March 24, 2012

Score 2 Profit

I am looking a Score 2 Profit, as lay the 0-0 service from Zed Harris. Two membership plans are available: 28 days £41 and 90 days for £99. For this you get an email (or access to a website) containing matches where you lay the 0-0 full-time score.

A staking plan is included, divide your bank by 500, and each bet states how many points to put on the Lay. For example:

Bet 1: Jaguares v Pachuca
Best Odds: 11.5
Stake to Win: 0.5PTS

This is an all year rounds service, so there isn’t, apparently, any need to be worried about the end of the football seasons in northern Europe.

My first observation is that this had better have a high strike rate; laying at 11.5, in the example above, and sometimes higher losing bets will quickly decimate the bank! However, the sales page boasts:

Total Bets Proofed = 199

Winning Bets = 180

Losing Bets = 16

Postponed Matches = 3

Longest Losing Run = 2

Points Profit = +149.50 after approximately 11 weeks.

This is a 92% strike rate. I don’t know yet what the average odds are, so cannot say whether this strike rate is adequate or not, it is nice and high though! However, looking at the results data it does not appear that commission is removed from winning bets, so there is a question mark already over the advertised points total. We know from a previous recent trial that you cannot just deduct 5% from the points total to get a true view of the returns either, the real return is going to be much less than the stated value.

OK, let’s start with a £2,500 bank and employ the staking plan mentioned above. I will deduct 5% from winnings for commission.

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