June 4, 2017

The Architect

Week 2: 36 selections, 10 winner for a profit of 3.12 points

Overall: 73 selections, 24 winner for a profit of 14.99 points

Selections (using odds I actually got rather than as advised):

Caprice D’Anglais
Poets Reward
Boundsy (Placed at 8)
Turning The Table
Getback In Paris
Dhalam (Won at 2)
Playful Sound
Classic Villager
King Calypso (Won at 10)
Russian Realm
Archipeligo (Placed at 7.5)
Emilia James (Won at 2.38)
Auspicion (Won at 9)
Amabilis (Won at 3.75)
Chestnut Fire (Placed at 10)
Examiner (Placed at 13)
Not So Sleepy (Won at 21)
Us Army Ranger
Line Of Reason
Boom The Groom
Venice Beach
War Decree
Lord Ballim

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I have a free system for you today from Micahel Wilding over at Race Advisor….

Free Winning System
by Michael Wilding

Back in 2008, I met Donald Trump – and I didn’t even realise! In fact, I didn’t even have the first clue who this large Tango-tanned man was.

Well, I should have done, because I was in his tower in New York. It was a bit of a tourist attraction at the time, since the place looks like it’s made of solid gold. Anyway, there’s a cafe at the bottom and we went in for something gold to eat. Well, a sandwich.

Just across the lobby was a shop selling all sorts of Trump merchandise (of course there is) and there he was. Holding court in the middle of the crowd signing copies of his book, The Art of the Deal, to an adoring mob of the kind he certainly wouldn’t get these days!

I asked someone who he was and she couldn’t believe I didn’t know. It was the host of the American version of The Apprentice. The Donald! Well, I thought, that’s deeply underwhelming, and wandered off. I could have had a signed copy of a book by the most divisive US President in modern times!

Well, here’s your chance for something amazing, too. And you don’t have to fly to a gaudy gold tower in New York to get it. We’ll send it to you right now. It’s your brand-new betting system for finding winning horses.

And for the next few days we’re giving it away entirely FREE.

No catches here, just a gloriously simple new system that takes just six steps. Six steps that can transform your life. And from what we’ve seen so far, this thing churns money.

So what have you got to lose?

Click below to get your free six-step betting system now. We can’t promise you’ll be as rich as Donald Trump but you should be able to turn a very decent profit indeed.


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June 3, 2017

The Snout

Week 2: 17 selections, 3 winner for a loss of 10.05 points

Overall: 40 selections, 9 winner for a loss of 7.83 points

Selections (using odds I actually got rather than as advised):

Pearl Acclaim
Trinity Star
Russian Realm
Haymarket (Placed at 15)
A Momentofmadness
0.5Pts Ew
Us Army Ranger
Penny Dreadful
My Name Is Rio (Placed at 13)
Time To Study (Won at 3)
Boom The Groom
Venice Beach
Lexington Place

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June 3, 2017

DG Tips

Week 2: 23 selections, 6 winner for a loss of 13.52 points

Overall: 59 selections, 17 winner for a loss of 21.98 points

Selections (using odds I actually got rather than as advised):

Singing Sands
Cabal (Placed at 7)
Cashla Bay
Rely On Me (Placed at 8)
Epsom Secret
Cape Peninsular
Black Trilby (Placed at 6.5)
Desert Law
Dark Shot (Placed at 21)
Cracksman (Placed at 5.5)
Crowned Eagle
Eddystone Rock (Placed at 12)
Auberge Du Lac

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June 3, 2017

Winning Footy Tips

This is the final review and verdict for Winning Footy Tips.

To be honest, there’s not really a lot to say here.

One of the best and easiest to follow services I’ve reviewed for ages, luckily it’s one of the cheapest too. £1 for the first month, then just £17 a month. All bets are straight forward 1 point win bets, although we do get the odd double/treble recommendation if odds are on the short side.

Weekend tips usually arrive late on a Friday evening via email and get straight to the point of which bets to place and where to place them. The prices quoted have always been either available to beatable.

Another email is received on a Monday evening, which gives all details for any bets recommended for the week ahead.

We’ve had a strike rate of 64% on average odds of 2.08.

Profit is 26 points since we starting in mid February, based on straight 1 point. Granted, that doesn’t sound earth shatteringly wonderful, but I’ll take that level of boring consistency over a white knuckle ride any day of the week when it comes to betting.

As you can tell, I’m keen on this one and it is most certainly APPROVED. I’ve been using the selections I’m most confident in for 1/4 point multiples and have had plenty of success with those too, obviously they have no bearing on the official figures or verdict but they’ve provided a drop of gravy for the meat & spuds provided.



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June 2, 2017

Football Guru

This one is a bit different from the usual tipster deal as it provides tips both in advance, via email, and live in-play bets via a chatroom &/or Twitter.

In line with most other Betting Gods services, the first month is available for just £1 with following months billed at £29.95. Cheaper packages are available for longer term deals.

So far, things have been a bit up and down result wise but having spent plenty of time in the chatroom over the last weekend there seems to be plenty of happy customers who seems very content with how the service has performed in the past.

The emailed selections are a mix of straight Win bets, Win & BTTS and WIN & Over 2.5 bets. The emails are very easy to understand and all odds quoted have been available at the time. I was initially a little concerned about the live in-play part of the service. Virtually all of my own betting activity is in-play trading and I know from my experience that getting a bet on at a value price, on the more niche interest markets, can be next to impossible once you strayaway from the Premier Lge and it’s big status competitors.

Happily, I can report that all the live bets advised and the prices quoted for them are to be found on Bet365 and/or other traditional bookies rather than Betfair. This means there’s no messing about with comission either.

We started testing this in early February and it has been something of a wild ride since then. When we started the trial, the recommended starting bank was 50 points. That has since changed and the new suggested start would be 100 points.

That is more realistic, the main problem with the 50 point bank (apart from the losing bets) was that virually all normal bets are for 2 points, making it nearer to a 25 bet start.

I was, initially, really quite optimistic about this service. He usually targets the mixed win type bet, Win & BTTS or Win & Over 2.5 etc. There were also some live trading sessions held on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, these petered out toward the end of the season.

A poor run of results lead to the intial bank being completely lost. I decided to allow it to carry on the trial as we had come close to landing large multiples on several occasions and they had now upped the recommended start bank.

We hit a decent run and most of the lossed were recovered. However, another steep downturn in performance hit and the bank crashed back through the zero level.

It’s a bit of a pity that things have worked out so poorly since we began, as I know for a fact that they had been going along really well previously. We can only make a call on how it’s been during our 5 months of membership and that, quite frankly, has been pretty dire.

With the bank blown, again, and overall losses totalling around 60 points, I’m afraid this one has well and truly FAILED our trial.




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June 2, 2017

Value Favs

I’ll be looking at the horse racing service Value Favs over the next three months.

Value Favs is on the Tipster Street platform, and concentrates on -you guessed it! – shorter priced horses. This service has been running since December 2015 and, according to their website, has made 280 points up to the end of April, with a strike rate of 46% and an ROI of 15%.

Value Favs appears to be fairly consistent as it has only had 3 losing months from the last 18. The service averages 68 tips a month, sent by email each day between 9.00-11.00am. A 50 point bank is recommended and all tips are advised at a 2 point win to BOG prices. No exchange odds are advised. The cost of service is £19.95 per month or £39.95 per quarter, with a 75% discount for the first month (£4.99). I will be reporting results on a weekly basis.

More details available here:


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As the season is now over and we’ve given this service a good long second trial, it’s time to wrap things up.

I recorded results up to the end of the season and am pleased to say that the service is far better than in its original form.

It is far more professionally run, bets are better thought out and better staked. We have proper point values stated, rather than confidence levels.

The bets themselves are more sensible, with far fewer risky Correct Score and Scorecast bets.

From a starting bank of 500 points, a decent profit of 165.55 points was made between mid January and the end of the season.

The first month costs £7.95 with following subscriptions of £29.95 per month. A cheaper, season long, deal of £97 is also available.

I’m happy to move this to the APPROVED list.



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It is now six months since the free trial began, and time to draw a line under this.

The service has hovered around the break even mark, finishing a few points below. It is fair to say that these results are disappointing, but I have followed several football systems with odds-on selections over the last few years and I know some of them do have lengthy docile periods. The key with skinny odds systems is the same as any other, which is ensuring that value is still achieved, and the author Carlo Manzoni, a full-time betting professional and part-time music teacher based in Rome, claims that this was impressive in the period before launch, and I am certainly happy that this is no false claim, as it was monitored by his partner John Baker, founder of the award-winning football betting advisory service Banker-Bets, who I have known and praised on this website over the past couple of years.

RETURN ON CAPITAL -.45% in 2017

Premier Football Investments utilizes highly sophisticated statistical-analysis software to create a daily short-list of football betting opportunities with the highest value odds.

All potential selections are then subjected to further detailed analysis of numerous intangible, human factors that can’t be accounted for statistically, maximizing the ability to provide safe, steady profit betting on world-wide football.

As the name suggests, Premier Football Investments utilizes an investment-minded approach to football betting to provide safe, steady growth to your betting bank.

Beginning on August 13th, 2016 PFI achieved some impressive early results from world-wide football in Asian Handicap, Over/Under and Match Odds betting markets.

Asian handicap betting can be somewhat hard to get your head round, so if you’re not familiar with it, there’s a handy explanation HERE.


Official results are a little better than that because of odds differences, but not significantly. As the service is run by John, it is efficient and transparent. However, at the end of the day it’s the results which count, and with six months of testing under our belts, this can only be given a fail. However, should this take a turn for the better in future, which I think is entirely possible, I will bring it to the attention of CashMaster subscribers.

You can sign up for Premier Football Investments here



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May 31, 2017

Lotto Spring

Well, there’s just 6 days to go until the first draw. Every 4 weeks as a VIP member I will get 1,036 chances of winning a share of four of the world’s biggest jackpots!

66 chances of winning Euromillions, twice a week
45 chances of winning EuroJackpot every week
15 chances of winning Megamillions, twice a week
26 chances of winning Powerball, twice a week

That’s a total of 259 chances of winning the lottery every week!

I was introduced to Lotto Spring by Paul Hardingham who has been a member since November 2015 and he tells me they’ve never missed a draw payout. So far he’s won over €3,000, an average of around €200 per month, and because he has introduced more than 3 other players, he’s had his subscription refunded every single month. If he had played the lottery on his own he would have won €70 with the same numbers and it would have cost him hundreds of Euros. That shows the power of playing in the LottoSpring syndicate.

LottoSpring is licensed by the Gambling Commission, a UK Government organisation, making this 100% legal and real.

For more details on how to play for free have a look at the site below and make sure you don’t miss out on the first draw next week.


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