May 17, 2010

Racing Trends


I have decided to give this a final report. The reason is that it’s value is obvious and flogging the same story day after day is pointless. The fact is that this is a fantastic resource for anyone who bets on horses. There is no excuse for anyone moaning about their results if they haven’t used this service.

Every day you receive by email an enormous body of work covering every possible statistic about the day’s racing that you could possibly contemplate and lots more that you couldn’t. If I sound as though I am blown away, the reason is that I am. How this amount of facts can be delivered for approx £1 a day I just don’t know. There are facts here that you didn’t even know existed and there are so many ways you could use this information to improve your betting. The information about the Flat races occupies two full scrolling emails, followed by another for the NH races and another for sprint races. Even with templates, it’s hard to see how such a volume of work can be generated every day. You have statistics about every aspect of the day’s racing, from favourite’s performances right down through trainers, the draw, almost the colour of the groom’s jacket. That may be there in fact, I may have missed it.

I’m not going to beat about the bush any longer with this, I am forced to give it a resounding APPROVED rating. At £29 a month, it’s the most outrageous steal on the web. Don’t come crying to me about losing if you don’t bother to have this service. I’ve never approved a service with such a happy heart.

You can get a FREE TRIAL of Racing Trends via a secret page here:

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May 17, 2010

Martin Bishop Racing

Martin Bishop Racing is an e-mail advisory service with a 3-day free trial so you can see the set up and if it suit’s your betting preference.

The e-mail is sent around 11am with a mix of each way and win bets advised and a recommended stake per bet in points.

I’ll test this at £20 a point and see how I get on.

I started on Saturday 15th:

Time: 14:00


No: 7  Petara Bay

Odds Available: 22/1

Points Advised: 1

Win or Each Way: Each Way

Result: +£90

Time: 15:05


No: 4  Paco Boy

Odds Available: 5/6

Points Advised: 3

Win or Each Way: Win

Result: +£50

Time: 16:00


No: 2  My Son Max

Odds Available: 9/4

Points Advised: 2

Win or Each Way: Win

Result: -£40


Time: 14:30


No: 3  Verdant

Odds Available: 9/4

Points Advised: 3

Win or Each Way: Win

Result: -£60

Daily Profit:+£40

Sunday 16th
Time: 15:10

Course: RIPON

No: 6  Esuvia

Odds Available: 11/4

Points Advised: 2

Win or Each Way: Win

Result: -£40

Time: 15:40

Course: RIPON

No: 1  Tiger Reigns

Odds Available: 3/1

Points Advised: 2

Win or Each Way: Win

Result: +£160 (4/1 b.o.g)

Time: 17:20


No: 9  Poungash

Odds Available: 7/4

Points Advised: 3

Win or Each Way: Win

Result: +£135 (9/4 b.o.g)

Daily Profit: £255

Total Profit: £295


A good start to the trial. Long may it continue.

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17th May

No trades today.
Daily Profit: £0
Total Profit: £3790

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May 17, 2010

No Loss Robot

The bot continues to trade and make a profit. The open trade on the GBP/USD that was over £1300 in negative territory reversed and closed out for a small profit on Friday.

The total profit = £6049.65

The bot has made more than 10% of the bank in three weeks, while using very conservative leverage. This has meant the bank at no time has ever fallen below the initial starting balance. This all adds up to an impressive performance and as it compounds and increases the contact size per trade it allows steady but consistent growth.

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May 17, 2010

Champion Lays

First, I think the way I have been recording results may have caused some confusion.  From now on I will just show the daily and ongoing P/L.

There were four selections over the weekend: one Friday and the remaining three on Saturday.

RESULTS Friday 14 – Saturday 15 May

Rubin Kazan v CSKA Moscow – Lay Moscow – £10 @ 3.65 = -£26.50  LOSS
FC Tokyo v Shimizu – Lay Tokyo – £10 @ 2.80 = £9.50  PROFIT
Halmstads v Djurgardens – Lay Djurgardens – £10 @ 3.90 = £9.50  PROFIT
Sochaux v Auxerre – Lay Sochaux – £10 @ 5.90 = £9.50  PROFIT 
Daily P/L £2.00
Ongoing P/L £48.50 

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May 17, 2010

Forex Net Trap System

There is always a danger when reviewing s system like this of other Forex nuggets of knowledge creeping in. The consequence is that one tends to over analyse the charts, as I did on Friday. There was another case today of clear support at 14300, a psychologically significant number. Having fallen foul of the over-analysis trap on Friday, and as support/resistance has nothing to do with this system anyways, I went short at this entry point.

The support was respected today and this trade did not trigger.









Mon 17-May

No trade

£ 1059.68

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May 17, 2010

Psychic Soccer Profits

16th May

Malaga v Real Madrid +£19.30

Total Profit: +£34.01

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May 17, 2010

Follow the Fortune

day 11

backs +3.08, +5.45

lays +3.26, +27.8 overall

another good day, however, I missed a lay that lost but the back was placed and it lost. I am now 11 points down from the official results now.+33.25 official, +22 for me

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Results for Monday 10th May – Sunday 16th May

Tyche Windfall
10/05/10 14:50 Redcar – Guest Connections – LOST (-£32.20)
10/05/10 15:00 Wolverhampton – Little Edward – LOST (-£32.20)
10/05/10 16:20 Redcar – Abbondanza – WON @ 2.24 (+£37.94)
10/05/10 16:20 Redcar – Cawdor – LOST (-£32.20)

Weekly P/L: £-58.66
Current Bank: £520.31
Next Stake: £32.20

2 selections – 2 LOST (£-42.00)

Weekly P/L: -£42.00
Current Bank: £195.62
Next Stake: £21.00

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May 16, 2010

All By The Book

Results for Sunday 16th May

Qualifying races: 2
Fully qualified races: 2
Daily profit: £27.76
Cumulative profit: £232.58

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