April 5, 2012

Trade 4X Pro

It has been several week since my last update, so it is about time I issued another one.

Since my last update Roz has suffered a personal tragedy. This may explain the current state of affairs, which is not good. We were promised a live projection where we could follow Roz’s trades; on the days where this is active this is little evidence that Roz is trading. We were promised a live chat room, but on the occasions Roz is in the room there are few trades called and very little education going on. We have been promised an EA for several weeks now, but due to issues with the code this remains unavailable.

The scalping strategy (the trendline strategy this system was sold on seems to have vanished) appears to have some merit, but requires a subscription to Price Master Pro at £17 per month. Two issues here: that is a lot of pips for a beginner to make to cover that cost; PMP only has a 2-week trail which is against the Cash Master ethos of 4-weeks. For these reasons, and particularly the later one, I cannot and will not follow Trade4XPro down its current route.

Now Pip, the author and vendor of PMP, is in the live chat room. Without his input the chat room would be a dead and lifeless place indeed.

In short, the service feels like it is in its final death throes.

Now, as I mentioned, Roz has had a personal tragedy, and it is entirely possible that things will improve, so I will continue to monitor things and will report back if they do, However, for now, this is going in to FAILED. The site is closed to new membership anyway.

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Gerry O'Donnell April 5, 2012 at 7:43 am

All I can do is back up Arthur’s comments on this subject. I’ve been a member since the system was launched in Nov 2011. Since that time the direction of the system has completely changed. I bought the system originally as I was looking for a trend based methodology to work in combination with the Black Dog method (excellent system with excellent support). As it turned out the trend based methods were dropped almost immediately and the live room instead started to focus on short term scalping methods. A number of indicators (for use with MT4) then followed. Even as an experienced swing trader I struggled to keep up as the scalping systems seemed to change every couple of weeks. Quite often, at the end of the week, emails are sent out showing how much profit would have been made if we’d have followed one of the particular scalping methods – this of couse is 100% hindsight as no mention is made to that particular method in ‘real time’ via the live trading room.

As has been mentioned, one of the biggest aspects (for me and several others) of the sales patter was the fact that we’d all be able to follow the vendor and trade exactly as she was trading. She specifically stated on several occasions that she’d show us with real accounts that this method was very profitable – this has been promised many times but after 3 months we’re still waiting to see it!

Roz, the vendor, also goes AWOL from the live room with absolutely no warning. People are entitled to days / weeks off and nobody can realistically expect a vendor to be on hand every day but it is reasonable to expect the vendor to give advance notice of the room being closed for several days.

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