June 29, 2010

Racing Winners

Day 9: Tuesday 29th June

The 1515 meeting at Hamilton turned up two selections that were equally rated. The author suggests that you always run with the highest priced selection, because it has the best value. This makes perfect sense, but unfortunately, today, it didn’t work out. The favourite, Killing Moon did make the minimum odds criteria in the Betfair market, but High Resolution showed better value. On this occasion, The lower priced horse went on to win, and we lost our bet.

1515 Hamilton
Selection: High Resolution
Odds: 3.55
Result: Lost (3rd)
Profit/ Loss: – £33

There were two other selections today. Both went on to win, but according to the system rules, were too low in price to bet on, and didn’t offer value.

The thing with value is, that if you stick with it, you will come on top in the long run. Finding value in the long run is the only way you can be successful in betting, but like all things, you will have some casualties along the way.

Bank To date
Starting Bank: £1000
Bank B/Forward: £1676
Profit/ Loss: £ 33 Loss
Bank Total: £1643

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