So here we have reached the end of the test and ended with over 7 points profit to level stakes. :) :) :) There were 31 selections of which 17 won, giving us 55% winners. All but 2 were placed, which would open the door to running this as a place back system. With no real threat to the bank, and no long losing runs, then I suggest it would also lend itself to running doubles or trebles. The author recommends a ratcheting staking plan to lock the profits in, and I can see this working very well too.

All in all a very pleasant, straighforward and quick system to use. The ebook is very clear, and I was able to follow the rules easily and make the daily selections within 2 – 3 minutes once I got used to the system.

I was able to input the picks into a bot, set and forget and see the results after I came home from a day’s busking. For the “old school” bettors, the system can be used at bookies shops, both online and offline. The system can be used live, or, (my favourite) it can be incorporated into a Stop At A Winner, loss recovery plan with a daily target of 2% of the bank. In theory, a £100 bank could double within a month with the present strike rate.

So, a nice system to suit most pockets and gambling styles.

I am delighted to recommend 50% Favourites for the Approved Systems Department!

You can get 50% Favourites here:


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June 27, 2009

50% Favourites System

A nice couple of Beezer days. Here are the updated results:-

Friday 26th:

Opening Bank £104.95

Doncaster 5.40pm

Outlandish 4th :(

– £1.00

Chester 7.45pm

Alpen Glen won 11/8 :)

+ £1.38

Saturday 27th:

Chester 2.40pm

Coolstrike 3rd :(

– £1.00

Chester 3.50pm

Spirit of Dubai 2nd :(

– £1.00

Windsor 3pm

Premo Loco 2nd :(

– £1.00

Windsor 4.05pm

Warringah won 5/4 :)

+ £1.25

Windsor 5.10pm

Candy Ride 2nd :(

– £1.00

Newcastle 4.50pm

Kingsdale Orion won 2/1 :)

+ £2.00

Newcastle 5.25pm

Tiger Reigns won 11/10 :)

+ £1.10

Doncaster 8.10pm

Hawk Mountain won 6/4 :)

+ £1.50

Closing Bank £107.18

+ £7.18


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Surrey vs Middlesex

Profit: £4.71
Bank: £994.92
Loss to date: £5.08.

The winning ways continue, wrapped up very early in the Middlesex innings. One final round of matches tomorrow to complete the league section.

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Friday 26th June

There was a losing trade Thursday morning at around 7.15 on the EURUSD 5 and 15 minute charts that I missed. I’ve checked my charts and it’s showing today so I’m not sure whether it’s the charts messing about or if I just missed it.

On to today and we had another loser on EURUSD this morning:

Then another:

But finally a winner on EURUSD after a bad couple of days on this currency pair:

I actually left this one running as I went off to watch the cricket at Lords.

I’m thinking it might be a good idea with this scalping malarky to stop for the week when I’ve reached 100 pips. I’d made this by Tuesday and gave it back again Thursday and Friday leaving just 20 pips on the week.

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Right, the bot worked fine yesterday so what I’ll do is ignore the results from Thursday as I had the settings slightly wrong, but I’ll remember to mention this in the monthly review of the settings, just so nobody else makes the same mistake. Lets see if these settings recover my loss from Wednesday.

On to Friday and we got the first winner but then a loser at 5.0, so the bot carried on to get another six winners recovering the loss and hitting the target profit stopping the bot. However, before the bot stopped it had already placed another bet on the next race which was ten minutes after the previous race, which also was a winner, so we ended up with £95.30 profit on the day.
Day 2

Profit £95.30

Total Profit £145.40

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June 27, 2009


One winner yesterday:

Daily Profit: +£4.79
Total Profit: -£87.41

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June 27, 2009

Smarter Gambler

A winning bet yesterday:

England U21 v Sweden U21
Lay Sweden at 4.10 Bet won +£23

Total Profit: +£37.47

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Gloucestershire vs Somerset

Profit: £6.30
Bank: £990.21
Loss to date: £9.79

After a no trade match yesterday evening, back to winning ways tonight.

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I left the bot running yesterday afternoon and got a losing bet on the first bet, then a couple of winning bets, then it missed a bet and then another loser. Then, strangely it didn’t bet on anymore races, missing the next twenty one races by the time I checked it again. This seemed strange so I figured I must have something wrong in the settings. I checked and realised I had ‘Ignore Race if P/L has not been settled’ ticked as well as ‘Use inferred winner’. I’m not sure if this had anything to do with it but I unticked them and sure enough the very next bet the bot started betting again. Anyway, it bet on all the rest of the days races but unfortunately got another four losers amounst the winners so we ended up £284.10 down. I’m not sure that I should include this in the overall results though because obviously it missed 21 races and so had it bet on these then the results could be very different.

So, I’ll run it again today and see what happens and make a decision tomorrow.

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June 26, 2009


One winner yesterday but at low odds:

Daily Profit: -£17.41
Total Profit: -£92.19

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