According to the webpage, ‘Matt’ has taken a £100 starting bank and turned it into £1,000 in 18 days or less. He’s attempted it 10 times before and has achieved it 9 times. The one time he didn’t manage it after 18 days his £100 starting bank still ended up more than £200 in profit.

The problem, of course, with claims like this is that there is simply no evidence to back it up so we’re left to decide whether to take a punt on it or not. What was clever about Matt’s marketing for this service was that he encouraged you NOT to bet on the first run of £100-£1000 so that you can see what he can do without risking your own funds, and then you join in on the second run.

He also offered a 60 day money back guarantee (via Clickbank) if you were not satisfied with the result.

The first run broke the bank pretty quickly.

I then discovered I was getting multiple marketing e-mails for other services from ‘Matt’, as well as ‘other’ service providers. When I clicked on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of these marketing e-mails it became immediately apparent that these were all, in fact, from the same e-mail list… 10X members. So not only was I getting promotional e-mails from ‘Matt’, I was also apparently getting e-mails from other websites using ‘Matt’s’ e-mail list. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out this is the same guy peddling multiple services.

Anyway, I couldn’t unsubscribe from these annoying e-mails because doing so would have taken me off the members list and I wouldn’t have got anymore tips for the 10X service. So I patiently deleted these while the second attempt of £100-£1000 went off.

I must admit, I did bet with real money on the first run as I do like to have a punt and I was prepared to risk £100, but I didn’t on the second as I had already started to suspect, due to the plethora of spammy e-mails I was getting, that this whole thing was probably a marketing scheme to enable ‘Matt’ to get a load of new e-mail addresses to spam.

Needless to say, the second run bombed too and I stopped receiving any tip e-mails towards the end of last week. I do still receive all the marketing e-mails though and ‘Matt’ doesn’t respond to any e-mails anymore.

So whilst I had hope that this one might be different to the usual £100-£1000 schemes that have come and gone over the years, it’s just confirmed my belief that there are marketers out there that have absolutely no concern about their customers, so long as they make sales.

Since ‘Matt’ isn’t responding to e-mails anymore it would be prudent for anyone on this service to claim their refund directly from Clickbank. Just dig out your e-mail with your order number on it and ask them to refund it.

I’d also highly recommend unsubscribing from his e-mail list. I very much doubt that ANY of the services he is promoting are legitimate so click the link at the bottom of his e-mails and unsubscribe. If you do get any more marketing e-mails, report him to GetResponse, who manage his e-mail list.