Results for Monday 14th June – Sunday 20th June

Tyche Windfall
14/06/10 14:45 Carlisle – Cobo Bay – WON @ 2.21 (£37.02)
16/06/10 16:10 Hamilton – Rothesay Dancer – LOST (-£32.20)
16/06/10 16:10 Hamilton – Artsu – WON @ 2.69 (£51.70)
16/06/10 16:10 Hamilton – Mandarin Spirit – N/R
17/06/10 15:20 Ripon – Abbondanza – WON @ 1.52 (£15.91)
17/06/10 15:20 Ripon – Turnkey – N/R
17/06/10 15:20 Ripon – Caprio – LOST (-£32.20)
18/06/10 16:35 Redcar – Guga – WON @ 2.85 (£56.60)
18/06/10 16:35 Redcar – Lucayan Dancer – LOST (-£32.20)
18/06/10 16:35 Redcar – Night Knight – LOST (-£32.20)
19/06/10 16:45 Redcar – Abbondanza – WON @ 2.52 (£46.50)
19/06/10 16:45 Redcar – Last Sovereign – LOST (-£32.20)

Weekly P/L: £14.53
Current Bank: £612.91
Next Stake: £32.20

2 selections – 1 WON, 1 LOST (£11.32)

Weekly P/L: £11.32
Current Bank: £233.95
Next Stake: £21.00

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June 20, 2010

Football Betting Master

As stated in the intro I received two tips for this weekend’s world cup games. The email was very clear and easy to understand and the prices given for each tip were available at the bookmaker stated. I always like to check that fact as there are services that send you a tip and quote a price that has long since changed.

Starting Bank £1000

Cameroon vs Denmark (under) Lost  -£50

Slovakia vs Paraguay (under) Won £50 @ 1.55 = +£27.50

Running Bank £977.50

Bets 2

Won 1

S/R 50%

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June 20, 2010

Sure Wins

19th June – Won (Odds 3.37 )

Well another winner yesterday on the football!

Total Profit:+£2214

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June 20, 2010

Sure Wins

Final Review

Sure Wins is sports betting advisory service that gets it’s information directly contacts at European and Asian bookmakers who advise them when certain high staking syndicates are investing their money.

The odds shorten up around 90% of the time on each selection several hours after the ‘coup’ has been placed when the betting market catches up with the UK and Western Europe.

According to Steve, the site owner, betting market gambles are predominently started in Asia and Eastern Europe. Their bookmakers will shorten the odds up quite a while before UK and Western Europe bookmakers catch onto it.

The information comes via e-mail or text message and they cover any event. I had bets on American football, baseball and tennis as well as English and European football. All bets are priced above evens.

During the month trial I made profit of £1977 to £100 level stakes, which is a very reasonable return. I found Steve to be quick to reply to e-mails and very approachable. Apparently he’s never had a losing month either and I will be blogging the results on a monthly basis now to see if this record can be sustained.

As my trial neared the end, Steve came up with an offer that I think is very reasonable indeed. Rather than paying £30 per tip, he has decided to offer his service for a whole year for a one off fee of £297. That equates to less than £6 a week which, considering the quality of the information, is brilliant. Not only that, he’s offering a guarantee that if you fail to make a profit over the course of your subscription, you’ll get the the whole of the following year for free. Plus he even asked me to take care of the subscription payments so that everything is transparent.

I can’t really argue with that. How’s that for confidence in your information?

You can subscribe to Sure Wins here:

Update 16th November 2010

Well, July and August were pretty poor for this service with losses of £949 and £1338 repectively, wiping out my profits from June. September was better with a profit of £1008 and October produced £892 taking the total profit from June to £2106. They seemed to have changed tactics recently with more win singles rather than the four or five fold accumulators we had a lot of in the summer months.

They have also introduced a special offer. Previously the subscription cost was £297 per year. Well, if you go to the special page below you can get a lifetime subscription for a one off payment of £197. Plus they are offering a unique money back guarantee… if you haven’t made a profit by Christmas this year they’ll refund your fee and you still get to keep the lifetime membership.

You can get the special deal here:

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June 19, 2010

Sure Wins

17th June – Lost
18th June – Won (Odds 2.60)
19th June – Won (Odds 10)

This last bet was actually an each way bet at 50/1 that came second!

Total Profit:+£1977

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June 19, 2010

Racing Synergy


Time for an update on the Racing Synergy software.

As per Terry’s review, the Racing Synergy software can be used very effectively to find risk free betting opportunities all through the day. This is fine for people with a very low tolerance to risk but as Terry pointed out, with arbing you do have to put a considerable amount down to make any significant returns and whilst it’s risk free, it does require you to have the funds available to do this and to have them tied up in the bookies as they take a few days to withdraw.

However, anyone who does the maths will realise that the most profitable long term way of using the software is to simply back the value selections with the bookies as they come up. Neil does this day in, day out, and keeps meticulous records of every “5 star” rated horse that comes up Monday-Friday.

Here are the results for backing the 5 Star Racing Synergy horses going back to the start of February and betting just £10 on each selection:


Total Number of bets placed: 440

Winning bets: 65
Strike rate: 14.7%

PROFIT: £740
ROI: 16.8%

Despite placing £4,400 worth of bets in 1 month to achieve this, you could have actually done this from a £200 (20 point) starting bank. That would have meant a 370% growth of the bank in 1 month!



Total Number of bets placed: 431

Winning bets: 82
Strike rate: 19%

PROFIT: £612
ROI: 14.2%

In this month it would have been possible to start with an 11 point (£110) bank.



Total Number of bets placed: 445

Winning bets: 60
Strike rate: 13.5%

ROI: 1.5%

A much tougher month in April, but still came out on top with a little less than 7 points profit. A 46 point bank (£460) would have been required this month.


Total Number of bets placed: 521

Winning bets: 91
Strike rate: 17.5%

PROFIT: £658
ROI: 12.6%

Back to respectable returns in May. A 41 point bank (£410) would have been required this month.

I hope these results have been helpful and that they show what can be achieved just backing the value 5-star horses blindly.

You can get Racing Synergy here:

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June 18, 2010

Football Betting Master

Hi Guys

I’m back after a lengthy break with a test run of The Football Betting Master ebook and service.

A look at the sales page will let you know that we are dealing with an “Unders and Overs” service here, more specifically the 2.5 goals market.

You have a choice of type of product to buy. You can either buy the system book outright, or you can choose to buy the book and selection service and the final option is a selection only service. All are reasonably priced, providing it works obviously.
I have read through the book and found it to be well written. The first part of the book is dedicated to guiding you through the process of getting free bets from bookmaker promotions in order to build up a betting bank with which to tackle the system proper. This will mainly be of interest to newer punters as most of us old-hands will already have accounts with a lot of these companies and will miss out on the freebies. But it’s worth reading through incase there are a few you have missed.

With the World Cup in mid-flow and all but a few leagues on hiatus I have decided to only record results for the tips that the authors send out for now. Due to one of the selection criteria being pretty much invalid for international games I feel it best to let the experts find selections and we can always have a go at picking our own games once the seasons restart. Also, this will give us an idea of whether it is worth doing ourselves as if the experts can’t use their own book to turn a profit then we are very unlikely to do so.

There are only four rules to this system. The first three are very simple stat finding affairs that require very simple maths to work out and are very well covered in the book. The fourth step is far more complicated and does require you to make your own judgement calls on a few factors, but to be fair you are talked through how to assess each factor.

There is a staking plan included that adjusts the stakes according to how strong a selection you have and a bank of 1000 points is advised.

Once I had read through the book I had a bit of a practice go with a couple of Swedish games and I did get the call right both times, so I think this may have potential.

I have now received two tips for this weekends World Cup games and will be back Sunday evening to report on the profit/loss made.

For ease of maths I will be starting with a notional £1000 bank and using the stakes advised in the selection email.

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18th June

A winner on the first trade:

Daily Profit: £200
Total Profit: £4660

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June 18, 2010

Slayer Lays

Wednesday 17th

One winner today.

Daily Profit: £10
Total Profit: £40

The cool thing about this Slayer Lays method is that the bot automatically checks, every five minutes, the server at Grey Horse Bot to see if they’ve uploaded the tips. When they do, it downloads them automatically and bets accordingly.

What this means in practice is that once switched on, the bot can be left on indefinitely. Since I run mine on a virtual server that is always on, I could go on holiday and come back and the bot will have been betting for me all the time I’ve been away. Cool.

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June 18, 2010

Forex Net Trap System

It looked a bit odd because of the last four bars before the open, but there was a signal to go LONG today. Trade closed manually for a win. Yes I know if I had held on for a few more minutes we would have had a maximum win, but that is not the rule.








Overall Pips

Profit  £10/pip


Fri 18-Jun




£ + 15.43

£ 1067.70


£ 1061

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