The 1000 Points A Year system is yet another system published by Sportsworld Publishing and has been heavily promoted via mailshot. The system is based around combinations of trainers/jockeys/tracks that have statistically performed well in the past. Whilst past performance is no indication of future performance, there is some merit in the statistical approach – this approach has been used in a number of other successful systems/eBooks (for example, Trainer Track Stats).

The system is advertised as having made over 1000 points profit each year for the past 3 years – over £357,000 profit for £100 stakes, or as the system says “around 100 points profit per month” – with a strike rate of around 30%.

Unfortunately our trial period did not show any such gains. Over the month that I trialled the system, it completely blew a £2000 starting bank – which, at £25 level stakes, equated to 80 points loss in the month (or to put it another way – over 180 points away from the expectation set by the sales material).

Here are some stats from the trial:

No. of selections: 182
No. of winners: 24
No. of losers: 150
No. of non-runners: 8
Strike rate: 13.8%

Now I realise that systems like this may require to be judged over a longer period, but the lack of any progress (or hint of progress) means that I am left with the only option of adding this to the Failed category. Perhaps a longer trial would prove me wrong – one can only hope!

You can get 1000 Points a Year from here: