July 13, 2017

Racing Dossier

Racing Dossier is a web based horse racing ratings software from the guys over at Race Advisor. Of course, like any ratings, they’re only any good if they can be used to help you identify winning selections and so here’s a short video showing a very quick, four step strategy that does just that. It finds 3-4 bets a week with plenty of winners and has produced a 37% return on investment:

Profit: 65.32
Wins: 28
Bets: 177
Strike Rate: 16%
ROI: 37%

You can try Racing Dossier for £2.36 here:


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The Betfair Cash Out Trading Method is a system for horse racing and as the title implies is a trading system that can be employed on all three codes of racing. Betfair Cash Out comes from the prolific system designer Malcolm Pett (The Grey Horse Bot). The system will require a Betfair account and can be considered a first step for future Betfair traders or a relatively simple method to follow in its own right.

Currently the price for the method is £97 and for this money you get the manual in PDF format and a series of “how to” supporting videos. Malcolm’s potential tips for races to trade in every day are also provided for one year from date of purchase. There is no refund because once you have read the manual you essentially have the system.

Without revealing how the system works – it does as the name implies employ the Betfair “Cash Out” button – so the user has to be sat in front of a computer for all of the qualifying races that one has decided to trade on. The aim of the system is to trade on price movements then use the Betfair Cash Out Button to bank a profit before a race starts. Therefore if you are not able to set aside time in the afternoon, or indeed if desired the evenings in the summer, then Betfair Cash Out will not be suitable. The main aim of this trading system is to hit the Cash Out button to achieve a suggested 2.5% profit per selected race.

This review is a “one off” because although there are a general set of rules to apply it does not necessarily follow all users will employ all of the more detailed additions to the rules or indeed be able to set aside the time each day required for trading and thus all trade the same races.

The manual is very easy to follow, the rules are also easily understood and put into practice. I went through 10 videos as well as reading through the manual twice before attempting to jump onto Betfair and start trading. Malcolm’s videos are quite entertaining as well as useful with many examples of the method being put into action. Having stated the rules and indeed restating the rules to follow he then proceeds in several of the videos to break some of the rules to go on to make profitable trades.

It is a fact with this system that the more time you spend going through the videos and re reading the rules to ensure they are firmly fixed in your mind the more successful you will become. The number one priority is to put in a “stop loss”- as a protection of your stake in the event of trade going against you. This action will limit the potential loss to much less than your initial stake and must followed at the start of every trade.

Over the 8 day period 2nd July – 9th July I was conservative in my use of the rules, only trading in the afternoons and found on average 3 races a day I felt would be suitable for profitable trades. I was able to trade using my criteria on all three codes during the period.

As this particular method was new for me I used the minimum Betfair £2 stake per selected race aiming to make circa 5p – 10p profit(2.5%-5%) per race. From 26 races I was able to trade out for a profit on 24 of them and on the 2 losers my “stop loss” ensured my maximum loss per losing race was 20p (a loss of 10% of stake).

This is not a “get rich quick” system but given time and experience in using the system it will be possible to increase the stake by allowing the trading bank to grow and thus increase the size of the stake and hence the profits.

I have no hesitation in giving Betfair Cash Out a pass.

You can get Betfair Cash Out Trading here:


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July 9, 2017

Easy Football Profits

System A
Week 9: 9 selections, 8 winner for a profit of 4.75 points
Overall: 53 selections, 40 winner for a profit of 1.35 points

System B
Week 9: 1 selections, 0 winner for a loss of 2.50 points
Overall: 4 selections, 3 winner for a profit of 0.35 points

System C
Week 9: 9 selections, 8 winner for a profit of 0.80 points
Overall: 51 selections, 44 winner for a loss of 11.80 points

System D
Week 9: 4 selections, 3 winner for a profit of 1.21 points
Overall: 28 selections, 18 winner for a profit of 0.70 points

System A+B+C+D Selections:
Fluminense v Chapecoense
FCI Tallinn v Hibernians
Europa FC v The New Saints
Minnesota Utd v Columbus
Kawasaki v Urawa
Portland Timbers v Chicago Fire
Flora Tallinn v Domzale
Stabaek v Brann
Bahia v Fluminense

Bonus System
Week 9: 14 selections, 12 winner for a loss of 16.60 points
Overall: 134 selections, 125 winner for a loss of 28.75 points

Bets made on:
Europa FC v The New Saints
Progres Niedercorn v Rangers
La Fiorita v Linfield
Minnesota Utd v Columbus
Kawasaki v Urawa
Houston Dynamo v Montreal Impact
Portland Timbers v Chicago Fire
Flora Tallinn v Domzale
Cork City v Levadia Tallinn
Hafnarfjordur v Vikingur Olafsvik
Tampines Rovers v Brunei DPMM FC
Urawa v Albirex Niigata
Cork City v St Patricks
Norrkoping v Elfsborg
Wanderers (Uru) v Sud America
Bahia v Fluminense

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July 9, 2017

The Snout

Week 7: 19 selections, 4 winner for a loss of 2.32 points

Overall: 144 selections, 42 winner for a profit of 5.21 points

Selections (using odds I actually got rather than as advised):

The Feathered Nest
Fantasy Justifier
Bois D’Ebene
Clear Spring
Etienne Gerard
Merry Banter
The Gay Cavalier
Via Serendipity
Je Suis Charlie
Lady Joanna Vassa
Manson (Placed at 17)
Tisbutadream (Won at 8)
Related (Won at 10)
Cape Icon
Royal Duchess (Placed at 15)

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July 9, 2017

The Architect

Week 7: 18 selections, 3 winner for a loss of 4.5 points

Overall: 211 selections, 59 winner for a profit of 15.57 points

Selections (using odds I actually got rather than as advised):

Morache Music (Won at 2.25)
Qaviy Cash (Won at 3.25)
Tribal Conquest
Fujaira Bridge
Ashpan Sam (Won at 11)
Fox Trotter
Seeking Magic
Claim The Roses
Tis Marvellous
Barney Roy
Air Squadron
Magie Du Ma
Volnay De Thaix

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July 8, 2017

JT Racing

Week 11: 18 selections, 8 winner for a profit of 21.99 points

Overall: 168 selections, 58 winner for a profit of 43.13 points

Selections (using odds I actually got rather than as advised):

Morche Music (Won at 2.38)
Qaviy Cash (Won at 3.75)
Wee Jock (Won at 2.2)
Masucci (Won at 2.5)
Give Me A Clump (Won at 2.25)
Mr Minerals (Won at 4)
Sir Gnet
Deauville Dancer
Havana Grey (Won at 3.75)
Euginio (Won at 3.5)
My Mystique
Cliffs Of Moher

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July 8, 2017

DG Tips

Week 7: 16 selections, 7 winner for a profit of 8.16 points

Overall: 173 selections, 51 winner for a loss of 23.16 points

Selections (using odds I actually got rather than as advised):

Clear Spring
Gaelic Wizard
Nightingale Valley (Placed at 9.5)
Mr Minerals (Win at 4)
Ashpan Sam (Win at 11)
On To Victory
Fox Trotter
Seeking Magic
Flower Cup (Placed at 9)
Blushing Rose
GM Hopkins (Placed at 11)
Hors De Combat (Placed at 17)
Soldier In Action (Placed at 13)
Barney Roy

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July 8, 2017

Value Favs

Week 4: Selections: 14; Wins: 4; Points: -3.84; at £10 per point: -£38.40

Overall: Selections: 65; Wins: 20; Points: -4.24; at £10 per point: -£42.40

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July 6, 2017

The Whale

It’s very, very rare that I come across a system or strategy that gets me excited.

So listen up, because what I have to tell you about today could very possibly change the way you trade forever.

I’ve been running the Cash Master site for over a decade now and as you can imagine I’ve seen, used and tested literally hundreds of services and strategies with varying degrees of success.

Many of these systems will make a nice few quid, provide a useful second income or pay for a holiday or two, but over the years I’ve not come across many that could make a very significant, even life changing income. I’m talking about making enough real money to literally quit the day job and live off the income generated by the system.

The first time I came across a system like this was when I learned the PIE method five years ago. This is a strategy I’ve been using ever since and has given me the reassurance that I am now financially secure for my future and will not have to rely on ‘the state’ to provide for me in my golden years.

But now, five years on, it’s happened again.

You see Glynn and Paul from PIE recommended a service to me that they felt was worth looking at. Bear in mind that in the five years that I’ve known them they’ve NEVER recommended anything else. Glynn’s been a financial trader for over thirty years and he’s seen it all. So when he told me I ought to take a serious look at this strategy you can be sure it got my attention.

The Whale

The Whale is a trading strategy designed by veteran traders Cameron Malik & Mark Austin.

It can be traded starting with a small bank and is used predominantly with spread betting brokers like IG Index.

It’s been designed to be suitable for beginners, intermediate and experienced traders alike and, unlike most trading strategies, this doesn’t rely on the ‘long term’ to make profits, instead this has an incredibly high strike rate (80%+) and profits are made very quickly… sometimes in minutes.

It takes their nine best strategies and applies it to five markets so you can choose when you want to trade.

It delivers 2-3 trades per week. No Charts. No Hunting. No Complex Software. No hanging around waiting for trades to complete.

In short, this is strategy that makes money week in, week out with a very high success rate and is what Cameron and Mark personally use to provide them with a lavish lifestyle.

Not only that, they have been teaching this exact strategy to clients from around the globe and the results have been astonishing:

Jon used it to trade his account in 6 weeks from £200 to £2,500…
Nigel had an 81% success rate on one run of trades, and a 100% success rate with 10 solid trades in a row.
Peter took $5,000 and turned it into $51,000 in one month!

Check out this testimonial from Frank. He sent this e-mail yesterday:

“Dear Cameron

Just a note to say that I have made back the cost of the course in the 3 weeks, so I won’t be bothering you about the guarantee! And still eleven months to go..

Sincere thanks to you and Mark for an excellent course and first class tuition.

Best Wishes


Needless to say, I signed up for the course and went through the videos on Tuesday, sat in on a live Q&A webinar yesterday just to cement my training, and this morning placed my first trade using the Whale system. 38 minutes later it closed for a tasty profit but, more importantly than that, it showed me that the market does EXACTLY as the system predicts it would do.

It was spooky.

And that’s the thing with the Whale Trading plan. It is a strategy that will be here forever, and will work forever, because it is not based on price action, patterns or the latest in vogue indicator. It’s based on the actual mechanics of the market itself…

Five years ago I knew I had found something special when I learned the PIE strategy. Today I can honestly say that I’ve found something truly magical. And my retirement plan has just got a whole lot more interesting!

Did I mention this comes with a 100% 365 day refund guarantee?

Check it out here:



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July 4, 2017

Free Footy Tips

First off, an apology. I was sure that I had written up the verdict for this service at the end of May to coincide with the end of the main European leagues. It seems that I failed to do so for some unfathomable reason, so I apologise for the lateness of this post. The stats and results recorded and reported on here are upto 1/6/17.

This service provides a daily email that contains entirely free tips for both football and horse racing as well as news and advice on bookie and casino based offers. For the purpose of the trial I concentrated solely on the football tips.

On most days you receive a list of four football matches and under the list you find the advice on how to back them. You have a double, a treble and a fourfold. So the usual daily outlay is 3 points. The tips are usually on the Match Odds market but Under/Over and BTTS bets do also feature. The odds for the bets are always on the low side, sometimes VERY low, with the idea being that they will land enough trebles and accumulators to cover the losing days.

Unfortunately, that rarely worked out to be the case. Only just over half of the doubles landed and with average odds just about reaching over even money, it was always going to be an uphill struggle.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that so many of the games kick off at the same time, the selections would have been really very easy & profitable as a “Stop at Winner” laying service. Only 13 out of 75 fourfolds won

So if judged purely as a football tipping service, it’d be a bit of a disaster really. An overall loss of 34 points was made. But, to be fair, there really is no fee payable and you do get a daily email with horse tips and a free “heads up” type alert for some potentially very lucrative casino & bookie offers that you’d have to pay a fair amount of subs for from other services.

So while I obviously don’t recommend that you follow the football tips as they are given, I do suggest you read them and do a bit of research from some of the excellent free football stat sites available and take a view on them regarding real chances of them landing compared to the low (often very low) prices available. I can’t comment on the quality of the horse racing tips supplied as I haven’t been backing or recording them at all.

I still think this is worth signing up to as it requires no effort and no outlay in return for a daily email providing you with some bets to mull over and plenty of casino and bookie offers and sign up bonuses that you’d have to pay for elsewhere.

It’s really difficult to know which category to file this under. It’s an obvious FAIL as a tipping service, but it’s certainly worth having as a freebie.

So, I’m going to put it in APPROVED so that our readers do actually take notice of it but will add the caveat DO NOT BACK THESE TIPS AS THEY ARE GIVEN, YOU WILL LOSE MONEY IF YOU DO, TREAT IT LIKE THE TIPS PAGE OF A NEWSPAPER AND PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE OFFERS.

Hopefully that should be clear enough.





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