June 20, 2016


Only the one trade last week, another winner at 30 pips (I got 29):

“Another day with no interest in most pairs.  The EUR/USD got close early in the day but never triggered a trade.  The rest were neutral until AUD/USD offered us a trade at 1645 hrs and we successfully traded up for a quick 30 pip profit.  No Candlestick trades – We ended the day with a 30 pip profit.”

We were due an update from the FXF team as to how the service will be progressing going forwards but that never materialised. I have e-mailed them this morning to ask for one. I suspect there won’t be much trading this week with the referendum on Thursday.

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Day 53 (19th June 2016): no bets

Day 52 (18th June 1016):

8.35 Haydock – Rosamaria, available @ 6.0 at Coral.  Lost -1 pt.


Period  Profit/Loss  -1.0  pt.

Starting Bank 100.0 pts.

Current Bank 95.71 pts.

Service Profit/Loss since Start of Trial  -4.29 pts.

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June 18, 2016

Galileo Racing

This is the 3rd weekly report and covers the period 9th June-16th June inclusive.

A poor week with just one 3rd place from the six selections and the bank has dipped below the original starting point for a loss on the week of £19.06,in round terms a 10 point loss. The results were as follows:-

WEEK 3 Opening Bank £160.61          Closing Bank £141.55

9/6/2016 Newbury 1505 Snow Moon 2 pnt Win 3rd 0 -£4.02 £156.59 £4.02
11//6/2016 Sandown 1410 High Draw 1 pnt EW 9th 0 0 -£4.00 £152.59 £4.00
14/6/2016 Ascot 1430 Ervedya 2 pnt Win 5th 0 -£4.00 £148.59 £4.00
14/6/2016 Ascot 1620 The Gurkha 2 pnt Win 2nd 0 -£4.00 £144.59 £4.00
15/6/2016 Ascot 1540 Always Smile 1 pnt EW 3rd 0 2.56 £0.96 £145.55 £4.00
16/6/2016 Ascot 1540 Architecture 1 pnt EW 8th 0 0 -£4.00 £141.55 £4.00

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June 17, 2016

BitClub Network

I’m now into my ninth month with BitClub Network so it’s time for an update. First of all, the bottom line… earnings!

My mining earnings come to 4.80278 BTC which is $3,554 at today’s value. Part of that has been automatically re-invested back into BCN so that I now hold 1.41 shares in Pool 1, 1.3368 shares in Pool 2 and 1.2901 shares in Pool 3.

This means that every payment I get is increasing my share in the mining pool and thus increasing my payments.

My initial investment back in September 2015 was $3599 so it looks like by the end of the first year I will have pretty much recovered my entire investment and be earning Bitcoin indefinitely going forward.

The price of Bitcoin has increased dramatically too, exactly as was predicted, from around $280 per coin when I joined to nearly $730 per coin today. It’s expected by many to break the $1000 a coin mark at some point this year and then, as time goes on, increase even further, perhaps to $5K or even $10K per coin in a few years.

So far, in the nine months I’ve been testing this passive earnings investment, they have done everything they promised to do. Earlier in the year they released their own crypto currency, Club Coin, and gave some away to BCN members. Many sold their CC at $1 per coin, effectively recovering their entire investment in BCN in one go. I decided to stake mine in their staking pool which will produce around 20% extra for me by December, giving me in the region of 13,000 Club Coins. If the value goes back up to $1 a coin then, I can sell half of them for $6500, recovering my entire investment plus 100% return, without even touching my Bitcoin!

They also recently launched an Ethereum Pool. Ethereum is similar to Bitcoin but with possibly a lot more future potential as it can be used for lots of things other than just currency. This pool hasn’t been doing as well as I hoped. I bought a $1000 share in the pool and so far have been paid $243 worth of Ethereum, which is less than half of what I was expecting, but it looks like I’ll at least make my investment back before the pool stops mining. Still, you’ve got to speculate to accumulate and this was always going to be a risk worth taking for me.

BCN is continuing to grow, and they are gearing up for another large purchase of mining equipment, this will be for the brand new S9 Antminers which are using 16nm technology and are almost 4x more efficient than the S7 models.

At some point in the next few weeks the block reward will halve. This means the amount of Bitcoin released when a block is processed will go down from 25 to 12.5. This will mean it could become too expensive for the smaller miners to compete and they will stop, leaving the bigger mining pools, such as BCN with the latest mining equipment to mop up.

It’s been a fun nine months so far in BCN. I’ve learned a lot about Bitcoin and I’ve enjoyed seeing my investment grow into something quite impressive over a relatively short amount of time. I literally can’t imagine what I’ll be posting about this time next year! I suspect it will be joyous though!

You can sign up for a free account, and more information, here:


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CricketTrader-424x600A few years ago I went on a betting exchange trading seminar at Charlton FC run by Aussie Tony “The Badger” Hargraves of http://thesportstrader.com. What struck me about this event was, first of all, it seemed absurdly cheap, and secondly, that he was willing to prove himself by trading live. The focus at that seminar was mostly on pre-off horse racing and tennis, also touching on soccer. And after the event, he took us to the pub and bought everyone a drink!

Chatting in the pub, Tony was able to offer me advice after I had been seriously ripped off by another operator and came across as an all round great guy who hates rip-off artists and can’t bear the idea of gambling. I know a fair few expert traders and, to me, Tony is up there with Peter Webb as one of the best in the business.

Tony has now released his latest book, which examines trading in cricket. Since the dawn of T20 and the IPL, betting on cricket has grown exponentially and offers new opportunities for those willing to conduct the research. Tony has expert knowledge of the game – which in recent times has seen big changes – as a player himself for 32 years, so he is in a great position to identify the trading opportunities that the various formats of the game facilitate.

I have been following cricket for even longer than Tony – it’s the true beautiful game – and have come down the line from my dad and grandpa as a Kentish Man, and am overjoyed that ONE of my two sons has also got the bug. At least the other son plays, even if he doesn’t watch! It is now even taking off in Germany, where refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan have trebled the number of clubs in recent times. In India, it’s the biggest national obsession, just like rugby is in New Zealand and beer is in England.

However, for those who haven’t followed the game, some of the information in the manual is going to be a bit perplexing with crumbling pitches, reverse swing, green tops and bunsen burners. But Tony is there to guide us through what these things mean, where to track down the information, and how to potentially profit from it. All trading, no matter what the sport, is influenced by the factors that move the markets. That may be self-evident but for those who take their trading seriously, the better understanding you have of these factors, the better equipped you are to profit from it. Obvious though that is, the better informed make their profits from the lesser informed.

There are three formats of international cricket nowadays, with Test Matches (two innings per side played over five days), One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Twenty20 (T20) which are comprosed of 20 overs per side. There are other formats in the domestic games. The easiest games for betting are Test Matches, as the match has a lot longer for your analysis and expectations to unfold. You do not often see the frantic and volatile price swings in a Test and so we can take larger positions and stay in them for longer. And the pitch changes significantly over five days, whereas it does not in a one day game.

Tony analyses all the factors which affect a game and arms himself with as much preparation as is available to enter the fray. He will always know what to expect from the country the match is being played in, the teams that are playing each other, the pitch report, the head to head stats, the weather forecast, which team won the toss, etc etc. He will then proceed to identify the best betting approaches, including his entry and exit points.

There is a link to a great exclusive sample video as Tony trades live (it’s OK, it’s highlighted, you don’t have to watch the game in actual time!!) and shows there is no need to panic when a star batsman gets out early for no runs and the price goes against him, as lo and behold, back it comes and nails him a profit. He has a very calm voice!


You may think that trading Test matches requires many hours, if not days – and it certainly can. However, it is also possible to profit in much smaller chunks of the game, like an hour if batting is going well or less than that if the bowlers are on top. The final Test Match at Lord’s where England played Sri Lanka last week is an example of that. It was day five (final day) and I looked at the weather forecast, and it was rain, rain and more rain. Sri Lanka, in their second innings, had all their wickets intact and had already lost the series 2-0. I looked at the price on Betfair and couldn’t believe the draw was priced at 1.25. I immediately took a position on that and really, that should have been that. However, some time after lunch the rain did stop, Jimmy Anderson came on and took a wicket and it looked like, with what the ball was doing, England would only need 20 or so overs to knock them over. I panicked, and got out. And then back the rain came, game over!

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.11.51


The manual sets a checklist for each format of the game and directs you to the information sources at the end. It also explains how to avoid losing a great green position due to match abandonment for weather, where, in one day games, all match bets are void.

If there is an omission in the manual, I think it is lack of discussion on the Duckworth Lewis Method, whereby a match curtailed by weather has to undergo the complicated mathematical algorithms to adjust the target of the side batting second, adjusted after every over. This can make a significant difference to the outcome, and therefore the betting, and I would imagine offers further angles for trading.

I don’t think it would be a good idea to come at this with no knowledge of cricket at all. There are so many factors involved that a rookie will always be eaten up by an expert such as Tony. You would also need to devote time to this as even the shortest game of cricket is around three hours, though you won’t, of course need the whole three hours because trading involves profiting from the fluctuations of prices during the game. And I’m guessing Tony isn’t only trading cricket when he trades it. I’m sure he has his eyes on other sports concurrently in play.

As always with Tony, this is a great manual which will equip you well in the planning and execution of your trades, and I heartily recommend it as another potent weapon in your trading arsenal.

You can get Cricket Trader here:Approved2


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Day 51 (17th June 2016): no bets

Day 50 (16th June 1016):

8.50 at Lingfield – Hepworth Marble, available @ 7’1 Betfair sports book. Win +7 pts.

Day 49 (15th  June 2016):

4.35 Hamilton – Shadow Games, available @ 6’1 General Price.  Lost -1 pt.

8.40 Chelmsford – Hepworth Marble, available @ 5’1 General Price. Non Runner.


Period  Profit/Loss  + 6.0  pts.

Starting Bank 100.0 pts.

Current Bank 96.71 pts.

Service Profit/Loss since Start of Trial  -3.29 pts.

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Day 48 (14th  June 2016):

6.15 Thirsk – Sarabi, available @ 26.0 Bet365. Lost.

Daily  Profit/Loss  -1.0  pts.

Starting Bank 100.0 pts.

Current Bank 90.71 pts.

Service Profit/Loss since Start of Trial  -9.29 pts.

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Day 47 (13th  June 2016):

3.15 Thirsk -Muroor, ayailable @ 13.0 General Price. Lost.


Daily  Profit/Loss  -1.0  pts.

Starting Bank 100.0 pts.

Current Bank 91.71 pts.

Service Profit/Loss since Start of Trial  -8.29 pts.

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June 14, 2016

Bet and Trade Workshop

Ten weeks ago I told you about Steve Trow’s One-2-One Bet and Trade workshop where he invited you to his home to show you exactly how to make over £1000 a month, consistently, in your spare time using totally risk free, or very low risk, betting strategies. It is very attractive to those who either don’t have funds they can afford to ‘risk’ or those that simply don’t like losing bets and the ups and downs normally associated with gambling.

Well, quite a few of my readers took up the offer and the feedback has been excellent:

“Arrived at Todmorden train station, and welcomed by Steve, who then very kindly took me into the pub across the road for a quick chat, before dropping me off at my B&B for the night.
Collected me first thing, then driven to his home, where we sat together and went through a multitude of money making methods. Many of which are either risk free or very low risk. As a full time Matched Bettor for the last year I learnt a whole host of new tricks to add into my repertoire for making money. Excellent value for money, and a very down to earth honest man, course highly recommended.”

James Mann (Derby)

“I really enjoyed the bet and trade workshop training… It was clear and concise with enough flexibility to adjust to the individuals’ personal experience with trading and sports betting. Although I am sure there will be a learning curve, especially with the Betfair Trading modules, it is evidently clear that this means of making an income online is “very doable”. Honestly, a child could do this with the instructions provided. For £400 this is a no brainer investment that I can see will be returned within a very short period. For someone like me, who would rather pot about my little homestead farm, this provides an essential opportunity to cover my costs and allow me to pursue my other passions in life, working from home and opting out of the rat race”

Alex W (Denmark)

“I felt comfortable and reassured by your genuine desire to help me succeed in the delivery of your course materials. I have been to many seminars and bought too many supposedly ‘profitable’ systems in the past and it was refreshing to actually meet someone who is the real deal. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wishes to learn about these subjects.”

Stephen W (Derby)

“I’ve been losing money for years but with the knowledge and tools I know have I’ve finally started making money consistently. Amazing course and well worth it”

Jason Barker

Well, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that due to the amount of time and effort Steve puts into these One-2-One training courses in his own home, he’s raised the course fee to £597. This still represents outstanding value as you can recover your costs and still make a healthy profit within your first month of doing the course, and then you’ll have a healthy part-time income for years to come.

The good news is that if you book before Saturday, you can get a massive discount of 33%! So you can still get the One-2-One training in Steve’s home for just £397. Just make sure to click on the yellow “Get the offer now” button at the top of the page. Once the timer runs out, the offer will be gone but even then, I’d still highly recommend the course at full price.

Full details here:


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June 13, 2016


I’ve been asked for an update on this service and there’s not really anything to report unfortunately.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve only had one trade, a winner of 30 pips.

Here’s the latest comment from FXF:

“Update from Mike Pears:


Yet again we started the day with no interest in any of the pairs and this continued into the afternoon and we were never close to having an interest in anything as nothing got near Resistance or Support. This also applied to the “Candlesticks” again today with nothing.

A very disappointing day to conclude a frustrating week that produced no activity of any sort. Is this a consequence of Brexit ?

FXF Update:

The markets have seen a drastic change from the markets 4 months ago and this can be seen and evidenced from market ranges. Most have dropped to almost 50% of what they were back in Feb/March and this is why the master trader is struggling to find valid opportunities.

The FXF team are going to publish our thoughts, a view on the markets, the update to bank percentage risk (which we can now do) and the implementation of the longer term trades by Monday.

Please look out for this email over the weekend.

Kind regards,
The FXF Team”

There’s been nothing on this yet so I look forward to seeing what transpires this week.

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