March 21, 2012

Smart Racing Trader

System 1

Bank £543.09

21/3 +£9.92

Bank £553.01


System 2

Bank £611.40


Bit confusing yesterday and I found that I was at first unlucky, then lucky, then unsure as to whether I should have been on the bet I was lucky with.

The first bet was a nice easy trade that raced into very good profit before sliding backwards and end at a profit of £4.02 (after comm), the second bet was the one that caused the problem. I completed the trade just before off time with a healthy profit of around £8 showing and I then watched the market during the race (wasn’t watching tv pics of the race itself) and as soon as I could see the way the race was going I jumped onto the next trade, exactly as per the rules. I placed my third trade and monitored it closely as it seemed to be going against me and at my usual greening up time (20ish secs before off) it suddenly starting moving swiftly in my favour so I held fire for a little longer and was pleased to see a potential £6 loss quickly shoot round to a £5.90 profit so I greened up quickly and took the profit just as the countdown hit off time, someone must have lumped on bigtime to move it that quickly.

It was as this race went off that I decided to just double check everything was as it should be and was confused to see the second trade not recorded correctly. I looked further into it and it became clear that my selection in that second race was withdrawn just as the race went off and so there was no profit or loss made on the bets. That was a disappointment as I had secured an £8 profit on it but that quickly turned to a bit of confusion as I now think that with my selection being withdrawn and the way the race panned out without it, I should have stopped trading for the day before the third bet was made.

As it happened, a definite stop signal arrived after the third race and overall I made a decent profit but as you can see it was a messy situation. The awkward bit is that when horses are withdrawn just before the off, Betfair does not have chance to remove them from the market and they get traded (prob by bots) during the race. Infact as I watched the race on the markets alone I saw my selection go favourite on the prices several times during running including right near the end.

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