2 Minute trader is a horse Racing arbitrage system (you back and lay the same horse) that costs £79.96 per month. During the evening before racing you get selections for the next day and the odds you should try to get, and odds below which you should not bet. You have to be reasonably quick to get the best odds, and you are recommended to setup email alerts on a smartphone, advice you’d do well to heed.

At some point, before the race starts, you lay the bet off. The service provides a calculator so you can calculate your stakes.

In 5 weeks, the service made a profit of 7.72 points, £386.11 at £50 per bet. NOTE that £50 is NOT your risk (you wont lose this full amount unless you fail to get the lay on!), you are going to be laying this off, so £50 bet is a sensible bet size, even off smaller banks. You do need to deduct the subs, but this is still a healthy profit.

Further, I have been somewhat cruel, when price drifted I simply recorded the odds I took the evening before and the Betfair odds I got. However, if the bookie bet had been placed with a BOG bookie, then I’d have got a higher SP and the loss I recorded would have been very much reduced; therefore the profit I have recorded is too low.

There is another complication, the Betfair odds I get may not be the same as the odds that you get, so the profit I make won’t be the same as yours. I am a Gruss Betting Assistant user, and I set this up to place the lay bet at 10 minutes before the scheduled off. You cannot miss this lay bet, so you need to consider how you are going to be able to place this bet.

The other elephant in the room is this uses Bookmakers, and is horse racing. The manual does contain some sensible looking advice on how to keep you accounts open for as long as possible.

I am more than happy to approve this. Decent profit and easy to implement once you get the hang of it.

You can get 2 Minute Trader HERE

I also recorded the results using bets at 5% of the bank at the start of the day. So a £1000 bank meant my initial bet was £50. I did ratchet, so even if I had a losing day I did not reduce the size of the bet. Doing this and stopping at a maximum bet of £100 (bigger than this risks flagging your account with the bookmaker) I doubled my bank. Worth thinking about some simple compounding. My records show that I closed at £2061, but, remember this is recording drifting horses using the initial odds not BOG odds, so even this figure is on the low side.