For the next month, I’ll be testing the 1000 Points A Year system.

This system indicates profits in excess of 1000 points for the past three years (2007: 1277.67 points; 2008: 1224.41 points; and 2009: 1073.20 points) – whatever way you look at it, that adds up to some serious profits!

Basically this system revolves around a combination of courses, trainers and jockeys to bet on. The system is supplied as a Word document containing two tables – one for National Hunt racing; the other for Flat racing.

To select your bets, you refer to the tables and read them in conjunction with the day’s racecards. You can use any newspaper or online resource as only the course, trainer and jockey name are required. Picking the selections is very straightforward and should take no time at all.

However, if you are lazy or want to ensure that you have selected the same horses as the author, you can use a lo-call telephone number to get the day’s selections. 3 month’s subscription is included in the purchase price of the system.

To maximise your returns, the author suggests either taking early prices or Betfair Starting Prices (BSP). Bets are placed at level stakes and, for the trial, I will be betting with £25 stakes and a starting bank of £1000. Results will be recorded at BSP.

Results for Tuesday 23rd February
No selections today.