree (66/1)

I’ve gone for Bet365 as they are offering half your stake back on all each way bets on this race, plus they are paying 1/4 odds on five places.

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Bethawk is looking very encouraging after the first month period from March 2nd to April 1st. It is up 95.73 pts!  This robot has continued to operate flawlessly. The results declared below are from my Betfair live account.  For comparison purposes, the Bethawk configuration software logged the profit at 95.04 points.  This is after a total of 1860 bets! The small difference arises mainly due to commission rounding subtleties.

I have in fact been running a slightly modified version of the recommended DP9 system. The official DP9 system includes 9 micro-systems. In fact,  you can select any number of micro-systems from a total of 24 micro-systems. My system is called the DPcm9 system, where cm stands for cash master. DPcm9 also consists of nine micro-systems with one micro-system different from the DP9 system. The total profit from the DP9 system (as reported from a live account) is 62.24.

Here are the bets from DPcm9 for the first month of testing:

Date                  No. bets   Daily Profit/Loss      Bank

March 2                     35            21.2                        1021.2

March 3                     77              4.9                         1026.1

March 4                     54            -8.45                      1017.65

March 5                     74             -34                         983.65
March 6                    73              -26                          957.65
March 7                    49              29.8                      987.45
March 8                   56                6.25                      993.7
March 9                   25              -10.1                      983.6
March 10                44              -13.8                      969.8
March 11                  73              39.57                  1009.37
March 12                  72              -14.35                  995.02
March 13                  61                41.85                 1036.87
March 14                  55              -9.05                   1027.82
Mar-15                       71                -14.8                  1013.02
Mar-16                      16                  -4.9                   1008.12
Mar-17                      75                 25.55                 1033.67
Mar-18                       57               -20.45               1013.22
Mar-19                      110              -11.5                  1001.72
Mar-20                    79                    4.7                   1006.42
Mar-21                     61                    -11.95                994.47
Mar-22                   66                      -3.55                990.92
Mar-23                    25                     38.75             1029.67
Mar-24                  63                     -6.75                1022.92
Mar-25                   53                    -3.15                 1019.77
Mar-26                  80                    11.95                1031.72
Mar-27                  66                     23.15               1054.87
Mar-28                  71                     21.95                1076.82
Mar-29                 49                     -11.8                 1065.02
Mar-30                19                     -6.1                     1058.92
Mar-31                73                     14.85                  1073.77
Apr-01                 78                      21.96                  1095.73


Starting Bank: 1000 pts

Lowest Bank:  957.65 pts

Highest Bank: 1095.63 pts

Number of Betting Days: 31 out of a possible 31

Total Number of Bets: 1860

Current Bank: 1095.63 pts

Total Profit/Loss:  95.63 pts

You can try Bet Hawk here:


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April 3, 2014

Auto Income Bot

Right, I’ve managed to find out what this is all about.

When you buy the bot (on a 60 day money back guarantee) you enter your details on a registration page and then login to ‘the bot’ which is in fact a members area on a website.

Once logged in, you are prompted to upload funds to the broker and following the link leads you to cherrytrade.com which is one of the many binary option brokers out there.

Essentially this is a trade copier service whereby once you have uploaded your funds (minimum $200) they then proceed to trade your account for you and make you your $800,000 (or not) while you sit on the beach.

Well, I’ve registered and deposited my $200 for a punt and I’ll report on how it does.

You can have a go yourself here:


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April 3, 2014

Goals Galore

Two weeks ago I gave a warning that Goals Galore, which had performed well during our 3 month trial, had suffered a severe losing run and was therefore being monitored for an extra month.

Sad to say that the losing run continued . All the profit gained during three months was lost and the bank actually dipped into negative territory, something that never happened during the trial.

It did rally a little last week but then suffered another bad weekend. The bank now stands at just £24.30 profit after a full 4 months. Even bearing in mind the relatively low subscription price, that’s really not good enough to remain on the Approved list. Such an annoyance that it performed so well during our trial, only to crash straight after.

I think a good part of the problem is a fact that I highlighted in my original write up, namely that this service uses the Dutch Erste Division an awful lot. There was been a distinct downturn in the number of goals scored there recently, it is normally a goal fest but things have dried up over the last month. I have seen it mentioned by other services recently but thankfully they have other areas that have carried the weakness for them.

I really don’t feel comfortable leaving this as APPROVED so will be recategorising it as NEUTRAL. 



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April 2, 2014

Horse Betting Analyst

Yet another fantastic month showing 80 points profit! (Strike Rate 30.7%, ROI 38.79%).

That’s the 10th consecutive month of profits, with an average of 75 points per month made in that time:

Mar 80.30
Feb 106.20
Jan 105.00
Dec 83.05
Nov 30.00
Oct 40.93
Sep 7.15
Aug 50.60
Jul 226.40
Jun 19.68

We’ve started the year in cracking form with 291 points profit in just 3 months at an ROI of 64.3%!

Coming off the back of 617 points in 2013 and 500 in 2012, are we set for another astonishing record points haul by the end of 2014? Certainly, with the days starting to get lighter, the sky could be the limit.

If you’re not a subscriber already, what are you waiting for?

Subscribe here:


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