This is a win only horse racing tipping service from the Betfan stable. Costs are 28 days for £47.00, 90 days for just £94.00 or 6-month membership for £154.00.

The service is simple to operate, login to get selections and place the bets. These are often available early morning and the tipster is going to try to get the bets out the evening before. You get 5 bets: one 5-point bet, one 4-point etc, down to a 1-point bet which totals 15 points risked each day.

The bets are bookie based, but I also recorded to BSP (with 5% commission too). I started with a virtual £3,500 bank as 350 points is recommended as this starts us at the £10 per point Cash Master standard. I have been following cumulative stakes using ratchet (never reduce stakes on losing runs), recalculating the stakes each day.

The trial has ended a very creditable 141 points up, 116 points using BSP; this equals £1,410 using a flat £10 per points, £1,160 to BSP, easily covering subscription costs. However, using cumulative stakes as described above the initial £3,500 bank now stands at £5,100, BSP stands a tad lower at £4,616. Therefore Betfair is an option if you are having trouble placing bets at the bookies.

The really bad weather recently knocked this service back, and this can be seen on the growth chart below.

I really like this service, just quietly getting on with growing the bank. I have no qualms about approving this.

You can try 15 Point Plan HERE