July 30, 2010

Racing Winners

Final Review

Well this has been a very interesting system to trial. There are so many systems on the market, and so many don’t work. Well Racing Winners is not amongst that pile. No, Racing winners is, in my opinion a quality system.

Racing Winners is a backing system. It is designed to compare the strengths and weaknesses of the top few horses in particular races. It is a rating based system, and you basically back the horse with the highest rating. The rules are that you only bet a maximum of two bets per day. There is no reason why you couldn’t bet more, but looking at two races per day seems to be a happy medium between spending time finding selections and having enough races to bet on. The selection process takes between 30 – 40 minutes per day, and pretty soon you can get quite quick at finding the selections.

The logic behind the make up of the system is solid, and will always be relevant. Racing Winners is actually a gem of a system, and I highly recommend it. We started off with a £1000 bank, and we actually made 154% profit, which increased our bank to an amazing £2544. Now these figures are Betfair prices, but I have not taken in to consideration the Betfair commission. Even still, it would not really do that much to the amazing profit the system has brought in the last 30 betting days.

Having a good system is important obviously, but so is good aftersales support. Mark Boyle (the author) has provided great support for me during this trial, and has answered several questions. The questions I had were curiosity questions, and not because I didn’t understand the system, but Mark answered all I asked very promptly and with quality of content.

I have already said that I recommend this system, and it is definitely one to put in your profit making arsenal of racing systems.

Thank you for following the trial, and I look forward to reporting on another soon.

You can get Racing Winners here:



Well, for the lazy punters out there they have now started a selection service whereby they work out the days bets for you and in my mind, saving 30-40 minutes a day for a very small fee is worth every penny, especially as these selections are so profitable.

You can join the Racing Winners Tips service here:




In September 2011 Mark reduced the main selection filters from five to three, as the process was taking too long for many people and this seems to have cut down on the time from 30 to between 15 and 20 minutes, and has still given a pretty decent return of nearly 30% for the past 5 and a 1/2 months.

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July 30, 2010

Racing Winners

Today was the last day of the Racing Winners trial, and we ended on a winner, which is a graceful way for this quality system to end on. I will now proceed to write up the final review, but here are the results from the last couple of days:

Day 29: Thursday 29th July

1605: Stratford
Odds: 5.3
Result: LOST (6th)
Profit/ Loss: – £49

1640: Stratford
Selection: PAGAN SWORD
Odds: 4.4
Result: LOST (5th)
Profit/ Loss: – £48

Day 30: Friday 30th July

1610: Thirsk
Odds: 7.4
Result: LOST (5th)
Profit/ Loss: – £47

1620: Bangor
Odds: 5.5
Result: WON (1st)
Profit/ Loss: £207

Bank To date
Starting Bank: £1000
Bank B/Forward: £2481
Profit/ Loss: £ 63 Profit
Bank Total: £2544

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July 30, 2010

The Specialist

Well I’ve been keeping my eye on the Specialist this season and despite the fact that it hit quite a losing run, taking the bank into the red from mid April until the end of June, it’s now recovered and made a half decent profit.

From 27th March until 17th July, the profit now stands at £3,362 if betting £100 level stakes at Betfair SP.

However, if you watched my trial period of this system you will have noticed that there is quite some effort required if you want to bet on all qualifying selections, and a substantial bank too if you want to bet to £100 level stakes. At one point the bank was £3,700 in the red and this was after you had already been in a loss position for nearly two months!

You bet on a LOT of horses, many in the same race, and so to bet £100 stakes I reckon you would need a betting bank of a minimum £5000. And the very fact that you are betting on so many races means you are going to be busy and you’ll need super discipline and faith in the method if you intend to keep going through the losing periods.

Having said all that, if you do have the discipline and the funds to cover it then it does appear to be profitable betting on all the races.

Now for something a lot more interesting.

Part of the method identifies Forecast/Exacta bets. I didn’t pay much attention to these during my trial but I wish I had.

There are an awful lot LESS bets if you just bet on the Forecast/Exacta bets. In fact there were only 39 days so far this season with such bets available. The result was a staggering profit of £36,428!

Now, I don’t know about you, but this seems to be a no brainer to me. In terms of effort/reward ratio, I think anyone using The Specialist purely for it’s profit potential may not even bother with the main system bets and only bet on the Forecasts/Exactas. This will mean an awful lot of ‘No bet’ days but when you get a bet, my word, that should be something worth watching. I wish I had got on the 19th June this year, where the Exacta bet won netting a massive £33,300 profit. That must have been a nice afternoon in front of the telly!

When you purchase the system you get a hard copy manual delivered to your door, plus access to the authors private forum where he lists all the days bets (meaning you don’t have to bother working them out) plus a dedicated phone line for those who want it.

So, time to rate the system. If I were rating this method purely on backing every selection to Betfair SP, I would want to put it in the Neutral Section. Yes, it makes a profit, but you have to place a lot of bets and you can be in negative territory for months, which I don’t believe anyone but the most dedicated bettors would be able to stick to.

However, the ‘specialist’ bets, forecasts and exactas, are something else entirely. I think that anyone using the method for these types of bets alone would be very happy indeed. It would be just a matter of checking the site each day to see if there are any qualified bets and betting on them if there are. Even betting tenners on these bets produce fabulous returns and are possibly the most exciting days betting anyone could have!

So I’m happy to put this method in the Approved Systems category and look forward to many more massive wins.

You can get The Specialist here:


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30th July

A winner on the first trade:

Daily Profit: £200
Total Profit: £4990

That’s it for me until September. I’m taking August off this year due to my summer travels and August is traditionally a bit dire for trading anyway.

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29th July
A loser on the first trade:

And straight into a winner:

Then another loser:

Daily Profit:-£310
Total Profit: £4790

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July 30, 2010

Dubai Strategies

Thursday 29th July


Profit = +50 pips (+46.50, +4%). Latest bank = £1216.15 (+21.6%)


Profit = -30 pips (-£31.50, -3%). Latest bank = £1025.10 (+2.5%)


Profit = 0 pips (2 wins, 2 losses). Latest bank = £1038.25 (+3.8%)


LATEST BANK: £3279.50 (+9.3%)

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July 30, 2010

Golden Key 2

Day 3 – 29 July

Original System New, additional system
Today’s Profit Overall Profit Today’s Profit Overall Profit
£ 158.00 £ 751.00 £   – 81.50 £ 238.12


I am away all day Friday so next update will be Saturday

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July 30, 2010

Place Profits

Day 38 – 29 July

Wins: 1 Loss: 5

3% of bank adjusted daily £100 Level Stakes
Daily Profit Total Profit Daily Profit Total Profit
£-112.41 £-210.47 £-415.45 £-588.80

Place Profits 2 (On Trial)

No qualifying selections

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Day 11 – 29 July


Also, I am an idiot and only subtracted the stake on Monday’s loss, not stake times odds. This takes another £580 off the profit total and the adjusted total is shown below.

Daily Qualifying Selections: 6    Winning bets: 4 Profit £-815.27
Overall Qualifying Selections: 24 Winning bets: 21 Profit £119.73 Strike Rate 87.50%

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July 29, 2010

Black Dog Forex

Day 8

29 July

52 -52 109 -59 2 47 99 636.3 6, 363


I am out all day tomorrow so the next update will be Monday

Day 8

29 July







Daily Pips

Total Pips

Total Profit









6, 363

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