April 16, 2009

BingoBonusBlaster Test

No joy this morning, even with purchasing higher value tickets. Halls are a little bit quieter midweek, but several players pile on in the last few seconds, so it is not always easy to predict how many you will be playing against. The fewer the better, depending on the prizes.

Day 8

Opening Bank £108

Lost £12

Running Loss/Profit -£49

Balance £96

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April 15, 2009


Wednesday 15th April

There were no trades on the 9-11 method yesterday but a winner today.

9-11 Method.
Daily Profit:+£120
Total Profit:+£120

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Wednesday 15th April

A few readers have told me that they’ve done well entering all qualifying trades on a particular market regardless of if they are already in one. Yesterday, for example, I did not include a winning trade in my results because I was already in a losing trade on the same market that hadn’t finished. However, it seems it’s ok to enter all trades regardless. So if you are in a Buy trade and you get a sell signal lining up, then you can set an order to open for the sell trade too. This also applies if you get another signal in the same direction, it’s ok to open another trade in the same direction, which effectively doubles your stake I suppose.

So from now I’ll report all trades using my method.

A loser first thing this morning:

Then a winning trade:

And another:

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April 15, 2009

BingoBonusBlaster Test

Much easier to find a game this morning, so I didn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes which was a relief. No joy though and nowhere near a line or house.

Day 7

Opening Bank £114

Lost £6

Running Loss/Profit -£37

Balance £108

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TAPS (or The Alternative Punters Syndicate to give it it’s full title) is a subscription service offering a comprehensive betting experience.

Selections are sent out via daily emails and cover a variety of sports. There are three dedicated Horse Racing selections (Recommended Best Bets, Warm Selections and the Laying Service), one combined Horse Racing/Football system (System Selections) and one general sports service (Sports Bets). In addition, every weekend you also receive an email covering Football Fixed Odds Forecasts. All in all a very comprehensive set of selections.

A welcome package received when you first join the service covers all the additional information needed to support your betting activities as well as advice on relevant staking options.

Email delivery was very reliable and I don’t think there was ever a time during the trial where emails were not received well in advance of the day’s racing. Support is available if required and I have always found any questions are answered swiftly and courteously.

And so to the trial….

Due to time constraints, the trial covered the Recommended Best Bets, the Warm Selections and the System Selections over a period of 11 weeks.

Results over the period were very mixed, as summarised below:

Recommended Best Bets
Staking: Level Stakes (set at 1% of original bank)
Starting Bank: £500.00
Final Bank: £549.50
Profit/Loss: £49.50
ROI: 90%

Warm Selections
Staking: Level Stakes (set at 1% of original bank)
Starting Bank: £500.00
Final Bank: £363.38
Profit/Loss: £-136.63
ROI: -19.4%

System Selections
Staking: % of Bank (set at 7%)
Starting Bank: £500.00
Final Bank: £477.83
Profit/Loss: £-22.17
ROI: -1%

When combined with the subscription fees, this adds up to a sizeable overall loss for the smaller investor.

Of course, these losses may have been offset by results from the other sports bets and laying service, but I was unable to verify this, and thus the outcome represents the results that a typical investor might receive.

My overall impression is that this is a well run operation which delivers a reliable selection service. Unfortunately the selections have not lived up to expectation and with an overall loss over the trial period, a failed rating could be expected.

However, I have personally followed the TAPS service for a lot longer than the trial and have experienced some good periods and some bad periods. Overall I have made a small profit – but not one that gives a great ROI.  As the performance has been slightly better over a longer period, I have decided that the TAPS service deserves an overall rating of neutral.


Although we have given this service a Neutral rating due to the average performance of the horse racing during the test, I can confirm that I have continued to monitor the service over the longer term and if we include the Sports Bets it has actually done ok.

Results for 2009 so far show over £2000 profit at SP to £100 stakes which would no doubt be quite a bit more to Betfair SP so I think it would certainly be worth taking out the free trial to see if it fit’s in with your betting style.

You can get a free trial for TAPS here:



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Tuesday 14th April

A winner this morning:

And another:

And a loser:

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April 14, 2009

Quick On The Draw

We had two more races on Sat 11th April, results as follows
Race One was only placed so a loser
Bookmaker Sp -15.00 (Total to Date +107.50)
Betfair Sp -15.00 (Total to Date +154.65)

Race Two we had the winner but it was well backed in
Bookmaker Sp 4.33 +6.65 (Total to Date +114.15)
Betfair Sp 4.05 +4.99 (Total to Date +159.64)

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April 14, 2009

BingoBonusBlaster Test

I got an email from a reader, Anthony, who pointed out that the ebook is very clear about not betting at weekends as it is much busier in the halls. However, as I was only playing very early in the morning when it was quieter, and I still abided by the rules of only playing certain games with no more than the recommended numbers, then I still felt I was within the boundaries.

However, to be fair to the author, I will only play during week days from here onward, and skip Saturdays and Sundays. Anthony recommended I avoid public holidays as well, such as Good Friday and the usual school holidays, but the ebook doesn’t stipulate these, so I will continue to play this week if I find a suitable game.

Having said that, Anthony may have a point, as it is becoming more difficult to find the type of game that comes within the mark.  This morning (5 am) I had to wait for 2 hours before one came along, and I still lost. Several players tend to come on board within the last few seconds, so it is hard to judge how many people will be present in the halls on any particular game.

Day 6

Opening bank £120

Lost £6

Running loss/profit -£31

Balance £114

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April 13, 2009

BingoBonusBlaster Test

I decided to start again and I skipped to method 2 with a new bank of £50. I received a bonus of £75 from another Bingo company recommended by the ebook to match this,which gave me £125. I will continue to play one game a day for the next 25 days spending an average of £5 per game.

Getting even more careful and following the rules very strictly, I played my first game in the new halls which weren’t so user friendly and which took much longer to load up. Time of day, type of prizes to go for and the number of people involved are some of the very important criteria according to the ebook, so I played this morning at 5am after waiting for nearly an hour to find the right game! I am amazed that so many people are into Bingo – I estimated 700 in just one online company alone! Multiply that by the dozens out there and new ones coming along makes for thousands at any given minute 24/7.

No sign of any numbers coming up and another losing day :(

Day 5 

Starting Bank £145

(Already lost £20)

New bank £125

Lost £5

Running loss/profit -£25

Balance £120



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April 12, 2009

Break Roulette

Reviewed by Terry Shepherd 

Graham has taken the unusual course of asking me to contribute a one-off review of the BreakRoulette system. Frequent visitors to this blog will know that the usual review is an appraisal of performance over a minimum of 4 weeks, sometimes more when justified. However, in this case, both Grahams own opinion and my reluctance to undertake a test has suggested this course.

Let me say at the outset, that this is not a test of the system. I don’t consider it worthy of testing, in fact, if it isnt a joke, I wonder at the authors temerity in asking money for it. It’s true that there is a piece of software included which appears as about a 1cm deep window above the roulette table and in which the entire system is encapsulated but this simply exposes the basic nonsense of the method. After the pretentious promo sales page, promising an amazing Random Generator fooling method, this came as something of a shock.

Having run various roulette systems in the past, with varying success, I believe that this is worth an award as the most ridiculous method of which Ive heard. Since the author has gone to the trouble and expense of creating the software tool, I can only believe that  he thinks it is worth the $49 he asks for it. The single mitigating circumstance in my opinion is that it is bought through Clickbank, so that if you escape your minders for long enough to buy it, they can retrieve the money without problems.

I think I’ll suggest to Graham that he places it in the failed column.

You can get Break Roulette here:


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