Thursday 4th June

I missed a trade at around 7.40 on cable yesterday that was a loser unless you went in on the exact TESS entry level.

A winner eventually on EURUSD this morning:

Then nothing else qualified today.

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June 3, 2009

Quick On The Draw

Welcome back to the Quick on The Draw system after a long lay off…..unfortunately not a good night though for the system.

Bookmaker SP: -£30.00 (£71.50)
Betfair SP: -£30.00 (£124.27)

 Next meeting at Kempton Park is next Wednesday 10th June.

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June 3, 2009


Two winners today and a nice profit. Again we had a high odds winner early on and would have made a great profit if we had stopped there. Still, no doubt they know what they’re doing. Both winners I got were more or less the same odds as the published results with 7.00 for Love Pegasus (they published 6.8) and 28.00 for Joli Classical (they published 28.5).

Todays Profit: £72
Total Profit: £153.50

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June 3, 2009

LS Trader

Time for an update on LS Trader.

The last few months have been pretty tough for LS Trader with lots of trades going into the red or closing out at a loss. However, we have been assured all along that this is normal for this type of trading and that it’s important to stick with it as it always turns around soon enough. Well, it took longer than expected but turn around it did and they are now up 31% on the year overall.

I got an e-mail today from one reader that has managed to stick through the lean months and is now enjoying a pretty impressive balance in his IG Index account. He sent me an image of his account but obviously I have had to cut out the trade names and entry levels/stop losses:

All trades are currently in profit and below I have pasted the latest newsletter from LS Trader:

The past 2 weeks have been excellent for the LS Trader system and several markets have continued their recent trends and many other markets have broken out of the long consolidation phase that we wrote about last month. In just the past 2 weeks alone the LS Trader model account has gained 39%.

At the time of writing, we have 23 trades open and all 23 are in profit so we are currently being rewarded for our patience through the unusually long consolidation phase with some nice profitable trends. If things continue along similar lines to the past couple of weeks then we should be setting new equity highs in the not too distant future.

Just as a refresher, we are going over the main points regarding periods of consolidation and trending here because it is important to understand this:

1) The recent consolidation phase which has been going on in many markets since November appears to be coming to an end.

2) Our research shows that when markets consolidate they tend to do so for approximately 8 to 13 weeks. Anything much over 13 weeks is considered a fairly brutal consolidation and leads to false breakouts from the consolidation range.

3) Our research also indicates that the longer a market trends then the longer the consolidation that is required before the markets return to trending again.

4) Conversely, (and this is where it should be good for us over the coming months) the longer a consolidation phase goes on for, the larger the resultant trends will be.

5) The consolidation that we have just been through has been just over twice the length of time as is normal.

6) When the markets consolidate what you are essentially seeing is a fight between bulls and bears. The majority of the market participants sit’s on the sidelines and does not want to get involved in the fight but instead wait’s to see which side is the victor. Once the battle is won and a decisive breakout occurs then the rest of them market participants who have been watching the move jump on board.

7) The resultant move leads to a trend and as this trend continues, more and more of the latent market participants join the move, which perpetuates the trend. The trend then continues until everyone who wants to be involved is in the market and once this happens the trend comes to an end.

8) It can often take 6 months or more for everyone to get involved and that is roughly how long a good trend can last. The average duration of a winning trade with the LS trader system last year was 80 trading days (or 4 months). Some were more than this and some were less, but 80 days is the approximate average.

9) We are currently in the early phases of numerous potential trends and several more markets are not that far from also breaking out from their current ranges. If these trends continue then we should be in for some nice profitable trades over the next few months.

If you are not a member of LS Trader, you can still join us, and start making these phenomenal profits today. To join the LS Trader system, click on the link below:

Kind Regards

Robert Stewart & Phil Seaton
The LS Trader Team

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Wednesday 3rd June

A loser on cable this morning:

A winner on EURUSD:

Then a winner on cable:

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June 2, 2009


Another winner today and I got better odds than the published results with £5 on Spirit Of Xaar at 24.00, as opposed to their odds of 20.75, so I finished the day with an overall profit of £19.50 instead of £3.56.

It’s very tempting to stop the bot after getting a winner because you then have to watch much of the profit given back but I suppose the day I do that is the day I get five winners on the trot.

Todays Profit: £19.50
Total Profit: £81.50

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Tuesday 2nd June

A winner on the EURUSD 5/15 charts this morning:

And then a winner on Cable at the end of the trading day:

Still waiting for the builders to vacate my house so I can get on with recording a live trade. They tell me they will be finished by the weekend, but then they said that last week too. Good job I negotiated a fixed fee rather than a daily rate!

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June 2, 2009

50% Favourites System

No selections for several days, then like the buses, two come at once!

So far the system has been delivering 50% winners :)

Leicster 3pm

Pride of Kings 2nd 7/4

Leicster 4.30pm

Sobotage 1st 10/11 


Opening balance £99.73

– 1.00


Closing balance £99.63

Profit/Loss – 0.37p

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June 1, 2009


I wasn’t able to use the bot between Friday and Sunday as I was travelling but I’m going to report the results as if I had as they had three losing days on the trot taking the initial profit right back down to £12:

29/5 -£64
30/5 -£68
31/5 -£36

Total Profit £12

One thing that is clear with this service is that because they go for such high priced selections, the strike rate is very low and the profit is realised when they hit a few high priced winners. This is probably why using a bot is a good idea as it would take some serious self discipline to keep betting after 70,80 or even 90 losers on the trot.

However, since we are supposed to be using a 200 point betting bank, even getting 100 losers on the trot would only get through 50% of the bank, so one would think think as long as we hit a few high priced winners often enough, the profit is attainable.

Which brings me on to my next point. With high price selections, the liquidity (the amount of money avaialable in the market for a selection) is going to be a lot less than for low priced selections, simply because not as many people would bother betting on them. This means that if you suddenly get a few hundred people putting money on a horse at a high price, the price drops dramatically.

It would appear that quite a few people have recently decided to have a go with the free trial and a lot of money is now going on these high priced horses. I asked Clive about this and he tells me he has had to change the timing of the bets and added a sequence to the way the bets are placed by the software and that this has made an instant improvement to the attainable odds. They have also changed the way the results on their site show the odds, in his words:

“Instead of just taking the odds at the time of publishing the selections we already now take an average over the betting period.  It is hoped to enhance this further so that each level of membership will show the odds at the exact time their bets are fired.”

I got a rather nasty e-mail from one reader accusing me of promoting a ‘scam’ because the odds he got were considerably less than those published. Obviously I pointed out that I haven’t actually promoted this yet, it’s still in the testing phase, and explained that it might be prudent to get the full facts before jumping to conclusions about a system or service.

The results I publish here are the actual results I get unless I’m unable to bet which is unlikely over the next few weeks. I too have noticed the prices I’ve been getting today are in some instances less than the published odds, not that it mattered because they lost, but I did get 27.00 on Belle Of The Lodge and they published a price of 20.00 initially and then odds of 22.00 for that selection when they did the average. I also got 48.00 for Zaskia, they published 45.00, and I got 28.00 for Edgeworth, which won, and they published results of 27.00. This leads me to believe they are publishing accurate results and not trying to scam anyone. It remains to be seen whether this service will be profitable but unlike the aforementioned reader, I prefer to withold judgement until I’ve actually tested it.

Onto today and I did bet live again. I decided to go for the Janus package which is a £5 per bet, so I will simply be reporting the actual profit/loss I get daily from the Betfair account I’m using for this bot.

Today there were two winners and I made £50.33 on the day:

as opposed to the £42.48 published in their results:

Again, it’s too early to tell if this is going to be profitable long term BUT I’m not about to make snap judgements, and I’m certainly not stupid enough to start throwing the scam word around. My experience so far has been that these guys are above board and they are making a profit, even if I had stuck with £2 a bet:

1/6 +50

Total profit £62

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There were no qualifed trades on Wednesday 27th April. On Thursday and Friday I wasn’t able to trade but looking back through the charts I can see that on Thursday there was a winner on the EURUSD around 8.30am and another just after 2pm, but a loser on cable after 2pm making 10 pips on the day. On Friday there was a winner on cable around 2.30 but a loser on EURUSD around the same time so losing 10 pips.

Monday 1st June

A winner on EURUSD this morning:

Then a loser on cable:

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