October 10, 2016

Place Expert

This is another service from Bookmaker Bashing that targets one bet a day for the selection to be placed (not WIN) at average odds of between 1.3-1.4

You get sent an e-mail each day with the bet and you can either bet it to level stakes, or bet using a roll-up staking plan whereby the winnings from each bet are staked on the next bet, with the aim of winning 9-10 bets in a row. Finally you can stake at 3% liability staking.

The subscription is £4.99 per week and they offer a refund on subscription to users who fail to make profit during the month following their advice.

For the purposes of this trial I used the roll-up staking plan but have also kept a note of the level staking profits.

Final two sequence results:

Bet 1 – (19:10 – Kempton) – Back TOTAL STAR top 2 @ 1.54 £10.26 £10.26
Bet 2 – (14:40 – Newcastle) – Back SUSPECT PACKAGE top 3 @ 1.3 -£20 -£20

Bet 1 – (14:20 – Windsor) – Back GLORIOUS FOREVER top 4 @ 1.44 £8.36 £8.36
Bet 2 – (20:40 – Kempton) – Back DIAMOND GEYSER top 4 @ 1.42 £11.31 £7.98
Bet 3 – (17:20 – Kempton) – Back PASTORAL MUSIC top 3 @ 1.43 £16.20 £8.17
Bet 4 – (17:55 – Chelmsford) – Back AWAIT THE STORM top 3 @ 1.29 -£20 -£20

Totals   Roll-Up   Level
.           £207.74   £76.26

I’ve tested this service for four months now and the profit of £76.26 to £20 level stakes would not be enough to cover subscription fees although now they offer a refund on subs for any months where a profit isn’t made so there may be some profit there.

The rolling staking plan has been more successful but it is also at greater risk of failing, as we saw in the first half of the trial, not getting into profit until almost two months in.

Overall, the service has made £207.74 profit on the rolling staking plan, of which nearly £80 would have to be deducted for fees although, again, some of those would now be refunded. Even so, there would be less than £150 profit to show for four months of betting at £20 stakes.

It’s not enough to keep me interested and so I will give this service a Neutral rating.

You can try Place Expert here:Neutral


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October 10, 2016

Heikin Ashi Mountain

Overall system standings after week 9:

Trades made: 115 of which 2 are still open. Of the closed trades 38 where closed for a profit.

Loss is 1395.12 pips, £795.93 from a £5k starting bank.

Average Stop is 139.55 pips.

The Instruments I opened this week were:

France Sell
Silver Sell
France Buy
Eurostoxx Buy
Germany Buy

I am on holiday for 2 weeks, I will catch up with this trial when I return.

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Week 11:
Number of qualifying selections: 1; Winning bets: 1; SR: 0.0%; Profit: 0.95 points.

Number of qualifying selections: 78; Winning bets: 57; SR: 73.1%; Profit: 1.82 points.


On 2 weeks holiday. Will catch up results and post final review when I return.

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October 5, 2016


Many moons ago I spent a Christmas with my girlfriend (now wife), in a pokey, rented, shared flat in Toxteth, Liverpool. We were flat broke. We couldn’t afford to heat the whole flat and it was so cold in the bathroom that the water in the toilet bowl froze overnight. We had a portable black and white TV and, on Christmas Day, that broke too. There was no Internet either, the World Wide Web had only just been invented, and so we amused ourselves with each other’s company, books, music and alcohol. Plenty of that.

But we were happy.

You see, as difficult as our circumstances may have been, we both had ambition. We both knew that the future was bright because we had plans. I told her that one day I would be a millionaire and that I would take her to paradise. Tacky and predictable, maybe, but I was young and it sounded good to me. And to her.

Roll on twenty years and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been told how ‘lucky’ I am. I have friends and colleagues that are working full time while I go and play badminton at 11am on a Monday, or I might meet a friend for a long lunch on a Tuesday afternoon, or perhaps watch an episode of Mr Robot at 10am on a Wednesday. I’ve never missed a moment of my daughter’s upbringing, walking her to school and back every day, going to all the events, sitting around with mums in cafes while their husbands are out at work.

But it’s not luck. It’s never been about luck. It’s about design.

You see, what I learned very quickly from reading a few business self-help books all those years ago was that the way to accumulate true wealth was by having PASSIVE income. This means having a source of income that doesn’t rely on your own time to generate it.

It doesn’t matter how much you earn per hour, whenever you are trading your time for money there is a limit to the amount of money you can earn because there are only so many hours in the day. Whether you are earning £10 an hour or £100 an hour, you have to go to sleep at some point and when you do, you stop earning. So the KEY to financial freedom isn’t just about having money, it’s about having time to spend it. It’s no good having money if you have to spend every waking hour chasing it, and then you die. And if you can make money without having to spend time doing it, then there is potentially no limit to amount you can make.

So what I did was search for business/investment opportunities that would allow me to earn money regardless of whether I was working or not, and over the years I built a portfolio of such strategies that, combined, produced more money coming in than I had going out in living expenses. In the days before the Internet this involved setting up a jewellery business (from my bedroom in a shared house), hiring staff, saving up the profits, expanding, investing profits into property and renting them out and onwards from there. When the Internet started getting really interesting I began to look for online opportunities and, in fact, it was the discovery of so many betting and trading systems that led me to start the Cash Master Review website nearly a decade ago.

Together with the help of over forty reviewers, all of whom were readers to begin with, we’ve dug out a great number of systems and services that either promised the earth and delivered nothing, or turned out to be real gems. Over that time I’ve learned a great deal and, looking back from the flat in Toxteth, there was no way I could possibly have imagined that one day I would be running robots on virtual servers via the world wide web that would be betting on horse races for me, or logging into a spread betting platform on my Smartphone to trade the financial markets. I had no idea I would own shares in a BitCoin mine and would be getting paid daily from that, or that I would earn money every time someone, somewhere in the world played a game on their phone. I wasn’t to know that I could earn money from the currency markets without lifting a finger while somebody else, in an unknown location, placed trades on my own account for me. Nor could I have predicted that I would be making a huge return on my capital trading the stock market in such a way that I never put it at risk yet got returns that would trump even the most respected financial professionals.

In short, it’s been brilliant.

And the thing is, the very fact that you’ve read this far means that you identify with it too. Whether you’re young, have no money and are just starting out, or if you’re already retired and have disposable income. Whether you’re stuck in a job and looking to make a bit extra on the side or you’re already financially independent and interested in new opportunities… we’ve all got one thing in common… We’re ambitious. And trust me, if you’ve got that then the world really is your oyster. Because no matter how young or old you are, you will get excited about an opportunity and you will take action to get the things you want. Even subscribing to my newsletter was a small step on the path you’ve decided to walk.

I’m often asked by new subscribers what’s the ‘best’ system or service. I understand why they’re asking. They see a huge database of systems and services that we’ve reviewed and they’ve figured they’d take the shortcut and just ask me what the best one is. Seems logical. But the problem is it’s a subjective rather than objective question. What’s best for me may well not be best for you. It’s like asking what’s best, pizza or grilled chicken. They both fill you up but depending on what your goals are and what your tastes are, the answer is going to be different.

But I do have a favourite. And it’s becoming the favourite of more and more people as the years go by. Check this out:

“After almost a year of deliberation I took the plunge to purchase the PIE strategy and now wish I hadn’t wasted a year of trading. I have been spread betting PIE for just over a year now and my return has been 48.2% which equates to annual return of 42.1%. Needless to say this has completely surpassed my expectations. I am now investing more funds in the system but will do so through the more conventional broker method of trading the strategy but still keeping a smaller bank invested in spread betting. My initial chat on the phone with Glynn (having caught him just out of the shower and making him late for his dinner appointment) was very informative and gave me considerable comfort on what I was buying. Once I purchased the system the support from Glynn and Paul has been excellent. No question too stupid for them to answer! Very prompt and informative too. I fully recommend the PIE strategy and have found all the statements made on the PIE website, in conversations and emails with Glynn and Paul to be 100% genuine. They are two of the very few honest individuals who are selling a strategy that will make you a very healthy return. Don’t delay like I did get stuck in!”

Put simply, if all else failed, this is the one strategy that I will use for the rest of my days.

You can find out more here:


P.S. I kept my promise. I took her to paradise.

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October 5, 2016


It’s been a few weeks since my last update on this service.

The problem I have with reporting on it is that as they provide tips up to a week in advance, it’s impossible for me to upload my spreadsheet without giving away a raft of open bets.

As this is yet another interlull week (yawn), I have the ideal opportunity to bring you up to date.

After a tricky start, they’ve bounced back quite well and the overall basic staking bank has recovered all losses and is just under two points in profit. The advised staking bank is still in negative territory but has clawed back some ground, it now stands at just over six points down.

Where this service differs from most of the competition, is the way tips are split into different categories. You have Top Picks, with some being Free and some being only for VIP members, and then you have Best of the Rest tips, again split into Free & VIP selections.

I have managed to drill down the data and show how each section is performing. Interestingly, the best performing selections are the Free Top Picks. So far, all the categories are performing far better with Basic Staking rather than the Advised Stake method.




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October 4, 2016


It’s been all quiet on the Western Front with this service for the last six weeks and things have progressed about as much is it has over the last few months… in other words, not at all. There’s only been five trades in the last six weeks and those together produced nearly 40 pips loss.

So it is with great pleasure that we received the below update from the FXF team and we can hopefully, finally, see this beginning to move in the right direction.

“Good morning,

We do have some very important news below, so please do take the time to read it.

FXF launch

Most of you will have received the FXF service email a few weeks ago. Those who have not or have misplaced it, we are sending this out Monday morning. We are launching next week and we are excited to be able to finally offer a money making TC service.

The service email includes the new RR settings, how we trade, what expectations are and what is needed from you etc etc. It is the ‘intro guide’ to the new FXF service.


Our trial results are attached. We have seen reduced market ranges, which is why you can see targets around 50% of ADR (and around 35-45 pips). This will change as market ranges increase and we will be setting larger targets.

We remain focused on 200 pips per month. We always aim for more, but 200 pips is where we see value and consistency. Very few if any services produce these numbers, so hitting this target on a monthly basis is our sole focus.

Sign up

Those who have not cancelled their subscription, don’t change anything yet. We aim to launch with a minimum amount of change or issues. Therefore until you hear differently, please remain with the current set up.

We hope this helps allay some fears, and you will hear from us Monday in regards to complete set up and ready for trades.

We look forward to discussing the new service next week and anything needed from us, please just drop the team an email.

Kind regards,
The FXF Team”


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October 3, 2016

The Value Machine

The Value Machine software has been flying off the shelves since it opened its doors last Friday. So much so that Kieran, the man behind the software, has advised me that he will be closing the offer no later than 8pm tomorrow (Tuesday) evening.

I have no idea when he will feel comfortable allowing more members on board – but he has form for this. In the five and half years he has been running his Morning Value Service, it has only gone on general sale a handful of times.

A quick recap what’s on offer with The Value Machine:

  • Software designed to identify value horse racing selections
  • Software based exactly on the selection process of The Morning Value Service, the most profitable tipping service of the last 5 years (+ 3542.81 points profit to level stakes)
  • It’s super simple to use – click a button, get the selections!
  • Web based software so no downloads. Use it anywhere you can access the internet – even from a smartphone
  • Available on 14 day trial for £7+vat

Feedback so far has been excellent:

“I have been paper trading at £10 a bet over the last two days and showing a profit of £106.20 which in my eyes is out of this world and I cannot believe it!”

“A fantastic piece of software.”

“I was able to run the Machine and look for selections every 15-30 minutes or even more frequently.

I can report that some nice long odds winners produced a very nice paper profit. I was only betting on 3 bookies and odds 2-15. 16 winners from the 89 selections and +41.33 points profit”

This comes with a 60 day no quibble, money back guarantee – you literally have nothing to lose by giving it a whirl. Remember this closes at 8pm on Tuesday.

Secure your subscription here:


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October 3, 2016

Heikin Ashi Mountain

Overall system standings after week 8:

Trades made: 101 of which 1 are still open. Of the closed trades 31 where closed for a profit.

Loss is 1704.67 pips, £996.16 from a £5k starting bank.

Average Stop is 143.70 pips.

The Instruments I opened this week were:

France Sell
Germany Sell
Silver Sell
Gold Sell

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Week 10:
Number of qualifying selections: 0; Winning bets: 0; SR: 0.0%; Profit: 0 points.

Number of qualifying selections: 77; Winning bets: 56; SR: 72.7%; Profit: 0.87 points.

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September 30, 2016

Consistent Forex Trade Copier

I’ve been monitoring this service since it began 4 months ago, with trading for September finished it’s a great time for an update.

In Roger’s own words, “it’s been a tough month but we’ve pulled through”.

All 4 months have ended in profit. A grand total of 526 pips / 38% account growth and all verifiable.

In September alone I received 21 PDF updates, the site is updated after every trade and emails are answered quickly and in detail.

The PDFs are very informative, keeping you in the picture and offering some great advice if you are trying to get a handle on trading.

Twitter is also superb, Roger will talk you through his thoughts on sentiment, possible action, key levels and then if they go live, he tweets the trade to completion. Twitter is not actually an official part of the service but as it’s becoming ever more popular for his clients, he does his best to offer his input while running the other area of the business.

If you’re not interested in Twitter there’s always a catch up you can check over on the front page of his website.

Feedback on this service has been good too. Especially liked is the ‘mirror master traders risk’ option that allows you to have his trades replicated to your account with exactly the same risk he is taking. You have the option to ‘mirror’ at your own preferred risk too of course. The service current risk associated with each trade is 1.5%.

Here at Cashmaster we have a special offer for you to join for October or the rest of the year.



Normal service cost is £79pcm; all offers are ending shortly with the service moving on to a standard £79pcm. No offers, no deals, just a simple £79pcm so if interested get in now and save some money.
Joining is simple, there’s a PDF on the site with 3 easy to follow instructions.

You need an MT4 platform, Roger recommends FXCM {he is not affiliated so you do not need to mention the service} and if in the UK a variable spread, spread betting platform is the most beneficial.

4xsolutions.com are the company he uses to replicate his trades, if you already have an MT4 platform ask them if they are acceptable first {99.9% are}. You can also ask them about the service if it helps you decide.

All details for the trade copier can be found here:


Open the ‘To Join’ PDF, read it, and then follow instructions 1-3 and you’ll have no problems.

There’s a FAQ page here: http://www.consistentforextrading.com/trade-copier-faqs

When it comes to paying for the service just pay the amount you’ve chosen from above and quote the reference GLCM and remember the offers are coming to an end, the service feels it is better to just keep it simple.

The website is entertaining, simple, uncomplicated, fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Roger emphasises that the business of trading is a very serious one but you don’t need to take yourself too seriously hence the site is portrayed with a very relaxed approach.

Results are what counts and in the first 4 months its results they have produced. As Roger explains:

‘The trade copier service from consistentforextrading is about steady controlled trading and growth, low risk, low draw down trading opportunities’.

If you want to monitor this service, you can join at any time, then visit the Twitter page @ rogerelliotfx and the trade copier page and open the ‘September Update’ PDF, the service detail and commitment are second to none.

Long may it continue.

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