May 28, 2017

DG Tips

Week 1: 36 selections, 11 winner for a loss of 8.46 points

Overall: 36 selections, 11 winner for a loss of 8.46 points

Selections (using odds I actually got rather than as advised):

Crimean Tatar
Whip Nae Nae
Storm Ahead
My Dream Boat (Placed at 7)
Eccleston (Placed at 11)
Ballymore Castle
Money Team
Miss Van Gogh
On to Victory (Win at 9)
Coeur De Lion (Win at 2.5)
Omran (Win at 2.25)
Gilded Reflection
Wadigor (Win at 2.87)
North Creek
Shady McCoy
Secret Advisor
Ghinia (Placed at 10)
Tee It Up Tommo (Win at 8)
Pastoral Player (Placed at 6.5)
Fox Trotter
Sumner Beach
Arsenio Lupin
Surround Sound (Placed at 10)
Highly Sprung
Suegioo (Placed at 13)
St Malo
Out Do
Cotai Glory
Emperor Napoleon
Morache Music
Beau Satchel

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May 28, 2017

The Architect

Week 1: 37 selections, 14 winner for a profit of 11.86 points

Overall: 37 selections, 14 winner for a profit of 11.86 points

Selections (using odds I actually got rather than as advised):

Endless Time
Savannahs Dream
Hawkbill (Won at 5)
Mucho Applause
Al Hamdany
Galileo Gold
Eccleston (Placed at 7.5)
Naggers (Won at 3.5)
Ballymore Castle
Shannon Rock
Sky Khan (Lost at 9)
Realize (Won at 4)
The Special One
Refuse Colette
Noble Deed
Deeds Not Words (Won at 6.5)
Big Easy (Won at 5)
Zamadance (Placed at 11)
Big Orange (Won at 2.25)
Red Verdon
Spark Plug (Placed at 6.5)
Peticoatgovernment (Placed at 10)
G Force
Clever Cookie
Fast Dancer
Goldream (Placed at 10)
Buying Trouble (Won at 17)
Gabrials King (Placed at 17)

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May 28, 2017

JT Racing

Week 5: 16 selections, 8 winner for a profit of 25.14 points

Overall: 70 selections, 23 winner for a profit of 8.32 points

Selections (using odds I actually got rather than as advised):

Khamaary (Won at 2.88)
Four  Wishes
To  Dibba (Won at 2.5)
Hattons Hill (Won at 2.5)
Duncan Of Scotland
Realize (Won at 4)
Seen The Lyte
Paradise Lake (Won at 4)
Melodic Motion (Won at 2.75)
Prendagast Hill
Brother Bear (Won at 3.25)
Fastnet Tempest (Won at 2.5)
Turret Rocks

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May 28, 2017

The Snout

Week 1: 23 selections, 6 winner for a profit of 2.23 points

Overall: 23 selections, 6 winner for a profit of 2.23 points

Selections (using odds I actually got rather than as advised):

RIBCHESTER (Won at 2.75)
Miss Van Gogh
RAINBOW ORSE (Won at 3.25)
REALIZE (Won at 4)
GWORN (Won at 9)
LANGLEY VALE (Placed at 10)
MARK HOPKINS (Won at 12)

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I have been looking at The Professional Syndicate, a horse racing ratings service, which claims to be ‘the number 1 horse racing ‘ratings’ service in the country’. As far as ratings go, I have often stated that it is problematic comparing like-for-like ratings of different services because they all may have some strengths and some weaknesses. None of them claim that you would make a profit by backing every top rated runner, and understandably all of them claim that you have to be selective.

What subscribers get for their subscription money is access to daily ratings, plus suggested strategies and an enthusiastic forum where there is great camaraderie. For the past month I have kept tabs on a couple of those strategies plus suggested best bets of the day and longshots.

The overall impression I get is that the way it is run is somewhat amateurish. As strategies are suggested and run by subscribers they are understandably patchy and unreliable, and therefore frustrating to follow. So some days they won’t appear on the website, and on the days they do there will be no set time of posting.

For me, the biggest disappointment with the service is the way the ratings are presented. What you get is the first and second rated selections for every race, with no explanation and no weighting. For shrewd bettors it is very difficult to know what to do with this information. Anybody who takes their horse racing seriously won’t be interested in this, and they would do well to refer to Racing Dossier to see how the pros do it. I accept that they probably don’t have the resources in time/expertise terms, but the buying public would note that the subscription to Racing Dossier is actually cheaper, and there are other far more comprehensive ratings available such as Inform Racing and Geegeez Gold. Those also run 7 days a week, whereas this service takes Sundays off (even though their sales page says 7 days a week). The only reason I would advise subscribing to The Professional Syndicate as opposed to one of the others mentioned would be if the top rated results were actually more successful than the others. Although I don’t have these figures, I very much doubt that they could be. Other services will tell you all the factors taken into account when producing the ratings and the confidence you would have in backing a particular horse. Or, indeed, in laying a particular horse, and this is certainly an area you can’t get from The Professional Syndicate. When you do click on the Results tab, you don’t actually get results, you get the previous selections. If you want to check the results and odds, you would have to do the work yourself.

As far as the tested strategies go, I trialed a couple over the month. Pippin’s Strategy won on 20 days out of 21. Awesome, right? Well no, this only made one point profit. How so? Well, it’s a SAW (stop-at-a-winner) strategy, meaning one loss can wipe out 20 or more wins. Demoralising, and why I never go anywhere near this method. The final day I tested this it won, but you had to lay out £205 just to win a tenner!

Another strategy, James Prize Points Strategy, was a convoluted and time-consuming scoring system, which you could work out yourself, or you could wait for James to blog the selections, but this is a patchy service by a subscriber. In the testing period it ended at around 15 points down, but I only recorded the blogged selections.

I recorded results to Best Bet Of The Day, most of these were in the odds-on domain, and this finished up on around minus 5 points to BSP-5%.

The Longshots service was also patchy, sometimes many, sometimes none. This was a shame because there seemed to be some mileage here, with the win bets losing slightly, and the place bets more than compensating for an overall profit to BSP-5% of 5 points, but double that for place only bets.

Finally, occasionally forecast bets are given out, either straight or reverse. This was showing a small loss for 6 forecasts. Three of these were given as reverse, and they all won. The three which were given as straight all lost, but had they been reverse they would have won and made six out of six!

So, a likeable enough bunch of people on here, but likeable isn’t enough to recommend subscribing. I couldn’t possibly point people to this when there are much more professional ratings suppliers out there which charge lower subs. I was veering towards a neutral rating for this service, but a fail at this time really isn’t harsh. There are some glimmers of promise in there; they have been running the service for four years, but they have to make a decision to take it to the next level, or to drop the subs down to a nominal rate and keep is as a matey forum. I would also like to see them offer a free or reduced rate trial period.

Monthly membership is £34.99 by Paypal, and there are discounts for longer period subscribers.

Anyone interested can sign up here:


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May 25, 2017


Everyone makes money with PIE. I’ve said it before… this is the one system that I’ll use for the rest of my days.

I first came across this strategy back in February 2012 when I was contacted by a man called Glynn who told me he had developed a system that makes almost limitless amounts of money, entirely risk free.

To cut a long story short (you can read the full story here), I’ve been using this strategy since then and have made money ever since without fail, without risking my capital, and without spending more than ten minutes a month doing it.

I know this sounds incredible. If I hadn’t experienced it for myself, I would be sceptical too. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Glynn and Paul have been teaching this strategy to a small group of people a few times a year for the last five years and over that time they’ve changed people’s lives.


Here are some of the latest testimonials:

“Dear Glynn, Firstly I hope you’re well and potentially enjoying the sun somewhere. For the tax year just ended, I earned £123,445 on IB and incurred costs of £1,939 commission and a fairly hefty £6,569 in ‘other fees’ which appear to be levied on a regular basis. I am obviously over the moon with the results and am enthusiastically continuing to trade.  As I have said before, your course has been truly life changing.” T.T.

“I dawdled for more than 2 years waiting to see if PIE really was as good as I was reading – I am pleased to say that it is!” Jonathan

“PIE just keeps rolling along as usual producing around the 15 to 25%. It must be around 3 yrs ago when I purchased the manuals and have never regretted that decision.” P.T.

“Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with PIE so far. Returning approx. 3% (annualised 36%!!) at present. Compounding my profits, at this rate I am set to double my bank every 3 years – couldn’t be happier!” D.P.

“I attended your course last November and am glad of PIE. I have passed on details of your website, but people are slow to believe it could be so good!” J.C.

“I’ve signed up already from a holiday in Spain that is ‘money cares’ free thanks to PIE which I’ve been using for nearly eighteen months now. Jan 16 to Jan 17 I made just over 40% tax free spread betting – very pleased.” Geoff

“Your PIE strategy has served me very well and has increased my bank of £20K to a figure of £35K in 20 months since attending your course.” Derrick

“I recently attended the workshop on understanding P.I.E. having heard about it a number of years ago. However until now, despite the glowing reports from many attendees, I was both still somewhat sceptical, and for various reasons it did not quite fit with workflow. Things changed and so I decided to take the plunge. Having worked professionally in the financial markets for over 25 years I had a strong sense of what Paul and Glynn were offering, but I was still intrigued to understand their complete methodology, especially the aspect of capital protection.

I came away impressed at their ability to deal with a disparate audience whose understanding of financial markets was extremely varied, and their ability to ensure that by the end of the day everyone understood what was being asked of them, and how to manage the risk. Being supplied with extensive written material to take home and absorb in our own good time, and with the knowledge that Paul and Glynn are available to answer any questions, gives comfort to anyone taking the course.

As they state, this is not a get rich quick scheme, but a way of producing a healthy income on invested capital over what I can see should be many many years. I will report back over the coming months as to my own trading experience, but there is nothing here to suggest that the returns talked about are not attainable.

I would whole heartedly recommend this, and like all the other attendees over the years, expect to see my bank balance grow very nicely over time. ” I.F.

“Still consider taking the PIE course the best money I have spent. To be honest since following your method I have stopped doing any other forms of investment … not because they didn’t work, but because I no longer have the time, inclination or need to look at other forms of raising income.” B.L.

“I had a great day training in Sheffield. It has been a few years as I completed the course in 2012 and after I traded the system for about two years I had enough money to pay off the mortgage, so that was what we did!” John

“Your system is totally amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it, you are a genius!” J.K.

This is a strategy that will work for the rest of your life, giving you peace of mind that you will always have an income. And Glynn and Paul are only too happy for you to pass on the knowledge to your children so that they will have an income for the rest of their lives too.

There are no age barriers to this either. Glynn is 71 years old and developed this strategy specifically so that it takes next to no time to use; typically only ten minutes a month, leaving him time to enjoy his retirement.

I don’t know how much longer he intends to teach this method so if you’d like to learn a strategy that will make you money for the rest of your life without risking your capital then you can find full details here:

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May 24, 2017

Inform Racing

The Inform Racing System 8 has continued to produce profits for those who are following this simple system with the current totals standing at over 114 points profit and that is just for the 23 days of May so far!

Yes, that’s 114 points profit in just 23 days.

Easy Brighton Winner at 25/1

On Tuesday at Brighton, the system selected Impressive Day who won by an easy 4 lengths at 25/1, with the Betfair Starting Price being a cool 32.31.

This followed system selection Single Estate at Redcar on Monday who was beaten just half a length at 40/1 with a BSP of 75.0!

Just for the place it paid out a handsome 12.15.

Are you following any tipsters or betting systems that select horses at 25/1 and 40/1 that win or come second?

Other winning BSP’s this month include 11.38, 12.02, 12.39, 12.50, 14.61, 16.00, 16.47, 16.65 and 18.84

See all May results for System 8 here >>

Horses that won are highlighted in gold, those that placed in green.

Over 114 points profit in May so far.

With a 16% strike rate for the win and a massive 40% strike rate for the place, this system provides a large number of winning bets, whether betting to win, to place or each way.

Just betting £10 stakes would mean a total of £1,140 in your bank so far this month.

There are also a nice amount of bets each day so plenty of interest for those who get bored waiting for a selection to run!

Join Inform Racing and Gain Access to These Selections.

If you are not a member of Inform Racing but would like to use this system and back big priced winners for profit, please hit the Subscribe link below.

Subcribe to Inform Racing now! >>

Please note; subscribers are not given the selections each day but the rules are simple to follow and selections are simple to find.

You do need the speed ratings to be able to use this system.

Clarification of the Rules

You will need to be a subscriber to Inform Racing to use this system as you need to know the Last time out (Lto) speed rating for each horse.

Here are the rules to follow:

1. Flat and Jumps, Handicap races only.

2. All races with 8 to 12 declared on the Inform Racing race cards at the start of the day, so that 3 places are paid on Betfair. Bet on these even if non-runners take the number to below 8 but do not adjust the selections due to non runners during the day. So if a selection becomes a non runner, ignore that race.

3. From all top and joint top 3 rated horses highlighted in the Lto column, (there could be three or more in a race), take the horse with the worst finishing position in it’s last race. You can see the finishing position of the horse by hovering your mouse over the Lto rating itself. Only bet on horses that came 2nd or worse last time out, ignore all horses that won last time out.

4. No minimum or maximum price brackets.

5. If there are two horses highlighted that both had the same last time out finishing position, back both. If there are more than two horses in a race with the same Lto finishing position then ignore the race.


So just 5 simple rules to follow and by ignoring non runners and just taking the speed ratings at face value as when posted, you can find these selections the evening before racing when the cards are posted, usually before 4pm or 5pm the day before.

To see the full list of results use the link below and click the tabs at the bottom of the results page to see the different months results.

See all results for System 8 here >>

In March and April we were restricting bets to only if the place price was less than 3.0. In May we removed all restrictions on price and so far it has proved very well worthwhile.

You will get plenty of betting opportunities with this idea but just take notice of some previous longish losing runs, certainly if just betting to win.

But with a good plan of attack and decent betting bank at the start, you should see some decent profits if it continues in the same way as it has done.

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May 24, 2017


Matched betting (also known as back or lay bet matching, or double betting) is a betting technique used by individuals to profit from the free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers. It is generally considered risk-free as it is based on the application of a mathematical equation rather than chance.

Here’s a short video explaining it:

OddsMonkey is the original matched betting service that developed the software now used on over 70 other matched betting sites. It’s been going for over five years and has evolved into a really significant service.

Whilst most matched betting services offer more or less the same thing, I think the main advantages of using OddsMonkey are as follows:

Good price:
– OddsMonkey Premium is available for just £15 a month or £150 a year.
– They also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee if you decide that the OddsMonkey service isn’t for you.
– Premium membership includes access to OddsMonkey’s tools, training and support – everything.
– Providing members don’t cancel their membership, their fee will never increase (even if OddsMonkey’s pricing does).

Really good support:
– OddsMonkey offer 1 to 1 sessions, no matter what level of matched betting experience you have. These are included in the Premium membership price.
– Written and video guides for offers, tools and strategies.
– A thriving Community where their Support Team is on hand 9am to 9pm (Sunday to Friday) and 8am to 9pm (Saturday).

– A full suite of software for different sports and bet types including:
– AccaFinder + AccaMatcher (for accumulators),
– EachWayMatcher + RacingMatcher (horse racing),
– OddsMatcher
– Dutch Search
– Calculators and spreadsheets.
– OddsMonkey have also created guides on what these tools do and how to use them.

– New customer sign up offers
– Existing customer offers
– Daily Offer Calendar.
– Offers posted and discussed in the Community throughout the day.
– All offers come with written and video guides.

The AccaFinder tool is a recent addition to the service:

Many matched betting sites charge extra fees for additional products, but everything is included in the £15 per month or £150 per year. They also have the largest selection of bookie offers on their site with over 100 bookmakers used and many people make four figure profits comfortably every month by using their service.

All in all this is a very comprehensive package and can be used on a part time basis, for example in the evenings after work, and will create a substantial risk free income. I have no hesitation to approving this service.

You can even earn a guaranteed £45 profit during their free trial, with no risk or any obligations to continue.

You can get a free trial of OddsMonkey here:

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May 23, 2017


Yesterday RacingTraders announced two new Horse Racing Trading Master Classes for BetTrader. They then received several enquiries asking when a Trading Master Class will launch for BetTornado so they have promised to launch the first Trading Master Class using BetTornado very soon.

BetTornado includes a Live Match Tracker which delivers an enhanced live match visualisation of all on-pitch action in real-time, including positional data of match events coupled with a comprehensive match commentary.

You also get tactical formations, top lists and comprehensive player and match statistics too.

All of this comes in at £10 on a monthly subscription. But you don’t have to pay that.

Take BetTornado for a spin free for a full 14 days with no credit card required. If you’re happy – and you probably will be – then grab a full year at only £70.

Can’t wait for the BetTornado Trading Master Class? Fancy seeing it in action? ASAP?

Sign up for the first BetTornado live webinar at 12:30PM UK time tomorrow here.

But don’t worry if you can’t make it because it will be published later here.

Finally, the first 10 new subscribers who download BetTornado in the next 48 hours will receive an extended free trial of 28 days. What’s not to like?

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May 22, 2017

Easy Football Profits

System A

Week 2: 11 selections, 9 winner for a profit of 2.65 points

Overall: 16 selections, 13 winner for a profit of 3.50 points

System B

Week 2: 1 selections, 1 winner for a profit of 0.95 points

Overall: 1 selections, 1 winner for a profit of 0.95 points

System C

Week 2: 10 selections, 8 winner for a loss of 9.00 points

Overall: 15 selections, 12 winner for a loss of 12.8 points

System D

Week 2: 4 selections, 2 winner for a loss of 1.38 points

Overall: 5 selections, 3 winner for a loss of 0.43 points

System A+B+C+D Selections:

Korona Kielce v Wisla Krakow
Philadelphia v Houston Dynamo
Hamburg II v Oldenburg
Wolfsberger AC v Austria Vienna
Montreal Impact v Portland Timbers
Atlanta Utd v Houston Dynamo
Genoa v Torino
Dynamo Dresden v Arminia Bielefeld
Young Boys v FC Basel
New England v Columbus
Minnesota Utd v LA Galaxy

Bonus System

Week 2: 35 selections, 33 winner for a profit of 1.35 points

Overall: 52 selections, 50 winner for a profit of 17.50 points

Bets made on:

Korona Kielce v Wisla Krakow
Thun v Grasshoppers Zurich
Celta Vigo v Real Madrid
The Strongest v Santos
Philadelphia v Houston Dynamo
FC Basel v Sion
Hamburg II v Oldenburg
Bray v Bohemians
Union Espanola v Audax Italiano
Garching v Burghausen
Bayern Munich v Freiburg
Dortmund v Werder Bremen
Boluspor v Manisaspor
Lausanne v Thun
Wolfsberger AC v Austria Vienna
Deportivo v Las Palmas
Lugano v FC Vaduz
Napoli v Fiorentina
Cobresal v Colo Colo
Sevilla v Osasuna
Montreal Impact v Portland Timbers
The Strongest v Oriente Petrolero
Atlanta Utd v Houston Dynamo
Celtic v Hearts
Sion v Luzern
Anderlecht v Oostende
Genoa v Torino
Sassuolo v Cagliari
Dynamo Dresden v Arminia Bielefeld
Young Boys v FC Basel
Leicester v Bournemouth
Celta Vigo v Real Sociedad
Barcelona v Eibar
Malaga v Real Madrid
New England v Columbus
Lazio v Inter
Minnesota Utd v LA Galaxy

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