December 14, 2014

Bookies Enemy Number 1

Date Selection Advised Points Result
08-Dec 5.40 Kempton:Reality Show 7 2 win Placed
08-Dec 4.40 Kempton:Palace Moon 21 1 ew Lost
08-Dec 4.10 Kempton:Strategic Force 11 2 win Placed
08-Dec 5.10 Kempton:Karam Albaari 21 1 ew Lost
09-Dec 12.00 Southwell:Bainne 9 2 win Placed
09-Dec 2.30 Southwell:Pyrocumulus 6.5 2 win Placed
09-Dec above as double 1 ew Placed
10-Dec 2.00 Lingfield:Evening Attire 11 2 win Placed
10-Dec 6.20 Kempton:Rydan 9 2 win Lost
10-Dec above as double 11/6.5 1 ew Lost
10-Dec 3.00 Lingfield:Night’s Watch 21 1 ew Lost
10-Dec 6.50 Kempton:Snowy Dawn 15 1 ew Lost
10-Dec above as double 1 ew Lost
11-Dec 5.50 Kempton:Wolf Of Windlesham 13 2 win Won
11-Dec 4.50 Kempton:Vimy Ridge 2 win NR
11-Dec above as double 1 ew Won
12-Dec 6.30 Wolverhampton:Grey Destiny 6.5 2 win Placed
12-Dec 5.30 Wolv:Luv U/Clampdown/First Summer 0.25 f/c Lost
12-Dec 5.30 Wolv:Luv U/Clampdown/First Summer 0.25 t/c Lost
13-Dec 12.05 Southwell:Synonym 4.33 2 win Lost
13-Dec                          Prince Of Passion 17 0.5 ew Lost
13-Dec 7.45 Wolverhampton:Flow 6 2 win Lost
13-Dec above as double 0.5 ew Lost
13-Dec Synonym/Prince Of Passion 0.25 f/c Lost


Week 11: 5.16 points.
Overall: 16.16 points.


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December 13, 2014

Value Football Betting

As you may know, Goal Profits has seen remarkable growth over the past three-and-a-bit years. The Team Statistics software has had a significant impact on the football trading world, changing the way that many research and trade matches.

During 2014 they introduced a series of “Masterclass” eBooks. These were written by Kevin Laverick and are aimed at those who wish to take their trading much more seriously. Feedback from members has been incredible, further cementing the trust of the Goal Profits brand.

In case you don’t know of Kevin, he is quite simply a genius trader. When he first started trading he lost £40,000 (ouch!) but changed his approach to trading, won that back and went on to hit Betfair’s Premium Charge (ouch again!). Kevin began trading on January 1st 2014 with a new Betfair bank of £100 and, using nothing but the Team Stats software and his experience, has turned it into £37,000 – and that’s not a typo!

Kevin is all about value. His Masterclass trading systems are based around the concept of exploiting value and he has now brought that to the betting market with Value Football Betting.

VFB works as follows; they have built a ten year database and then applied an algorithm which rates teams. From the team ratings they are able to calculate “fair odds” for upcoming fixtures in 17 leagues worldwide. The software then imports Betfair prices and calculates where the value lies for ten different bets.

As an example, there was one fixture with two green teams (that denotes that we have plenty of data for them both) and within that fixture, six bets showed value. The idea is to pick out the best value or risk/reward and go with that as the bet, but in this case five of the six were winners so it would have been tough to miss one! There are lots of tools to assist with decision making including recent form, league tables, etc.

Ok so that’s all very straight forward, but we know that there are plenty of lazy punters out there who simply won’t put any effort in. Don’t worry though, they have that covered. Kevin posts his own selections in the members forum regularly so members are able to place his bets and walk away. These bets made 26pts profit in November which was a fantastic first month.

And on top of that, there is a chat room for members. Kevin runs “New Trader Project” sessions twice per week for any members who wish to join in. They are a lot of fun and very educational; members learn a terrific amount by following a trader of Kevin’s quality in a live environment.

So that’s Value Football Betting, a very exciting new offering which is already attracting massive interest. It especially appeals to those who don’t have time to trade so simply want to “set and forget”.

• Ten year database which automatically identifies value bets
• Kevin Laverick’s personal selections
• Kevin’s “New Trader Project” chat room sessions twice weekly

We will be running our usual full review of this service, and over the next week or two you are going to see a lot of emails flying around and reviews starting up as word gets out. Here is your opportunity to get ahead of the game and get in before anyone else!

Full details are here:

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December 11, 2014

Trading The Horses

Following on from my review of this brilliant software last month, have a look at the video above if you’re interested in watching a live trading session.

It’s two hours of trading merged into 42 mins of video so grab a beer, cuppa, whatever and enjoy! Plenty of tips and pointers on there. Best seen in (720p HD) on the settings box below the video on You Tube.

They’ve extended the 99p until the end of this month so you can sign up as late as 31st December and get the whole of Jan free too. So plenty of time to really make some money before the price goes up on 1st Feb.

You can signup below for just 99p now.

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December 9, 2014

Winning Day Trader

Another terrible week last week and finally time for me to get sensible with my staking.

I have been staking very aggressively at £10 per position with a £10,000 bank contrary to the usual, and sensible, staking plan of staking 2-3% of bank per trade.

The reason I did this, as I explained in the beginning, was because one of the instruments Adam trades, US Tech, has a minimum stake of £10 per pip, so it seemed sensible at the time to stake £10 per pip on all trades so that the US Tech trades didn’t skew the results.

However, Adam temperaraly stopped trading indices when they became too volatile at which point I should have switched to 3% of bank staking. I chose to stick with the aggressive staking and it’s caught me out. Yes, I know some of you warned me about this. Yes, you were right! Do I feel foolish? Yes, a bit, but I’m a risk taker at heart and I was comfortable with the risk.

After today I will report the pips profit/loss only from Adams trades as everyone will be staking at different levels and I have now changed my staking in order to preserve whats left of my bank and hopefully rebuild it over the coming months. Plus I missed some trades last Friday due to being in New York!

Suffice it to say, the trial has not gone well so far and it’s pretty disappointing as I was convinced Adam knows what he’s doing. Only time will tell.

Here’s the figures…

Date Market Size P/L
05/12/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day EUR/USD - -£0.39
04/12/2014 Spot FX EUR/USD 10 -£1,079.10
04/12/2014 Daily FX Interest for 3 days EUR/USD - -£5.67
03/12/2014 Spot FX EUR/USD 10 -£1,117.30
03/12/2014 Spot FX EUR/USD 10 -£1,186.00
03/12/2014 Spot FX EUR/GBP 10 -£696.00
03/12/2014 Spot FX EUR/GBP 5 -£233.50
03/12/2014 Spot FX USD/JPY -10 -£640.00
03/12/2014 Spot FX USD/JPY -10 -£436.00
03/12/2014 Spot FX USD/JPY -5 -£581.00
03/12/2014 Spot FX USD/JPY -5 -£721.00
03/12/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day EUR/GBP - -£4.95
03/12/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day EUR/USD - -£11.70
03/12/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day USD/JPY - -£10.20
02/12/2014 Spot FX EUR/AUD 5 £46.00
02/12/2014 Spot FX AUD/USD -5 £312.50
02/12/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day EUR/AUD - -£7.25
02/12/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day EUR/GBP - -£4.95
02/12/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day AUD/USD - -£4.20
02/12/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day USD/JPY - -£3.40
01/12/2014 Spot FX NZD/USD -20 £200.00
01/12/2014 Spot FX EUR/USD 10 £140.00
01/12/2014 Spot FX EUR/USD 10 £423.00
01/12/2014 Spot FX USD/JPY -10 £543.00
01/12/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day USD/JPY - -£7.00


Week Profit: -£5,085.11
November Profit: -£8,325.86
Total Profit: -£7,747.21

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December 8, 2014

On Course Profits

This is a new free betting magazine brought to your from Betting School.

The December issue of On Course Profits is out now and the headline articles are:

– Named: Top Tipster makes £1,000 per month from £10 stakes
– 280% ROI National Hunt system – full rules included in the mag
– Make Big Profits from Trainer Trends – Full Tutorial Included

As well as those headline articles the mag is also packed with other profitable articles including betting systems, bookie scalping how to’s and product reviews.

When you subscribe in December you can lock in free access to every issue forever.

You can read the magazine on your smartphone or tablet on Android or Apple iOS and if you subscribe today you will get every issue for free forever.

To secure your free subscription now follow this link:

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December 8, 2014


Another superb week for this service. Around 28 points of profit added since the last update. A remarkable achievement given the odds they target. Hugely impressive.


BETS 343


S/R 21.87

AV ODDS 6.14

PROFIT/LOSS  +82.80 points


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December 8, 2014


I’ve already reported on the big headline for this service, that monster 300 point winning evening.

He went (sort of) close again yesterday, with a Correct Score double on West Ham to win 2-1 and Villa to win 3-1. He got the scores right but the teams were the wrong way round. The important bit is that he was in the right ballpark area at huge odds, not worth anything to the bank but a decent confidence boost.


BETS 197


S/R 14.72%

AV ODDS 32.11

PROFIT/LOSS  +274.50 points


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December 8, 2014


Another decent run of wins this week, unfortunately pretty much wiped again out by two losses leaving us around the same point as last week.


Bets 63

Wins 49

Av Odds 1.26

S/R 76%


STAKING PLAN P/L  -2.28 points

LEVEL STAKES P/L  -1.17 points

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December 7, 2014

Racing Consultants

Date Selection Advised Points Result
01-Dec 12.40 Plumpton – Kleitomachos 6.00 1 win Loss
01-Dec 1.25 Wolv – Purple Surprise 5.50 1 ew Loss
01-Dec 2.20 Kempton – Claude Greenwood 13.00 0.5 ew Loss
02-Dec 1.50 Sout – Rascal 7.50 1 win Win
02-Dec 2.50 Sout – Landerbee 7.00 1.5 win UR
02-Dec 2.50 Sout – Landerbee 2.20 2.5 lay
03-Dec 12.50 Catt – Force of Habit 26.00 0.5 ew F
03-Dec 1.50 Catt – Lord Brendy 41.00 0.5 ew Placed
03-Dec above as double 0.25 ew Loss
03-Dec 2.10 Ludl – Kingsmere 7.00 1.5 win Loss
03-Dec 4.50 Kemp – Thanksgiving Day 3.75 1 win Win
03-Dec 5.20 Kemp – Thomas Blossom 3.50 1 win Win
03-Dec 6.50 Kemp – Baltic Prince 3.75 2 win Win
04-Dec 7.15 Kempton – Taaresh 26.00 1 win Win
04-Dec 7.45 Kempton – Tevez 10.00 1 ew Loss
04-Dec 2.15 Wincanton – 1.5pts win Silver Commander (at 6.6 and above Betfair) 6.60 1.5 win Placed
04-Dec 2.15 Wincanton Silver Commander 2.76 2 lay won
05-Dec 1.40 Exeter – Ultragold 7.00 1 win won
05-Dec 3.20 Exeter – Gorgeous Lliege 4.33 1 win PU
05-Dec 3.20 Gorgeous Lliege, Adrenalin Flight, Reblis 0.25 f/c Loss
05-Dec 1.20 Sandown – In Fairness 4.00 1 win Loss
05-Dec 1.20 Sand In Fairness, Panama Petrus, Howlongisafoot 0.25 f/c Loss
05-Dec 1.55 Sandown – Ordo Ab Chao 6.00 1.5 win Loss
05-Dec 2.40 Lingfield – Novellen Lad 3.25 1 win Loss
06-Dec 3.35 Sand – Kasbadali 4.00 1.5 win Loss
06-Dec 1.00 Aint – Big Casino 11.00 1 win Loss
06-Dec 12.55 Chep – Perfect Candidate 6.50 1 win Loss
06-Dec 2.00 Chep – The Bear Trap 7.50 1 win PU
07-Dec 1.35 Hunt – Song Light 6.00 1 ew Win
07-Dec 2.05 Hunt – Rajdhani Express 5.00 1 win Loss
07-Dec 3.35 Hunt – The Purchaser 26.00 1 ew PU


Week 10: 11 winners/placed from 30 bets for 22.47 points.


Overall: 69 winners/placed from 267 bets for 98.47 points.


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December 7, 2014

Bookies Enemy Number 1

Date Selection Advised Points Result
01-Dec 5.20 Kempton:Evening Attire 23 1 win+1ew Lost
01-Dec 5.50 Kempton:Tychaios 6 2 win Placed
01-Dec above as double 1 ew Lost
02-Dec 3.40 Wolverhampton:Daghash 21 1 ew Lost
02-Dec 2.10 Wolverhampton:Lean On Pete 11 1 ew Placed
02-Dec above as double 1 ew Lost
03-Dec 2.30 Lingfield:Ballista 11 2 win Lost
03-Dec 4.50 Kempton:Justice First 7 2 win Lost
03-Dec 7.20 Kempton:Fois Gras 11 1 ew Lost
03-Dec above as trixie 0.5 ew Lost
03-Dec Barchan/Justice First 0.5 f/c Lost
04-Dec 6.45 Kempton:Kirtling 5.5 1 win Placed
04-Dec                        Night’s Watch 21 1 win+1ew Lost
04-Dec 7.45 Kempton:Chelwood Gate 4.5 1 win Placed
04-Dec                        Loraine 4 1 win Placed
04-Dec above as doubles 0.5 ew Lost
04-Dec above as forecast doubles 0.25 f/c Lost
04-Dec Kirtling/Night’s Watch 0.25 f/c Lost
04-Dec Chelwood Gate/Loraine 0.25 f/c Lost
05-Dec 2.40 Lingfield:Novellen Lad 5 3 win Lost
05-Dec 5.30 Wolverhampton:Vimy Ridge 13 2 win Lost
05-Dec 5.00 Wolverhampton:Smart Daisy K 9 2 win Lost
05-Dec above as trixie 0.5 ew Lost


Week 10: -37.16 points.


Overall: 11.00 points.


Boy, when the wheels drop off, they really drop off. However, I just want to note that this week so sooooo close to being excellent with several near misses. Betting can be like that.

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