March 21, 2012


I have an update on Steamerbot for you today and I have to say I like this bot a lot.

First of all, I seem to have found some settings that are producing good returns. I set it to place a BACK bet in the market between the odds of 3.00-8.00 if there has been a 20%+ move on that selection. It has to be the biggest steamer from horses within the odds range and it will place the bet in the place market if the odds are over 4.0. If the odds are under 4.0 then it will place 50% of the bet in the win market, and the other 50% in the place market.

I’ve set it to take the first time (T1) 30 minutes before the off, and the second time (T2) 30 seconds before the off.

I back to level stakes but have the Stop set at 2 points profit (£20 in my case). Most days it makes the £20 and switches itself off. Some days it goes into the red by up to £50 then reverses and hits the profit target. Some days I make a few quid or end up a few quid down but overall it seems to be fairly profitable.

As you can probably deduce, there are probably hundreds of thousands of different variations you can try with this bot, and I have read of people making a very tidy amount with it (although they are reluctant to divulge their particular settings).

We had an e-mail from the vendors this week with an excellent offer. Basically, anyone that gets Steamerbot can have their two other bots, Jetbet and Lastminutebot, for free.  Jetbet is a simple Betfair interface that makes using Betfair extremely fast and simple with one click betting and instant trading facilities. Lastminutebot is a simple bot that will place your bets for you in the seconds before the off if the criteria you set are matched, such as odds, at the stake you set, either as percent of bank or level stakes.

So you get three excellent bots for the price of one.

You can get Steamerbot here:

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