December 9, 2011

Trade 4X Pro

I am going to be looking at Trade 4X Pro. This sells for £297 and looks on first inspection to be very good value.

What I have received so far is a pdf containing the system instructions, Metatrader4 collateral in order to setup my charts, and access to a members area with results, daily advice and a “goal setting” spreadsheet. Apparently there will be some videos and a live trading room available later.

I have received a “welcome” email from Roz, the system owner, which does sound very encouraging. Here are some quotes:

I focus on very small risks and large rewards (I rarely use a stop over 20pips most are 10/15pips) and I aim for 2/1 risk reward minimum on most trades.

I am running a test of my service at the moment showing the daily trades trade4xpro delivers, I must add I don’t use any-

  • moving averages/parabolic/bolinger bands or any other clutter on my screen
  • candle stick patterns 
  • any EA or auto signal to buy and sell

I was shown how to use price action with my own areas of interest and I get into a trade very early on and as I say I look for minimum 2/1 risk reward sometimes much more.

As I don’t use any lagging indicators, I have the ability to get into trades early on unlike many unsuccessful traders, I have developed my own trading goals which I am now teaching others, with the ability to take 40/50pips daily from the markets while risking less makes my trading very consistent.

I do like low stops and the results indicate a consistent average of 600 pips per month with a 74% strike rate. At £1 per pip this is at least £600 per month tax-free, so I like this also. I do so hope the system survives this trial period!

As per usual, to allow direct comparison with other ForEx systems reviews on cash-master, I will be using £10 per pip. However, I do notice that Roz uses a different staking plan, so I will monitor that as well. Initially I will be concentrating on just EUR/USD, a will attempt to note basic and advanced trades.

This method uses 15 minute charts to trade, therefore this will not be a suitable method for people who have to work.

We will be having a Christmas break.

I will stop once at least 40 pips have been collected for the day. This may mean entering a trade because I only have 39 pips and exceeding the daily target.

One last thing to note is that this system is not mechanical and therefore where I place my orders may differ from where other place theirs. I think, by and large, we will all have out charts annotated in similar fashions, so this shouldn’t be a big issue, but may make a direct comparison of my results against Roz’s difficult if not impossible.

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Gerald December 14, 2011 at 9:59 am

Hi Arthur,
I filled in the box (name & email), but no trades received yet, so wondering if this service is up and running yet?
The link you provide only has the sign up faclility on it and nothing about the system?

Graham December 14, 2011 at 11:02 am

You get sent something everyday so I am assuming you haven’t checked your junk mail folder or tried using a different e-mail address?

Gerald McPhee December 14, 2011 at 12:15 pm

Thanks Graham for the quick reply. I have done both as suggested (Monday, in fact) but still no trades, so wondering if anyone else is finding they have the same problem?
Could be there are no trades, as the markets are getting into ‘Christmas mode’ it seems?!

Graham December 14, 2011 at 1:22 pm

Hi Gerald, I had e-mails yesterday and today, mind you I’m a subscriber so maybe that’s what it is. You’re on the free list so I guess maybe that could be the issue. Have you tried e-mailing them?

Gerald December 14, 2011 at 10:32 pm

Thanks Graham – I will try conyacting them.

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