Back in the early 80’s I bought my first home PC. It was called a ZX81 and contained a massive 1kb of RAM. I used to buy computer magazines that contained “games” which were a page or so of computer code in the language BASIC (the clue is in the name). I’d spend an hour or so typing this code in, click on RUN, and then proceed to play an utterly awful game usually consisting of a few letters running down the screen that I had to dodge. 

I remember “upgrading” to a 16K RAM, which was a box the size of a pack of cards that slotted into the back. This allowed me to play much more complex (???) games such as Space Invaders, which consisted of rows of letters moving back and forth and me being able to shoot them.

I remember loving it.

Of course I upgraded the computer to a Spectrum when that was released which allowed for even better games and was still cheaper than the Atari games console that I couldn’t afford.

Then in the nineties along came the Nintendo games consoles, I had the Super Nintendo and spent a good deal of my time playing that with fantastic games, until the first ever Playstation appeared which really set a new bar for games. 

I must have spent years of my life glued to the screen playing incredible games until one day, quite out of the blue, I just stopped.

I don’t know why. At the time I was such a gamer, at the forefront of computer games, but for some reason I just completely lost interest.

But when I see gamers staying up all night addicted to the latest release of GTA or some such internet based, immersive world, I do get it. That was me as a young man so I know how satisfying it is. It’s probably even more addictive these days as they so advanced, so realistic, and so complex with the latest games even allowing players to earn REAL money if they’re good enough and play long enough on WEB3 based blockchain games.

And this is where an opportunity has arisen!

You see there are gamers out there that are very good, and perfectly happy to play for 16 hours straight just for the fun of it. But in order for those gamers to earn any meaningful amount of income from it, they first need to purchase in game assets that allow them to excel enough in the games to make good profits.

And this is where we come in. I was contacted recently by a very long standing reader and friend that I’ve known for years. This is what he wrote:

Hey Graham,

I hope things are well.

At the back end of last year, I started a videogame investment business where I manage videogame accounts on behalf of investors.

This uses the game Crypto Unicorns.

I set up the accounts, buy the assets, train the gamers, optimise strategies and collect the profits then split it 50/50 on a monthly basis.

It’s a multi-faceted game where we concentrate on the ‘land’ part of it and use certain profit loops 2-3 times a day to generate consistent returns (2-3% per week).

The currency in the game is RBW, and my expectation is for this to show a generous increase over the course of this year.

At some point in May the game is going to be migrated over to XAI Games, which is committed to onboarding a whole host of new gamers into Web3. If this goes as planned, I would expect a huge influx of new gamers to Crypto Unicorns and a big increase in the price of RBW (or CU as the token is going to be converted upon this migration).

This is an opportunity to get involved with a project that is already making very nice weekly returns, with the opportunity to increase these further over the course of this year and beyond.

I’m sure there will be plenty of questions off the back of this, so happy to collate them and maybe send out a follow-up email with a list of FAQs.



Bear in mind, before you switch off, that you don’t need to know anything about games, or WEB3, or crypto or any of that to be able to participate in this. 

If interested, all you do is send Steven the funds however you prefer… bank transfer, or in crypto to a crypto wallet, whatever your preference, the returns are paid back the same way on a monthly basis.

The cost to get involved is $1000 per share with no limits on the number of shares you can purchase.

I asked Steven about what, if any, risk is involved with this and he replied:

“Hi Graham,

There are two main risks that I can see.

  1. The game becomes less and less popular over time which sees a decrease in players to the point where the owners cease to run it anymore. If this ever did happen it would be a gradual thing and we’d be able to get out in time with our seed capital intact.
  2. Our profits are based on the crypto tokens within the game. If the prices crashed, then profits would be much harder to come by. A decent increase in price is currently looking more likely, but you can obviously never be sure.



So based on that this seems to me to be a pretty low risk, completely hands off venture making in the region of 2%-3% per week. 50% of those profits Steven retains as he pays 30% to the gamers and keeps 20% for his efforts. 

The first payment comes during or at the end of the second month as the first four weeks are used to compound any profits made so that the assets in the game are in the required state to generate profits going forward.

I’ve invested personally and have been paid on time as promised. It’s a nice side hustle for me. I understand completely how the funds are generated, I know Steven personally so am happy to let him run it, and I think this makes another nice addition to my passive income portfolio. There’s also the potential of even greater profits if their in game token does indeed increase in value, but that’s an unknown at this stage.

If this is of interest to you then you’ll need to contact Steven directly and he’ll get you set up. He can answer any, and all questions you might have about this too.

His details are as follows:

Steven Oliver

Telephone/WhatsApp: 07368 184 225

Telegram: @StevenOliver18

Email: [email protected]