March 20, 2017

Winning Footy Tips

This really is a nice, low maintenance service. You receive a short email covering the weekend and Monday bets, then another covering any midweek action. All bets are clear, simple instructions with no fuss 1 point stakes.

So far, so good. We’re getting a strike rate around the 60% mark at average odds of 2.14 and have made just over 5 points profit after roughly a month. With subs being a very reasonable £17 a month, you don’t need to be betting big stakes to cover fees before making a few quid for yourself.

All in all, a very decent first month and I’m hoping it conitunes along the same lines




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March 20, 2017

Betfair Scalper

I have been looking at Betfair Scalper. This is a one-off review as this system doesn’t lend itself to a 13-week review; everybody who uses this system will get different results.

For a one-off cost of £89.97 (at the time or the review) you get access to over 7 hours of videos explaining what scalping is, how to set up BetAngel (recommended, although I use Gruss Betting Assistant), what entry conditions to look for, etc.

The videos are easy to follow and comprehensive. If you follow the instructions, especially the one about practice, practice, practice, and you are around to follow some UK horse racing then this could be a product to make a few pounds each race. For example, let’s posit you made a very conservative £1.00 per race (my Betfair screenshot below is £9.95 in 9 races), and only covered 4 races per day; that’s £4 per day or £120 most months. Once you get skilled, much higher profits are available, easily in the £10 to £20 range; even at £10 per race, 4 races is £40 per day, that is £1,200 per month, tax-free and with very little risk. That’s off about an hour’s work, depending on the time of day you chose to operate in; evening racing during the summer will take about 2 hours to cover 4 races. Of course you can do more, most days there are 20 races available, but that is more commitment than I am prepared to offer. One last note, not every race will qualify; heavy odds-on or where horses are close in odds are more tricky and ones I currently pass on.

Be prepared to start small, you can operate off an initial £100 bank but you will only make pennies per race; but that’s OK, you’ll be a master trader by the time you have grown the bank to be able to scalp decent sums per race. DO NOT start trying to scalp using large stakes, start small and gain the skills. Fear and Greed are the enemies of all traders!

Here is my Betfair statement for 17th and 18th March. As you can see I didn’t do many races. I have redacted Cheltenham as this was straight betting not scalping and so not relevant to this review. I used £50 stakes. Hopefully you can see the potential, I wouldn’t class myself as anything other than a beginner scalper, so in time I’d expect to be more consistent. One thing I did learn last week: don’t scalp major festivals! Scalping doesn’t work well when you are the bottom of a queue waiting for £90k to be matched!

Happy to approve this product.

You can get Betfair Scalper here:

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March 20, 2017

Sports Trader

I’ve just been informed that Tony ‘The Badger’ Hargraves has just released dates for his live training courses in both Australia and the UK. I’ve done one of these myself and they are really excellent if you want to become a sucessful sports trader:

You can also view an online version here:

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I’ve been testing this service for 8 months now and it’s time to wrap up this trial.

To remind you, the Trade Copier service was set up in July 2016 to mirror the trades produced by Rogers Consistent Forex Trades service that we tested and awarded a ‘Neutral’ rating back in May last year.

I originally set my copier up to trade at £10 per pip and ran it up to the end of the ‘Daily’ service at the end of November.

It started positively but by the end of November I had lost £594.

Roger then e-mailed to say he was closing the Daily service as the stops were far too close and that his ‘serious’ subscribers all used the weekly levels that his service originally provided. He offered to migrate all subscribers over to the weekly service on the trade copier but recommended trading at a percent of bank rather than a set amount per pip so that the risk was always controlled no matter what the size of the stop was.

Sensibly I took this advice and switched to the weekly copier, risking no more than 5% on each trade. This brought my lot sizes down from £10 per pip to, typically 30p-40p per pip.

Since 29th November to now, I’ve lost a further £243.

This brings my total loss in over eight months of the service to -£837, not including the monthly fees for the trade copier and subscription fees.

I feel that eight months is more than an adequate amount of time to give this service a fair trial and it clearly has to go down as Failed.

You can try the Consistent Forex Trade Copier here:

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March 19, 2017

Golf betting Expert

Week 1: 6 bets, 0 winners for a loss of -12 points.

Overall: 6 bets, 0 winners for a loss of -12 points.

Bets made on:

Charl Schwartzel
Louis Oosthuizen
Tony Finau
Matthew Fitzpatrick
Emiliano Grillo
Lucas Glover

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March 19, 2017

Football Tipster

Week 1: 6 bets, 3 winners for a profit of 2.57 points.

Overall: 6 bets, 3 winners for a profit of 2.57 points.

Bets made on:

West Brom – Both teams to score – No
Cardiff – Draw
Crystal Palace – Crystal Palace to win
Sunderland – Draw
Middlesbrough – Double Chance – Win/Draw Boro
Manchester City – Double Chance – Win/Draw Liverpool

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March 17, 2017

BitClub Network

We had an update from BitClub Network yesterday:

Mining Pool Updates, Ethereum Rise, and More!
Date: March 16th

Included in this update…

  • Mining Pool Details & Expansion Plans
  • Ethereum Rise
  • New Tools, Stats, and App

Mining Pool Details & Expansion Plans

You may have seen the news circulating last week claiming that our pool was attempting to “attack” or “hack” the Bitcoin network. This is false!

We have always tried to remain neutral in the ongoing scaling debate between Segwit and Unlimited, and recently when testing some of our new mining equipment we exposed a bug in the code that ended up crashing Of course this was initially seen as a threat, but it was just a really good test to strengthen our security and the network itself.

Our pool is currently signaling for Segwit, which is supporting Core. We even donated a significant amount of Bitcoin to help fund Core development and show our support for them. You might recall when our pool mined the largest block in the history of Bitcoin. Block #409008

We gave half of this 291 block fee to Bitcoin Core – That is 146 Bitcoin donation to support them!

However, fast forward to today and the truth is we don’t care who wins the scaling debate! Whether it’s Segwit or Unlimited our goal is to play for the winning team and we will continue to mine and support the Bitcoin blockchain in the best way we can to ensure it’s future success.

So don’t fall for all the hype… Some are claiming this was politically motivated and they are using it for their own propaganda. We even heard conspiracy theories about the timing of this test because it happened to be on the same day the ETF decision was announced. But all of this is garbage!

The only thing you need to know is that WE LOVE Bitcoin and we will always act in the best interest of Bitcoin on behalf of all of YOU! (our members).

Right now our pool is expanding like crazy and you will see we currently have around 120-130 PH fluctuating at any given time. We also have another 60 PH that will go live on April 19th, and another 50 PH coming behind it.

We are now preparing for both outcomes (Segwit or Unlimited) and will soon begin mining blocks that signal for both options to make sure our pool is ready to support the winning side. In the mean time we will continue to expand our membership and hashing power.

Ethereum Rise…

With the rise of Bitcoin we have seen a huge rise in Ethereum as well. At the time of this writing it’s at $46 and that’s triple what it was last week. We strongly suggest that if you are mining Zcash right now with your GPU power that you hurry and move to Ethereum ASAP. We believe this ongoing Bitcoin scaling debate is causing a lot of investment to flow into Ethereum (and other coins too).

Many of you have been slowly accumulating Ethereum daily since we launched the GPU pool about 10 months ago. There is no doubt you are very happy if you didn’t sell your coins and we strongly recommend that you don’t sell them now either! Hold and even buy more because this is no fluke.

Ethereum has massive potential and right now there are more developers building Dapps on top of Ethereum than on Bitcoin or any other coin. We believe once these apps begin launching the value proposition that Ethereum will be huge and most importantly… MORE SCALABLE than Bitcoin!

To date we have mined 193,072 ETH and we have paid 100% of this back to you (which today is almost $9 Million USD).

At this rate with the current hashing power vs the value of ETH it makes sense to hurry and expand our mining farm and therefore we will. We are currently negotiating a batch of GPU equipment and will be offering shares in the very near future. If you missed out on the earlier rounds this is your chance to get some GPU power. (more details coming soon on this)

We really like the GPU mining model because as we said, GPU power can last for many years. (20+ years before GPU cards break). And since we give you full control and flexibility of where you want to point your power we believe this can be a great investment model.

More details about the next GPU offer coming shortly…

New Tools, Stats, and App

We are getting ready to launch some new tools that members have been begging us for. This will all happen on our new platform which is in the final final stages of testing. This new platform is synced up with our mobile apps and provide a seamless backend experience that we can scale on.

This new update will be the biggest update we’ve ever done and you will see some of the pieces of the site running in parallel with the old system as we stabilize everything. With this new platform comes really good stats, tracking, and reports on your earnings. It’s faster, more secure and will allow us to build features much faster.

Some of the updates include a new enrollment tree page, new binary views, new landing pages for leads, and a mobile invoicing system that we have been waiting many months to implement.

Our new mobile app is also ready to go on Android phones and the mobile web version of our platform is much more functional and again uses a synced database. We will begin moving over next week and hope to be completely on the new platform by the end of April.

This update has been a long time coming and it’s been very hard to freeze the code and update it as we are constantly adding more stuff and dealing with attack vectors, so thanks for your patience we know the member stats and tracking has needed a refresh for a long time and it’s nearly there!

As always thanks for being a BitClub Member and stay tuned for more updates this month.

-BCN Support

I invested in BCN eighteen months ago and it’s certainly been the most profitable passive investment I’ve ever made. And it looks to get even MORE profitable as times goes on. You can invest in the mining pool for as little as $599.

You can sign up for a free account, and more information, here:

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March 17, 2017

SAW Deluxe – Retrial

I’ve now completed two months of this re-trial and I’ve made a further 74 points this month, bringing the total up to 110 points profit for the two months.

So it’s going well!

Once thing I did notice was that at one point this month my balance was up to 225 points, then it hit a losing run taking it back down to 75 points, so the drawdown on the losing run was 150 points over a few days. It’s worth pointing that out because anyone thinking of trying this bot themselves are advised to use a MINIMUM 500 point betting bank. I say this because I’ve heard from other users that also experienced a big drawdown and then quit because ‘they didn’t want to lose anymore of their bank’.

Whenever you use a betting system or service, you must set aside a betting bank for use entirely for that system. Your betting bank isn’t the amount of money you’ve got in Betfair. It’s the amount that you are prepared to lose before you quit. So, if you’ve got £500 in Betfair but you would quit a system if you lost £200 (leaving you £300 for something else), then your betting bank for that system is £200. Since we need a 500 point bank for SAW-Delux, if you were only prepared to lose £200 then you divide £200 by 500 to get the profit target per point. In this case you would aim to win 200/500 = 40p a point.

Don’t kid yourself that you’re using a 500 bank if you quit before losing it. Set your true betting bank to what you are genuinely prepared to lose and USE it.

On to month three and I’ll report back mid-April.

You can try SAW Deluxe here:

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March 16, 2017

Great Bets

We reviewed and approved this service at the beginning of February this year after we made 982.8 points (£982 at £1 per point) during our three month trial. As is often the way with these things, as soon as we gave it the seal of approval, Great Bets went on to have it’s first ever losing month in February, losing a total of 203.79 points (-£203.79 to £1 bets).

Fortunately, this losing run was a temporary blip in what has been a consistently profitable service, and the results so far this month have already given us a profit of 346.63 points, or £346 to £1 per point.

Thankfully this means that anyone that did join in February will have recovered their losses and be nicely in profit now even betting at just £1 per point.

It’s never fun when a system or service hits a losing period but, as we all know, this is why having a true betting bank is essential. Great Bets recommend a 500 point betting bank, so even during their drawdown it would never have been at risk of going bust.

Needless to say, this remains in the approved section.

You can try Great Bets here:

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March 15, 2017

Golf Betting Expert

Forget Cheltenham!

I know, probably sacrilege amongst the hardcore bettors out there. But I want you to forget about Cheltenham for a minute and instead focus on the Arnold Palmer Invitational…

That’s right, I’m talking about betting on the golf, one of the most lucrative betting markets out there. And that’s what the Golf Betting Expert proved last week when he picked the 100/1 winner of the Indian Open.

This week his focus is on the Arnold Palmer Invitational and here is what he is offering up to his members:

XXXXX XXXXX 1pt e/w @ 45/1
XXXXX XXXXX 1pt e/w @ 50/1
XXXXX XXXXX 1pt e/w @ 55/1
XXXXX XXXXX 1pt e/w @ 90/1
XXXXX XXXXX 1pt e/w @ 100/1
XXXXX XXXXX 1pt e/w @ 100/1

Want to uncover the XXXXXs?  Then it’s going to cost you… £1.00!

Click Here to Unlock those 6 Tips for the Arnold Palmer

This is a service which averages over 42pts of profit every month with just 1 weekly email sent at the start of the week. In fact, it’s probably the easiest service on the Betting Gods network to follow.

But don’t just let me gloat about the Golf Betting Expert, here’s an extract of a review from Kenny over at Winners Odds:

“Golf Betting Expert managed to exceed my high expectations. the service brought in a profit of £5057.90 over the period of our trial, making it the most profitable trial we have ever run at Winners Odds.”

If that doesn’t make you want to join the Golf Betting Expert then I’m not sure what will. So are you ready to grab a spot for £1.00 then?

Click Here to Join the Golf Betting Expert for £1.00

And to top it off (although it goes without saying) if you’re not happy with the service then drop them an email and they will refund your £1.00.

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