April 11, 2009

BingoBonusBlaster Test

Another losing day, unfortunately.

Day 3: Starting balance £5.80

Lost £3

New Balance £2.80

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April 10, 2009


Thursday 9th April

A winner and eventually two losers after another long day in a choppy market.

Daily Profit:-£180
Total Profit: £880

Interim Review

Well I’ve been running Wealthbuilder for five weeks now and made a profit of £880 after having made £900 in the first week.

I’ve been trading long enough now to know that we can’t really judge the profitability of this kind of system over a short term test. I’ve been blogging The Ultimate Forex Predictor for a year now and those that have followed the blog will know we have had a few bad months but generally it’s made massive profits over the course of a year. I think Wealthbuilder is probably going to follow suit.

The last four weeks with Wealthbuilder have drawn about even but I think if this is what a bad month is then it’s nothing to complain about. At least it’s not losing money. What I can confirm is that Neil is reporting the trades accurately and not smudging the figures to try to make it look good. This is always a good sign and I am completely confident that the figures quoted on the sales website are genuine.

Talking of Neil, one thing that I am very impressed with is the daily support e-mails he sends through. Considering this is a one-off purchase product with no ongoing subscriptions, it seems a very generous gesture of lifetime support and upgrades. The daily e-mail contains news of trading the system with other markets and there are two currency markets that are doing very well with it. Neil is also continuously monitoring and tweaking the system to give more options and yesterday he announced another method for trading the Wealthbuilder on the FTSE which only requires two hours per day 9-11am.

So I think I will carry on this blog of Wealthbuilder for another month but try out the new 9-11 method. I like the idea of a two hour slot for the day as the last few days on the FTSE have been like pulling teeth watching the markets drift about randomly.

I have also heard from other users of Wealthbuilder, some of whom trade on several markets, and they trade the month using the Stop at 24 method until they have reached 100 pips for the month then have the rest of the month off… now thats a method that sounds pretty good too!

There is no trading today or Monday due to the bank holiday so I will start afresh Tuesday morning with the 9-11 method.

You can get Wealthbuilder here:


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April 10, 2009

BingoBonusBlaster Test

I woke up this morning to find my free £10 in my Bingo account as promised, so without further ado I was off to the halls to purchase my cards and have a good time. Didn’t win anything, but at least I had a bit of fun.

Day 2.

Starting balance £2

Free £10……….£12

Lost £6.20

New Balance…£5.80

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Thursday 9th April

A winner:

Then a loser:

Then a winner:

And another winner:

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April 9, 2009

Quick On The Draw

I am updating this system whilst David is away. Here’s the latest results:

Sat 28th March
One race qualified but only placed so a losing one
Bookmaker Sp -15.00 (Total to Date +22.50)
Betfair Sp -15.00 (Total to Date +37.32)
Weds 1st April
One race qualified and we found the winner
Bookmaker Sp 13.00 +50.00 (Total to Date +72.50)
Betfair Sp 19.22 +77.04 (Total to Date +114.36)
Weds 8th April
Again only one race but another winning one
Bookmaker Sp 13.00 +50.00 (Total to Date +122.50)
Betfair Sp 14.64 +55.29 (Total to Date +169.65)

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April 8, 2009

BingoBonusBlaster Test

Well, an interesting first day. I tried to join 3 different sites, but I had to give up after 3 hours. Two of the sites were frozen and the third didn’t register my details properly, so I lost the chance of free money when I tried a second time.

This obviously isn’t any fault of the ebook; maybe the sites the author recommends are now so busy that they are overloaded!

Fourth time lucky, when I found a user friendly, easy to use site by Googling “online bingo” and I was up and running within 5 minutes, simple navigation, simple loading, easy to obtain my instant free £10 and I was off like a Bat out of Helen’s Bay. Everything was automatic once the tickets were purchased, and the ebook’s instructions have been very clear and easy to follow.

Day 1. 

Bank £20.00

Lost £18.00

Balance £2.00


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April 8, 2009


Wednesday 8th April

A loser then a winner then we had an e-mail from Neil recommending to quit for the day due to the bad market conditions.

Daily Profit:-£30
Total Profit: £1060

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Wednesday 8th April

A losing trade on the  EURUSD this morning:

Then another on cable this afternoon:

And then a winner on the EURGBP after opening the trade around 8.30 this morning it finally made the 20 pips after drifting sideways all day:

It’s been a poor week so far for trading.

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April 8, 2009


Hello everyone. I was born in Ireland over 80 years ago and I share the same name as a very famous jockey. However I am a humble musician and I have been living in Berlin since the War where I spend my time eating doughnuts and sipping beer. I am a great sports betting fan, so I was excited when this system landed on my desk a few days ago. I have decided to run a daily test on it for a month to see how it pans out.

BingoBonusBlaster comes as a clearly written 37 page ebook which tells you how to go about signing up for various online Bingo sites. Here you are shown where to go and how to collect free and added bonuses in order to be able to play with the gamers’ money to enable you to build up a steady bank.

The best times and types of games are described, which is really useful information, as well as the kinds of situations to avoid.

The price seems reasonable enough at £17, so even if all goes belly up, you can obtain a refund through ClickBank within 60 days of purchase.

Method 1 shows you which online bookies to start with, where your £10 is matched by a £10 bonus. Once you have won this money back and withdrawn to your bank, you are then shown other sites where you can take your “free” money and roll it over to collect more bonuses.

The idea is to start with £10 and grow it initially to £900, then hopefully onwards and upwards.

Method 2 shows you how to skip the previous steps and turn £50 of your own money into £125 instantly, then continue on your way.

Method 3 shows you where to go to collect no-deposit free cash bonuses, if you are getting it tight and want to start with no money down. This involves a little more effort, but it should be worth it if all turns out as the book suggests.

The manual also explains how to play the Bingo game online and there is a useful video included which shows the procedure very clearly.

I intend to begin with Method 3 and hopefully build up £50 for free to be able to invest in Method 2 and perhaps be able to compound the profits over time to a significant amount.

I hope to play one game a day (except weekends) for a month and post the profit and loss here for us all to read. I am a great believer in testing this system from the point of view of allowing us to spend as little time as possible on the PC to make a few quid before we go about our day.

See you at the other side!

Tony McCoy

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Tested and Reviewed by Arthur

I paper-trading The Symbiotic Lay System for 14 weeks. There are positives and negatives to the package.

So lets start with the positive; over the 14 weeks the system has generated 620 qualifying bets, 541 of these were winning bets, i.e. the horse did not win the race. This is an 87% strike rate, which is none too shabby. Starting with a bank of £250, and using stakes of 1% of bank, the bank now stands at £900, a profit of £650 in 14 weeks.

The sales page offers a money-back guarantee. I didnt take up the offer, so don’t know whether this guarantee is honoured.

So, to the negatives.

You get a 19-page manual, only page 15 contains the system. The rest is the usual padding, which may be of some use if you do not know what a Betting Exchange is, or what Laying is.

The manual is poorly written; one of the criteria is “has the horse pulled up”, but this is a flat only system. OK, technically possible but rare event. I know other people who have read the manual and not implemented the system because it is that bad.

I asked for clarification of the manual by e-mail and received no response. So my experience is that after-sales support is also poor, and this does make me have some concerns over the validity of the offered guarantee.

To make a profit you do need to assess each qualifying race, which could have you sat at your computer for over 9 hours. The system uses on-course prices, so you cannot fire-and-forget.

Which leads to the next negative; there is a non-trivial amount of work to do to assess possible selections in the last few moments before the race starts. You can feel under pressure and might make invalid judgements.

As a competent programmer, I have been able to code a bot to alert me when the system identifies a qualifying selection. Without this, I think I may have a different view on the system. Please do not ask for a copy of the bot as not only is the Authors copyright involved, but Racing Posts and Betfairs too, and publication of the bot would land me in a heap of litigation!

In conclusion, this is a system that appears to make money, if you can live with the negatives. As I do have a bot available, I will continue to use the system., I doubt that I would without the bot due to the hassle involved.

This system is classed as Neutral.

The system can be found here: http://www.cash-master.com/symbioticlay.php

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