April 27, 2009

BingoBonusBlaster Test

Not a sausage. I had to cut my daily ticket purchase in half to help stretch the bank. If I don’t win something soon, it won’t last the month. 


Day 15

Opening Bank £54

Lost £3

Running Loss/Profit  -£94

Balance £51

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April 26, 2009

Football Betting Champ

Running Bank £838


(C) Hoffenheim v Hertha -£75


(B) Doncaster v Palace -£45

(D) Doncaster v Palace -£91


(D) Ath Bilbao v Santander -£75

Running Bank £552

The two bets listed on the Doncaster game have not been done in error. It just happened that two teams with ongoing cycles played each other. This system could really do with a winner or two in the next few bets as the starting bank has been nearly halved in just the first week of the trial. However, the minimum price of a bet is 2/1 and it is usually higher than that so a couple of wins should turn things around. What is slightly concerning is that although the system claims to win 90% of cycles we have had two losing cycles close out this weekend. But as stated before the are several cycles on the go at any one time and it is to be hoped that they can bump up the bottom line soon.

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April 26, 2009

Place Lay Formula

Hi Folks,

trying to get back in to the swing of things after a really bad start to the year, with a review of “Place Lay Formula”.

The title says it all really; it is a formula for selecting horses to loose in a betting exchange’s place market. Usually when betting or laying a horse this is done in the Win market – which is 1st past the post. The Place market is where the bet would win if the horse crosses the line 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th. The exact number of places varies depending on the number of runners. However the formula insists that only races where 1st, 2nd and 3rd are counted are selected. We are laying this market, so do not want our selections to come 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

There are 8 rules to apply, but 4 of these rules can, and should, be done well in advance of the Off. The other 4 rules are applied in the last few minutes before the off, and, at first it can be tricky to apply these rules under pressure and still have a possible selection within the specified odds range. As with anything applying the rules does become easier with practice.

One downside of this system I can state already; you have to be available to evaluate each qualifying race in real-time. This can lead you having to be available from noon to 9pm on some days. Granted, the qualifying races can be hours apart, so you can have a life in between :).

I have used this system personally (using the Yahoo Messenger alert service offered by the author for an additional charge) before accepting the request to write up this blog, and I know the  author also recommends taking Sundays off.

One advantage I can also already state; Place market odds are very much less than Win market odds. A 10/1 in the Win market will often be around 2/1 in the Place market. So when a horse wins and the bet looses, it isn’t going to wipe your bank out.

I will try to blog this each day (baring Sundays as mentioned above). I am in the process of job hunting and moving house, so I might miss some days.

I will start with £1000 bank. This is totally arbitrary as you can start with a bank of any size, but, remember Betfair’s minimum bet is £2. The system suggests 2% of bank per bet at the start of each betting cycle. The staking plan is cyclic with different amounts being bet depending on previous results and simple count. But, this is NOT a progressive stake plan, or even close to being one. I will follow the suggested stake plan also.

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Friday 24th April

A winner this morning:

And another winner:

Then a loser:

And we finish the week with a winner:

Thats another £1100 profit this week and it takes the total up to £49,170 for the year. It looks like I may well hit the £50k mark by the end of my 12 months trading.

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April 24, 2009

BingoBonusBlaster Test

Another poor week. No bets over the weekend as per rules.

Day 14

Opening Bank £60

Lost £6

Running Loss/Profit  -£91

Balance £54

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April 23, 2009

Football Betting Champ

Hi Guys

I’m back with another football system to try out over the course of the next month.

When you purchase the system book you are also entitled to receive qualifying selections from the author via email. This is very welcome as the system rules and selection method do take some getting used to. It does look quite complicated at first but after a few read-throughs it does all fall into place mentally. But finding selections yourself would require quite a bit of time, effort and research so the author’s tips are certainly worth having.

.The idea is to monitor each teams results and when the relevant stats all line up you place a bet on the match being drawn. The twist is that when you find a team that has the required stats, your bet is the start of that team’s betting cycle. If your bet wins you end the cycle and start over, if it loses you move on to that team’s next qualifying fixture. You do this for a maximum of four bets. If all four lose you just have to take the loss and end the cycle.

When it comes to staking, you are told to assign each bet in the cycle the letter A,B,C or D as per it’s position in the cycle and to stake a progressive percentage of the betting bank at the relevant level. For example an A bet would be 3%, B would be 6%, C would be 9% and D would be 12% of the bank’s running total. A handy spreadsheet is provided to record bets and works out your next bet for you.

I had problems getting the spreadsheet to work for me and emailed the author for help. I’m glad to say that I received a quick, polite and very helpful reply.

I started the test last weekend with a notional starting bank of £1000 and, as the rules are quite tricky, I will be able to list exactly which bets I placed without giving any secrets away. The letter in brackets refers to the level of bet in that team’s cycle. Obviously, as we are well into the season, some teams are part way through a betting cycle so I have decided to record the bets at the level the author gives in his email rather than try to start all teams at an A level.

A=3% B=6% C=9% D=12%
Starting Bank      £1000


(A) Crystal Palace v Derby.    Lost    -£30

(A) Sheff Weds v S’Hamptn   Lost    -£30

(C) Plymouth v Doncaster      Lost    -£90

(B) Mid’boro v Fulham           Won     +£135

Running Bank £985


(B) Hertha v Bremen           Lost    -£59

(C)  Espanyol v Santander   Lost    -£88

Running Bank  £838

The spreadsheet rounds up/down so the calculations may look slightly out to the exact percentage, but are close enough.

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Thursday 23rd April

Just the one trade today and a loser unfortunately:

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April 23, 2009


Wednesday 21st April

No qualifying trades with the 9-11 method on Wednesday.

9-11 Method.
Daily Profit: £0
Total Profit:-£120

Thursday 22nd April

A loser then a winner

9-11 Method.
Daily Profit:-£30
Total Profit:-£150

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Wednesday 22nd April

Apologies for the late post, I got sidetracked by a barbeque and a large bottle of Cachaça.

Anyway, good day on Wednesday. A winner first thing:

Followed by another:

And then another:

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April 23, 2009

BingoBonusBlaster Test

No joy today.

Day 13

Opening Bank £66

Lost £6

Running Loss/Profit  -£85

Balance £60

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