March 31, 2012

Score 2 Profit

Day 8- 29-Mar – Bets: 4  Winning Bets: 3  Profit (pts) -10.13  Profit £-50.62
Total – Bets: 31  Winning Bets: 28  Profit (pts) -7.18  Profit £-35.83
S/R 90.32%  Average Odds of 14.14


Caveat 1:

The average odds of this service are such that it is vital that you keep the strike rate up. To do that you cannot afford to miss any recommended bets. I have received emails at 22:08 and 23:11 for games that kick off early morning (example 3 a.m.) the next day.


Caveat 2:

I have just been recording the odds as advised in the email, and not checking these against Betfair. I will, from now on, check that the advised prices really are available and adjust the data accordingly.

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