October 26, 2014

Racing Consultants

20-Oct 3.40 Pont – Prince Gagarin 5.00 1 win Win
20-Oct 4.40 Pont – Big Time Billy 17.00 0.5 ew Loss
20-Oct 5.40 Pont – Mocassin 5.50 1 ew Loss
20-Oct 3.30 Plum –Nebula Storm 3.50 2 win Win
20-Oct 2.10 Exeter The Nephew 3.75 1.5 win Placed
20-Oct 3.40 Exeter As De Fer 5.50 0.75 win Loss
20-Oct 6.30 Kempton Blackthorn Stick 5.50 1 win Loss
20-Oct 1.45 Worc Gair Leat 17.00 0.5 ew Loss
20-Oct 4.45 Font – La Madonnina 21.00 0.75 ew Loss
20-Oct 5.55 Kemp Claude Greenwood 21.00 0.5 ew Placed
20-Oct 7.55 Kemp Swordbearer 9.00 1 win Loss
20-Oct 8.55 Kemp – Exchequer 3.25 1 win Loss
20-Oct 4.10 Southwell Spin Cast 6.00 0.5 win Loss
20-Oct 5.20 Ludlow Golden Jubilee 5.50 1 win Placed
20-Oct 3.10 Ludlow Town Mouse 10.00 1 win Loss
20-Oct 4.30 Carlisle Mubrook 3.25 1 win Loss
20-Oct 1.35 Newbury – With Approval 9.00 Placed
20-Oct 3.55 Newbury – Loch Na Maire 9.00 Loss
20-Oct 5.10 Doncaster – Ravens Tower 8.00 Loss
20-Oct 6.50 Wolverhampton – Two Jabs 7.50 Loss
20-Oct all 4 above as doubles 0.5 ew Loss
20-Oct 2.00 Aint – Handazan 17.00 0.5 ew Loss
20-Oct 2.30 Aint – Spirit of Shankly 3.75 2 win Win
20-Oct 3.00 Aint – Rajdhani Express 7.50 1 ew Loss
20-Oct 3.40 Aint – Burton Port 3.50 2 win Loss
20-Oct 4.15 Aint – Harry The Viking 26.00 0.5 win Loss
20-Oct 3.15 Donc – Golden Steps 7.50 1.5 ew Loss
20-Oct 3.35 Chep – The Pirates Queen 7.50 Placed
20-Oct 5.10 Newb – Hi Note 9.00 0.75 e/w double Loss
20-Oct 3.15 Aintree Uncle Jimmy 7.50 1 win Placed
20-Oct 4.40 Wincanton Lyssio 11.00 1 win Loss


Week 4: 6 winners/placed from 26 bets for -12.13 points.
Overall: 24 winners/placed from 101 bets for 40.80 points.


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October 26, 2014

Bookies Enemy Number 1

Date Selection Advised Points Result
21-Oct 8.00 Kempton:Rising Breeze 11 1 pt ew Lost
21-Oct 4.30 Lingfield:Mountain Range 34 0.5 pt ew Lost
21-Oct above as double 0.5 pt ew Lost
22-Aug 8.55 Kempton:Exchequer 4.5 3 pt win Lost
22-Aug 7.55 Kempton:Swordbearer 10 1 pt ew Lost
22-Aug 2.35 Newmarket:Robben 7 2 pt win Lost
22-Aug above as trixie 0.5 pt ew Lost
24-Oct 9.20 Wolverhampton:Zarliman 17 1 pt ew Lost
24-Oct 1.20 Doncaster:Playboy Bar 15 1 pt ew Lost
24-Oct 4.40 Doncaster:Ghazi 5.5 2 pt win Lost
24-Oct above as trixie 0.05pt e/w trixie Lost
24-Oct 3.30 Doncaster:Khubala 13 1 pt ew Placed
25-Oct 3.15 Doncaster:Gladiatrix 29 1 pt ew Lost
25-Oct 3.15 Doncaster:Ancient Cross 21 1 pt ew Lost
25-Oct 1.40 Doncaster:Crowdmania 12 2 pt win Lost
25-Oct 8.45 Wolverhampton:Saltwater Creek 13 1 pt ew Lost
25-Oct 7.15 Wolverhampton:Dialogue 12 2 pt win Won
25-Oct Crowdmania/Saltwater Creek/Dialogue 12,12,8 0.05pt e/w trixie Lost


Week 4: -4.00 points. Overall: 9.12 points.


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October 24, 2014


We were reviewing this service earlier in the year but my colleague was unable to continue with the trial, so I have taken it on and will be putting it to the test starting from scratch.

This system comes in the form of a file which has to be downloaded and verified online, it will only work with Windows systems.

On first reading through the main body of the ebook, I was fairly unimpressed with it and not overly hopeful of it performing at the level claimed. I wasn’t very keen on the website used to source selections and thought the selection process a bit slapdash,

I cannot have been alone in that feeling as there was a very sizable addition to the manual made in February this year, stating that they’d had plenty of people asking for help.

The information added to this last part is a much better explanation of the selection process and how to make better picks from the list of possible bets. After reading right through these extra pages, I’m much more impressed and am optimistic that we should be able to turn a decent level of profit.

I’m still not overly keen on the website but the concerns I had about it are (mostly) covered in the latter part of the manual. There are clear instructions on how and where to check the validity of the information and which type of fixture to accept or avoid.

I’ve been using the system properly since Sunday and have managed to find two bets so far this week, I have checked everyday but found the other days did not provide a reasonable risk bet that fell within the selection and price criteria.

A big part of this system involves the staking plans provided. There are three to choose from. The first is straight level staking, the other two are more about loss recovery and progressive staking. I do feel that if a system really works, then it should return a profit at level stakes. Once we’ve established that it does give a level stake return we can then look to see if using a staking plan will enhance our bottom line. So I will be recording the results using all three plans provided but will be making my judgement call based on Level Staking.

Of the the two bets I did find, one won and won lost meaning a small profit so far. I’ll give more of a breakdown at the start of next week, when I’ll have the weekend’s fixtures recorded.

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October 24, 2014

The Meerkat System

Today is the last day to download this free system. It produced 106 points profit over the last twelve months and is very simple to operate.

It will be taken down at midnight tonight.

Download your free copy here:


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October 24, 2014

Winning Day Trader

Sometimes this trial feels a bit like sweeping leaves in the wind…

Date Market Size P/L
23/10/2014 Spot FX USD/JPY -10 -£167.00
23/10/2014 Spot FX EUR/USD 20 £114.00
23/10/2014 Spot FX USD/JPY -20 -£702.00
23/10/2014 Spot FX USD/JPY -10 -£831.00
23/10/2014 Spot FX USD/JPY -10 -£607.00
23/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 3 days USD/JPY - -£10.20
23/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 3 days AUD/CAD - £11.10
23/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 3 days EUR/GBP - -£3.25
23/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 3 days EUR/USD - -£12.20


Profit: -£2,207.55
Total: -£608.05

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October 23, 2014


If you’ve been a Cash Master reader for any length of time you will have probably heard me bang on about PIE.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… PIE is the best thing I’ve ever come across for making money with as little risk as possible, in as little time as possible.

Seriously, I’ve been in this game a long time, and I’ve never found a strategy come anywhere close to this.

10 minutes work a month (yes, a month!) and returns of up to 30% a year with almost zero risk to your funds. It doesn’t get any better.

Well, since I discovered this little gem back in 2012, the chaps who taught me the method have been running small workshops each month teaching other like minded lovers of financial freedom their system.

And if you’ve never read any of the testimonials or watched any of their videos, then you’re in for a treat.

Check these out….


“Hi Paul/Glynn,

It’s almost 2 years now since I went on the PIE course, and to say that things have changed has been somewhat of an understatement.

I started trading with a £10k bank, as required at the time, and put the steps into place. Since that first trade, I have made profit every month.

The thing is, every month; I know what my profit will be next month….That’s a great benefit when planning.

To be fair, I added more funds when I realised that it would impossible to lose any money (provided that the rules are followed). And as of today, I have my own large 5 figure account with IB, and a small 5 figure account in GFT which trades my daughters money (aged 3 and 8).

Since the time I added more money, I’ve not had to work. When Paul visited, I think I was driving a small Renault Twingo. Just last week when Paul dropped off some info, he had to squeeze past the New Kia Sportage. The Twingo cost£7k, the Kia cost £21k.

The biggest benefit is not the toys or the money….It’s the time….

To be home when the kids go to school and being home when they return is a real blessing. It’s also the confidence of knowing that if I’m sensible, I’ll not have to worry about money again.

I can only say good things about the course, and more importantly, the back up support ;-)

Thanks again guys,



“Hi Glynn, thanks for speaking to me the other day and for pointing me in the right direction with my trading activity. As I said I came on the course in November 2012 and didn’t start trading until April 2013. I started with the minimum investment so that I could find my feet. I made £32 the first month and £97 the second month. This gave me the confidence to invest more of my savings and my average shot up to between £450 and £600 per month return for a few minutes work.

I have never had a single losing month and since I began trading with IB and GFT markets my profits total to over £8000. This has more than returned the cost of the course.

This has been totally stress free although as I said when we spoke I am still finding my feet with GFT.

Thanks again, John Hignett”


“To: Paul and Glynn

Profitable lnvestment Education is exactly that… “profitable”.

I just wish I had found the education many years ago, no doubt I would be long retired and living in Malta or some other warm place. I cannot thank you both enough for the opportunity to invest
in PIE.

The words I use when asked are: This strategy is simple, profitable, affordable and low risk.

Keep up the good work Guys.

Kind Regards



“Hi Paul

Hope you and your family are all well.

I received the book today thanks. Read it from cover to cover, could not put it down.

Really well presented going straight into the details of what I need to know with plenty of detail and reminders of how to trade carefully.

I still cannot believe that after all my years of wasted trading for negative return, I now have a guaranteed, low risk, simple and successful method.

Will not be buying the Rolls Royce any time soon, but certainly helped to take the pressure off my retirement income problems.

Best decision I ever made to take the training last year.

Thanks again for all your help

Very best wishes



This is just a handful out of LOADS of testimonials they’ve received over the last couple of years…. Everyone that goes on the course is absolutely delighted and only regret not having learned this earlier!

And that’s the thing… this is a method that, once you’ve learned it, you’ve got it forever. You’ll have an income for life. There are no ongoing subscriptions, no need for further mentoring or advice, you learn the method and you’re set up to make an income, in ten minutes a month, for the rest of your life.

You can even pass the knowledge onto your kids so they have an ongoing income when you shuffle off this mortal coil.

But don’t just take my word for it… hear it straight from others that have been on the course.

Check out this video testimonial:

There is one space left on next week’s course, and just two left in November. If you’ve been thinking of doing the course but keep putting it off then now’s the time to take action. Learn this method and make 2015 the best year you’ve had.

You won’t regret it.

Full details here:


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October 23, 2014

Winning Day Trader

Date Market Size P/L
22/10/2014 Spot FX EUR/USD 10 -£821.00
22/10/2014 Spot FX EUR/USD 10 -£743.00
22/10/2014 Spot FX EUR/USD 5 -£401.50
22/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day AUD/CAD - £1.50
22/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day EUR/GBP - -£1.65
22/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day USD/JPY - -£3.30
22/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day EUR/USD - -£9.75


Profit: -£1,978.70
Total: +£1,599.50

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October 22, 2014


You may remember I reviewed and APPROVED this fantastic trading service last season.

I wanted to bring your attention to a change they have made that makes this a “Must Have” for traders.

As from today they have made Kevin Laverick’s Correct Score Trading Methods available to all members as part of the basic membership package.

This is brilliant news as it means you have access to another 5 trading methods on top of the original great one.

All examples and trades are shown to sensible £10 stakes and the books are extremely easy to follow.

Not only do you have access to the downloadable ebooks, you are also given lists of fixtures that pass the filters for each method.

When you add on the endlessly useful goal stats sheets that help you make informed decisions whilst in-play, and the brilliantly lively & helpful live Chatroom, then I think you have to at least give this a try.

They do have additional levels of membership and more services you can join but just the basic is more than enough to get you up and running making long term profits with limited risks. You can always gauge opinion and ask questions about other parts in the Chatroom. There’s usually lots of paying members in there, giving advice, discussing ongoing games etc.

It’s a goldmine for football traders. Whatever level of trading experience you have, this service will improve you. Absolute beginners can find really basic walk through manuals too.

I honestly think this is the best value “Live Trading” and book based trading service available. Its £37 (+vat) per month and, as I said in my review last season, even if you just signed up to download the books, use the Chatroom for one month then cancel your subs, this is ridiculously good value for money. Even more so now with all the new additions.

But I really think it is worth being an ongoing member. Not only do you continue to benefit from the lists of filtered qualifying trades but you also get to see all the new changes as they happen and the Chatroom is invaluable. Quite fun to chat whilst waiting on a goal too.



The Football Scanner I recently reviewed here would be an ideal additional help but I would suggest that you get to grips with Goal Profits first then, once you’re making a decent level of profit, consider getting Football Scanner. Just a suggestion to make life easier and add another string to the bow. But do make sure you’re getting the money in from one to pay for the other.


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October 22, 2014

The Meerkat System

Strange name I know, but this little system produces around 3 selections a day, has a 23% strike rate and a 33% return on investment!

It looks like a pretty cool little system and best of all, it’s free!

Download your copy here:


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October 22, 2014

Winning Day Trader

Slightly unlucky yesterday as EUR/USD tanked due to fears that ECB were purchasing Italian and Spanish bonds. This proved to be false information, as the ECB denied it, but it still left us in the lurch with a loser. Oh what a fickle beast the market is…

Date Market Size P/L
21/10/2014 Spot FX EUR/USD 10 -£887.00
21/10/2014 Spot FX USD/CAD 5 -£115.50
21/10/2014 Spot FX USD/CAD 5 £7.50
21/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day EUR/USD - -£1.95
21/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day AUD/CAD - £1.50
21/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day EUR/GBP - -£1.65
21/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day USD/CAD - -£6.00



Profit: -£1,003.10
Total: +£3,578.20

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