October 19, 2014

Racing Consultants

Date Selection Advised Points Result
13-Oct Cosmic Ray 2.30 Windsor 7.00 Win
13-Oct Half A Billion 4.10 Windsor 12.00 Loss
13-Oct Tullia 4.40 Windsor 10.00 Win
14-Oct 2.20 Hunt – Don’t Tell Pa 13.00 0.5 win Placed
14-Oct 2.50 Hunt – Epee Celeste 10.00 0.5 win Placed
14-Oct 4.00 Newc – Lady Bingo 5.00 1 win Loss
14-Oct 2.10 Leic – Star Ascending 5.00 1 win Placed
14-Oct 3.10 Leic – Admirable Art 8.00 0.75 ew Placed
15-Oct 4.55 Nottingham Keep It Dark 11.00 1 win Loss
15-Oct 5.25 Nottingham Oscars Journey 10.00 0.5 ew Win
15-Oct 3.00 Lingfield Gold Waltz 7.00 1 win Loss
15-Oct 3.35 Lingfield Darnathean 4.50 1 win Loss
16-Oct Dream Mistress 5.00 Uttoxeter 7.00 0.5pts Loss
16-Oct Ambitious Icarus 2.10 Brighton 9.00 e/w Loss
16-Oct Improvized 3.40 Brighton 3.50 trixie Loss
16-Oct What A Good Night/Minella Bliss 1 f/c Win
16-Oct Improvized at 7 in running 7.00 1 win Loss
17-Oct 5.00 Cheltenham Charingworth 9.00 1 ew Placed
17-Oct 4.25 Cheltenham Bjornlucky 26.00 1 ew Loss
17-Oct 4.35 Newmarket Breton Rock 6.00 1 win Placed
17-Oct 4.05 Redcar The Blue Banana 11.00 0.5 ew Loss
17-Oct 4.35 Redcar Funding Deficit 6.00 double Placed
18-Oct 2.35 Chelt – Johns Spirit 6.50 1 win Win
18-Oct 2.35 Chelt Sew On Target 21.00 0.5 ew Loss
18-Oct 3.45 Chelt – Le Bec NR
18-Oct 3.45 Chelt – Le Bec/Golden Chieftain
18-Oct     & Roalco de Farges/Midnight Appeal 0.1pt Comb F/C Win?*
18-Oct 4.25 Chelt – Megastar 17.00 0.75 ew Loss
18-Oct 5.30 Chelt – Going For Gold 6.00 1 win Loss
18-Oct 3.20 Kelso – Imperial Vic 6.00 1 win Loss

Win?* – I put these selections in to bet365 and it returned a small profit because the Non Runner got substituted

Week 3: 8 winners/placed from 24 bets for 59.95 points.
Overall: 18 winners/placed from 75 bets for 52.93 points.

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October 19, 2014

Bookies Enemy Number 1

Date Selection Advised Points Result
13-Oct 4.10 Windsor:Withernsea 13 1 pt ew Placed
13-Oct 4.10 Windsor:Polski Max 5.5 2 pt win Lost
13-Oct 5.10 Windsor:The Alamo 10 1 pt ew Lost
13-Oct Polski Max/Withernsea 0.25pt r/fc Lost
13-Oct Polski Max/Withernsea/The Alamo 2×1 pt ew dbl Lost
14-Oct 7.30 Wolve:Kingscroft 11 2 pt win Lost
14-Oct 6.30 Wolve:Steelriver 0.5pt F/Cs Won
14-Oct      Plucky Dip/Footstepsintherain 0.5pt T/Cs Lost
15-Oct 4.20 Nottingham:Green Light 9 2 pt win Placed
15-Oct 8.45 Kempton:First Experience 13 1 pt ew Lost
16-Oct 4.40 Brighton Gigawatt 9 2 pt win Lost
16-Oct 2.10 Brighton:By Rights 5 2 pt win Lost
16-Oct Gigawatt/By Rights 1 pt ew Lost
17-Oct 3.40 Haydock:Englishman 15 1 pt ew Won
17-Oct 3.30 Redcar:Eton Rambler 10 2 pt win Lost
17-Oct 4.00 Newmarket:Kodi Bear 12 2 pt win Placed
17-Oct Englishman/Eton Rambler/Kodi Bear 0.05pt e/w trixie Won
17-Oct 4.50 Hayd Perfect Summer/Rite To Regin 2 x 0.5pt f/c Won
18-Oct 2.55 Ascot:Madam Chiang 13 1 pt ew Won
18-Oct 4.15 Catterick:Showboating 15 1 pt ew Lost
18-Oct above as double 1 pt ew Lost
18-Oct 4.55 Cork:Bethany Bay 11 1 pt ew Lost
18-Oct 5.45 Wolv:Warm Order 51 1 pt ew Lost
18-Oct above as double 1 pt ew Lost


Week 3: 40.76 points.
Overall: 13.12 points.


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October 17, 2014

Winning Day Trader

This is more like it! We are nearing the end of the first proper month of this trial, and despite Adam having the most difficult four weeks in years, and also taking half the first week off, the performance is still pretty spectacular, with over £4000 profit.

Date Market Size P/L
16/10/2014 Spot FX USD/CAD 5 £389.00
16/10/2014 Spot FX USD/CAD 5 £139.50
16/10/2014 Spot FX EUR/USD -5 £498.00
16/10/2014 Spot FX EUR/JPY -5 £467.50
16/10/2014 Spot FX EUR/USD -5 £204.00
16/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 3 days EUR/USD - -£0.50
16/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 3 days EUR/JPY - -£2.10
16/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day USD/CAD - -£5.50


Profit: +£1,689.90
Total: +£4,079.50

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October 16, 2014

Hot Novice Hurdlers

As the National Hunt season gets under way Alchemy Racing have released their annual Hot Novice Hurdler system. This totally FREE service pinpoints potentially the top novice hurdlers as they develop on their journey towards Cheltenham 2015.

It builds a comprehensive picture of the leading novice hurdlers from both sides of the Irish Sea putting you in the best position to make profits from the big noviced races at Cheltenham, Aintree and Punchestown… plus you will have had plenty of winners and profits along the way – its a bit like getting paid to get an education!

The system is simple to operate and has been profitable over the last 7 years, but Alchemy are going to take all the hassle away from you as they’re offering you the chance to sign up for the daily email service… AND IT’S COMPLETELY FREE FOR THE SEASON!

The system is simple to operate but you don’t even have to worry about that as the guys at Alchemy have got you covered and all system selections are provided by email, and there is a weekly blog with a round up of all the action.

Features of the system:

1) Profitable over the last 7 years
2) All selections emailed the night before racing
3) Averages only 2-3 bets per week
4) Average strike rate over 7 years is 40%+ (last year was 42%)
5) Most of the selections run in televised races so you get to see all the action

Everyone signing up for the Hot Novice Hurdlers service also gets TWO MORE FANTASTIC FREE BONUSES

Cleeve Racing’s Banker Ten to Follow list – This is an in depth analysis of horses to follow over the coming season…. last year you would have made a handsome profit just by following the horses on the list blindly!!

The 2015 Novice Hurdler Festival report – This report analyses the 5 ‘championship’ Novice Hurdler races at the 2015 Cheltenham Festival analysing the leading contenders and hopefully steering you towards the winners.

And don’t forget all this is totally free, so go here to sign up:


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October 16, 2014

Winning Day Trader

I had a chat with Adam yesterday that went like this:

“Hi Adam, how are you holding up? Have you ever had a month like this last one? Nothing quite like a Cash Master trial to throw a spanner in the works!”

His reply was as follows:

“Ha ha, you can say that again! No, I haven’t, but a lot of my Twitter friends are having an equally hard time which is a small comfort to me I guess. The market has been manipulated for so long with monetary policy that it just doesn’t know what to do now it’s over. I’ve never seen anything like it in the last few years. Less than an hour ago the Dow Jones dropped over 50 points in a matter of minutes. These things just don’t usually happen and it’s catching a lot of people out – myself included :(

Hopefully now we aren’t touching the indices for a while and the currency markets are behaving like they should we can gain a bit of ground on the profit front. It’s been bloody frustrating, I know that much”

Well, staying out of the indices while they sort themselves out seems to have been the right move. We had a whopping day on the currency markets yesterday and my bank is looking very healthy again!

Date Market Size P/L
15/10/2014 Spot FX AUD/CAD 10 £142.00
15/10/2014 Spot FX AUD/CAD 10 £66.00
15/10/2014 Spot FX AUD/USD 10 £372.00
15/10/2014 Spot FX AUD/USD 10 £1,043.00
15/10/2014 Spot FX EUR/USD 10 £808.00
15/10/2014 Spot FX EUR/USD 10 £1,197.00
15/10/2014 Spot FX EUR/USD 10 £1,434.00
15/10/2014 Spot FX USD/JPY -10 £597.00
15/10/2014 Spot FX EUR/JPY 10 £184.00
15/10/2014 Spot FX USD/CAD -5 -£639.00
15/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day EUR/USD - -£11.70
15/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day USD/CAD - -£0.25
15/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day EUR/JPY - -£3.70


Profit: +£5,188.35
Total: +£2,389.60


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October 15, 2014

The Sports Trader

On 8th November last year I went along to Charlton Athletic Football Club. No, I wasn’t interested in watching a Championship game; I was there for a very different reason. I went to be shown exactly how to make a living from TRADING on Betfair by none other than Tony Hargraves.

If you haven’t heard of Tony, he’s also known as ‘The Badger’, and has built a reputation as one of the foremost Betfair traders in the U.K.

He was the sole trainer used by Betfair UK to teach their VIP clients and key accounts how to trade on sport and horse racing. He’s trained over 1000 Betfair clients and more than that number again privately, working with a London based company, running monthly training courses. More recently he conducted some seminars with Betfair Australia in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

On the workshop, Tony revealed the techniques that have taken him around the world teaching people how to make money on horse racing and sports in Australian, UK and Irish markets.

As you can imagine, Tonys clients have paid considerable sums of money to learn these techniques as, armed with this knowledge, they have then gone on to make considerable sums of money for themselves.

Amazingly, the cost of the training for me was remarkably good value because I managed to get a special early bird deal.

The day was very relaxed, informal and enjoyable, and it was nice to meet other like minded individuals. The well known tipster, Bob Rothman, who has made millions from betting, was there to learn from Tony and it was also great to meet Steve Davidson who had flown in from Australia for the event.

londonworkshop-300x225.jpg (300×225)

So, onto the actual training.

Tony recommends some excellent, cheap, trading software, which he uses to make the actual betting process quick and simple.

He then covers various different trading techniques including:

Scalping – How to make between £5 and £25 every race (and there is a race every ten minutes), by identifying certain signals, seeing where the resistance points are and clicking in and out of trades to scalp profits. Videos are also included which can be watched at home and are really helpful.

Swing Trading – Similar to scalping but going for more than one or two ticks at a time.

Trading Favourites – Bigger trades due to high liquidity, idea for scalping.

Getting it wrong – What to do if the market goes against you, taking a small loss rather than a wipe out.

Hedging – What to do after a winning trade… how to hedge so you make a profit regardless of outcome.

Laying The Field – A technique for in play betting on short sprints.

Stop losses – Psychology of taking a loss.

Dutching & Arbitrage

Market Manipulation – How big players manipulate the market, and how to spot the false money.

Plus detailed training on using the required software, and how exactly to set yourself up so that you can trade successfully.

This really is everything you need to know to be able to set yourself up as a full time or part time trader and actually make a decent profit from it.

Tony reckons you should be able to get nine winning trades out of ten, and since your risk reward ratio is around 2:1 you can’t fail to make a profit.

Using the 3%, 24 day staking plan, where you aim to make 3% return a day, Tony says you can double your bank every 24 days. So if you are using a £5000 bank, you should be able to earn £60,000 a year, tax free, trading from home.

You can start with a £500 bank and build it up and it shouldn’t take too long before you are making a pretty decent wedge.

Of course, this all takes practice, and Tony reckoned that this is a skill that, once learned, will allow you to make a living from Betfair. As ever, the recommendation was to start small, practice regularly and you should be able to make a full time living using these techniques pretty quickly.

After lunch, Tony began a live trading demonstration. He traded on a live tennis match and random horse races. He even traded some ‘in-play’ races just to show what could be done, although this was more advanced and not recommended for beginners.

He profited on every single event! It was quite amazing to watch.

Since he wasn’t sat in his office, concentrating on the actual trading, instead he was chatting with us lot, answering questions and trading at the same time, it is incredible how he managed to do so well.

He made £130-£140 profit in the afternoon and didn’t lose a single trade. All whilst chatting to us.

Obviously I was very impressed.

Check out these testimonials:

“I found Tony’s seminar enlightening. The part I enjoyed most was his live demonstration of trading. He made money on all the trades!”

“First of all thank you for a really great day yesterday at your training course.

I was VERY impressed with the day as a whole. Your knowledge was truly exceptional but perhaps your best attribute was yourself.

To see winning bet after winning bet was inspiring to say the least and gives me genuine confidence that once I’m familiar with your teachings that I to can make a great income from trading and sports betting.

Thanks again for a truly great day can’t thank you enough and look forward to having you help me achieve all my betting goals.”

Well Tony is hosting another seminar in Birmingham on 6th November. As I’m sure you know betting seminars usually cost anything from £2000 up to as much as £6000 per day.

The price for Tony’s is an affordable £747 which is really low considering you will learn how to make a full time living if you wish (or part time if you prefer).

But here’s the deal.

As I said, I got it at an early bird price, and you can too. If you book before this Saturday you get it for only £547.

Honestly, at that price you’d be crazy not to go.

Remember, using Tony’s techniques you can DOUBLE YOUR BANK EVERY 24 DAYS. If you want to learn how to trade on Betfair and make a significant income from home then have a serious look at the webpage below:


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October 15, 2014

Winning Day Trader

We could do with a change of direction…

Date Market Size P/L
14/10/2014 Spot FX AUD/CAD -5 -£37.50
14/10/2014 Spot FX EUR/JPY 10 -£862.00
14/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day USD/CHF - -£3.10
14/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day USD/CAD - -£0.25
14/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day AUD/CAD - -£3.65
14/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day EUR/JPY - -£3.70
14/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day EUR/USD - -£3.90


Profit: -£914.10
Total: -£2,798.75

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October 14, 2014

Winning Day Trader

Date Market Size P/L
13/10/2014 Spot FX USD/CHF -10 £685.00
13/10/2014 FTSE 100 10 -£430.00
13/10/2014 US Tech 100 10 -£340.00
13/10/2014 US Tech 100 10 £281.00
13/10/2014 Spot FX AUD/USD -10 £23.00
13/10/2014 FTSE 100 -10 £175.00
13/10/2014 FTSE 100 -10 £120.00
13/10/2014 Spot FX NZD/USD -10 -£300.00
13/10/2014 Spot FX USD/JPY 10 -£485.00
13/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day EUR/USD - -£3.90
13/10/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day USD/CHF - -£3.10


Profit: -£278
Total: -£1884.65

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October 13, 2014

Global Soccer Goals

Global Soccer Goals seeks to exploit the correct score market in football. The service is provided as an executable file (Windows only I’m afraid) and once you download the zip file it can be installed without too much trouble. To safeguard your purchase you are required to fill in a form with your email address and submit the details. In return you’ll receive an activation code (mine came in a couple of hours) and once you enter that the manual can be read.

As another safeguard the manual can’t be printed so you should make sure that you download it to a machine that you have ready access to.

The manual sets the scene and provides the rules you need to follow.

You only need two websites to find the information you need. Note that you are likely to need several bookmaker accounts to obtain the best odds but the manual also contains advice for those who would rather use Betfair but the author has not used this method himself so offers it as an alternative for those who prefer that trading platform.

Selections are possible each day. This does not mean to say that you have to follow this each day, I suspect you could dip in and out as necessary.

The system is very easy to follow, with only two websites to check and one simple rule so anyone using the system would get the same bets as anyone else, and it can be completed in minutes. There is no form study required, in fact you don’t even have to have any knowledge, or interest, in football either.

Since the start of the season on 22nd August, the system has produced a rather incredible 104 points profit so I have no hesitation giving this system the thumbs up.

As a bonus offer for limited time, you can also get Smart Soccer Trading Intro package with Global Soccer Goals of £29.99 absolutely free. That is 12 video’s (over 2 hours).Approved2

You can get Global Soccer Goals here:


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October 13, 2014

Rays Lays

This launched around the beginning of December 2012 and I kept an eye on it for a while to see if it might be of interest. The results looked pretty remarkable, especially for a low odds laying service, so I decided to test this for myself and took out a subscription at the beginning of April 2013.

I ran it on the Bet Engine but you don’t need to use a bot, you can simply lay each selection directly on Betfair. The Bet Engine just makes it easy for me to keep a tally of the results.

The service is run by a chap called Raymond Mills and he sends out a daily e-mail, usually around 10am, with the days selection plus you can get them directly from the members area of the website in case there are any e-mail delivery issues.

There is one selection a day and you have a choice of three different staking plans. You can lay each selection to level stakes, you can lay each selection to level liabilities, or you can lay each selection to 10% of bank (liability).

I never wrote up a final review for this service last year as the membership filled pretty quickly and the doors closed before I had completed my trial, however, Ray has just re-opened the service to new members so I’m now prompted to give my verdict.

The results are as follows:

£25 level stakes: +£1,669.50
£100 level liability: +£2,153.97
10% Liability (£1000 bank): +£4,497.02

This is a very nice, simple, laying service that takes only a couple of minutes a day to place your bet and is clearly profitable. Ray is very knowledgable and has also written an excellent National Hunt Trainer system which is also available on his site.

I have no hesitation in recomending this service as it makes an excellent addition to anyones betting portfolio.Approved2

You can subscribe to Rays Lays for just £1 here:


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